Kira’s New Adventures Ch. 03


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Chapter 3: Thai Holidays

Kyrhan had decided to spend two weeks in Thailand near Phuket alone with his wife Kira and her French husband Dan. He was there incognito : Dan had rented under his own name a small island with only a single but large villa. There were three bedrooms each with their own bathroom. In an adjacent building, a gardener, a cook and a waitress in charge of keeping the main house tidy were housed. The waitress, Madhura, had instructions to remain at Dan’s disposal at any time. She was pretty enough to interest some of the customers and certainly not shy at all with them. If the visitors wanted to stay on their own, she had a room in the servants’ building but the cook and the gardener were quite eager to share their cot with her. Actually, her bedroom was nothing but a change room for her most of the times!

Madhura and the cook were preparing food for them : it was more complex than usual as Dan’s friend was a very strong veggie Indian colossus and he had a good appetite. When the vegetable stew was ready for cooking, Madhura and Vinod relaxed at last. Vinod was of Indian origin although he had never visited India. He just knew a few recipes that their guest seemed to appreciate. He caught Madhura by surprise, grabbing her tits from behind and mauling them mercilessly. She didn’t try to defend herself or even break free.

Having her big melons fondled and rubbed, always got her hot and ready to jump into anyone’s bed just from that attention. The present guests had stipulated she was to wear Indian clothes at any time. The resort was expensive enough to indulge in any unusual demands. This one was benign. Madhura had never worn a saree but finally it was more convenient than a starched shirt, a tight skirt and heels like the previous group wanted. She had nearly fainted with the heat and these stupid foreigners had enjoyed watching her sweat profusely while the two girls and three men were walking around in swim suits. The girls were often topless but they scolded her whenever she let a button undone. It had been a nightmare!

Madhura went to her bedroom. She made a great fuss as she slowly but tantalizingly removed her saree to tease Vinod and let it fall it on the bed. She undid the hooks on her choli swiftly. She didn’t wear any bra or any undies at all underneath. Vinod untied the thread of her petticoat. He had grown quite skilful for that operation : it must be in the genes as he never had occasions to practice previously! Madhura loved being naked in front of Vinod (or any handsome male). She was just wearing bracelets and anklets with tiny bells around. She was also wearing a belt and ear rings with other bells. She was always walking accompanied by discreet but pleasant chimes that were her trade mark. She had learned to walk with a special gait that made all the bells chime in a chorus. She kept them on a permanent basis, even under the shower or when she was having sex.

Vinod was more interested by simpler operations than making her bells produce a pleasant sound. He spent a long time sucking and fondling her breasts, a moment both of them enjoyed. He then turned to lick her fragrant pussy. She was brought to orgasm twice in a row by his clever tongue. Afterward, he just stretched on the bed, with his big hard on standing straight upward, leaving her in charge of operations.

She positioned her dripping cunt just above his engorged meat and slowly bore down. She engulfed the full length of his cock. When she was fully impaled on him, she had just started her up and down movement when her cell phone beeped. They stopped immediately and she responded to Dan.

– Yes sir! Can I help you?

– By all means, Madhura! Have you finished the vegetables for Khyran?

– Yes, sir! They are cooking!

– Fine! Maybe you could bring us cocktails?

– Immediately, sir!

She made an excuse grin to Vinod, disengaged reluctantly and retrieved her clothes hastily. Everything considered, Indian clothes were very practical : you could fuck a man and just smooth your garments to look as virginal as you could be even if cum was dripping from your cunt. Madhura went straight to the main house.

Her three guests were looking for some fresh air under the big fan in the lobby. Madhura took their orders and left to the office. When she went back, holding a tray with the cocktails they had ordered, Madhura went straight to Kira to offer her a Margarita. Then she sneaked between Kyrhan and Dan. Her previous guests loved to have her brush her bottom or her tits against them. Kyrhan grabbed her waist with his muscular arm. She didn’t even try to elude him. She was accustomed to such somewhat rude privacy, most of her customers indulged into. In fact, she was longing for it since the first day of their arrival : it was the proof she was still able to seduce these rich Uşak Escort customers.

Most of them would have already tried to push her onto a bed and she would have obliged with a big laugh, lifting her legs quite eagerly to their shoulders and opening her arms widely to offer her big breasts to their lusty hands. Kyrhan and Dan seemed less straightforward but they were SO gorgeous! Both had wide shoulder and muscular chests. The Indian man was certainly the bulkiest and judging from the huge tent In his trousers, he was richly endowed. Madhura was a bit afraid of having to accommodate him either in her mouth, cunt or ass but she, somehow felt quite confident she would emerge from this new adventure unscathed.

It was strange but the two men appeared to act as a team, none of them being a permanent leader. This time, it had been the Indian man who had taken the initiative. He took her chin between his thumb and his index and lifted her face to him. She parted her lips in an inviting smile. He planted a deep kiss on her mouth. She immediately pushed her tongue into his mouth, just to show him she was delighted their relation was taking, at last, a more personal twist.

Kyrhan didn’t wait overly to help Madhura out of her sarong. She didn’t wear any undies beneath as she was just out of Vinod’s embrace. When Kyrhan discovered her lithe and nude figure, he pushed her back at arm length to assess her beauty. He seemed quite satisfied by what he had discovered. That was the moment when the girl lost the control of the situation. She expected Kyrhan to push his advantage and take her, either on the bed, on the floor or against the wall. Instead, Kyrhan made her turn toward Dan. By some trace of modesty, she covered her breasts and her cunt with her hands. He grabbed them and lifted them up in his powerful grip. She couldn’t help being totally exposed to the French man’s appreciative gaze. Madhura felt for an instant like a slave on sale, offered to a prospective buyer. For some unknown reason, she felt also perfectly safe, happy to be there, at that moment, unable to defend herself but unwilling to do anything but wait for the pleasure of these two men.

Madhura hadn’t realized that Kyrhan had with an economy of moves transformed her into a willing submissive, ready to do anything for him. She pushed her breasts forward, proud to be offered by the gorgeous Kyrhan to his friend. Certainly, it meant that the European was a VERY close friend if he was offered such a prize gift!

Kyrhan wasn’t such a generous friend in reality! At the beginning of his relations with Dan, he had tried again and again to infringe on their initial agreement and get more than his fair share of Kira’s time. She was their common but secret wife. She had grown accustomed to his attempts to push Dan out of their relation and fight it with her own stubbornness. Kyrhan had stopped his little games when he realized he was getting nowhere.

Kira was now used to cope with Kyrhan’s huge cock in either of her holes. Madhura was a quite different case. She may be a very hot girl but if he tried to get into her cunt or her ass on his own, she would be bruised, maybe injured or even ruined unless he used plenty of time, extreme care and self control. Experience had taught him it was far more efficient to let his friend take care of the preliminaries and first contact. He was also richly endowed but more in the usual range. After Dan had opened her out somewhat, she would be loosened up and copiously lubed. Kyrhan could then enter her with less care but much less pain for the girl and she would keep a very fond memory of him for the years to come.

The difference of size between their cocks was the reason why, when they were together with Kira, Kyrhan used only her back passage, leaving her cunt for his friend to enjoy. The Indian prince used only Kira’s cunt when she wasn’t to meet her French husband before two weeks, giving her time enough to resize. The few exceptions in their agreement were his birthday anniversary, their wedding anniversary, and during the Holi feast and for sure each year when Kyrhan bred Kira. Dan had enough children to his taste but Kyrhan had still plenty of friends and cousins who would be quite proud to bring up a baby from him.

If Madhura was as sweet and hot as she seemed, Kyrhan may be less prone to share. She wouldn’t have to wait for the next day to have both of her holes stretched out around his huge cock. Her own boyfriend who was their cook would have to content himself with her mouth until two or three weeks after their departure. She would know what a true man really meant!

As Kyrhan pushed gently Madhura toward him, Dan caressed her boobs with one hand and her smooth and flat belly with the other one. Her skin was soft and pleasant to touch. Her nipples became instantly taut under his fingers. She moaned softly but there was no pain nor anguish in her voice, just simple plain lust. The hand caressing her belly Uşak Escort Bayan descended gradually to her navel, drawing circles around it and eliciting more desperate moans on its way. Even more slowly, his hand pushed down, gliding down along her crotch, playing with her feelings before reaching straight for her twat. She arched her back and opened her legs to offer herself more completely to the marvelous fingers that gave her such delicious pleasures.

Dan was staying at the entrance of her cunt, caressing her nether lipsthat were now covered with a liquid and fragrant shine. Madhura closed her eyes in bliss and her moans took a more urgent twist. Dan plunged his finger into her love tunnel, took it back to examine the dew covering it. The girl was definitely more than ready for anything!

Dan offered his fingers to her lips. She immediately opened her eyes and opened her mouth in a small O, just enough to let the finger enter les mouth. She licked it clean, something she had never done even for her boyfriend. When Dan considered his finger sufficiently clean, he pushed in not one but two fingers and moved them back and fore in her love tunnel. That seemed to provoke a storm in Madhura’s belly. She pushed it forward desperately and began to dance on his fingers.

Kyrhan was holding her hands pinned to her back. Madhura turned her head toward him.

– Master?

– Yes, babe?

– Would you bind my wrists on my back and attach me on a table or on the low wall. Master Dan could fuck me on one side while I could service you with mly mouth on the other side! It would be more comfortable for both of you.

– A good idea, lass! Both of us are quite anxious to explore your assets!

– Do with me just as you want, I’m ready to service Master Dan and after him, you, Prince! I know your horselike cock may ruin me definitively. I’m quite afraid about it but I want to receive you in my three holes!

– It may be painful for you, sweetie!

– I don’t care! I just lust for you, Master even if you’re the last man I ever fuck in my life!

– Don’t worry! You’ll be really stretched out but in less than a month, your present boyfriend won’t see any difference with yesterday!

Madhura led them to the low wall she had thought about. It was one foot wide and four feet long with protruding bricks to which she could be tied quite conveniently with on her back her legs wide apart on one side and her arms in cross position on the other side. Kyrhan congratulated her for her suppleness.

– Dan that little slut has given me a terrific hard on! Please hurry up greasing conveniently both her holes. I would like to fuck and bugger her before dinner! Spunk will be her only drink and food until this evening!

Dan immediately got to satisfy his old friend. He took ot his cock and aimed it to Madhura’s slit. He pushed it in slowly and began to fuck the girl while pushing his cock ever deeper. When he could move it freely into her twat, he pushed it in straight to the hilt. Madhura screamed in lust but her scream bloated out as Kyrhan took the opportunity to push his own cock deep into her throat. It was sufficient to make Dan explode into her cunt. He moved to lube her thoroughly all the way from her love lips to her cervix.

Madhura had now two big cocks one up into her brazen twat and the other one in her equally sizzling hot throat. She was working hard to give them as much pleasure as she could.

– Dan, I’m about to give that little slut her first taste of my seed.

– Fine, Kyrhan! Her cunt is ready to be stretched out for good by your big cock! I think you’ll enjoy her. She is tight but I’ve loosened her sufficiently for you. Care to use her immediately?

– No, thanks, Dan. Let your spunk drip out somewhat first! She would be even more enjoyable to fuck with some friction!

– In that case, I may add a second load soon!

– By all means! Just keep enough to grease her ass, too!

Dan doubled up his efforts. Madhura tried to accompany his movements inside her twat with rhythmical clamping and releasing her cunt around his swollen cock. Dan roared triumphantly when he filled the girl’s quite avid cunt with his goo. When Dan had calmed down, he whispered to Madhura’s ear.

– I hope you were on the pill! I forgot to ask you. The tour operator told me you had been checked clear of VIH and verified we were, too but he had omitted to specify such trivial questions!

– Don’t worry, Master! I’m on the pill but I would have been honored if I hadn’t been and you had knocked me up.

Kyrhan had been quite excited just watching his friend fucking their pretty waitress just in front of his eyes. Five minutes later, he made her drink her first mouthful of Indian seed of the day, the first of probably quite a number! Dan was sipping meanwhile a Coca with whisky. When Kyrhan disengaged from Madhura’s mouth to take a short rest, he offered his place to his friend Escort Uşak :

– Dan, this little minx has a very clever mouth. I bet she may make you hard again in a minute, hard enough to drill properly her little ass. Care to try it?

– Of course, Kyrhan! But aren’t you back to your old tricks, trying to monopolize our pretty waitress? When you’ll have transformed her into a garage for two cars, I’ll just be left watching you!

– You’re kidding, Dan! I admit Madhura will rarely have time to stand on her two legs for the rest of our two weeks stay hereby and that after I’ve fucked her soundly, you’d feel less friction with her but I’m not that bigger than you! Moreover, you would still have her mouth and Kira will be totally yours, of course.

– May I point out to my gracious Indian husband that I don’t like to be considered a consolation prize!

– Sure, Kira! I was just joking with Dan!

The small talk between the three of them hadn’t interrupted the action on the bed. Dan had presented his already hardened cock to Madhura’s overeager mouth. She had engulfed it voraciously and had immediately started to suck it like a lollipop with conspicuous delight. In almost no time, it was back to the length and hardness adequate for his next job.

Madhura pushed on her legs to lift her bottom from the concrete wall. She rotated her pelvis as much as she could to present her ass hole to Dan’s cock. Her buttocks were wide open with the tiny rosette of her bum hole in full view. She wiggled her bottom in eager anticipation.

– Master Dan, please be gentle with me! It’s my first time!

– God! A virgin asshole! I never thought you would offer me such a delicacy!

– It’s. . . It’s just that my boyfriend thinks it’s dirty and disgusting!

– The poor sod! He should know better! Perhaps, you should reconsider your loyalties! Kyrhan, my dear friend, you’ll never know what you’re missing with your out of norms prick!

When he pressed the tip of his cock against her very tight rosette, Dan discovered what tight really meant. He had to plunge several times his cock back into her dripping twat to lube it. It seemed fortunately that the perspective of having her bum hole split open appealed to Madhura. She was oozing love fluids quite liberally and precum was flowing out of her slit in the most wanton manner!

Dan pushed in the first two fingers with a wood logger effort. When the head of his cock was fully in, it seemed easier to continue his penetration. The rest of his shaft seemed to find its way almost painlessly. Dan’s pubic hair finally entered in contact of her tender buttocks, after a long series of humps reciprocated by Madhura who wanted to accommodate that big cock and prepared herself resolutely to receive soon after a bigger one. Both of them understood at that moment that he was fully in. A man had fucked her to the hilt as they say in porn stories! It had been her wet dream since she had become an adult! Now, at last, she was a complete woman, a three shot gun! If her current boyfriend wasn’t interested by this new opportunity; there would surely be plenty of others who would enjoy it, starting with this Dan and certainly Kyrhan!

Dan was now pistoning madly up and down Madhura’s bum hole. She was clamping her sphincter in rhythm with his penetrations to enhance his pleasure. She was also getting the first hints of what an anal climax could be for a girl! Dan was steadily getting faster and faster and she was urging him to even more heroic feats!

– Oh, yes! Fuck me harder, bastard! You’re reaming my ass hole! Faster, damn it! You’re the first, yes. . . Yes, the first to make me cum that way, It’s so strong! Don’t ever stop or I kill you!

When Madhura released her grip on his cock, she felt wave after wave of cum erupting through his cock, splashing her bowels with his hot seed. That simple inebriating idea made her cum in unison immediately. A long time after, Dan pulled out slowly, carefully and quite reluctantly

– Kyrhan, it’s your turn if you care! For that hole, I would advise you to drill it while it’s still very hot, guy!

– You’re right, pal! Let’s swap places. Madhura will discover how pleasant it could be to have a royal cock from India up her arse while she cleans a soiled European one with her mouth!

– Maybe you’re too crude, Kyrhan! Better ask the girl whether she agrees. I wouldn’t like to mar this new experience for her!!

– By all means, Master! It’s my girly duty to do it! It may be awfully disgusting but I’ve read books that consider it as the culmination of any ass deflowering! So give me your cock to clean and after that I’ll clean the prince’s one, too!

– Good girl! I think it would be the right moment to complete your education, Madhura! Did you ever suck a girl?

– Oh, no, Sir! It’s a sin! I’m not a lizzie!

– Neither is Kira but when we ask her to make love with a girl for our pleasure, she complies without discussion! Am I wrong, Kira?

– No, Dan! Shall we play together for your pleasure or shall I just frig her and made her cum?

– For the time being, just lie on the garden concrete table along with Madhura. I’m going to fuck you as soon as Madhura has restored my cock!

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