Knowing Someone Very Well


I loved my work. My job is great.

And from my cubicle, I could see my supervisor, John, perfectly.

My name is Mike, and I’m gay. Guys have been my thing since I was a teenager, I think. My parents blamed my shyness for it. Ah well, I moved out right after college, and became my own person and all of that. So it stopped being their “problem”.

John is my supervisor at work. I’ve worked at this particular job for some time now. I’ll be transferred soon. I don’t mind that much. John is a very good-looking guy. He’s blond, not as tall as me, just a bit shorter. He’s one of those surfer-boys-gone-clean-cut for the big world of business. His suits are all tailored to match his athletic body. I can tell he still works out. I think he might even go jogging at lunch, some days. He has brown eyes that always look right at you when he’s talking. He’s a very confident manly type, with a big white-toothed smile. Easy on the eyes and just as easy to fall for.

Knowing that I would be moving soon, I thought I would spend a few more nights with my friends at the bar we always meet at. But this night, no one was around.

I frowned and walked around the club we all could often be found at, looking for the usual crowd. But no one was there that I knew. And on a night like tonight, that meant that the best pool tables were all taken by other groups.

I didn’t feel like just playing with strangers. I didn’t feel like going home either. So I pulled up a stool at the bar, off to one side, choosing to brood.

May as well watch the usual crowds fill up the dance floor.

Soon, there were three drinks in front of me, and I was nursing the third and a very warm happy feeling.

May not know anyone in the whole damned place, but hey! I was feeling great!

That was when I saw him. At first, I wasn’t sure. Then I looked again. And there was no doubting it.

John was here…in a gay bar.

My jaw almost hit the floor. I could not believe it! He was here?!? Not just ANY bar, but the one that I was at!

I wished then that I wasn’t so shy after all. I wasn’t ugly, that was never my problem. Tall, 6’2, brown hair, and blue eyes, a slender build, but a good face and a “pleasant smile” I was often complimented on.

Not many people wanted “pleasant” these days, of course. I sighed. They wanted bright, confident athletic “John’s”. I was not a “John” type.

I wanted to feel better, knowing John was probably here because he was a homosexual too. But part of me felt rotten. Here he was, this guy that I always found my eyes on at work, sitting in a gay bar and most likely here because we had the same sexual preferences in common. And I was too much of a chicken to do anything about it.

As I sat there brooding over my drink, lamenting my lack of get-up-and-go, someone tapped me on the shoulder and said, “Mind if I sit here?”

I looked up.

It was John.

He smiled at me, that winning smile that I had Eryaman Escort attributed to him charming so many girls through his teen years and through college.

“Hey, Mike, what are you doing here?”

I struggled, stammering, explaining how this was where I usually came to unwind. John looked me up and down as if seeing me in a new light, and didn’t seem to know what to say. His eyes said that much, at least.

I smiled at him shyly, and suddenly, everything seemed to just fade away.

I felt comfortable with John sitting right there, the two of us sitting here like this, like that’s just how it had always been. John is really easy to talk to, even in a situation like this that should have made us both uncomfortable.

We had a few more drinks, and then John managed to convince me to join him and some people neither of us knew in a game of 8-ball. That was actually a good time, standing around and talking to people I probably saw every week but didn’t bother to talk to or get to know. They weren’t in my clique, and I didn’t usually stray. Just having John around like that made me more confident somehow. So when it came time to head home before we got too drunk, I offered to share the cab ride with him. And I even sat right in the middle of the back seat, next to him.

Still, I was surprised when his hand landed on my thigh after a really funny joke about a stripper, and he didn’t take it off afterwards. Then when we got to his house and he invited me in, I was shocked still more when I heard myself say “yes”.

Things moved pretty fast once we were inside his place. He offered me another drink, and I said “sure, why not”. Then as he was standing at the bar, I moved up behind him.

I hadn’t had any real action beyond the bar scene for a long time. And that can get old pretty fast.

Here was John, in his beautiful home. And he knew what I was, what I liked, and he had still invited me up to his place. That had to mean something. It was probably the drink talking, but I moved up behind him and lowered my mouth to his neck.

He froze then, and I thought maybe I had been wrong. That maybe I was all wrong about this. And suddenly I saw myself leaving work a LOT sooner than I had planned on.

He turned around, and he looked up at me. He pushed the drink into my hand, and I tipped the glass back into my mouth, suddenly needing it more than before.

By the time I was done, he had taken down my pants, and his lips were all over my groin through my boxers. I was hard already, had been since I had watched him from across the bar. His mouth running races all over my cock through my underwear locked my jaw and I could do nothing but watch him as he reached in through the unbuttoned flap and pulled my hard member out.

His mouth was hot all over me, soaking me in wet kisses and licking up and down the shaft.

“It’s too bad you have been hiding this so long,” Sincan Escort he whispered, his breath so warm against me.

One of his hands began to stroke me as he placed the head of my cock against his tongue. He didn’t start sucking me off right away. That wasn’t John’s style, apparently. He liked to be a tease. He ran his tongue around the head, circling it and dipping the tip of it into the hole. I wanted to grab his head and ram my cock down his throat, but that wasn’t my style either.

And this was John, not some bar freak in a bathroom.

With the empty glass in one hand, I leaned on the bar with the other while he knelt before me, teasing the hell out of me. I just kept getting harder and harder. Then he sucked quickly, and as I watched, the head of my cock finally disappeared into his mouth.

I groaned and he looked up at me, a smile on his face. But then he just went back to work, both hands taking turns stroking me into his mouth, as he sucked tightly on my head.

The constant stroking was insane, and his mouth was so hot. Slowly, he slicked the entire shaft, and began to engulf all of me in his wet mouth. The feeling of his cheeks pressed tightly against me was great, his tongue pressing all over me while he began to move me in and out of his mouth.

I watched as John’s head bobbed up and down on my cock. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He was amazing, and I was loving it. Soon, I was going to cum. And he knew it. He began to move faster, faster.

I slammed the glass down on the counter top of the bar, and held onto the foam and leather edge for dear life as that guy just sucked for all he was worth. And when I came, I felt it pour deep down his throat as he held all of me inside his mouth.

I let all of it come out of me, and he kept sucking, slower now. Then he stood up and fixed himself a drink and slammed it back like nothing could stop him.

I stood there, my pants around my ankles, blinking.

I didn’t know what to do next.

Unlike most gay people my age, I had never had even a single constant relationship. Everything I had ever experienced was like, “Here, you get off, then I get off, see ya!”

So I had no idea what to do next.

John took over then, thankfully. He seemed to notice my disconcerted face, and he smiled at me, that bright albeit drunken smile.

“Hey, Mike, your pants are around your ankles!”

I chuckled, and nodded.

Then I just said, “Anything I should do about that?”

I was feeling pretty bold once I saw him smile like that.

“Yeah, let’s go for a swim.”

This guy had a pool? Sounded like a great idea! I could almost feel myself getting excited again, but it was also kind of embarrassing. John was older than me, obviously. At my age, I could still get it up regularly. I didn’t want him thinking I was some juvenile undersexed kid.

I followed him down around the outside Etlik Escort stairs and there was a pool there, all right. Right in his back yard. I watched as John stripped down to nothing, and dove head first into the pool, barely making a splash. I chose to walk in, myself.

The water was remarkably warm. I waded to the middle, and looked around for John. He was climbing out of the pool and heading to one side of his back yard patio. He looked over at me and smiled and motioned I should join him.

As I climbed out of the pool I had only just gotten into, I could feel him watching me. And when I looked up, I saw he was. And he was getting a hard on.

I liked that. It made me feel good, even if we both were pretty drunk by now. We weren’t stumbling all over. But slamming back those drinks hadn’t helped to sober us up much.

In this one corner, John had a Jacuzzi built into the deck floor. Soft lights, and a bench and some large frond trees and plants surrounded it. It was a perfect hideaway.

John pulled me down to the bank, his hand automatically going to my cock again, as he began to kiss me. His mouth was soft against mine, and his tongue was warm and inviting, and mine followed his back into his mouth. I couldn’t believe it when I found my hand reaching out to stroke his perfect hard-on. He was not as long as me, but he was thicker, and more symmetrical…perfect. I played with him until he was panting in my mouth, my hand tugging at his cock and demanding he cum.

John pulled away then, and he moved quickly into the Jacuzzi, beckoning me to follow. And grinning, I did.

The water was warm, bubbly, and it felt so good. John’s hand clasped over my cock again, and I turned towards him, but he turned me away, stroking me but moving behind me.

Then I clued in. It was time for him to enjoy tonight. And for once, I didn’t mind. I didn’t feel like I was being used.

He slipped his cock inside my ass carefully, first feeling at me with the head, and teasing at me, kissing and biting at my back as he finally eased himself inside.

“Play with yourself, cum when I do,” he whispered.

That confused me. I had never done that before. It was always like taking turns. But god, I was hard and he was so hot and warm inside me.

As he put his hands on my hips and began to thrust, I leaned forward. All around my line of sight were tropical green plants. I could smell vanilla, from the water or from some candle, I couldn’t tell. I reached down and began to stroke myself.

John moved slowly at first, and I could tell he was loving the feel of his head moving in and then right out of my ass. He was very thick, and the edge of his cock caught on my ass and we both liked it. I pulled on myself to the rhythm he set.

He moved faster, I stroked faster. And then I felt him begin to swell and throb inside me. And I felt myself begin to swell. My mind exploded when he whispered my name.

“Cum with me…now.”

He didn’t have to ask me twice. As he filled me up, I came in the water, hard. It was a feeling unlike anything I had ever experienced. He had triggered something inside me, inside my insides, which had helped to get me off while he was taking me. That was something I had never done but knew I would try to repeat from now on.

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