Kayla – The Skybound Ebony Ch. 04


It was sudden. Jonathan felt warm soft skin behind his head push him toward Kayla. Her right hand palmed it like a big, delicate, doll head. The bumps of the bones of her long phalanges were apparent to him at the same time her fingers grasped the back half of his head carefully. And just like that, the push brought his mouth in contact with her lips.

Thick, fat and pillowy, he pressed in. Her mouth, including the upper diameter of her lips, could easily cover from the very bottom of his nose to the bottom of his chin. Jonathan placed his arms around her neck and her back. He played with the hair at the top of the neck, softly pushing her hair against the grain. The kiss that had started as a simple wetting of the lips had by now transformed into tongue play. Jonathan started by trying to dart his in her’s, until Kayla began to reciprocate: pushing back with her own, Kayla’s massive tongue slowly prodded out. Jonathan very quickly realized how the tip of it easily filled the opening of his mouth. More and more, the warm bumpy mass pushed in, like a forceful intrusion. Kayla moaned loudly. This feeling of complete dominance and control was now turning her on. Jonathan felt the vibration of her voice echo all the way through his mouth, subtly vibrating his ribcage. The front of his pants where now obviously constrained by his rising erection. His mouth was full, his instincts on the verge of precipice between choking and wanting to take even more of her tongue in. In this moment, he felt like he could give himself to her fully, as her moans captured his soul, and then perhaps turning around and finding a way to pleasure her to a complete and utter orgasm. An orgasm that would see her become even more than she is.

Jonathan took hold with his right hand of the fat nipple brushing against his waist. He realized that while she had positioned herself over him, in his layed down position, his feet only reached the top of her knees. He slowly grinded his own mid section, in a slow, steady pace, against any skin of her he had access to. Kayla had no filter: her moans were constant, and her hand not holding Jonathan to her face was busy massaging her now erect clitoris. She pushed her tongue in and out in rhythm as her waist moved back and forth against her fingers. Her and Jonathan were now in sync. His soft presses on the now hard nipple kept sending wave after wave of this sinking feeling all over her body. Not more than a few minutes past, and a sudden rush of lubricant erupted from inside her labia. Kayla pulled back and screamed. She sat down further, her legs around Jonathan that was now quickly removing his shirt, the way an overexcited person would. The torrent of lubricant washed over his legs for a few seconds, similar in strength to the previously broken shower head.

“Fuck yes!” yelled Kayla. As her orgasm died down, kayla rose on her knees, facing a dumbfounded Jonathan still on the floor. Just a few spaces in front of him stood the plump lips of Kayla’s labia. Again, Kayla’s soft palm found himself behind his head. He barely had time to notice before she pushed his head forward, plunging the bottom of his face inside warm, humid skin.

As Jonathan’s face found itself mashed against the inner hole of her genitals, he grabbed as much of her as he could, and found his arms barely able to reach to the back of her posterior. His forehead could feel the pressure from Kayla’s rigid overinflated clitoris. Her moans echoed through the ravaged room, and for Jonathan, it felt like every grind, every push uşak escort brought him slightly farther in. His tongue was frantically trying to please the small curves and wrinkles it could find. “Oh! Careful, I’m…” exhaled Kayla between two cries. The walls of her labia seemed to pulse, and more of Kayla’s lubricant was now coming in discrete waves. Kayla pressed Jonathan further in. Her hips girated slowly, mashing her turgid clitoris against his forehead. Her lips slowly grasped his face as her flesh kept growing from her past orgasm. Jonathan forcefully pressed his hands, grasping at the expanse of her ass, trying to dive in deeper. “Oh god! Oh god!” yelled Kayla over and over. Kayla bent down, pressed her hand against the wall in front of her, kept Jonathan in place with the other, and suddenly flexed her thighs inward. As she yelled, a thick, final wave of thick woman lube splashed around the openings of her labia around Jonathan’s head. Like an encroaching wave, her flesh extended, covering more of his head.

Kayla finally relaxed, let her small host go, and slumped down back, quivering with joy as her orgasm went on. Still sitting on his knees, Jonathan stared forward at her, completely drenched in her juices except for his forearms and hands that were out of the way. The floor shook slowly as Kayla kept slowly gyrating. On his left and right, her feet and legs pushed against the wall. Jonathan was pretty sure he would barely be as tall as one of her legs.

“Kayla?” His question was meant with moans. Kayla was on the ground, pressing her nipples and rubbing her clitoris anew. She thrusted her hips up and down, and forcefully shook the room. “Kayla?” asked Jonathan. She was approaching another orgasm. Jonathan was starting to feel concerned. “Again! I can’t… this is so good!” yelled the massive woman. Kayla was thrusting back and forth so fast against her hand, sweat flicking off her skin because of her speed. Jonathan stood up while holding the frame of the door. The ground seemed to bend with her weight as her hips bounced back and forth, bottles and various knick knacks had long fell over and were now rolling over the floor. “Fuck! So… good!” yelled Kayla as, once again, she felt the sensitive, warmness spread out all over her body. The wall in front of her seemed to get farther from her. Her hands massaged her body and moans followed.

Jonathan walked toward her, just between her legs and in front of her genitals, pushing some of the bottles of shampoo with his feet as he went. Kayla was about to bring her hand to her genitals a fourth time, but felt something grasping a finger. She finally looked down, and saw Jonathan holding one with both his hands. “Kayla” he asked softly, “we have to get you out of here, you’re almost too big for the door.”

A sudden silence fell on the room, and clarity befell Kayla’s vision. She rose up on her knees, barely fitting inside the room. Jonathan went out. “I’ll try and push some of the objects in the hall away so you have more space,” he yelled back from the corridor. There was a wide, wooden burrow that Jonathan had to push toward his bedroom. It took a while to get the momentum going, but it eventually slid away, scrapping the wooden floors a bit. With it out of the way, the hall would be mostly empty and should have the way clear, thought Jonathan. But that was until he came back and saw Kayla, halfway out of the shower room. There she was, laying down on her left side, clearly displaying how this was the van escort best way to fit through the door. She was grasping at a small support pillar that protruded from the wall in front of her. But she was stuck at the waist. “I can’t pass my ass, Jonathan!” He stifled a laugh as he saw how even sideways, with her sides being oriented from floor to ceiling, the top shelf of her behind was unable to squeeze past the wooden supports of the bathroom door. As she tried pulling through, the beams eventually got stuck in the middle of her posterior. Jonathan squeezed by her back, barely taller than her sides. She had grown so much in there. Once at the door, he braced himself and pushed as much skin as he could, kneading the flesh like one does with dough, slowly inching the blockage out forward. Kayla kept pulling, and very carefully, centimeter by centimeter, she seemed to pass.

Eventually, she pulled through the high point, and was able to pull herself with increased ease. Jonathan pulled back. Her massive thighs where now passing in front, while Kayla crawled forward toward the staircase. The ground shook as each leg pulled forward in an alternative fashion. Jonathan followed behind her, admiring the pale flesh of her sole, feeling a sort of sexual intent coming back as he felt the smell of her sweat fill the corridor. Kayla was now at the front of the stairs. Looking down, and at her size, it suddenly did not feel very safe. She knew that if she gripped the stair handle, there was a risk of breaking it. She also knew that under these stairs where another pathway to the basement, so that the stairs had very few support. “Jonathan, I’m going to try going down. I’ll be very careful but, this all looks very dangerous right now.” She felt Jonathan squeeze by her front. He playfully passed his finger on one of her aureola. “Don’t get me started, you twat!” joked Kayla. “Come on, help me get out, this feels very cramped.” Jonathan nodded and headed downstairs first. He opened up the wide double doors of the porch, just down in front of the stairway and turned around. “Alright! Just come down. And look, don’t worry, if anything happens: safety first! Don’t worry if stuff breaks. That’s for me to think about.” Kayla nodded.

She started with one arm, extended it fully to a span that seemed to cover all the way to more than the middle of the stairway. She grabbed a corner of a stair and pressed on it a bit, to test its strength. The wood cracked and complained, but didn’t seem to bend strongly. Kayla then quickly brought herself forward, halfway through. Everything was fine, until it wasn’t. The sudden added weight seemed too much, and loud, splintering noise struck the air. Kayla quickly brought her arms down and was able to reach the floor in front of her, sending the anchor for her weight down from the stairs to the floor. With this, she would be able to slide down while putting all her weight down on her hands. Jonathan left the house and waited outside. It must have been around midday. The sun was blaring down. The door to his house wide open, the inside was too dark to properly discern because of the contrast of light. A first hand came out, grasped the soil out of the house. Same with a second one. Kayla’s head then emerged, her long braids spilling out like medusa’s snakes. As her shoulders passed outside, she raised up her back a little, leaving free way for her breasts to spill out. She pulled up as if doing a push up, and gave her space to bring one knee outside. Kayla rose up. erzincan escort Seeing her side by the house brought Jonathan pause. He wondered how they had ever fit inside that shower room. The wind passed through her legs, caressing her bare skin. They both stared at each other. Jonathan wondered where to go from here, but Kayla smiled: she still had unfinished business.

Before he had time to notice, two large hands picked him up by his armpits and lifted him like one would lift a child. Jonathan found himself staring at her eyes, his legs reaching the middle of her waist. “I still have to finish that last orgasm, I’m not letting you go before that’s done!” Jonathan blushed at her exclamation. “Now, remove your pants.” Despite his dubious position, he was still able to unbutton, unzip and let his pants fall down. There, atop his underwear, Kayla saw a thick, bulbous shaped purple mass. Jonathan threw the rest of his clothes down as best as he could while suspended, having leeway to use his arms. He stood in front of her naked, with his penis pointed at her. The air passed by him as he was rushed to her mouth, the thick, meaty tongue slithering out to play with his member. Jonathan grabbed what he could, and started humping her lips, her tongue. His thick member was enough to have a presence. It lasted only about two minutes, and Jonathan found himself much too excited by the situation to be in control. “Kayla, watch out, here it comes…” he said out of breath. Just as his juices came out, Kayla turned him away from her, seeing how far it would shoot from so high up. Slowly, his orgasm died down, and Jonathan calmed. He was brought back to the ground, and left to lay bare on the soil.

He opened his eyes, expecting to see the sky. Instead, he saw the open lips of Kayla’s vagina, her hand already penetrating it’s deep opening. She had already squatted down over him and droplets of excitement fell from her. Jonathan extended his arms and rubbed her feet to his sides. Very quickly, it seemed that Kayla’s efforts at grinding herself bore fruit, and a small amount of her vaginal lube came out as a new orgasm shook her. Moans escaped her. Jonathan felt her skin becoming warmer. Her feet slowly pushed his hands and claimed more ground. The cavernal opening of her genitals accentuated. She brought her lips to his face, and, without sitting down or putting any weight, made Jonathan feel the warmth of her interior. Again, she rubbed her clitoris, again she yelled. It felt so easy to reach pleasure after pleasure. Kayla always had an easy time to orgasm in repetition. But with everything going on right now, it felt the bar had been lowered, and every few minutes she could supercharge her nervous system with pleasure unlike anything before. Jonathan was having too much fun having his head surrounded by the warm flesh of her lips, and licked, hearing her sounds around him, feeling the folds and wrinkles get bigger as, obviously, her orgasms kept increasing their mass. After five minutes of continuous excitement, it seemed she was calming down. She finally crashed down by his side and laid down, completely spent.

Her stomach rose up and down with each breath. Jonathan got up, and pressed himself against her side. While standing, putting his arms in front of him, he laid in a half-crescent shape, barely able to reach her belly button. It was like being in front of an immense, human defying animal. There are very few occasions when a human feels as if his life is out of his hands, as if whatever he’s doing could be his last moment if fate so desired. He knew that Kayla had the power to do so in an instant. He also know she was as kind as they come and felt at peace. As he laid there, he felt one of her hands cover his back. The blazing sun was comfortable to their naked bodies. Exhausted, they closed their eyes.

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