Latina Targets Wrestling Stud


The wrestling team had talked about Maria (25 yrs.) three years ago. She was known as the Latina who loved giving blow jobs to wrestlers. Rumor had it that she got married and quit the university. That was just a rumor because Maria had returned to school and she isn’t married either.

The university holds a weekend wrestling tournament and had invited 5 other colleges. Each weight division had finished up on Saturday’s full competition. The championship matches begin Sunday morning. Gabe (20 yrs.) won his own matches and looks forward to winning his division. He stands at 5’9″ and weighs-in at a lean 157 lbs.

Gabe took a quick shower after winning his match. He walks out to the tournament carrying his university bag. His wet, red hair, is combed back from his good-looking face. He sits down and drops his bag next to him. He continues to watch the heavy weight divisions compete.

On Sunday. Maria cheers Gabe on after he wins his final wrestling match. He walks off the gym floor and into the gym lockers. She’s wearing a one-piece dress that clings to her petite figure. Her black hair falls down to her shoulders. Maria walks out to a hallway that leads to an exit door, but she steps into a different hallway.

There is an open door and Maria can hear voices Samsun Escort of men. She steps closer and realizes that it’s the men’s locker-room. There is no one around and she looks inside. She’s surprised when her eyes lay upon Gabe standing naked on a weight machine. He has smooth, lean muscles and is confident after winning his match.

It’s Monday afternoon during practice. Gabe is wearing heavy sweats who is jumping rope which helps his weight stay at 152 lbs. He stops and pulls out his music earplugs. He’s breathing hard when coach Michaels, walks up to him and smiles.

Gabe bends over placing his hands on his knees. The jump rope is held by his right hand.

Coach leans down to one knee too. He asks, “You ever hear about a Latina chick named Maria?”

“No, why?” Gabe asks.

Coach laughs and answers, “Don’t look directly, but she’s sitting in the bleachers. Top left.”

“Okay” Gabe says, who stands up and then swings the jump rope around. He turns in a circle and looks up at Maria. Coach stands up and meets him as they turn their backs toward her.

Coach says, “She’s a little older, but is still interested in wrestlers. A few years back, she used to give blow jobs to the team wrestlers. They called her Blo-Tina.” Samsun Escort Bayan

Gabe smiles and asks, “Really? All the wrestlers?”

“Yeah, we all heard she quit school though. Three years now” Coach answers, who keeps smiling.

Gabe begins jumping rope again and asks, “What you want me to do?”

Coach stops him from jumping and grabs his arm, “She’s been asking about you buddy.”

“No shit” Gabe replies, and smiles.

The following Saturday night. A family SUV sits in the corner of the gym parking lot. There is an inside cover on the front window shield. There is also lot of cars, but no people.

The ceiling light inside, is turned on.

Gabe is sitting in the back seat of that SUV. His hands are tied by a belt, behind his head. He has no shirt on. His pants and underwear are pulled down to his ankles. His shoes are pressing against the front backseat.

Maria has no shirt on either, who leans over and he can see her right nipple. Her black hair is tied into a ponytail. Her hand is gripping his 5 and 3/4-inch cock. Her soft lips cover his cock-head and her tongue licks him, like her favorite ice cream.

His hands jerk on the belt and he responds, “Fuuuckk… Fuckk… Like that!”

Both Escort Samsun of his feet kick the back seat. “Fuck, Maria… Thank you… Fuuuckk!”

Her hand pushes down to his thick, red crotch hair. Her lips still clamp around his cock-tip and her tongue licks faster.

He screams, “Fu-Fuck… Trying to hold it… Fucking God!”

Maria lifts her mouth off of his cock and asks, “Are you ready baby?”

Gabe breathes hard, “F-For what?!”

Maria quickly goes deep throat on him. Her lips reach his crotch hair and his balls. She breathes through her nose and holds his shaft in her throat.

He screams, “Sh-Shiiiitt.! My.. Fucking.. God..!!”

Maria holds still and Gabe explodes inside her throat, “Fu-Fahhhhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhh! Fuuuuckk!”

She swallowed his load and lifts her mouth off of his cock. Gabe keeps breathing hard and yanks on the belt.

He says, “Maria… That was fucking incredible… Fuck.”

She reaches for her purse on the front seat. Her hand grabs a bottle of water and she takes a drink. She leans back onto the seat next to Gabe.

He shakes his head and keeps breathing hard. He says, “I heard about you.”

“Oh yeah, from your coach? It’s true Gabe” she says with a smile.

She reaches up with her hands and undoes the belt that ties his wrists. His arms flop down.

He says, “Fuck.. You swallowed it all.”

Maria leans over and grips his limp cock. She starts stroking him back to life.

She whispers, “I’m not done yet, Gabe.”

“Oh, God!” he says.

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