Laura’s Awakening: Chapter 7

Adel Morel

As I lied in bed I could hear my parents fucking.My fingers slid between my legs and imagined I was with them. If my younger sisters weren’t home I would have joined them. At this moment I hated my sisters. I also began to resent my mother. She was my best friend, but I hated the fact that she could have daddy anytime she wanted and I couldn’t.As I rubbed my pussy I fantasized that my sisters and her were gone forever and I had daddy all to myself. After I came I felt guilty at having such thoughts, but I still wanted to always be alone with daddy. My best friend Carrie’s parents recently split. She went to live with her daddy and got to fuck him all the time. You couldn’t describe how jealous I was of her.The next morning I decided to wear something daddy would deem too sexy for school, hoping that he would fuck me before driving me to school. I put on a short leather skirt, a tight slinky top and no panties, it showed-off my tight 16-year-old body. I knew the moment daddy saw this he’d have to have me.When I walked downstairs my sisters and him were already gone. He left a note saying that they couldn’t wait for me. I knew that I shouldn’t have taken so long in the showers, Escort Ataşehir I then looked at clock and realized that if I went upstairs to change I’d be super late, I had no choice that I had to walk to school and look super slutty.That morning’s walk was extra cold. Not even my winter jacket could keep me warm. As I walked past Todd, my ex-boyfriends house, I was freezing. My slutty outfit and jacket was no match for the January morning. Todd’s dad, Mr. Prentiss was outside scraping the ice off of his Porsche. When he saw me he looked over, waved and said, “Hi Laura.”As I waved back he could see that I was freezing. “Are you okay?” he asked.“I’m freezing,” I replied.“Do you want a ride?” he asked.“Yes please,” I replied.“Why don’t you come inside and warm up while I finish de-icing my baby,” he said laughing.As we walked in the house he asked. “How come we don’t see you over here anymore?”“We broke-up,” I answered. “I knew my boy was stupid, but I had no idea he was stupid enough to let you go,” he said laughing.He took me into the family room. Before I sat down I took off my jacket revealing my very revealing outfit. Mr. Prentiss pretended Ümraniye escort not to stare. I could tell that he was undressing me with his eyes. That turned me on.“Let me go get you some hot coco,” he said as he walked out of the room.While he was making my drink I looked around the room at all the pictures of Todd. During all the time I spent in this room watching movies I never noticed that the family room was a shrine to all of his athletic achievements. It was kind of creepy.“Do you like marshmallows in your coco?” he yelled from the kitchen.“Yes please,” I replied. “It’ll be ready in a second,” he said.About a minute later he walked back into the family room. He wasn’t carrying a cup of coco; instead he was naked and had three marshmallows sitting on his hard cock. He held it carefully to make sure they didn’t fall off of his 7-inch cock. He walked up right to me, I opened my mouth and he slowly slid his cock in it.“Make sure you get all the marshmallows,” he said.They slid off his cock right into my mouth.“Did you like them?” he asked.I nodded my head.“Do you want to keep sucking my cock?” he asked.Once again I nodded yes. Bostancı escort bayan As my mouth devoured his cock he said, “I overheard Todd tell all of his friends that you were a slut. I didn’t believe him until I saw what you were wearing. Oh that feels so good. Do you like my cock?”I took it out of my mouth and said, “Yes.”I promptly put it back in and continued sucking. I kept on looking up at Mr. Prentiss; by the look on his face you could tell that he was really enjoying this blowjob. “Can I eat your pussy,” he asked.Once again I took his cock out of my mouth and once again I said, “Yes.”I got on my knees on the couch and lifted up my short skirt, revealing that I wasn’t wearing any panties. “You are a slut,” he said before he crouched down on the floor and started licking my asshole before moving down to pussy. He knew how to please a woman. But he wasn’t as good as daddy. I closed my eyes and imagined it was daddy licking my pussy. That it was daddy fucking me with his fingers. That it was daddy sucking on my clit. Just thinking about daddy brought me to my first orgasm of the night.After yelling that I was cumming Mr. Prentiss carried me upstairs to Todd’s room.“Have you and Todd ever fucked in here?’ he asked.“No,” I replied.“Did Todd ever make you cum with his tongue?” he asked.“No,” I once again replied.“Am I better lover than my son?” he asked.“Yes,” I said with a smile.He then leaned over and kissed me.He then plopped on Todd’s bed and ordered me to strip.

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