Kerry Finds a Way to go to College


If you were to ask her neighbors and friends, Kerry was the epitome of a good girl. She was always there to help her parents, her siblings and her friends. She volunteered for a number of community events and while not a straight A student she worked hard and never did worse then a C in any of her classes. She recently graduated form high school and she had a great background for college. Now at 20, she looked forward to getting her degree and making something of herself.

While a very attractive girl, Kerry was not the most beautiful girl in her school. She was tall for a girl, almost 5’9″ and she looked flat and skinny. At best she was a B cup and her hips and chest measured about 33 to 34 inches, depending on the time of month. Her hair was a curly mousy brown and she let it grow just beyond her shoulders. She was attractive but she would be even more so as she aged.

One Sunday after returning home from church services, Kerry, her younger sister and two younger brothers, were all brought together by their parents. What her parents had to say was that they would not be capable of helping any of their children with college expenses. Life was too difficult for them and while the kids could live at home indefinitely, there was just no money for them to spare for books and tuition let alone room and board at a college.

Kerry was at first devastated. Her dream of college had been shattered. Over the next couple of days she came to the understanding that if this was truly something she wanted she would have to find a way to get there. She could work, save some money and start off at the local community college. She could live at home and pay for her own books and tuition. It would be very hard but she knew that she had to try.

Kerry found that she enjoyed working at the local mall selling clothing at a trendy woman’s wear shop. By the time she was ready to start school the next fall she ad comfortably set aside enough for tuition and books. She would continue this job while in school to make sure she had gas money and to save for future tuition bills. That first semester, while hard, showed Kerry that she could do this and she was beginning to look happily towards the future and going away to finish her career.

That night at dinner the floor fell out from beneath her as her parents told her they would need her to contribute to the household income. They were sorry but they needed the money to pay bills and put good on the table. Kerry could not and would not refuse her parents in their time of need. Although she would give all she could she was saddened that her career ambition was going to be at least derailed or maybe even cancelled. She went out into the back yard and sat on a bench that had rested beneath the trees for as long as she could remember. She tried to think of way to take care of her family without sacrificing her life but was coming up empty and the realization showed on her face.

“Kerry what’s got you so down and out, your boyfriend dump you?”

It was her neighbor Mrs. Smyth.

“Oh Mrs. Smyth, no I am jut trying to work out some problems. How are you tonight?”

“Oh probably the same as you only I’m old enough to realize that my problems are not life ending, why so sad?”

Kerry told Mrs. Smyth all about her college and career dreams and the recent news about her parents needs. Mrs. Smyth nodded as she listened and then took Kerry’s hand in hers.

“Kerry believe me when I tell you that everything will be fine. This is not the end of the world for you. In fact my husband Sam and I might have something that might help you keep those dreams. Why don’t you come to our house tomorrow night for dinner and Sam and I will go over that and see what you think?”

“Gee, Mrs. Smyth…”

“Kerry, for anything to happen for you, you have to show me how mature you are and start calling me Betsy, OK?”

“I guess I can do that…Betsy…”

“Ok lets see you around 6 tomorrow night, OK?”

“Thanks Betsy I’ll be there.”

The following night Kerry rang the bell at the Smyth’s at exactly 6. When the door opened she was surprised to find that a girl about her height and age was there and she said.

“You must be Kerry, I’m Isabelle but please call me Izzy.”

“Hi, Izzy I’m here to have dinner with the Smyth’s or should I say Sam and Betsy.”

Kerry smiled as she said this feeling all grown up and excited about the possibility of her life going more as planned that she had hoped it would just last night.

“Come on in, Kerry. Sam and Betsy invited me escort bayan here because I accepted their offer almost four ears ago and they felt you and I might relate to one another. But more about that later, lets go eat!”

Although Kerry was more interested in the offer the Smyth’s had for her she did her best to maintain the small talk through dinner, getting more and more inpatient for the facts to come out. Finally, after a wonderful desert, Sam stood up and said.

“Kerry, Betsy and Izzy are going to tell you everything and I am going to the garage to get out of the way while you ladies talk. I will only say that I hope you have the patience to listen to the whole story. If things go well then I will see you in the garage later.”

No sooner had Sam left then Izzy said to me.

“Kerry I believe in straight talk. This job is basically one of prostitution!”


Kerry was stunned. A prostitute never I could never she said over and over to herself but when she looked at Izzy and Betsy they were on the verge of laughing so she said. Kerry asked.

“What’s so funny?”

Betsy replied.

“The look on your face is exactly what I expected and it is a pleasure to see it. Please give us some time to explain then if your not interested you can leave and no problems. OK?”

“OK I’ll listen but I can’t promise you I would even think of selling my body.”

Betsy and Izzy went on to explain that yes, she would for lack of a better term be a prostitute. But they explained she would be a very select and high priced lady of the evening and that if she did this not only would her tuition be paid, books, lab fees and room and board but that by the time she graduated she would have a nice nest egg to start her life. She would also be able to give her parents enough money to help them out.

Izzy, it turns out went to work for the Smyth’s four years ago. She will graduate this spring with no debts and a little over $50,000 in the bank to get her going in her career. She explained that as she attended the state university, she worked part time in the Smyth’s restaurant in the city. It was a classy place and was used to actually show customers the women that were available. If someone wanted a woman for the night it would all be arranged and the girl would meet the client in a townhouse maintained for this work. The girl and the client had their fun and the client paid the Smyth’s. The Smyth’s paid the tuition, gave the girl some spending cash and put some money away for after graduation.

There was to be no soliciting clients on street corners, no girl was sold to do anything she didn’t want or like to do and all clients had to wear condoms. The girls also had medical coverage and were required to have regular check ups. There was a ‘panic” button in the workhouses though Izzy admitted she never came close to using it.

“So, what you’re telling me is that this is prostitution, that you sold your body and your OK with that?”

“I will admit, like you I was horrified at first but I knew that to get where I wanted to go I needed to do something. Working a part time job in a mall just wasn’t going to cut it. I’d thought about all the guys I had had sex with for the equivalent of a movie and a cheap dinner and while it’s no justification I decided that if my body could pay for more then that I would give it a try. You know what I mean?”

“Well, yeah I guess so. It’s just such a leap of dramatic proportions to think of myself as a whore or prostitute.”

“Well, yeah I agree. This isn’t for everyone but if you can do it the sky is the limit.”

They talked a long while and Kerry was becoming interested in the idea. She liked the sex she had had, though it often was over so quick it was hard to tell if she was doing it right and she asked.

“How do you know if your are good enough for this? I mean all of my experiences, and there were not all that many have been OK but nothing of the spectacular nature you read about in adult novels!”

“Kerry you have to understand that what sells is our young firm bodies and our mental willingness to allow a strange guy or girl for that matter to enjoy themselves and experience maybe one of their own fantasies. The actual sex is not always the important part. But just to make you feel more confident, it’s not hard to be good at it, it all starts in your mind.”

“What do you mean Izzy?”

“Simple, Kerry. Most of my clients are thrilled because I want to have sex. They don’t need to bargain or talk me into it. I want görükle escort it, I’ve been paid and I am their toy for the time they paid for. Right there is enough to make me “great” in bed. See?”

An hour or so later Betsy asked the one question she had for Kerry.

“Kerry, yes or no?”

Kerry thought about it for a few minutes and said.

“Betsy, if you and Izzy think I can do this, I am willing to try. What do I do now?”

“Kerry, you need to walk out to the garage and do whatever Sam asks. It will be hard for you, but if you are ever going to the kind of girl to sell your body then it all starts now.”

Kerry sat there for what seemed to her an eternity knowing that if she went to the garage her whole life would change. However after all the talk she had come to believe that if she could do this then the change would be for the better so she stood and went to the garage.

She was a little stunned to see that the garage was completely furnished as an office with a desk and chair and a sofa against the wall. Sam was at his desk and looked up at Kerry as she entered.

“Kerry I want you to strip for me let me see the body we will be selling.”

There it was. It was time for her to see if she had the strength to do this to be the prostitute. She reached up to begin unbuttoning her blouse she shrugged it off allowing it to pile on the floor at her feet and immediately removed her pants, then her bra and lastly her panties. She stood naked in front of a man and was able to hold his eye in hers as she did so.

“Very nice body Kerry. I have a few rules that the women did not cover. As long as you work for me you will continue to dress like you do now, very non descript. You will not going on a spending spree and you will not pierce or tattoo your body at all. Am I clear?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You will work in the restaurant as you can based on your school work. You will have certain hours to be there and you will also pick up some other shifts as well. Come over here and take out my cock and suck it.”

Kerry closed the distance and knelt in front of Sam opening his trousers and puling his hardening cock out. Looking at it fore a moment she started to shove it in her mouth and suck it.

“Slow down Kerry. Take it out and lick it. I want you to adore it, make me think you love it then slowly suck on it as you take it in and out.”

Kerry did as she was instructed and found that she did enjoy it, she was having a good time doing this.

“Kerry you will not join sororities or do anything to make you stand out while you’re in college. This whole operation is set up to protect you and your reputation so that when you leave us, you will not have something that someone can use against you later. All jobs will be completed in the privacy of houses we own and no one will ever know your real name or where you live. Yes, that’s good keep doing that.”

Kerry was totally enjoying Sam’s cock. The few times she had tried this with her boyfriends they had all pushed her head down and fucked her mouth and came so quickly that this was a new experience for her. She was enjoying the feeling of his taut skin and how the large mushroom head popped as she took it in and let it out.

“Kerry I want you to get up on the desk and lay on your back. Let your head hang over the edge and put your feet on the other corners and prop your knees up. That’s right, perfect. Now I am going to try to put my cock as far in your mouth and hopefully down your throat, just relax I won’t hurt you.”

Sam slid his cock into Kerry’s mouth and although she was apprehensive she did her best to relax and let him do what he wanted. Sam took it slow and with each thrust into her mouth he went a little deeper. When he pushed down into her throat she gagged and convulsed on the desk and he slid back out to allow her to catch her breath.

“Kerry you’re doing well just stay relaxed.”

As Sam slid his hard cock back into her mouth Kerry senses a presence between her legs and felt someone’s warm breath on her damp pussy. She soon felt a tongue beginning to lick her down there and she realized it had to be either Izzy or Betsy and she was at first stunned that she would allow another woman to do that. After a few minutes she relaxed and realized she was enjoying this so much more then when any of her past boyfriends had tried this. Whoever was licking her not hot pussy was hitting all the right spots, taking her mind away and allowing her body to enjoy the sensations.

She bursa elit escort was so into what was happening to her, feeling the onset of an orgasm that she forgot about the hard cock in her mouth and the fact that it was easily sliding in and out of her throat. Kerry had never been so sexually stimulated and she was prepared to unleash a major orgasm in just a few more strokes.

Just as she felt she was ready to blow the tongue stopped and Sam’s cock withdrew from her. She heard herself moan and as she started to reach for her own pussy to finish Sam grabbed her hand.

“No, Kerry you are not to cum yet. I am putting a condom on and then you are going to be fucked. And while I fuck you, you will return the favor to both Izzy and Betsy with your tongue and your hands.”

Kerry watched as Sam slipped a condom on and then moved between her legs. She now noticed that both Izzy and Betsy were in the room, naked and on either side of her head. Betsy straddled her face placing her own pussy close to Kerry’s mouth and Izzy leaned over and began to suck on Kerry’s hard tender nipples.

As Kerry tentatively licked at Betsy’s wet hot cunt, she felt her hand being moved between Izzy’s legs and soon felt the slippery wetness of Izzy’s hot cunt at her fingertips. Sam had lined up his cock and was entering her own pussy as her hands fingered Izzy and her tongue licked at Betsy’s cunt.

Oh god what an amazing experience for her. Sam was riding her now orgasming pussy, Betsy was dripping her hot juices into her mouth, Izzy’s cunt was grasping at her two fingers as they plunged into and out of her box and her tits were being licked sucked and tugged by Izzy’s mouth and hand. Her body was flying into an orgasm so large that she almost blacked out. Sam’s cock was driving her pussy over the edge and she felt herself thrusting back at him trying to get him as deep into her as she could.

She felt her body explode and realized she had her first real orgasm. She had played with herself many times but never had she experienced anything this massive and intense. She was so into the aftershocks and continuing tingling throughout her body that she didn’t realize that Sam’s cock had invaded her virgin asshole until he had bottomed out inside her backdoor.

That realization and the feeling of her ass being fucked pushed her even higher and she heard her own delirious words tumbling from her in a nonsense way.

“Oh Sam Oh my Oh my Oh my, ahhhhhh yesssssss fuck my ass yesssssss oh Betsy you taste so damn gooddddd, yessssssssssssssss.”

She was a wreck, but a pleased and happy wreck. When Sam pulled his cock out of her ass and stripped off the condom she was ready to beg him to go back into her, any hole she was ready to say. The Sam spoke to her.

“Kerry now you need to finish me off with your mouth and we will see how well you handle a man cuming in your mouth and on your face.”

Kerry virtually leaped up and pulled Sam’s hard well-used cock into her mouth, she could not wait to taste him again, to kiss that fat mushroom head and thank that cock for fucking her so well. She laved that monster over and over, sliding it a deep into her mouth as she could trying to suck his cum out not wanting to wait for it. She was soon to be rewarded as she felt that wonderful cock begin to twitch in her hot mouth. When the first jet of hot white cum erupted in her mouth she was unable to keep it all in there and a lot of it dribbled down the side of her mouth. Sam then pulled his erupting cock from her mouth and the next shot of jism sprayed her face and hair. What and erotic feeling to have that hot white sticky fluid dripping down her face. She felt Sam slide his cock back into her mouth and soon she was swallowing as fast as she could trying not to lose any of this precious fluid.

Finally it all died down and as all of them gathered around her spent body they each began to stroke her. Sam and Betsy were stroking her sore and aching tits while Izzy was using her tongue to attack Kerry’s well-fucked pussy.

“How did I do guys? Will I make a good whore?”

“Kerry you’ll do fine, in fact you may end up being one of the best. Now rest. Let us use our hands and tongues on you for a while before you go home.”

Sam said this as Kerry was slipping into another orgasm from Izzy active tongue.

“Kerry we will get together tomorrow to get you entered into school, get you a uniform for the restaurant and anything else to get you started, OK?”

Kerry could only nod her head as she allowed her orgasm to take control of her body. Rocking with the sensations she drifted off to sleep. She pondered her new job and briefly wondered why she had never thought of this before. She looked forward to “going to work” knowing that she was going to have a better time at this then anyone could have imagined.

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