One Favour Deserves Another


It felt so very strange at first, to be known again as ‘Dorothy’, the name that had been given at birth some forty-five years ago. It was an old-fashioned name, some would say, and associated with those of a higher social standing than the one she had been happily born into. Her mother had chosen it after seeing the Wizard of Oz and it had stuck, only to be changed to ‘Dot’ when she entered into a childless marriage with Tony Chalmers.

She’d changed her surname back to Clarke, wanting to erase as many links to her ex-husband as she could following divorce, the breakup of the family home and the turning over of what she had felt to be an ordered life. She’d loved Tony almost to the end, but he hadn’t loved her, or he’d fallen out of love with her and taken up with someone else.

That much was predictable.

What could not have been foreseen was what happened soon after the ink was dry on the divorce papers. She’d fallen into a relationship with Victoria, someone she met though her work as a social services manager for a Birmingham authority. It became a love affair, although the word ‘love’ was misplaced. Physical solace was what she had sought from their times together as a way back had to be found and to restore her trust in men, again, and that Victoria was only a surrogate for, in and out of bed.

She’d not become a lesbian overnight, nor had she taken on the senior role in the relationship, because she had been pursued and not the other way about. She’d sought solace, the touch of a another’s warm skin against hers, the caress and probe of a lover’s tongue where she’d felt so empty and that her fingers were no true substitute for, though a favourite electric toy her on when she really needed that rush of raging pleasure. She’d loved the wrack of an orgasm brought on by a woman’s considerate and unselfish ways, but that was simply not the same as the tempest of physical and emotional demands made on her body and mind after she’d brought a man on, so bad, that they lost it together; her body filled by swollen meat, long and searching. That was real and she’d had that pleasure taken from her when Tony finally deserted her.

And now, lying awake and hearing the soft rumble of early morning traffic on the main road into the city, a block or so away, she looked at the alarm clock on the bedside table.

‘It’s still so bloody early…’ she groaned and flopped back on the pillows, wondered if Leo was awake yet. It was her twenty-year old nephew’s day at college, studies crammed into a busy week as an apprentice electrician that left little time for friendships. Of girlfriends she saw or heard nothing, but he had his times with them; that she did know. What had begun as Leo being a temporary lodger had changed and she was glad for his company, but often wondered just what made him tick. ‘What does he do to blow it off…like I do?’

She knew only too well what she did and settled back under the duvet, yanked up the hem of her nightie and brushed her fingers down over her rounded belly, found her hairy snatch and shivered. She set about teasing her clit, parted her pussy’s lips with only too busy fingers and closed her eyes, imagined Leo finding her, the squelching sounds of him pounding her fanny and shoving his tool so deep into her body.

Had her life really come to this?

She was startled out of her pleasure zone on hearing a soft tap-tap on her bedroom door. ‘Yes…come in?’

The rage of oncoming pleasure ebbed away as the door opened slowly and she saw Leo standing in the doorway, a mug in his hand and a wondering look on his handsome, chiselled face as she sat up, her upper body, shaped by a thin nightie, exposed to his gaze. It had been some time since she’d had such a look on her.

‘I brought you some tea…hope it’s not too early…the fact is I couldn’t sleep…thought I’d have a shower…make an early start for a change…’ he blurted out, clenched his lips as if to blurt out some comment. Leo averted his appraising gaze for an instant as she reached for the mug that he held out to her. She felt her nightdress tighten against the swell of her large breasts, the slip of Sincan Escort the fabric to her nipples only too pleasing. ‘I’ll….I’ll leave you…get on.’

‘You don’t have to…love.’ Her touch to his leg made Leo jump away, but it was too late. She had seen the bulge in his pyjama pants, his instinctive fingering of it. Her nephew had an erection and the sight of her must have brought that on. The years had gradually lessened her attractiveness, but her face was still unlined and framed by the unruly tumble of blonde tinted hair. He was lean and tall; she could be thought of as frumpy, big-breasted and now, on seeing the unexpected effect on him of seeing her in bed, frustrated and needing more than her fingers, a sex toy, even a hairbrush handle, to bring on pleasure. ‘We’ve still got some time to be together…’

‘Better not…’ he smiled, disconcerted by her flirting ways and sudden movement as she pushed the duvet down her thighs but not exposing where her fingers had been before he had interrupted her.

‘Thank you for the tea…I won’t be long.’

‘It’s your home, aunt…’ he smiled engagingly. Looking her over now, his earlier embarrassment gone but his pyjama pants still shaping him.

‘Less of the aunt…more of Dorothy, okay?’

‘Sure,’ was said on an answering laugh as he turned away, the movement of one arm suggesting what he was again touching. ‘I’ll be quick…’

She followed his progress, Leo’s silent steps over the bedroom carpet, and waited until the door was drawn to, not shut. The tea remained scarcely touched. Something else was now on her mind.

She dragged curled fingers over her slit, teased her fanny’s lips and imagined Leo wrapped by her arms and legs as he humped her body; how he kept thrusting that young prick, she’d seen the tip of pushing out his pyjamas, into her slicked pussy and she tugging on it as she brought them on to a shattering orgasm. Just as she did with her toys, or hairbrush handle, in and out, deeper and deeper, faster and faster she’d want him to go and not hold back. A leisurely fuck could come later. Right now she imagined his hands on her tits, pinching and squeezing them as he bent to the task, latched his lips onto her nipples until they were hard buds as her frenzied touches made them hard and she felt the rush and cramp of an impending, self-induced, orgasm.

‘I’d like you to do that, boy…darling Leo…just once…maybe twice…just to help me through,’ she gasped, clenching her lips to stifle her quickening breaths as her fingers and mind worked in sync.

She imagined the searing jets of hot sticky semen being expelled into her as she wrenched on him, wasted his energy as they fucked to the end, wanting to drain him of all that spunk that he just had to release, either into her or…more likely…into the tissues that came from the box she left on his bedside table.

She dozed, felt a pleasing moist warmth take a hold as she touched herself…

‘Leo…Leo!’ she gasped as her dreamy imagination ran wild. She squirmed in her dreamy wakefulness, the hazy outline of them fucking crossing before her eyelids, her belly covered in his jism as he pulled out, was tugged back in, until their bellies brushed against the others, and she rose to meet the oncoming rush of her orgasm, held his head to her tits as his deep halting breaths of pleasure mingled with her own, the pulses of release felt in his thick young shaft of meat that the walls of her pussy kept working. ‘I’d empty your sac…relieve the ache in your balls…wouldn’t I just!’

In her dreamy languour she saw him pull out again, and before his body and prick jerked, before streams of his cum splattered her face, then breasts, even smearing her belly.

‘Let me taste you,’ she coaxed, and he knelt over her and thought that she felt his hand on the back of her head as he kept her on him, her young stud of a nephew having something left. She gagged on him, but swallowed what spurted from his trembling penis, her lips wrapped around it as she felt, the veins in it so clearly defined and the blood, she imagined, coursing through them to keep him so hard.

She dreamt Ankara Olgun Escort that he fucked her, threw to the floor the hairbrush with its shaped handle that was a surrogate for what a man brought to the shared act.

Finally…finally…she let him lie down beside her.

She was startled into wakefulness from what could only have been a dream. It hadn’t lasted long but it felt as if she’d been lost in another place for ages; the alarm clock told her so.

‘This can’t go on…it can’t!’ she called out in frustration and in the light of early dawn. ‘I’ve…I’ve got to find Leo. It’s wrong but I can’t go on like this…something has to give…or someone has to!’

The music from the house radio system echoed off the walls of the shower room that they shared. Leo didn’t hear her come in and she could see, even through the fog of steam, that Leo was in a dance of his own making, stroked his erect penis that pointed out from his belly and mat of hair at its base.

‘Let me do that for you, darling…let me do that for you,’ she murmured, her heart beating a little quicker and an uncommon lust, for Leo, felt in her pussy. It felt moist from her dreamy fingering only moments ago,

Her thin bathrobe fell to the floor, along with her nightdress, Leo oblivious to her presence and the tugs on his length continuing in quick long strokes. The door to the cubicle slid open but she scarcely noticed it rumbling in its track, fixated as she was on Leo’s actions.

Her name escaped his parted lips, Leo’s face turned up to the ceiling where the shower fan whirred softly. ‘Those tits aunt…Dorothy… you’re all woman…what have you done to me?’

He was dismayed to see her but that changed when she reached out to touch him, what he was working on. ‘Why…why play with yourself…when…when I’m here for you…Leo?’

She felt a shudder of longing course through her body, knew how depraved these moments could become…had become…and she had been all but unaware of. She felt the ache of her lust for him in her body and wanted that gorgeous prick in her pussy, to the hilt.

‘I…I won’t play with myself….you can help me with that,’ she confessed through the kisses she offered, pressing her naked breasts to his back and reaching round to grab his penis, threading her fingers with his as they worked him together. ‘Yes…I’m in here with you.’

‘I know…as I’ve been for you,’ she heard him confess on a stifled groan. She kept him from pulling away, as she too was overwhelmed by the rush of discovery of each other in these forbidden ways.

‘Leo…Leo… Leo, darling! Wouldn’t you rather fuck me than play with yourself? My needs are just as you have them…and…and it’s been so long since your uncle was with me…’

He could not twist away from her claims upon him; there was little or no space for the two of them in the cramped cubicle and she could concede to the raw emotions that the moment aroused in her. No one else would know, the barriers to them taking to each other had fallen away.

Leo leant in and impetuously kissed her upturned face as the shower was turned off. Dorothy kept her body pressed to hm, gripped his penis and caressed his chest with those wonderful breasts that he could now feel against his skin.

‘It’s no longer a dream…what I wanted to do with a woman like you,’ he kissed, bent to bury his face between those mounds of flesh that he had lusted after.

‘And we can share in all that we have wanted…’ she kissed, stroking his trembling prick and feeling its youthful thickness, how it seemed to throb and tremble in her clamping hands. ‘It’s skin in skin…no condom…no worries…I’ve gone past all of that…so bring it to me!’

Her lustful words sounded like a desperate plea.

‘And…and I can’t get enough of what you’re doing to me!’ He writhed, bucked his hips and felt her clamp harder as she worked him. ‘I’ve learnt to hold on…’

Dorothy gushed in her pleasure. ‘Good…you’re going to need that…control…but don’t hold back either!’

She wanted her pussy filled with his young meat, nephew or Ankara Ucuz Escort not; wanted those hands and mouth on her tits, to have him suck the hard buds that were her nipples and to waste her, physically and emotionally.


She heard the dismay in his voice as she knelt down, felt a moment’s restraint in his touch as Leo’s hands held her head. She lowered her mouth over his magnificent young penis and sucked, bobbed her head and used her tongue to slick and swirl, tasted his pre-cum as she nipped kisses to the domed head.

‘No…no…oh…oh can you? No one else has done that!’ It felt as if she was deep throating hm, her face brushing his belly and his pubes brushing her skin. ‘No…oh no…oh fuck!’

She eased away enough, gripped his nut sac and felt its weight. ‘Not yet…don’t you dare cum! I want that in me…then you can let it all go!’

‘Then…then I’ll have to fuck you…now…love with you, I mean…now!’

‘Whatever…just do it for me!’ she commanded, standing up and awkwardly putting one leg about his waist before he lifted her and she shuddered, embraced his neck and gasped as he thrust into her in sublimely pleasurable strokes, gripped her butt cheeks and had her ride on him, on all that he brought. ‘What a way to start the day!

Leo heard the exultation in her voice, how expertly Dorothy rode him and sought to milk his prick, oblivious to the grip of his hands on her fleshy buttocks. He gloried in her tits, sucked on her nipples as she rose to offer them to him before she slammed down, wrenched on his penis and snorted in her efforts to love fast and furiously with him.

‘I’ve been here for you…for so long!’ he gasped, feeling that he was so deep inside her and she bouncing up and down, her tits caressing his chest as she gripped and jerked his penis, loved to feel him in her body. ‘Fuck…oh fuck! I can’t hold back much longer! Sorry about the word….’

‘Don’t worry about that. Just you hold on…try for me…just try!’ she gasped, kissing his face and neck. clinging to him as they slapped against the cubicle’s door, then slid away. ‘Cum in me…cum in me!’

‘I will if you milk me like that!’ They snorted through their kisses and harsh breaths of effort as she claimed him without any let up. Leo grunted as he became lost in a void of raging desire for her. ‘Dorothy….Dorothy…aaahhh!’

‘Me too…I’m there too!’ she cried out on a laugh of pure pleasure as he ejaculated, shuddered as she felt the tingling rushes of his semen slick her pussy’s spasming walls. His penis seemed to stretch her, his movements undulating as he expertly plumbed her body, his flagging energy matched by her delirium, the rushes of pleasure she had not thought to share with him. ‘You kept the best to the end…’

She met his kisses, held Leo’s head to her breasts as she was slowly lifted off him. She shuddered from the residual caress to her pussy’s lips as the head of his penis was eased past them. She met his soft smile of appreciation..

‘All I did was bring you a cup of tea…’ he smiled. ‘We’d better wash that all away….’

He moved to turn on the shower and drew her under its warm stream, loved to feel the warmth of the water and this woman’s skin against him. Dorothy’s hair was a bedraggled mess. He took in how much older she now looked, but the ride with her had been unimaginable bliss.

‘No, you brought me so much more. You made me feel wanted…and one favour deserves another.’

‘And I can look forward to coming home tonight. Loving with you is a great way to start the day…I’m here for you until you get that waster…my uncle…out of your head. I heard how it got to be between you….’

‘Save your breath…’ she retorted, her mind on someone quite different.

He took her hand as she stepped out of the shower, her touches never leaving him. Dorothy chose to lean back against him, did not prevent his hands cupping her breasts as Leo embraced her fulsome body. She knew it couldn’t last, but an exchange of favours would see them both through to better times.

Leo would be around for a while longer and she would mend. What others didn’t know of couldn’t hurt them.

‘You’ve made one old woman very happy and satisfied,’ she smiled coyly, twisting in his embrace to look up at him, agile fingers brushing over his skin as he grabbed for the towels. ‘It’s still early…’

Violet and the Warrens Ch. 01


I heard a knock on my office window. By late fall night comes early and outside it was pitch black. I could hear young voices laughing and, putting my hands up next to the glass to reduce the glare, I could recognize teenagers in their cross-country outfits. It was my son, James, and some other runners from his High School.

“Dad, can you let us in, we want to use the bathroom and get some water.” James called from the dark.

“Sure thing, come around to the door,” I said through the glass.

The main building entrance locks from the outside after 5, so I had to leave my office to let my son and his friends enter. There were the usual suspects, James, his buddies Ethan and Rob, and to my pleasant surprise Violet was with them. James and his friends had come through before but never with her in tow. It wasn’t surprising, as the high school girls’ star runner, she could keep up. They tumbled into the foyer all rosy cheeked and panting, the boys all topless with their silly short shorts and Violet in her much more flattering gear. Ethan and Rob raced down the hall past me to the bathroom after a perfunctory hello. James and Violet stood before me, and once again I was smitten.

Violet was a senior, in between James, a junior, and my daughter Allie who was off to college. She was friendly with both, although sleepovers and shared female interests made her fast friends with Allie. She was one of those precociously cool kids who got straight As and was a great athlete, but who also took risks and did things her own way. She was a high-achieving iconoclast, good qualities in a person.

The most memorable event we shared together was when she got busted by a chaperone for smoking weed with Allie on a school trip when she was a sophomore and Allie a junior. It was never reported to the police or the school luckily, but there were a lot of fretful phone calls between parents. Some adults might have freaked out, but my wife Maeve and I were not that type. We knew our kids were smart, their friends were kind, and that they all would have to learn to make better decisions by making a few mistakes. The fact that we liked smoking weed now and then too also helped us continue to bless Violet’s friendship with Allie and James—she was not a bad person, period. We would even tease Violet about it now and then and remind her to be smarter.

Maeve and I always tried to get James to ask her out, but the two of them just remained platonic and we no longer pushed the issue. It’s just as well, because while I’m not an obviously lecherous man, when I’m around Violet I can’t help myself from trying to get in as many looks at her beautiful face and tone body as I can without being noticed. I don’t think I could have handled the idea of my son touching and fucking her—I’d be happy for him, but it’d be hard to be around. Now, she was before me in her tight running shorts, a running bra that hugged her chest and let a just a hint of her nipples poke through, and her long dirty blonde hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her face, with her high-cheekbones, aquiline nose, and full lips, was an example of classical beauty.

“Dad, do you have any of those snacks in the office?” James asked. We often had junk food left over from events and the kids would raid the stash whenever they came by.

“Maybe, you can check, but I’m not sure that it’ll have the best options for middle-of-running eating. Speaking of which, isn’t it late for you guys to still be out? Won’t Gillings be waiting or mad or something.”

I knew Coach Gillings was probably already gone, he trusted the top runners to get their workouts in and be safe—it was stupid of him, but good running coaches are hard to find so we didn’t push the issue.

Violet responded with her slightly scratchy voice, something that always made her a bit sexier.

“We’re juvenile delinquents, out to do crime,” she cracked and raised her fists up in mock defiance. “But, actually, I bet he has no idea whether we’re finished or not—he’s kind of clueless that way.”

“Well I do,” I said as I opened the door to my office hall and let them in, “and besides Violet, aren’t you 18 now? You could be charged as an adult!”

“Well, in that case, I can do what I want!” She said, putting her hands on her hips and puffing out her chest—I tried not to notice too overtly. She stood for a moment that way, smiled, then turned away, “Thanks for the snacks, Mr. Warren!”

The interior door to my office suite locks too, so I waited for Ethan and Rob and watched my son and the hot girl trot down the hall to raid the snack closet. My eyes were glued to Violet’s ass as she pranced away from me, her tight round cheeks pushed up alternately by the stride of her long strong legs.

When she joked like that with me, she always made a funny face, like I was a conspirator with her—sort of a half-wink. A foolish man would think more of it, but I knew it was just her manner. It didn’t stop me from recycling such moments to masturbate to, usually after a recent Violet sighting. This Etimesgut Escort little visit, with its images of her tone belly, tight ass, and constricted breasts ready to be sprung would be fresh on my mind for quite a few jerk off sessions over the next months—starting in my office immediately after the surprise runners left.

I didn’t see Violet again for almost three years, but I came on her young body in my mind many times in the interim. I’m not proud of this, but occasionally I’d be that guy: the creep who jerked off to his daughter’s friends’ Instagrams. At least because I’m a “cool dad,” they were genuine contacts and they all followed me too—and I was very judicious in what I “liked” so no one would know what perverted Mr. Warren was up to. Most of their pictures were usually tame, certainly not the racy illicit stuff that was likely on their “finsta’s” or fake accounts, but now and then there’d be some young woman I knew as a teen, now purposely showing off a nice adult ass in a bikini or pouting their lips above ample bare cleavage. Violet’s own account had its share of those, but most her pictures highlighted her travels and social justice work. Towards the end of college, though, I noted a considerable uptick of sex-positive racier shots and messages, and appreciated the new emphasis as I tugged my cock while panting her name at least once a month.

I love masturbating and thinking about anything and everything—a lot of it taboo—but it’s important to note that Maeve and I lack nothing in our love life and are honest about most of our interests. In addition to being “GGG” (good, giving, and game in bed—thanks Dan Savage), Maeve is the most gorgeous brunette I’ve ever known, with thin long legs, an ass to die for, nice weighty C cup breasts, and a face that resembled a classical Renaissance Madonna. We are both in our late 40s, so she’s got a bit more of a belly than she wants, but I’m a bit softer than I’d like to be too. Our bodies still worked well together, though, and our minds were only getting closer when it comes to sex. Although Maeve and I are serial monogamists whose lists of conquests are much shorter than most of our peers’, our vanilla histories and conventional relationship hid a torrid private sex life.

I was the influencer. My libido, going non-stop since before puberty, had me gravitating to nasty thoughts and behaviors early in life. As a semi-closeted pansexual, I have quite the imagination and discovering internet pornography, erotic literature, and Tumblr over the years has given me a bit of an obsession with sex. Maeve started from a much more inhibited place, but together we developed through honesty and experimentation a robust set of sex practices that centered on hotwife, cuckold, and cheating fantasies, and me spanking her for being a “bad girl.” Each of these developed from small hints and broaching of taboos during drunk sex sessions until blossoming into open and frank dirty talk most times we had sex—especially after smoking some weed. From abstract ideas to fantasizing about real people and saying their names out loud while fucking, we had become sexually daring and compatible. Despite my always-wandering eye and never fully indulged compulsions—including a few secret fetishes that I had yet to divulge—with Maeve I am a satisfied man.

In one of the first frank conversations we had about sexual fantasies a few years into marriage, Maeve told me she had thought about sex with a woman before, and since that’s such an easy thing for a guy to groove on, I brought that into bed for a bit. Over the years, much more nasty behavior supplanted that fantasy, and we never really revisited it.

To be honest, my personal desire for “strange pussy” wasn’t about wanting my wife to be with another woman. Unlike thinking about other men, whose bigger cocks, prowess in bed, and alpha domination and great sex for my wife—and sometimes me—turned both of us on, women in the fantasy world were usually just for me. Even in a fantasy scenario in which one might be in bed with us, it was usually because I wanted to fuck another woman, usually a younger version of my wife with a toner body and tighter pussy. In my professional world as the executive of a major non-profit chain of educational camps—with whole rosters of college-aged counselors in training every summer and lots of facilities visits to watch them teach swimming—I had a lot of nice sights to think about. Maeve would tease me from time to time about “the girls,” and probably assumed I had my urges, but I never crossed the line or told her just what I’d do to a couple of them. My lust for younger women, an absurdly typical male fantasy, remained muted between us while we plunged into more rarified fetish territory. Violet was on my mind alone.

It was three years after the office visit, and Allie was home for a couple of weeks the summer after college graduation before she took a “real job” with low pay in the city. With James at an internship in the mountains Etlik Escort most of the summer and our youngest at camp, it was nice to have her around. The three of us were chatting in the kitchen about whether her skimpy outfit was going to be warm enough for a cool summer night. It did not leave a lot to the imagination. I could have been the disapproving dad, but those guys are dicks. My heart skipped a beat, though, when Allie told us she was going “clubbing” with Violet that night and that she might even sleep over. Judging by Allie’s outfit, they’d be doing some partying and I already had images forming. Moments later the doorbell rang. I went to answer, and in walked Violet.

She was stunning, wearing a short black skirt over smooth bare legs, open laced up heels, and a shiny purple crop top that barely came down over breasts which seemed to have gotten a little bigger—something I had noticed on Instagram. Her hair was twisted into a French braid with two long curls left out that framed her face perfectly. Her makeup was extravagant, with thick eyeliner and purple shadow overlaid with glitter, I was glad that it was conversation worthy because for all her face’s show, my eyes kept doing quick scans of her body.

“Oh my god, Hi Violet! How are you? You look amazing, like Cleopatra! Where are you ladies going?” Maeve rattled off excitedly as she entered the foyer and leaned in to give Violet a tight hug.

“I told you, Club Presence in the city.” Allie called from the kitchen, “at least to start.”

“Hi Violet! How’s school,” I asked.

I leaned into give her a one-handed nonchalant hug. I was not going to wrap my arms around her. I didn’t think I could handle that. The contact lasted no more than two seconds, enough time to pull in her odor, sense her warm closeness, and feel a little bit of her arm skin. It was nothing creepy or duplicitous, just a one-armed hands-off hug. I can multitask though. While being a genuinely kind friend’s dad, I was stockpiling a few impressions for later use.

“It’s going well! Thanks Mrs. Warren, that’s the effect I’m going for, Ancient Egypt.” Violet was great at small talk, and so natural with us. She lifted her arms in the classic Egyptian art pose, and I caught a glimpse of the underside of a black lacey bra and sensed the heft of her tits against her body.

“Please, Violet, you have to call me Maeve. Zach, aren’t you going to give her a real hug?” Maeve pushed me a bit after I disengaged from the tentative embrace that preceded her King Tut pose.

“I’m not going to get glitter bombed!” I joked and backed away making pretend cleaning motions on my shirt.

Violet, rubbed her hand on her forehead and brushed it down my cheek. It was a surprising move and combined with that little sly look, it felt like a million years compressed into a second.

“Too late!” Violet laughed.

“Hah, she got you Zach!” Maeve said and gestured to the kitchen, “Do you want something to drink Violet, anything, wine, beer, water, whatever?”

“No thank you Mrs. Warren, Maeve, I mean. I think we have to go soon, right Allie?” Violet looked up as Allie came in from the kitchen. “Sorry for the glitter…Zach.”

The pause for my name was accompanied by a wink that seemed so suggestive I had to concentrate on interpreting it as completely innocent in order not to blush.

“Please call me Mr. Warren, Violet. Just kidding!” I was in dad joke mode. “It’s okay, I needed some reflective coating in case I go for a run tonight anyway.”

I held the screen door open for them. My body language was purposely disengaging, as though I had something better to do than gawk at the thing of beauty in front of me. They were leaving, this was going to be all I’d see of Violet for a while and I was okay with it.

“Yeah, we should go. Mom, dad, make sure you leave the door unlocked because I don’t have a key.” Allie had gathered her little purse (the kind with no strap—I never understood that) and the two walked out the door.

“Be careful, have fun!” I said.

“Bye girls!” Maeve echoed from the kitchen.

I took in one more glance at Violet’s sexy legs and ass negotiate their way down our gravel walkway. She was perfect. My cock felt thick in my pants.

“Wow, Violet looked sexy, didn’t she!” Meave was pouring wine in the kitchen, we were alone for the evening and it was time to get a buzz on. “Like you didn’t notice, Zach!”

“Yeah, sure, they both looked great. I’m sure they’ll turn a lot of heads tonight.” I didn’t want to downplay, or overemphasize, the effect Violet had had on me, “If they don’t freeze to death first.”

A few hours later, we were alone, a bit drunk, and halfway through a marathon dirty sex session in our living room, a place we love to fuck. By our reckoning—and based on Allie’s phone location—we still had an hour or so to ourselves. Earlier Maeve, who loves weed, and I had smoked a few tokes and we were well into some nasty spanking and fantasy play. It’s Eve Gelen Escort in these low-inhibition buzzed sex sessions that new ideas and practices are introduced, and the image of Violet was screaming in my brain as I plunged my cock in Maeve’s pussy.

We were both naked fucking in the missionary position on the couch. I was alternately pinching Maeve’s nipples and giving them little slaps. I leaned into Maeve and through deep tongue kisses, I started planting a seed.

“You liked the way Violet looked tonight didn’t you bad girl.” I whispered into Maeve’s ear as I tickled it with my tongue.

Maeve’s pussy always contracts a bit when I add some fantasy material to her edging. I could feel a change.

“Maybe you should be spanked for being a pervert, bad girl.” I lifted her right leg off the floor and raised it to get access to her ass cheeks.

“Yes, sir, I did. I’m bad.” Maeve was perfect in her role. I landed a couple of smacks against her cheeks as we fucked.

“Say, ‘spank me Violet.'” I demanded as I planted another set of smacks against Maeve’s reddening ass, plunging my cock into her in a fast rhythm. This was a new one for Maeve, and she paused for a second. “Do it, you little slut. Say ‘spank me Violet, I’m yours.’ You know you want it.”

I squeezed Maeve’s tit in my hands and forced my tongue deep into her mouth. Withdrawing it in time for her to submit.

“Spank me Violet, I’m yours. I’m your bad girl, Violet.” Maeve had let her into our play, it was a victory.

I withdrew my cock and forcefully flipped Maeve over in the brusque way she likes during sex. She pushed her beautiful round ass up for her punishment. Her posterior was her greatest asset—pun intended. It was larger than when we met, but had the same great shape and bounce. I landed hard smacks on each cheek and a few in her sweet spot between the cheeks so her pussy lips got a little of the blow.

“Say it bad girl. Tell Violet she can spank you and do what she wants to you. You want her nice young tits pressed against yours don’t you.” The swats rained down; I would have to hold off before she got too red—Maeve and I were not into hardcore rough stuff. I was increasingly turned on by my ability to share my lust for Violet with Maeve. All those little things I’ve noticed were about to be said out loud to my wife. Maeve was completely in my charge and over the top excited.

“You’d like to lift that little skirt up, and pull her panties down, and stick your nose and mouth up against her soft wet pussy wouldn’t you Maeve.” I pulled my wife’s hair back so I could kiss her. Blending rough and gentle, I whispered in her ear, “I love you Maeve, do you like it, baby? Do you want more? Do you want me to let you fuck her?”

“Yes, more, give me more.” Maeve was bucking her hips back, ready for a fucking or more spanking or both. “Let me fuck Violet, please.”

“Maybe I will, maybe I won’t. Maybe you’ll have to watch as Violet and I fuck each other in front of you.” This was a first. Our other-people fantasies were exclusively her getting fucked, or a threesome at best. We did cuckold and hotwife fantasy a lot, but she wouldn’t know what a cuckquean was at all. It wasn’t something I spent a lot of time thinking about either—until then. I slipped my cock into my wife’s swollen excited pussy.

“Maybe Violet will tie you up, then slip her tight pussy around my cock. She’ll stare at you and taunt you while she rides up and down on my cock. Would you like that dirty girl?” Another smack rebounded off Maeve’s ass.

“She would tell you how tight her pussy was, and you’d watch my hands slide down her back and lift her up and down on my cock her by her beautiful ass. “Oh, Violet,’ I’d say ‘your pussy feels so good. I’ve always wanted to fuck you.'” I was saying her name, it felt great.

“FUCK, FUCK, SHIT!” Maeve jumped up. We heard fumbling at the doorknob—apparently our time assessment was way off. Soon, annoying repeated rings on the doorbell resounded in the house. We could hear Allie and Violet outside. Thank god I had locked the door against Allie’s instructions.

Maeve was like lightning. Before I could even find my clothes, she had put on her pants and shirt without the bra, and scrambled to the door.

“Get dressed, now!” Maeve scolded, panicked at the thought that we were almost caught.

“That was not cool,” she added, communicating her embarrassment at the likelihood of soon seeing the young woman who had no reason to think she had become our sex object.

“Yeah, I think you were liking it.” I responded and fumbled for my clothes.

My efforts were in vain. The girls rushed into the house freezing, reaching the living room just as I pulled my shirt on. I pulled my pants and underwear under the blanket I had hastily thrown over myself—I was buck naked under it. Allie rushed to the couch and pulled the blanket over her as well without noticing my state of undress, or how jealously I held onto it.

“Oh my god it’s freezing outside.” Allie scooted closer to me and gestured to Violet to come and warm herself too.

I was glad my daughter sat between me and Violet. I pulled the blanket around my legs as much as I could to try to prevent any of it from slipping off, keeping some fabric against my legs to hide my nakedness from Allie who was trying to lean into me for warmth.

Working with the Girls Ch. 03


Luckily for her, Angela had the next two days off from her job in the hotel’s café. I say “luckily”, because she later told me that she’d felt so completely split in two by the previous night’s anal sex that she’d tried to stay in bed all day, on her stomach of course, and watch TV. She’d had anal intercourse before, but apparently the father of her children was a smaller man than me, a fact that I later always repeated to her while laughing down my sleeve. My digs at her ex, even though he wasn’t there to hear them, always forced her to blush and laugh slightly. We spoke on the phone at some point nearly halfway through my shift and she joked that even though she was uninjured, she was going to need some recovery time before we became “vigorous” again.

For myself, I spent the rest of the day checking out girls at the pool through my bar’s large windows. The difference between this time and every other time I did it though was that I was not worried about being caught in the act by my new bed partner. As I gazed at several attractive Brazilian women I felt my cock stirring in my pants. They never failed to wear very skimpy bikini bottoms over their rounder-than-most-American butts. The motion of all of those asses and the knowledge of what I’d done last night with Angela’s ass had me rock hard as I watched. As usual, there was no one in the bar. Who would sit inside in a dark bar on such a beautiful Florida day?

I turned away from the window and there stood Amy, the food and beverage department’s manager. She simply smiled at me and waited for me to explain what I was doing. I figured no explanation was necessary and smiled back as if to challenge her to begin the conversation. She walked past me to the window and looked out on the scene of families (and young, jiggly Brazilian girls) splashing in the pool. I stood behind her silently and watched her watch them.

She had been an assistant manager when I’d been hired, but when the man who hired me moved on, she’d been promoted. Several people in the department, the head chef and the sous chef especially, seemed resentful of the fact that a woman younger than them was now their boss. For her part, Amy kept her head up and dug in to do the best job that she could. It did not always make her popular among the staff, but I understood the position she’d been put in and treated her with respect.

I’d noticed in my six months of working at the resort that very rarely, the young girl in her was allowed to show through. I considered myself lucky to have seen it a few times.

Once, when a bartender left the resort, everyone on the F on the other, I shouldn’t be touching her.

My responsible bartender’s sensibilities won out. I stopped her before she could get the keys in the door of her car and took them from her. “Amy, I don’t think you should drive. Could you stay and talk with me?” I asked.

Her eyes lit up, “I would like that. But why don’t we go somewhere we can talk?”

“Ames, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

Her insistence was disarming. I’ve been around girls who want what they want when they want it, and Amy was certainly not in the mood to be denied. She poured on every trick she knew to break me down. She was like a large, predatory feline on the hunt. I must have been breathing in a cloud of her pheromones, as it was extremely difficult to avoid her advances. I contented myself with watching the show and sneaking the occasional peek down her button down blouse. It was open from the collar down to the third button and a heavenly expanse of slightly freckled flesh jiggled there, barely contained by her lacy bra.

Amy asked again, “Why don’t you just drive me home and we can talk there?”

All I could think about was the flurry of rumors that would fly around the resort if I didn’t walk back into the bar soon. It would be a blow to her credibility as the boss if I left with her and for my part I didn’t want everyone talking to me about my night with her either. If Amy and I were ever to hook up, it was going to need to be extremely discreet.

“I’ll tell you what Amy: I’m going to take your keys and hold on to them. But I will give you a choice of what I will do. You’re not driving so I can either call you a cab or I can go back inside and eventually convince Sıhhiye Escort someone to follow us to your house. They can bring me back here to my car after you’re safely at home.”

“But…” she began.

“No buts Amy. You’re not driving and that’s that. I guess a third option would be for you to sit out here and sober up. I’m not leaving any time soon, so in a couple of hours, if you can convince me that you’re up to it, I might give you back your keys.”

“Well, see if anybody wants to follow us home. I’ll wait here.” I couldn’t help but think that the way she’d phrased that was deliberate, but couldn’t act on it either way right then. In any case, she clumsily tried to swing her legs into the passenger side of the car and ended up flashing me with a quick glimpse of her white panties. I shook it off and headed back inside.

When I returned, Paula’s face lit up seeing that I had not left with Amy. I sat back down next to her. “I’m glad you’re back,” she whispered so that our co-workers couldn’t hear, “these people are drunken idiots and I was afraid you were going to leave me alone with them.”

“It’s not that easy,” I told her. I quickly explained the situation and how it was important to me that Amy not be embarrassed about her condition in public. “If we can leave discreetly so that nobody knows what we’re doing, that’d be great,” I continued.

“A gentleman, huh? I hope somebody like you is looking out for me if I ever get sloppy in public.”

“Me too, young lady. Come on.”

We said our goodbyes and walked out into the humid night air. Amy perked up when I slid into the driver’s side of her Thunderbird and started it. We backed out into the road and headed towards her home which was only about four miles away. I asked if she was going to need the window down but she didn’t want her hair messed up by the wind. I didn’t think that she was close to vomiting but figured it would be worth asking.

Paula followed in her car and we soon were parked in Amy’s driveway.

“David,” she said, “I’ll be here alone. Are you sure you don’t want to come in?”

“I’ll walk you to your door, Boss, but no further. You’ll thank me later.”

At her front door, she tried one last time. Her arms went around my neck in a clumsy attempt at convincing me to come in. She inclined her head and moved in for a kiss. At the last moment, I turned my head and she planted one on my cheek.

“I’ll see you at work, Amy.”

When I got into Paula’s little Honda, she was shaking her head. “‘Just had to kiss her, didn’t you?”

“I tried to stop her. I don’t know what you were looking at.”

“Yeah, you stopped her. But was that for my benefit or hers?”

Since when are girls this age so perceptive? When thinking about it after all these years, I can’t answer honestly. I probably stopped Amy from continuing for a couple of reasons. One, Paula was sitting where she could watch it happen and going into the house with Amy would have been unacceptable considering the favor that Paula was doing both of us by helping me get Amy home. Two, hooking up with Amy would certainly have ruined any chances I had of being with Paula. I wanted both, so they had to be kept separate. And three, even though I wanted to sleep with Amy, if and when I did, it would be when she was more in control of herself. Knocking over a round-heeled, tipsy girl had never been my style. Half of the fun of the seduction is in the “chase”; a girl who’s not in control of all of her faculties takes some of the luster from the “capture”.

We drove back to the bar and my car in near silence. I still didn’t know Paula well, and I was probably quiet from thinking about missed opportunities and the future ones as well. When she’d put the car in park, she turned to me and said, “That was downright noble of you, considering that you’ve been seeing Angie. It must have been quite an effort to resist Amy’s advances. She’ll be embarrassed later about this.”

“Thanks. It’s not every day that stuff like this happens to me you know.” I thought for a second and continued, “I think we should avoid talking about this around work. Nobody in there knows she was in any condition. Let’s not embarrass her.”

“Agreed,” she said Tandoğan Escort before going back into the bar, and I went home.

But now, a few months later, Amy stood in my bar in a light blue dress. She had silently walked up behind me, a feat that was not that difficult with the soft carpet of the bar’s upper lounge area. As I looked at her by the window, wondering where this encounter would lead, I resisted the urge to look down and check out her legs and ass. I knew that any movement of my head would be caught in the reflection of the glass so I simply stood behind her and looked at the reflection of her eyes waiting for her to speak.

“Looking at the ladies are we?”

Why lie? She’d walked right up on me while I was doing it. What she didn’t know was that I had seen her reflection coming up behind me but what was the point? I was in my early twenties; I couldn’t have been stopped from looking at women by anything short of poking out my eyes. “You know I am, Boss. I’ve got the second best job in the hotel.”

She turned, “Oh, what’s the first?”

I pointed out the pool bar with its roof of palm fronds and complete view of the pool area. “That one right there.”

“You’ll probably have that shift soon,” she replied. This surprised me since the guys with more seniority usually took the shifts at the pool for obvious reasons. New guys like me typically had the inside lounge which was dead all day long. No customers, no sales, no tips. But, since it doubled as the service bar during the day, it allowed me the opportunity to talk to the waitresses from the café, a feature that I had recently begun to take advantage of. “Why would I be getting the pool bar…?” I began, but she turned to look at me with a look that stopped my inquiry. She’d said too much and I didn’t push it.

I stepped away from her as a guest walked into the bar from the pool area. We may have been a little too close before I moved and I didn’t want anything to appear improper. “Where’re the towels, mate?” he asked. After we’d got the dripping wet Brit headed in the correct direction for pool towels, she continued the conversation.

Changing the subject, she said, “Dave, I never thanked you for looking out for me.”

Since she realized that I hadn’t made the transition from one subject to another with her, she continued, “At the bar…when I drank too much…remember?” Recognition arched my eyebrows. “You could have taken advantage of me. People would still be talking about it if you had.”

“Amy, it’s not my style to be the reason that a lady gets a reputation. You were pretty convincing though.”

“Well, it’s good to know that I might still have it,” she laughed. “I’m sorry for the position that I put you in.”

“Amy, you were pretty insistent. About what I’m not sure, and since nothing happened, I don’t need to know. As far as I was concerned, you were off limits.”

“Were?” she joked, “All the same, thanks.”

“My pleasure,” I said. “It’s not often that I am in a position to help you out. I’m happy to do it.”

“Speaking of things you’re happy to do, you seem to be quite popular among the girls working in the café.”

All I could do in reply was to blush and look down at the floor.

“Relax,” she said, “your social life is none of my business. I’ve already said too much.”

“Too much? About what?” I asked.

“Two things: the pool bar and Angela,” she finished.

She saw a movement behind me and I followed her gaze. “‘Looks like you have a customer. I’ll talk to you later.” She left the bar in the opposite direction from the newcomer, heading out to the pool to look incredibly out of place as the only one there who was fully clothed. “Shame,” I thought, “I’d sure like to see her in a bikini, or less…”

The visitor was Olga, Angie’s sister. She stood in the lounge’s door way and allowed me to take her in. She was clearly dressed for more than her occasional drop-in on her sister at work. A light yellow sundress and low heeled sandals gave her a look of youthful freshness and spring time. Her dress hung from her shoulders on thin straps and exposed a delightful amount of her upper breasts. Since it was impossible to wear a bra with the garment, her nipples poked Tunalı Escort at the thin fabric, clearly aroused by the air conditioning. “How cliché,” I thought, laughing to myself. Her hips swung sexily as she walked towards me. She was holding something small in her hands.

“Are you really only twenty three, David?” she asked. She held out my wallet to me; I must have left it at Angie’s house and here she was taking the opportunity to return it.

“Ummm, yeah. Thanks. And hello…Olga.” I wondered what else she’d looked at in my wallet. Since I didn’t have a bunch of credit cards, I wasn’t worried that she’d done anything improper and I carried my cash in a money clip so it wasn’t like she could have robbed me. “‘Find anything else interesting?” I didn’t know where the visit and the conversation were going so I decided just to see how it played out.

“Most guys your age have a rubber in their wallet.” She looked at me questioningly and when I didn’t answer, continued, “I was going to say that ‘most boys your age…’ but since you don’t carry a rubber, you may be a little more mature than those guys.”

“I don’t understand; why would not having a condom make me more mature?” Better yet, why was I standing in the middle of the lounge with this gorgeous woman and talking about rubbers in the middle of the day?

“Too many young men seem presumptuous when they carry one. The thing eventually wears a ring into your wallet, and no woman that I know trusts a condom that is old enough to wear a ring in a wallet. More importantly, no woman wants to be thought of as a ‘sure thing’.”

I laughed at the explanation and remembered back to a time when I had carried one in my wallet.

“So, you stopped by to bring me my wallet? And you got dressed up for me?” I said while purposefully looking her up and down. She looked great; in fact, I don’t believe I’d ever looked at her this closely before. Hell, I knew she was hot, but the nicely made up hair and face combined with this softer, more feminine look was inspiring. Inspiring other parts of me to pay attention so much that I decided I’d better get back behind my bar in case I developed a boner. It had become easy to forget about how dismissively she’d treated me in the past.

I pushed the wallet into my right rear pocket and opened the little half door that led to the area behind the bar. Needing an excuse for moving to the bar area, I asked her if she’d like anything to drink. She took a seat and told me to make her something that I thought she’d like.

“Anything?” I asked.

“Whatever you want,” she answered.

So I got to work. I quickly mixed a Pink Squirrel and strained it into a cocktail glass. The drink was nearly the color of Pepto-Bismol and she took a sip hesitantly. “Mmmm. Good,” she whispered. “What is it?”

“It’s called a Pink Squirrel. It’s not too strong, it’s not too sweet, and best of all, it’s pink,” I answered.

She took a few more sips and placed it back on the bar. “Just like me, huh?” She searched my face for recognition of what she’d said.

I thought, “Hmmm, ‘not too strong,’ ok. ‘Not too sweet’, yeah that was her. ‘Pink’? What? Hey, was she talking about what I think she was talking about?” As an answer to my unasked questions, Olga just smiled and finished the drink. A little dollop of the creamy pink liquid was caught on the corner of her mouth and I handed her a fresh cocktail napkin and pointed it out to her.

After wiping it off, she asked, “Are you always such a gentleman?”

“Well, I try to be.” Again, I thought to myself, “Why is she here? Where is this going?”

“It didn’t appear that way last night when you were railing my sister.”

I nearly choked on a coke that I’d been drinking. She laughed and continued, “I just want to know if you and I are going to get together.” Damn, these girls were direct.

“Olga, I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought of you. Angie and I talked about it last night too. It’s kinda taken me by surprise though. I usually wait until one girl hates me before dating another.” I refilled my coke and poured her another drink. This time I made her a Grasshopper. She silently took a sip and again, showed her approval by licking her lips.

“Not too strong, not too sweet, but…green?” she asked.

“Yeah, I didn’t think you’d be able to claim that this one was similar to you in too many ways since you’re wearing yellow.” “‘Joke’s on you, Hon. I’m wearing green underwear.”

I jokingly said, “I’m going to need proof of that.” She gave me a mock-angry look and I said, “Oh, did I say that out loud?”

Together Ssn 04 Ch. 10 – Recompense


***All sexually active characters depicted are of age, 18 years old ate least, and, some of what you read may cause distress. Always be safe and vigilant.***

At the Cummings’ castle, with the wedding of Tiffany, 22, and Craig, 21, about to begin, the inner courtyard of the castle is filled with their family, and friends from through their years, all gathering to see them brought together in the bonds of matrimony. Craig stands waiting with the registrar, with Pleasant, 25, as his best man, awaiting the arrival of his bride-to-be.

Tiffany stands with her procession of bridesmaids, ready to walk down the aisle with George, 48, arm in arm. The bridesmaids begin to walk down the aisle: Frankie, 22, her maid of honour, leads the procession, followed by Gabby, 20, and Gloria, 38, then Lucy, 44, with Gracie, 56. Now, it is time for Tiffany to take her turn. George gives her a proud smile, telling Tiffany, “You got this, girl,” and she giggles back at him, feeling elated and joyous as they proceed to march.

Craig stands waiting, facing the aisle, and his eyes are met by Tiffany’s dress sparkling with such a shine that gleams so brightly with the sunlight, from many in-set diamonds in the bodice, and the white silk trails in waves down to the hem, which flows whimsically with each step she takes. Captivated, Craig is offered her hand by his father. George watches the couple take their positions next to each other as he takes his seat, with Craig and Tiffany gazing happily into each other’s eyes.

The registrar announces, “We are gathered here to celebrate the love Tiffany and Craig have for each other, with us all witness to their vows and promises they are due to make. It will bring me great pleasure to marry these two, but, I am duty-bound to ask; if there are any who object to this union, please, speak now?”

One of the waitstaff standing in attendance at the perimeter of the courtyard walks towards the couple, pulling out a pistol tucked in the waistband of their trousers and concealed by their shirt, calling out, “I have something to say,” holding up the gun to shocked gasps and scared whimpers as everyone notices.

Tiffany turns around, and her eyes widen with terror, backing up to Craig who cradles her belly in his arms, as she shakily asks, “Linford? What are you doing?”

The waitstaff confirms, “Yeah, slut. When I heard you were getting married, I just had to do something. I spent 2 years locked up in a prison cell in some shithole country, getting fucked every day by men who paid for me while I was in chains; not that I ever saw a penny from it. Some crazy bitch in black kidnapped me, saying it was because of what I did to you two. Could she be here? Fucked if I know, but I know I can make you pay for what happened to me.”

Tiffany defiantly says, “Well, then, you got what you deserved. You have no idea how what you and your friends did to me affected me. You left me mentally broken and scarred. Hearing that you were rotting in a cell at least gives me some slight satisfaction.”

Linford, 22, marches up to the bride, close enough to hold his gun to her head at arm’s length, with rage tugging on his upper lips and cheeks, as he stares at her. Tiffany stares at the gun, going cross-eyed as she tries desperately to keep sight of it, and Linford warns her, “I thought about this for a long time, slut,” looking behind Tiffany to add, “And you, bro,” talking to Craig.

From behind Craig, Pleasant steps forward slowly, with her hands clearly visible to Linford, and she calmly says, “You don’t need to do this. What happened to you was nothing to do with them. You were kidnapped and imprisoned? Well, you got out. You have your freedom. And, now, what? You are going to give up that freedom for an imagined vendetta? How did you escape?”

Linford focuses on Pleasant, now standing between him and Tiffany, and he explains, “I got chatting to one of my regulars who understood me a little, and he wanted to have me all to himself, saying he loved me. Take me away someplace to be his bitch. I played along with him until we got out of there and away from that place, and I bailed.”

Pleasant enquires, “What brought you here?”

Linford answers, “I heard about the wedding in the news. I knew this was my chance to get payback for everything I was made to suffer. Do you know what it’s like to be in chains like a slave, bro, fed on scraps of shit everyday and hot water that is probably the guards piss? It’s degrading. It’s humiliating. And, in a place where no-one speaks our language. After 2 years, I still don’t have a fucking clue what they’re talking about.”

Taking advantage of Linford’s upset, Pleasant places her palm over the top of the pistol, and presses it down, suggesting to Linford, “It’s okay. You’re not there anymore. You don’t have to go back there.” Linford closes his eyes, clearing his mind as he listens to Pleasant talking him down, lowering the gun. He feels her hand rub his forearm softly as she Turangüneş Escort grips the gun firmly with the other, and she says, “You know deep down inside you don’t have to be here.”

Linford’s eyes snap open and lock-on to Pleasant’s eyes, staring point blank at each other as he recalls, “I recognise that voice. I know it’s no mistake.” Pleasant squeezes her grip of his forearm and gun tighter, as he realises, “You are the crazy bitch in black who kidnapped me. Your voice was in my head for two years. There is no mistake.”

Pleasant tries to wrench Linford’s gun from his hand, but he holds on tighter, trying to point it at her as she aims it away from her. The two struggle for control of the weapon, with Linford feeling more and more desperate as two years of fear grip him tightly, finally coming face-to-face with his tormentor.


A sound like thunder cracks around the courtyard, and Pleasant collapses onto her knees, still clutching the gun, and Linford’s arm as he wrenches it free, pointing the pistol directly at her head. Linford’s arm is wrenched down, and the gun taken from him in one fluid motion, as Luke Bailey detains him.

Everyone crowds around Pleasant to see if she is okay, and she is bleeding from the side of her belly. Frankie sits at her side, clutching her hand, and pressing her palm to her side, as Pleasant adamantly says, “I’m fine. He didn’t even hit me.”

Frankie tells her husband, “You’re in shock. You did get shot.”

Pleasant stubbornly shakes her head in disbelief, and Luke announces, “I called for back-up as soon as I spotted the gun, so an ambulance will be here in a moment.”

Worriedly looking around the courtyard, Tiffany concernedly asks, “Where is Joy?”

Luke assures the mother, “She has been with Tina. She is safe. I got her to leave immediately when we saw the gun. Hopefully, Joy is none-the-wiser to what happened.”

Relieved, Tiffany exclaims, “Oh, thank fuck. I was worried when I noticed I didn’t hear her crying. It was so loud.”

Frankie leans in closer to her husband, and quietly asks her, “Is it true? What he said?”

Pleasant whispers in her wife’s ear, “I would do anything for you.”

Frankie gulps, and whispers back, “I don’t know you at all, do I?”

Pleasant keeps her voice low as she begs, “Please, Frankie, don’t be so dramatic. I thought I was protecting you, helping you and those closest to you. I did it because I love you.”

Frankie says to her husband, “I didn’t ask for any of this.”

Pleasant faintly laughs, and looks into her wife’s eyes to whisper, “That’s what, ‘I would do anything for you,’ means; that you never have to ask. I saw how he hurt everyone, including you, and, I wanted to stop it.”

Frankie grips Pleasant’s hands tighter, and tells her, “We will talk more about this later. For now, we need to get you all fixed up, and check the baby.”

Pleasant nods in agreement with her wife, and she relaxes, embarrassed by the extreme measures she went to in order to show her love, and also frustrated that what she did failed to do what she intended. She glares at Linford, calling to taunt him, “You have been a very bad boy.”

Linford attempts to break himself free from Luke’s grip, incensed by the very phrase that haunted him the most during his incarceration, but, Luke wrenches Linford’s arms tighter behind his back, causing immense tension in his arms, shoulders, and back, and he grimaces at Pleasant as he stops struggling.

Craig walks up to Linford, getting really close to stare him directly in the eyes, growling with anger as he tells him, “You are real piece of shit; a right fucking cunt for coming on my wedding day, and threatening my fiancee, and my best man, at gun point. Don’t tell me, you are doing this because you still want me?”

Linford laughs mockingly, saying, “After being in prison for two years with an all-you-can-eat cock buffet, I couldn’t give a fuck about you, bro. I’m just paying back what I suffered. And, that chick is your best man? She packing heat down there?”

Craig snarls, “She’s more of a man than you’ll ever be,” punching him with a hook square across the jaw with as much weight as he could swing into it.

Linford’s cheek feels hot like it is burning lava, making him suck air through his teeth, and he sorely asks, “You gonna arrest him too for assault, officer?”

Luke says into Linford’s ear, “No, you deserved that. I think I should let him go off on you a lot more.”

Linford bravely states, “How about I sue you for police brutality?”

Luke considers what would happen, supposing, “You could sue me with a lawyer who would be assigned to you, because I doubt you can afford one. It just so happens that we know a lawyer who would be perfect to represent you, and make sure you get exactly the compensation you deserve.”

Linford remarks, “That sounds like you are trying to intimidate me, bro.”

Luke Türbanlı Escort tells Linford, “I am not your, ‘bro,'” wrenching Linford’s arms again to shoot excruciating pain through him, and Craig punches Linford again before walking away to calm himself down.

Tiffany squares up to Linford, with a scowl of pure scorn on her face, and she spits at him, “You insufferable cunt! You really hurt us before, you know? What you did to Craig was bad enough. He got through it, showing mercy to you by not reporting it, because you were friends once. You didn’t know that, did you? Then you have me gangraped, and you left me for dead. I may as well have been for how I felt: depressed, worthless, like I deserve nothing, and could never love again. I got through it with the support of my family, and you come here, on my wedding day, and you threaten to end our lives,” punching Linford full force, making his cheek pop open with a spurt of blood, spattering down to the floor following his arc as he is knocked off-balance.

Luke hoists Linford to stand upright again, with Linford welling up tears in his eyes, whimpering with a trembling lip. Tiffany taunts him, “Oh, you gonna cry?,” and she bitterly boasts, “Did I hurt you? Feeling humiliated by being brought to tears by a girl?,” scowling, “Save it! That was nothing compared to what I have been forced to suffer because of you, cunt!”

Tiffany knees Linford in the balls, and starts flailing more punches at him with full force, determined to beat him to within an inch of his life. Craig gingerly approaches his furious fiancee from behind, taking care not to get hit as Tiffany twists her hips into each punch, and he hugs her hips, dragging her back. She turns into her fiance, and hugs him back.

When the paramedics arrive to take Pleasant to the hospital, Frankie says, “I should go with her.”

Domhnall, 65, adamantly tells Frankie, “Your friend looks like she really needs her maid of honour on her wedding day. I will go with Pleasant. I won’t let anything happen to her.”

Frankie says a heartfelt, “Thank you,” as she watches her wife leave the courtyard with her father-in-law, knowing that Pleasant will be well looked after, putting her at ease.

With the assistance of the police officers that arrived with the paramedics, Luke hands over Linford to be taken to the police station to be processed, and he says to Tiffany, “Miss Bright, I am so sorry you had to go through this on your wedding day. How are you holding up?”

Tiffany calmly states, “I am relieved that you were here, Luke. I can see you genuinely care about us a great deal, and I am thankful for that,” and she takes centre-stage to announce to everyone, “Thank you to everyone for coming today. I appreciate each and every person who has taken time out of their day to be here. You all mean something to me, no matter how small, like the stars in the night sky, you can all seem so distant at times, but, you each have your own worlds, and you can always be found.

“I stand before you today because I want to declare my love for Craig in front of you all, and, I don’t need to get married to do that. All through my life, Craig has been there for me. We’re as close as any two people can be. We have had highs and lows, good times and bad, and he never complains. He never leaves. He is never angry with me. He is patient, and understanding, and he gives me a reason to live, even when I want to decide not to anymore.

“We have a wonderful daughter,” noticing Tina’s timely return with her daughter held in her arms, drawing attention to them as she points out, “There she is, Joy, who has brought us closer than anything ever has. She truly has brought joy to both of us, and, I wouldn’t have that without Craig. We are doing our best each day, despite all the hardship that comes our way, with Joy as a beacon to remind us that everything will be okay.

“I don’t need to be married to show how I feel. I know how I feel, and Craig knows how I feel, and I know how he feels. What happened here today is a far greater affirmation of our love than any marriage vows, to stand in the face of danger, and defend each other, and, we don’t have to do it alone. My name is Bright, but I am also Reid, and have been accepted as Cummings; a marriage couldn’t possibly represent all of that. Instead, I will live each day knowing I am not doing this alone, with you all around to support me, and Craig at my side.”

Craig takes Tiffany in his arms, hugging her tightly from behind, and Tina hands Joy to Tiffany to be cradled in her mother’s arms, just as everyone in the courtyard applauds Tiffany’s heartfelt speech. Craig whispers into Tiffany’s ear, “I kept pushing for this wedding, thinking that it would be good to give you something to look forward to, that it would be a perfect moment to tell you how much I love you, but, I can do that any day, at any time, in any place.”

Tiffany smiles Ukraynalı Escort warmly in Craig’s embrace, and says in return, “I know. You mean well; you always do. We are like husband and wife anyway, just without it being official, and, we don’t need it to be. I will always be with you, and Joy.”

At the hospital, Pleasant is checked over on a bed in a private room, and is left to be alone by the doctors and nurses to be able to rest. Soon after, another nurse enters the room, closing the door, and approaching the bed. Pleasant doesn’t notice the nurse at first, but then she feels the nurse’s fingers stab into her wound, making her gasp and tense, shooting a look at the nurse to see a familiar face as she calls out, “Bonnie!?”

Bonnie, 24, thrusts her fingers as deep into the wound as they will go, and swirls them around, really digging everywhere she can reach, making Pleasant wince and grimace in agony as she writhes around. Bonnie tells her, “When I heard you were here, I couldn’t resist. You aren’t that bitch, Tiffany, but, you are close to her, so I don’t mind. We were close once, if you remember?”

Pleasant desperately tries to breathe, attempting to speak, but she can’t form her words as the pain grips her greatly, so Bonnie continues the conversation, “I understand you are pregnant? I admit, that came as a complete shock. I don’t ever remember you having an interest in men, or, does that wife of yours come with interchangeable parts like some freaky doll?”

Bonnie laughs manically, and Pleasant tries to feel her belly, feeling distressed, and Bonnie tells her, “Oh, don’t you worry, the baby is fine. Her levels are stable… For now… Oh, wouldn’t it be fun to take it away from you. I wouldn’t be too concerned. I’m good at what I do, so, you wouldn’t feel a thing.”

Pleasant tries to sit herself up, attempting to pull away from Bonnie, but she constantly moves with her, stroking her hair with her latex gloves as she continues to plunge her fingers deep inside Pleasant’s wound. Bonnie pulls her fingers to the surface of the wound, then thrusts back in, and back to the surface, and stabbing back in again, finger-fucking the wound to make Pleasant roll around in agony, doubling over, and laying stiff and tense, and curling up, and struggling to catch her breath as her eyes stream.

Bonnie gloats, “What’s wrong, sis? I thought you liked to play rough,” laughing manically at Pleasant’s pain.

Domhnall enters the room, and sees what is happening, shouting, “Bonnie!” He then calls urgently down the corridor, “Nurse! Security! Get in here!”

Nurses flood in to the room, and pull Bonnie away from Pleasant, kicking and screaming as she is reluctant to leave, but is dragged out of the room screaming, “Get off me, you bitch! I will take everything from you, sis!”

The nurses tend to Pleasant, settling her down, and checking her stats, and the status of her baby, with one of the nurses remarking, “Everything is looking good. You are a strong woman, with a strong child coming.” Pleasant nods appreciatively, breathing around her pain as best as she can as the nurses leave.

Her father sits with her, and he assures her, “I’m going to be right here. You get some rest.”

Pleasant looks up at her father, and says, “Don’t get any ideas while I’m asleep.”

Domhnall laughs briefly, and smiles on his daughter as he tells her, “Don’t you worry. My love for you is too pure.”

Pleasant smiles, comforted and contented, and she drifts into a deep sleep.

Meanwhile, at the castle, the courtyard has been cleared to allow everyone to gather around, drink, and dance to pop music that the hired DJ has put on to lighten the mood following the earlier drama.

Tiffany tires of being the centre of attention, and grabs Frankie’s wrist, saying to her, “Let us find a quiet spot to talk.” Leading her friend down the hallways, they find a spot where they can be alone, near a window overlooking the countryside, and Tiffany asks her, “I was thinking about what Linford said about Pleasant, and how you spoke with her afterwards. What is going on?”

Frankie stares off into the distance as she thinks, “I, uh, don’t really… um, know. It’s like… sometimes Pleasant seems like she has this whole other life I just don’t know about. I don’t know if she is purposely keeping something from me, or, she is ashamed of her past, whatever it may be, or, I don’t know… I need to talk with her about everything. If she loves me as she says, she will tell me, right? I wish she would just be honest and open. I thought she was, but, when I was on my honeymoon, when she was with Rajesh, they had private conversations they didn’t let me in on. Maybe I’m thinking too much into it, but, something is happening, and, I want to know.”

Tiffany supportively says, “I’m sure that she has the best of intentions. Whatever it is, she must have her reasons for keeping it from you.”

Frankie echoes her husband’s sentiment, “‘I would do anything for you.’ That is what she has said to me for over 3 years. She put herself in the way of a gun. She didn’t flinch, or hesitate, and she didn’t back down. Linford scared me, as he did all of us, but, Pleasant scared me more when she did that. Who is she?”

Tiffany supposes, “I have a dark side to me. Maybe, she does too?”

Space Odysseum 2201: First Contact


Chapter I

The following tale is a depiction of pure speculations and the result of wild imagination. It guides the reader through the maze of problems an Anal Etiquette space crew have to overcome in order to survive and save the Planet from a menace unseen before! They may not make it without your active advice and support! This is a story is not for the faint hearted. The warning are in the tags – if you see anything you don’t like do not read it…

The year is 2201 A.C. The Dragonfly-E3 maintenance shuttles approached the freight drone Moe – B2 241 at 01:40 a.m. standard Earth time the hailed on it’s military frequencies. No response was received and while copilot Lt. Stuller tried all other open waves the shuttle reached their target within visible distance of their lenses. Senior Lieutenant capt. Corbin asked to place image from the cameras on the big screen and when co-pilot Casey followed her orders, the crew froze from the sight they witnessed. As if from a horror movie Moe – B2 241 was floating in space with shut engines and no signs of life. Initial scans showed no indication of electrical impulses from within whatsoever. The secondary scan for living matter however came positive, but it clearly outlined some strange shapes and fluctuation as if the crew members were sleeping in very strange positions. The ship did not seem to have breaches anywhere on it’s armour, but the oxygen level was dropping down. Currently the records were indicating very low. The engineers on E3 confirmed it was due to lack of circulation, caused by the total shutdown of all vital systems inside the drone. The computer calculated that there will be no breathable air within six hours, which meant the crew of the troubled spacecraft was in danger.

Captain Corbin acted immediately – she contacted her senior Ms Kelly Wanderman and introduced her to the situation. The order of the Old Lady was to explore the ship, taking extreme precaution. At least one crew member needed to be left behind in case something happens to the forwarding team. It was clear to all Lt. Stuller was favourable to keep himself safe, but it remained to be seen if his man pride could allow it. The plan was drawn and the Old Lady finished by informing her subordinates that as soon as she can get into contact with United Terran Space Force senior admirals Dragonfly E3 will be updated. In the meantime her own flag ship will set course to the incident.

After iterating the situation senior lieutenant Corbin created a more detailed approach how to go about this as her spacecraft approached the offline drone. It has obviously detached from the asteroid it has been mining from and simply floated a few kilometres away. It’s internal barrels were still rotating by inertion though so some gravity would be maintained. In this state it was a bit hard to attach to the docks, but not imposable. Then the crew of E3 had to cut through the twelve meters tick layers of doors. The only fusion cutter at their disposal ran on battery which would surely need recharging. The process of recharging however was the favourite of captain Corbin and Lt. Casey. They eagerly jumped on the two biggest almost seven inched wide dildos and started pedalling. Yes the charger was actually a set of dildo bikes designed to provide energy when away from the ship. Lt. Stuller started cutting door after door under the supervision of the main Chef and appliances control Senior Sergent accountant Kayla.

When the last door was about to be sliced off all females had to vacate their anuses form the large heavy grid torture dildos they were riding and prepare for the mission. Although the two chicks started pretty aroused, looking at the darkness of the corridor visible through the window of the drone’s dock door quickly cooled down their orgasm. Everybody dressed in the only suits available which were the resilient swimming space costumes with special vacuum zips at their behinds and breasts. For the first time in their lives however the crew members felt vulnerable.

For a century there were no major space conflicts, let alone catastrophes. If the scouting crew were to meet their first hostiles in their lives inside the offline drone, these spacesuits will not help much. Some of the female explorers left their ruined anuses left as they were, in case they had to run and others decided to plug themselves to the brim as usual just in case they need life support medications or ammunitions. Still those rear holes chosen to be on display empty were staying wide open of at least four inches or more, with a lot of prolapses. It was simply their natural state after decades of stretching and pulling. The captain herself had the biggest fallout of guts of all nearly seven inches long. She had to plug herself in order to be able to move freely. She inserted in her rear cave a seven inch wide heavy grid dildo that was of course nowhere near her limits. That is why she had to lock it in place within her costume or else it would fall out.

As the group entered the freely floating spacecraft the first thing they noticed was a few drops of slime on the counter next to the acceptance desk. There Lt. Casey remembered was the position of a receiving member of the crew she knew as Glenda. How UTSF ship border control operated was in line with regulation R-456, according to which all packages addressed for the personnel inside were accepted by the clerks through the checkouts. They had to be less then twelve inches wide and under two foot long because the scanning equipment was actually inserted in the anuses of the safety control officers. The big containers with ore and trading stock was checked thoroughly as well but by much more experienced and gifted officials. There was no chance for contraband this way with security in space so tight. After all can’t allow dangerous ingredients to enter space ships that can cause outbreak of some sort or worse.

Back to the offline drone – following the slime on the desk Senior Lt. Corbin reached a lock keeping one of the two acceptance counters shut with a code. After tampering a little with the machine the high rank officer managed to manually force the shutter up. Immediately a strong and arousing smell shot into the air and then the group saw staff clerk Glenda stuffed inside. The woman in her mid forties was covered in dried up spunk sticking her limbs and body to the walls of the cupboard. Her anus was exposed to the side and a heap of eight inch wide eggs was currently present underneath it. The pile blocked the way no doubt of many others lodged inside the poor acceptance officer’s guts with a visible bulge in her stomach. She still wore her gaper panties however specially designed for experienced back-door receiver masochist like her, holding it apart at astonishing twelve inches with spiked hooks. Glenda seemed to be half conscious, breathing heavy and her mouth was stuffed with something so she could not speak. The eyes of the Moe freight officer were shut, but muffled moans of pain and pleasure could be heard.

The rescue crew was still looking at each other not knowing what they were facing when suddenly the “analingus” warm attacked! It came out of the cupboard within the eggs and quickly launched itself at captain Corbin. The alien creature did not have teeth but it’s force of impact opened the the zip a bit and wiggled it’s way into the cavernous rare of the Senior. Lt. Stuller took out his blaster gun and tried to shoot the worm. Only too late – it already made it inside. Immediately two, tree, six, eight more worms lunched at Seniour Lt. Corbin from under the same cabinet. A few found access through the same hole in the suit and jabbed inside her cavernous anus. The crew did shot only five before they reached their destination,, because they did not want to hurt their captain.

At least twenty analinguses dispersed into the Senior Chef’s guts despite the dildo, before their brethren were shot or smashed by the stunned explorers. Seniour Lt Corbin was crushing on the assaulting worms yelling to not use blasters when she started to moan. The analinguses that were inside her started to release their aphrodisiac slime and mate. Still the stern woman stabilized herself and paid attention to some female moans coming from within the other cupboard. The woman yelled at her crew to stop firing decided to duck and check what was in it.

After hacking the lock, the main Dragonfly officer discovered the second acceptance clerks named Patricia, who was stuffed like her colleague. Sen Lt. Corbin remembered quiet well that this girl was a gifted receiving clerk, with astonishing rear capabilities. Currently however poor Patricia had huge belly. Large eleven inch wide eggs were present everywhere inside the small box accompanied by tons of slime.

All of a sudden an enormous analingus somehow found it’s way out of Patricia’s wide open thirteen inch wide sphincter, knocking down many eggs in it’s way and launched at Senior Lt. Corbin’s skafander. The warm cracked the protective equipment in two then started making it’s way inside the poor captain’s throat. It tried to squeeze in for some time until the crew finally brought it down with their guns. At the same time another huge thirteen inch six foot long analingus escaped Patricia’s anus and charged at the unobstructed commander’s rear. The opening was loose and poorly plugged with way smaller dildo that it could bear so the creature quickly found it’s way in. Her sphincter stretched over the poor captain’s maximum capacity, causing immense pain and mixed moans of pleasure. Despite the damage that the adult analingus was taking from the blasters it simply continued to squeeze. At some point her useless dildo shoot aside and the adult warm crawled in! Until all of it was inside Capt. Corbin’s cave that she mistakenly called anus.

It seemed that the senior just took a thirteen inch or more wide monster inside of her making a huge bulge at her belly. The adult analingus started mating, eating other worms and lay eggs. For this purpose it injected the Dragonfly’s boss anus with numerous aphrodisiacs which made the woman feel better for her situation. Still the senior of the explorer group managed to gather herself and order all of her crew that wore gapers, to go back and stuff their holes with the thickest dildos they could possibly wear in order to prevent similar tragedies. Then Capt. Corbin ordered Lt. Stuller being the only male to barricade in the ship in case the group does not manage to save the invaded drone. However his man pride prevailed and he had to disobey the chain of command, expressing that he was a sharp shooter plus the worms may not attack him.

As he was arguing many other females went to pack or re plug themselves with much ticker dildos, except L. Casey and co-pilot Stuller. This was the moment when more worms exited the obviously huge cave inside Patricia and attacked the trio. Eventually the humen were overwhelmed and a few worms managed to enter inside the wide open loose ass hole of Casey while other four attacked the male’s tight rear hole as well. This is when the Senior Lt. showcased her true nature as a leader. Capt. Corbin managed to drag herself to the cupboard and expose her cavernous rear to the incoming hoard of analinguses. The creatures naturally started entering this welcoming nesting place instead and gave time for the Stuller and Casey to defeat the ones left outside. By the time this was done Capt. Corbin had an bulging eye expression as her belly grew to unimaginable proportions. The adult warm grew bigger and bigger as it ate everything entering it’s layer and was swelling to ever more dangerous proportions. The captain could feel massive amounts of eggs forming inside of her guts. The reason they were not falling off was because they were stopped by sticky slime which emanated from the worm. Some of it entered even her lungs and she started to feel delirious, but still hanged on.

The male spacecraft member had a problem on his own – the warms made his anus bled it as it was not well trained. Also the aphrodisiac acted in a weird way to his enzymes making him not think straight without any sexual arousal. The poor guy was yelping in pain while the analinguses continuously tried to enter deeper rear. He attempted to grab the slippery creatures in vain and just jumped in one place. In the end he was saved by Lt. Case who came to help him by blasting and stomping the analinguses.

When the remaining crew members arrived they saw that Stuller was lying on the ground holding his bleeding anus while the lieutenant was applying medicine to it. Next to them Capt. Corbin was gargling sounds, her belly was getting swelled like a nine months pregnant woman with quadruplets as everything in side of her moved, visible even from outside. Lt. Janna and Lt. Cindy the two medics in the crew took the man inside the shuttle on a stretcher while Lt. Casey who was next in the chain of command drew a plan. She decided to leave ten women in Dragonfly-E3 as a backup, while she and the rest of her crew break inside the main door of the space drone to try and activate the power. The air oxygen supply was still present, but going down steadily. In order to cut through the heavily reinforced door however it turned out they can not override the manually locked piece of metal. Instead they had to bring the same cutters they used to open the cargo bay and this meant some more riding of huge anal dildos while next to an analinguses nesting ground!

Sen. Lt. Corbin was still heroically attracting the aliens to enter her cavernous anus and the crew was in huge debt to her for that. While they set up the cutter and begun the operation, foam started to form in her mouth. Still she was moving her head half conscious urging the group to move on while Janna was trying to hose in pipes so she can breath. Lt. Casey decided that this was the time to act, so she instructed for the cutting to begin. Although usually a male held the cutter, she asked one of her colleagues to help her hold the heavy equipment and begin melting the metal. Private Olga, her regular cooking chef friend and lover, along with Lt. Zelda, another co-pilot attached their seven inch wide dildos to the machine and started pedalling as quickly as possible. Soon they were followed by the rest powering the melting slicing welder to full power in no time. The door was cut within half on hour so everyone except poor captain Corbin can rest a while. It can be seen that the Seniour Lt had started laying large thirteen inch wide eggs off her broken anus already and they begun filling the small cabinet. Patricia was pushed aside but she was in some sort of crazed ecstasy and probably did not realize what was happening. All of a sudden the customs clerk brought her vacated anus to accept the dropping gifts of the capt. Corin. inside of her! The useless sphincter of the officer did not have to stretch at all but still a bit of prolapsed gut prevented the first egg from being pushed inside for some time. Private Olga found herself masturbating while watching this exchange of large alien external ovulation from one rear cavity to the other, covered in sleazy slime. All three women found themselves moaning in pleasure while breathing the spunky smelling air, obviously in a state of extreme ecstasy. The captain was starting to get even more aroused as she begin massaging her tightly bound breasts then tearing the remains of her suit.

The spell was broken when the two medics Janna and Cindy arrived. They applied some ammonia so the women snapped out of it. Everyone had to start wearing gas mask in order to proceed in the sexually hazardous environment. Once all set up and protected, Lt. Casey moved to her senior not sure what to do with her. She did not want to place the infected woman inside the shuttle, but at the same time she was reluctant to leave her like that. When the lieutenant shared her thoughts with Corbin, her boss gave her the solution. Following her heroic spirit, the Senior officer. asked to be carried inside the facility and used as a magnet to attract more analinguses enter inside of her. With slurping sounds the delirious woman described she was already infected and it did not matter is she received a hundred more worms inside of her broken guts or a hundred thousand more.

Indeed it looked to Casey that for the success and safety of their group this deed was necessary. Lt. Casey shot a tear of proudness and sympathy, then asked private Olga to help her. Both women lifted the heroic captain by a handle they found, connecting her tightly bound tits together. Then Sen. Lt. Corbin moved her legs up and let them be tied to the bulging balls of woman flesh as well – this will help moving the woman more easily. As a result this elongated the suffering senior officer’s tits even more as her legs yanked her poor breast. But it must be a trill for the captain, because Casey knew her superior loved torturing them. Sen. Lt Corbin was hanging by her tits for hours while being violated anally and practices many other perverted masochistic games for her poor sacks. This is why her tits in normal state stretched over thirty centimetres off her chest.

With Senior’s ass leading the way the company stormed the lobby while keeping in contact with the back up team over the com link. Upon entering the civilian part of the space drones the rescue team was astonished by the amount of slime everywhere including the ceilings. First the explorer team found two of the security guards coated in slime, stuck in the corners of the entrance chamber. One of them Casey knew as Sheila the other one was unfamiliar. Both must have locked themselves initially in the cupboards on the other side of the desk, but due to the large amounts of eggs lodged inside their rectums the doors have broken, resulting in the guards falling off. Their respectively nine and ten inch wide dildos were lying nearby burred in slime and it was apparent the two security officers anuses were basically turned into breathing layers for the analinguses. The Worms were freely moving around the floor around them like children around their mother, but when they sensed new rear holes untouched by them immediately launched at the group. Most of them targeted the ruined beyond repair cavern of captain Corbin in open reach, most of the analinguses tried to circumvent it and reach the other juicy target. Perhaps they sensed the large worm would eat them The group kited backwards while shooting, until the aphrodisiac of the slime inside of the infected woman finally lured the worms to stuff themselves past her almost fourteen inch wide open dilapidated rectum muscle.

After successfully cleaning most of the floor by vacuuming everything inside their faithful captain’s broken rear, the rescue squad reached a secondary door which was locked as well as. At this point Corbin was dropping even more eggs from the heavy breeding happening inside of her belly. The crew started destroying all the offspring but it turned out some of the tiny worms could hide their way inside cracks in the floor. Plus it was very time consuming so the explorer decided to leave the eggs alone.

The door to the corridor was locked as well. Not wanting to use the cutter, Lt. Casey decide to try and reason with one of the guards instead. She omitted the hundred worms that got out of the cupboard via the captain’s anus once again, before reaching Sheila. She knew the guard had the code memorized and tried her best to wake up the non-stop orgasming space craft member by sticking ammonia in her nostrils. All in vain – it looked like slime was stuck even in her trachea. Lt. Casey then resorted to another method. She knew that her acquaintance hated not having her breasts bound at all times, so she undid the braces constricting the large double FF funbags of the custom security officer. The breasts of Sheila fell down like two volleyballs in couple of sacks and soon enough the guard opened her eyes moaning uncomfortably. At first Sheila did not recognize the lieutenant, but she was happy to see a standing woman so she tried to speak. Instead only gargles came out as slime and smelly spunk exited her mouth in large quantities. With gesture Lt. Casey pointed at the door and explained they wanted to open it. Sheila shook her head violently with scared look in her eyes, but then Casey mimicked the air was running out. Understanding there was no other way, Sheila asked for a digital display to write the code. More of the worms in the meantime were trying to enter captain Corbin’s anus but they had no space to get inside anymore. The slime dripping from there was pushed by the ever exiting extra large eggs. The ten inch wide oval objects popped out almost non-stop as the two women gesticulated to one another. The adult analingus had many in store from before and now when it had room and conditions it started laying them in full force. Soon the ground became flooded with small worms and to the horror of Lt. Casey and her team a dozen or so found their way inside her anus, despite her supposedly shut suit. Still the lieutenant held on till the code was written trying to dodge as much as she could. Lt. Casey did not want to start killing the analinguses now because she sensed if that happened it could spur the unpredictably large nest inside Sheila to life.

So she took the invaders like…a woman. When the big 45 digit code was all written, she got up hoping there was no misspelling and decided to plugg herself with the large nine incher of Sheila to mitigate further interventions. It took some time but she finally lowered herself enough to lock it in place. Afterwards he started dragging the nesting Corbin with the ever faithful Olga, the newly infected copilot went back to her crew at the door. Thankfully it successfully opened and also lifted part of the emergency lock down as well. Lt. Casey begun feeling the worms move inside her anus already hatch small eggs which started to pooled on the tip of her a bit over her maximum capacity wide plug.

Past the newly opened door was a long corridor and the squad could see the red flashing lights blinking all the way in. The lieutenant knew the numerous doors were leading to different customs rooms, sleeping bunkers and the dining room straight ahead. In almost every corner there was a woman stuck to the ground, worms crawling everywhere literally, dropping even from the ceiling. Private chef Olga and Lt. Zelda decided to start extracting a few dozens of eggs from Corbin’s overstretched guts in order to make room for more analinguses. It looked like the trap did not work, the worms simply could nto enter the poor captains rear. However even after laying more then seventy large eggs in just fifteen minutes, captain Corbin was still very full but the group decided to move on.

Very soon the team was overwhelmed by the hundreds of worms more then half surviving the blasts and entering the captain’s anus. In an attempt to survive the group extracted even the two inch wide textured pee-hole plug and removed her gaper panties to expose her pussy and yawning urethra. The captain was also responsible for the oxygen circulation, which meant training her peehole to accept the ship’s large main capacity urine receptacle was one of her main prerogatives. It was currently three inches and a three quarter wide, but the captain had to always show progress to her superiors at the end of the month. It was the progress she had to achieve in order to prove her crew stayed competitive and the it’s top commander – up to her position.

A few of the smaller warms entered inside the gaping hole but soon exited it dying shortly after. Is seemed like the urine flora was fatal for the analinguses. Olga then grabbed a handful of slime and jammed it inside of the wide spread peehole of her superior, driving a deep grunt from the poor woman. As a result soon enough the worms begin crawling into the tighter in comparison with the other caverns hole. A few dozen small once must have started nesting inside because soon enough small eggs started dropping from there too. Captain Corbin’s pussy seemed to be a welcoming place however and soon was filled as well. Worms coated it in shiny spunk on the inside and outside in no time. The analinguses however did not mate inside and this could be the reason the worms crept back at some point looking for an anus

After the majority of the waves were dealt with, the group started moving forward steadily. It was halfway through the corridor when a large analingus exited one of the ducting pipes and attacked. Thankfully Corbin’s long gone anus now stretching over fourteen and a half inches was able to attract the monster and it started squeezing inside. Over fifteen inches wide it was almost an impossible task and especially not with the Yenimahalle Escort older worm still roaming the guts. The two aliens started fighting for the human tunnel and it was looking like the new one was wining. The old one soon sensed it’s demise and started to try and escape through captain Corbin’s mouth. Judging by the poor Dragonfly’s boss’ gargles and terrorized look, her life was in danger!

The crew intervened and after taking more then fifty shots to it’s body the invading analingus stopped moving and dropped dead. Lt. Casey and the rest had to barricade themselves and wait till the other worm digest it in order to move on. It was impossible to extract the invader – it was way too deep and it could result in more problems coming from the captain’s nesting cave, not worthy of any other function any more. In the meantime however the ever advancing analinguses had to enter into someone’s ass hole and there was no way to stop all of them – they were too many. The blasters were almost out of energy so Lt. Casey said to her friend chef Olga to lift her by her tits.

The cook was having none of it however. The private pulled the lieutenant down by her the handle on her bound tits, saying “Not until I have something to say! You are our leader, we need you to succeed – you go last!”. With that the brave woman jumped right ahead anus first just towards a group of fifty or more analinguses, opening the zip of her suit in the process and exposing her tightly plugged useless sphincter. Against her captain’s order Olga pushed a button on her gapers which activated a mechanism that shrieked the mechanic dildo to four inch wide one. It was just about to fall off before an army of anal invaders pushed it in by creeping inside of the wide open rear hole. Lt. Casey would otherwise punish her friend but deep inside she knew Olga was right and watched torn by emotions while private chef Olga was filled to the brim within seconds. Through tears the Lt. bound her favourite crew member’s breasts, then attached Olga’s legs. With everything done she and Zelda lifted the new analingus attraction by the two purple globes just like captain Corbin until now. The team begun rotating the poor yelping chef around in order to protect themselves and survive long enough for the damn adult worm to be eaten.

After what seemed like eternity, enough of the huge analingus was consumed inside the captain, for Lt. Casey to push in inside the pregnant senior’s rear cavern and lead her women crew on their way. In the meantime her colleagues had a chance to take a look at the broken ducting and saw a female in maintenance clothes stuck there with a large twelve inch gaping anus on sight. She was dropping large same size eggs for the entire duration of the battle from the ceiling, but the group was too busy to pay attention. Lt. Casey concluded that probably the engineer tried to escape and judging by the massive bulge in her stomach was not only unsuccessful, but also very gifted anal receiver. The lieutenant caught herself thinking what would feel like to have such an enormous warm inside her cavernous rectum instead of the small tiny little ones that already moved inside her guts. The pilot barely managed to compose herself, adjusted her mask and lead her women forward, with Olga’s anus protecting their rear, and captain Corbin’s advancing forward.

When the group reached the dining room they saw many crew members stuck to the tables or nearby cupboards, all turned into breeding nests for the analinguses. The opening of their sphincters varied in size but the smallest was five inch wide. Some still wore their gapers on, others had their dildos extracted, but everyone was in a delirious orgasmic state. So many worm entered the packed anus of Olga by now that the woman was completely out of it, not even trying to hide her arousal. While the group headed towards the kitchen because it was a shortcut to the basement where the power core was, the moaning chef started laying ten inches wide eggs. Behind one cooker the rescue team ran into the a bit overweight chef of the facility itself. The moaning in pleasure master graduate was sitting over a large pile of fifteen inches wide massive eggs and massaged her cow udders!

And this is when the boss of all analinguses showed up! Over a foot and a half wide, the monster towered over everyone as it launched into poor Corbin’s leading anus. The senior was out of it by now, but the stretching must have been too much even for her. The poor captain opened her eyes feeling terror and pain as her anus was extended to impossible limits. After the large analingus was unable to stretch her ruined sphincter wide enough to enter and being annoyed by the many blasts shot at it, the warm attacked a nearby Dragonfly crew member by the name of Clara. Knocking down the special interests specialist and tearing her suit, the huge analingus seemed in control of the situation. It even wiggled it’s tale and crushed the integrity of the group. Everyone dispersed hiding and scared. This allowed the lesser worms around to enter random anuses of the disorganized team members. Lt. Casey saw half of her crew was being infected and decided it was time to abandon the unfortunates once behind and lead the surviving still mobile female crew members forward in order to survive.

The leader of her group along with two of her colleagues grabbed the screaming Olga by her tits and managed to squeeze through the small door leading to the basement. Only after shut it behind she realized they will need the cutters to open the main centreboard room. It would be probably impossible to advance any further without it in the emergency locked drone anyway, so she had to return. She quickly jumped out and ran through the corridor, despite all the dangers around. The cutter was on wheels so she started pushing by her own, it but still it was slower process then the lieutenant likes. Unsurprisingly before she knew it her exposed loose anus was open by the already grown warms and begun dropping eggs. This made her incredibly aroused and she did not try and cover it, while a dozen of the wiggling monster analingus begun entering it. At least a hundred of fertilized eggs and many kilos of slime got lost dripping through Lt. Casey defeated sphincter before she can reach the basement. The huge father of all analinguses saw the huffing and puffing woman and begun crawling towards her. Then out of the corner of one cooker, Pamela, special forces on Dragonfly, attracted the massive alien towards her and lead it to enter her large permanently open anus. It was clear what exercises she did in the gym but she needed to know because a male foot could not touch the walls of that gape! Pam herself had many analinguses roaming her guts, but there was no way this worm was making it inside of her! Still the special forces agent managed to help and the second in command respected that. Lt Casey gave military salute and promised a pink heart, then gathered herself and pushed the cutter down to the stairs of the basement.

The remaining four standing women breathed heavily while pushing the cutting machine down the narrow stairs. Finally they gave up as they were out of strength and let it fall down. The cutter rolled down then smashed on the ground and broke there so the team had to stop to repair it. That was easier said then done. In the basement a lot of the crew seemed to have tried to hide from the invasion, obviously unsuccessful. They all now lied down stuck in all the corners with their anuses gaping wide open from giving birth to thousands of analinguses.

Olga tried her best to attract the worms but it was obvious she could not survive much longer taking hundreds upon hundreds of aliens inside. Instead Pam, one of her intern companions gave herself to replace her. The other one was Jasmine – the assistant to the senior maintenance engineer was far more important. She was the only one remaining who could repair the cutter.

By the time the machine was all prepped Lt. Casey realized she had to leave Olga behind – the chef was too full to be of any use. Instead she begun dragging the now orgasmic wreck called Pam the intern by her tits as the next shield. The specialized military applicant proved to an experienced anal masochist, because she transferred from another career and was in her mid thirties. With all the daily exercises she had to perform on the Dragonfly it really shoed. She could not only stretch her spinster to the impressive twelve inches, but also do an amazing nine inch long prolapse. Her dildo was long gone by now, and her dangling guts were attracting so many worms like magnet that she already started laying eggs.

On the way to the maintenance doors the small squad was attacked by two more large adult worms, right near the end of their mission. This almost proved too much for Pam, but Lt. Casey managed to fool the one to enter her colleague’s pussy instead. Then she peeing in it and locked the mencae there. The creature wiggled violently before it died a torturous death, but not before making poor Pam faint. Lt. Casey knew herself would not be able to take a thirteen inch wide three feet long monster in her womb but apparently the experienced itnern was talented there as well. After surviving the last death spasms of the analingus in her cunt, Pam was revived by another tube of ammonia. First thing the exhausted woman asked surprisingly was to open her pee-hole to the warms. Obviously the woman was filled with arousal but Lt. Casey not feeling herself as well decided to do it and insert some tick worms just to see how much this masochist can take.

Upon seeing how her superior acted and observing that now big five inch wide eggs were falling out of lieutenant’s gaping loose even with the nine inch dildo still in place, Engineer Jasmine took the com link. Then she contacted the second group and asked it to be send towards her location. The worried female explained their situation and convinced Deputy Oxygen Controller Jannie who was in command there to comply. The first aider agreed to move out of the ship after she heard Lt. Casey’s moans. Little did she knew the pilot was about to do some pretty nasty stuff with the worms. Either way Deputy Oxygen Controller Jannie shouted orders till she was happy how she organized her female friends. Lt. Stuller by now was up on his feet and for nothing on Earth would allow to be left behind. Instead, being very angry that the women wanted him out of the action, he grabbed nearby mousy blonde food tester by the name of private Garla and forced the tip of a ten and a nearby half inch wide leverage up her anus. It’s purpose is not important, but the impressing part was he did this without pulling out her massive dildo! Making his point he took the only automatic buzz gun on the small shuttle and headed out. Sec-In-Command Jannie shrugged her arms, released the blonde and shouted for everyone to move out. What Lt. Stuller demonstrated was nothing short of what she had to deal with in their private time.

On the way to Lt. Casey’s locations the second rescue team were guided by the engineer. She navigated them how to proceed and what areas to avoid. At the very beginning she informed Deputy Oxygen Controller Jannie they will need to sacrifice one of the woman to become an anal nesting layer if they were ever going to make it. The most appropriate of all was Sen. Mech. Janna, who’s anus prolapsed nearly five inches without a plug from daily rough abuse in the barrel. This state of her rear opening was also due to her job. She needed to test variable items and this was performed with most extreme measures on her poor sphincter, leaving the exhausted hole permanently ruined. So with pilot Stuller in the group choosing his targets carefully, the second force were able to proceed quickly forwards.

Upon reaching the kitchen the fresh Dragonfly detachment met all the left behind members of the first squad. The women were swarming in spunk and by now many had given birth to thousands of warms. Carefully aiming Stuller managed to safely get his group to captain Corbin’s wrecked body, but not before a dozen analinguses managed to crack an opening in a few of his female companions suits.

The unconscious Senior Lt. Corbin was dragged and pulled with the group, despite the dozens of all the warms squirting out of her holes – urethra, cunt, useless anus and mouth and infecting the females around. She was their senior after all! In the meanwhile Lt. Stuller heard the engineer shriek on the com link so he rushed the group to move out. Upon arrival at the maintenance heating room where engn. Jasmine was hanging with Lt. Casey and Pam the intern, the reinforcing squad found out the trio locked into a slimy prison already. Three large adult analinguses were into each women ass and one was squirming around.

It immediately attacked the newcomers but the angry Stuller had none of it. He took out his knife and sliced the beast to pieces. Millions of warms came out thought, splattering over everyone! It looked like the adult was very pregnant and the terrified Lt. Stuller ran behind accountant private Helga, his best lover. The woman was indeed an accountant, but also spent quite a lot of time in the barrel so her anus has started to prolapse a few years ago to reach it’s current two inches length without a plug. She already had a few worms inside so she bend over and took the bulk of the worm invasion inside, while the man of the group stomped the nasty creatures in frenzy.

Next the group managed to deal with the other analingus lodged inside engineer Jasmine following the same patter. Then they tried to wake her up in order to ask how to turn the power inside the space drone. The female however barely managed to breath, let alone talk. So they did the only logical thing in this situation – untied her breasts. Combined with this measure and two ammonia inhalations, egin. Jasmine came to her senses. Thanks to her instructions, the engine door was cut and the power turned on. Now the only thing left to do was reach the captain’s cabin and turn on the oxygen. The doomed Jasmine gathered the last of her free will and drew a map where exactly the control cabin was. Then she explained that two levers had to be pulled to start the basic rotters and the oxygen will begin reproducing. After this was done the engineer asked her breasts to be tied once again before closing her eyes and going to her happy place.

The brave group continued making it’s way pushing the cutter and drilling through four more doors. By the time they arrived to the captain’s cabin there were only three women remaining standing with private Helga leading the way and eight more dragging by their tits behind the cutter. Lt. Stuller refused to leave crew members behind if it was the end of him despite the fact it caused the infection to spread quicker through his team. Deputy Jannie herself was not feeling well partially because of a hole in her mask and simply followed.

While opening the triple reinforced door of the drone’s captain cabin, the three females worked overtime, but with so many analinguses in their anuses they could not power the cutter much. In the end Stuller simply used all the reaming charge and cut a small hole enough for one person to enter at a time.

Epilogue: And there my friends was the captain Stella herself, a large six foot tall woman with five large analinguses around. God’s knows how many inside of her were hatching and nests of eggs have been arranged around her. The amazon looking Brazilian woman was in trance and acting like zombie petting one sucking on her huge udder reaching past her tummy. Her other nipple was visible, very swollen and long at least two inches. Milk was dripping from there and by the look of the saggy milkbag, it was just sucked dried out of it’s content. “

A boss battle is coming however, which you must wait for me to write at a later stage.

Chapter II: Inside the Beast’s Den I

Previously: After much of anally destroying encounters with the sturdy alien worms, the remaining crew of Dragonfly finally makes their way into the big of the infested Mao ship. There they have to turn on the oxygen before all crew members run out of breathing source and perish! However the infestation have taken control over the large captain Stella who usually commands the spacecraft! She and her adjutants are turned into the main source of the analingus breeding responsible for covering the entire ship!


Presently:This place was the largest nest for analinguses discovered by the Dragonfly explorer team so far. The entire control room was covered in slime. The thick stench of spunk could be cut with a knife. There was almost no oxygen, but semen odour in the air. In the middle of it amongst five large analinguses was Captain Stella – a large six foot tall woman. She still wore her rubber undergarment that acted as a corset to hide the huge object she liked to embed herself on. Every other peace of garment was missing on her, safe for the facility contraptions bracelet. That is what Lt. Stuller needed to turn on the oxygen!

The big amazonian from Brazilian decent had her eyes shut while petting one of the warms sucking on her huge right udder. The other breast was left alone because it has been sucked dry already.

For the first time Lt. Stuller was able to see captain Stella’s naked breasts without restrains. The boobs were truly massive although currently looking like a wreck. Both hung low and limp on her body with long stretch marks. The left one resembled a deflated giant balloon. There was a web tattooed around the massive sack’s skin, sitting distorted on the collapsed tit flesh. The right one still had a bit of bounce left in it, being only-half empty and quivering past the captain’s tummy. And then were her enormous areolae! The giant circles literally covered the entire bottom of the breast surface which according to the Lt. Steller’s calculations put them at 8 inches in diameter! The only visible nipple was the left one. It was two inch long very reddish and swollen. There was a large silver ring going through it as well, but it did not impede the ongoing heavy milk dripping….. And God knows how many warms were hatching inside her wriggling swollen barrel of a tummy… with all the analingus mating going on around…

Upon closer examination Lt. Stuller figured that six major nesting grounds holding the largest of eggs have been arranged in a circle around her. Three huge analinguses retrieved fifteen inch wide unborn spawns from a pink protrusion inbetween Captain Stella’s legs, then placed them amongst those piles nearby. A fourth one was swallowing and then returning the egg back into another fleshy pipe at the bottom of the top commander’s chair – even bigger! While this was going on a fifth analingus sucked on the delirious captain’s right breast and out of it’s other end refined goo stuff. It poured on the enhanced large alien ovums. At the same time six smaller analinguses travelled back and forth between six women stuck to the nearby walls. They looked like the adjutants who always accompanied cp. Stella at her video briefings the brig. The women had also ruined anuses which dropped their guts seven to ten inches to the ground. From there protruded and rolled into piles eight to twelve inches wide spawns. Analinguses retrieved the smaller eggs from the heaps, then wiggled to the main nest to drop their loads in a large outer rim surrounding Stella, before going back for more.

Lt. Steller stepped even closer to examine this large incubate from which the biggest of alien ovums dropped out. If he learned anything about these worms – they did not hatch in anything but an anus! And voalla – his suspicions were confirmed….The huge red gooey pipe indeed connected to Stella’s eviscerated anal ring. The broken gut prolapsed off the large woman’s stomach all the way down and around to the bottom of her chair! Stella has been turned into the ultimate breeding nest enchanter of this analingus colony!

While the lieutenant tried to comprehend this, the rest of the women form the rescue team started to sqeeze into the chamber and form a semi-circle. Only seven out of over forty member crew the DragonFly started with, remained able to stand.

The first one on the right of Stuller was intern Judy. She was a short 22 years old girl with raven black hair and colourful eyes. Her face had such a submissive look, perfectly matching her attitude, that Deputy Jannie mentioned the petite female would probably stay an intern forever. Even her current posture was submissive: the girl was trying to cross her legs incontrovertibly like a Japanese hentai character. Despite the large bulge in between her tights! All the while holding a baton as if it was dildo…

The whole top of her costume was missing – torn by one of the worms in a fight earlier. Her perky C cups stayed bare for everyone to see, glistering in slime. The fumes made her dizzy and horny at the same time… Judy was diagnosed as a small girl with hypoplasia. She had the smallest breasts on the ship, but that did not mean the intern was content with this. Various exasperating “natural” programs paid for by Judy’s parent each month yielded effect, but were incredibly slow. She tried to compensate for the meagre size of her tits with lots of piercings. Eight rings in total skewered her large long well trained nipples in combination with two bigger ones going through her aureole. The other discomfort in the shortie’s body at the moment was her overstuffed anus. The petite female was shattering with each move ever since leaving the Dragonfly, carrying more then fifteen kilos of latex in her guts. Judy was so scared at first, she wanted to seal her backdoor completely to the alien invaders. So the intern used a key she “borrowed” from fitness instructor Eleene, to enter the gym section for advanced training. She outdid all her previous achievements there, by somehow stuffing a large La FFontaine class expander. The determined woman jumped on it for an hour and eventually jammed it in her backdoor through that defeated sphincter of hers. The eight inches and a half that unbend however have proven too much for the small female’s body. So far it made her waddle like a penguin, barely able to keep up with the creeping rescue team! The intern’s adventurous actions and dedication however were paying off. Judy had survived the total anal onslaught so far with not a single worm inside her holes! There was simply no place even for a needle to fit in either of the three bottom orifices. The raven woman did kept her mouth open fairly often, groaning from the exercise, but analinguses did not liked getting in through there….did they?

Foreign language correspondent Magdalenna was staying with legs widespread a bit behind on the left side of Lt. Stuller. Her head was oval in shape with stern gray eyes and long wavy hair dyed brown. A silver ring piercing on her nose completed the correspondent’s look, hinting of her concealed personality. The 43 years old hag was forced to stay in this position rather then assuming it on her own. Magdalenna’s suit has been breached, inviting hundreds upon hundreds of worms to enter her gaping sphincter for some time now. Thus the half-italian foreign correspondent’s belly have grown so large, it bulged almost a foot off her chest. Once Magda got in the chamber, the abominations inside pushed the woman’s legs so far away from each other, it became very hard for their carrier to move. The impregnation also mashed the correspondent’s huge unrestricted KK mammies flat under the suit. Apparently Magdalena did not bind them very tight and parts of tit jelly meat could be seen showing up through the garment’s crackings. Some even far bellow her navel. On top of everything two erect nipples somehow made themselves visible despite the immense pressure they were up against.

Magda’s loose anus muscle currently stayed open at seven inches and a half, pooping eight inch wide eggs. The inflatable nine and three quarter inch dildo that used to be inside was deflated by the delirious Dragonfly’s captain while she was being saved/dragged by her breasts, on Stuller’s orders. A long sleazy worm quickly exited Corbin’s mouth and slipped into the rear opening of Magda. And this is how the infestation of correspondent’s intestines begun. The worms haven’t stopped invading her intestines ever since. Magdalenna and Corbin never got along thought since the half-italina participated only for the mandatory common sexual endeavours. She was not sharing any of her kinky fetishes with the captain, Ulus Escort which naturally enraged the masochistic Dragonfly commander. However the correspondent’s current standing position despite being so heavily pregnant could give a good idea she was not a fornication slouch and could take a lot. All four sergeants on the ship could confirm that, especially major-sergeant Bronx. None of the bdsm women survived conscious to do so thus far sadly. Good old Magda dished out a lot of damage too, as it was hinted by her arm attire. The correspondent wore her heavy grid spiky fisting leather gauntlets reaching past her biceps. Probably more of a habit then a a necessity. In her right hand Magdalena held to a blaster pointing in the air, while with the other she pried her rear opening wide open. The analinguses crammed into the old woman’s intestines have awaken and the correspondent’s stomach was starting to shuffle visibly. The spawn’s dropping rate and size poppings between Magda’s muscular legs intensified, reaching almost nine inches and a half. The foreign language fisting lover groaned in pain. She tried to ease the exit of numerous eggs out of her stretched out guts by fisting, pulling and dragging her dilapidated sphincter as far as it would go with the spiky hand of hers.

Continuing left, next on the battle line ready for action was the most desired beauty of Dragonfly-E3 Space – fitness Instructor Ms. Eleene Drjghfnski. The 34 years old half polish woman face was topped with short blond hair embellished with just the right amount of gel. She stared in disgust at captain Stella with light blue eyes, while lifting her puggy nose up in the air. Eleeen sported peculiar muscular curves all over her body. And for good reason – the vixen was an energy power ball. The demanding instructor spend 3 hours almost every morning in the gym! And that is before conducting the regular excruciating training schedule with crew members the masochistic calibre of captain Corbin and Lt. Casey. This all mounted up to twelve hours non stop lifting, jumping and humping hole wrecking machines of monumental proportions. Some of the advanced gym utensils could be mistaken fifty years earlier for tools made for dilating horses! The remarkable woman’s anal capacity could not be seen though her suit, but no doubt it was the same as Corbin’s if not bigger. The top Dragonfly’s instructor also was the only one in the group wearing her pink space costume. Large gold decorative circle zips were encasing her privates, the entirety of her bottom and the two enormous J size bosoms stretching her fabric to it’s limit. A pair of square bulges at their top gave away the location of strong massive clamps crushing Eleene’s bubbly nipples. Unrestricted zips and multiple torn places across the instructor’s suit explained the wiggly movements in her bulging stomach, pointing towards serious analingus infestation. Ms. Drjghfnski cared not however and did not seem to be impeded in her movements or direction. She was holding in one hand a blaster pointing towards Stella’s head, while shuffling a large baton with the other. The extraordinary woman was switching legs between multiple heroic masculine stances, looking for the perfect combat ready position.

Right next to the mighty instructor was whimpering over her lower bulge, private senior janitor Sunny. She was a 27 years old half korean minion with sweet expressive face, decorated by black hair, and black eyes emanating determination. This asian lady had to put up with much more abuse then anyone in her entire two year service on the ship. Even during these peaceful times, there were minimum physical requirements to enter the spacecraft duty. There was no way Sunny’s fragile figure was able to pass, starting with her height! So naturally this made a lot of the military crew upset. That and a combination of the fact the mousy blond has been transferred under shady circumstances on the Dragonfly from the barracks on Florida. The submissive shorty spent the entirety of her first couple of weeks sucking up to Corbin in her office since day one. As a result she was promoted to a senior janitor, whatever that means. On top of that Sunny started receiving heftily paid overtime bonuses as revealed by the Dragonfly’s accountant Kayla. So when Sunny come out of her single cabin eventually, the bitter crew ganged on her and started daring the fragile female the most painful challenges. She took all punishments the tormentors had in store for her with admirable stoicism while still finding time and strength to fulfil the schedule with the captain! Recently Corbin have started to have regular meetings with the senior janitor in the oxygen generation room. Previously only the commander and her engineers had clearance to enter the vital air supply production, but apparently that was no longer the case. Poor Sunny always came out of there with messed up make up through the vent and into the toilet bidets. There she usually joined her two janitor underlings where the petite woman had to spend the rest of the day as urinal.

At the moment Sunny was squatting widespread looking down at her cunt. She held no weapon and had both hands on her hips. The recently promoted service woman was used as one of the “shield girls” just moments ago. This was the codename the crew gave to any female used as an analingus receptacle. While Lt. Stuller was cutting capt. Stella’s double door the tiny girl’s outfit was attacked and torn to pieces by the crazed worms. Private Stunny was not supposed to be one of the rescue team’s first choice however. After all the small female have packed her rear to the bring with the biggest dildo she could ever fit on a short notice. The inflatable XXXL Yamato anal eviscerator class expander, stretched her defeated sphincter 10 and a half inches before spreading it’s spikes. Only capt. Corbin, abandoned at the time a few blocks away, could match the fingerprint scan pattern, making it impossible to remove… Until the strong space fitness instructor fell into some strange lust outburst… Eleene’s almost ten inch wide arms suddenly tried to yank the bizarre toy out of the poor senior janitor. She failed and had to step on top of the whimpering girl’s cheeks with her full weight. Finally the instructor was able to jerk the Yamato out, along with ten inches of senior janitor’s guts… As a result Sunny suffered her largest prolapse to date. Consequentially she got stuffed with worms almost half as much as Eleene. Currently the mousy woman had a stomach, which was getting bigger by the minute.

The shorty was also bending forward quiet a bit. At first glance in might have been due to her large saggy H cups, hanging freely over her ribcage. Two ropes encircled the very base of the sacs by which she was dragged and held in place during her “shield girl” moments. There were also some tools attached to them and this might have forced the fragile female crook forward. But that was not the only reason. A huge five inch wide worm wanted to drop from one of her front holes, and it was not the cunt. Sunny was squatting concentrated in desperate attempt to push the sizeable invader out of her overused urethra. In fact the bladder as a whole was so well developed, the analingus managed to inflate it ten inched out of shortie’s stomach. Thus forcing the girl to lean forward.


Further along the line towering over everyone else was the Dragonfly’s bimbo – private Erene. She was an American of Scandinavian decent and at only 19 have grown almost two meters and twenty centimetres! Her stunning beauty started with the private’s face. Deep dark-blue eyes and a meter long silky black hair braided into knobs gave the bombshell a rarely attractive look. Her massive double JJ jugs were filled with additional two litres of saline injections each by Erene herself. As a result after an hour of heavy physical exercises running around for the past hour, the mammoth breasts have torn their restrictive outfit on their own. Which of course left the tall female strongly exposed to the massive analingus infestation for the past half an hour. Long squirts of milk were coming out of the large udders constantly at this point, because of two reasons. First the bimbo was also four months pregnant(with a baby) and second – she have bound her womanly assets too tight!

Gazing further down the tall raven’s lower abdomenon, it becomes apparent Erene liked to hold her holes wide open. Both the private’s rear and vagina yawned stretched by the two black gapers she always wore at a distance close to bunched double male fists. The urethra was also staying loosely open, though the entrance unnaturally elevated apart for no visible reason. All these depravities were plainly visible to anyone caring to look at Erene’s sex, because the bimbo’s bottom pants were completely torn down by the invading warms. The raven beauty’s analingus infestation started with small intruders slipping occasionally through the tall private’s suit at the chest openings and settling into her gaping rear cavern. This went on unobstructed by the tall bimbo until one two inch wide worm attacked while the young host was busy dragging capt. Corbin. It split the protective fabric Erene was wearing while trying to wiggle it’s way deeper into the scandinavian american’s backdoor staying so invitingly open. There was simply no empty space left for the analingus as the broken gut was already packed with hundreds upon hundreds of small shimmy compatriots. The only way was to push them further in or stretch the private’s ass even more – which the alien did both.

As a result – now an hour later, the bimbo’s remnant of a sphincter could compete for the most broken of all 19 years olds’ on Earth! It jerked and twitched it’s rhyme measuring nearly eight inches in diameter already! Erene’s guts originally stayed where they should, but with the first hundred worms getting in, the fleshy colon gave in what little integrity it had and started to prolapse. Apparently this must have happened before, because now the red pipe dangled between the private’s long shapely legs hanging over seven inches bellow her butt cheeks….At the front the worms tried to populate the gaping vagina and peehole too, since they were held open wide ready for the taking too. For some reason the aliens backed away pretty quickly after wiggling in thought. Even after the orifices got smudged with slime subsequent to the numerous attempts by the cheeky analinguses. The womb poking from within the vaginal opening, gave away all the detergent implants Erene used to keep her most private front birth giving canal free of outside germs. Perhaps this was what scared the analinguses out of Erene’s cunt despite staying so exposed… Or may be the foreign worms respected the woman’s pregnancy..And what about the tall brunette’s urethra – it looked to be left alone. All this will be a task for the scientists to reveal through extensive testing!

In the given moment Erene was posing cool, armed with a large double handle bat, as if nothing was happening, Probably because according to the raven bimbo’s brain there was nothing major going on indeed. She unconsciously stroke the long wooden weapon with her right hand, while trying to pay attention to what Stuller was about to order in front.

Close by to the tall bombshell’s left was standing a bit shorter and a bit more plump a woman in her late 30s. Private Sheila was a single 43 years old mom – a half indian, half british with permanent address in Seattle. Dark black eyes and raven hair supplemented the woman’s naturally dark skin. The veteran crew member did a lot of favors this year in order to get her spoiled unthankful daughter Mandy working with her on Dragonfly-E3. Now Sheila tried to correct bit by bit the destructive habits her offspring have picked up on Earth. It should be easier now, when both were together, cut off the internet and far away from the temptations of the metropolitan. An outsider might judge her look a bit controversial to what the mother of one preached to her kid though.

First off a pair of what may get to be HH tits if filled up, protruded out of Sheila’s suit through one of it’s numerous shabby apertures and sank down limply quivering on the MILF’s chest. The costume has been torn in so many places long time ago, effectively leaving her entire midsection all they way down to her high boots fully exposed. And just bellow the ageing woman’s navel the pair of saggy breasts which she tried to hide under the garment, were unveiled to being vigorously milked! The nipples and the entirety of the large aureole were painfully crammed into disproportionally more compact size transparent plastic cups, called milk claws. The sensitive fleshy milky ducts were being sucked with visibly powerful intakes by a yet concealed from the eyes motor and have already gotten four to six inches deep into the inch wide pipelines! Everything worked in overload making the titsacks jiggle from the applied suction, removing any milk produced by the mammary glands almost immediately! A small hint of a tattoo depicting cow’s udders colored white on Sheila’s excuse of a right bosom, drowned attention being in stark contrast with the Drafonfly’s crewmember brown skin. Multiple piercing patterns sitting on the edge of the milked woman’s aureole made it all the more arousing to the horny colleagues to “study”. Some of which saw them for the first time!

Down bellow being over seven inches off the mother’s vagina draped her cunt lips. They were pierced at multiple points and the metal was encased with rubber. Strong garters abused the poor flaps by straining the intimate skin so tin it looked almost transparent. Sheila’s inner flaps also hung lower then they should although not pierced. A small infestation showed its signs inside the brown woman’s reproduction organ, but no eggs were dropping. There was nothing in her urethra except the small one inch self-plugging pipe – the minimum requirement for each space personnel to wear at all times. The rule was set by capt. Corbin in order to have the entire female personnel’s openings ready and available for the painful yellow liquid collectors at any given point. The mother’s rear opening just like her tit sacks was some sight to behold as well. Both suction pipes from the milked depraved cougar ran into an eleven inch wide clamp viciously crushing the mother’s anal rim! Then it transferred into an expandable rubber canister of unknown maximum size, lodged into the cavernous bottom of the 43 years old MILF. The whole thing was pretty full by now and pressed on Sheila’s rear opening so much, the skin sagged two inched bellow her cheeks.. There was no sign of analingus infestation in the female’s rear which might pointed out to a way of keeping the worm away. Or may be her gut was just too crammed even for the smallest of wiggly aliens to lodge in.

The mother of one held a blaster with both hands towards the infested captain, staying as widespread as her situation allowed. Private Sheila needed to free so much space down bellow her legs in order to cope with the combination of breathing problems and the excruciating pain caused by the large rubber canister. It kept expanding in her behind, being constantly filled with milk drawn non-stop form the MILF’s own tits. The kinky female true to her lust have turned herself into a human cow and now was trying to cope with the challenges that arised from her debauched cravings!

Close to Sheila was her 25 years old daughter – Private Mendy. She was a spoiled brat grown up without a father and mostly absent mother in the big city of San Francisco. The year long freshman on Dragonfly-E3 had a natural brown hair cut into a mohawk, then dyed blond. Her bright azure blue eyes contrasted to the dark color of the rebellious female skin. A large hollow five inch wide dildo was lodged into the young woman’s trachea visible form a far. It was locked in place with the a fully customized gas mask going around the back of her skull and covering half of Mandy’s face. Exercising her throat fucking during such situation proved that this chick was a dedicated pain lover. Possibly practising other extreme activities as well. Mandy became a school dropout early in life to peruse a career in the extreme adult entertainment. She went through serving to pole dancing in a fetish strip club. Then switched to working in a heavy BDSM brothels for 3 years. In this environment her gag reflex, despite trained since faculty, was always put to the test. So Mandy got into the habit of eviscerating it completely, by plugging her mouth to the brink not only at night, but at all times! After all a bitch doesn’t need to talk right? The disruptive female tried to go solo two years ago doing prostitution and camming, but it did not go so well. Mandy lived with drug addiction in a rich mansion at the time and could not afford her lifestyle any longer. The girl swallowed her pride and turned to ask her mother for cash. When Sheila finally understood what her child have gotten herself into, she did everything possible to bring Mandy onto the Dragonfly-E3. The last year was hectic trying to put the kid straight. The results of Sheila’s efforts have started to show though, albeit being so slowly. The mom have weaned her child from not wearing a gag during the day for example, but today was different. The arousal on board was too much. It made Sheila actually taunted her daughter to plug herself to the limit for this mission and leave it open!

Mandy’s suit was somewhat intact on top, but completely missing bellow her hips. Safe for a very short skirt… The rebellious female have chosen to switch her pants for the skimpy garment fighting midway towards captain Stella’s control room! Her figure was more slender then her mother’s but it was much too jaded. Whip marks and yellow circles all over her tights were the most obvious proof of that. Mandy’s tits must have been EE or FF – it was hard to tell through the suit. Both womanhood assets however looked somewhat weird underneath. The girl’s buds on top were quiet visible thought. The right one have cut through the fabric and it’s monstrous size was standing at the ready in plain sight. The ring going through it was of brutal proportions. Being more then 0.4 inch thick meant it’s rim almost halved the 0.7 thick nipple. Which was well stretched no doubt since youth as it fell down about three inches off the suit hole. Further down under the short miniskirt hanging between the rebellious girl’s legs swayed four heavy inch thick metal rings. They were encased with rubber too to dull the sound. Heavy and massive they stretched the lips further down half to Mandy’s knees making them flap vigorously each time the woman moved. Sticking metal into erogen zones to stimulate orgasm was very popular within the adult industry. So this was not necessarily proof of a direct connection with Shiela’ lusty debaucheries. Extreme stretching however was definitely a thing Mandy’s mother loved to do! Both females spend hours in their beds at “night” exchanging the feelings and experience regarding this fetish. Mandy even convinced her mother to have dozens of studs stuck in her areola, expressing some spiritual stuff. She secretly hoped to get her mom into nipple stretching. The young private held a master-plan of having specific and rare machines imported on the Dragonfly and then implemented into the ship’s gym, so she can get back on track. The expressed elongation lover knew some damn good deals in San Francisco that could make her some serious cash from the retail. But for this to happen Mandy needed to convince the fitness instructor Eleene…And to achieve this the single child continued listening to her mom in order to utilize the vast array of connection the old woman had accumulated through “favours”.

For Sheila the most important thing a properly raised daughter should learn was how to get into practice of milking herself regularly. This enhanced the breast growth naturally and was what turned the tits into udders. Mandy was just now getting into the habit of using suction cups on herself – probably because Sheila was never around to bring it up with her sibling. Another practice the mother of one considered mandatory for a good girl to get hooked to was the art of inflating. Since the youngster learned to enjoy enemas on her own at school, the act itself was never an issue plus Mandy had a lot of practice in the strip clubs as well. It only got more extreme in the BDSM club by demanding urethra cleansing. Sheila had to struggle altering how Mandy did it thought. The milf advocated her daughter to start using milk instead of water, for it supposedly preserving the anal flora. The training sessions picked up pace as the time went by, until the youngling became quite content using the new ingredient. She even started moving around the ship with medium enemas while on duty. Today Mandy broke a new record while waiting for Lt. Casey to report. The fumes coming from Mao vessel made the family couple very horny and they started to fool around again. As a result the young private’s stomach was pumped with the milk from her mother’s breasts as usual – but this time at open display in front of everybody from the crew. All the while Mandy jerked her kinky mother’s super long cunt rings and enjoyed speed-foot-fucking Sheila’s behind! This went on until the juvenile female looked 9 months pregnant and complained she could not walk around with a drop more. The older female relative then plugged her child’s loose rear with an eight inch wide two inch long Yamato plug class “clamp”. Since it was a short one, there was no need for much effort from the strong space veteran to jam the rear destroyer in place. Sheila after all regularly fulfilled her mandatory quota at the gym. Once set, the Yamato sensors activated – clamping with crushing force the anal ring of poor Mandy with excruciating force and shutting down any possibility for leakage. It was time to switch positions. The gifted diary of a mother suggested her younger version to insert a large anal canister up the older woman’s large gaping back cave. The lusty daughter concurred gladly and this is how Sheila ended up with the kinky set-up she was wired into now. The whole perverse procedure made the horny offspring even hotter thought. While the rest of the females watched mesmerised, she waddled towards the ship hangars with an idea how to plug her own yawning urethra! It was usually the smallest hole in a woman’s body but in Mandy’s case it could compete with the size of a 14 year’s old vagina. The opening dripped constantly, staying open with no gapers nearly inch and a half. The experienced stripper and current Dragonfly crewmember returned with a special bladder plug owned by the company Kaizer – class clamp again. It was meant as a birthday present for Sheila or whatever, but apparently this infested ship brought the better of both. The daughter had to use the suction cups on her own tits thought, since the mother’s udders were sucked dry by now. The young woman pumped milk into the well trained pee hole of hers, until there was no space for any more. Then with the help of the aroused kinky matriarch a almost three inches wide spiked self expanding Kizer plug was inserted. Sheila pressed the red button, making sure only she had access to it’s release, while the mean clamps crushed Mandy’s broken loosely hanging urethral entrance shut.

And since just like her mom the adventurous girl was stuffed with milk in almost every hole, there was no visible sign of any serious analingus infestation or egg dropping. A lot of worms have made their way into Mandy’s stomach through her open gag though, making in bulge a bit. However no eggs were blocking the young private’s breathing yet which seemed to prove the analinguses have not mated there so far. A lot of worms have populated the 25 years old’s overused vagina too. But again it seemed the cluster just stuffed themselves deeper and did not ovulate. Mandy’s cervix opening has also been stretched out a lot and she had not brought this up to her mom yet. However the supposedly recovering degenerate of a daughter felt already too many aliens were making her womb their new home. This meant she might need help getting them out in the near future.

But there was nothing that could shatter the confidence of the experienced, albeit young adult ex-entertainer. She could withstand anything dished out at her! That is why Mandy had one hand on her hip like not caring while holding negligently a baton over her shoulder. The punk hair-dressed female’s legs were wide spread similar to the mother, although the right foot was stretched in front of the other, resting from carrying around the large heavy milk enema Mandy gladly locked in her guts.

to be continued….

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In the previous episodes we left all remaining rescue crew members from Dragonly inside the brig of Mao’s ship in the following order Lt. Stuller, Intern Judy, For. Cor. Magdalenna, Ms. Eleen Drjinski, Sen. Janitor Sunny, Private Erene, Private Sheila and Private Mandy! They are facing the biggest treat on the spacecraft captain Stella! The hulky woman is infested by the aliens and turned int their incubation queen. Her prolapsing enormous anus si giving birth to infinite numbers of anal seeking worms!

It may very possible at this very just encounter the further development of this infestation and even it’s level of threat to humanity! Who will win Stellar’s dream team or Stella’s brig bitch crew?


While refining his plan of action, Lt. Stuller though of how all standing females still wore their ineffective “womanized” gas masks. These sexist gadgets were covering only the women’s nostrils. It proved much less protection then the male version, but behold the politically standard for the space craft equipment these days… According to NASA’s spokesman Dricia Tanahawa:

– The new emergency attires opening even more of the woman’s face, making them even more feminine!

The only logical explanation for Stuller was the upper management cared more for the males and even wanted them to lead in cases of a crisis. The Dragonfly’s pilot did not mind, but at least there should be more of them on board….The analinguses’s incubation queen Stella made a threatening move, causing the five big warms to stand stern. This returned the lieutenant back to the much more pressing issue of saving the Humanity by containing this infestation!

Since all of the “shielding women” used previously were left outside Stuller contemplated with the idea he would have to sacrifice some of his teammates to distract the current mighty opponent. It’s not like he had a choice. The poor Dragonfly analingus receptacle were so stuffed they could never fit thought the cut anyway and besides they will be of more use where they are, stopping any alien reinforcements coming in.

Clearly he and his team were hopelessly outnumbered though, but the lieutenant saw no other choice but to trust in the ability of his team to overcome the challenge ahead. Lt. Stuller pressed the trigger, starting to shoot at one of the carrier worms nearby! Startled, it dropped it’s egg and wiggled behind the infested captain Stella. The sleazy creature tried to hide inside the fleshy fifteen inch wide open pipe, but it was already full to the brink with eggs. This sole action of violence however made Stella fully awake from her trance! The usually green eyes of the top commander were tucked way back into the pupils and she seemed pissed! The Mao’s top commander gave a war cry and all hell broke loose. All six other women in the corner started to wiggle and give muffles as their prolapsing anuses started spurring eggs like geysers. Many worms rushed to collect them and stuff them into the many holes of the analingus enchanting center which was Stella now. The monstrously prolapsing commander begun dishing out hatching worms in alarming rate and so the boss battle begun!

Looking at the amount of new eggs constantly delivered from the six birthers, clockwise around the room. it instantly became clear to Lt. Stuller that the survivors would not stand a chance. Especially lacking good firepower with the current set of weapons . While scanning the camber for clues that might help, Stuller got called by Eleen, who was pointing at one of the glued chamber breeding marshals of black decent. There was a hanged weapon stash full of automatic blasters! The large wall storage box was covered by slime and barely visible, but if they could break the glass, the rescue team might stand a chance! The sea of worms nearby the infested woman posed a threat though and Stuller had to think fast of a safe way to reach the guns. He asked Eleen to follow him and then both rushed to the storage site. On the way the instructor grabbed the nearby Dragonfly’s top janitor playtoy Sunny by the arm, practically dragging her with her. The poor shorty only whimpered, as she was in no way capable of running her stuffed self, but submissively used all her strength to wiggle her limping legs as much as she could. Sunny’s long prolapsing guts flapped about spilling worms left and right on the way, looking extremely humiliating…

Ms. Eleen was in a predicament as well, having to move fast with holes stuffed with analinguses and all, but it was nothing more different then how she proceeded so far in this mission. With mastery combination of tamed tolerance for pain, while practicing intense physical activities in the gym for countless of hours, made it possible for the polish american woman to keep up, while crammed with serious amounts of worms. She did this on her own with both finesse and dignity, although the sweat on her face showed the amount of concentration it required.

Finally the trio arrived at the black female breeder. Stuller had to be careful not to slip stepping over the nasty analinguses and spunk covering the floor, but not all were so lucky. Wearing the most girly high heel space boots made Sunny kept slipping and falling quiet a bit, slowing down Eleen and making her irritated. Either way once in position the man observed the woman stuck on the wall.

The woman was a total mess – mouth drooling, messy hair and an ass prolapsing 10 inches all the way to the floor, spewing newborn analinguses! Two enormous quivering flesh balls, chocolate in color, were apparently the breeder’s cow udders! The amazing tits hung freely from the woman’s chest and were being squeezed by an alien worm at the very base with varying force. This was making them change color and causing them to shower white liquid over the newborns wiggly extraterrestrial creatures bellow. Additional restrains and marks on the enormous womanly curves spoke of kinky desires the Mao’s captain peer possessed when conscious.

Upon further examination, Stuller recognized the stuffed analingus birther indeed to be one of the Stella’s associates he saw on those kinky videos communications with Mao. A fit female in her mid 40 Angela has been with Stella since her years as a lieutenant– over twenty years ago! The older woman’s crying eyes were shut so their color could not be unidentified. It looked like Angela used to have a corset around her waist, but it was however blown to pieces by the ever so expanding stomach of hers. The only visible remainder were the pieces dangling from the black woman’s rear strap on. Other then that the adjutant was stark naked. A lot of hair could be seen between the analingus birther’s legs and the angle made it hard to see anything more candy. Through a lot of spunk emanated from the older female’s holes and streamed down onto her prolapsing gut, making it even wetter then it already was.

Disgusted, Lt. Stuller turned janitor Sunny around and asked her to squat like she always liked to stand. The submissive shortly worked on complying immediately, but her breathing was impaired from running plus her legs were shaking. Eleen gave a good slap to the janitor’s cunt making her go into an orgasmic bliss squatting all the way down in the process! This acted as desired, essentially making Sunny a magnet for all analinguses in radius of four meters! The masochistic Dragonfly piss receptacle went into another trans from the pleasure of having her anus stretched to acquire new fabulous and larger dimensions!

The path to work on the gun stash hanging from the wall was clear! Lt. Stuller and Eleen worked together to turn down the force field protecting the dangerous weapons. The two space officers hastily begun hacking the identity panels located on both sides of the unit. It required two fingerprints from two top ship’s staff members to open the safe box, but a lot of the space crew staff, especially within Drafonfly, knew how to circumvent it. They have gone through hacking courses during the cold war with the feminist movement. It was part of the struggle of the UNSD (United Nations Space Directorate) to tackle the illegal organization’s ambitions to establish a foothold on to the Moon and secede from Eath! Since many parts of the emergency power were down Stuller hoped the alarm would not trigger, but unfortunately it did. The annoying sound marked the locking of all doors within the space facility, just when the gun casing opened up!

The lieutenant instructed Eleen to grab at least five automatic blasters and distribute them to the rest of the struggling team. As he spoke Stuller turned around and regretfully saw that the small group of women spacecraft members were barely able to melee back the ever growing horde of analinguses with bats or even hands! The man then faced Eleen again and admitted that he had to stay where he is and find a way of disabling all six the camber breeders, if they were to have a chance defeating captain Stella and her minions!

Eleen looked around wanting to help and upon gazing upwards she got an idea. The fitness instructor pointed out an vent, part of the oxygen airflow system on the ship – approximately 10 inch wide. There were many of them spread out as rings perforating the walls all around the oval chamber. A number of maintenance ladder cast out every 5 meters or so provided access to many of the vents. Eleen suggested that if Stuller could drag and tie each of Stella’s adjutants upwards near the exhaust openings, then he would be able to cram their prolapsing analingus spewing guts inside the nearby hollow rounds!

The lieutenant instantly loved the idea. There were buttons on the side which allowed for manual overwriting of the spin direction both inwards or outwards. The exiting worms will be sucked by the emergency battery powered fans and get mashed into a minsmi. Stuller decided to waste no time but get into action. Looking at the moaning black woman’s pulling cords, restraining the midsection of her swinging udders, he already knew what that breeder will be hanging from up there! The lieutenant still needed a pair of more cords so he took some from Eleen. The fitness instructed unwilling unzipped her costume and untied off one of her many ropes violently shaping her tits into two round sausages. Bent and bound together the two womanly appendages jutted out obscenely far in front of her giving the illusion of normal breasts behind the rubber costume.

Next Stuller took out his knife and started cutting the slime surrounding the delirious Mao spacecraft member. It proved more difficult then he liked and on few occasions Eleen had to even help Sunny by spreading her ass wide and inserting up the gaping rear parts of large worm waves that followed!

In the end the dark woman splattered on the floor mashing on her tortured guts and Lt. Stuller wasted no time in grabbing the two breast bondage ropes. He yanked on them with all the strength he could muster, but in vain – the breeder have gotten too heavy to lift. Eleen had to join efforts with Stuller so both finally managed to get Angela off the ground by her fat tit midsection ropes. The male Dragonfly’s pilot then jumped out of surprise! The adjutant was not only glued to the wall – she was also embedded through her urethra onto an urinal receptacle! The repository tank’s head was huge – almost square, four inches at diameter and very coarse . It’s two inch wide hole spurred urine smelling slime like a geyser, splattering on Stuller’s gas mask and protective glasses. The guy wiped himself up, helped Eleen to get up and lifted Angela up by her udders once again – this time with two hands. With the strong blondie’s help the lieutenant started climbing up the maintenance ladder towards one of the air flow ducts. Poor Sunny was left downstairs to fend off the worms who started charging in to save their birther.

With both Stuller and Eleen struggling together, they were able to pull and push respectively the infested woman and begin climbing the ladder bars unsteadily. The Dragonfly’s male copilot kept sweating and cursing with each step, while the fitness instructor used all her might to try and push both upwards.

In the meantime one of the fifteen inch wide worms bit into the large fleshy pipe under the shrieking captain of Mao! Subsequently it started to twitch, the commander concentrated her guts producing something amazing! Large eggs started squirting into the air aiming for the struggling Stuller! The spawns went everywhere splattering on the wall and occasionally hitting the huffing and puffing lieutenant. It became clear to Stuller that he had little time before a lucky shot makes him loose balance and fall down!

Ms. Drjghfnski was helping him as much as she could underneath but she had major problems of her own to worry about! At the front the black woman prolapse was hanging practically in the blonde’s face. Consequentially all the worms that rushed out of it’s wide dimensions fell onto the muscular fitness instructor. Now many of the falling analinguses smiled down and into Eleen’s lower holes, but occasionally a number of them wiggled inside her throat too. This was due to the fact that the 34 years old was doing very heavy lifting, so she had to open her mouth from time to time…The other major issue was of course her ruined sphincter which started to poke through the rubbish space costume, giving access to even more ruination. Hundreds of worms from the pool down bellow tried to follow their “mother”and once Eleen turned around to climb the ladder her open ass was instantly attacked by the slimy aliens. Contemplating her ever bulging stomach, while moaning in excruciating pain mixed with pleasure, the mighty woman powered through. Thankfully once in the air the Dragonfly’s fitness instructor found herself a bit safer as the analinguses proved to be poor climbers. When Stella started shooting her egg bombs however some of them landed directly inside Ms. Drjghfnski’s ass! This caused the woman to yell and whimper in even more pain as the eggs bursted with force, stuffing even more hungry worms in to the Eleen’s cavern! This of course provided opportunities to the aliens from the top to enter her body, which they seized immediately..

Having to through all this immense struggle however had a positive effect too. Eleen was putting so much force into pushing Stuller upwards, that her overused anal muscles amazingly awoke and started to twitch! They started to clench at the very bottom of her body, albeit weekly, but that was enough to force a portion of analinguses out every now and then. Each step that Eleen took, around half a kilo of worms dropped from her unfolding guts in exchange to every other half that entered! The entire scenery was a sight to behold…

Watching the mesmerizing actions of the trio Magda thought to herself:

“-Of course! These “arm” suppliers for the colony had to be dealt with first, before commencing any attempt of pacifying the main spawner – captain Stella!! Or else she will keep shooting out aliens till we are overwhelmed!”

Speaking of which the group was already feeling the pressure. In front of all Mandy and Erene were swinging their bats fending off as much infestation as they can. They squeaked every now and then when a sneaky large analingus forced it’s way inside one of the front fighters’ holes. Utilizing their range advantage all the others were shooting at the incoming worm waves with their P44 blasters. Only Judy was staying next to Magda in her preposterous hentai posture and just rubbed her breasts.

The foreign correspondent watched Stuller almost tip over after an egg shot from captain Stella’s unfolded rear gun hit him dead on the temple! The worms spattering all over his face and made the man stop to clean up the mess…

“-They need our help, or we are doomed!” the foreign language correspondent though to herself once again as. Without giving it any more thought the 43 years old women, prone to fist loving, dashed to the side of the group and dropped her blaster on the ground. Then she turned around and using both of her hands prayed her ass as wide open as she could. The cavern that which very long time ago used to be Magda’s shit-holder. could be mistaken for a cave now, having stretched over 11 inches horizontally. As if that was not enough of an invitation for Stella, Magda starched yelling obscenities at the Brazilian woman, banging her feet and generally doing anything to draw attention of the infested analingus incubator.

This did the trick. Obeying the instincts of nature the infested top commander turned her attention and started aiming at the huge opening before her. Magda started to moan in both ecstasy as the powerful balls entered her wide open cave with force and violently bursted into many disturbed, scared, wiggling worms looking for shelter!

Upon noticing this depravity and being too dumb to understand reason behind it, Sheila’s daughter rushed to Magdalena. Moving sharply Mandy hurt herself while bending because of her large body milking tanks packing all her tortured orifices. Not caring about it and unable to make a single sound to express her immense suffering the bizarre 25 years old BDSM entertainer and expressed pain lover started to wiggle her own fully stuffed and shit rear nex to Magdalenna’s enormous rear cave.

By providing a distraction for Stella the aging american of italian decent successfully took the heat off Stuller. She knew it was imperative that the Mao’s infested commander do not revert her fire at him while he is disabling the birthers, so she kept taunting Stella to give her her best shot while wide spreading her ass! Some of the worms splattering around the correspondent’s destroyed sphincter started entering the hollow gag of Mandy too, who was now making faces wiggling her distorted physiognomy nearby Magdalenna’s ass, in a “dare you” type of posture.

Once up near the duct, Lt. Stuller pushed Angela against the wall. The web slime encasing her back was very sticky still and glued the female in place for the moment. Next the lieutenant used one of the two breast stripes borrowed from Eleen to tie Angela’s hands to a nearby pipe. The delirious woman started to throw kicks and fight, so the rescue operative tied her knees with the other stripe. Afterwards he connected the free end to both breasts ropes and tightened them until the adjutant’s legs came to the level of her shoulders. The infected woman groaned in pain and discomfort since the additional strain on her stomach forced a lot more spawns out her ruined gut and onto the Dragonfly’s fitness instructor’s face. Once the birther was fixed Lt. Stuller used both his hands to carefully stuff the prolapsing and widened to now 12 inch of fleshy egg popper into the 10 inch wide duct hole. It was a tight fit but in the end around half of the guts were inside.

The alien ovums were quiet jelly, so they fond their way out shortly after. The power was on and Stuller switched the vent to blow air out. He then put his ear to listen to the splashing sound of crushed eggs and worms for a moment, before starting to head back and try to help poor Sunny. She was by now overpowered and had a long nine inch worm breaking her trachea, while a twelve inch analingus pushed her immense eight inch dildo inwards! Eleen was already down in the meantime collecting the weapons while trying to poop out all the worms trying to make it into her backdoor. That is when the misfortune struck.

The pipe could not handle the heavy woman up for so long and it broke while the Dragonfly’s co-pilot was only one feet away from ground. Stuller reflexes kicked in on point and his strong hand caught Angela’s right breast binding rope in mid-air. The tit produced a rubber-like sound from the immense breast tissue stretching and tearing while the brown adjutant gave a death howl of pain!! The torture was too much for both her right breast and prolapsing gut were being pulled beyond anything she ever was submitted to. Slimy urine poured out of the broken pipe, splattering both space crew members in yucky sticky waste. Lt. Stuller grabbed his nose and apologized for the accident by accident(pond intended :). Then he dragged the helpless woman back up to the top all by himself, but this time using the slime on her back to drag her vertically!

Once in position the top Dragonfly analingus exterminator want-to-be used one of the metal steps to fix Angela’s hands to. It was much more sturdy despite being a bit further then the pipe. The lieutenant bound the woman to the new stronger point, stuffed Angela’s guts back into the vent once more and rushed down again. He only hoped that the Anglea’s gut wont extent so far to the vent…

Once on the ground Stuller was shocked to see that Elene had caught poor Sunny and opened her prolapse wide open for Stella’s gun to target! Mao’s captain seemed to have been persuaded to switch from Magda’s eviscerated popper to Sunny’s prolapsing cave…The janitor’s fleshy opening was stretching to almost 11 inches with Eleen’s power grip, which was a new record for the Dragonfly’s janitor. The tiny girl whimpered but contemplated her faith as the most viscous alien gunner on the ship concentrated on filling up the offered guts to the bring. The eggs splashed and hundreds of worms entered deep into the janitor’s rear and other front holes to join and possibly provide food for the ones already living in.

Stuller instantly got pissed off – how can in such moment Eleen delay the weapon delivery? In the heat of the moment he kicked the fitness instructors’ right udder hard! Never before had he done this, but this was an extreme case. The kick really bust the severely bound breast and made Ms. Drjghfnski curl up on the floor holding her bruised titte. The lieutenant ignored her whimpers and pulled her up by the arm. Then he pushed her towards the stash of blasters she dropped earlier and yelled at the blond to deliver the weapons!

Bent over, humiliated and Eleen picked up five automatic blasters class PA13 whining that she did this to protect him! Gazing at Magdalena’s posture, Stuller realized that the health instructor was actually right. Currently the Dragonfly’s member in her forties was pinned down by a fifteen inch monster trying to enter her cavern while the women nearby were shooting desperately at it, trying to free the crying foreign corespondent. It occurred to Stuller that probably the fisting lover of Italian decent has been distracting Stella’s canon by prying her own rear, before getting attacked by that enormous analingus… Yes, that is why they were left alone at some point up on the ladder!!

Upon realizing his mistake, Lt. Stuller turned to the currently targeted by the Mao’s captain top janitor’s rear and was afraid to see it has already started started closing in. The lieutenant apologized profoundly and helped the polish American to get up! Before sending her back to the second group to deliver the weapons thought, he demanded to have her strong gapers and install them on the new analingus “shielding woman” Sunny. Eleen knew protesting was futile, so she accepted with great grief to part with them. In the process the blondie decided to take off her space costume too – it was useless at this point anyway. The tall man grabbed the powerful metal electrical wonder and started working on poor Sunny. He used the gadget countless times on his female colleagues – usually after spending the night with then, so the lieutenant definitely knew how to put them on a woman. First Stuller hooked it to the submissive janitor’s dilapidated sphincter and then tied it to her waist. By pressing the button the entire thing stretched the crying woman’s rear to the brink once again even turning her guts inside out a bit more!

All this pain caused Snny to cry out loud and there she was – ready to continue attracting Stella, giving a chance to Lt. Stuller rush towards the next breeder. One dealt with – five more to go!

In the meantime Eleen tattered butt naked towards the second group. Her anus looked to be a total mess: the sphincter was very loose as expected and a massive rosebud formed as if something heavy was pressing from the inside. Occasionally small worms dropped from the red folds, so it was not hard to guess what this weight might be. A pissing plug and a vaginal dildo completed all lower Dragonfly fitness instructor’s pleasure attributes.

Once getting within shooting range, the blond woman lifted her automatic PA13 and aimed at the fifteen inch anal destroyer!…

to be continued….

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Viva Las Vegas


His penis stood up turgidly, like a small barrel cactus with no needles. A pale pink saguaro covered with a thin translucent layer of latex, up thrust from a shaven outcropping and surrounded in every direction with a curtain of fire — my crimson hair, which entrapped his manly spine, leaving a secret forest with only my emerald eyes to see my soft plump lips descend slowly to wrap around his cochineal tip.

As I used the cusp of my tongue to titillate the sweet spot under his crown, I thought back over the events that led me to giving a blow job to a total stranger in a whorehouse, no less…

It all started with a simple piece of mail. A standard 8.5″ x 6.5″ flyer, printed in glossy color, advertising a business conference in Las Vegas, NV. I threw it on the table with a couple of hundred other junk mailings, and mentioned that we should all go there for a vacation.

We, in this case, meant me, Silky, 5′, Red/green. 34 C, 98 pounds; Jessica, somewhere North of 12′ (Or maybe 5’7″), 36 C (but she’s a c- while I’m a c+) and about 115 pounds. She has Scandinavian blond hair and cerulean blue eyes. And an ass-to-die-for.

And George. He owns us, sorta. Only because we love him and he us. We live in a polyamorous family.

If you read all of my stories and adventures, and you certainly should, you will learn (in Genesis and Exodus) that George originally met Jessica as a street walker in Chicago. You might get confused, because anyone who ever met Jess would know that she is not a common ho.

For a time she worked as a very top echelon escort. Like she got knocked up once by a US Senator…. That’s way off track.

A client of her agency, a man who had enough money to fly girls to Buenos Aires in his jet for a weekend, wanted Jessica. He wanted to pay more money than most honest people make in a pair of months to put his scraggly dick in the aforementioned ass-to-die-for.

Unfortunately, he occasionally returned girls with a few teeth missing, or a broken jaw; Jess refused to pretend like she didn’t mind. Big John beat her, but she has a very hard head (I know!) and she still refused, so she got turned out on the street to humiliate her. Her first trick there was George, and if you read the story like I told you, the rest is obvious.

All this leads up to the look that passed between them when I mentioned a vacation to Las Vegas. She shook her head a fraction of an inch and twisted her lips like she does when she’s worried.

George shrugged just a hair, and said, “Silky can go with me.”

I raised one eyebrow and huffed, “I’m right here, y’all!”

Jess continued to ignore me, her eyes boring into George’s. “Are you sure she’ll be safe? I love her so much.”

The much loved red-head repeated. “I’m right here, y’all!”

“I’ll protect her, you know I will.”

Then, finally, he looked at me. “There’re too many connections between Chicago and Vegas. Someone might see Jessica. If they recognized her, they’d hurt her. So you and I will make this trip alone.”

Befuddled much. George and I on a trip alone? Gaziosmanpaşa Escort I get him all to myself? Yea!! Jess could get hurt? Boo! If you have read all my stories (do we have to go through this again?) you already know that Big John caused some serious drama in our lives. He was a Bad Man. Note ‘was.’

So after much discussion, and much packing and repacking, George and I all alone headed for the conference in Vegas. I loved scrunching up next to him on the plane! We stayed at Caesar’s Palace, which is a totally huge place. Our room had its own Jacuzzi, and let me tell you there is lots more room to fuck when you don’t have to include a giant blonde!

George went to boring meetings while I had a facial, a Hawaiian massage, a body wrap, a Native American massage, a mani-pedi and had my hair done with a scalp massage. That was between shopping.

And we ate in a different restaurant every night. Big G has some sort of seven star card or something that let us cut in line. And I wore the tiniest dresses I own, and the highest heels, because I like for all the men to drool and be jealous of my Daddy. It would have been more fun if Jess had been there; when we go places as a threesome guys walk into walls!

So George kind of casually said, “Silk, you know prostitution is legal in Nevada?”

I replied, “Yeah, except in municipalities with more than 400,000 people. Nevada only has 16 counties and one independent city…. That was rhetorical, wasn’t it?”

“Well, I’m kinda interested in seeing what they’ve got.” George always thinks about sex, it’s one of my favorite things about him.

So we took the limo out to Sherri’s Ranch and Brothel. That part of the country (the South West) is all the same; just dirt and rocks, I don’t know how people live like that.

Inside, there is a big parlor and a small bar. George told the hostess what he wanted, and pretty soon a girl named Tiffany joined us to give us the tour. She had black hair, though when she saw mine she said hers was naturally auburn. Mine is not auburn, mine lights up like a sunset in July. She had brown eyes, and wore her originally auburn hair down on her shoulders. She wore a baby-doll nightie in pink silk. It didn’t clash with my hair, so it was OK.

Sherri’s has rooms that are your basic motel setting. The girls live there and entertain in their rooms.

Tiffany offered us the tour, duh, why were we there if not to see everything. They have bungalows for people who want to stay overnight and party. They start at $3000…….

They have a surf party room with a big Jacuzzi — you can’t screw there because it costs a lot to empty and sanitize it if anyone spills body fluids. Another room centers on a three person hot tub that gets cleaned after every use so any activity is cool.

I was more interested in the pole dancing room. I don’t really know how to pole dance, so I perked up over a possible new skill. Then I saw the chains! Sherri offers chains on the wall, a cage, a ‘log’ like ours at home Gölbaşı Escort where you get strapped down with your kootichie all exposed, excellent for whipping, and a forced masturbation chair that sits you up with your crotch exposed so various toys can be used. That interested me quite a bit, but you have to pay for a second person to be there, no locking up staff alone.

They also provide an outdoor pool, tennis courts, and bar-b-q for parties in warmer weather. I can only imagine those. The facilities include an office for screwing your secretary on the desk, a locker room complete with peepholes where you can, well, peep; only you can carry it much further if you have the cash — want the whole cheerleader squad to gang-bang you? — and a cozy room to snuggle with your girlfriend where things sometimes go further than she planned….

So we went to Tiffany’s room and George tried out all the parts. I licked her and she fingered me, because he always likes to watch first. Then he joined us in the bed. He loves to run his fingers over two girl’s asses while we kiss, and he slides in a finger into each of us. It felt strange to do this with a stranger and not Jess, but it sure turned me on!

Next we each added a finger to the other girl, so I had one of his and one of hers in my vagina, and one of mine and his in hers.

I knew the script, so I pushed her back and started teasing her nipples. She had nice firm B cups, and she really liked the way I suckled them. George slid around and started fingering my ass the way he loves, and then I scooted down to her neatly shaved little twat.

Big G got hard as a rock watching over my shoulder, and I guided him in while I nibbled her clit. So while he reamed me I slobbered all over her pussy, sucking first one lip and then the other in and out, then tongue fucking her, She pumped against me hard enough that I got to her asshole, which she really liked. She came at about the same time he pumped a load into me, and that made me so proud I went over myself.

As we sorted ourselves out, she hugged me and said, “You really know how to give oral sex.”

Again, I beamed. I learned from very good teachers.

Strangely, although I understand, while I could fuck him raw, he had to use a condom to fuck her. Makes sense, and he sure wasn’t going to pass up the chance, raincoat be damned.

After Tiffany gloved him, we licked his cock until he got ready for action. I crawled under my new best friend and licked her clitoris while he slid home. She of course took the opportunity to show off her skills on my pride and joy, my flaming red little bushy fire crotch. George always whaps me with his balls when we do that, but it doesn’t hurt me and he doesn’t complain.

She yelped out “Mmmph!” and “Arrgh!” but that may have been all I heard because her mouth was full of cunt and her thighs were squeezing my ears. Jess tends to blaspheme while cumming, and I usually give out a few ‘fuckmes’ and such. Again, it turned me on to have a new-comer in our Grup Escort bed. But I guess it’s her bed, and none of us were new to cumming.

Once again we piled together. I lazily rubbed her hip, and noticed the three little scars she had from a cat when she was a kid.

“So how long do you work, sweetie?” I asked

“The normal shift is a week on and three weeks off, but I’m doing an extended tour.”

“Why?” I probed, gently.

She began to cry silently and finally said “I have to.”

“Why?” I repeated, sounding like a three year old.

After several attempts to evade an answer, she confessed that her husband had gotten deep in debt gambling. Some Bad Men had taken her child hostage, and sent her to Vegas to earn $50,000. She couldn’t go home until it was paid.

“I have an answer!” I exclaimed. “My man still has to go to boring meetings, I want to learn some new stuff, and I really like how you taste. Why don’t I stay here a few days and help you earn money? If that’s OK with you, George.”

He smiled and nodded. After a little negotiation with Sherri, I moved into Tiff’s room and we set up a schedule. Of course, I had to fill out a stupid application, wait until Thursday to get the Gyno exam and STD blood tests, and get my Nye County Sheriff”s Prostitution License. Details!

The next night I got in my first line-up. Customers asked to see everyone from whom to choose, and I got so nervous… it felt like getting a date to the prom.

A nice looking guy in his 50’s with blonde hair and glasses picked me on the first go round! I took him on the tour, but I could see in his eyes that the masturbation chair tented his britches, so I suggested he get Tiffany as the assistant. He gave me $2500 for the time, and I felt glad all over to be helping someone out. And Tiffany. And learning, too.

I took off my clothes (Note to self — skip the undies after this) but Tiffany stayed robed as he didn’t pay to see her, even though I suggested as much. He stripped naked as well.

Anyway, I sat in the chair and through my hair aside so she could fasten the collar around my neck. Then my arms got locked behind me, and my ankles to the chair legs. She gave him a big Hitachi wand, and he turned it on and pushed it through the hole in the seat against my labia.

Rocket City Ride! I came in about a minute; fun, but somehow not the same as a hard dick. Then he fumbled a dildo into my twat, and slid it in and out for a while. He had more fun with that than I did. He started stroking himself while he cupped my Mons, and I couldn’t move or anything. I really couldn’t.

I started getting into the whole thing, and moaned and bucked as much as I could, until a stream of hot sticky cum shot over my tits and belly. He totally lost his load. I wanted to get him going again, but Tiffany whispered to me that he had to pay more for further fun, so I had to stop. But he hugged me and said he’d had a great time, and that he wanted me next time. Wow, I’m good at this!

Later a guy wanted a straight fuck followed by a blow job, so I wound up in the secret place I first mentioned, licking my own secretions off his latex. He wanted to fill the tip twice, so hey, the customer is always right, right? Fill it we did.

I can tell Jessica stories for months when I get home; She always does things before I do — but I don’t think she can pole dance…. Now I’m the expert.



It was the morning of Valentine’s Day and Stan was the man, with a plan. No question.

Stan and Chardonnay had fallen into one of those time-warp traps that couples often find themselves caught up in. Chardonnay was an executive chef at a popular restaurant in town, while Stan spent his days operating a funky coffeehouse near the university. In their mid-30s, they were the proud parents of two boys, now in elementary school.

The problem was, Chardonnay worked mostly evenings, Stan always days. He dropped the kids off at school in the morning on his way to work; Chardonnay picked them up on her way to work and dropped them at a sitter’s until Stan picked them up after work. Chardonnay had Sunday and Monday off and Stan, Friday and Saturday. Virtually anybody could see this wasn’t a good situation.

So life, as the pair knew it, had come to revolve around the drudgery of driving the kids to school and home, going to and from work, sleeping and eating separately most of the time… And on, and on… In recent months, a quick peck on the cheek or quick cuddle was about all the affection they could muster.

Worse yet, Chardonnay was, of course, working the evening of Valentine’s Day. And, leading up to what many couples consider “a big day,” she had been busier than ever with restaurant, menu and wine list preparations – all so customers could enjoy their dinner and evening in style.

For his part, Stan had been busy at the coffeehouse, brewing Valentine’s Blend coffee, stocking the cooler with heart-shaped cookies and decorating the premises with hearts and streamers of red and white. But, a couple of days before the big day, as he eyed his decorations, he fell into a funk and was quite depressed by the fact he and Chardonnay wouldn’t be celebrating the day with everyone else. Daydreaming, he had caught himself checking out the tight asses and lithe bodies of a couple of the university students who worked for him.

In the midst of mentally undressing Jeannie as she leaned over the counter to take a customer’s cash, he realized things had gotten out of hand between he and Chardonnay. Way out of hand. And so, mentally tearing his eyes off busty Jeannie, he worked out what he came to think of as Stan’s Valentine’s Plan. With a little shopping, he procured a few select items that he intended to use to make Chardonnay’s Valentine’s Day special. He stashed his goodies in the garage in preparation.

On the morning of the big day, Stan awoke to his alarm clock as always and felt Chardonnay’s warmth beside him. After working late and then watching some TV as she always did, she wasn’t ready to join the world. But Stan, as always, kissed her lightly. Chardonnay kissed back in her sleep and, as she opened her mouth slightly, Stan slid his tongue in. Their tongues met briefly and Chardonnay, still asleep really, moaned quietly. Stan felt himself stiffen at the sound.

After dropping the kids at school, Stan put in a half day at the coffeehouse before leaving Jeannie in charge. Yes, today was going to be different, he thought to himself. Today, while at work, all he had thought about was Chardonnay’s body, never mind Jeannie’s or Lynn’s.

Five foot ten like he was, with fiery red hair she wore up when working, Chardonnay had never seemed to realize just how awesome her body was. Much of her height was due to her long, shapely legs, which, in the past, had regularly been wrapped around Stan.

She complained of being fat, like most women, but Stan didn’t go for skeletal women; he liked them full-bodied, like Kim Basinger. Like Chardonnay. And, when not covered by the baggy sweatshirts she preferred around the house, or her chef’s uniform at work, her breasts, Stan had always thought, were perfection. When they had started dating, he had just had to sneak into her underwear drawer to try and find out what size of bra she wore. He’d been too shy to ask her what size she was way back then, but he was thrilled when he found an unopened bra package which stated what he had suspected, in black and white; that the contents were for a woman of 40C size (Chardonnay, on the other hand, was not as shy and it was not long after they had first made love that she had laughingly pulled out a ruler to measure Stan’s nine inches.

Stan drove home, then quickly cruised the house, cleaning up, chucking junk in closets or drawers, doing the dishes. He went into the garage and got his bag of goodies and took it into the kitchen. At 4 p.m., he drove to the sitter’s home, picked up the boys and, as he had arranged with his sister Liz, dropped them at her place for a sleepover with uncle and auntie. Then it was back home.

Chardonnay wouldn’t be home until after 11 p.m. so he had some time to prepare. He Pursaklar Escort pulled out her cookbooks and found what he wanted; a recipe for chocolate sauce, made with real cocoa, cane sugar, cream and peppermint schnapps. He made a batch and set it aside, then cut up bananas, pineapple and pears for dipping. From the basement, he selected a bottle of champagne and put it in the fridge to chill. Heading for the living room, he pulled out Cheryl Fisher and Diana Krall CDs and loaded them into the player. Several trips between kitchen and living room ensured the volume was just right.

Finally, Stan thought, all was ready. He hit the couch, quaffed a beer and watched a hockey game.

It was about 11:30 p.m. when Stan heard Chardonnay’s key in the lock. He hurried to the CD player, turned it on, then rushed to the door.

“Hey, babe.” Chardonnay was obviously surprised to see Stan. He was almost always in bed by the time she got home from work. “Still up?”

“Yup,” said Stan as he watched her take off her coat. “Thought I’d stay up for a change and surprise you.” Stan noticed that Chardonnay’s face was a little flushed, as it sometimes was after a particularly hectic night in the kitchen. She also appeared hyped after a successful night of making others’ enjoyment possible.

“Awww, that’s sweet. You didn’t have to do that.”

“Hey,” he said, “why should it only be everybody else who gets to celebrate Valentine’s Day?”

“That’s true. The restaurant was packed tonight. Nothing but couples looking into each other’s eyes. The lamb kebobs, crab cakes, and all the chocolate desserts were a big hit.”

“Of course they were, babe. You made it all possible. You’re the best. That’s why people go to The Castle.”

Coat off, Stan took Chardonnay’s hand (isn’t that a great name for a chef?) and led her to the kitchen. Reaching into the fridge, he pulled out the champagne and popped the cork. Then, pouring a couple of glasses of the cold bubbly, he handed one to Chardonnay and took one himself. “To us,” he said. They clinked glasses and Stan took her in his arms. Chardonnay buried her face in his neck and, with Diana Krall in the background, they swayed gently together.

“Mmmm. This is nice,” she mumbled. Pulling away a little, she took a long drink of champagne. Then, looking into Stan’s eyes, she smiled and said, “Hi, we haven’t seen much of each other lately.”

“Hi. You’re right, we haven’t,” he said, taking a drink.

“Are the kids okay?” asked Chardonnay, slightly spoiling the mood.

“They’re fine. I took them to Liz’s to sleep over. We have the place to ourselves for a change.”

“Really? That is a change.” She looked into his eyes again. “That’ a really nice surprise.”

“I thought it might be. Now,” said Stan. “You just leave everything to me. You’ve had a hard night at work and I have a couple of surprises for you.”

“Sounds intriguing.”

“First,” he said, “I have a little taste test for you. Close your eyes.”

Chardonnay closed her eyes and Stan reached into a nearby drawer. Pulling out a red silk scarf he had purchased, he put it over her eyes and tied it behind her head.

“Oh my,” she breathed. “What’s this all about?”

“You’ll see.” Taking the bowl of chocolate schnapps sauce out of a cupboard, he held it close to her face. “Recognize this?”

“Why yes, that’s one of my all-time favourites.” Giggling, she said, “don’t tell me you’ve been busy in my kitchen.”

“Why yes, I thought I’d give you a break.”

Stan then pulled out the bowl of cut fruit. Putting an arm around her, he dipped a piece of banana into the sauce. “Open wide now.” As Chardonnay parted her lips, Stan eased the morsel into her mouth.

“Mmmmm. I’d have added more cocoa, but it’s very tasty Stan. You do good work for a rookie.”

“Shhh.” Stan took some pineapple, dipped it and told her to open wide again. Chardonnay did so, and a little juice dribbled down her chin. Stan moved close and licked the juice from her skin, tasting a heady mixture of pineapple, chocolate and Chardonnay. Next came some pear, then a couple more pieces of drenched fruit. Any juice that left Chardonnay’s lips, Stan licked up. After several pieces, he realized she was dripping the juice on purpose. Watching her mouthing the morsels stirred Stan’s cock to hardness.

As Chardonnay pushed her hips into Stan’s, he pulled back and said, “now I have something else for you.”

She took a drink of champagne. “All right. Whatever you want, Stan.”

Needing no further encouragement, and taking her by the hips, Stan guided her a couple of steps to the front of the refrigerator. He then pushed against her, pressing her against Rus Escort the metal as he kissed her deeply. Mouths open, they explored with their tongues, tasting each other, the champagne, the fruit, the sauce. “Mmmmm,” Chardonnay moaned into Stan’s open mouth.

“I know,” moaned Stan back. Pushing against her against the fridge, Stan’s hardness pressed against Chardonnay. Feeling his hard cock against her for the first time in weeks, she smiled and pushed her hips against him, then put her arms around him and held him tightly. Holding him tightly, and crushing her hips against him, she felt desire course through her body.

Stan, feeling her press against him, knew it was time for part two of Stan’s Plan.

With Chardonnay still blindfolded, Stan ran his hands down her body. He lightly brushed her breasts through her blouse, traced the curve of her hips, then ran a hand down each leg. On his knees in front of her, he pulled the blouse out of her skirt and licked into her belly button. Chardonnay moaned.

Then, reaching to the sides of the fridge at the bottom, Stan took in hand the ends of a long, wide piece of red silk he had placed around the unit earlier. Standing, he pulled the silk, which ran in behind the fridge, up the sides. In front of Chardonnay, he looped the material around her waist a couple of time, so it met in front. There, he tied a large knot, effectively restraining her to the fridge.

“Oh my, Stan. Just what have you got in mind?”

“Oh, nothing, really. No big deal. I just want to keep you in one place for awhile.”

“Hmmm. Well, I guess I’m all yours.”

“And that’s just how I wanted it.”

Stan now pulled a box of chocolates from another cupboard and placed one between the blindfolded Chardonnay’s lips. As she munched it, he wrapped another piece of red silk around one of her wrists. Holding her arm to the side, he tied the other end of the silk to a cupboard handle. He then took the champagne flute from her and repeated the procedure.

A little apprehensive now, Chardonnay asked, “Oh my God, Stan, what are you doing?”

Stepping back to look at his handiwork, and the spread-eagled Chardonnay before him, Stan said, “Just trying to celebrate Valentine’s different this year, babe.”

Chardonnay tensed against the ties at her wrists and waist. “Well, sweetie, this is certainly different.”

With that, Stan took off his shirt, boxers, jeans and socks and tossed them aside. With his cock swinging free, he stepped around the corner of the kitchen and turned up the thermostat. The furnace obliged by starting up immediately.

Stepping back in front of his wife, Stan pressed his now-naked body against her and kissed her.

Pressing back, Chardonnay whispered, “But Stan, I can’t touch or hold you.”

“I know,” he whispered back. “Just relax.”

He placed another chocolate between her lips and unbuttoned her white blouse to bare the black bra beneath. Then, kneeling before her, he unbuttoned her black skirt at the waist, undid the side zipper and slid it down her legs over her stockings and off. Running his hands over her long legs, he moved back up to her waist, took her black panties in hand and slowly slid them down. As she stepped out of them, Stan guided her feet well apart.

The cold metal of the refrigerator on her bum sent a shiver through Chardonnay’s body; along with a thrill as the air caressed her now-damp pussy. She had never felt as helpless and naked as at this moment. And she was thankful it was Stan who was the cause of the feelings running through her. She was horny and becoming wetter, but, tied, there was nothing she could do about it.

Stan tilted the champagne bottle to her lips and Chardonnay sipped. Then he kissed her and they teased each other’s tongues. Stan pressed against her so his cock pushed against her skin. She felt the heat radiating from him and felt flushed all over herself. As Stan cupped her breasts in his hands, she felt a sense of supplication. She simply leaned against the fridge and, as there was nothing she could do, or anywhere she could move, she simply stood and relaxed.

Stan took a swig from the bottle himself, set it aside, then pulled the bra under Chardonnay’s breasts. Freed, her nipples thrusting out, her large, firm breasts were covered in goosebumps. Standing before her, Stan fondled her; squeezing, kneading, feeling the heft of her breasts. Running his hands over her body, Stan fingered her belly button, moved around to cup her bum cheeks and squeeze, then moved back to run his fingers through fine, red pubic hair. Looking down at her body, Stan believed he’d never been harder in his life, nor produced more pre-cum.

Chardonnay Sincan Escort gasped as he neared her pussy, a little surprised at the searing want that pulsed through her, and pushed toward him. “My God, Stan. Touch me, please.”

“Not yet, babe. Not quite yet.”

Reaching for the warm chocolate sauce, Stan slowly coated one firm nipple then the other, as Chardonnay squirmed in pleasure. He then bent to lick the chocolate from her, stroking himself with one hand as he did so. As he licked her, Chardonnay moaned loudly, now thoroughly aroused and more than happy the boys weren’t home. Even as Stan lovingly licked and slurped at her breasts, she couldn’t help but imagine the embarrassment of them walking in on this kitchen scene. Each lick, though, seemed to send a pulse to her pussy.

Stan sensed this and, kneeling with the bowl of sauce, gently applied the tasty concoction to the pussy before him. As he spread it over Chardonnay’s lips, then clit, she bucked against his hand, burning with desire, moaning. Stan squatted, cock and balls hanging in the air, and moved in to lick away the gooey goodness, running his tongue over her lips, through the chocolate, suckling her clit. Chardonnay pushed herself against his mouth, relishing his tongue, wanting to be penetrated. Stan dripped pre-cum to the floor as he worked, rock hard and balls swaying.

As Chardonnay’s moaning came louder and faster, Stan licked quickly, caressing her pussy, dipping his tongue into her well, touching the nub of her clit. He could tell by the way she pushed at him that she wanted his cock and so, after she pushed against his mouth, calling, “fuck me, Stan, fuck me,” he had to oblige.

Standing, Stan stood to look at Chardonnay and noticed a little sweat between her breasts. He licked it, kissed her, then pressed close to her.

“Do you want me now?” he whispered into a perfectly shaped ear.

“Ohhhh, yessss. Yessss. Fuck me, Stan, fuck me. Please.”

As always, Stan couldn’t say no to her, so he moved close and, with his feet, spread her feet wide on the tile floor. Putting his arms around her, pulling her away from the metal of the fridge, Stan touched the head of his cock to her lips and felt the dampness there. Lowering himself a little, he eased into her pussy, her wetness allowing him to glide slowly, deeply, into her body.

Moaning in unison, Stan plunged into Chardonnay and she pressed against him to meet his thrust. Fully inside her, feeling the heat between their bodies, they kissed. They hadn’t fucked for some time and neither felt they could last too long.

“Fuck me, Stan. Hurry. Hurry,” gasped Chardonnay.

Holding her tightly, Stan fucked her, slowly, easing himself in and out of her body. He went in deeply, then pulled out so just his head was between her sweet lips. As he fucked her, Chardonnay met his thrusts and they built a slow rhythm.

Stan, feeling orgasm approach, picked up his pace, fucking her harder, quicker, hearing their juices squishing together. Chardonnay moaned more loudly yet, and also felt orgasm approaching.

At the end of one of Stan’s plunges, Chardonnay pushed back against the refrigerator and, in one quick motion, lifted her legs and wrapped them around his back. Feeling her slide down slightly, Stan quickly grabbed her ass with his hands and fucked, madly now, passionately, balls slapping away.

“Oh God. Oh God. Oh God,” Chardonnay chanted as Stan, puffing with the effort of holding her up, fucked her. Finally, as Stan felt cum welling up within him, Chardonnay squeezed him tightly with her pussy, pulling him deep inside, holding him, grasping him, needing him……

And they came together in an exploding rush. As Stan pumped his load into Chardonnay, she screamed as pleasure enveloped, swirled, caressed, touched her being.

Stan, deep in Chardonnay, felt his load of semen pour into her and thought he would literally explode. His balls ached, his legs were straining from holding her, sweat dripped from his hairline and down his chest.

Reaching up, he slipped the scarf from her eyes with one hand, then moved back to hold her bum. They looked into each other’s eyes for the first time since he had covered them and they smiled.

“Untie me, Stan,” Chardonnay whispered.

“Okay. Need to get down?” he whispered back.

“No. I just want to hold you.”

Stan traded hands from her bum to a wrist to free the silk scarf there. With both free, and her legs still wrapped tightly around him, Chardonnay leaned back against the fridge and reached to undo the knot at her waist. Then, putting her arms tightly around Stan’s neck, she floated there, his cock deep inside her, legs locked around him, and nuzzled into his neck.

Stan felt his leg muscles quiver, but he was damned if he was going to put Chardonnay down. He held her tightly, felt their heat and the sweat between them and her legs locked tightly around him. Felt their mixed juices running down his legs. Standing there, his wife aboard his cock, he couldn’t remember a better moment. Ever.

Trucker’s Help


Disclaimers: It gets rough from time to time, Safe sex is nowhere to be seen, Just a fantasy to be enjoyed.

And of course everyone in the story is over the age of 18.


Graduating from high school right after turning eighteen, I decided to hitchhike my way across the country. Living in a small town where all the faces are familiar and only two places to visit for fun had me thinking I had to get the hell out of there as soon as possible.

So I did just that and packed my bags and told my parents that I’ll be out looking for a job. Being one of six children, my parents were all too happy to see me out.

I was near the highway thumbing for a ride when a huge eighteen wheeler honked and stopped a few meters ahead of me. The truck was huge and I thought whether or not it would be a comfortable ride for me. Then I realized huge trucks like this one would get me farther than any sedan willing to give me a ride.

When I ran to the truck, the passenger side door opened up. The large man behind the wheel looked even larger from ground. He was wearing a loose fitting jeans and flannel shirt with most of the buttons opened up.

He was looking down at my tight tank top and sweatpants clad body. I am 5’7” with a lean build and short brown hair.

The trucker was 6’4” with a bulky looking build with short curly greying hair. His chest hair was striking and from my point of view, only one nipple was sticking out. The only part of the chest that had no hair. The nipple looked larger than normal, poking out and drawing attention to it. With growing stubbles and thick moustache, the man somehow had a tired look in his eyes before he started talking to me.

“What’s a young man like you doing hitchhiking near the highway?” He asked.

“I’m looking to get out of this town.” I said. “Could you give me a ride to wherever you are going?”

“That’s mighty dumb of you to get out like this. Did you run away from home? How old are you even?”

“My parents know that I am going out to get a job.” I said. “And I am eighteen and a half.”

“What job are you qualified for anyway.”

“I’ll do whatever it takes to get out of this hellhole.” I said, not wanting to hear a lecture from some guy. “Now are you going to give me a ride or not.”

“Well what do you know, the kid’s got spunk.” He said. “Come on in, I’ll let you ride me.”

I thought he might not be educated enough as I got in the truck. Wouldn’t it be ride with him; I’m not going to literally start riding his body now am I!

“What’s your name boy?” He asked after driving off.

“Lucas Ford. What’s yours?”

“Saul Martin.” He said as he looked at me. “But you’ll call me sir.”


“Yes, my little boy!”

We exchanged pleasantries for a few moments, I told him how I wanted to get away from the town for so long and see different places, experience different things. After a while I realized Saul was not paying too much attention on the road. He looked me up and down, my torso for a few moments, my face for longer and I got worried about the road ahead of us.

“Tell you what,” The older man said. “I can get you a job where you can travel all around the country and earn money on the side.”

“Really?” I was ecstatic, not even knowing what job he was talking about. “I’ll do it!”

“It’s not that easy boy!” He said. “Getting a job is hard work, and you have to prove yourself with strenuous labour. I need to see if you are the right fit for it.”

“Oh, Saul.” After noticing the look in his eyes I corrected myself. “Sir, I’ll do anything to prove myself. If it means I can go around the country and see and meet new people.”

“Oh you’ll meet a lot of people, that’s for sure. But first I have to evaluate you and see if you’re the right one for this job.”

That’s when it hit me.

“Wait, what is the job?” I asked.

“Trucker’s assistance!” He said. “You will help me out with any additional responsibilities. And of course, this job can get frustrating with driving for such long hours, I’ll have to take my frustrations out. You’ll be relieving any pent up pressure.”

My jaws might have hit the floor as I tried to grasp what he was telling me.

“Of course, I’ll make sure the job will be rewarding for you too.” He added. “You’ll get to experience things that you never thought was possible. What do you say?”

“Um … I need to think about it.”

“Sure,” The truck slowed down and started going to the right at a truck stop. “I’ll show you the perks of having this job.”

After parking the truck, Saul leaned over and pulled the curtain behind us away to show me the sleeping place. It was a bunk bed with wider bottom part and a small top part.

“This is where you need to sleep if we can’t find a suitable place for the night.” Then he opened the door. “But lucky for us. We’ll have a nice place to sleep for the night.”

He rented a motel room for the night and we had our dinner in the fast food joint next to the truck tunalı escort stop. As I was eating my dinner, he kept looking at my mouth with a hunger that wasn’t meant for food. The few times I made eye contact, I looked down quickly and kept eating my dinner.

When we went inside our room for the night, I saw that the room only had one queen sized bed. There was a small couch on one side that did not seem long enough for a person to sleep in. I thought I might need to sleep on the floor as Saul was the one paying for everything.

Saul then took off his shirt and told me that he needed a shower.

“I’d say you wouldn’t be able to be in the same room with me with the way I am smelling right now. Hadn’t had a shower for a week!”

His hairy torso was out in its full glory. The slight beer gut, the chest, glistening with sweat and the hair on his body seemed damp. I started sweating profusely at the sight. That night, I figured out some things about myself I never knew before.

“That easy huh!” He looked down at the small tent on my crotch.

“Huh?” I couldn’t find the right words at my humiliated state.

“Come follow me inside,” He commanded. “Seems like you also need a shower.”

He went inside and added, “Don’t make me repeat myself boy.”

Saul was standing under the showerhead when I went inside. He then commanded me to take his pants off. I went over and undid his belt and knelt down to pull the pants and then underwear down. The smell of his crotch hit me to the back of my brain as I was mesmerized by the half erect cock in front of my eyes. For some strange reason, I just wanted to touch it and see how it felt.

Saul then made me stand up and started undressing me. after I was fully naked, Saul stared in my eyes for what seemed like a long time before taking his thumb up to my lips. He then pulled my lower lip down with one thumb and held me by the waist with his other hand.

“Boy,” He said, breathing heavily now. “When I saw the lips on your face, I knew I’d get my dick inside.”

I gulped as he turned me around.

“The ass needs some work,” He said pulling my ass cheeks apart. “But you’ll be all ready in no time.”

We then started showering together. He laughed for a moment at the way I was looking at his body, then he gave me a bottle of shower gel and told me to get him properly cleaned. I knew what he meant and lathered his entire body with my hands. Spending a little more time on the hard yet soft chest than usual. One thing got harder than other parts of his body and I was afraid of getting my hands on it.

“Clean my crotch boy!” He commanded.

I focused on the area around the dick first, then went on to play with the balls for a while. His heavy breathing was eminent when I lathered the entirety of the huge dick with the gel. Then I was instructed to get down on my knees and clean his legs and then his ass. I complied, somehow feeling like I would be spending a lot more time on this position in the future.

Saul then had me stand up and announced that it was his turn now. The first thing he did was the most startling. He had one hand around my neck and ever so slowly kept massaging the side of my neck. It felt like I was in a haze when he lathered his other hand all over my torso. Paying extra attention on each of my nipples at a time. I had played with my nipples while having my dick in hand before, but what this man was doing was somehow making me feel better than any of the stroking sessions in my life. He then rubbed my small penis and I thought he was about to start humiliate me; but instead, he called me cute and focused his efforts on my ass.

After pouring more than usual shower gel in his hand, he put one finger inside my asshole. I gasped at the invasion as I never even thought about putting anything inside me before. He slowly fingered me in and out for a minute before pushing it farther inside me. I moaned in response.

“There it is!” Saul said as he kept rubbing it deep inside me. “That place that I just found; it’s called the prostate. This will provide the greatest feeling you have ever felt. After I am done with you tonight, you won’t even touch your dick without something rubbing against this spot.”

The feeling was getting stronger as he kept rubbing my insides. Weirdly, I wasn’t holding my cock, I wasn’t even fully hard, but I felt like I was going to cum anyway. As I kept moaning at the onslaught inside me, Saul got his finger out just when I was about to reach the crescendo and spurt out my juice.

“Can’t have you cumming before me boy.” He said as we got out of the shower and we both dried each other off with towels.

I would later learn that since it was my first time, Saul didn’t want post nut clarity to hit me. His target was to edge me for a long time and get me addicted to his body. So far, it was working.

He then told me to lay on my back. By now, accepting my fate, I complied his every word.

“I’m getting out for türbanlı escort a moment.” Saul said, putting on a night gown over his naked body. “Are you going to stay like this or do I have to tie you up?”

“I’ll stay like this.” After a pause I added. “Sir!”

He smiled and walked out of the room.

Looking at the ceiling, I wondered what kind of situation I just got myself into. And why the hell do I feel so mesmerized by this middle aged man. I was about to start playing with my dick when Saul entered the room with a small bag in his hand. Noticing my hard dick, he quickly got something out of the bag and fastened my balls with it. Before I even realized, my balls were tightened and Saul said, “There, all good for the night. Now, be a good boy and turn around on all fours for me.”

“Are you … do we … I have never.” I was stumbling to find the right words when Saul spanked the side of my ass really hard.

“Listen to me,” He held my dick tightly now. “What I tell you is the law. And you will never hesitate when I tell you to do something.” Letting go of my dick he growled. “Now turn around.”

“Yes sir!” I quickly got on all fours.

“You know I like you, boy.” Saul said, caressing my tight butt. “Mmhm, Lucas! And if you do what I say, I’ll make you feel good all the time.” Then he held the tip of my penis with his fingertips. “Really, really good.”

“Yes sir!” Was my response.

“I like it when you’re like that.” He got up from behind me and brought something else out of the bag. “For tonight, you’ll call me master!”

“Yes … Master!”

There was a hard spank on my ass this time. I looked back and saw that my compliance made his dick grow into its hardest state.

“I was going to take it slow with you,” He poured some cold liquid near my asshole and shoved one finger deep inside. “But seems like you want it more than me.”

I wanted to protest, I wanted to say taking it slow was the best idea. The large member hanging on his crotch seemed capable of destroying a virgin hole like mine. But my response was once again, “Yes master!”

Another finger went inside me. When Saul deliberately started poking and prodding near my prostate again, my moans got louder. Looking down, I noticed my dick was now completely red and aching for release, but with the continued pleasure, I let the man behind me do whatever he wanted to.

And he wanted to put his dick in me right that instant. Even with copious amount of lube, it took him a long time to get just the tip of his dick inside me. But before he did, he gave me a pillow cover to bite onto. I realized if I didn’t have it in my mouth, my screams would have been heard from the other side of the state. Even biting down the thing, my groans were ringing all throughout the room and I later found out people outside also knew the exact time when my anal virginity was gone.

Saul rested the tip of his dick inside my ass for a long time before slowly and surely sliding the entire length in. After what felt like an eternity, I felt his crotch resting against my ass. My groaning didn’t stop as I felt full and it seemed like I needed to discharge something out of my ass pretty soon.

“Breathe slowly now,” Still buried deep inside me, Saul said. “It’ll be much better if you are relaxed.”

I was having trouble breathing in the first place and didn’t know how to slow it down. I let the clothing out of my mouth and started breathing with my mouth open and tongue out. After Saul felt my body relaxing, the dick started to slowly slide out of me. It felt like I was taking a massive dump after being constipated for a month. But it stopped going outside when just the tip was inside of me. then he started slowly sliding it inside me again.

I will forever be grateful to the man for being patient enough as I later learned, with a dick his size, if you are not careful, an ass can get quite damaged. The slow in and out motion kept going on for more than fifteen minutes when it started feeling good deep inside me. The piston that was his dick, going in and out, giving me a deep tissue massage started feeling really good with time. Sensing my pleasure Saul picked up the pace. This time, my grunting and moaning was really loud and Saul started spanking my ass. He made me keep repeating how much I loved it in the ass and he was my master. After hard pounding in the doggy position for ten more minutes, Saul had me lay on my back and held both of my legs up with one hand and entered inside me again. This time it didn’t hurt like before, but getting the tip inside still felt like taking a baseball bat in my ass.

Nothing stuffed in my mouth this time, I let out a loud scream. Saul didn’t even try to muffle my screams this time, letting all the other residents know what was happening in our room. After settling deep inside me once again, Saul spit on my dick and slowly started fondling it. The pleasure coursing through me knew no bounds for a few minutes.

But ulus escort it soon started getting uncomfortable as my release was tightened shut around the balls.

“Ungh, Master please,” I managed to say in between thrusts. “It hurts. I need to cum, please!”

“Tell me who you belong to.” He commanded.

“You master, I am yours, you can do whatever want with me.”

“You’ll do whatever I want you to?” One deep thrust. “As long as I want you to?” Another deep thrust, making me more and more submissive to the man.

“Yes master yes! Please have me as your travelling partner. You can do whatever you want to me.”

“You’ll not be my partner. You will be whatever I want you to be.”

I wailed and moaned in response. Saul then suddenly let go off the silken rope on my balls and grabbed my dick really tightly. A massive earth shattering orgasm coursed through my entire body and exited from the tip of my dick onto his hand. Saul then slowed down his own fucking and had his hand in front of my face. He forcibly made me lick my own semen off of his hand. I felt slightly conflicted at the moment, but the fullness inside my ass rendered me helpless. Saul kept going at it for a long while before I felt his entire body tense up. The last few strokes were rapid and it was starting to hurt inside when Saul stopped his fucking with his cock lodged deep inside of me. I could feel the tip of his cock pulsating and knew he just came in my bowels. He stayed there for a minute before slowly pulling out of me.

Saul then bent down and started examining my asshole. I felt his finger inside me after a while but did not feel him putting it inside. Saul then explained that my gaped ass was slowly recovering. He then slowly fingered me once again. This time, the finger didn’t feel uncomfortable at all.

“This hole is quite flexible. Not a single drop of blood.”

“Blood?” I panicked, not knowing how bad it could have been for my first time.

“No.” He pushed against my prostate again. “It’s like you were born to take my cock.”

His cruel advances mixed with the compliments were messing up my head. But as soon as he got up on his knees over me, seeing the hulking body and oozing sex from the man; I knew I would do whatever he wanted.

And to my surprise he told me to get up and had me lay on top of him. I was not too small, but my lacking weight over his body made me feel all the more subservient to the man. My head was now resting over his chest.

“Go ahead boy!” He brushed my hair with his fingers. “You’ve been staring at them ever since you saw me.”

I knew what he was talking about. I thought I was sneaking glances at them, but alas, I had been caught. The large nipples poking out in the middle of a sea of chest hair were alluring to me to no end.

“Master?” I tried to seem ignorant of what he was referring to.

“Don’t play dumb with me.” He flicked my right nipple with his free hand. “I am being nice to you now. You like looking at my tits so much, I am letting you play with them.”

He didn’t have to tell me more. I started rubbing my finger all around his left areola while taking his right nipple in my mouth. My tongue was working on it and I looked up at him before pressing my teeth against the nipple. Saul had his eyes closed as I was working his nipples, after slowly squeezing the right nipple with my teeth, I saw no objection and switched to taking the right nipple in my mouth and playing with the left one with my fingers.

I did it for more than five minutes before I felt something rise up and touch my right asscheek.

“Dumbass.” Saul pushed me up and sat up with his back against the head board. “Now get down and take my dick in your mouth.”

Mesmerized with the dick in front of me, I laid down and stared at the huge member and wondered how this whole thing was just in my ass a few minutes ago.

“I’m not gonna force this whole thing down your throat tonight. But you’ll get there, you just need some practice.”

I licked under the tip of his dick before Saul told me to push my ass up. I complied and now I was in the face down ass up position worshipping the biggest dick imaginable. As I was following the instruction of my new master, I imagined it would be really easy for someone to plunge their dick deep inside me from behind. Not knowing it would be a reality sooner than I could imagine.

Taking the bulb inside my mouth, I worked my tongue all around the tip of his cock. Then I tried to force the thing inside my mouth before gagging and quickly taking it out. Saliva running down my face, eyes full of tears, I looked at Sal and saw a faint smile of contentment appear.

“You sure this is your first time?” He took his hand out and smeared the saliva along my cheeks. “You seem to know what you are doing.”

“This is my first time sucking another man’s cock master.” I said before admitting. “But I’ve sucked my own dick before.”

“Wow!” He exclaimed. “With that tiny little thing! You must be really flexible.”

The day after the self-sucking I always felt sore in the back, but I agreed with Saul, I had to practice for a while before getting so flexible.

“We’ll check how flexible you are later.” He put his thumb in my mouth and pulled me down to his cock. “Now get to sucking.”

The Emperor’s Concubine


The guards want me, the Emperor owns me. Women dislike me, the Queen despises me. Little does she know I don’t want her rancid husband. Little does she know I’m planning his death.

Everyday, since I was a girl, I am bathed in honey milk, fucked until I can’t stand, then painted in gold. Rinse and repeat. I am the Emperor’s concubine, his mistress, his whore. I was once a princess, but my kingdom was conquered. Now I’m painted so if any man ever places his hands on me it smears the intricately woven pattern of paint and he will be killed on site.

I wear no clothes, my body his temple. I stand straight as a statue staring at the mirror for hours as they paint me, hating every inch of my curving hips, willowy waist and plump full tits. I’m not allowed to cut my hair so it cascades down my back in a pool of black, the rest of me waxed before my bath. The gold hides the lashes and bruises made by my master, the tracks of tears that slide down my face. I was chosen for the beautiful delicate features of my face when I was younger, but now that I am a woman it is because of my feminine form that I am chosen to stay.

He drags me close at a huge feast in his honor. I’m dangling grapes to his lips and he rests me upon his lap. The Queen sits there, still and frigid at his side, she looks forward at nothing, but I’m forced to look at him. He squeezes my cheeks as he turns my head to face him for a kiss. Plump fingers dip between my legs and curl into my slit, fingering me angrily without need for response. This is a show of his power and pride, not of his skills in pleasure. He has none.

His breath is soured by drink as he licks up my neck before breathing into my ear. “Tonight. After the war counsel.” This is not unusual. However he usually skips such meetings. He’d rather be violent in the bed chamber than the battle grounds. No matter, this gives me time to enact my plans.

He lifts me off his lap with a firm slap on my ass, his touches marring the golden paint, branding me as his to violate. The men in the chamber roar with pleasure and it goats him to draw me back by the wrist and grabbing a fist full of my mane to press me down into his lap. A further roar in applause causes him to untie his velvet breeches to release a fat hard prick. My head is pressed down without pause as I obey the sucking of his cock. The flesh and salt filling my mouth while the men cheer and raise glasses to their fierce and powerful lord.

As he splashes his seed down my throat I’m pulled up but do not gasp for air. This has been trained out of me. Instead as he raises my head by my hair like a prized kill I swallow, licking the remaining cum from my lips. I’m then cast aside as the party continues. I must go to prepare for my evening with the Emperor. My bath is waiting.

My bath water steams as I enter it, the gold paint pooling to the top like oil as I slip in. My breasts are tender in the heat but the rest of my body hails the warmth as it washes all of the filth away.

The guard whom I have charmed by whispering sweet nothings watches me bath. I massage my large aching breasts for him, letting out a groan as I throw my head back and twist the dusty pink of my nipples into peaks. His face never moves but his eyes roam over my body as I bathe. He knows what to do and what I have asked of him and he ever so slightly releases his dagger from his side and sets it behind the heavy curtains draped along the balcony terrance. I continue my bath until the servants come in, removing me, drying me and beginning the detailed patterns of paint across my body.

As the Emperor comes in I see he’s enraged. He storms through the Rus Escort doors and without pause slaps one of the servant girls to the ground. She does not rise and he turns to me. My face is a blank mask allowing him to decide my emotion. Grabbing me by the throat he raises me off the ground. Air tries and fails to enter my lungs and it takes all of my training to keep my body limp, my arms dangling to my sides as he carries me gasping to slam against a wall. The back of my head feels a burst of pain as I make contact with the hard stones. Servants silently ascend shackling my wrists together from a chain pulley in the high ceilings above. The chain is adjusted to match where in the air I am as he clenches my throat. Upon the securing of the chains he drops me and I jolt as my weight pulls on the chains, my body resting just above the floor, stretched out long and naked.

His face is red and bulging as he takes hold of the bamboo cane leaned against the wall for this purpose. ??“Do you know what I was told in the council chamber today?” He draws back and slaps my thigh causing a searing pain and spasm in my right leg. The question is rhetorical. He’s sure to tell me what ails him as he beats me.

He draws back and slaps my thigh causing a searing pain and spasm in my right leg. The question is rhetorical. He’s sure to tell me what ails him as he beats me.??“It’s war.” thwack

??“With the Levythyns” thwack

This last hit lands squarely on my ass as I spin from the force of the hit. My body shutters from the pain and it is either the movement or the Levythyns that cause him to land another blow to my ass. The pain so excruciating that I bite my lip to fight back a whimper. ??“I’ll have to lead the damn army over the tundra. We’ll have to take the land back by force.” thwack. “Breastplate.”?

He does not refer to an armored breastplate but instead a thinly made chain of jewelry that covers my torso like a vest. diamonds are impeded in the mesh, as are clamps that pinch and hold my nipples. It is fastened around my neck, back and chest, as even servants may not touch me the Emperor himself opens the clamps. Holding my breasts, which fill and overflow in his hands, he cups the heft of them with his palms, almost delicately before using his thumb and pointer finger to pinch my nipples so they harden in the twist of his movement. He then shuts the clamps down on my breast’s jeweled prison and resumes with the stick, hitting me now in a way that catches and pulls on the chains. ?

This goes on for almost thirty minutes. He huffs and growls over the suffering of war and the pride of men, all the while leaving red welts on my skin. Finally he snaps his fingers.??

??“Drop her.”?

The chains are released and I collapse to the ground on my hands and knees. As desired. Gripping my hair in his meaty fist he begins to slap my bruised ass, hitting along the welt lines in order to create a sting both erotic and painful and I finally let out a small cry. ??He pauses. The moment is to untie his breeches in order to release himself. Mounting me like a mare he’s within me in moments, gliding in and out of my slit with skilled precision. A master who knows his slave.


I’m held onto by my hips that jut out as if designed for his grasp, the raw grinding of his shaft slowly building momentum and heat in my core, I feel my body tighten around him while moistening and softening to lighten the blow of his constant thrusts. He’s groaning into me, a wild beast unable to be tamed. My tits are heavy and rapidly sway beneath me, gravity pulling at them and causing an ache that I can’t Sincan Escort contain. I moan and he digs deeper, lurching into me with more force as he pulls at my shoulder. Sweat begins around the nape of my neck and curve of my hips. His sweat drips onto my ass as he rocks into me. As he releases his seed inside of me I feel no relief, the aphrodisiac he drinks with his evening meal keeping him hard and wanting. ?

I claw my way forward toward the balcony and curtains. He’s focused, furious and paying me no mind. Simply enjoying pounding into my soft flesh. Owning something fully. He rears me up as we reach the balcony, squeezing my tits that are still encased in the mesh and clamps. I cry out in pain and ecstasy and just before it’s too late grasp the knife within the ruffles of the curtains. ??I’m bent over the balcony, all of the palace guards, fine ladies and courtiers around and below seeing my used body folded over the low wall, dagger still in my hand dangling over the side. As he pulls out from me there is a moment where I feel hollowed out, empty upon his exit from my body. Then he turns me to plunge back in, only to have me plunge into him. ??The knife sticks out of his chest and for a terrifying moment I’m afraid he’ll let go of me and I’ll fall. tumbling over the side of the edge with him to die by his side. Then his face screws up in blind fury, a rage I have yet to witness.

??“You stupid bitch.” His voice so cold and low I can barley make out his words. “You missed.”

My head is slammed into a wall and all I see is black.


When I awake i’m staring at the ground from a horse. I’m bent over a large stallion and tied to it like a freshly hunted stag. The ground is covered in frost and as I try to move I feel all the aches and pains from my body left over from my last memories. Was it last night? I feel my mind fading back into black before a jolt of pain as a hand slaps my rump. ?“We’ll camp here tonight men!”?sounds of unpacking and the taking off of armor clangs around me. I’m straddled over the horse for the duration of camp set up and it is night fall before I’m pulled off and unfastened from the saddle.

?Drinking and cheer awaits me as I’m pulled into camp, but my heart beats with fear as I enter. The man guiding me by my arm is not the Emperor. He is just a man. A warrior. I’m thrust into a tent and my bath is prepared. I’m disoriented as I enter, but confused as my gold paint is applied. Why had he not killed me? Upon being painted I am lead out to the fire where men feast and drink. Wenches sit upon laps and poor ale into goblets. I’m cheered upon my arrival and placed on my masters lap. A reddened bandage covers just above his heart where my knife pierced him. Men mutter “death slayer” under their breath as his wound and survival.

The Emperor merrily drinks and all is as it was. A joke arises among the men and he buries his face between my breasts and shakes, sputtering and dribbling his drink on me. There are rolls of laughter and jovial pinches and slaps on the other wenches behinds. He turns me so I straddle him and pulls my hair back arching my back and exposing my tits to his face. He places my right nipple between his lips and begins to suckle me as if a babe. Hooting and hollering can be heard behind me as he continues, taking the other nipple into his mouth to suckle. His teeth nipping at my flesh and causing me to moan. The men grow frantic. He stops and releases me. Bidding me rise. I do so and stand beside him, flushed and throbbing all over.

“Am I not the luckiest man alive?”

?“Here here!” they all cheered

“Do Sıhhiye Escort I not conquer Kingdoms?”?

“Here Here!”?

“Take their Princesses?”

“Here Here!”

“Am I not the conqueror of death?”

?“Here Here!”?

“But!” he paused. “Does one man win wars? Should I not share my luck, and power with my army? My pleasures with my people?”

?“Here Here!”

?“I present to you, the lovely Princess Neferet. May she dance for you all and spare some of her fine luck on you, as she has for me.”?As I startled at the use of my name and title, so rarely used the crowd roared and the Emperor growled in my ear. ?“Dance you bitch.” Before shoving me forward towards the fire.

The music started up and I went into one of my dances I performed for the Emperor alone in his chamber on more peaceful nights where he was interested in my body and not in punishing it. My hips lifted to the beat, I spun and moved with grace about the fire. As I did so hands began to clasp my wrist or slap my ass. One soldier drew me into a hard kiss while squeezing my body into his rock hard cock. The tempo picked up and more men joined in, touching and pulling and squeezing the object of their desires for so long. The forbidden prize they had all watched enjoyed from afar.

Now, here for the taking. Men began to push each other out of the way, two fights broke out before the booming voice of the Emperor stopped them.?“Gentleman, Gentleman. Save the battles for on the battlefield. There’s enough flesh to go around. Tonight we share as brothers, for tomorrow we take back what’s ours!”??

With that I was forcefully brought down to my knees. A man with rough hands crouched down and rubbed my body all over, on his knees he took me, raising me to wrap around his lap and take his girth. soon I was pressed into him, an invasive force on my ass as another man knelt behind me, fingering my asshole with wet fingers. I gasped, my arms going around the first man as I leaned in to accept his fingers that were then removed and replaced by a long thin dick that pressed inside of me, the two cocks together grinding my insides making me feel like I would be cleaved in two. ??I screamed as the uneven thrusts tore into me. My cry cut off by my head being raised and a man standing behind the first pushing his cock into my mouth.

?None of the men kept the same pace, my mouth worked furiously as I choked upon the fat cock inside of it, the first man’s slow rhythmic thumps digging deep and creating a dull thump of pain as it bruised my cervix. The man at my back gliding his full length in and out of my ass. The pain was so great I heard a far off ringing in my ears. Hot slick liquid flows freely down my throat and, just as suddenly a wash of air, before a new cock entered. This one commanding the use of my tongue down the vein of his bulging shaft.

Men moved in and out of me for the remainder of the night. Sometimes one, sometimes many. I prayed for unconsciousness or death. Neither came. My nipples were rubbed raw, my ass cheeks beaten red and I felt like cum dripped out of me from every orifice. When no one else entered me my body remained on the cold ground, unable to stand or hold itself up. Each man went to bed, well fed, and well fucked for battle the next morning.

At some point I was dragged to a tent and cleaned off in my bath, they had to hold my head up above the water. Once painted I was brought to his chambers, he lay in bed crown placed beside him. I was laid next to him and he smoothed his hands down my supple bruised curves.

??“Every night, until this war is won, you are theirs. If I die in battle, you belong to the army. When this battle is over, I shall return with you, and you shall be solely mine once more, but such a position must be earned. Go to sleep my pet. You have quite the battle ahead of you.”

?I fell asleep tangled in my master’s arms.

Walk after Dinner


We just finished eating dinner and you ask me if I want to take a walk before going back to the hotel. I say sure, it’s a nice night and there’s a beachfront not far away. A good night for a walk.

We leave the restaurant and you’re holding onto my arm as we walk, the sound of the waves gently coming up the beach. There’s a few other people walking past. At one point I stop you, grab tour chin and pull your mouth into mine. Our tongues do their familiar dance as I pull you closer into me. Even kissing you is so exciting. We’re both startled from our make out session by someone further down yelling whoa get a room. We smirk and smile at each other as we keep walking.

I love the little black dress you’re wearing. Shows enough cleavage to be enticing but not too much. The length, long enough to be respectable and not too long that it couldn’t be easily hiked up. I think to myself, I wonder if she’s wearing panties. We find a bench and sit, you face me and slide your hand up your thigh. Slowly dragging your dress up to reveal your leg. Further, until I can see your wetness, not wearing panties. I watch as you slide a finger in and I quickly grab your hand taking your finger into my mouth so I can taste you. You moan/whine watching me enjoy your taste on your finger as I slowly pull it out while my hand slides under your dress to slowly tease your pussy. Gently running a fingertip outside your lips, gently along your lips, and slowly very slowly sliding a finger inside you. I hear people down the Kazan Escort sidewalk so I move closer to you so they can’t see what’s going on. While they are walking past us I’m swirling my finger around inside you. Enough to make you gasp and moan a little. The people walking past don’t notice.

I pull my finger out of you and you grab my hand and slowly suck my finger with the most seductive eyes you can make as your eyes roll back and you moan, you slide a hand over my lap and find my hard cock, squeezing it as I push myself closer to your hand. You grab my zipper but I grab your hand and pull your ear to my mouth, not here I whisper as I nibble on your ear. I adjust myself as best I can as you stand up pouting and straighten yourself dress as grab your hand a continue our walk.

For the next 5 minutes we’re ducking behind every bush and tree trying to find a quiet place, making out, my hands on your breasts, under your skirt inside you, finger fucking you, playing with your clit as you keep trying to get my cock out of my pants as I keep ushering you on. Finally I find a place that works. A lower walkway right by the water, below the main walkway. With a low stone wall at just about the right height. I take you down there and push you against the wall as my mouth is on yours, my tongue eagerly seeking yours. Losing myself in the passion, the excitement as I find my way back under your skirt, feeling how absolutely wet you are, playing with your Keçiören Escort clit, sliding a finger or two inside you and going back to your clit. I’m determined to make you cum on my fingers, and after a few minutes I can feel your legs get weak and your breath getting more ragged than it already is. You violently cum on my fingers. My mouth finding yours to stifle your moans and gasps of ecstasy.

You start to pull yourself together when I slide the straps of your dress down exposing your lovely breasts. I take the fingers wet with your sweet cum and rub it on your nipples, my mouth not far behind to taste you on your nipples. You’ve got my cock out of my pants and you try to drop to your knees but I grab you and pull you up and push you onto the low wall, spreading your legs. Taking my hand I rub my fingers over your wet pussy using your wetness on my hands to stroke my cock. Fuck me right now you tell me, fuck me hard right here and I get the tip of my cock your up to your pussy, using the head to slide up and down your pussy and lightly slap your clit with my cock a few times, drawing a delighted gasp from you. We both hear people coming and you tell me to wait but I put a hand over your mouth and slide my now throbbing hard dick into your pussy, hearing your muffled moans into my hand I lean my mouth up to your ear, whispering you have no idea how much I missed being inside you, feeling your tight, wet, pussy, wrapped, around, my, hard, cock. Kızılay Escort I say in between slow and gentle thrusts.

You slide your arms under my shirt and grip my shoulders as you match my slow and steady rhythm. I’m in no hurry and several times have to slow you down. We stop once or twice as people pass by above us but we aren’t noticed. My slow and steady thrusting is driving you nuts but driving you closer to orgasm. My left hand is on your neck as my right is playing with your breasts, you wrap your legs around my waste as you try to encourage me to go faster, I continue to fuck you slowly but making sure I put a little more force into each thrust. I can feel your legs tense up as you dig your nails into my shoulders as your about to release your sweet juices onto my cock, you moan loudly as we hear a few people passing by as you grind out your orgasm on my cock.

I’m right on the edge after you cumming and I groan that I’m going to cum, I thrust into your very wet pussy and shoot a stream of hot cum deep in your pussy as you scramble to get to your knees and take my pulsing cock into your mouth as I shoot even more cum on your breasts and all over your dress, you manage to get my cock in your mouth as your taste your sweetness mixed with my cum as I thrust a few more loads into your mouth. Your trying to get every last drop as we hear someone yell, hey she’s sucking him off down there as we both scramble to adjust our clothes you yell, fucked, he fucked me. As you pull up your dress back over your breasts your dress is full of cum as we try to wipe it down and get back to the sidewalk and hustle back to the hotel, well we were bound to get caught sooner or later we laugh as more than a few people we pass by give questioning glances, we make it back to the room, laughing the whole time.

The end