Learning to Drive


It was shortly after I graduated high school that I took a job at a local hardware store. I worked there for three years, and this is only one of my exploits while I was there.

Pam, my co-worker, a few years older than I, was married to an asshole; that is what my co-workers described him as.

As time progressed, Pam and I became close friends during our work day, and during lunch breaks. On several occasions Pam would join the “after work group” as we gathered for drinks at the local bar. She was a petite girl with perky tits and a squeaky voice and very tight ass. We got to know each other rather well within a few months. During one occasion while we were out with our friends from work she asked me an odd question, which I thought was a joke.

“Do you know how to drive a stick?” she asked. I just looked at her with glazed eyes as a deer in the headlights would look. I had heard this joke before from other’s that had been in the military. Then Pam continued, “If so would you teach me how to drive a stick shift car?”

She had caught me off guard at first; then I thought for a sec and replied, “That would be easy!”

She went on to explain that her husband could not teach her because he was just rude to her when she drove and had no patience. So I agreed to help her and since her husband worked nights made it easy for me to give her driving lessons.

I met her at her apartment and we took her husband’s car, it was a plain P.O.S. (“Piece of shit”) type car. I drove first so I could get the feel of the car to help instruct her better as we drove. When I had the feel of the car I told her to put her hand on mine as I shifted to allow her to feel the gears and shift pattern. Even though she knew the basics, she lacked the smoothness of clutch and shift.

I walked her through clutch, shift, gas pedal, until she got the idea, and until I felt she was ready.

I pulled over and we switched seats. Even though she was nervous she did fine; one engine stall, a few gear grinds, and tire spins from clutch slip, but other than that, she did fine for the first time. As our driving lessons progressed Pam and I became closer as friends. We went driving all the time mostly at night when we got off work.

A few weeks later, Pam told me her husband was going on a fishing trip in two weeks and would be gone from Friday to Monday, and she would have the car all weekend which worked out perfect for us to practice driving.

Pam and my work hours were the same that weekend, and I was not sure if it was coincidence or she worked it out to be so, but either way it worked out. After work Thursday night she asked me to go driving with her. We got off work at 9 o’clock and I followed her to her place, Pam invited me in. I was a bit nervous knowing she was married, yet she made me feel at ease, and I knew her husband worked nights. Pam walked to the kitchen, as I stood in the living room. Pam was back in a second tossing me a beer, not giving any thought I popped the top and took a big gulp as Pam did the same before heading upstairs to change. I made myself comfortable on the couch and worked on my beer. It was not long until Pam came back down stairs and said, “Ready?”

I finished the beer quickly and we were off. Pam did all the driving, now that she was really getting quite good. After driving around for two hours we decided to go to a bar close to her place for a beer. We had a good time drinking and playing pool; all the time talking and really enjoying ourselves. Come closing time we left to go to her place where she invited me in for one more beer. We both had one more beer while we laughed and talked of work, but then it was time for me to go home. Pam thanked me as always for the driving lessons, and gave me a big hug. I naturally returned the hug.

As she stepped back she gave me a quick kiss on the lips saying, “Goodnight,” as she stepped away.

“Goodnight.” Was all could say, and walked away. I wanted to tell her how she made me tingle when she kissed me and that I wanted more, but she was married so I just walked off to my car and headed home.

Come Friday we both worked the late shift and went to the bar with the crew from work after closing. Everyone had something to eat and lots of drinks until it was closing time at the bar, at which point everyone went their separate ways. Pam and I only lived a few blocks away from each other so it was not odd that I followed her as we left the bar. Pam pulled into her apartment complex and I followed her to her place. I had intended on going home but my car had a mind of its own and turned in also.

As we parked and I got out and stood by my car door making an excuse saying, “I just wanted to see that you got home safe.”

“That’s so sweet of you, do you have time for one more beer?” she said.

As we walked into her apartment, Pam tossed her keys into a tray near the door saying, “The beers in the fridge grab one for me too!”

Pam went upstairs to pee, I know because when I heard Şanlıurfa Escort the toilet flush it made me want to go also. It seemed like forever until Pam came back down the steps, by this time I was ready to piss myself I brushed passed her while saying, “May I?”, heading up the steps.

Not waiting for a reply I was up the stairs and in the bathroom. As I relived myself I noticed something off to the side of the sink that was partly covered by a towel. I finished pissing then washed my hands before peaking under the towel only to find a dildo. I felt my cock twitch just thinking where it had been. I composed myself before going back down stairs.

When I got to the bottom of the steps I did not see Pam. Thinking she was in the kitchen I headed that way only to find she was not there. That was when I heard the floor upstairs creak then footsteps as she came back down. She had gone up to change while I was in the bathroom!

When I saw what she had on it made my cock start to grow again. Not so much as what she wore, just how she wore it; a thin tee shirt type pullover that hung to her thighs barley covering her skimpy panties of which I caught a glimpse of, as she walked across the room. The shirt was almost see-through from being worn over time making her nipples visible as they stood out hard. She had smallish tits but large perky nipples and they pushed the fabric out jiggling as she walked.

I had finished my beer and knew I should head for home, handing my empty to Pam, I said, “I think I should go now since we both work early Saturday.”

Pam just walked to the kitchen to throw the empties away, so I thought. When she returned she had two more beers for us popping them open as she walked in handing them both to me. What the hell was I supposed to do with both beers in my hands?

Pam looked up into my eyes saying, “You know you don’t want to go; now do you?”

Pam did not wait for a reply she sank to her knees un-buckling my belt and pants pulling them to the floor around my ankles. My cock was hard in my shorts making them stick out which made Pam grin from ear to ear. As I gulped half of a beer Pam surprised me by sucking my cock through my briefs, I almost spit the beer across the room.

Pam guided me toward the couch pushing me down so she could pull my pants off my ankles, before she literally ripped my briefs off. She tore them right off. The smile on her face said it all, she liked what she saw. Without thinking I gulped the half beer holding some in my mouth, setting the bottle aside I pulled Pam to me and locked our lips together sharing the beer. Our tongues twisted and fought making us both hotter and hotter.

We both wanted the same thing and knew it. I stood and pulled her night-shirt up and over her head as she pulled my shirt off before flopping back on the couch. She had already started to pull her panties off but I was so fired up I tore them apart tossing them on the floor. She wanted it just as bad as I did; and we were so hot for each other and we both wanted to cum and cum now. Pam spread her legs opening her pussy to me guiding me into her wet hole, and she was wet, very wet. I sank into her with one thrust as we both let out a moan.

Fast and hard was the way we fucked her legs pulled back to let me pump deep into her loving folds, then came the nails on my back Pam clawed me as her orgasm swept over her causing me to blast deep within her walls. Pam gripped me tightly as I tried to continue to pump her as we both came until I collapsed atop her, breathing heavily.

As I caught my breath I pushed myself up, sitting back only to see what I think is one of the best sites in the world, a woman satisfied. Then Pam surprised me sitting up pushing me back and engulfing my cock with her lips sucking our love cream from my cock. This woman was wild for sex and I loved it. After licking me clean Pam crawled up kissing me sinking her tongue into me mouth, the taste was intoxicating.

Pam stood picking the beer up from the table taking a drink before handing it to me then said, “Its late do you want to stay the night?”

“I think it would be best if I went home tonight, we both work early tomorrow.”

Pam pulled her top on as I dressed then saw me to the door giving me a huge hug and a kiss as I left. My mind was a blur on the way home and my balls ached; either way I smiled all the way home. I crawled into bed and was out for the night.

Morning came quickly and I still felt the effects of the drinking from the night before, and the dreams; but then I remembered they were not dreams, it really happened. Pam and I had sex! I was late as it was and did not have time to think about it. I showered, dressed and sped off to work picking up a Wendy’s breakfast sandwich on the way. Wendy’s was just across the lot from where we worked. As I walked into the store I did not see Pam. I headed to the break room to eat and get ready for the day it was going to be a long one! I ate quickly and made it Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan to the sales floor just as the doors opened for the day.

Being a Saturday the store was busy all day and I didn’t see Pam all day. It was not until I was just getting back from lunch and Pam was on her way out to have lunch that we met at the time clock. We smiled at each other and that was when she handed me a note on the sly hoping no one else noticed. I palmed it putting it into my pocket without notice.

Returning to the sales floor I really wanted to read the note, however like I said it was Saturday and we were very busy! It was two hours later until I got a break and headed to the bathroom. I finally had time to read the note.

It read: “I really love our driving lessons, you are a good teacher. We will have lots of time tonight for practice, see you after work.”

We did not get off work until six that night so the afternoon seemed as if lasted forever. I did not see Pam again until we clocked out and walked out together. In the parking lot I let her know I was going home to shower and change then I would be over, nodded and said, “Good, that will give me time to pick up a few things I need and get cleaned up, then we can go grab a bite to eat.”

“Ok, I’ll see you in an hour or so.” I said, and then we both left to go home. When I got home I tried to keep my mind off of thoughts the night before, to no avail. I grabbed a beer as I checked my mail before heading to the shower. I took my time in the shower, the cool water running down my body felt good as well as helping my cock from growing. After my shower I dressed real casual; khaki shorts, loose designer tee shirt, and sandals. It was seven-thirty when I decided to head to Pam’s place.

It only took me five minutes to get to her place from mine and for the first time I felt nervous as I went to knock on her door. I knocked lightly on the door and waited for her to open the door, I heard nothing from inside, I knocked a little harder the second time, waiting again and was about to return to my car, it was then I heard footsteps coming down the stairs inside, the door opened. As Pam peeked her head around the door giggling she invited me in. As I stepped in she closed the door behind me, it was then that I could see why she was giggling, Pam was wrapped in a towel and was dripping wet she had just got out of the shower.

Without hesitation she gave me a quick kiss before saying, “I will be ready in a few minutes,” as she headed up the stairs, adding, “You know where the beer is, help yourself.” To my surprise she pulled the towel from around her body as she ascended the stairs exposing her tight naked ass. I just stood there watching, she had such a nice ass too. I finally snapped too and went to get a beer from the fridge.

I sat on the couch enjoying my beer switching channels on the TV on to pass the time. Pam did not spend much time upstairs. She was quick and it seemed as if she ran down the stairs. She looked great in her denim skirt and tight tee of which showed off her hot tits. Pam picked up my half full beer downing it before saying, “Let’s go!”

We jumped into the car with Pam doing the driving and we headed off for the evening. We had no direction to go, Pam just drove until we decided to stop and eat. It was in a small town bar and grill and to my surprise it was bigger than it looked from the outside, and it was busy. We did find a table, and ordered burgers and beers.

We spent an hour or two there before heading off again. Pam was doing very well with the driving to the point I did not even need to tell her when to shift. Driving the back roads around the area, we ended up at the local reservoir. We parked and walked along the top of the dam and walked atop the levee talking. We really enjoyed each others company, it seemed like we were made for each other.

It was getting late and we drove home to Pam’s place. She invited me in. As she walked to the kitchen I followed not knowing what to expect. Pam washed her hands nodding to me to do the same, so I did what she wanted me to do. She then handed me two glasses and a bottle of wine as she got some cheese and crackers ready. We took the goods into the living room and settled on the floor, we sat there drinking wine and eating all while just talking until the wine was gone. Pam stood taking the empty bottle and tray to the kitchen then returned with another bottle of wine filling our glasses.

I sat on the floor with my back against the couch with my legs stretched out and spread. Pam stood between my legs drinking her wine while looking at me very seductively. I could feel my cock grow in my pants and she saw it also, a large grin drew across her face as she began to slowly sway back and forth as if dancing to the music, but there was none playing. Sinking to her knees Pam undid my belt and pants working them down and off leaving me in my boxers, of which were a tent at this point. Pam brushed her hand over Escort Şanlıurfa my cock before standing back up to dance some more. It was very seductive. Her hands caressed her body flowing over her tits as she raised her shirt slowly pulling it off then tossing it aside.

Pam continued to dance, pinching her nipples making them stand out hard. “I have a surprise for you,” she said as she raised her denim skirt to reveal that she was not only without panties but she had shaved her pussy bald.

Pam squatted over my face pushing her pussy to my mouth. I had no choice but to lick it, gripping her tight ass I drove my tongue deep into her wet lips, licking and slurping deep and fast. I did not stop until she screamed as her orgasm rushed over her and she collapsed atop me. Pam slowly rolled onto the couch cupping her pussy with one hand and pinched her nipples with her other hand. I cleaned my face with my shirt. As I stood Pam grabbed my boxers and yanked them down. My cock sprang right into her mouth. I must admit that I was so hot from sucking her pussy, that I almost shot off when she orgasmed on my face. Now that she was sucking me, it did not take long for me to pump my load down her throat and she took it all savoring the taste, licking her lips and playing with the cum before swallowing it all.

As Pam sat back on the couch, she held her hand out as if wanting her wine glass. Even though I was still breathless I refilled her glass before handing it to her. As she sipped the wine I filled my glass and joined her in a toast. Pam stood up and turned off the lights before heading up the stairs. She did not need to ask or say anything; I knew that I was going to follow her with wine in hand to her bedroom, and that’s was just what I did. All the way up the steps I watched her tight little ass with each step she took; she had a great ass!

By the time we got to the top, my cock was hard again just from watching her ass. Pam entered the bedroom turned on a small light before turning toward me to find my cock hard and wine in hand. She did not say a word. Pam just held out her glass for me to refill; she had emptied it on the way up. I filled hers then mine before setting the bottle aside; we both drank. Pam took my glass and set it on the stand by the bottle of wine along with her glass before she sat down on the edge of the bed. Pam did not say a word as she pulled me to her, then she surprised me taking my cock into her mouth still full of wine. The mix of cool wine and her hot lips gave me a sensation I have never felt before, and it was great! Pam continued to suck me as she swallowed the wine and my cock.

Pam pulled off my cock making a popping sound before crawling onto the bed on all fours shaking her ass at me saying, “Fuck me now!”

I got on the bed behind Pam wetting my fingers to help lube her pussy only to find that she was already dripping with excitement. I grabbed her tiny hips letting my cock find her opening and thrust into her with one hard stroke making her scream with pleasure. I held myself deep inside her walls not wanting to move just yet.

Pam spoke in an excited and urgent voice, “Fuck me, fuck me now! Hard!” I pulled back then slammed my cock back into her wet pussy, making a smacking sound as my thighs met her ass cheeks, “YESSS!” was all she said.

I began to pound her tight little wet pussy harder and harder until the whole bed was rocking; the harder I thrust into her the more she wanted. I have no idea how long we lasted but when she had her orgasm her pussy clinched my dick so hard it felt as if she would rip it off just before she gushed all over my balls. I came just as hard filling her with my cum before I collapsed on the bed.

Pam spun around mounting me in a sixty-nine position with her dripping pussy inches from my face as she engulfed my cock sucking it clean tasting our mix of cum. I did not think about it nor did I hesitate before I pulled her pussy to my face licking and sucking up every drop from her hot little pussy. After several minutes Pam went limp atop me then slowly rolled off letting out a sigh saying, “You are fucking amazing!”

I was breathless and could not speak. After laying there for a while, Pam sat up to get our wine glasses handing me mine she said, “I think we have earned this one.” The devilish grin on her face said it all, and I knew we were not done yet.

We fucked and sucked all night long until the sun came up before we drifted off to sleep. We did not wake until some time past noon and we fucked again. That was when I found out just how much she loves being on top, and I found out how much I love it too; with her bouncing on my cock as I pinch and pull her nipples with my fingers and my teeth; it makes her crazy.

Later we showered together until the water went cold, then dressed. We made a picnic lunch and spent the afternoon at the park just enjoying ourselves. We knew we had to make an early day of it due to the fact her husband was due to come home that night. After dropping Pam off at her place I left to go home.

I was worn out but I took tee time to grab a snack, then a long shower before crashing on the couch watching the game until I fell asleep. I woke later to the ringing of the phone. It was Pam. She wanted to come over; still groggy I said ok.

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