Kiki and Jeff Pt. 03


Kiki and I have been enjoying our newfound sexual freedom. She initially tolerated my nudist desires, but now she seems to have embraced the idea of my nudity, in fact, she insists on it. The only “item” of clothing that I am allowed to wear on a regular basis is a cock cage.

Kiki purchased a variety of cages for me, and she made me wear different ones depending on her mood.

I now have cages so incredibly small that I initially thought it impossible to put them on. I have cages that are essentially large tubes which allow me to get fully hard, but don’t allow me to touch myself. I have cages with small spikes inside which causes pain when I start to get turned on, and keeps me from getting fully aroused. They remind me that I’m in chastity, which turns me on, and of course starts the process all over again.

The idea of wearing a cock cage all the time may seem like a turn off to many of you, or it may even give you the impression that I’m some sort of a “sissy” or “wimp”. It is not like that at all; our relationship is very traditional. In almost every aspect of our lives, I am the leader in our marriage, and Kiki prefers it that way.

The only area where she is completely “in control” is with my orgasms. We actually have sex more often now that I am in chastity. In fact, I still often initiate sex, but I just don’t always get to cum.

Honestly, Kiki has always been in charge of my orgasms. I’ve never really masturbated. I love her pussy too much. I want to taste it, touch it, fuck it, eat it… So, in that regard, she has always owned my orgasms, but now, I have a constant reminder that she owns my cock and my cum.

I have grown to love the feel of a cage on my cock. It’s almost like Kiki has her hand on my cock all the time, and it keeps my attention on her from sunup to sundown.

Kiki has found it very liberating to have my cock in a cage, and she now feels free to wander the house in various states of undress; constantly teasing me, and keeping my eyes on her. She has had me drooling at the sight of her for days on end, and my cock seems to produce a near nonstop stream of precum that Kiki finds erotic.

This morning, Kiki unlocked me and took me into the shower, where I thought I was about to get some relief. I thought I’d be able to convince her to give me some extra attention, but she was having none of it.

Kiki made me kneel in the shower, and she leaned up against the wall and guided my tongue directly to her pussy. I licked gently at the folds of her labia, taking my time to make sure that she was properly warmed up, in the hope that she would get turned on enough to let me fuck her properly.

I could taste her juices as I slowly worked my way inside her lips with my tongue. I began to gently lick her clit with light gentle flicks. This always seems to get her begging for more, and today was no exception. I only teased her clit for a few minutes, and she began grinding her pussy in my face. I slid my tongue down to her entrance, and began to tongue fuck her and let my nose grind on her clit.

I love being able to taste her as my nose is covered Uşak Escort in her juices. The sensory overload for me is fantastic.

Finally, I could feel her body begin to stiffen as she her orgasm began to wash over her, and her knees buckled.

I stood up, and held her, as we let the water wash over our bodies. I turned her around so I was pressed up against her back, and I let my unrestrained cock rub in between her ass cheeks.

I enjoyed the sensation, and due to the fact that it had been several days since my last orgasm, I could feel myself rapidly nearing release. Just as I was about to cum, she pulled away from me and laughed.

She said, “You didn’t think it would be that easy, did you?”

She then stepped out of the shower and turned it to full cold.

“Finish cleaning up, and put your cage back on. I have a surprise for you.”

I washed up as quickly as I could, and watched as the cold water shrunk my cock. After all these years, it still amazes me how cold water can do that.

I stepped out of the shower to find that Kiki had left one of my smaller cages for me to put on. Then I walked into the bedroom to find Kiki waiting for me with her ass in the air.

She said, “I want you to fuck me like this… With this.”

At that, she handed me a very realistic looking dildo. Now I am only about seven inches fully erect, and this was much bigger than me; it had to be almost eleven inches in length, and clearly much thicker.

I don’t know if that’s good or bad, but in my horny state, I was very excited to see a cock that big, and that I was going to please my wife with it.

I found it odd that there were a bunch of straps attached to it. I must have looked confused, because she said, “Put it on.”

I then realized that it was a strap-on. I’d read about them in sex stories, but I’d never seen one. I couldn’t believe how hot this was.

I put it on, and it rested just above my locked cock. I realized that in the position it was in, I wouldn’t be able to get any satisfaction, but I was so turned on, I didn’t care.

I began to tease her with the tip of the cock. Hoping to ease her into it, but she was so worked up that she turned around and shouted, “Stop fucking around and fuck me!”

Hearing that, I slid the entire eleven inches straight into her sopping wet pussy in one hard stroke, and she screamed like someone broke her as she instantaneously orgasmed on the first stroke of that huge cock.

I have never seen her cum that hard, or that quickly, and I felt a little bit inadequate in the moment. It felt as though she had just orgasmed harder than I had ever made her cum; but oddly, it only seemed to arouse me more.

I could feel my cock straining against the cage, but I had no relief as her orgasm washed over her, and her pussy spilled out wet onto the dildo, and over my unused cock and balls.

Kiki began to come back from her orgasm, and said, “I can’t believe that I came that quickly. That has never happened before, but that cock hit me where nothing has ever touched me. You deserve a little treat.”

Kiki removed Uşak Escort Bayan the strapon and my cock cage. She then made me lay back on our bed and tied me to the four corners.

“Would you like to orgasm for me today?” she asked.

“Oh my God, yes! I would love that,” I answered.

She reached into our nightstand and pulled out some lube, then slowly dribbled the lube all over my cock and balls. She started teasing the head of my cock and began to stroke my cock very hard and fast. In my overeager state, I knew I wouldn’t last long.

Just as I was about to get to the edge, she released my cock, and slapped my balls HARD!! Hard enough that I saw stars, and felt my cock begin to shrivel.

“I’m in charge of your cock. I don’t want to see your cum until I am ready for it. Besides, we don’t want to waste it,” she smirked.

I was still in pain as she started stroking my cock back to full length. Then as it started to feel amazing again, she slapped my cock hard enough to hear the sound echo off of the walls of our bedroom.

She would then slap my cock hard enough that it would bounce off my stomach or leg. At first, I wasn’t sure about it, because it hurt, but as she continued, it turned me on and felt better and better.

Kiki sensed this, and took hold of my balls and began to squeeze them. She smashed them in her hand hard enough to pull me back away from the edge, but continued to smack my cock.

Every time I felt as though I was getting closer, she would increase the pressure on my balls, so that the effect was that my impending orgasm was causing me as much pain as it did pleasure.

Kiki then asked me, “How bad do you want to orgasm?”

I said, “I want to orgasm more than anything.”

She then slid up on the bed until my cock could almost touch her pussy, but she kept slapping my cock faster and harder and squeezing my balls with increasing pressure until I was losing my mind and begging her to let me cum.

Finally, when I felt like I couldn’t take it anymore, she stopped and left my cock straining in the air and throbbing to every heartbeat.

Then she pointed my cock at her pussy and very teasingly said, “I’m going to make you orgasm whether you like it or not.”

She slowly and excruciatingly began teasing the piss-slit on my cock. Just barely touching it. Driving me crazy.

I felt like I was having an out of body experience as I realized that I was hearing my own voice in the room saying, “Please, please, please, please…” over and over again Begging her for release.

I could feel the cum boiling in my balls, and I knew that my orgasm was imminent.

Just as I felt it start, Kiki released my cock and looked me in the eye and said, “Orgasm for me.”

I realized at that moment that she wanted to ruin my orgasm all along, and I was helpless to stop it.

Just as the cum begins to bubble out of my cock, she points my cock at her pussy and lets my cum pour onto her clit and pussy lips.

I tried to stop it, to will myself to full orgasm, And I begged her to stroke me. But she just sat back Escort Uşak and smiled at me, and said, “I love watching it cum out of you. Doesn’t your cum look beautiful on my bare pussy?”

I had to agree. It looked amazing. It had been several days since she last let me cum, and there was a very healthy load.

Kiki then asked me if I wanted to cum for real, and of course I did.

She then slid up my body and said, “If you obey me, I’ll not only let you cum, but I’ll let you do it while you fuck me.”

I had a feeling I knew what was coming, but seeing as my horniness didn’t subside when she ruined my orgasm, I readily agreed.

She then slid her pussy to my face and said, “Lick it up, but don’t swallow it… I always wanted to see you do whatever I want.”

Even in my aroused state, I was surprised at how readily I lapped it up. I loved every chance I got to lick her beautiful cunt.

Like most guys, I’ve tasted my own cum before, but this time it seemed like it tasted so much better. I couldn’t get enough of it, and I was almost disappointed when I couldn’t find any more to lick.

I also realized that my dick was harder than it had been before my ruined orgasm.

Kiki noticed as well, and commented, “It looks like someone enjoys the taste of his own cum.”

Then she said, “Good boy. Now let’s get your dick in me, and remember, don’t swallow it until I say so. I want you to really taste it.”

She started riding my cock and telling me how good it felt to finally have my cock inside her. I could feel every inch of my cock sliding in and out of her. It had been two weeks since I had been inside her, and I was cherishing every bit of her wet pussy.

I could taste my cum swirling in my mouth. I never imagined that i’d be doing this, but I couldn’t deny that I was enjoying it.

Kiki could tell that I was loving it, and she looked at me and lovingly said, “I’m so glad that we started this. I feel so much closer to you, and I love having sex with you now. How about you? Are you enjoying this?”

I tried to respond, and as I started to speak, she covered my mouth.

She said, “Just nod. I wouldn’t want you to lose any of that cum.”

I nodded my head yes, that I was enjoying it, but also yes that I didn’t want to lose the cum in my mouth. All of the sexual overload from the last few weeks had me in complete overdrive, and all I wanted to do was become more and more depraved for her.

Kiki could feel me racing towards an orgasm, and she said, “I want you to swallow all of that cum right when you start to cum for me.”

That was all it took…Her naughty words sent me over the edge, and I swallowed every drop as I screamed, “I’M CUMMUNG.”

As soon as I did, Kiki began to cum all over again, and as she did, she leaned into me and started kissing me like she had never kissed me before. It was a soul kiss like two lovers who had been separated for years and returned to one another.

She fell onto me and snuggled in to me to cuddle.

I said, “I’m so glad you started all of this. I feel so close to you and I love the changes I’ve seen in you. I don’t ever want to stop,:

She said, “Me too. I never imagined our retirement being like this.”

Then she said, “Speaking of not stopping, I’ve got to go clean up, Unless you’d like to volunteer?”

I laughed and slid down the bed…

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