Last Day

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Bobby felt a twinge of melancholy as he closed the store on his last day at Book Ends, the little book store that specialized in popular fiction, sci-fi and fantasy. It was his summer job before college, but he had become very fond of the little bookstore and her proprietor, Ms. Ross. She was tall like a willow tree and had short dark hair, which gave her a severe look. Her face was long and pointy, with high cheekbones. She had an unsettling gaze, her mouth a little too wide and a nose a little too long. The rest of her body was firm and tight. Bobby couldn’t tell entirely because the clothes she’d usually wear hid most of her form. He’d noticed that her small breasts were full and that her hips rounded up her figure just right. Bobby knew just what he could do with those hips if given the chance. Ms. Ross was not altogether an unpleasant sight, but she was an acquired taste. What Bobby loved about her most though were her legs – they seemed to go on forever. He could spend all day just staring at them. Everything about her conveyed strictness and she seldom smiled. She was like a work of art, albeit a cold one.

Ms. Ross dressed conservatively, rather like the stereotypical librarian, with one small exception; she wore classy red, rectangular glasses. Bobby wasn’t sure of her age but he pegged her somewhere in her late thirties. She had given up a career in law to start Book Ends because she loved to read. Bobby knew her to be firm and direct, but he knew she could also be caring. He knew this from her friends who visited regularly at the store. Ms. Ross had her fair share of suitors’ too; hotshot lawyers from the way they dressed, but she never showed interest.

“I’d like a word before you leave,” Ms. Ross said as she finished counting the receipts of the day.

“Word,” Bobby rejoined. They both grinned. It was lame but it worked. Despite their short time together, they had become accustomed to each other. Ms. Ross was a tough boss but he got along well with her. Bobby knew he would miss working at Book Ends because he would miss her most of all. Despite her severe looks, he liked her. He liked looking at her. Sometimes he caught her looking at him too. Although he worked out regularly at the gym, Bobby couldn’t be sure if she was admiring his body or merely looking out for him. Maybe she didn’t want him hurt lifting heavy boxes of books. Then again, maybe she liked his broad shoulders. Maybe. Smiling to himself, he finished his task and followed her into her office.

The office was a narrow room at the back of the store. Filing cabinets hid the walls on one side and boxes of books on the other. The boxes piled almost to the ceiling. A large desk dominated the middle of room. She had a large poster directly behind the desk. It was a picture of a towering castle perched precariously on a cliff against a fantasy landscape. Numerous bridges connected different parts of the picture to another. The caption beneath read, ‘A Bridge Never Crossed Is Like A Life Never Lived.’ Ms. Ross sat at her desk and directed Bobby to the empty chair opposite her. She smiled warmly at him.

“Bobby, you’ve been a great help to me this summer. You are hard working and full of initiative and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate you. I’ll be sorry to lose you but at the same time, I’m happy that you’re going on to college.”

Bobby blushed and muttered his thanks. Compliments came rarely from Ms. Ross. He tried to meet her gaze as she continued.

“I also want you to know that you’re always welcome back here, both as a former colleague and as a friend. Anytime and anything you need, I’ll be here for you.”

“Thanks. I enjoyed working here and I learned a lot working for you.” Bobby replied.

Ms. Ross took out a small envelope from her desk drawer and slid it across to him. “Think of this as a token of my appreciation.”

He opened up the envelope and counted almost two months pay within. He stared at the money in disbelief. He had already been paid.

“You’ve earned every cent,” she smiled at the look on his face.

“Wow, thanks Ms. Ross,” Bobby stammered. The money would Trabzon Escort certainly go a long way. “Thanks very much!”

“Call me Jo, all my friends do.”

Ms. Ross took his hand and gave it a squeeze. Her touch was casual yet Bobby felt his loins stir. She had told him he would be welcome back but he still felt this was good-bye. He wanted to tell her how he felt but didn’t dare. What if she laughed at him? What if she thought him a silly boy infatuated with an older woman?

Bobby inadvertently glanced again at the poster behind Ms. Ross. If he did nothing now he would regret this moment for the rest of his life. He would spend all his tomorrows wondering if things would have turned out different if only he had had the guts. Summoning his courage in an intake of air, he decided to cross this bridge.

“Jo, now that you’re no longer my boss, I was wondering if we could…maybe…go out or something,” Bobby stumbled. This was his first time asking out a woman twice his age.

Ms. Ross fixed her gaze on Bobby. “You want to go out with me?” She stated each syllable clearly and if to understand him better. It was half a statement and half a question. She stopped squeezing his hand.

“Yeah, I’ve been attracted to you since the first day but never quite had the guts to say so.”

“You find me attractive?” she asked in the same deliberate tone. Bobby couldn’t read her face.

“VERY attractive,” he nodded like an idiot.

Ms. Ross slowly withdrew her hand. She dropped her gaze, as if deliberating her next course of action. Bobby wasn’t sure of himself anymore but since he jumped into the deep end of the pool, he thought he might as well swim for it. She interrupted him just as he took another breath.

“I’m very happy to hear that, Bobby. I’ve been wondering for some time now if you’d date an older woman,” Ms. Ross admitted with a bit of a wry grin. There was relief in her voice. Bobby could not keep it out of his as well.

“I’d date you anytime.”

“Tell me, what do you find most attractive?” she asked. Her voice was sultry and she studied him carefully. She took off her glasses slowly as she spoke and put them aside on the desk. Bobby thought she looked different without them, more sophisticated. The glasses made her glare. Now she looked alluring.

“Your legs,” he said without hesitation.

Ms. Ross withdrew her hands from under the table. She seemed to wriggle in her seat but Bobby couldn’t be sure as the desk hid the lower half of her body. She kept her eyes on him and a mischievous look appeared on her face.

“Would you like a closer look at my legs?”

Bobby swallowed hard. He could not believe what he just heard. “Yeah.”

“I guess this is your bonus,” Ms. Ross said as she bent forward and came up immediately with a pair of white lace panties in her hand. She laid them beside her glasses. She never took her eyes off Bobby, whose gaze was glued to her panties.

Bobby’s throat grew tight and couldn’t swallow. His mouth parched more than a desert in the heat of the day.

Ms. Ross got up and walked slowly around the desk. With surprising strength, she pulled Bobby’s seat back a couple of inches and sat herself on the desk directly in front of him. Settling herself comfortably, she then reached for the hem of her skirt and pulled it up slowly, revealing her smooth, tan legs. Bobby’s eyes took it all in; the faultless curvature of her insteps, the sexiness of her ankles enhanced by a single prominent vein. Her shins were the colour of wet clay and her calves tempted him with the sight of their softness. Ms. Ross kept sliding her skirt up past her knees. Bobby sat transfixed by the sight of her thighs. They were muscular and firm. He wanted to touch them but kept his hands where they were, afraid to lose the moment.

She stopped just as the skirt reached her hips and drew her knees up to her chin. Bobby got a close-up of her naked shins as she put a foot on each armrest. She kept her shoes on. Bobby could smell the leather and something else, very faint, just underneath. It nearly drove him crazy.

“Go Trabzon Escort Bayan ahead,” Ms. Ross whispered. “Open.”

Bobby placed an unsteady hand on each foot and slid them slowly from the tip of her shoe to the top of each knee. It felt like he was stroking silk. Gently but firmly, he took hold of each knee and parted her legs. Her womanhood stared back at him. Bobby took a deep breath. He could smell her from where he sat. She exuded warmth, her musky scent inviting him to enter her secret place. He felt his way along the insides of her thighs and stroked her pubic hair. He parted her nether lips with his thumbs and they opened with a soft, wet sigh. He could hear her breathing deeply so he looked up. She had her eyes closed. Gently, he probed deeper into her vagina, applying pressure to the walls. She let out a soft moan. Her lips spread further apart. Her flesh glistened. She was already wet.

Lubricating his fingers on her wetness, Bobby slipped his fingers up to the second knuckle into her. He worked her lips with fingers and knuckles while she accommodated him by lying further back and spreading her legs wider apart. The sight of her exposed like this, with her legs in the air, made his crotch harden until he thought it would break right through his pants. He used his other hand to massage her buttocks. A devilish smile came to his face as he traced the rim of her anus with a finger. Her eyes popped open in shock and then closed again in acquiescence.

Bobby lowered his head between Ms. Ross’ legs and nibbled at her swollen outer lips. He kissed her there and tasted her saltiness. His tongue probed her uppermost folds for her clitoris. A deep moan from her told him he had found his target and he massaged around it with the hardened tip of his tongue. In this fashion, Bobby teased her into a state of near frenzy. When he felt sure she was distracted enough, he inserted his middle finger into her anus. She gasped at the shock of the intrusion then settled back to enjoy this new sensation with a sigh. He continued to massage her from the front and back for several moments. Then he took out his finger and began to trace the rim of her anus with his second and middle fingers. This time, she merely smiled lazily at him through half closed eyes. He returned her smile and inserted his fingers. This brought a gasp of pleasure from her.

Stopping for a breather, Bobby sat back to admire the view. Ms. Ross was on her back on the desk with her legs wide apart. A thin sheen of perspiration covered her legs. Her face flushed slightly, which made her look even sexier. A few stray strands of hair fell across her face. She regarded him from the corner of her eye.

“Anything else you find attractive?”

Bobby realized that he had not even gotten her blouse off. “Your breasts.”

Ms. Ross swung her legs together and hopped off the desk. With a quick flick of her wrist, she undid her skirt and let it fall onto the floor. Bobby reached out and made a grab for her buttocks. She turned teasingly to give him an ample view. He playfully spanked her buttocks before kneading them with his large hands. Then she turned back towards Bobby and knelt in front of him.

“Let’s get you comfortable,” Ms. Ross said as she undid his pants. Bobby’s penis sprang free from its prison as soon as she pulled down his pants.

“Think of this as a token of my appreciation,” Bobby smirked.

Her reply was a slow, wet kiss to his penis. The kiss became a lick, her breath quickly evaporating the saliva. Then she took his entire length into her mouth while she stroked his balls. The sight of her on her knees and mouthing him almost too much to bear but he held valiantly on. After a few more teasing licks, she got up, unhooked the buttons on her blouse and removed her blouse. She struck a sultry pose in her white lace bra and shoes. She then turned her back to him and unfastened the bra straps. She let the bra fall to the floor and cupped her hands on her breasts before turning to face Bobby. Slowly, she bared herself to him. The soft mounds jiggled slightly as she swayed. Her Escort Trabzon dark nipples erect and wanting.

“Touch me.”

Bobby reached out and cupped a breast in his hand. His fingers kneaded it gently before holding it to his mouth. Teasing his way around the mound of her breast, he flicked his tongue tantalizingly close to her nipple without ever touching it. Finally, he circled her areola with his tongue before kissing the nipple. Taking it in his mouth, he drummed on it with his tongue. He heard Ms. Ross moan. Pleasure washed over her in waves. She bent her head close to his and whispered in his ear.

“I want to feel you inside me,” her breath ragged and panting.

She kissed him fiercely on the lips, their lips mashing and their tongues embracing. She steered their locked bodies towards her desk, sat herself at the edge and spread her legs again. With one hand, she guided Bobby into herself. He felt his erection grow even more upon entering her. Instinct took over and he began the pumping movement in his hips. Soon they were grinding to each other’s rhythm, joined at the mouth and at the hips, her legs locked around his body.

They devoured each other. Their mouths sought every inch of skin, feeding with insatiable hunger. She ripped his shirt off, discarding it with a wave of her hand. She would dig her nails into his chest and shoulders, providing delicious pain to one and tactile pleasure to the other. He would overpower her in his arms, pin her into submission when he would take his pleasure of her. Then he would release her and they would start all over.

Soon though, Bobby had to unlock himself from Ms. Ross’ embrace to catch his breath. He took a moment to admire her body, feasting his eyes. He never stopped his pumping from the hip. She pulled him back towards her. He fondled each breast. Then, using his thumb and second finger, he twisted her nipples, sending ripples of pleasure through her body. Her moans became louder. He decided he liked hearing her moan.

Bobby returned to his previous task of exploring the rest of Ms. Ross’ body. She was in great shape, her arms and torso well defined. ‘She probably worked out as well,’ Bobby thought as he nibbled on her ear lobes. He tugged at her hair to expose her slender neck and licked off her sweat. When he found a particularly tender spot on her neck, he would suck on the skin to elicit the sharp pleasure of a love bite yet leave no tell tale mark.

Bobby lost himself in his appreciation of her body. His eyes and hands wandered all over, searching, stroking, savouring every moment. Soon his tender administrations gave way to more urgency. His hands that traced the curve of her shoulders lovingly now gripped her tight and pressed her body closer to his. His every thrust seemed to penetrate even deeper, moving ever faster. Soon they were both grunting from their efforts, rivulets of sweat streaming down their bodies, lost in a world of their own.

Ms. Ross came in shuddering waves, her orgasm deep and seemingly endless. She cried out in ecstasy. In the midst of her rapture, she dug her nails into Bobby’s back as if to pull herself deeper into him. Bobby was oblivious to everything else. He felt only her contractions, her vaginal walls constricting his penis and bringing about his own orgasm. He could feel his climax building but did not cry out. He felt the pressure becoming so intense until he could not hold it in any longer and exploded within her. Each ejaculation was a prolonged release. He soon emptied himself into her. Exhausted and spent, Bobby collapsed on her.

When they both recovered from their exertions, they found themselves holding on to each other in a tender embrace. Ms. Ross’ face now had a soft edge. She looked as if she had a light shining from within.

“That was something,” she remarked, placing her head on Bobby’s shoulder.

Bobby kissed her lightly and said, “I was something, you were fantastic!”

“I hope this means you’ll be coming back to visit regularly,” she looked up hopefully at him. A little bit of the ‘cold’ Ms. Ross was coming back into her eyes.

“I aim to give you more tokens of appreciation any chance I get,” Bobby said and kissed her.

The lights stayed on at Book Ends that night and were not switched off until early next morning. Bobby and Ms. Ross missed dinner that night. They had breakfast together instead.

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