Kishen’s Life-changing Discovery Ch. 01


Hello dear erotica lovers, I am Kishen from Pune reminiscing the time in my teenage years when I made a life changing discovery about my seemingly conservative and decent family, neighbors, and friends.

It was the onset of my college days. Having passed the 12th board exam and having been allotted the bachelor’s seat for a reputed institution, I myself felt more like a young man than a boy. With my best buddies Deepak, Karthik, and Tariq still around, thanks to them getting seats in the colleges near our locality, post-school days couldn’t be cooler. Masturbating, watching porn together, and talking about sex with felt like a lesser sin and more like the forte of the big boys.

“There aren’t many pretty girls in my batch,” Deepak said as the four of us were chilling at out hangout spot in the city, as we bunked together.

“I hear you’ve got hot MILF teachers though,” Tariq remarked.

“But he got no balls to seduce them, let alone approach a girl,” said Karthik.

“Too bad you guys are not in my college to feast your eyes on the so called milf teachers,” responded Deepak.

“Whatever, I am getting hornier by the day. I hope to soon find my way out of the porn and masturbation cycle,” I said.

“Go to hookers bro!,” came the response in unison from the from the horny and delusional virgins.

As though it was so easy. Well, it is, but we weren’t too brave for that, so to speak. The conceptions around safe sex, STDs, societal decency, and risks of seeking paid sex was instilled hard into our minds by our moms.

Thank you Mom for initiating the whole thing!

My 42 year old youthful mom, Savitri, made it a priority to educate my and my buddies about sex, its cravings and the potential life-ruining pitfalls we could fall in should we give in to our cravings.

The ‘classes’ were initiated two years back after Karthik, who lives in a joint family, went to one of his aunts (dad’s brother’s wife) one night for a dick massage because it was suddenly ‘paining.’

Poor guy learned it the embarrassing way that society, at least ours, doesn’t run on porn logic.

I came to know about this piece of interesting information just recently from his 50 year old voluptuous mom during an post-bang fondle session as she casually sucked on my dick tip like a lollipop. (More on that later.)

Coming back, we were educated on the risks of sex, drug, alcohol abuse, game addiction, and porn. But porn was something that came by naturally to us, and probably every teenage 90s kid riding the first waves of internet penetration.

“Man I wish we had a more free-er and accommodating society, like those foreigner folks,” I sighed.

“C’mon man, you’re too brainwashed by porn, every society has its restrictions,” responded Karthik, as though he was speaking from experience.

“But not as conservative as ours,” remarked Tariq.

“On the good side, we have a huge population bro. Sooner or later, we’d be stumbling ourselves into having sex,” said Deepak. “Its now a matter of finding and bonding with a girl.”

“Girl? I though you were into aunties?” I said.

“True, but would you say no to a girl? All young studs are into aunties,” Deepak responded.

“I hope you are not into my mom in that case,” blurted Tariq, rather unknowingly. “You have the biggest dick among us, you’d definitely satisfy her. Ha ha.”

Snap!!! WTF did he just say? We were all taken aback for a moment.

“Fuck you! Man.” Deepak raised his voice.

“Arrey drop it! Its not worth it. Tariq blurted it out by mistake like he always does. Lets go home. I need to go and play some games before my parents come from work.,” I said.

“I am sorry I said that, I didn’t meant to. I am not a perv, at least not more than what you guys are,” said Tariq.

What was that supposed to mean?!? Anyway, we changed the subject, talked about other stuff for a while and dispersed. Tariq otele gelen gaziantep escort was concerned if things were ‘cool’ among us. It was, more or less. We didn’t get the time yet, to process what he said.

Heading back home, I wish I knew back then that Tariq’s words planted in some of our heads the engrossing, enticing idea of making out with each other’s moms. Or his words may have kindled that dormant idea which laid beneath our raging testestoronic minds. Or maybe we were already fantasizing about each other moms, especially when our minds wander ed wildly while masturbating. We’d never know for sure.

The depressing reality that fantasy was far from our reality weighed in on me, as I took the stairs to our building. What else could a sex starved teenager’s mind be thinking other than sex?

I usually arrive home 15 minutes before my parents. As I was bunking, I arrived two hours earlier. I had some plans. I managed to steal a pair of used panties of Usha aunty who lived next door. To me, stealing them was like a horny James Bond move. And successful I was, at all times. Not a soul noticed. Usha aunty used to give her house keys to mom whenever she went to her village. It had always been my duty to make sure the fish in Usha aunty’s aquarium were fed. I got the idea of keeping a duplicate key with myself to steal freshly worn panties when she isn’t around.

Otherwise also, even if she is at home, I was always welcome to the house of my former tuition teacher and neighbor Usha aunty, who lived with her husband, Ramesh uncle, and daughter, Neethu who recently delivered a baby boy. Usha aunty and Ramesh uncle stay alone after Neethu was married off. My room has a balcony that is adjacent to the balcony in Usha aunty’s bedroom.

As I undressed myself, leaving my door open, feeling unrestricted and free that I had the whole house to my self, I took out the two panties, laid on the bed and began sniffing them as I stroked my tool with eyes closed. As I slowly and steadily awakened my sensuality, the eyes of my imagination saw Usha aunty’s semi-hairy pussy rubbing against my nose.

To my surprise, the two panties smelled slightly different form one another. I could tell. Oh boy! My closed eyes saw Neethu joining in, pushing her mother away sensually before squatting on my face. My mouth watered, my strokes became faster, I could now hear Usha aunty’s and Neethu’s moans of pleasure coming from the thin air above me.

Just as I was about to rev further, I was jolted back to reality by a very real sound. A distant but distinct “oh my God!” and a brief but signature laugh that could have been no one else’s by my mom’s. Eyes wide open, hands frozen, I was re-processing what I just heard. Could she have come early? I heard no calling bells. I paused for a few seconds, as my ears worked hard to filter away the roadside noise.

My ears caught another dimmer “oh god” sound ensuring that it was none other than my mom Savitri’s. It seemed to come from Usha aunty’s beedroom.

I got up from the bed, tucked away the panties, wore a short and t-shirt, exited my house in a jiffy and found myself standing in front of the main door of the adjacent flat; Usha aunty’s flat! Mom’s sneakers weren’t there on Usha aunty’s welcome mat. She shouldn’t be inside. Was I making up things?

I could hear the TV was playing out loud from the inside. Some 90s Marathi movie.I kept my ears on the door for about five minutes, watching out for any anyone coming to the corridor, or if another door might open. Despite the TV sound, I sensed no movement in the living room. The horny James Bond in me, who had successfully raided the house several times while Usha aunty was away, told me to confidently raid it again whether anybody is in the house or not.

“Fuck it. Lets be sure,” I told my self.

I went back gaziantep otele gelen escort got the duplicate key that I had of Usha aunty’s house and opened the door, making minimal sound. If somebody saw me, I could say that I found the door unlocked anyway.

I was right! No one was in the living room despite the TV being on. I tip-toed inwards, towards the dining room which was empty — Neethu’s room — empty, the kitchen- empty! As I got further away from the TV, I could hear conversational gibberish coming from Usha aunty’s room–the door to which was left ajar. The room was alight by a dim light. I knelt down, and walked on all fours towards the ajar door. The computer table right next to the doorway to Usha aunty’s bedroom helped me hide myself from those who would be in the room.

I peeked, I saw, I was shocked!

Four naked bodies in an orgy! My mom Sarita, Usha Aunty, Ramesh Uncle, and my dad, Sunil. Mom was laying on her back blowing Ramesh uncle while each of her legs rested on Usha aunty and Dad who were licking her together. Two tongues, a clit and three lips fondling each other. Dad was holding and fondling mom’s right tit while his other hand was fingering Usha aunty, whose left hand fingers were spreading mom’s pussy lips and right hand was clutched to mom’s hands. What a circuitry for the sexual energy to flow and circulate!

As much as I’d love to be fixated on the action or plunge myself to it, I know I couldn’t continue peeking, at least not in my current vantage point, for, a slight head turn by Ramesh uncle could blow my cover. I went back a little, and assumed a squatting position where I heard them, and could peek on their action from time to time, or get up and stride off before anyone comes out of the bedroom.

“Ooohhh!!!” came my mom’s orgasmic moan. Loud and clear!

“She came again,” I heard Usha aunty say.

“Good, now let me focus on making you cum,’ said dad.

I could hear them move. I peeked cautiously.

I saw mom going further back into the bed, near the pillows, while dad and Usha aunty were engrossed in kissing and fingering each other. Yes, you read that right, Usha aunty was fingering dad. Ramesh uncle helped mom keep a pillow under her shoulders and sat on her chest, so that she could continue sucking him off. His back was facing me now. There is lesser chance of anyone catching me peeking.

And guess who was oozing of pre-cum. I took my dick out, and stroked my medium-sized pee pee. In about a couple of minutes I saw Usha aunty moaning and breathing louder, to which my dad took her hand away from fingering him, sat up on the bed and gave his full focus on finger fucking her. I could see him using both of his hands to finger-the-fuck out of Usha aunty’s clit, pussy lips, vagina, and butthole. His fingers seem to know by heart, the keys strokes to Usha aunty’s pleasure cues.

“Sunil! Ooohhh, you are a Mozart in fingering,” said Usha aunty.

Everyone laughed. Ramesh uncle the loudest. I leaned back in caution, breaking from my view. But I didn’t stop stroking. My precum was dripping on the floor.

There wasn’t much talking. The silence of the room were only broken by the sweet sound of cushion and bedsheets moving, light moans, grunts and heavy breathing. The four adults in my life whom I looked up to in life were engrossed in the act. I still look up to them with high regard-because of the way they conducted their public and private lives and how they taught, or rather showed, me the same. You will get to know about that through the parts in this series.

I heard Ramesh uncle letting out a big moan. I peeked to see him getting up from mom’s chest and falling on his back on the bed and lying next to her. He was looking up at the ceiling, relaxing. I have to be careful. He could notice the silhouette of half my face should he decide gaziantep otele gelen escort bayan to look below the door frame, near the table.

“You’ve cummed too much even for the second time Ramesh,” said Mom, as she wiped his cum from her face with her fingers and sucked them.

I cummed at that very sight. My load was all over the floor. I leaned back wiped my cum with my bare hands and rubbed it on my shorts, just as I heard Usha aunty letting out her orgasmic moan. In my post-nut clarity, I was afraid to peek. Where would Ramesh uncle be looking?

“Fuck it…”

I peeked again, to see Usha aunty next to mom, licking her hubby Ramesh’s cum from mom’s face, while planting a few kisses on her cum-ridden lips, cheeks and chin.

“Come here you sluts!” my dad demanded, as he stood from the bed facing them, his bare back facing me.

I leaned back, coz three pairs of eyes looking at his direction, means that I could easily be spotted. I could hear from dad’s moans and slurpy sounds that mom and Usha aunty were sucking him off.

“Spread your legs,” I heard mom say.

“No! Push and dig you fingers through my clenched ass,” dad responded.

“That’s how he likes it,” said Ramesh uncle.

“Yes! Just like that Savi, dig it through,” said Dad.

“I think we need to kneel on the floor Savi, Its easier on comfortable. Sunil, can you step back?” Usha aunty said.

I heard my dad stepping back, and mom and Usha aunty kneeling on the floor, to blow dad. They are closer to the door, and even through I couldn’t see them, I moved back further, in caution.

“Yes, that’s perfect. try to take it fully into your mouth, Usha. Savi darling, continue licking my balls while you wiggle your fingers down there.” said dad.

Dad sure was having other worldly experience. His moans conveyed it all. I could also hear the familiar ‘click’ sound of Ramesh uncle lighting a cigarette.

Ok, I am about to release. One of your stroke me like a motor. (pause) ah…just like that. Keep the pace,” I heard dad say after a few minutes.

I wish I could see who was stroking him,

“Ahh….” I heard him ejaculate.

“Damm it Suni, not on my hair again! Usha, hold it away from my hair next time please.” said mom.

“I am sorry Savi. Pls go wash yourself from the bathrorom.” Usha aunty responded.

I could hear them standing up. I stood up slowly, took a step back, ready to jolt away if mom or anyone decided to come out of the room. I saw Neethu’s room was open for me to go an hide into in case of an emergency.

“I like your signature wink Sunil, as those two works you down there,” I heard Ramesh uncle say.

Dad giggled. “I need a cig too,” I heard him say.

I could hear mom and dad walking away from the door. My heard skipped a beat because for a moment, I though they were waking towards the door. I heard mom opening the door of the bathroom attached to Usha aunty’s bedroom. I could also hear the sound of Dad and Usha setting into the bed.

“Come soon and wash yourself, Suni. Kishen will be home in an hour or so,” said Mom, as she closed the bathroom door.

“There is still more time. Wash the cum off of your hair and come lie next to me,” said Dad, after I heard him light the cig.

It seemed like they were going to nap or cuddle for a while. The show was over. I felt bad for missing the actual fucking which I wanted so much to see in real life and not in porn. Nonetheless, I just witnessed sex for the first time in my life. And that too a group fuck session.

I put my dick back in my shorts, tip toed back, opened the main door, stepped out, and closed it in absolute slow motion, and sprinted back to my flat’s door, although it was just a few steps away. Dashing into my bed, I hugged my pillow tight and stared blankly at the wall for a good many minutes — processing what I just saw.

I sat up on the bed, took Usha aunty’s and Neethu’s panties from under it, and shagged myself sniffing them, then and there. And I knew I shouldn’t have, but it felt all the more arousing to wipe my cum in their panties. And that, my friends, triggered the chain of events that I will in upcoming parts.

That’s all for now. To be continued.

I look forward to reading your feedback and feelings about this story. Reach me through my profile.


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