Latex Ballerina


I got a call from a good friend of mine, Cat, who manages a rather erotic adults club. I have worked with Cat in the past, mainly at the club. I know that if I get a call from her, it is going to be for something different and exciting!

This time she reminded me that we had both been ballerinas a few years ago, and that she wanted to do a ballet themed evening. She asked if I was interested and without even knowing more I said yes.

She said she would tell me more on the night and just told me what time to arrive. I did as told, and met Cat at the door. As usual she looked stunning. She was wearing a short tight black dress, sheer hosiery and high heels. Cat and I shared a few fashion likes in that we always wore heels and hosiery. I was wearing a long black flowing dress with nude stockings (complete with suspenders) and a pair of towering black heels. Cat complimented me on my sexy yet understated outfit, but advised that it was about to get a lot more risqué, just like we both liked it.

I undressed as told, as Cat got my outfit out of the cupboard. Once I was completely naked she proceeded to rub talc powder all over my body. I knew that this meant I was going to be wearing latex. This time it was a baby pink catsuit, complete with feet, long sleeves, gloves and even a face mask. It took us about 15 minutes to get my body into it, and get it zipped up. Cat spent another few minutes getting rid of the wrinkles and making sure that it was fitted properly. It had to be tight everywhere, and Cat worked it into all of the cracks and joints so that every part of my body was perfectly covered in latex. She then buffed me up with silicone spray until I shone. It was Bostancı escort beautiful.

The only parts of my body that were not covered in latex were my eyes and mouth. It felt absolutely incredible to be encased in such a tight layer of rubber. There was more to come.

Next Cat fitted me with a white boned underbust corset. Just as I thought it could go no tighter, she would tell me to breathe out and would pull it a couple of inches tighter. After a few minutes my body had formed a perfect hourglass shape and Cat was happy. She then tied the cords of the corset and I was well and truly tightlaced.

As my eyes and mouth were visible, Cat applied some dusky eye shadow and bright red lipstick next. Wow, I was looking hot!

Next were my shoes. Cat had told me I was in for a treat and she was right! I had been expecting a pair of heels but what Cat showed me were mind blowing. They were a pair of knee high ballet boots. From my ballet days I knew I could stand and walk en pointe, but this was taking things to a new level. Cat got my feet into the boots and slowly laced them up. As she did this she explained that she had put some silicone gel pads in the toes to help ease the pain. Once the boots were laced up properly, Cat instructed me to stand. It was amazing how quickly my ballet training came back to me. I stood up and was automatically en pointe, and I was to stay like that. I was actually able to walk in the boots, although I did have to tread carefully. After a few minutes of practice I was walking quite confidently and my hips swayed seductively, just the way I liked it.

Finally Cat slipped a tutu over my head and fastened it around Anadolu Yakası Escort my slim corseted waist, and a white and silver tiara on my head completed the look. I walked over to the mirror to admire Cat’s creativity and my body.

Cat then told me that my task for the evening was to serve drinks. Before I had a chance to ask any questions, she had ushered me out of the changing room and into the club. There were about 50 ladies there (all dressed in ballet theme – there were high heels and hosiery everywhere), and they all did a double take as I walked into the room. I wondered how long it would take before somebody noticed my secret.

It didn’t take too long. As the champagne flowed and the ladies got a bit tipsy they also got a bit adventurous. One lady in particular seemed to take a liking to me and as I handed her a glass of bubbles she lifted up the front of my tutu to take a peek. Then she saw it. My latex clad cock was rock hard. Nobody had seen it as it was under my tutu. I whispered to her to please keep it a secret and she winked back at me.

After a while she could take it no longer and asked me to meet her in the bathroom right away. I looked over to Cat who smiled and nodded so off I went. The bathrooms in the club were big and spacious, and my new friend told me to take a seat on one of the sofas in the back corner. I did so and immediately felt relief from being on my toes for so long. Without any ceremony or discussion my new friend unzipped her tight white dress to reveal that she was wearing sheer white holdup stockings and nothing else. She was absolutely gorgeous and she knew it. She kept her killer white heels Kadıköy Escort on as she lifted up my tutu and mounted my latex clad cock then and there. She was already soaking wet and I slid in and out of here with ease. In about a minute I could bear it not no more and before I could say or do anything I came suddenly into my latex sheath.

This girl knew what she was doing as she was aware of press studs holding the sheath in place. She removed the sheath, cleaned it up in the bathroom and tried to help me put it back in place. Obviously I was a bit flaccid after orgasming but I could feel my erection coming back. In order to help things along my companion got something out of her handbag. I could not see what it was but she told me to keep still. I saw it was a urethral wand, about 10cm long. It was made of stainless steel and was rounded at both ends with one end having a largish blub on it. She coated the wand in lube and proceeded to slowly insert it into my cock. I have never tried something like this before, but it felt wonderful. In no time the wand was snugly in place and I was rock hard again. The girl put the sheath back in place. She then abruptly told me to get back to work. I strutted out as though nothing had happened. Every time I took a step the wand in my cock sent a shiver through my whole body. It was wonderful and nobody seemed to have missed me, nor realized that I was male.

Each time she came past me she would whisper something into my ear. Usually it was something to do with the fact that once this party was done, I was going to go back to her apartment for her to ride my latex cock again. Cat came past me, winked and said she was glad I had met Tash. She also told me that if Tash invited me back to her place later I should not turn down the invitation. It would be mind blowing. Even though I was enjoying the evening, the attention and my outfit I couldn’t wait to be finished working to see what was going to happen with Tash…

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