Compromised Position Ch. 02


‘Amy, I have discussed your potential with the other members of the PE department and heads of department; and we are holding a meeting on Wednesday the 15th after college (4:00pm) in the staff room. You are required to attend this meeting and should arrive exactly how you did in my private meeting with you last week, ie. Wearing your cheerleader uniform. The meeting will be very much the same routine as last time and purely private and confidential. If you have any reason not to want to show your willingness and enthusiasm about being head cheerleader during this meeting, please do not attend and we will find another suitable candidate.

Mr. P. Brompton.’

Amy felt a tingle run through her whole body as she read the college email, it was Wednesday tomorrow. Does he mean that she should not be wearing underwear again? Would she have to perform the sexual acts she was required to do at their previous meeting? Surely not, but she would do anything to keep her position as head cheerleader.

When Wednesday came around Amy decided it was best not to wear underwear and arrived outside the staffroom door dot on 4 o’clock. She knocked twice with no response, although she could hear people’s voices inside.

Suddenly Mr Brompton came up behind her,

“Amy! Right on time, follow me.”

He ushered her into the room where 6 other males were sat along a line of sofas. Four of these were teachers from the college, the other 2 she did not know. She was told to stand at the front while Mr Brompton sat down with the rest, who were now all looking at her in her uniform.

“Amy. This is a private meeting and none of the matters expressed in it are to be taken outside of the meeting by anyone, do you understand?”

“Er…yeah…I guess.”

“Right, as you know, this is Mr Wells, Mr Peters, Mr Blake and Mr Geoffries,” her audience smiled at her as Mr Brompton continued, “Now, for good measure I have decided to allow two other men here today to give a fair opinion of your potential; this is Mr Hardy and Mr Fellows.”

Amy looked over the men, all old and not particularly attractive. Mr Brompton began to speak again,

“You’ve already proved yourself to me, however, we need to decide as a group whether you deserve the position. If you perform how you did last week I see no reason why we should keep from you the position you deserve… Now, you know the procedure so take off your top and bra and stand in front of Mr Wells.”

Mr Wells was the first in line on the sofa and probably would just prod her breasts and inspect them like Mr Brompton had previously done.

Reminding herself that no one would ever know that she had let 7 old teachers inspect her breasts and probably the rest of her body, she decided to try and get it over with as quickly as possible and hastily took off her top and bra, revealing her young pert breasts to the audience as she stood less than a metre from Mr Wells.

A grin spread across the face of each man in the room at the view of the hot topless cheerleader before them and as expected, Mr Wells sat forward and looked over her breasts before cupping them in his hands. After a short groping he nodded in agreement,

“Fine…now Mr Peters.”

Amy moved along the sofa and now stood before Mr Peters. He was the oldest of the group and the most anxious, quickly grabbing her breasts with his rough hands, daring to tweak her nipples and delighted by the fact that he had made them become erect.

Amy blushed, beginning to feel a little slutty but content from the fact that no one would know that she had let 7 old men touch her up just so she could keep her position as head cheerleader.

The rest of the group, including Mr Brompton as a refresher – as if he had forgotten what they feel like – all had a grope of her breasts and she once again stood in front of the group of teachers.

“The group seem to come to the same conclusion that you have a very fine upper body, Amy. Now, we require you to bend over and touch your toes, making sure you have good posture with your bum pointed high in the antep escort air.” Mr Brompton stated firmly.

It flashed through Amy’s mind again that she was wearing no panties; however, the fact that this secret act would keep her place as head cheerleader was far more appealing. She leaned over in front of the men and pushed her bum high into the air, causing her skirt to lift slightly and presenting her cute ass to them.

Mr Peters stood up and walked over to Amy, quickly followed by the rest of the group.

She was soon surrounded by the seven men who were looking over her fine assets. Mr Peters, eager as ever took prime position behind her and began rubbing her bum and thighs through her short skirt, prompting the other men to begin feeling up her dangling breasts and other assets.

The man introduced as Mr Hardy was closest to her head and kept nudging his crotch onto her face purposely as she swayed from the other men feeling her up. She could feel his hard cock through his pants and knew exactly what was coming next.

Surely enough, Mr Hardy undid his own trousers and presented his large cock, pressing it against her face, taking in the sensation as he wiped it around her soft, young skin. Amy kept still with her mouth closed, she knew she would have to suck him off but was trying to avoid the situation for as long as possible – his dick was too big to even contemplate putting in her small mouth.

Meanwhile, one of the other teachers plucked up the courage to pull her skirt over her lower back and hands were now freely massaging her naked butt and tracing the crack of her arse cheeks. Amy felt a tingling in her pussy, even though all 7 men touching her up were old teachers, her pussy was moistening rapidly.

Mr Hardy now had hold of her head and pushed her closed lips against his dick. Knowing the inevitable, she opened as wide as she could and began sucking the end of his hard meat, causing a groan to escape his lips. Now she had started, she wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible, sucking and slurping her teacher’s dick and swirling her tongue around the head.

Mr Wells took her hand from her side and placed it on his covered package, helping her as she instinctively began to undo the button and zipper of his trousers. The sooner she made them cum, the sooner she could get out of this situation.

Amy couldn’t help squirming as fingers teased her arsehole and began probing her wet slit as she held onto Mr Wells’ hard cock and sucked Mr Hardy, whose meat slipped further and further into her mouth each time she moved.

Hands were all over her hot young body, roaming every crack and crevice, cupping every mound and poking every hole. Soon enough her other hand was filled with a hard cock and Mr Peters began nudging his meat into her soaked pussy.

Mr Brompton had brought some lube to the session and dripped the cold liquid onto her bum hole as Mr Peters continued to pump into her. Mr Brompton’s fingers soon began to massage the oil around her arse crack and teasingly probed the entrance. Amy was an arse virgin and her butt was tight as a finger found its way inside.

Mr Peters was banging her more rapidly as his hand slid round and grabbed a handful of breast.

“Oh…this pussy is so tight!”

The thrusts from the rear were causing her to lunge forward onto the cock in her mouth as it nudged the back of her throat, causing her to gag slightly.

“Oh fuck…I’m gonna shoot my load in your mouth…make sure you swallow…oh…mmm…”

The cock in her mouth erupted and she desperately tried to swallow the mass of cum, fighting a loosing battle as reams of cum continued to flow and began pouring out the sides of her mouth and over her chin.

Her mouth was forced onto the limping cock as Mr Peters burst his seed deep inside her pussy while Mr Brompton’s finger continued to loosen up her arsehole.

“Oh…you hot fucking little bitch! Damn…!” Mr Peters was screaming through his orgasm.

Amy was pulled up from her position, and before she could wipe the cum from her chin or thighs, her skirt was ripped off and she was forced to straddle Mr Blake who had taken off his trousers and was sat on the sofa sporting a huge erection.

“No!” She pleaded, “Please, it’s too big! Please don’t make me sit on it!”

Her meek voice and struggling body were ignored as her legs were lifted either side of the old teacher, who took the opportunity to suck on her breasts.

His cock slid easily at first into her pussy with cum still moistening the entrance, before she felt herself stretching to accommodate the huge member pushing into her wet hole. The lube was being spread generously over her butt hole with Mr Brompton’s fingers pushing deeper inside.

“Ever been fucked in the ass?” a voice came from behind her.

“…Ah…N…No…” she replied between breaths, still trying to relax around the huge meat in her pussy. She no longer wanted to be in this situation, but from their reaction to her recent pleas, she had no choice in the matter.

“Mmm…me first!” Mr Geoffries blurted as he lubed up his own dick, “best get plenty of this on before I fuck that virgin hole, don’t want too much chafing!” With that he began poking his meat into her bum hole while spreading her cheeks with his hands.

Amy thought she was going to pass out from the double penetration, made worse by the fact that her arse was now being stretched by a teacher’s cock. She sat as still as possible, trying to ease the pain of the stretching with Mr Blake’s huge cock filling every inch of her pussy and Mr Geoffries seemingly big dick invading her butt.

Mr Fellows and Mr Wells were now at either side and moved her hands for her to wank their dicks. Mr Brompton laughed as he climbed up onto the sofa and poked his dick into her mouth. The dick in her arse was building rhythm as her hole loosened up.

She was starting to have second thoughts if this was what she needed to do to become head cheerleader but the cock in her mouth left no room for disagreement. Besides, these horny men would probably rape her anyway if she stopped. It crossed her mind that 2 had already came, leaving 5 others, 2 of whom seemed close to cumming – therefore she was nearly half way to finishing.

Mr Blake pulled her down tight, impalling her fully on his cock, bringing a tear to her eye.

“Mmm…you hot little slut! I’m guna cum in your tight pussy! Oh…mmm…”

With that, he began to erupt inside her. The feeling put pressure on the cock in her arse, which immediately burst – feeling to Amy like she had a bad case of diahorrea as reams of jizz coated her anal passage.

“Oh fuck! Oh fuck! That’s it! Oh your butt’s so tight!” Mr Geoffries was slamming relentlessly, bouncing Amy like a rag doll as he filled her rear hole, consequently stuffing more of Mr Brompton’s dick into her mouth.

Streams of cum now ran out of her butt and pussy as their cocks began to go limp. She felt empty as they plopped out.

Mr Brompton ordered the teachers not to move her, fascinated by the hot cheerleader hungrily sucking on his meat for the second time in just over a week. He was ignored as hands grabbed Amy roughly by the chest and spun her round onto her back.

Within seconds she made eye contact with her next fuck, Mr Fellows, and he slammed his meat into her young cunt.

“Oh fuck…mmm…” he gasped as his dick disappeared between her open legs.

Mr Brompton followed her face with his cock and squatted over her, filling her mouth once again. Fellows seemed quite small after she had just been stretched by Mr Blake’s dick.

“Oh yeah…I’m guna cum deep in your hot little mouth! Mmm…”

His cock was pushing further and further into the back of Amy’s throat. She began to back away and sucked harder, trying to make him cum before he could push his way down her food pipe. Her prayers were answered with bursts of warm semen, however, after the first burst, Mr Brompton pulled away but continued pumping his own cock, wanking more jizz over her face.

She heard an angry comment come from Mr Wells, sat beside her wanking at the sight,

“Pull her over her! I want her hot arse on my prick!”

Mr Fellows immediately pulled out and shouted,

“You heard him you slut, stick your arse on his prick!”

Amy didn’t move, terrified of another dick potentially damaging her bowels. Mr Hardy and Mr Fellows dragged her to her feet, practically carrying her limp body as she stood with her back to Mr Wells.

“Sit on his fucking cock you little slut or we’ll all tie you down and rape your tight fucking arse!”

She didn’t want to see if that threat was false and reluctantly began to lean back, allowing Mr Wells to pull her onto his dick, directing himself into her butt.

With one unexpected tug, Wells pulled her right down onto his dick until her bum cheeks touched his stomach.

“Argh! No! No! Please stop!” Amy screamed.

A sudden slap came across her face from Mr Fellows,

“Shut the fuck up bitch! Be a good fucking cheerleader and bounce on his cock!”

He moved towards her trembling body, resuming his previous position as he nudged into her pussy. She was now sat firmly on Wells’ pelvis, his cock fully inside her ass. He was groping her tits from behind while squirming under her, trying to get some movement in and out her butt.

“Oh baby, this is one hot cunt! Look me in the eye you little slut!”

Amy’s teary eyes looked into Wells’,

“Smile! I know you’re enjoying having real men take your hot body’s holes!”

She half smiled to please the teacher but couldn’t hide her grief from her face. The fact that these were the only 2 men that hadn’t yet cum comforted her slightly.

“She feels like a sack of fucking spuds! Put some effort in, bitch!” yelled Mr Wells from behind her.

“Yeah, put your feet up on the sofa!” Shouted Fellows.

Amy did as she was told and began bounce on Wells cock while Fellows continued to push into her. The position was causing her to squeeze her arse cheeks and put pressure on the dick roasting her butt,

“Oh fuck…oh…fuck…” Wells blurted. He began pumping aggressively into her arse as he came deep inside her, pummelling his meat into the tight hole.

“Look at her fucking face! She fucking loves it!” Shouted Fellows, “Fucking hot slut, I’m guna cum deep in your hot fucking pussy! Oh fuck…mmm…fuck…”

Wells’ orgasm was beginning to subside while Fellows thrust his erupting cock into her wet love hole. A seemingly endless stream of cum gushed into her slit, slurping and slopping over the cock pistoning in and out.

As Wells plopped out she relaxed slightly, thinking it was all over, and looked around the room. She caught a glimpse of the other 5 men wanking their cocks before she was ripped off the sofa and forced onto her knees,

“Come on fellas!” Shouted Geoffries, “This slut wants us to cum all over her pretty face!”

The 4 men followed suit and began wanking as Geoffries face fucked her. He gripped her hair and pulled out, continuing to wank as he sent cum flying onto her face.

“Open your fucking mouth! Taste it” He wiped his cock on her tongue and viciously pulled her head in front of Mr Peters. Within seconds he burst too and wads of cum hit her mouth and nose.

He quickly moved aside to give way to Mr Blake and Mr Hardy as they came in unison. Her face was now covered and cum was dripping onto her breasts as she sat back on her knees waiting for Mr Brompton. She looked into his eyes, seeing a sorry look on his face as he wanked into her mouth.

Amy swallowed the final burst, and sat back, not trying to stop the cum freely dripping from her face over her naked body.

She watched silently as the other teachers left. Mr Brompton dressed and knelt down next to her,

“Im sorry,” he said sympathetically, “It was supposed to be a bit of fun but it got severely out of hand. You were supposed to enjoy it too but they turned into animals, I didn’t feel I could stop them…Please, please don’t tell anyone and I’ll make sure nothing like this ever happens again.”

Amy looked into his eyes before letting him take her into his arms, oblivious to the cum transferring onto his shirt. She had too much to lose if anyone ever found out…

Awakening Michelle Ch. 01: Intro


I’m not sure where to begin the story of me and my wife’s journey into the lifestyle, so I suppose the beginning is as good a place as any. My wife Michelle and I have been together for almost half of our lives. We started dating when we were seventeen, high school sweethearts. We dated for a few years and have been happily married now for ten years. We are both in our mid thirties and have started a family of two children. We were always happy and deeply in love with one another. However, we weren’t necessarily in the ‘prime’ of our lives although we wanted to be.

Nearly two years ago we started a journey of bettering ourselves by exercising and changing our eating habits. I was 5’9″ and overweight at 255 lbs. My wife was 5’6″ and almost the same at 245 lbs. We decided we didn’t want to miss our children’s weddings and got to changing our lifestyles. I can happily say that I’m now down to a healthy 175 lbs muscular build. It is hard to imagine that I had muscles that were lying dormant under all of the fat. Luckily I don’t have any loose skin as we did it slowly and used different methods to keep our skin tight during the weight loss. Not to boast but it feels good that my frame now matches my blonde hair and blue eyes. My wife was always hot to me, even when she was overweight. But now, holy shit! She is a bombshell. She’s trimmed herself down to 135 lbs and kept all the right curves. Her hair has always been blonde with some type of highlights and always just at or above her shoulders. She’s always picked colors that highlighted her hair well and complemented her blue eyes. If you ask her the only thing that she is unhappy with is her breast size. She’s always been about a B cup but she’s always been a nice handful for me. However, she’s even more critical now that she has a thinner frame.

As a congratulatory gesture I suggested that she get a breast augmentation. I was afraid she’d blow up but she actually agreed with no argument. She opted to go from the B cup to a D cup breast size. I can’t say that I was complaining before but her curves are even more accentuated now that she has larger curves up top as well. The recovery took a little longer than normal but now that she’s healed she loves to show the puppies off. She never was much into two piece swimsuits before the weight loss and breast surgery but now she wears them every opportunity she gets. I can’t say that I don’t enjoy it. I think watching her and the attention she gets is what got me thinking about the lifestyle more seriously.

Before our transformation I had always been interested in the lifestyle. The thought of seeing her with another man was always enough to get me instantly hard. Sometimes I would imagine her sucking another man’s cock while I was fucking her. I had brought up the idea of swinging but she was always one guy kind of gal and never thought about being anything but monogamous. So, I always bided my time and imagined my little fantasies, if she only knew!

It would happen that about 9 months after her breast augmentation a local swingers club was hosting a ‘meet and greet’ where those that were curious about the lifestyle could tour the club and talk to the current members. The nice thing about the event is that it didn’t require any pre-registration like most clubs do before you join. The hosts asked that you email them the pertinent information such as names, age, sex, etc. Then you had your spot reserved for the event. I was able to talk Michelle into getting a sitter for the kids for the night and going to ‘this new dance club’. I knew if I tried to ask her before she would flat out turn it down and it would be a no fly zone. I played it cool and that is where we will pick up our story.

“Ugh Mike, where is this place? It seems like a long drive compared to other clubs that are closer. How much longer? I think I can feel my teeth floating I have to pee so bad”

I suppress a chuckle “We’re almost there. But I have a confession to make.” I can feel the blood rushing from my face as I know I’d have to tell her where we are going. The club’s name is ‘Desire’ and she’d either think it is a strip club or a swingers club and the jig would be up when we get there. I decided to tell her before, so we can get the formalities otherwise known as a spat out of the way.

“Umm, Ok…” She says curiously but hesitant of my response.

“The club we’re going to isn’t your basic, run of the mill dance club. It is an open house for people that are into swinging. Now, before you yell at me, hear me out.” I can sense an outburst while I say that but keep going on. “I am not doing this to fuck some other girls tonight, or to ever fuck someone else for that matter. I just believe we owe it to ourselves to learn more about something we know nothing about. If you remember you said you’d never use a sex toy and now we have a whole binful under our bed. Again, I’m not saying we’re doing anything, or that we ever will do anything. But there is more to swinging than fucking other people. gaziantep bayan escort You can be a voyeur or an exhibitionist and never touch another person. Plus there is so much that even I don’t know that I’d like to learn.”

“Babe, I love you and no one else. I can’t imagine that I’ll ever think about being with another man or being naked in front of a group of people for that matter. Plus, owning sex toys and watching you put your cock into another woman are two completely different things. Can’t we just do something else?”

She’s always been somewhat of a frugal person so I decide a little white lie wouldn’t hurt in this situation so I say, “We can, but I had to put $50 down to reserve the spot. I’ll owe you one. You can think about what I need to do to pay you back. All I’m asking is you give it a couple of hours to talk and learn and then we’ll go home.”

She lets out one of those ‘you owe me big time’ sighs and says, “Fine. But don’t expect alot from me and you owe me. You owe me big for this one.”

We pull up to the club and there are just handful of cars out front. This is it! My cock is twitching at the prospects of testing our boundaries and learning more about this lifestyle. I honestly am not expecting anything but it has been a fantasy for so long I can’t resist being turned on by the idea.

I notice the club has a grey facade with the words ‘Desire’ etched in purple neon cursive with a mirror backdrop. Not too strippy, but not sophisticated either. We open the large black door at the entrance and we can hear the low thud of music as we enter the building. I can sense Michelle tensing up as we enter so I take her hand to let her know I am there and I love her. Inside is a hostess stand made out of glass and I can see straight through to the person standing behind. The hostess is a gorgeous 20 something brunette with her hair in a pony tail. She’s shorter than Michelle and probably weighs 120 lbs soaking wet. She is wearing a short blue dress on that hugs her frame and her tits are probably a B cup but look amazing on a small frame.

“Welcome to Desire. My name is Kennedy. Are you members or are you here for the open house?”

“Um… we’re here for the open house.” I croak. I feel like a nervous teenager at my girlfriend’s parents house.

“Names?” Kennedy asks with a cute smirk on her face.

“Mike and Michelle” I reply.

“If you’ll please take a seat and I’ll go get Charlie and Alex, they are the hosts for the event and they’ll give you the tour and introduce you to some of the members that are already here.” She gestures to a long red leather bench that sits against a purple wall. The room is lit with a dull white and blue lighting and about as big as a single car garage. It is decorated like a strip club meshed with a 50’s diner.

“Kennedy, is there a restroom I can use?” asks Michelle.

“Sure, follow me and I’ll show you where it is.”

Michelle plucks a kiss on my lips and tells me she’ll be right back. I decide to sit while trying to make out the music coming from somewhere in the club. I wipe my sweaty palms on my pants to fight some of the nervousness as I wait for Michelle to come back and for the hosts to arrive.

An attractive couple walks into the foyer from the main club and they each have such welcoming smiles. The husband, Charlie, stands about 6′ and is very muscularly built. Based on his jet black curly hair I could tell he has some Italian ancestry. He looks to be in his early to mid forties and you can see that distinguished grey starting to show in his goatee. I have to do a double take as his wife looked like Michelle. She’s about an inch or two off of Michelle and probably the same weight and frame. Her breasts seem to be unaltered but she knows how to accentuate her C cups. Her hair is raven black like Charlie’s and her lips could suck start a leaf blower.

I stand up, extending my hand to shake both Charlie and Alex’s hands.

“Good evening! You must be Mike. I’m Charlie and this is my wife Alex” Charlie says while gesturing to his wife.

“Nice to meet you. My wife, Michelle, had to run to the restroom she’ll be right ba-” No sooner than I say that, she walks around the corner and I hear Charlie mutter “Wow” under his breath.

“Michelle, I was just introducing myself and my wife to your husband here. We’re the hosts for this evening. I’m Charlie and this is my wife Alex. And, I hope I’m not too forward but you look amazing.” Michelle is wearing her sexy, tight fitting black dress and her mid height heels. She definitely looks amazing.

Michelle blushes and lets out a muted “Thanks” as she walks up beside me. She huddles up against me and I can sense that she is tense.

“If you guys will follow us we’ll take you to our office and we can get to know eachother a little bit and discuss the lifestyle and some of the rules for tonight. Come this way” Alex says as her and Charlie lead us down a hallway. The hallway is in the same decor as the foyer but lit by recessed L.E.D. rope lights near the ceiling. The lighting gives this soft white glow to the hallway.

I feel Michelle lean into me and whisper “Wow, they are a gorgeous couple. It is like looking at a mirror when I look at Alex.”

“No kidding.” I say.

We enter an office that has that porn audition feel. Not opulent but sufficient to run a business. There’s a desk with 2 chairs on one side of the room and a couch with 2 plush chairs separated by a coffee table on the other side. Charlie and Alex take the two plush chairs which left the couch for Michelle and I.

“Tell us what brought you to club Desire tonight? What is your experience with the lifestyle?” Charlie asks.

“I’ll admit this was solely my idea. My wife and I have never considered entering the lifestyle and it took a bit of persuading to get Michelle here. I’ve always been intrigued by the lifestyle and wondering if I had the capacity to feel jealous if another person were to be intimate with Michelle. I’ve been on websites that talked about the lifestyle, watched reality shows, etc. I found your club’s website awhile ago and would check back from time to time. I saw your announcement of the open house and thought it would be a good time to check things out. I don’t plan to act on anything tonight and I’m letting Michelle set the pace. If we walk out of here tonight more educated and decide to never look at the lifestyle again, then I will be fine with that. I love Michelle more than anything and I would never jeopardize that.”

I see Michelle glance sidelong at me now that I elaborated a bit on my personal history with the lifestyle. I feel some of her tension melt away. Let’s push it a little bit further…

“Admittedly, the idea does turn me on tremendously though. There have been times where I’ve day dreamed about sharing Michelle with another man. The thought of two of us running our hands up and down her body. Giving her our undivided attention is a huge turn on for me. I would love to experience giving her our undivided attention and letting her get all the sexual pleasure she can handle. She’s got the most delicious sex and the thought of another man tasting that while I’m gently sucking on her breasts, slowly biting her nipples is immensely arousing. Add to that the feeling of me deep inside her while another man is kissing on her neck and sending goose bumps up her back, she likes that by the way, is enough to push me to the edge. Finally, watching her climax with her nails dug into the chest of another man while I’m standing behind her and tweaking her nipples can usually get me to cum.”

Alex clears her throat and says “Wow, sounds like you’ve thought about this alot. I can tell by Michelle’s expression you’ve not admitted this before.”

I look over at Michelle expecting a flying fist to my face but I am greeted by this look of confused arousal. Her legs are pushed together and her nipples are visible through her bra and dress. She looks at me like she wants to say something but she shakes her head and changes her mind.

“No… he hasn’t.” answers Michelle without taking her eyes off of me. “You’ve really thought about this haven’t you? You wouldn’t be jealous at all with me being with another man?”

“Honestly, I don’t know yet. That is why we are here. I might see two men and a woman together, in real life, and be scared out of my mind and realize what I’ve imagined isn’t meshing with reality. I’ve figured though, that we owe it to ourselves to fully explore our boundaries. You only live once. I don’t want to sit on our death beds fifty years from now wishing we would have at least been courageous enough to try new things.”

“Well, this dialog is exactly what we encourage here. You’ll find tonight that our members have all been in your shoes at some point in their journey. Some learned it together, however, everyone has learned to accept their feelings and explore their desires. Which leads me to the most important rule in the lifestyle, no means no. It is a rule that is not to be taken lightly. In an environment such as the lifestyle, where all desires are welcome, it is important to let people know where you are and where you aren’t comfortable. Before you can leave this office and mingle with the club you need to be confident in saying ‘no’. Mixed signals can lead to alot of confusion and second guesses.” Charlie says.

“Yes. The second most important rule is no touching anyone without first asking for permission. This is close to the first rule since the simplest act of touching is crossing the first boundary people have. How can you be sure you haven’t made someone uncomfortable unless you ask first? Both of these rules are strictly enforced here. If a member or non-member for that matter does not ask explicitly if you are OK or touches you without prior permission then they will be made to leave the premises. We take our guests privacy very seriously here.” Alex says with a smirk. “Yes, one can be private while nude.”

Alex hands both of us a clipboard with a sheet of paper attached to it and a pen. “This is a simple one page rulesheet, kind of our bill of rights if you will. Please read over this and if you are comfortable with the rules, sign and date below.”

I notice rules one and two are right up top and it bold type. The other rules are more ‘housekeeping’ rules such as lost belongings, refrigerator usage, etc. While reading the rules we hear a soft knock on the door.

Kennedy peeks her head in saying “I’ve just finished discussing the rules and got signatures from our other new couple. Let me know when you are finished and I’ll take Mike and Michelle with Levi and Alyssa around the club for introductions.”

“Sure! We’re almost finished. They’ll be out in a minute or two.” Alex says.

Kennedy closes the door as Charlie turn to us and asks “Do either of you have any questions?”

“I don’t think so.” I say “At least not yet anyway.”

“Fantastic! We will pass you into Kennedy’s expert hands. Enjoy the club and if you have any questions ask the members, Kennedy, or Alex and myself.” Charlie says.

We all stand and shake hands and Michelle and I walk out to the hallway to find Kennedy talking with who I presume are Levi and Alyssa. Levi is a tall man with straight red hair. He has somewhat of a pompadour with taller hair on top of his head and shaved sides. He is slim built but very attractive. His wife is probably a few inches shorter than Levi and looks petite. She doesn’t have large breasts but her form is very fitting for her stature. She has shoulder length, curly red hair that reminds me of a summer sunset. I notice her ass as they turn around to shake hands with us as Kennedy makes the introductions.

Kennedy waves us down the hallway and talks about how we are the two non-member couples here tonight. She mentions that there are probably ten other couples here and possibly a few more on the way. Kennedy mentions that on normal nights there are fifteen to twenty couples and during events like New Years Eve there is double that.

The hallway opens up into a larger dance room. There is your typical bar to the left with a dance floor directly in front of us. To the right is a corner with benches and coffee tables. On the opposite side of the room in the far left corner is a DJ booth. In the middle of the room to the far right corner are more benches and tables. Finally there is a hall opposite of us that leads to other parts of the club I presume. The room has the same purple decor with white and blue LED lighting. Soft dubstep music is playing. The tone of the room is like a familiar party with conversation and laughter.

Kennedy leads us to the bar and explains that typically we are encouraged to bring our own alcohol and they can store it for us and keep it cold during our stay. She introduces us to the bartender and all of us order a drink.

I’m sipping on my usual rum and coke while Kennedy explains that the club permits nudity throughout the premises, except outside of course, and not to be shocked if people get a little raunchy as the night progresses. She reminds us that the rules always apply but watching is highly encouraged.

Kennedy dismisses herself and leaves the four of us to our own devices.

“Have you guys ever been to a club like this before?” asks Alyssa.

“No, this is our first time. What about you?” I ask in return.

“This is our first too. However, we have been with another couple once before. That was at home though so we’re a little nervous in this public setting.” Alyssa says.

“No doubt.” muses Michelle “Mike thought this all up and surprised me with coming here. We’ve never done anything with another couple and I found out tonight how much Mike has thought about it. I’m not sure how I feel about letting another man touch me or another woman touch him. How did you guys feel about your first time?”

“It was amazing. I used to feel the same way that you do. I probably would have knocked Levi out if he was brave enough to try what your husband did.” Alyssa says “Would you like to hear the story of how our first time went? Maybe it might put your mind at ease hearing our first time and how we felt during and afterwards.”

“Sure!” I say “I’m always curious to other people’s journey and how they’ve processed things once the sexual energy died down.”

“Ok, it happened after a work party. One of Levi’s co-workers was a woman who Levi always had the hots for. I’d always rib him on how much he wanted to have sex with her but it was always more in jest. During the party we hung out with her and her husband who was drop dead gorgeous. One of those tall dark and handsome type of guys. While at the party we really hit it off well. We found out that we had similar interests. Normally there is that discomfort of being the spouses of two people that are co-workers. However, her husband and myself had alot of hobbies that we shared. As the night progressed the party died down inversely with our drunk levels and we decided to go back to our place and talk some more.

Fun in St. Martens


My wife and I where married in our early twenties and had been on the education tread mill for what seemed a long time. After graduate school and starting our carriers we finally had time for a long vacation.

We were able to arrange for two weeks to be gone and started to look at tropical vacation spots that we could lay in the sun and scuba dive. We decided on a location within the Caribbean. We were at resort called Club Orient, St Marten. The resort was beautiful and allowed for long walks and allowed for nude sun bathing.

At first we where a little shy about going nude but after seeing others we quickly shed our clothes and laid naked enjoying the sun. A few days passed and the relaxation and sun had regenerated out libido and resurrected our sex lives.

We had not socialized with anyone and had not met many people, so when the club announced that they where going to have a wine and cheese social we where anxious to attended.

The social was high energy; while talking to another couple I found myself talking mainly to the lady and my wife carrying on a separate conversation with her husband.

Our topic of conversation was mundane revolving around the sun and diving, until the topic turned to sex. She told me how she and her girl friend had surprised their men with some sexy clothing and a show one night.

She said that they had dressed up in some sexy lingerie and danced for their boy friends and that the guys got so into the show and where obviously turned on by the two ladies dancing together. This led to the woman to act more provocative. She then mentioned that touching the other lady actually was a bit of a turn on.

I replied without even thinking that my wife had mentioned being curious how it would feel to be touched by another woman and to touch another woman.

The woman whose name was Dana asked if my wife would be interested in playing. I hadn’t meant my statement to be an invitation and didn’t quite know how to reply, so I just said that Dana would have to talk to my wife, Jean.

A few minutes later she and my wife Jean went for a walk. When they got back Jean announced that we were invited to Dana and Steve’s apartment for dinner the next night.

The next evening when we where getting ready I told Jean we don’t need to go if she didn’t want and she said that she was curious and wanted to go if I didn’t mind.

Up to this point we had been in one soft swing episode with another couple where we had sex in the same room but without any interaction between couples. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen that night and had cold feet.

When we arrived everything was low key. Dana was dressed in Levi skirt and blouse and Steve had gone to the store. The three of us talked and I started to relax.

No real talk of sex or any discussion such as we had had the night before. When Steve returned we had some wine and had a few laughs.

Jean my wife and I where setting on the couch and Steve and Dana where gaziantep bayan escort seated on the floor in front of us. Steve was rubbing Dana shoulders and reached over and started to kiss her. As they continued to kiss I started to kiss Jean. When I looked over in a few minutes at Dana and Steve they where starting to undress each other.

I was turned on and felt comfortable in starting to unbutton Jeans dress. Jean didn’t object as I opened the front of her dress so I slipped it off her shoulders.

Dana came over and set next to Jean on the couch as Jean and I kissed and explored each other’s body. Dana was setting opposite myself as I rubbed Jeans breast and I could clearly see that Dana was now naked.

Dana’s body was lovely and I couldn’t resist visually feasting on her beautiful breast while Jean and I continued to kiss passionately.

I broke the kiss with Jean then I turned Jeans face toward Dana. Jean looked at Dana and smiled at her and then reached out her hand and caressed Dana’s breast. Dana slid the straps off of Jean’s shoulders and then removed her bra. Dana and Jean started to kiss as they felt each other’s body. Dana pushed Jean back flat on the sofa and began licking her nipples while her hand slid down and under Jeans panties.

I was so turned on and so hard just watching that all my nervousness was gone. I reach over and slid Jeans panties off so I could watch Dana fingers as they played with Jeans pussy. I noticed for the first time that Steve was also naked and so I stood and slipped my shorts off and my shirt.

Jean’s eyes where closed and she was making small moaning noises as Dana sucked and bit her nipples and slid two fingers in and out of her pussy and rubbed the juices about and on her clit. Dana then knelt on the floor between Jean’s knees and began to lick her pussy and suck her clit into her mouth.

Jean was moaning and rolling her head from side to side as Dana continued to orally pleasure Jean. Steve and I where just watching for a while and then Steve got behind Dana and started to rub her pussy as she licked Jeans pussy and then started to fuck Dana.

Steve pulled out of his girl friend and said “feel how wet she is.” I slid my hand over Dana’s butt and placed two fingers into a very wet and slick pussy, obviously Dana was as turned on as much as Jean.

Steve then stood up and sat on the couch next to Jean and started to pinch her left nipple as he sucked on her right nipple. This had the effect on Jean to significantly intensify her moaning and state of arousal. Indeed I could tell by the sounds she was making and the look of her face that she was approaching an orgasm.

I continued to stroke my fingers in and out of Dana’s pussy and she started to thrust back against my hand. As Jean reached her first orgasm, which was very vocal, Dana started to push two fingers rapidly in and out of Jeans wet pussy. This obviously increased the intensity of Jeans orgasm.

I was setting on the right side of Jean and Steve on her left side with Dana kneeling between her legs. Jean was in a continual orgasmic state it seemed to me with the veins in her neck standing out and her face flushed. I took my fingers from Dana’s pussy and reached over and pinched Jeans clit, as she likes pressure on her clit when orgasm. As I pinched her clit she gasped and set straight up on the couch and utter “oh my God” as she pushed my hands and Dana’s hand away from her pussy.

She then reached over and grabbed my cock with her hand as she sucked it into her mouth. She bent over my cock and was sucking hard and rapidly moving up and down on my cock. Steve stood behind her with his cock poise at her gaping pussy and I thought he was going to fuck her. Instead Dana took Steve by the hand and led him to the couch opposite side of the room where Steve started to eat Dana. I was so horny I pushed Jean back flat on the couch and slammed my cock into her dripping pussy. She gasped and looked me in the eye and said, “I love you, oh God I’m Cumming again.”

I continued to pound into her pussy for how long I do not know but as my orgasm sweep over me I blasted cum again and again into her pussy. I don’t know if I have ever ejaculated that much fluid at one time in my life.

As I caught my breath I noted that I was still rock hard and so I got up and lead Jean over to where Dana was laying on the couch. I leaned Jean over the top of Dana to rest her arms on the back of the couch while I fucked Jean from the back. I entered Jeans pussy and I felt Dana’s finger on my cock and Jeans clit immediately.

Mean while Steve was really going to work on Dana pussy. I reached down and rubbed Dana’s clit while Steve was licking her pussy and sinking his tongue into her. All of a sudden I came, Dana Came, and Jean came nearly at the same time. I had to set down. Jean got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. Steve got up and said that he had to go pee and disappeared also into the bathroom.

Dana looked over to me and said that she was completely satisfied and I agreed. We lay there allowing our hearts to slow down for how long I don’t know, when we heard some noise in the bathroom like someone had bumped against the wall and then we heard Jean moan and said “OH God.”

Dana and I then smiled at each other as quieter moaning came from the bathroom. Dana and I got up and walked to the bathroom where the door was open and as I looked in Jean was seated on the counter top with her pelvis slid forward and Steve was standing between her wide open legs sliding a very shinny wet cock into my petite wife.

I stood there mesmerized watching my wife’s face with her eyes closed and a look of complete ecstasy. He was pushing into to her pussy fast and hard and as he did she was thrusting her pussy forward to get his cock as deeper into her pussy.

As I looked over at Dana I noticed her hands rubbing her clit and her eyes watching Jeans cunt stretched wide by Steve’s thick cock. This must have continued multiple minutes and finally Steve, who had not cum yet tonight tensed, moaned load and slid forcefully into Jeans pussy and held her hips tight. As Steve exploded inside of Jean, she also came, and leaned forward kissing Steve and shoving her tongue into his mouth.

My fixation on the scene in front of me ended as I was brought back into the present by Dana moaning loudly as she brought herself off watching the scene in front of her. My cock was rock hard again and had recovered in a very short time. Dana took my hand and said directed toward the Jean and Steve, “we are going to take the first bedroom and you can have the second.

With that she pulled me into the bedroom and lay down on the bed spreading her legs and pulling me on top. I entered her hard and slipped all the way in, she started to cum again within a few minutes. I could feel her pussy contract about my cock and within a minute or two I also came. We were both exhausted and fell asleep.

About a hour later I awoke because some creaking springs of the bed next door and as I listened I started to hear my wife moan and heard her say “oh your so big don’t stop” and then in a few minutes I heard her Cumming hard. It was so erotic to hear your wife having an orgasm on someone else’s cock.

After we got up in the morning we all had a shower and Jean and I left after some fond farewells and went back to our place. We drove in the car quiet for a few minutes not saying anything to each other, then Jean broke the silence and said are you ok with what happened. I said yes that it was fantastic.

Jean mentioned that it had gone beyond what she had expected, especially the part where she fucked Steve in the bathroom. She apologized and said that she was so turned on that when Steve came in the bathroom to freshen up and then started to tell her how sexy she was and kissed her she was just on fire and could not stop.

She said that she just jumped up on the counter and grabbed his cock and slid it in her pussy. She said at that moment I could have fucked 5 guys, I just could’ t get enough. I then told her it was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen. After I said that she slid her hands between her legs and told me to get to our apartment fast since she needed me inside of her.

When we got home we had some of the wettest and hottest sex we have had in along time. After we where able to talk again I told her that I had wanted to experiment with sex with other couples but was afraid to approach her about my thoughts. She then confessed that she had similar thoughts but thought that if she mentioned it I would think that she didn’t love me. Jean then asked me if the night before had been what I thought it was going to be like. I said that I had under-estimated how turned on I was going to become. She laughed and agreed that the same was true for her.

Well I am hoping to find out if the excitement is as great the second time, I sure hope so!! This was our first lifestyle experience and though it was our first full swap, we could not think of a more erotic evening, then that first time.

Confessions Ch. 02


Chapter 02 – Mr. Umber

Thank you Musicloverxo91 for editing.

I was in my tenth year, a thirty four year college introduction to math professor. I had over one hundred and fifty students in my classes everyday, and I knew everyone of them by face, name and voice. Little could happen in my class without me knowing, when, where, why, or who. I had been labeled, a stern, yet fair teacher, and was liked by most students and staff. It was rare for me to have disruptions in my classes, and filing a disciplinary report was non-existent. I graded my students with fairness, if they worked hard, and did as they were suppose to, they would generally pass my class. There were a few, that just didn’t get it, and would fail.

It was in early January that one of my students came to my classroom after most had left for the day, for her innocence, I will call her Jackie. Jackie was an athletic girl, involved in many sports and extracurricular activities. She seemed to excel in most classes, but not mine. When Jackie came to my room I waved her in and she moved inside swiftly closing the door behind her, she seemed upset to me and I straightened to let her know she would have my full attention. She stepped over to my desk, and rested her hands upon its smooth surface before speaking, “I need to pass your class Mr. Umber. If I fail, I will not be able to continue my sports.”

I nodded to her, “I understand that, and I understand that you may be having issues with this subject. We can set up a tutor for you, there are many that can help you.” She breathed deep and shook her head, “I don’t have time for a tutor Mr. Umber, my time is filled keeping my body in shape for sports, and doing the homework I already have. I have done every assignment you have given this year, I have studied for every test, I have done everything that I could, but I am still failing. Mr. Umber, I need to know if there is anything else I can do?”

I paused as I thought, all the times you hear about them doing anything for something it fell into fantasies. I had to chuckle to myself as I thought of that. Never had I thought about actually touching one of my students, the fantasy was fantasy only, but it was a sexy one. I was not thinking she was offering that though, and did not plan on offering that to her either, I was a good, honest, faithfully married man. “If you like Jackie, we can set up a time for you and I to meet and work on some of this together, therefore we could meet on the time that you do have available.”

She moved to my side of the desk and slid upon it as she looked me, “Mr. Umber, I don’t think that you understand what I am saying to you,” She smiled and moved her skirt up her thighs a bit higher, “I will do anything to get the grade.” My mind whirled as I realized she did mean anything. This I had to stop, geometry was passed by work on geometry not on a person. I lifted my hand and signaled for her to stop, “Jackie, that is highly inappropriate, that is not how you earn a grade in my class, now please lower your skirt.”

She smiled at me and slid back off my desk. “I am sorry Mr. Umber, I did not mean to offend, I wasn’t aware you didn’t like that,” she antep escort smiled again, and took a breath, “perhaps this would be better,” She moved her hands behind her and I heard a zipper and her skirt fell onto my floor.

I sat there, I amazement, staring at this beautiful young lady before me, her legs were long and tan, her slender body was very fit, very sexy. I could feel the bulge in my pants starting to grow and snapped myself back into reality, “Jackie, put your skirt back on please.” She smiled again, she must have thought she made me weak, and she was not far from the truth. She slid back onto my desk and her fingers moved down the buttons of her blouse, exposing her bra to me, then her belly, her sexy, belly.

I tried to speak, but the words were lost, and she giggled. Her arms went back and the shirt slid from her, her fingers moved to her back and she unclasped her bra and let it fall, “Mr. Umber, please help me with my grade,” Her voice was soft, sexy. I once again put my hand up and tried to speak, but her left foot slid into my lap and slowly stroked me, quieting me quickly. “Am I sexy Mr. Umber? Do you like this?” As she spoke her right foot moved onto my desk spreading her legs, and her fingers slid over her skimpy panties, “You know Mr. Umber, just last night I masturbated thinking about you, you made me very wet.”

I felt my eyes move and I watched as she caressed herself through the thin material, my cock was hard in reaction to her fingers, and foot. I tried to speak again, but I think it was more of as squeak, “Jackie, this is highly, so very highly inappropriate.” She giggled, and moved her panties to the side and slid a finger inside of herself, “MMM, Mr. Umber, please help me.” she pleaded as she removed her foot from my cock.

I stared at her, lost in the action as her finger slid in and out of her young pussy, I felt her hand on the back of my head and I leaned forward with it. My mouth opened as her finger slid out and my tongue pressed against her. My taste bud exploded with the taste of her, her pussy was sweet, and soft and I kissed it, then licked it again. My hands moved to her sides as I slid out of my chair, to my knees in front of her. I heard her moan as I jabbed her pussy with the tip of my tongue.

Her fingers slid off my head and back to her pussy, spreading it for me, “Oh Mr. Umber, your mouth is magic.” She coaxed me on and I had little doubt that my mouth was to her, as she got wetter then I had ever seen my wife. I moved my mouth to her clit and stabbed it with my tongue, then closed my lips on it and sucked lightly, as I slid my finger deep inside her. I could feel her shaking already and added a finger and moved them in circles inside her, my tongue beginning to mimic them on her clit.

“Mr., Umber, I’m going to cum, Mr. Umber, I’m cumming,” Her voice was shaking and drove me on, I nipped my teeth at her clit and moved my fingers quickly in and out of her young pussy. I could feel her shaking fiercely. Then she exploded on my fingers with gasps of breath and high pitched moans, wave after wave of her orgasm flowed over my fingers and hand, her pussy grasping at me.

I slowed my pace and moved my mouth from her as I felt her orgasm simmering down. I looked up to her and withdrew my fingers and stood quickly. Her face was lit, bright with joy, my own lit, bright with embarrassment, “Jackie,” I stuttered, I couldn’t talk. Jackie smiled and slid from my desk. She placed her hands on my waist and slid down my body, I tried to protest, but all thoughts of it disappeared as her fingers unfastened my pants and I felt them fall to the floor. She wasted no time dropping my underwear and her hand grasped my cock and she slowly stroked it, “You like this Mr. Umber?” She asked her smile wide as she looked up to me.

I had no reply and she giggled once more as she opened her mouth and slid it over my cock, her tongue sliding around my cock as she took me deep into her mouth. Her mouth was wonderful as she slid back up my shaft, her lips moving back down, her tongue never pausing. She slid back up and released me from her mouth and her hand began stroking me once more, “You are so big Mr. Umber.” She giggled again as she kissed down my cock and sucked on my balls.

Her hand moved faster on my shaft as her mouth closed on my balls, licking and sucking, Her thumb teased the head of my cock and she looked up to me once more, “Will you fuck me Mr. Umber, please fuck me and make me earn that grade.” I nodded and she lit up, “Thank you Mr. Umber, I want to feel you inside me.” She stood up, removing her panties quickly at the same time. She turned around and leaned on my desk pointing her backside at me, “Take Mr. Umber, please take me.”

I was astounded with myself, was I really doing this? Then I realized I had already committed and decided to do something my wife would never consent to, hell she wouldn’t consent to this either right? I knelt down behind her and slid my fingers between her legs once more, slowly caressing her pussy, she moaned and this time I smiled. I moved my face closer and extended my tongue, licking lightly at her ass cheek.

Jackie knew immediately what I was doing and urged me on, “MMM Yes Mr. Umber, please lick my ass,” she stated as she reached back with both her hands and spread her ass for me. I took a deep breath and slid my tongue over her ass, flicking small circles around her sweet little hole. Then I darted the tip inside and slid my finger deep into her pussy, perhaps harder then I had intended as her body tightened and a loud moan escaped her lips. Her fingers grasped into her cheeks, spreading them wide, as my tongue moved in and out of her ass, and my fingers began to swirl deep inside her wet pussy, her juices beginning to run down my arm.

I tongued her ass for some time before I felt her shaking again and decided to feel her on my cock instead. I withdrew my fingers from her and stood behind her, she moaned in reply, “Mr. Umber I’m so close to cumming again, please fuck me, please fill my pussy with your cock.” I needed no more encouragement and took hold of her waist with my left hand as my right went to my cock and moved it to her pussy, I slid the head inside her and moved my hand to her ass, caressing it as I slid deeper inside her. She gasped as I pushed myself all the way inside her and slowly began to pump my cock.

Her breath in quick pants as she spoke to me, “Oh god Mr. Umber, your cock is so good, fuck me Mr. Umber, make me earn the grade. I’m going to cum all over your cock Mr. Umber.” And she did, I could feel her young, tight pussy squeezing my cock as she came on me. I started moving my hips faster, fucking her harder as she came, her breath came in gasps as my cock impaled her.

I could feel myself getting close as her orgasm concluded, my shaft was beginning to grow, and I was a little nervous about going inside her and pulled out quickly. She must have known I was close and spun around and dropped to her knees, she took my cock in her hand and began to stroke me. She smiled up to me, the innocence gone from her eyes, “Ill take you in my mouth Mr. Umber, there will be no evidence that way” and she covered my cock with her mouth, her tongue back to spinning over my shaft inside her.

I would have laughed had I not been so close to exploding, the evidence was already on my floor and arm. But my thoughts were on her as her mouth bobbed on my cock, her fingers caressing my balls, lightly rolling them in her hand. I let a moan escape my lips and she moved her mouth faster up and down my cock, I could feel the cum moving to the tip of my cock, and she moved to take it from me.

My orgasm was like that of a rocket, my knees buckled beneath me as I shot stream after stream of my hot cum into her mouth, she continued to suck on me moving her mouth to the head and flicking her tongue over it in her mouth as my cum shot at her, her hand stroking the shaft rapidly as she gently squeezed my balls.

I felt my orgasm finish and she ran her mouth down my cock slowly, then back up taking any cum that was left, sucking it from my softening member. I caressed her head as she released me and she smiled up to me, “Thank you Mr. Umber.” She wasn’t thanking me for the grade, but the fun. I hadn’t given her a grade yet, and was nervous as to what she wanted next, “Thank you Jackie, I never knew how good that would be.”

She stroked me a couple more times, and licked whatever dripped out before it could fall from me, then she pulled my underwear, and pants up. She kissed my lips softly as she fastened my clothes and whispered softly to me through our kiss, “That should raise my grade one level, we will go for another later Mr. Umber, that is, if that is okay with you sir.” I nodded slowly, “That will be good Jackie, we will discuss,” I used the word very loosely, “This again later.”

She smiled as she moved away from me and retrieved her clothes, bending at the waist to pick them up and smiling back at me as she displayed her pussy and ass to me once more before dressing herself. I smiled and sat back into my chair as I watched one of the hottest young women in the student body dress before me.

She smiled as she moved to the door of the room, then turned and spoke quietly, “Mr. Umber, I must confess, tomorrow in class will be like the last few weeks, I’ll be as wet as ever and might touch myself beneath the desk, be sure to look.” She gave a smile, oddly it was one that made me think of innocence, turned and exited, closing the door behind her. I sat at my desk for some time after that, then opened my books and raised her grade ten points.

A Day at the Gym


Rob had opened the morning post, and the usual stuff was there; bills, circulars, advertising. A letter from his bank seemed a little different, because it offered all sorts of free gifts to thank him for his overdraft!

One of the offers was a free days membership of Banantynes’ Gym, and so he tore off the promotional code and thought about, perhaps, having a relaxing day swimming, and a sauna at the local branch.

He grabbed his mobile, and made inquiries, and decided that he would go on Wednesday.

Wednesday arrived, and he told his wife that he was taking advantage of the free offer, and he was having some ‘me’ time.

At about 9.30 he drove down to the gym and did the necessary signing in, and listened to all the explanations, although he was already familiar with them from previous ‘guest’ visits.

It was quite a well appointed gym with a pleasant lounge area, a work out room, with all the latest machines, a class teaching area, and a large pool with steam rooms, sauna and showers, and a couple of Jacuzzis at the poolside.

He made his way into the mens’ changing room, with its lockers and sectionalised areas.

Out of sight from where he was, were a group of early morning swimmers, drying off and getting dressed.

They were young lads compared to him; in their early twenties.

They were laughing and enjoying blokes’ banter.

He overheard one of the lads say, ” Hey, did you see that Mrs Cunningham in there looking for a likely fella. You know Katie Cunningham’s mum from school?”

“What do you mean?” said another guy.

” Oh she’s well known for picking up guys and taking them home for a shag.”

“How do YOU know?” and there came raucous laughter from all of them.

“My Uncle told me…she goes for the older guys.”

More laughter followed, and then the subject changed, and they were discussing what they were going to do that weekend.

Rob smiled, and wished, enviously, that he was young, free and single again.

He got his swimming shorts on, and sorted his locker, and with just his locker key and towel made his way into the pool area.

It wasn’t too crowded. A few people lazily swimming lengths, one or two sitting on the edge of the pool with legs dangling, and a couple of women in one of the Jacuzzis.

Occasionally, the door to the steam room would open and a sweaty body would appear and make its way to the shower.

He dropped his towel on one of the shelves at the side of the pool, and stepped gingerly down the steps into the pool.

It was pleasantly warm, and he quickly plunged further in and set about his first length.

“This is the life,” he thought to himself.

He completed three or four leisurely lengths before he stopped at the far end and leaned, chest high in the water, against the wall.

He was a bit of a people watcher, and he cast his eyes around the pool area.

Apart from the few swimmers, there was a guy about his age sitting on one side of the pool with legs dangling into the water.

A slim blonde woman had swum up to him, and hoisted herself out of the pool in one movement to sit by his side and start to talk with him.

At the far end of the pool to him was the exit, and entrance to the changing rooms, and out of the womens’ section he noticed a black woman enter the pool area and wave at the blonde woman across the water.

She returned the wave, and shouted something which Rob couldn’t decipher.

The black woman made her way round the poolside to where the woman was sitting with her male companion. They both went into one of those ‘girly’, giggly conversations, and it was obvious that the blonde introduced the man to her friend, and it seemed from his body language that he was nervous and slightly shy with these two females.

Anyway, the black woman descended the steps and entered the water.

Rob couldn’t help but notice her breasts. They were what you would call ‘ample’ and with such a wonderful cleavage.

“Oh my god,” he almost gaziantep bayan escort heard himself murmur, and smiled to himself before pushing off to continue his next block of lengths.

Puffing slightly, he completed six more, before resting again against the wall.

The blonde and her shy friend were still chatting, with her laughing out loud.

Her black friend had been swimming lengths a couple of lanes away from Rob’s.

As she turned for the next length a couple of feet away from Rob, he took a long look at the water glistening on her swollen breasts, and just a brief glimpse of her rounded buttocks as she disappeared away from him up the pool.

He waited and watched her turn at the far end, and as she approached he felt a slight stirring in his swimming shorts.

It had been a long time since he had felt that urge suddenly come upon him.

As she came to the end of the length she stopped and turned towards him.

He almost looked away guiltily as he had been ‘ogling’ her, but in that split second she had smiled at him and said, ” get moving, you won’t get fit standing there like that!” and before he could reply she had pushed off and was several strokes into her next length.

Rob was surprised by his reaction because his heart was actually beating faster and he hadn’t done anything but stand there!

As his eyes followed her, she had reached the other end of the pool and had climbed out, and both her and her blonde friend had gone into the steam room together.

Rob slowly swam to the other end of the pool and got out, and after a quick burst of spray under the shower headed for the Jacuzzi.

He entered the far one and was soon followed by the man the blonde had been talking to at poolside.

They made eye contact, briefly, in acknowledgement, and settled down to relax.

Rob had hardly closed his eyes when the peace of the quiet bubbles was broken by giggles from two ladies entering the jacuzzi.

It was the blonde and her black friend.

As the blonde stepped down into the tub she shouted, ” Hi David who’s your friend?”

David replied that we didn’t know each other, but Rob broke the awkward moment and said ” Oh I’m Rob…we just happen to be sharing the tub.”

As she sat down beside David she said to him, “Hi Rob, I’m Bev and this is Di”

Di nodded, and smiled broadly, and stepped across the Jacuzzi and sat beside him on the moulded, plastic, underwater bench.

Rob’s thought processes were in overdrive. Normally when two women went into a Jacuzzi with complete strangers they would sit equidistant from them, yet both Bev, and Di had positioned themselves almost touching both him and David.

“Well I guess both you guys are having a day off work?”

We both nodded, and Rob replied that it was a day to chill out.

Both girls laughed out loud and Di said ” Oh well we’d better do our best to relax you!” and they dissolved in giggles.

” Lets get some bubbles going,”

As she said that, Di half lifted herself out of the tub and twisted and reached behind Rob to press the five minute bubble burst.

As she did so, her breast pressed into his shoulder, and he got a close up of her brown skin on the tops of those wonderful breasts.

The bubbles erupted and they all settled down to enjoy them.

The girls giggled and Bev shouted meaningfully to Di, ” ok go for it.”

Both David and Rob were puzzled by what she had meant, but they didn’t have long to wait to find out.

Rob felt a hand move on top of his shorts and start to grip his cock.

Di had half turned and her face was close to his and Rob almost gasped, and resisted the temptation to push her hand away.

Looking across at David’s startled face, and his open mouth, Bev was obviously carrying out a similar exercise.

Rob’s cock stiffened, and Di quickly with one hand pulled Rob’s waistband to his swimming shorts away from his body, and her other hand slid inside and closed around his cock.

Rob looked around the pool area to see if anyone was watching.

Oblivious to everything, David’s eyes had closed and both girls had started to massage their cocks so expertly that soon Rob’s was stiff and rampant.

Di certainly knew what she was doing.

Her hand went sliding up and down, and as it did it massaged the shaft and then the tip and very quickly got Rob preparing to cum.

As the bubbles seemed to get louder and frothier Rob just gritted his teeth and closed his eyes….he let out a stifled moan and Di shouted “Yay” at the top of her voice and shouted, “Beat ya!” and burst out laughing.

It was obviously a competition to see who could get one of us to cum first.

David didn’t stifle his moan and gasped “Oh fuck” and Bev shouted “Gotcha” and then within a few seconds the girls were sitting beside us as though butter wouldn’t melt.

With a smile Di said,”Ok you guys, you don’t get away with just that. We will meet you both in the lounge and you can buy us coffee and we will see if we can chill some more,” and with that they were gone to the changing rooms.

Rob looked across at David with raised eyebrows and David said “Did what happened just happen?”

Rob was dumbfounded, and didn’t really know what to think, but was wondering what Di meant by ‘chill some more’.

“What are you doing for the rest of today David?”

He replied that he had no commitments, and by the knowing look in his eyes they both knew that they had to see what the rest of the day had in store!

They both dried and changed back into their clothes, and made idle conversation, and it became apparent that they had a lot in common.

Both married, both had quite a ‘colourful’ experience of the ladies in their single days,and both of them just a little bit bored with their ‘traditional’ lifestyles.

They exited the changing rooms and went into the lounge/reception area, and to their dismay neither Bev or Di were anywhere to be seen.

Both their hearts sank a little and David muttered, “some you win, some you lose'” but just as he had barely said those few words, out of the ladies’ changing room came Bev, followed closely by Di.

They were both smiling and laughing with each other, and when they noticed Rob and David came over and Di said “ok you guys I never did like the machine coffee here so do you fancy coming back to my place for a proper cuppa?”

The two men did not need to hesitate a second and Rob replied “yeah that would be great.”

“Cool” said Di “I guess you’ve both got cars so both of you follow my Fiesta, it’s not that far,” and with that they all trooped out of the gym and into the car park.

“See you when we get there David,” Rob said and they all got in their respective cars and drove out onto the road.

The drive was only about 10 minutes, but Rob was desperate not to lose sight of Di’s car in the traffic. David was following him, and fortunately the gods were with them, and they soon pulled into Di’s road and parked up outside a very nice suburban house, with neat lawns and attractive curtains.

They followed the girls in through the front door and Di told them to go into the lounge and sit down while she disappeared into the kitchen with Bev to make the coffee.

Rob sat on a generous sofa and David sat on a large armchair opposite in the corner.

The girls soon entered with mugs of coffee.

“Hope you like white without sugar,” said Di which seemed quite ironic coming from her dark lips and sweet sweet smile.

She came and sat on the sofa next to Rob, and Bev sat on the pouffe next to David’s armchair.

” So you guys, how come you’re not at work in the middle of the week?”

We both explained that we, coincidentally, were having a day off to relax from our usual work.

“How lucky for us then,” smiled Di and winked across at Bev.

Di put her mug down on the coffee table and then took Rob’s from his hand and placed it beside hers.

She turned, and pulling her legs up underneath herself on the sofa, leaned forward and with her face inches from his, she whispered, “So we had better get rid of all those stresses and strains.”

She parted her lips and slowly kissed him, prising his lips apart, and pushing her tongue into his mouth.

Rob returned the kiss, and leaned in towards her.

He felt the heat of her body and caught the suspicion of a sigh.

The kiss seemed to go on for ever, and when it ended he looked over and noticed that Bev had knelt in front of David, and was kissing him in the same passionate way.

Di pulled away slightly, and as she looked Rob in the eye with a half smile, she reached for the zip on his trousers, and slowly pulled it down.

She unbuckled his belt, and opening the top of his trousers, she reached in to slide her hand under the waistband of his boxers.

Her fingers clasped his semi hard cock, and pulled it out.

Her head lowered, and Rob felt her mouth surround his hardening flesh.

He let out a groan so loud it made Bev turn round and smile briefly, before she began to unzip David.

Within a minute they were both as hard as iron, and both girls heads were rising and falling in the most exquisite way.

Rob was trying to reach down to touch the ample black breasts of Di, but she stopped and stood up, looking down at him, she reached her hands behind her back to unclasp her bra and swiftly slid off her t-shirt and revealed her wonderful pendulous breasts, with nipples that stood out like organ stops.

“Hey you guys what are you waiting for?”

None of them needed a second invitation.

Within a few seconds they were all naked and both David and Rob were kneeling on the carpet with their heads between the legs of both Di and Bev.

After that the next half an hour became a whirlwind of sexual lust.

As Rob lapped at Di’s pussy she became wetter and wetter, and her groans became louder, as she became more aroused.

He could sense Bev’s passion rising too and as he glanced over, Bev had mounted David, and was riding his cock with slow gyrations of her hips.

Her head was thrown back, and she was muttering with almost a growl, “oh god oh fuck!”

Di must have seen them as well, because she pushed Rob onto his back, and slid her soaking pussy down on his cock and started to ride him.

Her breasts swung back and forth and Rob grabbed them and squeezed the big black nipples.

She groaned out loud, “Fuck me fuck me harder.”

Rob felt as though he was going to cum, but she slowed, and turning to Bev said ” C’mon swap” and with that they both rose up and swapped places, and Bev’s pussy enveloped his cock, and she started to rotate her hips on his pelvis.

Di had quickly taken her place on David’s cock, and he was grabbing up at her wonderful breasts. All four of us were very close to cumming.

For much of the time Rob’s eyes had been half closed with the intensity of the sex they were having. Bev was squeezing his cock with her pussy in a way that couldn’t last.

He opened his eyes just at the moment when Di looked across at them.

Her body was glistening with perspiration and her titties were swinging, but Rob’s and her eyes met, and something in that split second made them want to finish what they had started together.

She slid from David’s cock and whispered to Bev to swap again.

She lowered herself onto Rob again and it felt like the perfect fit.

She only had to move a few times when he started to cum.

It came from deep within him, and just when he couldn’t hold on any more Bev shouted “Christ I’m cumming,” and he moaned out loud and shot a stream of semen deep into Di’s cunt, and then another, and then another.

David started to cum too and as Rob looked up Di shuddered and bucked, and he knew she had reached her climax.

They all collapsed exhausted, and the whole of that suburban lounge was filled with the aroma of sex.

These two women had had their way with the two men, and awakened in them sexual fires that had only smouldered in the last few years. What had they done? TBC

Friendly Skies


I came home to bags packed and waiting for me by the front door. At first I was confused, wondering if Elle had finally decided to leave me. Then she stepped through the doorway on the balcony above me, stooping briefly to adjust the strap on her white high heels with one hand while the other fiddled with an earring. See was wearing a sheer white blouse and the hot pink miniskirt I bought for our anniversary. Even from my downstairs view, I could already see she wasn’t wearing any panties. The upskirt view gave me an arousal.

“The kids are at your mom’s for the weekend,” she said, “Ready to go?”

“Am I ready to go where?” I asked blankly.

“For a ride,” she said.

Truth is, I was ready to stay home, sit on the sofa and watch hockey on television but, moments later, I found myself blindfolded and sitting in the passenger seat of my wife’s sporty convertible Mercedes-Benz. Blindfolded, I was even more acutely aware of her erratic car handling skills. She took the turns very fast, but I didn’t dare open my mouth to criticize her driving because I was at a distinct disadvantage if I needed to dodge her backhand. So, I sat quietly and listened to the squeal of breaks.

When we jerked to a stop, I could hear jet engines. Elle got out, gave someone instructions and then opened my door and grabbed my arm.

“Just do what I say and nobody gets hurt,” she giggled. Her heels clicked briskly on the concrete pavement.

With my wife pushed me from behind until I found myself stumbling up a steep flight of metal stairs.

“Watch your head,” my wife’s voice advised.

Up the stairs and, immediately, I was sitting in a plush, low-back leather seat. After a pause, doors slammed shut and I was pushed back into my seat by a lunge forward.

“Okay, take off your blindfold. You can look now,” Elle’s voice enticed.

“Surprise,” yelled a chorus.

We were taxiing down the runway in a sleek corporate jet. My wife traveled a lot for her job, sometimes in private planes, but this was some special kind of private jet. Leather, chrome, video monitors, polished mahogany panels and a fully stocked bar.

Seated around me were my two best friends, Will and Sean, and their gorgeous wives, Jana and Nikki. The guys were dressed in dark suits and brightly colored shirts and their wives were as finely tailored as my own — white heels, brightly colored miniskirts and silk blouses. My wife sat across from me, her toned legs slightly spread and glistening. gaziantep bayan escort Her smile beamed from ear to ear.

“Because you’ve been such a good boy, we’re taking you to Vegas for the weekend.”

“Happy birthday, buddy,” cheered Will.

Glasses of gin and vodka clinked a toast to the good news and everyone said, “Hooray.”

Interrupting us, the co-pilot gave an abbreviated safety briefing. Even he quickly knew that he wasn’t wanted or needed. The moment he pulled the curtain on the cockpit, giggles and laughs erupted in the passenger section. Soon, the plane raced down the runway, lifted and soared.

“Just sit back and relax, old buddy,” Sean said. “Leave the in-flight entertainment to us.”

As soon as the plane leveled at cruising altitude, Will pointed a remote toward the flat screen monitor mounted in the front console. An artsy adult video flicked on, the premise of which clearly revolved around couples enjoying themselves with other couples.

“Well, this is what I call first class,” I said.

“Service with a smile,” Jana said.

Jana was the youngest and always one of the most adventurous of the group, and she was the first to move. She strutted to the front of the cabin and began dancing to the video’s sensual soundtrack. As the on-screen porn star loosened her blouse, Jana unbuttoned her own. It was as obvious to me, as it must’ve been to everyone else, that Jana had practiced these moves to the video already. As the porn star turned and friskily pulled up her skirt in the back, Jana did the same. With the precision of a well-rehearsed military drill, Jana imitated the actress’s every move. Jana’s big brown eyes, dark brown hair and perfectly tanned skin never looked better. As her petite frame wiggled out of her blouse and skirt, her husband of seven years, Will, joined her. He was a broad-shouldered, strapping young man with sandy brown hair and a Tom Cruise smile. Secretly, I always thought my wife had the hots for him. He unzipped his trousers and it didn’t take Jana long to unloose his erect dick. Its growing size was a true marvel.

“My, Will, Jana always said you had a big package,… she just didn’t say how big!” jibbed Nikki.

Will seemed embarrassed by the comment, but his embarrassment didn’t last long. Jana kneeled and began kissing and sucking his cock, the beginnings of a great live sex show for the rest of us. On the video screen, a muscular man stood poolside as a voluptuous vixen pulled down his shorts and began licking his dong.

By this time, my wife was flushed with excitement. Her eyes were fixed on Will’s tool. She pulled up her own skirt, turned it around and started to unzip it.

“Shit,” I thought to myself, “can this really be happening?”

I looked over at Nikki, who was sitting across the aisle in the seat facing me. She stared back at me and, with an expert wiggle, her miniskirt was suddenly bunched around her waist and she began working her own pussy with her fingers.

“Looks like we’re up next,” I said to Sean.

Fortunately, it was a smooth ride but no amount of air turbulence could have compared to the rocking that was about to happen. Elle hopped up on her knees and faced Will and Jana’s floorshow. Will’s dick had reached full erection. It was an enormous cock and, even though Jana was used to her husband’s girth, she struggled to get the whole thing in her mouth.

Elle’s hot bare ass arched my direction as her silk blouse slid off her shoulders and to the floor. Her breasts hung over the back of the cushioned leather seat. Nervously, I quickly lost my clothes and began licking Elle’s juices, her inner thigh, her ass.

“Mmmm, that feels good,” she groaned.

Over the sounds of love making on the video, I could hear Nikki moaning loudly. Out of the corner of my vision, I could see Sean’s face buried between her legs. She was leaning back hard, back arched, high heels on tiptoe with pink painted toenails peeking out. Sean loosened his belt and slipped out of his trousers without missing a stroke.

Jana walked cat like to put herself in front of Elle. I could see their eyes meet. Jana’s eyes were pools of desire smoldering darkly. My wife grasped her girlfriend around the waist and positioned her mouth between Jana’s legs. I had never known Elle to groove on girls, but somehow I wasn’t totally surprised. Elle always was attracted to dark skinned, dark haired, confident younger girls. And, with an air of Inca royalty, Jana fit this description perfectly. My wife’s face lost in Jana’s triangle, Will mounted Jana from behind and began stroking her slowly.

Jana’s large, brown areolas swayed left and right. Her head tilted back as my wife’s tongue and her husband’s shaft competed for her treasure. The couple’s rhythmic strokes rocked against Elle and me. We matched their timing, my tongue searching deeper and deeper into my wife’s quivering pussy.

From beneath, I unexpectedly felt Nikki’s hand begin stroking my dick. I looked down to see her smiling green eyes staring back at me.

“Surprise,” she breathed.

I smiled back, my mouth dripping with my wife’s sweet juices. Noticing my tongue had stopped its explorations, Elle looked over her shoulder at me.

“Is this okay?” I asked, nodding toward Nikki.

“This is totally my idea, sweetie. Have fun,” she answered

With a naughty smile, Elle returned her attention to Jana and Will. Jana leaned over Elle’s back and searched for Elle’s asshole. Elle squealed with delight, echoing the loud moans and pants from everyone else. At the same time, Nikki plunged my throbbing cock in and out of her mouth.

After a moment, Elle flipped onto her back and gracefully balanced her willowy body on the top of the cushioned leather chair. She lowered her face between Jana’s legs and, positioned underneath Jana in that way, my wife’s mouth accepted an occasional stroke from Will’s massive cock. Jana tilted over Elle, her tits continuing to sway back and forth, and slid her fingers into Elle’s vagina. My tongue alternated between licking Jana’s fingers and rimming Elle’s ass. Elle gasped with muffled joy as her mouth opened to accept Will’s cock again.

Beneath me, Nikki lay on her back and sucked my dick intensely. Juices ran down her cheeks. Bringing up the rear, Sean spread Nikki’s legs wide and pounded her feverishly.

After what seemed like an eternity of pure eroticism, Will came first, spraying cum all over Jana’s ass. It dripped down onto Elle’s face. Then, behind me, Sean gave one loud moan, pulled out and sprayed Nikki’s soft tummy and breasts. I pulled out of Nikki’s mouth and inserted myself into Elle’s trembling pussy. Slowly at first, then building to a crescendo, I worked in and out as Elle screamed.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Our friends watched as I slammed Elle from behind. I licked my thumb and inserted it into Elle’s warm ass and then reached the moment of truth. I came intensely inside my beautiful wife.

“Geranimo,” I yelled.

The skydiving joke made everyone laugh hysterically.

Afterwards, we were in a state of bliss and a bit amazed, I think, about the circumstances. We watched the conclusion of the video, with each of us petting and fondling our own spouses. Needless to say, it was the beginning of a truly remarkable weekend getaway. What I remember most is the contented smile on my wife’s face, lost in her own thoughts as she buttoned up her silk blouse.

Even now, months after this experience, any one of us can break up a room by yelling “Geranimo.”

Confessions of a Slut Ch. 22


I put my vibrator back in the drawer. I had just treated myself to another session with my new favorite toy. It had been nearly two weeks since I had sex. Both Derek and I had been working a lot and our schedules weren’t matching up when we were off work. I had given him a blow job in his police cruiser one night after I got off work but right now I was feening more. I tried to get him to come over real quick before his shift today but he couldn’t. Hurricane Wilma was bearing down on West Palm and nearly the whole police force was called to action; hence the vibrator session.

Pinky, my affectionate nickname for my vibrator had done its job. Sure, the nickname wasn’t creative but creativity was never my strong suit. I was still wet but I could hear people downstairs so I did on some panties and shorts and a burgundy Redskins T-shirt and wandered downstairs.

Courtney and I had invited a few coworkers over to crash at our place. Courtney’s place had hurricane shutters and was much safer than most other West Palm homes. We had dubbed it a hurricane party. While most of West Palm was stocking up on water and toilet paper, we stocked up on blow and booze.

Other than Courtney and I, there were seven people present. There were the bartenders Emily and Cali; Mandy the hostess; Parker, Travis, and Carlos the busboys; and Ashley the waitress.

The drinks were flowing and so was the gossip.

“Allison slept with one of the cooks,” Emily divulged. Allison was an older waitress. She was in her mid-thirties, recently divorced, and could be described as a certifiable nutcase.

“I heard someone sucked dick between the dumpsters out back,” Travis laughed.

“Gross! No way,” Cali screamed.

“There are some real skanks in this town. It’s disgusting,” Emily chimed in.

I was mortified. Who could have possibly seen me and Rod back there? That was months ago. I kept quiet. No one here knew who it was and I wanted to keep it that way.

I looked over at Courtney who motioned her head toward her bedroom. I took antep escort the hint and met her in there. She was already perched over the bathroom sink snorting a line.

“You?” She smiled.

“Me what?” I said nervously.

“Do you want a line?”

I was relieved and obliged.

“It was Ashely.”

“What was Ashley?” I asked.

“The dumpster blow job.”

“How do you know?”

“Pillow talk with Marshall. He was parked in his car in the back and they didn’t notice him.”

Marshall was the owner of the bar. I had only seen him a few times – once when I interviewed for the job and twice when he had brought friends and family in for brunch or post-golf drinks.

“Courtney, ew. He’s like sixty!”

“Sixty-four. And who are you to judge. Rick was so much older that he has a daughter older than you. And you fucked him while a picture of her was staring right at you,” she laughed.

Sometimes I wished I didn’t divulge so many details about my sex life to Courtney. This was one of those times.

We returned to the living room and rejoined the conversation. It was, of course, still centered on sex. These people had a lot of sex. It made me less self-conscious of my promiscuity. I found myself aroused. My eyes kept finding Ashley. I never would have thought she would be so scandalous. Maybe one day I’d reveal were were dumpster sisters but for now I was just relieved that it wasn’t me they were taking about.

Drinks flowed and the night wore on. I was tipsy but not tired. Still, I wanted a pick me up and began to walk up to my room to grab my bag of blow. My phone rang. It was my ex-boyfriend Matt. What could he possibly want? I stopped at the base of the stairs and instead opened the door to the garage and answered his call.

“Umm, hello?”

“Kelly. How are you doing?”

“Good. Ummm, what do you need?”

“I heard a hurricane is going to hit you guys. I wanted to make sure you were okay.”

That was sweet of him but Matt wasn’t a sweet guy. Something was off.

“Why did you really call Matt?”

After some silence he confessed.

“I fucked Tracy last night. I wanted to let you know before you heard from somebody else.”

Tracy was a good friend of mine in college. At least I thought she was a good friend. Her and Matt always seemed to get along well so I probably shouldn’t have been so surprised. My brain instantly pictured them naked and sucking and my blood began to boil.

“Are you mad?” Matt asked.

“No,” I lied.

Just then the garage door opened. It was Parker.

“Oh sorry. I thought this was the bathroom,” Parker said.

“There’s one at the top of the stairs,” I replied.

Parker shut the door.

“Who was that?” Matt asked.

“He’s a coworker. We are all sheltering at Courtney’s until the storm passes.”

“Have you fucked him?”

“No, Matt! He’s like twenty-one years old and skinny as a rail. I’m done with this conversation. I’ll call you some other time.”

I hung up the phone. I couldn’t believe Tracy had fucked Matt. Part of it made me mad. Part of it turned me on.

I walked inside and continued upstairs to my room. At the same time Parker walked out of the bathroom.

“Bump?” I asked.

“Sure!” Parker answered as he followed me into my room.

I grabbed the bag and cut two lines on my nightstand. I snorted one and then stepped back let him have his turn.

Parker was tall – slightly over six feet and could not have weighed more than one hundred sixty pounds. His young bushy hair curled up in the back exposing the pale skin of someone who spent too much time indoors.

“Thanks Kel,” he said as he began to walk out of the room.

My hand reached out and grabbed him.

“Fuck me real quick,” I blurted out.


“Real quick. No one needs to know. I haven’t had sex in two weeks and all this sex talk…” I trailed off. I could sense I was coming in too strong.

“I’m not even hard right now.”

“Then take off you pants Parker.”


“Take them off. I’ll get you hard.”

“But the door is open Kel.”

“Now Parker!”

He clumsily took off his pants, nearly tipping over in the process. His balls were abnormally big and hung cartoonishly between his legs. His dick was soft and small. At least it looked small with his huge balls providing the backdrop.

I knelt down and took his flaccid penis in my mouth. The sucking of my lips stretched his dick and the caresses of my tongue quickly brought him to life. What was once two inches had now grown to five and a half inches of incredibly thick cock. I loved my vibrator but nothing could replace the real thing and I couldn’t wait any longer. I took off my shorts and panties, both of us standing there in nothing but a T-shirt. I turned around and bent over, my hands resting against the dresser to brace myself.

I felt the head of his cock push against my pussy. I reached back between my legs and helped guide it in my already wet vagina. It felt so good. I missed this feeling. I needed this feeling.

He pumped slowly at first. I could feel his thickness pushing my lips to the side like ropes being moved to allow a VIP entry to a party. He started fucking me faster and harder. I reached down and rubbed my clit and could feel his balls occasionally sway up and smack my fingers. The absurdity of his balls would have made me laugh if I wasn’t so close to coming. I could feel it building and just needed a few more seconds to achieve orgasm. Parker gave me that but just barely as we were within about thirty seconds of coming simultaneously.

His dick was resting inside me and I could feel his shaft pulsing and pumping his last bit of cum inside me. I ran to the bathroom and emptied most of his cum out of my pussy and into the toilet. There was so much cum it was laughable.

I cleaned up and returned to the bedroom to find Parker had returned downstairs. I put my panties and shorts back on, but as I began to walk out of my room I felt even more cum drip out of me and into my panties.

I would need to wait a while and put on new panties. A minor inconvenience and well worth it.

Are You sure You want me to Do This



“Are you sure you want me to do this?” I asked my husband of seven years. We were in our ocean suite on a “special” cruise, one we’d booked through a select travel agency. We had fantasized for years about sex with another man, or men, and when Chet discovered this “swingers’ cruise” I agreed to try it. Chet has been after me to have sex with other men for the last couple of years, and I must admit the idea had grown on me. Now here I was, dressed as he’d requested, in a black chemise, black lace thigh-top stockings, a pair of black “fuck me” pumps, and no panties. My naked cunt and impressive tits were all brazenly on display for whoever Chet invited to join us. He has insisted I leave my naked, 36D tits out above the top of the chemise, and as always I complied with his request. I’m the CEO of a small corporation in the “real” world, but in our fantasies I am always Chet’s “slut wife.” Now we were going to change those fantasies into reality, and I was as excited as Chet. My pussy was wet, and I could smell my essence.

“Yes. I’m sure,” Chet breathed. “Are you, Dana?” His cock was already hard, and as I stared at the thick, seven inch long lump in his thin jogging shorts, I knew he was as excited as I was over what we were about to do. I could see the wet stain in the shorts where his cock touched them, and when he came over to me with the wrist and ankle restraints I almost came just from knowing what we were going to do. My husband was going to bring a man back into the room with him… a bisexual man… and that man was going to fuck me while my husband held me in his arms. Then he was going to suck the cum from a stranger’s cock out of my pussy while I took the man’s slimy cock into my mouth.

“If you really think you can handle this, I’ll do it,” I breathed.

“He’ll do nasty things to you.”

“I know. Isn’t that what you want?”

“YES!” Chet hissed, his cock jumping as he said the word. “You’ll be okay with that? Being my whore?” Chet asked.

“Of course, my love,” I said, anxious now, anxious for him to invite into our cabin. “I want it, too.”

He kissed me then, before attaching my wrists and ankles to the fur-lined restraints. Then he raised my arms and hooked the restraints to the headboard of the bed, repeating the process with the ankle restraints.

He stood over me then, looking down at me as his cock lurched again.

“You’re beautiful,” he said, before leaning down to gently dip his fingers inside my juicy cunt. I momentarily turned my head away from his hand when he wiped the smelly fingers on my lips, but then he did it again, and something inside me snapped, and I opened my mouth and sucked my cunt juices from his fingers.

“Do it again!” I said, knowing he knew how much I hate the smell of cunt. I was telling him I WANTED him to do things to me that I found distasteful, and so he did it. He wiped my face in the rank juices from my cunt, and I shuddered as some kind of perverted lust washed over me.

He kissed me again then, licking my lips, then grinned and said, “Now you smell like a randy cunt.”

“Then let me be one. Bring me some cock,” I breathed, feeling another wave of wet, erotic pleasure filling my cunt.

“Don’t go away,” he grinned. And then he was gone.

I’m not sure how long I waited for him. Perhaps ten minutes. Perhaps an hour. I lost all track of time, but when I heard the lock on our cabin door click, I felt my pussy contract…just before I got the shock of my life.

“OH! MISS! Sorry!” a cabin attendant exclaimed. Then, “Who DOES this to you! I go… get help!”

“NO!” I gasped. “It’s okay! I… we… my husband… he… he went to get a… a friend. He wants me like this. I want it, too,” I said, becoming aroused now, to be seen like this, dressed like a slut, my naked tits and cunt exposed to the maid.

She came into the room then, over to the bed as the door closed behind her.

“You LET him to do this, Miss?” she asked, gazing at my erect nipples, then my hairy, wet cunt.

“Yes. I WANTED him to do it. He… he’s bringing a man back with him. They’re both going to fuck me… and feed me their cocks,” I groaned, incredibly aroused to be saying this to her.

“Oh Miss!” she said, her face coloring as she continued to stare down at me. “You are so beautiful. And so lucky to have such a man. To have husband to let you do like this,” she said, sitting on the bed next to me now.

“Yes. I am lucky,” I said, watching her staring me. “Do you think I look sexy…sexy enough for another man to want to fuck me?”

“Oh Miss, YES! You… you VERY sexy,” she whispered, and I knew. She wanted me, too.

“Touch me. Make me ready for them,” I said. “Kiss me. Anywhere. On my lips… my tits… or down there… on my cunt.”

“Oh Miss!!” she gurgled. “YES?”

“DO IT!” I gasped squirming on the bed. And she did.

“UMMMMM!” the young woman moaned, moving to my pussy. She was attractive… obviously from the gaziantep bayan escort Islands somewhere, her chocolate skin flawless, and when her full lips gently kissed my cunt I moaned, causing her to bury her face in my wet opening. I felt her tongue sloshing around in my wetness, and saw her fingers up under her dress, rubbing herself as she ate me.

“Oh GOD!” I groaned, my orgasm approaching as I squirmed beneath her tender licking.

“HMMMMMM!!” she moaned, sucking my juices, her orgasm slamming into her then as her fingers flew over her pussy. I was just about to come myself, when suddenly the door opened and Chet walked in with a handsome young man.

“Well, well… what have we here?” Chet grinned.

“OH! Sweet Dios!” the maid yelped, jumping up from the bed, wiping her mouth with her sleeve as Chet and the young man grinned at her. “So sorry, mister. Please! You no tell no one PLEASE! I lose my job. Please! You no tell, yes?” she began to sob.

“Hey, no crying. It’s okay? Your secret is safe with us. If you want, you can stay and join us,” Chet grinned.

“Oh no, sir! Thank you, sir. I… I have go now. I… I…”

“Please. Don’t worry. Go. But come back anytime. Come back and eat my wife again anytime you wish. Maybe I can fuck you. We’ll be here all week. What’s your name?”

“Janielle,” she said. “So sorry!” Then she quickly darted out of the room.

“So this is her,” the young man said, looking down at me as Chet put out the “Do Not Disturb” sign and locked our door.

“Yes. This is Dana. Dana, meet Terry,” Chet said. “Didn’t I tell you she was a hot slut?”

“Yes, you did, but I thought you were kidding. She’s 52 years old? That’s amazing. She looks 32, not 52!”

“Please. Make yourself at home,” my husband said. “I am.” Then Chet quickly stripped off his shorts and tee shirt. Naked, he squeezed his cock as he watched James undressing. The young man had shaved his pubic area, and his naked balls and smooth young cock were already hard, a droplet of pre-cum goo dripping from the tip of his large crowned cockhead.

“Isn’t it beautiful, darling?” he said, walking over to the young man, wrapping his fingers around Terry’s cock.

“Yes!” I hissed, so hot now I would have fucked anyone who wanted me.

“Do you want it?” Chet asked, as Terry grasped my husband’s cock, then brought it to the head of his own dick, wiping the two cocks together.

“Give it to me!” I gasped. “PUT IT IN MY CUNT! PLEASE!” I begged Terry.

“I think she wants you to fuck her,” Chet grinned. “Don’t you, my love.”

“YES!” I hissed, watching as Chet led Terry over to the bed.

“Do it, Terry. Fuck her. FUCK MY SLUT WIFE!” Chet said, crawling on the bed next to me. He kissed me, then lay next to me, masturbating as he watched. “You fucking slut. God I love you… cunt! You are, aren’t you? A fucking cunt!”

“Yes!” I hissed, loving his nasty words, wanting to hear them, wanting to be the slut he’d always wanted me to be. “Put that hot cock in my fucking cunt, Terry. FUCK MY HUSBAND’S SLUT WIFE FOR HIM!” And oh my God did he!

“Hmmm, GOD she’s wet!” Terry groaned as his young, hard cock slid into me.

“Oh GOD!” I gasped, staring into my husband’s eyes.

“Don’t look away, darling. Look at me. I want to see into your soul while his cock penetrates you. I want to watch as his cock transforms you into the fucking slut we both want you to be. Can you feel it, baby? Can you feel his hot, hard, YOUNG cock FUCKING you, you fucking whore?”

“YES!” I hissed. “I love this, darling. Another man’s COCK in my PUSSY while you’re WATCHING IT… WATCHING your wife becoming the SLUT you always wanted me to become.”

“Slut! Fucking SLUT! Fucking WHORE!” Chet snarled, masturbating harder now.

“Yes! I am. I’ll fuck anyone, baby. ANYBODY WITH A COCK. I’ll open my legs for them and let them FUCK me and COME in me, in my fucking CUNT! CONDOMS NOT ALLOWED, darling! BAREBACK COCKS ONLY! And they can come on in my pussy… Or ON MY TITS… my FACE! ANYWHERE… ANYTHING THEY WANT ME TO DO, I’LL DO IT!” I wailed, loving the fucking this young man was giving me.

“COME IN HER! COME IN HER FUCKING WHORE CUNT!” Chet said, quickly getting up, kneeling next to my face.


“Oh FUCK!” Terry gasped, and I felt it then, felt his hot hard cock expand, felt him push against my body as hard as he could, rigid against me, not moving his cock, embedding it as deeply up inside my cunt as he could. I felt him reach beneath my ass cheeks then, lifting my helpless, restrained ass into his crotch so he could burrow deeper inside my wet cunt.

“Oh GOD, HE’S COMING IN ME!” I screeched, feeling it then, feeling his spurts of hot come shooting in my unprotected pussy. So silly, not using a condom. So reckless. Yet that was part of the thrill, wasn’t it. The exhilaration of a strange man’s cock shooting hot cum into my cunt, knowing my husband was going to eat it out of me. And then Chet began coming, on my face.

“YES!” I gasped, turning toward my husband’s cock, opening my mouth as his nasty cum rained down on my face. Terry lay down on me then, placing his head next to mine, licking my face as Chet continued raining cum down on both of us now, coating my lips and Terry’s as Chet groaned and pushed his cock forward, and down, down onto both our mouths. Terry and I kissed then, with my husband’s cock between our faces, licking and tasting Chet’s cum as it spurted into our mouths until finally, Chet finished coming.

Terry pulled out of me then, his cock dribbling a trail of cum across my thigh as he flopped down onto the bed next to me. Then my husband began, kissing me for a moment before slowly licking his way down my body, over my tits, gently biting my nipples, then moving lower, momentarily tonguing my belly-button before continuing his wet kisses down my body to my cunt.

“God what a nasty mess!” he groaned, grinning as he stared at my freshly-fucked cunt. I could feel Terry’s cum oozing out of me, and I WANTED my husband to eat it. And then he did it… he buried his face in the gooey creampie and began licking and sucking my nasty pussy.

“Oh fuck!” I moaned. “Give me your cock, Terry. Let me get you hard again!” I begged, and he did it, moving up next to my face. I looked down at my husband and he raised his face and grinned at me. His cheeks glistened with my cunt juices and Terry’s cum, and when I opened my mouth and took the strange cock in my mouth Chet ate me again, wallowing in the sloppy wet folds of my cunt, relishing what we were doing, just as I was. I could smell my pussy scent on Terry’s cock, and taste my juices on him, and I knew I had to make him hard again.

I did, of course. Fairly quickly. And when he was hard I asked Chet to release me so Terry could fuck me over my husband’s face.

Chet moved from between my legs then, quickly unhooking the ankle and wrist restraints. Then he crawled onto the bed “upside down,” with his head at the foot of our bed and his cock under my face. I moved on top of him then, with my cunt leaking cum down onto his face while Terry positioned himself behind my pussy.

“Is your ass available?” he asked. “I generally fuck assholes, not cunts.”

“If you lick it first,” I said.

“Of course,” he grinned, leaning down, toward my ass. Then I felt him part my cheeks and spit. A gob of wetness hit my ass crack, and when he pushed it around with his tongue, licking it into my asshole I pressed down onto Chet’s face, smearing it with my pussy juice and the remainder of Terry’s cum.

“Hmmm!” Chet moaned, and I smiled to myself. And then I felt it. Terry moved his hot cock to the entrance of my asshole and began to push.

“Oh God!” I gasped, as a searing pain shot through my body. “Wait. Use some lube first,” I begged, reaching into the drawer in the end-table next to the bed. I got out a tube of jerkoff lube and handed it to Terry. He withdrew his cock from my ass, then squeezed out a big gob of the lube and wiped it into my asshole. Then he leaned into me again, anxious to resume fucking my ass again. This time his hard cock slid into my tight asshole with no problem, and I heard him moaning when my husband began licking his smooth ballsack.

“God yes, lick my balls,” Terry groaned, pushing down onto Chet’s face, just as I was with my cunt. I could feel Chet’s chin on my wetness, and then he was eating me again while Terry fucked me.

“Oh God!” I cried out, the pain in my ass somehow suddenly becoming pleasurable as the thought of what we were doing registered in my demented brain. We were doing it! We were fulfilling our fantasy… I was being fucked by a man I didn’t know while my husband was sucking the young man’s cock and balls as it slid in and out of my ass, my “sloppy second” cunt drooling cum all over my husband’s face. It was exactly as we’d pictured it, and twice as satisfying.

“Yes! Fuck me! FUCK MY ASS!” I wailed, feeling my orgasm building, knowing this was going to be a good one, knowing I was going to squirt, and knowing Chet would love it. On very rare occasions I’ve been able to do that for him, which he loves, but tonight I knew I’d be doing it. I’d be drenching my husband in my squirt while another man came all over his face.

“Oh God, this is great!” Terry moaned, feeling my large tits as he fucked me. “Your husband’s tongue on my balls feels wonderful.”

“He’ll lick your ass if you let him!” I groaned, and on cue, Chet moved up behind me and I felt him part Terry’s ass.


“In my mouth! COME IN MY MOUTH!” Chet screamed, moving below my ass again. I felt Terry pull out of my ass then, and I quickly turned around to witness this, masturbating as I watched my husband take a cock in his mouth for the first time in our lives. GOD it was sexy. So fucking sexy. Until you’ve seen the man you love sucking another man’s cock you can’t possibly know how I felt at that moment. To know the man I adore, and who adores me, trusts me enough to bring me another cock to fuck, and to watch him then suck that man’s cock after it’s been in my pussy and ass… well… let’s just say don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, girls, because it is fucking HOT!!

Terry groaned and came in Chet’s mouth then, and when he was finished Chet kissed me and pushed the cum from Terry’s cock into my mouth. We played with it for a while, pushing it back and forth between us, while Terry collapsed on the bed next to us, totally spent.

We all lay back down onto the bed then, totally spent. Eventually Terry got up and dressed, thanked us for a great time, and left. Chet and I cuddled together, the scent of sex heavy on both of us. We kissed, and I thanked him for giving me the best time I’d ever had in bed. He agreed, and thanked me for being such a perfect “slut wife.” And then the most remarkable thing happened.

We heard a soft tapping on the door. I assumed Terry had forgotten something, but when Chet went to the door and peeked out, he grinned and said, “Well I’ll be damned.” He opened the door, and amazingly, Janielle quickly scooted into our room.

“I am no longer work now,” she explained. “And I think about you, and Miss, and… and you say I can come back… and…”

“Please! Come in. Join us,” Chet said. Janielle looked down at my husband’s naked cock, and smiled.

“Is so beautiful one,” she said, and Chet took her hand and guided it to his cock.

“Touch it,” he said, and she did.

“Oh nice!” she grinned, squeezing my husband’s cock. I began masturbating then, as Chet led Janielle into the room. He reached behind her and unzipped her dress, then removed it. Then he took off her bra and tossed it aside.

“You’re beautiful,” I said, meaning it. “Take off her panties, darling, and bring her to me.”

Chet knelt in front of the maid, and slowly rolled her bikini panties down off her hips, then her knees. She stepped out of them, and as I watched my husband buried his face in the beautiful black girl’s cunt.

“Oh yes sir! Yes!” she moaned, as I lay there masturbating, watching them, filled with immense joy.

“God she smells and tastes delicious,” Chet said. “You must taste her.”

“Then bring her to me,” I said, and he did.

I moved over and Janielle climbed onto the bed between us. I touched her delicate little breasts then, and leaned down and sucked them, one after the other as Chet continued to eat her pussy.

“Taste her, darling,” he said, and I suggested Janielle and I get into the same position Chet, Terry and I had assumed. So we did.

I lay on my back, and Janielle positioned herself with her cunt over my face, with Chet behind us. I raised up and began eating her then, as she buried her face in my pussy. And then my husband began fucking her. Incredibly he had grown hard yet again.

“Ohhhhh!” she moaned in my cunt, feeling my husband’s cock entering her, filling her, fucking her as my tongue raked over her clit.

“God this is wonderful, my love,” Chet groaned, fucking the maid slowly, in long, sensuous strokes, his hands around her tits, fondling them as he fucked her over my face. I tasted her juices as they ran down into my mouth, heard her come, then come again when Chet began shooting in her pussy.

“AHH… ahh… ahh… ahhhhh!” she cried out, and I sucked even harder, wanting to swallow her clit, wanting to taste every ounce of her slimy juices. Chet’s cum began oozing out of Janielle’s pussy then, and down into my mouth, and as he pushed as deep as he could inside her one last time she came so hard I felt HER drizzle a little squirt in my mouth.

I came again then, my body bucking and twitching around on the bed as Janielle continued sucking and licking my nasty, messy pussy, her own orgasm seeming to drain her of all energy. In seconds she slid off me onto the bed, and when Chet crawled between her legs and began eating her I just lay there watching, masturbating slowly, as I once again marveled at what a wonderful husband I had and what a wonderful relationship we shared. I didn’t think life could get much better than what we experienced that night, but little did I know it could get even better, and would, the next day.


Sometime during the night Janielle left. Early the next morning, as we’d arranged, there was a soft knock on the door. Chet got up and opened it to let our cabin steward, Jamal, into the room with our freshly brewed pot of coffee.

“Thank you, Jamal,” Chet said.

“Is there anything else I may do for you, Sir?” Jamal asked, looking beyond Chet into the room. I sat up then, stretched and yawned, and then realized I was naked. Chet turned to look at me, and grinned.

“You may want to give my wife some extra cream for her coffee,” my husband said, and I grinned. “Come in, please. I’m sure it won’t take much time.”

Game On Ch. 02

Double Penetration

Thank you to my readers. This is the second chapter in a new series. I thought it would be fun to open this up and welcome suggestions for Sam and Danielle’s next adventures. Please feel free to email scenarios you’d like to see as they take their mutual submission to next (unlimited) levels.

I also welcome your positive constructive feedback. Fair warning, please do not read or leave negative feedback if you do not enjoy stories involving mutually consenting open marriages or submission. The nature of most of the stories on this website are fantasy for entertainment. They are enjoyed most with suspension of disbelief. Enjoy!


Danielle and I drove home from our unusually eventful Friday evening dinner date at the elegant French restaurant. Our marriage would never be the same. We made a pact of complete surrender and submission in our sex life, recommencing our old sex games. The only difference is there would now be no limits. We were both turned on by the unexpected covenant and its possibilities.

I foolishly made a high stakes bet with my seductress wife after the pact. The crazy wager was on who could seduce one of the wait staff first. Who does that? We not only did, but also gambled on it. Whoever won would own the other for the weekend. We agreed that the loser would submit as their sex slave until Monday morning. There would be no limits on what would be asked and required. Danielle’s engrained competitive resolve made her indomitable to win. She now owns me for the weekend.

The sexual energy between us was higher than either of us had felt for years. It reminded us of our college days, but now on steroids. The anticipation for the new turn of events and what it now meant for this weekend made us both insanely aroused. I had no doubt Danielle would take full advantage of this to make it a weekend we would never forget.

“Lock the door and take your clothes off,” she commanded as soon as we walked into the door of our house. “You won’t be needing them again.” She smiled deviously. “This would also be a good time to text Carl and let him know you won’t be joining the guys for your monthly poker game tomorrow night,” she ordered. “You can let him know you are unexpectedly detained.”

I dutifully removed my clothes at the door and put them on a chair near the entry of our house. My dick was still hard, desperate for relief and in anticipation for the weekend. I then obliged with the unprecedented text to Carl that I would be missing our monthly epic guys night. Without clothes or plans, I belonged to Danielle for the weekend.

“Now its my turn to get more comfortable for what I have planned. Take my dress off,” she ordered.

I reached down and slowly pulled the tiny cocktail dress over her head. As I saw during dinner, she was not wearing a bra; and as she said in the restaurant, she was also not wearing panties. Her gorgeous statuesque body was as naked as mine except for her tall red high heels. She stood before me like a vision with her firm 36D tits pushing her inch-long thick dark nipples upward. Her heels elevated her tiny ass, accentuating her long perfect legs.

“Now the fun begins,” she said. “I won the bet and you now belong to me. My own hunky sex slave for the weekend,” she announced with firmness as she ran her index finger down the lines of my muscular chest. “Starting right now, there are no limits to your complete submission until Monday morning. Am I correct?”

“No limits,” I acknowledged. The words made me feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness.

“Good. Then starting now there are two rules you will follow without exception.”

“What are they?” I asked.

“Number one, your purpose this weekend is to pleasure me at my beck and call,” she said with a resolute tone and sultry smile, reaching her long fingers to take hold of my rock hard dick. She slowly methodically stroked my desperate member as she talked. “You’re going to take me again and again, every time and way I ask.”

“It will be my pleasure,” I answered.

“Which means, you will do whatever it takes to make sure your dick is always hard and ready for me. I will not wait. If I do, there will be consequences.”

“What do you mean? Like always hard, for the entire weekend?” I asked.

“That’s exactly what I mean,” she said. “If I catch your dick soft at any time this weekend, it will cost you dearly,” she said with a smirk. “And number two,” she continued before I had a chance to respond. “You will not cum all weekend until and unless I expressly allow it. No matter what happens or what I make you do or how many times I cum, not one drop from you.”

“Oh gawd. Please Danielle. That’s torture.”

“Yes it will be,” she mused devilishly. “Especially with what I have in mind for you.” She ran her index finger seductively up my abdomen. “I am going to tease you all weekend to the absolute limits of what a stud like you can possibly resist. It will be virtually impossible, but that’s the point. Because the penalty gaziantep bayan escort for breaking my rule will be to have our little arrangement this weekend be extended to an entire month. Imagine. You being my sex slave for an entire month,” she said, savoring the thought. “Of course the same two rules would continue to apply.”

“Wait, that’s not fair,” I began to protest at the unilateral change of agreement.

“Have we not already established you are my sex slave for the weekend Sam?” she interrupted.

“We have,” I answered, “but…”

“And you’ve agreed to complete submission,” she continued. “No limits?”

“Yes, but…”

“Then, I’m not asking your permission,” she said with a glint in her eye. “This is not a proposal. You will do whatever you must to keep your dick hard and ready for me at all times; you will not allow one drop of your liquid gold to escape until I tell you. If you fail, there will be consequences,” she declared with pride.

“You are wicked,” I said playfully.

“You have no idea,” she said. “I’m just getting started.”

“My dick is already aching for relief.”

“Not like it’s going to,” she said before lowering herself to her knees in front of me. With my manhood still in her hand, she began to rub it against her soft ample perfect tits.

“Oh gawd,” I said, helpless to her torture. “Please, Danielle,” I begged.

Danielle couldn’t resist taking advantage of the opportunity to further torment me. She lowered her mouth to my pulsating purple head, carefully licking it to savor the glistening precum. Without warning she dropped her mouth over my dick, swallowing it until it completely disappeared between her bright red lips. “Mmmmmm,” she moaned.

My knees buckled at her skill. She felt so good. She continued to ascend and descend the long shaft until I felt the orgasm approaching the point of no return.

“Oh gawd,” I shouted. I pulled back to prevent the very desire I was desperate for, to drench her throat with my cum. Danielle smiled at my torment.

“You are that close?” she asked. “But I want more,” she playfully insisted.

“I’m going to cum,” I pleaded. “Please Danielle, take me.”

“Not a drop,” she insisted, cruelly licking my head with her tongue. “But just because you can’t cum, doesn’t mean I can’t,” she said teasingly as she stood up.

“Cruel,” I said.

“I think it’s time to go to the living room to play our first game, don’t you Sam?” Danielle picked up her purse, reached down and took my dick in her hand. “Come slave,” she said as she led me down the hall to our living room. Her hand gently stroked my dick as she walked, furthering my torment. I was on the edge of orgasm.

“What’s the game?” I asked.

“You’re going to like this,” Danielle promised. She pulled her iPhone out of her purse, before tossing the small bag onto the floor. She clicked open the stopwatch app on her phone; zeros lined up across the top of the screen. “When I hit start on this stopwatch, you’re going to drop to your knees and begin licking my pussy until I give, soaking your face with my cum.”

“Sounds good,” I said.

“Yes, but then the real fun begins,” she continued. “The time the stopwatch tells me it takes you to make me cum, is the amount of time I will then take my turn to suck your dick. I won’t stop until I get equal time.”

“Wait,” I said in protest.

“And you know the rules,” she said devilishly. “You better keep your dick hard while licking my pussy, and you better not cum when go down on you.”

“Oh gawd Danielle. I don’t have a chance.”

“Exactly,” she said mercilessly. “You have everything to lose; I have everything to gain. I have you right where I want you.”

“You’re merciless,” I said.

“And horny has hell right now,” she confessed. “I don’t know how long I will be able to resist your tongue,” she added. “Let’s do this.” She turned the face of the phone toward me and hit start. Numbers began to speed across the screen.

I dropped to my knees and licked her box like I knew she likes. My hands reached around to take hold of her bare ass to pull her pussy into my face. My tongue danced an elaborate choreography across her tender skin.

“Mmmmm,” she moaned, encouragingly. Her pussy was already soaked from arousal. “Oh yes,” she said. “Gawd yes!” she continued.

The stopwatch continued to climb. The first minute passed quickly.

“Mmmmmm,” she continued to moan. “I can’t wait to take that dick in my mouth,” she said. “It better be ready.”

My tongue continued to work its magic up and down her soft soaked pussy, focusing on her hyper-responsive button while I also gently stroked my dick to maintain firmness.

“Oh shit, it’s been forever since you’ve taken me like this,” she cried. “Oh gawd.” Danielle’s hands reached down to run her fingers through my hair as she pushed my face against her. “Oh yes! Oh yes! Oh yes!”

The timer climbed past two minutes.

Danielle’s body tremored as her pelvis rocked against me. My tongue worked her familiar pussy with erotic determination.

“Fuck yes!” she yelled. “You’re going to take me! Oh gawd. Oh gawd!”

The timer raced past three minutes and continued its climb marking the passage of time. My dick ached for relief. I stroked it just enough to keep it hard but lightly enough to keep my own orgasm at bay.

Danielle suddenly screamed with euphoric bliss like a college girl. Her pussy gushed. Her body quaked, causing her to drop the phone on to the couch behind her as wave after wave of orgasm swept through her body and drenched my face.

“Oh shit,” she said as she stood with her long legs spread, and her juices dripping from her pussy. “I’m fuckin dizzy,” she said. “That was crazy.”

“Where’s the phone?” I asked, seeing her hands empty as she stood with a broad satisfied smile across her face.

“I must have dropped it,” she said looking down at the couch. The bottom edge of the phone barely peeked out, wedged between two cushions.

I reached over and grabbed it. The numbers were still flying across the screen. I pushed the stop button. “4:55,” was emblazoned across the top.

“Wait,” I said. “You dropped the phone when you came,” I said. “The clock was still running. I kept going because you were having a crazy orgasm.”

“That was awesome,” she said. “You’re blaming me because you made me cum so hard? You were amazing.”

“That’s not fair,” I complained.

“Who said anything about playing fair?” she taunted with a devious laugh. “Fair doesn’t exist in a game without limits. The clock says 4:55. I get your cock for 4:55,” she said. “I will love every second of it.”

“Shit,” I said,” knowing I didn’t have a prayer of lasting that long with her oral skills.

“I love this game, don’t you?” she said. “Now lay on the floor on your back,” she ordered. “All that cumming made me very thirsty,” she teased. Her knees straddled my chest to position her head over my dick while teasingly lowering her soaked pussy over my face. Her bright four-inch red heels anchored her feet behind my head. She set the countdown stopwatch to five minutes.

“Wait,” I protested again. “It is supposed to be 4:55.”

“What does it matter,” she giggled. “With what I am about to do to you, you’re not going to last half that,” she said.

I knew she was right.

Danielle pushed the start button and lowered her lips to my vulnerable throbbing dick. She laid the phone on the floor next to us, dug her fingers into my legs, and then unleashed her irresistible oral magic on my dick. My entire body buzzed in almost immediate response to her driven affection.

“Aaauuuggghhh!” I cried, helpless to her assault. It felt so good, but I knew the consequences of being taken would be limitless, as she promised. She would relish endlessly taking advantage of me over the next month. I moaned wordless groans in ecstasy and bliss, knowing it would all lead to my undoing.

After only two minutes, I turned my head in certain defeat, yet desperate for pleasurable release. I knew I would never last five minutes with what she was doing to me. I saw Danielle’s small red small purse laying open next to us where she had thrown it earlier. I desperately reached into it in an attempt to save myself. My hunch was right. I found her favorite powerful silver bullet vibrator. She always kept in her purse for secret opportune times of self-stimulation. Danielle didn’t see me reach into her purse, nor was she interested. All of her focus was on her sexual determination to win me as her slave for a month. I wondered if it was too late.

“Oh gawd! Yes!” I cried out, as the fast approaching orgasm grew in its intensity.

I pulled the small silver bullet from her purse and raised it up near to her still soaked unsuspecting pussy gyrating above my head. Her ass hovered with the rhythm of her oral choreography. I pushed the small button at one end of the silver bullet. It immediately buzzed with a power of a device four times its size. Danielle heard its familiar sound just before she felt it’s powerful vibration against the sensitive skin of her vagina.

“Aaauuuggghhh!” she cried out in immediate response to its touch. The force of its erotic stimulation caused her to involuntarily release her mouth from my desperate shaft. No wonder she liked this little vibe so much, I thought to myself. Danielle threw her head back, causing her gaze to move from my dick to the ceiling. Her mouth gaped open. She was paralyzed in ecstasy from its powerful physical seduction. “Oh gawd, oh gawd, oh gawd!” she screamed. Her pussy was still hypersensitive from just being taken. Her ass began to buck in response.

I pulled her pussy down toward me, while keeping the small mighty vibrator pressed against her. My tongue reached for the surrounding areas of her pussy complementing the dynamic work of her bullet.

Danielle instantly gasped. She was vulnerable to its touch. Her wet pussy magnified the force of the bullet. “Oh gawd! Oh gawd!” she continued. “Oh shit!”

The numbers on the timer raced with the passage of time. The intensity of her arousal distracted her from her mission to take me.

“Oh gawd, you’re going to take me again!” she cried. “Fuck yes!” she yelled as her ass bucked above me. “Oh yes! Oh gawd! Aaaauuuugggghhhh!” Danielle’s pussy poured pure liquid pleasure down my tongue. “Yes! Yes!” Danielle squealed in euphoric pleasure as the bullet ravaged her body. Her right hand reached down to hold my hand in place with the vibrator against her. The first orgasmic rush from the vibrator rolled into a second on its heels. Danielle’s body shook from the consuming quake. “Oh fuck YES!” she screamed, completely disoriented by the thundering orgasm. “Oh gawd, you’re taking me again! She screamed. Her body rocked with pleasure. She worked to catch her breath. Her head was dizzy with delight.

The countdown on her stopwatch raced past the four-minute mark, leaving less than a minute remaining. The vaginal ambush with Danielle’s vibrator bought time for me to recover a little while leaving her drained of cum and energy. She was in heaven.

Danielle looked at her iPhone and realized her time was almost up. “You clever son of a bitch,” she said with a broad smile. “But I’m not done with you. Two can play this game,” she said. She rotated her body on top of me, pushed the high-powered vibrator into her soaked pussy before consuming my dick inside of her.

“Aaauuuggghhh!” I yelled.

Her pussy enveloped my shaft, with the vibrator inside pressed against my dick. She unleashed her magic, fucking me with glorious vengeance. She was determined to make me cum in the remaining seconds of her little game.

“Oh yes. Yes!” I squirmed. I had been so close for so long. The force of the vibrator multiplied the intensity of her fuck. Danielle quickly brought me toward to the point of no return. Danielle’s ass pounded my body as she rode my shaft like a piston. It felt as time had stopped. After my sly move, my wife was all the more determined to win. “Oh gawd! Oh gawd!” I continued, as the orgasm rose toward certain eruption.

Her phone suddenly blared an alarm, signaling that her five minutes were up. I quickly pulled out, to save myself from filling her already soaked womanhood with my cum. I still wondered if I was too late. My dick throbbed in agony for relief. Danielle had my body pinned beneath her. She playfully tried to lower her pussy again over my shaft. The vibrator buzzed inside her with threatening resolve to take me like it had taken her. It also made her vulnerable again to it’s powerful seduction, especially as it hummed fortuitously against her g-spot.

“Time’s up,” I said, as I reached up and took both of her large firm tits in my hands and rotated her body over onto her back as I rolled on top of her. My engorged purple dick throbbed above her abs.

“Oh gawd,” she said, as her ass began to buck underneath me. I realized her vibrator was still working its enchantment, bringing her to another orgasm. Her attempt to use it on me had backfired and was now betraying her in the best way. She started to move her hand down to remove it. I smiled as I silently grabbed her wrists with my hands, pinning her to the floor. I lowered my ball sack to the opening of her vagina to prevent the vibrator from escaping.

Danielle’s body writhed in ecstasy, helplessly restrained to the floor beneath me. Cold chills covered her gorgeous body. Her nipples swelled from heightened arousal. “Aaaauuuugggghhhh!” she cried as her body squirmed uncontrollably. I held her down as the tidal wave of pleasure swept over her. She was helpless to its consuming power. Her hypersensitivity magnified the force of the climax as it rocked her body. Tears of pure carnal pleasure rolled down her face. “Ohhh shit,” she said in dizzying disbelief.

“I think I won,” I whispered into her ear, seeing the deep satisfaction on her face.

“You cheated, but I’m pretty sure I’m the one who won that round,” she said, still in the blissful aftermath of back-to-back epic orgasms.

“Cheating?” I asked playfully. “Someone told me no limits means anything is fair game,” I reminded. “There’s no cheating, only winning.”

“You remember that,” she said competitively. “This is just a wonderful warm up for our next game,” she said with a devious smile. “Time to move to the kitchen.”

Danielle and I played her sex games deep into the night, making love again and again, bringing her to orgasm after orgasm. Something magical clicked between us. She relished me serving as her sex slave devoted to her every pleasure while she tormented me at the continual agonizing brink of eruption. Many times I wanted to give in to her torture, and cover that amazing body of hers with a thick blanket of cum. Our mutual competitive resolve on this first night of our new arrangement made me determined to do everything I could to keep her two rules. My dick throbbed in blissful agony. I couldn’t wait for the opportunity to turn the tables. I would first have to get through the weekend. It was impossible for me to know how hard that would be with what she still had planned.

Couples Camp Ch. 02

Big Tits

“Oh. Good morning babe.” Brooke cheerfully announced as she walked into the bedroom wrapped in fluffy white towel.

“Good morning sweetie.”

“How did you sleep?” Brooke enquired.

“Um ok, I guess.”

“That doesn’t sound too convincing.” She responded as she walked to her dresser and finished drying off.

Brad was still trying to decide how to approach her about last night when she interrupted his thoughts again.

“Listen I want to talk to you about our vacation. I’m really excited about the whole things and I hope you understand I’m not trying to give you the impression there is anything wrong with our relationship. It’s just that things can always be better, right? And after all it’s me that has wanted to get married.”

Brad was wiping the sleep out of his eyes as he listened to Brooke continue.

“Listen, if you are against going to that retreat, I will call them and cancel our reservation. ”

Brad could hear the disappointment in her voice as she said that and felt bad he had even hesitated in the first place.

“No, no I want to go.” he quickly informed her, Hoping she would be happy he was doing this for her.

“Oh Brad, thank you. “

Brooke came over to Brad’s side of the bed and leaned in kissing him on the forehead as she leaned over giving him a close up look of her freshly showered breasts.

Brad was completely awake by now and so was little brad. He was getting hard again. Between the sight of her milky white breasts just inches away from his longing mouth and the flood of memories from the night before, it hit him like a jolt of energy and went straight to his groin.

“Can you get me a clean pair of panties out of the dryer honey?” Brooke asked as she turned to finish getting ready for the day.

Brad was stalling, he didn’t want to get out of bed and have her see the embarrassing hard on he had, from a simple kiss on the forehead.

“Come on honey, hurry up I have a lot of work to do today. There is a lot to do if we’re gunna be gone for a whole month.”

Brad reluctantly got up and slid out from between the covers trying to get to the door of the room and out of her sight before she noticed the tent in his pajama bottoms.

“Oh, my god.” She laughed

“Dam it, I almost got out the door.” Brad thought to himself

“You get that horny from just a little kiss?” Brooke enquired

“Um, well yeah, partly yeah.” brad stuttered

“What do you mean partly?”

“Well last night, you um, well you, I think you were having a dream.”

“I was?”

“Well yeah, I mean when I came to bed you were moaning a lot and you seemed like you were dreaming about having sex or something.”

“Oh I was moaning out loud?”

“Yeah and you were talking in your sleep too.”

“I was?”

“Yeah, you were.”

“What did I say babe?” Brooke said in a flirtatious tone.

“Well you said someone’s name and it sounded like you were encouraging them. The kind of talk someone has with a lover during sex.”

“Wait a minute, are you telling me that you have a hard on right now because I was having sex with someone else last night and moaning their name?”

Brad stumbled with his words.

“Uh, um well, I mean, you were just dreaming it wasn’t like you had sex with someone else or anything. RIGHT”? Trying to explain away his arousal but feeling embarrassed that he had been found out.

“Yeah but you are hard at the thought of my dream. Did you get hard last night laying there listening to me?”

“Yeah, I guess so.”

“Well you perverted little shit.” Brooke snapped

Brad was taken aback by the conversation and Brooke’s bold accusation.

She continued to poke and prod his thoughts and feelings antep escort and finally got him to admit he was scared about the idea of her cheating on him. Brad eventually broke down crying. He was worried she was going to leave him and that is why she was dreaming about another man. He was concerned he had waited too long to ask her to marry and now her hart was starting to stray.

Brooke stopped brushing her hair when he began to sob and went to him, embracing him and pulling him close re assuring him she still loved him and didn’t have any intentions of leaving him ever.

Brad slowly regained his composure and thanked Brooke for her words of re assurance, explaining he didn’t know where that flood of emotions came from. Once he was calmed down she directed him again to get her panties for her. When he came back with her panties in hand, Brooke took them from him and finished preparing herself for the day.

Brad went on with his morning routine taking a shower and getting ready to leave for work.

“Ok honey.” Brad declared as he entered the kitchen where Brooke was making herself a bagel for breakfast.

“I better get going or I’ll be late. I need to get a bunch of stuff done today. Lucky for us it’s the slow time of year so I should be able to get a few other people to cover things for me so everything doesn’t fall apart while were gone. I might be a little late tonight though so don’t wait for me. Go ahead and eat without me and hopefully I’ll be home before you go to bed.”

“Ok babe, I’ll see you tonight, have a good day. And I love you. ”

Brooke’s words echoed in his head all the way to work. “I love you.”

Funny how three well placed words could hold so much power and offer so much encouragement.

As soon as he got to work he went into the boss and told him he was going to take a month of his saved up vacation time. At first his boss was angry that he would try to take that much time off with such short notice, but when Brad explained they were going to a retreat called Pine Lake and how there was a free cabin for them but they had to be there the whole month, the boss’s attitude completely changed.

“Oh Pine Lake.” his boss said with a hit of surprise.

“My wife and I go there every year. We love it there, especially my wife. “

“We actually got married their you know.”

They went on to have conversation about how great the place was and any reservations Brad had about going there were long gone after his boss assured him that this was a fantastic relationship building resort.

Brad’s boss informed a few others in the office of Brads impending absence and instructed them to each take up some of the tasks he is normally responsible for. Brad spent the day engrossed in his job taking care of anything that might come up while he was gone and showing his coworkers what to do while he was gone. Brad worked through lunch and by the time he was done realized it was almost ten O’clock at night.

When Brad got home it was a little after ten thirty and the apartment was dark. He figured Brooke had already gone to sleep, and quietly fixed something to eat and sat down at the dinner table. He didn’t realize how hungry he was until the first fork full hit his lips, and then Brad devoured his dinner in no time, stopping only to scroll threw a few articles on his phone that he read while he ate.

Brad finished his meal and started to check his emails as he noticed one from Pine Lake. He clicked on the email and started to read.

We are glad to see you have chosen Pine Lake as your home for the next month. We are pleased to inform you that you are eligible for the VIP preview package and look forward to helping you get the most out of your experience here now and in the future.

The email went on to instruct the couple in the rules and regulations of the resort. A code of conduct and expectations was included and the instructions indicated they should be thoroughly read and understood before their arrival. Brad was reading threw pages and pages of instructions.

“WOW” he thought these rules read more like a contract for building a home then a list of resort rules. But he continued thinking there was nothing unreasonable about them, just that they were so detailed.

A few rules kind of stood out to Brad like; no one is to touch anyone else on the resort without express permission, regardless of their clothes, or lack of. Would there be people without clothes? Whatever I’m sure it’s just typical legal CYA stuff he thought. No one is to engage in intercourse in the main dining area. What kind of place has to tell their guest that? Again figured it was just more CYA.

After he was done reading all the rules he noticed there was an attachment, so he opened it.

Brads heart stopped and a flood of fear and jealousy flooded his whole body like a rush of hot air.

There was a picture of Brooke sitting in what looked like a limousine. She was completely naked from the waist up and was exposing her bare chest to the camera and everyone in the limo. Brooke had a champagne flute in one hand as if she was toasting the camera while her other hand was obviously on the inner thigh of the man sitting to her right. He looked like a dark tan body builder type with bulging muscles. He was wearing a black t-shirt and sport jacket but Brad couldn’t help but look down to where his girlfriend’s hand was resting on his inner thigh. There, just a few inches away from her delicate fingers, was this man’s open fly and exposed manhood. He was huge and Brad felt both the red hot jealousy coursing through his veins that came from the thought of Brooke being with another man, and that close to his member, and the utter embarrassment of knowing he was looking at another man’s dick and thinking , wow that thing is huge.

On the other side of this muscled Adonis was another woman only she was completely naked and using both her hands to open herself up to the camera. Brad was in shock. What the hell was going on? Where was this? When was this? Who were the other people in the limo? Who was this guy? And what the hell was Brooke doing with her hand so close to his massive dick?

Brad wanted a closer look and he pinched his screen, zooming in tighter on the woman holding herself open for full display. Sure enough she had obvious signs of recently having sex. She was dripping the remnants on the edge of the seat where she sat. There was evidence she had scooped some up with her finger and was holding it out for full display. It was lewd and yet amazingly erotic and inviting. There was an fun flirtation that emanated threw the picture with her and yet the evidence of raw carnal lust was evident.

Brad pushed his finger across the screen to bring Brooke’s hand into few and to his shock saw a few drops of the aftermath dripping from this giant. This man had obviously just fucked that woman and was showing off for the camera. “Oh my god Brooke’s delicate fingers are practically touching the head of this man’s spent dick and the juices it contained within.

Brad was lost in the image of that picture and the images in his mind of what happened before and after it had been taken. It was then he was snapped back to the present. He was sitting at the table looking at a picture of his girlfriend once again imagining her infidelity and realizing the affect it was having on him. The pressure in his underwear was enormous. Once again he had an erection harder than any in recent memory (except last night). Why was the image of her with another so arousing? This was all new to Brad and he was feeling scared and yet excited at that same time.

Wait where was Brooke now? He thought. Brad had assumed she was fast asleep when he got home and was now wondering if she was there or was she off with this band off hedonistic animals? Scared she was home, and would catch him with a raging hard on, at the sight of her exposed and engaging in sexual play with others. But terrified she might not be there at all, but instead, off playing god knows what kind of games with god knows who.

Brad jumped up from the table tucking his phone in his pocket to hide the image from view and headed quietly towards the bedroom. Being careful not to wake a sleeping Brook, Brad slowly eased the door open to the bedroom trying to avoid any creaking from the old hinges. He didn’t want to risk her seeing his bulge and if she looked up she would clearly see the silhouette of his raging tent against the light coming from the kitchen.

Nothing! An empty bed still made from early in the day, never slept in.

What the hell? The mixed emotions rolled over Brad again.

He was relieved he wouldn’t be caught again aroused at the adultery he was imagining but also was deeply concerned. He was completely unaware of his insecurity over Brooke. Sure he had felt jealous over her before. A tingle here or there, or when someone at a restaurant gave her a second look. Maybe a smile from a passerby at the mall, but the thought of her with someone else causing this stir of emotions was new. Why was he so obsessed with the idea of her with someone else and yet so worried at every turn she might be with someone else.

Well this certainly wasn’t normal Brad thought as he flicked the light on. There on the floor at the foot of the bed was a suitcase with a note resting atop.

Can’t wait to see you baby. XOXOXO was all it said.

Ding, Ding he heard startled by the sound coming from his pocketed phone.

It was a text message from Brooke.

“Hey baby, just wanted to let you know I made it safe to Pine Lake. Nick and some of the other guests picked me up on the way up here and we just got here.”

“Are you ok? You’re scaring me.” Brad text back urgently

“Oh baby, I’m great. Don’t worry. Get a good night sleep and I will see you up here tomorrow. You’re going to need the gate code to get in so text me when you get here and I will give it to you. “

“Wait, what about the picture of you in the limo?” Brad tapped back

He sat there on the edge of the bed waiting for a response but none came.

“Brooke?” He tried again

Brad was dazed. He felt sick to his stomach with worry and jealousy but still no response.

He was beaten with exhaustion, both mentally and physically. He finally gave up hope of a response and lay down feeling broken and hollow. Thoughts of Brooke with someone else were an agony he had never considered before, but now he was balancing between burning desire and stabbing despair. Brad kicked off his shoes and lay back closing his eyes. It was 4am when he snapped out of his deep slumber and realized he had fallen asleep fully dressed and with the light still on.

He got up and went to the kitchen to turn out the lights. It was when he stripped down to get back into bed that he realized his underwear was harboring the results of his continued thoughts of Brooke. He couldn’t tell what was real and what had been part of an elaborate and obviously wet dream he had had about her.

As he slid between the covers he couldn’t help but feel the solitude of an empty bed. He hadn’t slept alone without Brooke in a long time. He missed the heat from her body, the sound of her breathing, the smell of her hair. It was lonely without her. None the less Brad fell asleep again quickly and drifted off once again.