Led by Dreams to the City

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Driven to the city in search of employment, entertainment and luxurious life style might have been achieved if I had some sound and solid education. But life in school wasn’t taken seriously. School to me was a meeting point for friends. Once we gather in school, all parental advices fell on deaf ears. To rebel against teachers were stupid heroism as I found out later, but too late. Teenage as I found out later was the most crucial stage of life being the turning point for the better or worst.

Being suspended from school turned me into a rebellious turk. Any far sighted youth would have taken a positive path to repent and to change for the better, accepting punishments as a signal to change. But no, not me. I feared nothing and always thought that the world was under my feet. I quitted school out of retaliation for being suspended, thinking that was the best way to hit back at the teachers. By quitting school, I thought I had the school on their knees and became a hero in the eyes of all the students. That was where i erred. I won the admirations of the village loafers, not knowing that I was lured into the bandwagon of failures. Sadly the hard facts was that dropping out of school was like falling off a ship before reaching the harbour. A sensible person would quickly climb back to the ship and likewise a suspended student should quickly get readmitted to school the sooner the better. But no one told me that. If there was, I wouldn’t listen anyway.

I was 19 years old when I walked out of my family’s farm house after having wasted years of precious youth loafing. A few shirts and jeans were all I took with me to conquer the world. My parents gave up all hopes on me. As I had mentioned earlier, all parental advices fell on deaf ears. My siblings just watched as I left. I was proud to show to all of them that I could make my own decision and was bold enough to venture into the vast world out there which they have heard of but have never seen.

My very close buddy, came to fetch me on a borrowed bike. As the noise of the bike became inaudible, we disappeared into the horizon. We were both on the road chasing our dreams. A dream we talked about everyday in the village. The city was a place where dreams came true. All the tycoons, all the multi millionaires and all the big shots found their success in the city, not in the village nor in the school. Look at the teachers, all they could afford was a car. So quitting school and heading to the city was the wisest choice. A thought no sensible person would agree with.

The city was bustling even by late evening. We searched for our fellow villager for a place to stay. By 7pm we found him. He was a factory worker staying in the company’s hostels. We were told people without worker’s id card were not allowed in. So he suggested another friend working at a nearby construction site. We went to the worker’s quarters. It looks more like an illegal squatter settlement. Rusted tin sheets for roofs, used and reused boards for walls and one common tap out in the open where they all bathed. Workers of different Beylikdüzü escort nationalities worked and stayed here. They were very hostile looking and extremely unfriendly. I felt very uneasy. We were fore warned we wee not welcomed here.

Then we met another fellow villager, he was a bus conductor. He had a roommate both renting at the 3rd floor of a shop. He didn’t mind us putting up a night or two with him. We promised to get a place of our own in a day or two. At the same time we’d be looking for employment. So for the first night we were through. Exhausted and without food the whole day, we slept cramped in the small room meant for one tenant.

Next morning we woke up to find everything quiet. The other tenants had all left for work, so were our host. After our morning bath, we descended the stairs into the streets. We both could only afford a cup of coffee each. Longing for cigarettes which we couldn’t afford, we were forced to forget about smoking. We decided to a walk and look around. In actual fact we didn’t know what we wanted to look for. Aimless roaming brought nothing but sweat and exhaustion. So finally we went back to our friend’s lodge.

It was slightly past 6pm, when our village mate the bus conductor appeared. He eagerly asked if we’ve found ourselves a lodging place and employment. We told him we found nothing. Next he wanted to know if we have taken our meals. No was our honest answer. Let’s have dinner then. So we ate at an open air food court. That’s the cheapest in the city.

After dinner we had a walk-about. The city burst into life as the neon lights illuminated the night. We stopped outside a pub. A man was seated alone there. Our bus conductor friend introduced us to him. We were told he was the pub’s bouncer. As they chatted the bouncer called for a beer each. So 4cans of beer were sent to the outside table. Later the bouncer told us that Madam might need a couple of workers. If we’re interested then we need to wait till Madam came. Madam was the pub proprietor. A very rich and influential lady. Our bus conductor friend added that we not only needed employment but we needed a place to stay and were penniless too, Those statements were very helpful but embarrassing and robbed us off our dignity. At least that’s how I felt. The idea of conquering the city now brought us to reality. We were actually nothing, hoping to survive another night on the charity of others.

A sporty luxurious car stopped by, in a flash the bouncer was there to open the door. An elegantly dressed Lady exited. The bouncer escorted her into the pub. Our bus conductor friend who frequented this pub told us that the lady was Madam. Everyone here called her madam. The bouncer appeared and told us to follow him in. Our bus conductor village mate bade us good night. We tailed the bouncer to the back of the lounge. There was an office which was decorated with carvings of human figures, a pair of porcelain horses and framed pictures. It was cosy inside.

She asked if we both really needed employment to which we nodded. She asked Beylikdüzü escort further if we had any skill. We both answered no. We admitted we were new and have never been employed. She stressed further that she didn’t have any particular jobs at hands and if we didn’t mind, we both should be on standby to be called up should there be a job opportunity. We would just do what ever was needed to be done in total confidentiality. Madam reminded us she doesn’t like being questioned, cheated or betrayed. Should any of her employees did just that, her bouncers would handle them. I felt threatened. Remember, not a word to anyone.

She pressed a button on her office table. A man came in. He was bald headed and had an earring on one ear. He wore sleeveless t shirt displaying a heavily tattooed arm and quite muscular. Before being led out by this bouncer, she gave us each $100. and reminded us her expectation. We tailed this bouncer out of the pub’s back entrance. Then up the back stairs to the 2nd floor. There were a few locked rooms up there. We were shown one empty room. It had one cupboard, one small table and 2 empty beds. Here is your room said the bald bouncer. There’s a common bathroom and toilet at the back. There’s a kitchen too. The bald headed bouncer asked if we had our bags or other belongings with us. After we briefed him, he made a call to madam. Then told us to follow him to collect our bags.

We were driven to our bus conductor friend’s rented rooms. We collected our bags and headed back to the car. We were driven back to the pub. Once again we were brought to face madam, this time through the back door. We were each given a mobile phone, a very basic handphone. We were told to smarten up before work the next day. That night using our bag as pillow we both wondered the nature of our work, by the hints and stern warnings we received, our wild guess was some drug related deals.

We woke up late in morning. Our body ached all over. Took our shower and headed for breakfast. I felt lucky to be employed. Had heavy breakfast as it was near noon. My phone buzzed and I answered it. I was instructed to go to a hotel, to room 255. As for my buddy, he was to be at the 1st floor above the pub. As the cafe we were having breakfast was just nearby, in a flash we were back at the pub’s rear door. A guy led my friend up the rear stairs to the 1st floor while I was driven by our bald bouncer to a hotel. On the way I was briefed to do as told, and not to give my phone number to anyone. I was warned not to give my real identity.

The bouncer asked me if i had been to a hotel to which I answered him no. He asked me further if I knew how to use the lift. Another no was my answer. It seemed that I knew nothing which was true indeed. He chuckled and said something which I couldn’t hear clearly. It made me felt very stupid.

He led me into the hotel and explained the function buttons of the lifts while many eyes were watching us. When we reached the 2nd floor, he pointed to the door with number 255. He whispered reminders to me and all the rules. Escort Beylikdüzü He then taught me the use of the door bell. He said that he’ll be at the lobby waiting in an hour’s time. I asked him where about was the lobby. He looked exasperated, for a second he thought wether he needed to answer me. He chose not to answer. Press the door bell and get in there he ordered.

I rang the bell and waited. The door opened slightly, through the slit the person inside asked, madam sent you? I answered Yes.

Then door opened wider to allow me in. A woman in satin night robe was at the door. She locked the door behind me. she held my hands and ushered me in. She sat on the bed and told me to sit next to her. She was an old woman. A 70year old woman I presumed. She was plump and maybe around 163 cm tall. I have not seen you before. Are you new? She asked. Yes, I nervously answered her. She chuckled as she wrapped her hands around my waist. I felt uneasy and shy. I didn’t know what to do.

Seeing me unresponsive, she took my hand and placed them on her soft breast. I was very very nervous, but my cock stood erect, hard against my pants. My mind began to wonder, I have heard of drug trades and lots of it’s illegal activities but what underground activity was this playing with an horny sex starved old woman in a hotel? To be in total control of a rich madam with many bodyguards and being instructed to go to a hotel in high confidentiality, just to be with an old horny woman. I was puzzled. Now her hands was on the top of the bulge in my jeans. She started to feel my erect cock inside. I tried to massage her breast as best as I could in response, in actual fact I didn’t know how to play with women’s breast or to stimulate them. She boldly unzipped my pants and released my very erect cock that was trapped inside. I was extremely aroused but very nervous. My hand that held her breast went rigid. My fingers could just cupped her boob, my feet were tensed and my toes clenched. I was begging her in my heart not to touch my cock. She put her hand on my cock and my sperm just gushed as I watched helplessly. The first jet of cum just missed my face as I was watching her mature fingers playing my cock. She continued jerking me till the last bit of sperm oozed between her motherly fingers.

She removed her robe, pulled me to her as she was adjusting her position in the middle of the bed. She pulled me closer on top of her and held my cock while guiding it. She rubbed my cock around the lips of her pussy many times before finally letting it slide in. It was soft and smooth inside. She wrapped her legs around my waist as I clumsily tried to fuck her. She was very wet and soon my cock came to the point of another eruption. I couldn’t pause as she was grinding her crotch from under me. I ejaculated again. She let out short moans in rythm with her breaths. Her grinding became faster as her knees clamped my waist while her legs wrapped my ass. Her arms wrapped my upper body pressing my chest flat against her boobs. Her final moan was loud as she slowly released her body’s grip. I left the bed to pee in the toilet and wash my cock. She came and pass me a towel. She was washing herself while I dressed up. She dressed back in her satin robe, led me to the door. Once outside, I heard the door lock clicked behind me.

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