Last Chance at Forever Love Ch. 06


After rescuing more than one damsel in distress, Sophia, Emma, and Jimmy have a threesome.

Continued from Chapter 05:

We lay there sweating and feeling all fuzzy warm and cozy while sipping more champagne. Then, the doorbell rang. Even after eating a big meal, I was definitely feeling the effects of the champagne and I imagined that Sophia, weighing nearly half as much as me, was more than a bit tipsy, too. Ensconced in the afterglow of sex, I didn’t want to get up. I didn’t want to leave her. After having hot sex with Sophia and cumming, I just wanted to stay in bed, close my eyes, and go to sleep.

Yet, figuring it was my friend wanting me to answer more questions for his police report, reluctantly, I got up to answer the door. With him having seen me naked before as a young man while skinny-dipping with some of the neighborhood women, I grabbed a towel, and held it in place around my torso while heading for the front door. Because of the Viagra I took earlier; my erection was still quite noticeable even behind the towel. Definitely, I’d have an erection for a few more hours.

I looked through the front door window not knowing who’d call at this time of night other than the police. I was surprised to see that it was Emma, Sophia’s hot, and sexy, best friend. Although this was the first time meeting her, I recognized her from the photo of the two of them that Sophia kept on her nightstand. With me standing there naked but for a towel, already sexual roused after just having had sex with Sophia, perhaps because I was a little drunk but I was sexually excited to see Emma.

‘Maybe we could have a threesome,’ I thought. ‘As soon as I had the thought, I removed it from my mind. How could I sexually lust over another woman when I love Sophia? What’s wrong with me to even think that?’

As soon as I thought it, I berated myself for having such perverted, sexual thoughts about Sophia’s best friend. Then, as soon as I opened the front door, catching me by surprise, she took a step inside and collapsed in my arms. When I reached out to catch her, I lost my towel as she slumped unconscious in my arms.

There I was naked while holding my girlfriend’s best friend in my arms. Yet, not embarrassed or ashamed, if anything, I was sexually excited standing there naked. I only wished she was conscious. In the way that I had exposed my naked, erect cock to Sophia when she came to my room asking to sleep with me a few months ago, I had just exposed my naked, erect prick to my girlfriend’s, best friend.

Then, when I felt her hand brush by my cock as I was holding her from falling, I berated myself for the sexually perverted thoughts I was having at a time like this. Being the horny guy that I am, I looked at her, while wondering if her touch was accidental or deliberate, but her eyes were closed. Obviously, her touch was accidental. Except for a few bruises on her face, she was as beautiful and as sexy as Sophia. Thinking she was in a car accident, I wondered what happened.

Being the horny guy that I am, while holding a second, beautiful, 25-year-old woman in my arms, I not only wanted to think that her touching my cock was deliberate but also, I wanted to rub my prick against her hand. Had I not had as much to drink, not taken a Viagra, and didn’t have as huge of an erection as I still had, I wouldn’t be as horny as I was now. Nonetheless, whether her touching my cock was accidental or deliberate, the touch of her hand on my naked, erect prick felt good.

I looked at her more sexually interested than I should look at my girlfriend’s, best friend. As if I was horny and didn’t just have sex, I looked at her with lustful and sexually perverted eyes. Not having a clue what would happen next, I looked at her with eyes that would soon widen soon by what I was about to hear, see, and experience. Not knowing what else to do with a semi-conscious woman, I helped her to my bedroom where Sophia would know what to do with her.

Once in the bright light of the bedroom, I looked more closely at her bruised face instead of her shapely body. She had been badly beaten, the poor woman. I figured it had been Sophia’s ex-boyfriend, Paul, who had assaulted her, the prick. He was good at beating a woman but not as good when defending himself against a man.

Now, I was even happier that I had given him the beating of his life. After what he did to Emma, he’ll have even more charges filed against him Monday morning. No doubt, beating it out of her was how he found out where we lived. With her unable to walk, the poor thing, I picked her up and carried her to the bedroom.

Still naked after losing my towel, when I lifted her, her arm remained squeezed between her body and my body with her dangling hand remaining in contact with my cock. Boy did that feel good having another 25-year-old woman touching my erect prick with her hand. Sexually excited by the warm, soft touch of her hand, my erect prick throbbed and pulsated against her hand. bursa otele gelen escort As much as sexually, perverted younger guys are too, we older men are incorrigible when with a much younger woman.

Sexually possessed to even think such a thing, even though I already had one beautiful, naked, 25-year-old woman in bed, I wondered what it would feel like to have another beautiful, naked, 25-year-old woman in my bed. I wondered what it would feel like to have sex with two women. I wondered what it would feel like to have sex with Emma.

I’ve always wanted a threesome. Since they’re already best friends, hopefully friends with benefits, maybe I could suggest that Sophia and Emma have sex while I watch. Not enough that I just had orgasmic sex with Sophia, now I hoped Emma would wrap her fingers around my erection and stroke me.

‘Yet, how dare I have such forbidden, sexual thoughts for Emma when I have Sophia in my life,’ I thought while scolding myself? ‘How dare I have such perversely perverted thoughts for Emma when she’s injured and nearly beaten unconscious? What’s wrong with me to think about having sex with her at a time like this? Obviously, I’m no better than Paul. Obviously, just as Sophia wasn’t lesbian, Emma wasn’t lesbian either. They’d never have sex with one another.’

Suddenly feeling like the cad that I am, had I not been drinking champagne and standing there naked with a huge erection, I’d never have such perverted thoughts. I laid her down next to Sophia, who was also still naked, too. Again, and not my imagination this time, I felt her hand lightly and slowly travel the length of my cock as I gently set her down upon the bed. Now, thinking her touch was deliberate, I gave her another look, but her eyes were still closed.

‘Giving her the benefit of the doubt, maybe she was dreaming of a stiff prick,’ I thought. ‘Maybe being beaten sexually aroused her. I heard of women who enjoy being slapped around while having sex,’ I thought. ‘Yet, even if Sophia enjoyed being slapped around and wanted me to slap her around, I could never hit a woman.’

Still not sure if her touch was deliberate or accidental, I wondered if she was sexually teasing me? I didn’t know. Having never met the woman before, I had no idea. Nonetheless, her touching my cock whether accidentally or deliberately sexually excited me with the thoughts of having sex with her as well as with Sophia too.

Then, as if depressing her on switch, her eyes popped open and I watched as Emma’s eyes went from my stiffening erection to Sophia’s bare breasts before focusing back on my erect cock again. It was then that I decided that her touches were no accident. Never in my wildest imaginings would I have fantasized about what was to happen next.

Chapter 06:

It was surreal, there I was naked with an erection while Sophia, naked too, barked orders at me.

“Get some water, ice, a wash cloth, and a basin. And get some antiseptic and band aids. And bring more pillows. Hurry,” said Sophia with obvious concern for her friend.

I’ve never purposely exposed myself to a woman before, but after the freeing feel of parading around in front of Emma naked, a gorgeous, young, and sexy woman, who I had never met until now, the sexually feeling was surreal. With her looking, with Sophia not complaining, and with me enjoying the exhibitionism, I had no intention of covering myself. Exposing myself felt too sexually wicked. This was my house after all and if I wanted to walk around naked, I would. Besides, Emma was an uninvited and unexpected guest and no one was complaining and asking me to cover up my nakedness.

More embarrassed by my nakedness than they obviously were, I was sexually excited at the same time as the stiffness of my cock pointing straight out confirmed. Every time I caught Emma looking at my erection it made me more sexually excited to the point that I wanted her to stare at my engorged prick. I wanted her to reach out her hand and touch my cock. In the way that Sophia had given me a slow, hand job, I wanted Emma to stroke me, too.

Maybe it was the Viagra and the champagne, but unable to stop the flow of my sexual fantasies, I wanted Emma to take my cock in her mouth as I touched and felt her everywhere. My sudden lustful, sexual desire for my girlfriend’s, best friend now controlled my brain. Never have I been as sexually excited as I was now. Never have I been as horny as I was now.

There I was with my beautiful Sophia lying naked in bed and, suddenly, I was lusting over her equally as hot, but not as beautiful friend. What is wrong with me? Maybe it was the champagne that made me so terribly horny suddenly. Maybe, it was the Viagra in combination with the champagne. I wondered now if I was not supposed to drink alcohol when taking Viagra. I wondered if I was going to suddenly turn into a depraved, sex fiend.

‘Nah, I’m that already,’ I thought.

I wondered if I escort bayan was going to have a heart attack and die from all this sudden excitement. First Sophia tells me she loves me. Then, she tells me she wants to make love. Then, her boyfriend attacks my baby. Now, this, Emma in my bedroom with Sophia naked and I’m naked too.

‘Life doesn’t get any better than this,’ I thought.

# # #

I was running back and forth from the bedroom to the bathroom with my cock bouncing up and down and side to side. I watched Emma’s eyes focus while staring at my erection as if she was watching a game of ping pong. It felt so wickedly exciting and decadently delicious to have another 25-year-old, sexy woman, staring at my prick. Not just my horny imagination, indeed, she was staring at my prick because I caught her staring at it more than a few times.

As if I was a stripper at a CFNM, naked striptease show, Emma seemed fascinated with my cock. Maybe, my cock was the first 50-year-old cock she had seen. Maybe, my cock was the first, uncircumcised cock she had seen. Although she tried to be subtle about looking at my penis, she was definitely staring at my erect penis. The more she looked, the more sexually aroused I became and the more that I wanted her to look.

Apparently, Sophia didn’t think anything of being naked in front of her best friend nor did she seemingly care that I was naked in front of Emma too. This was weird, so weird. Any moment, I expected her to admonish me for exposing myself to her best friend and yell at me to cover myself, but she didn’t. Any moment, I expected her to look at me and view me like the pervert that I am and how most guys are, but she didn’t do that either. Just as was Emma, obviously, Sophia was enjoying the exhibitionistic show of my naked prick, too.

Maybe, because this was a medical emergency, she felt that all sexual taboos went out the window in giving first aid care to Emma. Maybe, after this is over, Sophia would be upset with me that I paraded around her best friend naked. Maybe, I’d have Hell to pay, but I was surely enjoying the situation that I was thrown in now. Maybe, Sophia was like me, a little drunk, and just didn’t care. Maybe, Sophia was a voyeur and an exhibitionist and got off on the idea of me exposing myself to her best friend.

Then, I thought about how Sophia was constantly and continually being caught naked by her ex-boyfriend’s friends. She admitted that she was an exhibitionist. She admitted that she could have been a nudist. She admitted that she had been to a nude beach. I wondered if she felt the way that I felt now, embarrassed albeit sexually excited at the same time. I wondered if she had deliberately expose herself and if the feeling of exposing herself was intoxicatingly addictive, in the way that I was feeling about it now.

Yet, different for a man than it is a woman, again, I wondered about her being an exhibitionist. I wondered if her exhibitionism aroused her sexually. I wondered if it turned Sophia on to have her friend see me naked, which made me wonder if Sophia was a voyeur too. Although, I’d have to take care in how I broached the subject, so that she doesn’t think me more of the pervert that I am, I’ll have to ask her about her exhibitionism and voyeurism with our next pillow talking session.

Some guys would be insanely jealous if another man saw their woman naked, but it excited me thinking about another man seeing Sophia’s naked body. She has a beautiful body and she told me about a few of her ex-boyfriend’s friends deliberately showing up when Paul was painting her in the nude. Even after being verbally brutalized and threatened with physical harm by her ex-boyfriend if they returned without an invitation again, unable to control themselves, they always returned for another peek at her nakedness.

During our pillow talking sessions, something that sexually excited me, I had her describe her ex-boyfriend’s friends to me and tell me about their reactions to seeing her in the nude. I had her tell me about all of that while my cock was buried deep inside of her. I’d have that conversation with her while we were having sex. Just as it made me sexually excited to ask her about her sexual experiences, it made her sexually aroused to talk about exposing her naked body to other men.

This was all so very new to me. I felt so free and alive being nude. Even though what I was doing was a bit perversely perverted, walking around naked and exposing myself to my girlfriend’s, best friend, for some reason, I didn’t feel like the degenerate that I am. I felt more like a hot stud. I felt as if I was one of them, someone their age, a young man in a unisex, college dormitory.

# # #

My modesty and inhibitions melted away with every flash of my erect prick that I gave Emma. Moreover, now I wanted Emma to look at my cock. I wanted her to see my big prick. I wanted her to stare at my dick. I wanted her to see me naked. mudanya escort I wanted her to want me and sexually desire me in the way that Sophia wanted me and sexually desired me. I wondered if seeing me naked was making her as hot and wet as her seeing me naked made me hard and horny.

‘Who knows, maybe we could have a threesome,’ I thought again.

As soon as I thought it, I buried the thought. How could I possibly think about cheating on Sophia with her best friend? Wait, is a threesome cheating? Besides, Sophia and Emma would never do one another, would they? They’d never have lesbian sex, would they? They’d never eat one another’s pussy, would they? I wondered if they would. Yet, what if they already have? The thought of a threesome with Sophia and Emma was so very appealing and sexually arousing.

Still, I was disgusted with myself for even thinking about having sex with Emma. For sure, it must have been the combination of Viagra taken with champagne that made me think this way and feel that my sexual thoughts for another woman was okay. Suddenly, I wondered if having sex with a hot 25-year-old recharged and somehow boosted my Testosterone levels. Only, now that I was intimate with Sophia, now that I had hot sex with her, I was curious about Emma and wondered how she’d measured up to her.

# # #

Emma was a bit out of it and Sophia propped up a bunch of pillows behind her head and back to make her more comfortable. She kept closing her eyes, but I could tell that she pretended to close her eyes to stare at my cock through her partially opened slits. Her attention that she paid to my naked body made me so horny for her. The focused attention she paid my big prick made me feel like the man that I used to be.

“Did my ex do this to you?”

Sophia held her hand while questioning her.

“Yes,” said Emma in a pained murmur.

Sophia cleaned up the dried blood from her mouth, nose, and ears.

“Where else did he hit you, Emma?”

She winced in pain.

“He kicked me in the ribs, the stomach, and stomped on my ass,” she said putting her hand to her ribs and stomach. “He hit me everywhere. He just kept hitting me, beating me, and kicking me until I told him where to find you,” she said. “I came here to warn you when you didn’t answer your phone.”

Without asking me to leave the room, I couldn’t believe it, when Sophia began undressing her in front of me. Even more sexually exciting than that, I couldn’t believe it, when Emma put up no resistance to being undressed. I didn’t blink for fear of missing something. I wanted to capture this moment to replay it all back in my mind on those days after Sophia, no doubt, dumped me for a younger man, and when I was alone and horny. It certainly created for a hotter moment, when Emma stared at me, as Sophia carefully undressed her and slowly revealed her hot body to me.

‘Oh, my God. I don’t believe this,’ I thought. ‘Have they forgotten that I’m in the room with them? Obviously, they don’t care that I’m here staring.’

# # #

I wondered if Emma was getting off at me seeing her being undressed as much as I was getting off seeing her being undressed and as much as I was getting off with her seeing me naked. I wondered if Emma was as much of an exhibitionist as Sophia and as much as I was a voyeur. I wondered if Emma was a voyeur as much Sophia and as much as I was an exhibitionist. One slow button at a time, it was so hot to watch Sophia undressing Emma. I wondered if Sophia was getting off on exposing Emma to me.

Unable to move, I just stood there and stared. It took all the self-control that I had not to reach down and start stroking myself as I watched Sophia exposing Emma’s beautiful, underwear clad body to me. I don’t know if Sophia realized that I was there watching or if it just didn’t matter since I had already been standing there with my cock at full erection in front of her best friend, anyway.

Seemingly all so surreal, I couldn’t believe it when Sophia started unbuttoning Emma’s blouse. Now, Emma is almost as hot as Sophia. She’s a good-looking woman with a rack. Her bra size is a cup bigger than Sophia’s. Then, as if there was a stripper’s drumroll going off in my head when Sophia unbuttoned Emma’s blouse and flayed it wide open, I stared as if I had never seen bra clad breasts before. Her cleavage and big bra covered breasts were there before my horny eyes.

‘Wow,’ I thought. ‘She has big tits.’

There before me was Emma’s big, white, lacy bra. Her erect nipples already made big, buttonlike impressions against the sheer, lace fabric of the material. Obviously, able to see through the sheerness of her bra, whereas Sophia’s nipples were pink, Emma’s nipples were brown. I could clearly see their impressions along with the shape and the supersize of her tits through her bra.

Her tits were a definite D cup as Sophia’s tits were a definite C cup. Even greater as Sophia’s sexy cleavage, Emma had great cleavage too. Trying not to stare, I only wished I could have gotten a closer look at her naked tits, naked nipples, and naked areolas.

‘Remove her bra. Take off her bra. Show me her naked tits,’ I continually said to myself while hoping that Sophia would psychically receive my thoughts and act on them.

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