Katie Gets What She Wants, Part 3


When I woke up, it was pitch black. Not even like last night; I couldn’t see my hand in front of my face. The fact that the room smelled like sex and I was definitely not in my bed gave away that last night had not been a dream. I definitely didn’t want it to be, anyway. I felt around the bed in search for Katie, and finally found her. I put my hands on her shoulders and slowly dragged them down her arms. She let out a quiet, but long sigh of pleasure just from my touch, and interlaced her fingers with mine once I’d reached the end of her arms. She snuggled back into my arms, which I wrapped around her so that hers were crossed, and she rolled her neck so her head rubbed against my shoulder. I craned my neck and pulled on Katie’s waist so that her neck lined up with my mouth, and kissed it lightly several times. I slowly worked my way down, as far as I could from behind her, and with each kiss her breath became shorter but louder. “Mmm, Jack…” I touched my nose to her neck lightly, and dragged the tip of it up to her ear. Then I moved my hands up to her breasts, squeezing them tightly. Katie had either already taken off her bra this morning, or hadn’t put it on since last night, so her breasts were completely bare. Katie moaned, then gasped, then let out a little laugh. She pulled my hands away. “Oh come on, Jack. You’ll have plenty of time for that later.” That damn voice! Katie suddenly swung herself on top of me, and kissed me hard on the mouth, keeping her lips together this time. She began to grind against me, pressing her breasts against my bare chest as well. I could barely stand this – I was either Anadolu yakası escort bayan going to pretty much cum in my pants or tear off what little clothing she was wearing. Suddenly, she got up and slipped out of bed. She threw a shirt on and walked out the door, then took a left for the shower. I half groaned and half laughed, burying my face in her pillow. ‘Grr, that bitch is such a tease!’ I inhaled sharply, and got a nose-full of the sweet smell of her hair. I hadn’t really noticed how good Katie smelled, and this new discovery turned me on even more. I rolled onto my back and groaned, trying to allow my eyes to adjust to the endless darkness, but with no success. A dim light broke my concentration and eliminated the need, allowing me to at least see the source. The light was quickly accompanied by some buzzing, then a text tone. The commotion was my phone, letting me know I had a message. Since I didn’t want to leave the bed, I reached down and hooked my pants pocket with my finger, bringing my pants to me so I could get my phone. I fished around in the wrong pocket for a second, then found it in the other, and opened it. “Aren’t you going to join me?” It was from Katie, obviously, and she wanted me to join her in the shower. A little grin crept onto my face, and I stood up and left the room, naked. When I got to the bathroom, the lights were, of course, off. This came as no surprise, except that I hadn’t known her to shower with them off. The water was running, but the fan was off, so I stepped into the shower. As soon as I had, Katie’s hands were Escort Kurtköy on my already hard dick. She began stroking it lightly, very lightly, which was driving me crazy. I reached out for those amazing breasts, but her hands came off my dick and redirected my hands to her ass. I gave it a hard squeeze, which made her squeal, but she jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist, kissing me again. Afraid she was going to slip off of me, I turned her around and balanced her against the wall, which made her moan and gasp again, as she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me over and over. I kept squeezing her ass, which we were both really enjoying, as one hand stroked my chest and belly, down to my cock, which she slowly guided into her. I began pumping back and forth, gaining speed, but she whispered into my ear. “No, don’t fuck me. Love me. Make love to me, Jack…” That voice could have made me jump into the ravine. I slowed down immediately, and began to kiss her neck again, as passionately as I could. I kept squeezing her ass, slower now than before, and she pushed her tits tight together and squished them against me. I relied on my dick and the wall to hold her up, as I pulled my hands away and grabbed her breasts firmly. I rubbed gently, trying to stay passionate and not want to ravage her entire body. As the hot water fell down my back, I remembered the light. “Why no lights or fan? It’s going to get twice as steamy in here.” “Power’s out.” That was all she said, since she was cut off from anything else by her own scream as I pushed back into her. “Oh my Maltepe escort God, screw making love! Fuck me, Jack!” This was the first time in over 24 hours she’d said something to me without using that voice, but I wasn’t going to ignore thatcommand. I moved my hands back to her ass, working it like dough, and buried my face in those breasts. While kissing and licking her breasts, and kneading her ass, I pumped in and out of her furiously, causing her to moan and scream and curse, as she violently threw her head back and tightened her grip with her legs. Through her screams, I could barely make out the words she was saying. “Oh my- ooh- God! Jack, I’m- aahh, fuck! I’m going to cum!” She orgasmed intensely. Just from how tight and hot her pussy got, I could tell it was a big one. Katie’s entire body shook, but I was far from done. As she screamed with pleasure, I kept thrusting into her, faster and faster, and gave her ass a huge, strong, tight squeeze. She suddenly started swearing under her breath, through her teeth, and I could almost see her eyes, they were so filled and gleaming with lust. Her hands came loose from my neck as she experienced a second orgasm, followed quickly by a third. But for whatever reason, I just wasn’t feeling it. I felt like I could fuck her forever, and she didn’t seem to mind. She was so hypnotized by ecstasy that she couldn’t even tell me to slow down. I didn’t want to slow down, anyway. I wasn’t even getting tired, only felt like I was getting stronger and could go faster. As my bloodstream filled with adrenaline, I even felt like my dick was increasing in size, and so did she. Her screams got so loud they hurt my ears, and I was afraid she’d tear her larynx, if the neighbors didn’t break down the door first. Her arms were now against the wall, and I slapped her ass once before pinning them there. The water going down my back seemed to be getting hotter, and the sex with Katie definitely was.

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