Kiss Me, Charlene

*Author’s Note: Any and all persons engaged in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

Disclaimers: This story has been edited by myself, using Microsoft Spell-Check. You have been forewarned.


“Ryan! Get the, damn it, get the door,” Sharon Luquette called out, mopping the sweat from her forehead with her towel.

Ryan either did not hear, or ignored his mother; a moment later, the doorbell chimed again. Whomever was ringing the bell must have deduced that the bell was not working because they then knocked smartly on the front door.

“Damn it,” Sharon wheezed, turning off her workout DVD.

“Coming, coming,” she called out as she scurried to the door.

Sharon was wearing her work-out attire of sports bra and nylon shorts. The skimpy garb showed off her taut tanned body, her sleek legs. She normally kept a tank top nearby, to cover her slight paunch, but unfortunately, all were in the wash.

She opened the door to see an attractive young blonde woman. The pale woman smiled a charming smile.

Sharon was struck at the woman’s pale, almost white skin tone and her deep black eyes. When the woman’s smile stretched wide, two sharp fangs were revealed.

“May I come in?” the woman asked, the false fangs making her speech sound garbled.

Sharon smiled, looking at the thin woman’s vampire costume. She had the black cape, a tuxedo shirt buttoned up to her throat with a black string tie and black trousers.

Through the thin tuxedo blouse, Sharon could see that the young lady had small breasts with fat little nipples that pressed against the blouse. She stood about five feet, four inches, her black combat boots giving her no lift.

“Yes, please do come in,” Sharon smiled. “You’re Ryan’s date?”

“Charlene Truffant,” the blonde tried to say, then giggled.

She spit the plastic fangs into her small hand. Her teeth were small, white, straight teeth.

“Charlene Truffant. I work with Ryan,” she said. “You must be his sister? But I don’t remember him saying he had a sister.”

“Well, aren’t you sweet,” Sharon smiled. “I’m Sharon Luquette. Ryan’s mother.”

“Oh!” Charlene said, actually surprised.

Sharon Luquette had been eighteen years, one month old when she decided to come out to her family. She’d known for years that she was gay, she was lesbian. She did not find the male of the species desirable.

Her father looked at Sharon, face a mask of absolute disgust. Then he called her a hateful name, spat at her and left the table.

Sharon wiped the spittle from her face. She set her jaw firmly, refusing to cry.

Sharon’s mother looked at Sharon, shook her head, then resumed eating. After a few mouthfuls of food, her mother looked up for a moment, then shook her head again.

Jonathon, her older brother actually giggled. Then he smirked, grabbed his crotch and declared she just needed a real man.

“I mean, shit, don’t get me wrong. Think it’d be all hot as shit watching you and some girl going at it,” Jonathon had hooted.

“Jonathon! Stop! Before I puke up all over the place, huh?” Sharon’s mother demanded.

Her mother looked at Sharon again. She set her jaw firmly.

“So. You willing go to Hell? ‘Cause that’s where them lezzies going. Hell, with all them other sinners turn they backs on the Lord,” the woman hissed.

“The Lord made me this way, Mother,” Sharon declared. “He…”

“The Lord ain’t made you no God damned dyke,” her mother screamed. “Don’t you EVER say that!”

A week after coming out to her family, Jonathon and three of his buddies grabbed Sharon as she was leaving cheerleading practice. In the back of a Bell South cargo van, the four took turns holding her down.

“There, still think girl could do you better than that?” Jonathon giggled.

When the police came to the house, Jonathon was very quick to rat out his three buddies. Sharon’s mother and father refused to press charges, but because Sharon was eighteen, the police ignored the entreaties and threats of the parents.

“She liked it,” Rodney Latrell claimed as he was being read his rights.

“Wasn’t no rape,” Charles, Rodney’s father claimed. “Shit, should see line of them little tramps coming after my boy. Think they fuck him? They going get some our money.”

“Sir, if I could arrest you for being an ignorant jack ass, I would,” Becky Yuma snapped as she pushed Rodney into the car.

When Sharon found out that she was pregnant, her mother claimed it was the vengeance of the Lord. Sharon’s father said it was just a sign from God that Sharon should settle down, get married, have a family.

After giving birth to Ryan Cristopher Luquette, DNA showed Rodney Latrell to be the father. Charles Latrell incurred some charges of his own for making death threats against Sharon and ‘her bastard child.’

Eighteen years after giving birth to her son, Sharon was still trying to lose that little bit of paunch that bearing him had given her. She had 34DD breasts, a thirty two inch middle, and thirty five bursa evi olan escort inch hips. Most of her lovers had loved her large breasts, with large nipples, but nearly all had told Sharon that her ass was a work of art, truly spectacular. In miniskirts and short dresses, her sleek, toned legs drew appreciative looks.

Now, standing in her living room, Sharon noticed Charlene’s deep brown, almost black eyes raking over her body. Then her dark eyes returned to peer at Sharon’s eyes.

“I’m serious; you just don’t look old enough to…” Charlene stated.

“Hey, Charlene,” Ryan said, coming into the room.

Sharon pulled her gaze from Charlene’s deep brown, almost black eyes and smiled at her son. The handsome young man was wearing a similar costume, black cape, white shirt, black trousers. His dark brown hair was slicked back, shiny with gel. His naturally tanned face was a ghostly white with makeup.

Sharon looked back at the extremely pale features of Charlene. The girl smiled again as Ryan stood next to her.

His smile revealed his own plastic fangs and Charlene put her fangs back into her mouth. Then Ryan frowned.

“Come on; you were supposed slick your hair back, huh?” he said, speech garbled.

“I’m not; I look stupid like that,” Charlene complained, indicating her tousled mop of blonde.

“Fine, fine,” Ryan grumbled, spittle flying because of the false teeth.

“It was very nice meeting you, Mrs. Luquette,” Charlene said.

“Oh, please, call me Sharon,” Sharon smiled, again looking into the girl’s deep brown eyes.

“Okay, Sharon,” Charlene smiled.

Ryan bent to kiss his mother’s cheek, then made Sharon squeal when he moved to bite her neck instead. Charlene smiled as Sharon playfully slapped her son.

“Fine, I’ll just find someone else to bite,” Ryan said and did kiss his mother’s cheek.

Sharon stood in the doorway, watching as Charlene and Ryan made their way to Ryan’s 2007 Mustang. She nodded in approval as Ryan held the passenger door open for Charlene. Ryan must have sensed his mother’s eyes on him; he turned and smiled at her.

Sharon did not know what time Ryan got home from his high school Halloween Dance. She wasn’t home; she’d gone to the apartment of her latest lover shortly after Ryan and Charlene had driven away.

Sharon went to Juanita’s apartment, rather than bringing Juanita to her home; Juanita hated men in general. Juanita hated Ryan in particular. She hated that Ryan often commanded Sharon’s attention. Juanita hated that Sharon would defer to Ryan’s needs and wishes over Juanita’s needs and wishes.

The next morning, Ryan told Sharon that he’d had a great time with Charlene; his friends had been extremely jealous of his date. He showed her the ribbon he’d won for second place in the costume contest.

“My goodness; who won first place?” Sharon wondered aloud.

“Piggy and her boyfriend,” Ryan sneered. “She made their stupid costumes.”

Halloween Night was on a Wednesday that year. But that did not dampen the enthusiasm of the neighborhood children. Sharon loved this night. She had loved it as a child; dressing up as a fairy princess, or a ballerina and getting candy. As a teenager, she’d loved getting dressed up and getting together with her friends, drinking stolen beers and smoking cigarettes. When one or another girl would get stumbling drunk, Sharon would chance kissing that girl. As a Mommy, she’d loved taking Ryan from house to house, or hosting parties for her baby boy.

Now, as an adult, Sharon just loved hearing the doorbell, then hearing the excited ‘trick or treat!’ from the adorable children. She loved tossing candy into their bags, smiling to the neighborhood moms and dads, then shutting the door and waiting for the next troupe of excited kids. Ryan couldn’t be bothered with it; he was eighteen. Sharon didn’t know where he was but it was a school night so his curfew was ten o’clock.

Juanita had been less than happy that Sharon preferred to stay at home, rather than go with her to a party another lesbian couple were throwing. Her anger grew when Sharon reminded her that it was a school night.

“And you’re in school?” Juanita snapped.

“Uh, my son is,” Sharon said.

Sharon cut off Juanita’s complaints; she reminded Juanita that she had known Sharon had a son when they’d started dating. Juanita reminded Sharon that Ryan was now eighteen and certainly old enough to be home alone. Sharon hung up on Juanita, sure that it was the last conversation they’d have.

At around ten thirty that evening, Sharon turned off all the lights and locked the doors. The bowl of candy had been pretty well plundered; only a handful of the Smarties, her favorite of all candies remained.

In her bedroom, Sharon was about to shimmy into her long tee shirt. At the last moment, she decided to slip on her black baby doll and matching black lace panties. She looked in the mirror at herself and nodded with approval. It was hard to believe that she was just a few days shy altıparmak escort of being thirty seven years old; she could pass for much younger.

Her brown hair was cut to just below her jaw line and framed her round face. She parted it on the right, flipping it to drape over her left ear. Her large blueish green eyes peered out from underneath her heavy eyebrow and her nose was a strong one. Her lips were full and naturally red; ‘kissable’ was how many of her girlfriends had termed them.

Standing in her bedroom, looking at her pretty face, large natural breasts threatening to burst from the silky baby doll, panties showing a delicious camel toe, Sharon had to nod in approval. Then, she turned and peered at her beautiful ass in the full length mirror.

“Not bad, girl, not bad,” she said as she turned off the light.

“Sharon,” she heard a whisper.

“Huh?” Sharon asked groggily.

She’d been sound asleep. The room was dark, except for a sliver of moonlight coming through the old-fashioned wooden shutters she’d put up in her bedroom. She rose up on her elbows, trying to see in the darkness.

“Sharon, it’s me. Charlene,” the attractive blonde whispered.

“Huh? What? What are you doing? In my bedroom?” Sharon demanded, now seeing the dark figure at the other side of her king sized bed.

“You gave me permission to enter,” Charlene whispered, climbing onto the bed.

She crawled across the bed toward Sharon. In the dim light, Sharon could see that Charlene wore the cape she’d worn on Saturday. Sharon could see the moonlight glittering in the girl’s dark eyes.

Just when Charlene reached Sharon, the girl rose off of her hands and knelt. Sharon couldn’t see well in the darkness, but Charlene appeared to be naked underneath the black cape.

Then, with a flourish, Charlene whipped the cape back. She was naked underneath the cape. Her pale breasts were small, apple sized, with small pale nipples. Her slim torso tapered only slightly at her waist. Her hips were quite bony as well, flaring out only slightly from her waist.

Between Charlene’s legs was a hairless slit. The pubic mound was prominent, bulging out from her slim figure.

Charlene allowed Sharon to gaze upon her naked figure for a moment, then she leaned toward Sharon. She smiled, revealing her plastic fangs.

“You are so very beautiful, Sharon Luquette,” Charlene whispered. “I wished to spend this All Hallowed Eve with you.”

Obviously, Charlene had mastered speaking with the plastic fangs in her mouth; there was no garbled mumbling. Even as the young woman whispered, the words were distinguishable, clear.

“I didn’t, I didn’t give you permission to come into my bedroom,” Sharon snapped, now more awake, alert.

“Shh, I’m a lover,” Charlene hissed seductively, black eyes glittering, peering into Sharon’s eyes.

Then she pressed her cold lips to Sharon’s lips. Sharon could not push the girl away as their lips pushed together. Then Charlene’s dry tongue licked lightly against Sharon’s lips. Sharon opened her mouth and Charlene thrust her tongue into Sharon’s mouth.

“You look very beautiful in black, Sharon,” Charlene moaned, her small, thin hands running lightly over Sharon’s silky lingerie.

“You do too,” Sharon whispered.

Charlene bend and kissed Sharon’s neck. Her small, cold hands cupped Sharon’s heavy breasts through the silky material.

Sharon shuddered as Charlene’s thumbs brushed her areolae. She wanted to reach up, cup Charlene’s cute little breasts, toy with Charlene’s pale nipples. But she couldn’t move her arms while Charlene kissed her throat.

“Oh, Sharon,” Charlene moaned, rising up slightly.

Their faces were very close. But Sharon could see the pale pink of Charlene’s cheeks. She could see the moist redness of Charlene’s lips. With a smile, Charlene pressed her moist, warm lips to Sharon’s mouth again.

The two women kissed. Sharon reached up and cupped Charlene’s firm breasts. Charlene moaned into Sharon’s mouth as Sharon’s thumbs expertly flicked across Charlene’s hard nipples.

“I must, I just must,” Charlene hissed and again kissed Sharon’s throat.

Charlene’s warm fingers pulled the bow that tied the two flaps of the baby doll together. When the bow came unknotted, Charlene reached inside and cupped Sharon’s right breast. She flicked her thumb over Sharon’s hard nipple. Sharon moaned low in her throat as Charlene’s fingers teased and toyed with Sharon’s breast.

“Mm,” Charlene moaned and pulled her lips from Sharon’s throat.

Charlene peeled the black silk away and kissed Sharon’s hard nipple. She drew the hard nub into her mouth, sharp tongue rasping against the sensitive flesh. Her fingers tugged and stroked Sharon’s breast as she suckled forcefully on Sharon’s nipple.

“Oh!” Sharon shuddered as Charlene’s mouth brought her close to orgasm.

“Ah!” she gasped as Charlene bit down on the nipple.

The second, final bow was untied and the two flaps of silk were pulled apart. gemlik escort Charlene then bent and teased Sharon’s left Brest. Sharon shuddered in painful pleasure; Charlene’s teeth had raked quite hard against her right nipple.

Normally, Sharon did not like her lovers to bite, pinch, twist her nipples. She preferred a gentle, feather light touch.

“Ah, shit!” Sharon cried out as Charlene suddenly bit down on her left nipple.

“Shh!” Charlene giggled and kissed Sharon’s lips.

Charlene rose to her knees again and Sharon admired the girl’s beautiful body. Between the girl’s slightly splayed legs, Sharon could see the girl’s inner lips had plumped up nicely. The inner lips peeked out of the girl’s mound, slick with excitement.

Charlene smiled, then bent again and began to squeeze Sharon’s breasts together. Her grip was strong as she pressed the two globes together.

Sharon grunted, the girl’s grip was growing quite painful. Then Charlene began to Fick her tongue from nipple to nipple, lapping quite forcefully at the sensitive flesh. Because of the strong grip, blood was trapped in Sharon’s breasts, turning them a dark pink.

“Ah, oh God,” Sharon shuddered in orgasm.

“Aieegh!” Sharon cried out as Charlene bit down on her left nipple.

She gave a second cry when Charlene bit down on the right nipple. She shuddered, all sensations, all feelings centered in her breasts. Then Charlene released her grip and Sharon again shuddered as new painful sensations flooded her breasts.

He was quite sure her breasts would be very sore the next day. She hoped her Playtex® bra was clean; it was her softest bra.

Then Charlene’s warm, wet tongue was trailing down, across Sharon’s belly. Sharon hated that little bit of paunch on her belly. Therefore, she hated for her lovers to touch her on her belly.

“Damn it! Do I need to spank you?” Sharon snapped when Charlene bit down on her slight roll of flab.

“I’d love to see you try,” Charlene giggled and bit down, harder on the flap of flesh.

Charlene began to edge Sharon’s panties down over Sharon’s full hips. Sharon could feel the panties peeling away from her wet slit.

Sharon had a full bush of dark brown curls. The full bush extended down, completely covering her perineum and anus. The only time she did any landscaping was when she wore a bathing suit, and even then, she only trimmed along the sides, to keep any strands from peeking out of the sides of the suit bottom.

Charlene urged Sharon’s thighs apart and knelt down between Sharon’s legs. She blew warm breath across Sharon’s wet slit. Then her sharp tongue licked from bottom to top, trying to burrow into Sharon’s cleft.

Charlene repeated this up-down motion a few times, then used her hands to open Sharon’s pussy.

“Oh, but you do have a delicious pussy,” Charlene cooed.

“Thank, Ah!” Sharon started then cried out as Charlene bit down lightly on her clitoris.

Charlene giggled again. She lapped along Sharon’s slit, pushing her sharp tongue as deeply as she could into Sharon. Then she sucked Sharon’s hypersensitive clitoris into her mouth. Sharon tensed, then let out a strangled scream as Charlene’s tongue flicked painfully against her clitoris.

“Aieegh, aw shit, oh God,” Sharon cried out in orgasm.

Two of Charlene’s fingers began to plunge in and out of Sharon’s pussy. Charlene’s sharp tongue lapped at Sharon’s pussy, drinking of her essences. A third finger joined the first two fingers as Charlene again sucked Sharon’s clitoris into her mouth.

“Oh, please, don’t,” Sharon whined as Charlene again began to lap forcefully at the nub.

Sharon screamed out in orgasm as Charlene bit down on her clitoris. Charlene now had her fist in Sharon’s pussy and drove her fist in and out as Sharon shuddered and grunted, twisting wildly.

“Delicious,” Charlene hissed as she pulled her fist from Sharon’s pussy.

Charlene kissed her way up Sharon’s body, stretching out, slithering her warm flesh to rest fully on Sharon’s prone body. When her hairless mound pressed firmly against Sharon’s hairy mound, Charlene bent and again kissed Sharon’s throat.

“Mmph, oh Jesus,” Sharon hissed as Charlene’s mound hunched forcefully against her overheated mound.

“Mm-hmm,” Charlene moaned in agreement.

“Oh!” both women cried out in orgasm.

“Good night, dear lover,” Charlene whispered, rolling to lie next to Sharon. “It is almost All Saints’ Day now.”

Sharon felt another kiss to her throat. She looked at the digital clock and it showed 11:59. Then the numbers jerked and showed 12:00. She turned, then looked around. Charlene was no longer in the room with her.

Sharon found her panties and pulled them on again. She then fastened the bows of the baby doll. She thought about it for a moment, shrugged out of the skimpy attire and pulled on her customary long tee shirt.

Sharon saw that it was 5:45 and groaned. She sluggishly pushed herself out of the bed. When her feet hit the carpeted floor, she slapped the alarm off.

Her breasts ached. She did not check, but she was sure the skin had been broken around her areolae. She was sure there would be bite marks on her nipples.

Sharon shrugged into her robe. She slipped her feet into her Snoozies® slippers and stood up. Her pussy throbbed with the first step.

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