Kelly , Haley’s Summer Ch. 05

As I got up the pale white light of the moon shown down on our naked bodies, Kelly was still snoozing in bed. It was nearly eight o’clock by now, I hadn’t realised how much our fun with Amanda had taken out of us.

“Wake up Kelly,” I said as I nudged her arm.

“Um.” she mumbled back.

“Get up girl!” I said as I attempted to wake her.

“Come back to bed.” she slurred.

“God damn it girl, get up, or you’ll miss the fun.”

She lifted her head from the pillow, her brown eyes staring up at me. “What fun?” I had obviously sparked her attention.

“You don’t get up, you won’t find out.”

“OK, OK, I’m up.”

“Good! Go and make us some coffee.” As she slipped off down stairs I went through the bag of cloths she had brought back. I picked out the clothes I wanted her to wear as she returned.

“Cheers! Now there isn’t enough time to shower. Anyway, I like the way we smell, so it should be OK.”

“Why? Where we going?” she asked me with inquisitive eyes.

“Tell you later. Now put this on.” I said, holding up a black Wonder Bra.

Kelly did as I ordered. She was such good little slave girl, always ready to do as I commanded. I could see that she was disappointed in having to wear a bra. She had obviously enjoyed our little trip without any underwear earlier.

“Don’t worry, if all goes according to plan you won’t have to wear it for long. Now put this on.” I said, holding up a black lace suspender belt. “Good girl. Now the suspenders.” She did, slowly rolling the nylons up. As she did this she bent over in front of me giving me a perfect view of her bum. “God, I could fuck you.” I said. She looked over her shoulder, gave me a dirty smile that told me that was just what she wanted me to do. I gave her a quick slap, “Not now, you little nympho. Put this dress on.”

She pulled the black dress on and turned to face me, she looked beautiful, but then again she always looked beautiful. The Wonder Bra pushed her already ample breasts together and giving them a slight lift, making them look even bigger. The hem of the short dress just covered the tops of her stocking and was only a couple of inches past her pussy. ‘Bend over girl’, she did as she was told. The dress rose so only half of it covered her arse, giving a wonderful view of her cunt; I had to resist the urge to rub my clit.

“All right, girl! You look perfect. Lets do your make up.”

“OK. But why all the dress up? Shouldn’t we be dressing down?” Kelly said.

“Not tonight, baby. Tonight you and me are hitting the town.” I sat her down in front of my make up table and went to work. Everything was black, lipstick, nails, eyeliner, shadow and plenty of mascara, then the finishing touch. The choker I picked up form the sex shop, although I had removed the chain.

“Brilliant! You look like a gleamed up Goth chick now.”

“What are you wearing then?” Kelly asked me.

“Wait and see, baby.” I said before planting a kiss on her newly painted lips.

Kelly’s eyes followed me around the room as I pulled out my outfit. I put on a thin tight little white T-shirt, which had a Rival School’s emblem on the back. The T-shirt was so thin that if you looked close enough you could see my puffy nipples through the thin material. Next I pulled out a tiny little pink mini skirt, which I wriggled into. Then I put some bright pink lipstick on, some gloss and I was ready. “Here.” I said handing Kelly some dainty black high heel shoes, I strapped on a similar pair only in a vivid pink.

“Now what do you think?” I asked.

“Gorgeous! You look gorgeous.” A broad smile lighting up her face.

“Good then lets go.”

As we walked up to the tube station the road was nearly deserted. We walked arm in arm. Kelly kept badgering me about our destination. Eventually I relented.

“There’s a lesbian club, not to far from the sex shop we went to earlier.”

“A lesbian club?”

“A lesbian night club.”


“What did you think I meant?”

“I didn’t know.”

“What? You thought like the Groucho club, but for dykes; a load of girls sitting in leather chairs, smoking cigars, drinking Port, discussing the markets and the state of the conservative party.”

“Sort of.”

“Sounds like fun. Perhaps we could set one up, although I might add a dungeon for you, ya naughty slut.”

Kelly giggled and squeezed my arm.

We got into the tube carriage to find it completely deserted. I knew that the trip down to the next stop would take a while. With Kelly looking the other way I pushed my hand under her dress and down to her cunt.

“Haley! What do you think you’re doing? Stop it! Someone might get on.”

“Maybe if they’re a good looking girl, I’ll let them join in.”

“Ha…. Haley.” She stopped, her eyes closed, head thrown back, unable to resist my touch.

“Do the same for me.” I whispered into her ear.

Her arm leaned over me and disappeared between my legs. She began to rub my clit. The thought that someone might come in at the next stop, bursa yabancı escort the very real possibility that we might be found out, was a huge thrill. We were both coming to our orgasms quicker then I could ever remember. Our fingers rapidly running across each other’s clit’s as we both sought to make the other cum, before we were forced to stop. Our efforts were in vain. We came into the next station before we could bring each other off. A pretty women in her late twenties got on at the other end of the carriage. We both sat there panting in sexual frustration. Now I knew what I must put Kelly through.

The train moved out of the station disappearing back underground. I couldn’t stand this; I was on the edge of cumming. The blood was pulsing through my veins. Kelly and I looked at each other. I could see she was going through the same thing I was. I plunged my hand back down her dress to her clit as she did the same.

“Haley! We can’t! That women will see.” She whispered in my ear.

“Fuck…that! I need to. ……Cum!” I struggled to talk as my orgasm came racing through me. I realised that we had attracted the attention of the women at the other end of the carriage. She looked over at us, straining to see what we were up to.

“She’s looking over.” Kelly said, no longer whispering. Her approaching orgasm was sucking away her self-control.

“I know, baby, I…know.” Then we both came, a scream escaping our lips as we did. Our audience looked on in disbelief, although I could see that her cheeks were flushed and her nipples were beginning to poke through her black jumper.

“Haley, that was…so….”



“Follow my lead.”

Kelly looked across at me wondering what I had in mind. I got up and made my way down the carriage to other women and sat on her left. Kelly sat on her right. Up close she was even prettier, she had a “Liberian” look about her, with soft features, light brown hair and spectacles. The train came into the next station and no one got on. I turned to the startled women beside me and said, “Did you like our little show?” She looked straight ahead. “Did it make you hot? Is your cunt wet?” I said as the train began to move away. She continued to look ahead, slightly scared. But I could tell she was interested, or she would have moved away. “We want to put our hands in your panties and feel your sweet little cunt.” Still she didn’t run. “I want you to stand up and then sit back down. But when you sit back down I want you to lift that long skirt up so we can play with you’.

“No! People will see.”

“There’s only us her.” Who’ll see?”

“No! I don’t want to.” The tone of voice betrayed her.

“I know you do. I know you want us to make you cum, you little slut.”

She sat still for a moment and then did as I wanted. Kelly and I put our hands onto her seat. When as she sat back down she lifted the back of her skirt up so we could have our way with her. The front of the skirt felling back down over her legs. As she sat back down I could tell I was right about her cunt being wet. We managed to twist our hands around and pull her panties away from her. I plunged a couple of fingers into her juicy cunt and Kelly began to rub her clit. I leaned across our new plaything and gave her breast a squeeze. “Please stop, before someone sees.”

“Oh, we’ll stop, once you’ve cum.” I replied.

Kelly responded by rubbing her clit even quicker. I put a third finger into her now sopping cunt, wriggling them about within her. “You like that, don’t you, Bitch? You like having two teen girls fuck you in public.” I was shocked to hear Kelly say. Obviously a couple of days in my company had turned her into a dirty little slut like me. I turned to her and gave her a wicked smile egging her on. “MMmmm, you have such a tight little cunt, whore.” I said.

“And her clit’s good and hard. Oh, it’s like a rock, baby.” Kelly said obviously enjoying our new little game. We began to slow down as the train entered the next station, the girl in-between us nearly on the point of cumming. As the doors opened an old woman sat down at the other end of the carriage joined us. “Oh god, please stop, there’re people on…. please’, she begged.

“Not until you cum.” I said quickening my motions. Kelly was doing the same. The women began to writhe about in our hands as she reached her peak; her breathing quickened, her heart racing. She was on the point of cumming, her juices oozing out of her wet slit, soaking our hands, her panties and the seat. I covered her mouth with my hand as she hit her orgasm hard. I could feel her scream out against my hand, her tongue flicking at my fingers. I left my fingers in her, while Kelly explored her cunt.

“Did you like that, Bitch. Did you like cumming in public?” “Yes.” She quietly whimpered. “Good girl. Now get up.” She did as she was told and we moved our hands away and exchanged glances of happiness. The girl sat back down in a small pool of her own pussy juices. “Good. Now clean us up.” She looked at bursa sınırsız escort me bewildered.

Kelly clearly got my point as she lifted her fingers to the girl’s mouth, but not before she took a taste herself. Our new friend sucked her own pussy juices of my slave’s fingers. I did the same, savouring this mystery girl’s sweet juices before offering her my slimy fingers to lick.

“Now, whore, I want your number and your panties as a little memento.” She looked at me her face still flushed.

“I can’t. That old woman will see.”

“I don’t care.” The girl wrote her number on a piece of paper and handed it to me. Kelly got up and stood between the old woman and us, slightly masking her views. My new whore got up and as quickly as she could she pushed her hand up her skirt and pulled her panties off and handed them to me, just as we entered the next station. As the doors opened she ran out panty less and most probably off home to wank herself silly. Kelly sat next to me, and into the departed girls juices. She looked into my eyes before she leaned over and kissed me, her tongue playing with mine.

“I can’t believe we just did that.” She said.

“Yeah, you were really into it.”

“Guess I learned from the best.”

“How would you like to be the mistress with her?”

“I’d love it.”

“Come here.” I said, giving Kelly a hug and kissing her on her sweet lips. “Come on. Let’s hit the club.”

The girls walked into the club, a baseline hitting them in the chest.

“Hay this is Peaches, Fuck The Pain away. Oh Jesus how cheap is that.” Haley said, instantly recognizing one of her favourite tracks.

“What is it?” Kelly said her eyes darting around the club taking in the sights.

“That’s the Mo Wax thing, too many DJ’s. Obviously not enough or this place might have one instead of just plying a mix CD. At least its a good one, could be worse, I guess. It could be a Fat Boy Slim album, or Faithless.”

“Hey. I like Fat Boy and Faithless, ain’t bad?”

“Oh come on, they make dance music for people that don’t like dance music, and only buy 3 CD’s a year. When we get back home I’ll play you some Apex twin or UNKLE.”

“I thought you hated that UNKLE album.”

“I hate it as an album, but as a collection of songs it’s good.”

“Yeah, that makes sense.”

“Hey, just remember whose the slave girl here, all right?”

The two girls walked arm in arm towards the bar, Kelly was amazed that places like this existed. Places where lesbians like themselves could go together without any hassle. Then a sudden burst of pride and happiness hit her as she realised that she had referred to herself as a lesbian.

“What’ll you have girls?” the bar maid asked, a butch women in her 40’s with a world weary face.

“Two Jack Daniels, straight up, no ice, oh and can you make them doubles.” Haley asked.

“Sure.” the barmaid said, slightly taken aback by Haley’s order, just as Kelly was, not being used to hard liquor.

“OK, girl.” Haley said turning to Kelly, her drink to her lips, “Hard drinkers! Let’s do some hard drinking.” Haley said and downed the dark brown bourbon in one shot. Kelly doing likewise, her eyes widening as the whiskey hit her throat.

“Another round of the same, please.” Haley asked the barmaid, and then she took the drinks and made her way to booth.

“What do you think?”

“Well, you’re a musical snob and you shouldn’t drink so much, or you turn into a alky like my Auntie Renie.”

“No. I meant about this palace,” Haley said with a slight laugh.

“It’s pretty cool, I mean, for a place that hasn’t got a DJ.”

“Yeah, well, the Stooges track’s just starting.” Haley said pointing to the speaker above them, “and anyone that plays the Stooges is OK by me.”

“See. You are such a music snob.”

“Oh, be quiet! I’m a bit disappointed. The flier I saw said there would be a live floor show,”

“A floor show?”

“Yeah, the flier had a little silhouette picture of two girls leaning against each other. Probably just strippers, maybe something harder, guess we’ll just have to come back another time.” As Haley said this, a wonderful wild thought flashed across her mind, but then she thought better of it. “I don’t know. It isn’t that bad. Its nice to have a place where you can go and not have to worry about being hassled.”

“Jesus, girl, this is London. Soho at that, not some hamlet out in the sticks.” Haley said. “I don’t think we have to worry about being hassled from the man.” Haley then said aping Pam Grier from some old blaxploitation film.

Kelly threw her head back in laughter at the poor impression. She looked into Haley’s eyes long and soulfully and took a gulp of Jack D then leaned over and gave her a long wet kiss, the two girls swapping the bourbon between their young mouths.

“Come on, girl, you’ve got me all hot and bothered now. Lets go hit the dance floor.” Haley said downing her drink. Kelly finished her drink then followed her lover. Haley görükle escort wrapped her arms around Kelly and pushed into her, rubbing her body against her soft flesh. Haley moved out of time to the fast music, rubbing her hard puffy nipples against Kelly’s, feeling the sexual excitement grow in the both of them. Kelly stretched up to Haley’s pink lips and kissed her, taking her tongue into her mouth. Haley turned around and pushed her tight bum into Kelly, pushing her skirt up as she did, her naked bum rubbing against the soft black fabric. As she turned back around Kelly’s hands spread down Haley’s back pushing her skirt back down, although not before half the club had seen that her lover was panty less. Kelly again began to kiss her lover. As she did she felt the eyes of the other girls in the club on them, everyone watching their show of love. She heard Haley whisper in her ear, “Show them my bum.” Kelly pulled her lover’s skirt up slowly revealing her tight backside to the rest of the crowd. Haley moved her hands down to Kelly’s bum and did the same. The two teens stayed like this for a minute, their hands roving over the bare skin, their tongues playing with each other.

“OK. Let’s sit back down and see the talent.” The two teen girls moved back to their booth. As they did they felt the eyes of the whole club on them, just as Haley had wanted.

“See any thing you like?”


“Any girls you fancy?”

Kelly was slightly annoyed that Haley asked her. Why would she find anyone else the least bit desirable when they had each other?

“Oh, come on. There must be someone you like the look of?” Haley asked, badgering her girlfriend.

Kelly eyes darted around the club, before they rested on those of a tall thin black girl with a baldhead. The two girls eyes locked together as they eyed each other up. Kelly eventually broke eye contact. “That black over by the bar is pretty.”

Haley spun around in her chair and looked at the black girl. “The one sitting next to the blond?”

“Yeah, that’s the one.”

“The blonde’s not bad either.”

“She a bit old.”

“Yeah, but with age comes wisdom. Anyway she’s got a good body. Look at those titties. They’ve got to be a d-cup at least.”

“Hmm, but they look kind of fake.”

“They probably are, but still they’re good and big. That black girl must like big tits. She’s eyeing you up.”

“Shut up!” Kelly looked away form Haley to find that she was right; the black girl was staring at them.

Once the black girl realised she had their attention she leaned over to the blond and kissed her.

“Come on. Let’s get another drink and have a chat.” Haley said leading Kelly over by the hand. “Two more Jack Daniels, please, Doubles.” Haley’s eyes met the blonde’s as she looked up from her seat. Although she was in her 40’s she was still highly attractive, with high cheekbones, light brown eyes and full lips. “Hi.” The blonde said.

“Hi.” Came Haley’s reply with a soft smile, which the older women reciprocated.

“Nice little show you put on.”

“Yeah.” Said the black girl, her eyes giving Kelly the once over.

“Thanks, I thought seeing as there was no show on we might give the rest of you something to ogle.” Haley said noticing Kelly staring at the black girl. She was right to, like the blond sitting down she had very large breasts, easily a d-cup, even bigger then Kelly’s. Unlike the blond her breasts were natural and unsupported by a bra they were still high on her chest, not sagging like some big-breasted girls. Also unlike the blond women, she was still very much a girl, in her early twenties.

“You certainly did that.” The barmaid said handing the girls their drinks.

“Do you want to come over to our booth?” Haley asked.

“Sure thing. Come on Trisha.” The blond women said taking Trisha by the hand. Kelly and Haley followed, each girl eyeing up the bum of the women and girl in front. The blond women had a soft rounded backside, her long hair reaching down her back stopping at the start of he buttocks. Trisha, the black teen, had a firm round tight bum and pencil thin legs. Both ladies were easily 5’10 in their heels. Trisha and the blond sat on the right-hand side of the booth. Kelly and Haley sat across from them.

“So what’s your name?” Haley said looking into the blond’s eyes.

“Stepney, and you to are?” Both Trisha and Stepney were dressed in the same outfits, short black leather mini skirts and tight little vests, Stepney’s in a deep red and Trisha’s a light blue. “I’m Haley and this is,” she said pointing at her lover. “Kelly.”

“How long have you been going out together?”

“Since last Friday.” Haley answered.

“Not long.”

“Yeah, but we’ve been friends for years.” Kelly said not wanting to let the other two think they had only just met.

“Not long then.” Trisha said, joining the conversation finally breaking eye contact with Kelly.

“What about you two then?” Haley asked.

“How long have we been together now baby?” Stepney said turning towards Trisha.

“A couple of months now I guess.” She said now turning her attention towards Haley. The two couples began to exchange chitchat about themselves for the next 20 minutes, each of the girls eyeing the other up. Haley eventually felt comfortable and confident enough to ask Stepney and Trisha back to her place.

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