Later Discovery Ch. 05


Phyllis and Mark have been together for a year, and they have a joke, that isn’t really a joke. It is serious but also enjoyable.

Every time they attempt or experiment with new experiences, she asks him, “Is this part of my perversion?” And she smiles.

“Oh yes,” he replies, also smiling into her eyes, “you are perverting wonderfully. You’re my dream woman” and he kisses her, and plays with her body; and helps her to orgasm whenever there is time and opportunity.

Mark has more progressions in mind for Phyllis and he has considered it carefully. He is a considerate and careful lover.

Phyllis has been married but never pregnant; and certainly has never given birth. On a few occasions, he has explored her vagina after removing her dildo-plug.

Wrapped in each other’s arms, he has pressed one finger, then two fingers into her labia; to see how much of his hand will enter her.

“Ooh, too much. I’m tight, aren’t I?” she protests and asks him.

“You’re beautifully tight. It’s just one reason I like to make love with you, dear Phil,” he reassures her.

And so Mark has decided not to pursue fisting of Phyllis’ vagina.

+ + + + +

It is a Saturday morning and they have slept well after a delightful Friday evening of fun and excitement.

Phyllis is corseted and wearing her night stockings; but no panties and no dildo in her vagina. They are missing in case they wished for further easy sex in the night.

In the event, they had slept soundly. Mark woke first and rolls over onto his right side, to hold Phyllis from behind. She too is lying on her right side.

She murmurs lazily with affection as he wraps his right arm underneath her waist, in the gap made by her corseted figure. He pulls her close to him so that his chest is pressing against her back.

Mark does not know that under Phyllis’ pillow is a Lube-gel pump-bottle, and also a face-towel. Her plans had started the previous evening.

She reaches her left hand round to his and leads Mark to play with the plug in her bottom. He presses on it gently and then holds the wide base and jiggles it a little.

Phyllis murmurs again with pleasure as she feel her rectum and sphincter muscles moving around with his actions. He pushes and jiggles the base even more strongly, and Phyllis feels her colon being stretched and displaced a little. And her cervix reacting up the front of her torso, inside the pressure of her corset. She imagines that her uterus is pushing up and down with his movements; and she is pleased with all the sensations he is giving her. She reaches her left hand down to press on her clitoris and to massage her labia in time with Marks movements behind her. She is close to another orgasm but waiting for Mark; to see if he will do what she wishes with the plug in her bottom.

“Can you take it out from here? Slowly?” she asks quietly.

“Mmm. I’ll try,” he responds.

Gently, and still holding her around her corseted waist with one arm, Mark takes a firm hold on the plug’s base with his left hand. He pulls backwards on it so that Phyllis can feel it pressing from the inside against her sphincter. She knows that he is pulling it out of her and she is pleased. He hasn’t done this in bed before. She moves her upper leg, her left leg, forward to make more space around her anus.

Getting the big plug out Ataşehir Escort of her is always an interesting experience, usually done with her kneeling, and sometimes a little uncomfortable if she has dried out, or if Mark pulls too quickly. This morning, he is moving very slowly indeed, and whispers to her,

“You press slowly. In your time, at your own speed. Be relaxed as much as you can.”

And so Phyllis pushes her rectum to expel the plug. She is worried that some contents from her bowel, some poop, will press out of her also; but Mark always seems ready for everything.

They both know that she cannot press this big plug out of her rectum, just using her own muscles. They know that Mark must pull on the round base at the same time as she pushes. And so that is happening now.

Her anal sphincter is distending to the point where she always feel as if she is going to split open. She can’t control her movements or her own sounds,

“Ooh, it’s stretching me so much. Aah, slowly, slowly.”

But then comes the urgency of the final fraction of an inch, only a millimetre or two, and she is fully widened open by the plug.

At this point, she always feel as if something must break; and the final outward movement is most important. Her words change,

“Now, pull now, take it now.”

With one final push from herself, and an increase in the tension Mark is providing, the plug suddenly pops out of her body. Her sphincter begins to contract and she takes a deep breath, and moans while breathing out, “Oh.”

Phyllis retrieves the face-towel from under her pillow and passes it to Mark quickly. He wraps the plug in the towel and drops it over the edge of the bed, onto the rug.

Quickly, Phyllis takes the Lube-gel in her left hand and moves it to touch Mark’s hand, which he opens. She presses the plunger to deposit a big blob of the gel into his palm.

“Lube my bottom, please,” she requests him; or is it an instruction?

He presses his palm against Phyllis’ anus and rotates his hand to lubricate both her and himself.

Mark now understands what she is expecting him to do. This will be new and he is apprehensive but also excited.

Mark presses the middle finger of his left hand into her anus and spreads the rest of his hand open around the globes of her gluteus muscles.

He moves his finger around inside her, buried to its maximum depth. He can tell that there is nothing in there with him; no poop.

Phyllis is pleased with this sensation, although a single finger is not new to her and she murmurs in comfort and encouragement.

“Hmm, nice,” she whispers.

He withdraws his finger and replaces it with two; his middle and index fingers side-by-side. This also has happened before to Phyllis, when he was exploring her body, and he knows it presents no problem for her.

Mark wriggles his two-fingers inside her, pressing against the side of her rectum; feeling as he does the smooth ridges of her internal muscles.

Phyllis is silent because she knows what is coming, if he will do as she wishes.

“Make this shape,” she instructs him, holding up her left hand to show her thumb folded inside her grouped fingers. Mark makes the duck-bill shape.

“Now press into me,” she says.

Slowly Mark presses the pointed end towards her opening. The first Acıbadem Escort few joints of his fingers slide easily into her.

Then comes the widening bunch of fingers and he presses with more force. Phyllis can feel a new stretch in her sphincter muscles and flinches just a little, so that Mark can tell he is close to her comfortable capacity.

“Ooh, that’s big,” she says softly.

“Not so big as the plug that just came out, little one, You know what we do. Try to push me out.”

Phyllis puts her mind into pushing her rectal muscles into compression, as if to expel the invading hand.

As they both know, this has the reverse effect of the intention: her muscles are forced into a funnel that invites further intrusion.

Mark presses more and finds that his hand is moving into her rectum with greater ease; although the pressure on his bunched fingers proves to him the pressure Phyllis must be feeling.

He gets nervous, knowing that she is close to her limit.

“Oh, oh,” says Phyllis, not whispering this time, “it’s too big I think. Oh, oh.”

“Shall I stop now?” Mark offers.

“No. Don’t stop. Make it go. Make me take it. Even if I say No, just keep going,” she orders him.

Mark takes a firm hold on her body with his right hand, wrapped under her waist; until he can grip her left hip with it. He holds her firm and rigidly against him and presses his left hand further into her.

His knuckles are now in the opening and she is stretched to her maximum. Fortunately, the lubrication is effective, so there is no catching of skin or his hairs in her anal orifice. He is excited, knowing that he is very close to possessing her body through her rectum. All she knows is that she is being stretched more than ever before but determined to get this new experience and sensation.

“Oh, oh, eeh, no, no, aaargh,” Phyllis arches her spine as much as she can inside the hard-laced corset, and forces her head back against his face.

“Press me out Phil, try to push me out if you can,” he urges her.

She is close to panic, not necessarily with pain but with the newness of her situation and her inability to move. She is held by the strong young man arm crushing her in her corset.

With a final thrust, Mark’s knuckles pass through the muscles and he is inside her completely. Her anal sphincter relaxes somewhat around his wrist and the greater pressure of the penetration is relaxed.

“Ah,” Phyllis shows the relaxation, “Oh Mark, that was hard. But now it feels amazing.”

He moves his fingers around inside her rectum and she can feel every sensation.

She presses her hand on her own groin, at the bottom edge of the corset, and can feel the bulge of Mark’s hand inside her body.

He moves it gently and she experiences something similar to a rising orgasm; and so she presses on her clitoris to see if there is any response.

There is some reaction, but she wishes to keep this total sensation for later; when they are both in a good time and place to enjoy their orgasms.

“Am I properly perverted now?” she asks him, giggling as she does.

“Yes, my lovely woman. I think you are fully perverted now,” he confirms.

Mark kisses her and relaxes his hold on her corseted body. For some minutes they stay in that position, him behind her, both lying on their İstanbul Escort right sides, and with his hand deep inside her. This will become their usual position for this form of sex-play in future.

+ + + + +

Removing his hand was another careful experience, which they both took gently that first time. There were many “Ah and ooh” sounds from her and much gentle wooing encouragement from him.

There remained one further perverted skill that Mark wished to experience with Phyllis. For some weeks, they practiced the new sensation: remove the plug and replace it with his hand.

Then came the time that he judged would be right to show her the special trick he had planned. It would not be any more difficult or uncomfortable that the plug or the hand. But much naughtier.

On another weekend, Phyllis was relaxing with the big plug inside her, half expecting mark to come with his hand at some stage.

But he got off the bed and went into their bathroom, as if to empty his bladder. In fact, he had hidden in there a long length of broad soft string. Slowly, he started to wrap it around his male parts behind his scrotum, next to the skin between his legs. Immediately, his erection sprang into greater stiffness as the blood supply was affected.

He continued winding the string round and round the stalk of his erection, behind his testicles; until his scrotum and erection were both pushed away from his body. Five feet of broad string pushed him forward and made a tight stalk against his body. His scrotum and erection formed a single package, standing out from his groin. Stiff and hard from the combination of the winding string and also his own excitement.

He returned to her and stood in front of her as she lay on her right side.

“Now the biggest surprise for you,” he smiled at her.

“What? That inside me?” she asked a little alarmed at the thought.

“Not THAT, little one. THAT is me,” he grinned and joked back at her.

A few minutes later, Mark is buried in Phyllis’ rectum up to the skin on his groin. His sex-package is longer than his hand had been in her rectum, and she can feel the tip of his penis pressing into her sigmoid. And he cannot move much without twisting his anatomy and maybe doing some damage. But they are both intrigued by the situation and the sensations.

Mark comes to ejaculation within a few minutes, just by sliding back and forth inside her, by only a small distance; maybe only a centimetre at a time. And so he floods her rectum with his juices as they force their way past the ligature of the wound string.

Phyllis presses and massages her labia and clitoris, while feeling his package hardly moving gently inside her body. Until she too comes to a massive and exhausting orgasm.

+ + + + +

And so, finally, this is Phyllis’ situation.

Corseted to a tiny waist inside a rigid corset, with a long bra and compression stockings.

She has a penis-shaped dildo located in her vagina most days; to be removed only at night or when they exercise their sex needs.

And with a big 3-inch plug in her rectum all day; to be replaced by Mark’s hand or else his sex-package as often as they wish.

They seem to wish for that more often as the weeks go by.

Phyllis is proud and fascinated that she has become a “perverted sexual woman” instead of the silent lonely unhappy woman she was only 18 months before.

Mark knows that he has found the woman of his search, of his dream and of his fantasies. One day, if she will have him, he will marry her and they will grow together even more in their sexual discoveries.

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