Kasper’s Den Ch. 09


[I’ve been searching in the woods and high upon the hills

Just to find my samurai

Someone who won’t regret, to keep me in his net

Yes I need my samurai]

+{Kasper’s Den}+

Part 9

[By Emri and Xelos]

I accidentally saw something I wasn’t supposed to see.

Amir had left early for class. He wanted to get some things done so he could be back in time to take me to the photo shoot for the new Hamzi Shoes promotion. He let me sleep in knowing I needed to look nice for the pictures. As uncomfortable as he was with me doing modeling, he was trying his best to be supportive.

I woke up and the little house I shared with Amir and his family in the sprawling Hamad compound was quiet. I went out to the kitchen and saw there was a bowl of fruit and breakfast things I couldn’t readily identify. I knew they would be super healthy and more attuned to the Middle Eastern palate than my own.

I went down to Amir’s room and the door was open with no one inside. I checked Ali’s room next and the door was slightly ajar. I nudged it open and saw Ali sprawled out on his back fast asleep. He had pushed off the covers and was laid out in a small pair of black briefs. I didn’t get close enough to see his bulge, though that was the first thought in my head.

I quietly closed his door and went back towards my room. I thought about lying down again, but I had slept enough and my mind was racing with thoughts of what I should wear for the photo shoot. Just as I thought to go ask Emerson, I heard noises coming from their bedroom. This house has somewhat heavy soundproofing so I couldn’t make out what they were saying.

I nudged the door open to see what he was doing. I didn’t want to embarrass him if he was doing anything weird like picking his nose or singing. I don’t know what he does on his own, but sometimes I do things I don’t want other people finding.

And that’s when I saw it.

Emerson was in there, along with Mr. Hamad. The thick, muscled Arab patriarch had his small-framed, pale husband bouncing on his lap. Emerson had his arms around Mr. Hamad’s neck and they were making out as the darker man rubbed his back and plowed his ass with a shaft like one of those novelty dildos you think no one would ever be stupid enough to put inside them. I watched as Emerson’s muscled ass, toned from years of yoga, took the endless supply of cock his husband fed him.

I should have quietly closed the door and turned away… I should have. But I froze. It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen and my primal instinct wouldn’t let me move my feet. I heard the smacking of their lips and watched Mr. Hamad grope Emerson’s bubbled butt as his cock went in and out of his lover. Mr. Hamad’s dark, low-hanging balls swung wildly between his thighs as he seeded his boy.

And then it stopped.

“Kasper!” Mr. Hamad boomed and I turned my head behind me as though I wasn’t sure he was talking to me.

“Oh!” Emerson called out and grabbed a fistful of blanket to cover them.

“I… I’m sorry! I’m so! I didn’t see anything!” I lied though they were a few feet away.

“It’s ok. It’s ok, little one. What do you need?” Mr. Hamad took a deep breath and tried to sound parental as he pulled the cover around Emerson’s back and kept his on his lap.

“No… I… Amir is gone and I thought everyone else was gone too,” I said and backed out of the doorway. I turned my eyes down to look at the floor, not sure where my shame could hide.

“It’s all right. Just please knock next time. Are you hungry? There is breakfast prepared. Go and eat. I’ll be out in a few minutes.” He said as Emerson turned to look at me. He didn’t seem embarrassed anymore. They were pretty open with their love for each other, but still. Felt my pulse quicken as I slowly awoke from the shock.

“Yes… sir,” I said but didn’t move.

“Go on, little one. It’s ok. Go eat your breakfast,” Mr. Hamad said gently though his tone was commanding. I realized he wanted me to leave. I nodded and closed the door then went out to the living room and paced around.

“What’s all the noise?” Ali yawned as he ambled out of the hallway behind me. I turned to see he’d put on a small pair of running shorts. He yawned again and pushed his fingers through his messy black hair. His body was toned and bulky like his twin’s. He had a healthy bulge of pecs over a waist that V’ed down with chiseled abs and disappeared below the red satin of his shorts.

“Nothing… I… why? What did you hear?” I asked.

“Guilty party, eh? What are you getting up to? Don’t wake my parents,” Ali laughed.

“Oh, just getting some breakfast,” I said and turned to face him.

“Woah, hello morning wood! Looks like my brother didn’t handle his business this morning,” Ali laughed and I looked down in horror to see my shorts tenting obscenely. I put my hand down to cover it and turned away from him.

“He handled it a little too well. I’m still hard,” I defended Amir’s honor. Beylikdüzü escort

“It’s natural, Kasper. It means you’re a healthy normal guy. Round here it’s nothing unusual,” Ali said. I went straight for the kitchen and got some water. My mind was racing with what I’d seen. I was so turned on, but also confused and embarrassed. I couldn’t look them in the eyes again. I sipped my water and tried to think of unsexy things. I stared out the kitchen window and watched some workers trimming the trees.

A few minutes later Mr. Hamad came out wearing pajama shorts. He was whistling a little tune as he made his way into the kitchen and poured himself a cup of tea. He seemed exceptionally chipper and didn’t look awkward at all that he’d just been walked in on.

“Good morning, little one. Did you eat something?” he asked as if I hadn’t just seen him servicing his husband. He grabbed a meat pastry off the breakfast tray and took big bites.

“Yes… yes, sir. It was good,” I lied. “I’d better go get dressed.”

“Wait! Listen, Kasper. I know you… well… that wasn’t meant for you to see… If you want to talk about it, it’s all right. There’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Mr. Hamad said.

“I’m good. I better go get ready for Amir,” I said and dashed off to my bedroom. I closed the door quickly and sighed in relief, but then noticed Emerson with his back to me as he hummed softly and made up my bed. He pulled up the sheet and straightened the thick down comforter. He fluffed up the pillows and made it look catalog perfect. He’d never come in here to tidy up. I guessed he wanted to talk about what I’d seen, but was thinking of the right words.

“Good morning,” he signed when he saw me. He had a happy grin on his face. I probably had the same look after Amir fucked me. I returned his greeting and then lowered my eyes as he busied himself around my room picking up Amir’s shirt and underwear from where he had tossed it on the floor this morning. He didn’t comment on his son’s messiness.

Emerson put his hand on my shoulder and guided me to sit on the bed. I signed that I should get dressed. He nodded and followed me into the closet to pick something out. I followed him and he stopped to grab his tablet.

“I’m sorry you had to see that. We usually lock the door,” Emerson typed and then handed me the tablet to read while he pulled out a t-shirt and some shorts for me.

I fumbled through the signs he’d taught me to say, “Next time I knock door first. Sorry. Please no angry to me.”

He beamed proudly to acknowledge my progress with learning sign language for him. He pulled me in for a hug and signed back “Never angry with you.”

I couldn’t stop thinking about what I’d seen though. I’d always known Mr. Hamad as the alpha of his tribe; tall and strong with an imposing presence. Now I saw one of the sources of his confidence. The man was built like a god and so easily bounced his love in his lap. It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen and I felt a weird mix of guilt and lust.

Amir came home shortly after that. He rushed in and kissed me before changing his clothes to go to the shoot. I sat on his bed to watch as he stripped down to a pair of black briefs. I was so horny and I couldn’t help gripping the growing lump in my shorts as I watched. He turned towards his closet and I got a view of his plump, sturdy ass.

“Do we have time to play around?” I asked as I rubbed my growing problem.

“I wish. We have to be there in less than an hour,” Amir said. He turned back to look at my obvious need.

“Aww babe. Are you going to be ok waiting?” He asked. He came towards me and put his hand on my cheek. He leaned down and kissed me. I grabbed for his bulge in the stretchy briefs. I tugged at his cock and it quickly grew in my hand.

“Can I just taste it for a few minutes?” I begged. I stroked him and he filled out.

“Sorry, babe. They’re waiting for you. It’ll have to wait.” Amir kissed me again and reluctantly pulled away from my grip. He disappeared into his closet and pulled on a white tank top and blue shorts. He slid on sandals and grabbed his keys. I followed him out to his car and we took off for the shoot.

My cock never went down though. He held my hand while he shifted gears and we made our way down the hill. I put a hand in his lap and rubbed his shorts. With the image of his father still dominating my thoughts, I needed his for a palate cleanser.

“Babe! What’s gotten into you? You are on it today!” Amir noted with a laugh, but he didn’t move my hand. I felt his bulge grow and I rubbed the outline of his cock. I put my head on his shoulder and inhaled his musk. It was a hot day in the desert kingdom and he had a nice mix of sweat and cologne.

“I know… I need it. Can I just suck it a little?” I whined. I heard myself and winced. I sounded so weak and needy. Something about these men just activated my submissive switch more than I’d ever felt before.

“Fuck. See what you do to me?” Amir said Beylikdüzü escort and put his hand over mine to help me rub his thick cock. He pushed down the waist of his shorts and his cock sprang out to greet me. I never got used to the sight of his thick, brown, veiny monster. I needed to please it, suck out the venom that made it so swollen and hard.

“You have the best cock ever,” I laughed and then dove on it. He put his hand on the back of my head, careful not to mess up what his dad had done to my hair. I started to bounce on it and slurped the thick shaft while the fat tip banged against my gag reflex. I coughed and sputtered on it, but I wanted to get used to it. I wanted to be able to give him what he deserved. I tasted the sweat and a little piss from morning of hard work at the university. It added to my desire to taste what had been churning in his balls.

“Oh fuck, Kasper, baby yes. Suck me. Take that cock,” Amir praised as I bobbed on him. I heard the engine rev and felt a bounce as we descended into the desert. I didn’t know where he was heading, but I hoped we’d have time to finish. I needed my cream before the shoot.

“Oh! huh! yeah! Fuck! Yes,” Amir hissed as he took deep gasps. I felt him take his hand off my head and rub over my back as he went to shift gears. He rested his elbow on my back as I bounced on his cock and adjusted my mouth to his size.

“So good, baby.” Amir rubbed his hand down my back and grabbed my ass quickly before going back to shift into another gear. I kept up with him as he hissed and moaned every time I made his cock feel just right.

“Oh shit, I’m so… close Kas, don’t stop…. babe,” Amir groaned. I reached under his cock and squeezed his balls. They were pulled in tight like he was ready to shoot. They churned heat in my hand as I slurped his cock as best I could.

“Yes, fuck. Here it…. Fuck,” Amir yelled as his cock shoved into my throat and began firing off. His hand came down on the back of my head and he pushed me farther as his hips bucked and he cursed and shot down my pipe.

“Oh yes, babe. So good! So! Yeah!” Amir bounced in his driver’s seat as he shot down my throat. He cursed and praised me as he filled me with his salty offering. He tasted so good and I quickly swallowed his thick, salty cream. I felt it slide down my throat.

“Oh baby, that was so good,” Amir praised as he calmed. He laid back in his seat and pet my hair. I realized his hands were off the wheel and it didn’t feel like we were moving. I swallowed the last of his seed and raised my head.

“Where are we?” I asked. We were on the side of a road. I hadn’t felt him stop driving, but I guess he didn’t want us getting in a wreck. The water was to our left and there wasn’t a car in sight.

“Here, well almost. It’s a mile up this road,” Amir pointed off into the distance. “Thought we should finish this up before we arrive.”

Amir took a deep breath and I licked off the last drops of his cum from his shaft. I cleaned it and he put it away. He reached into the back seat and found a large bottle of water. He took a deep chug and then gave me the bottle.

“You’re so good at that. It’s like you really care about my cock,” Amir joked with a laugh.

“I slurp with heart!” I laughed back.

We cleaned up and then he drove down to the shoot at this house on the beach in a little private neighborhood. We passed through a guard who just waived at Amir and said something in Arabic.

“This is our beach house, well one of them.” Amir pulled into a circular driveway that went up a little hill to the house. There were a few other cars already there, but Amir pulled around them and parked near the front door.

He led me inside to find a crew of four guys getting set up. There was a stylist there waiting for me and he had another model with him. I guessed he was a model because the stylist was showing him the clothes and shoes while fixing his hair. He was a cute guy, dark and handsome, with a mix of African and Arab features. Amir stopped when we saw them.

“Reza! The fuck are you doing here?,” Amir asked the model in a threatening tone. The guy looked up and his lips spread into a smile that wasn’t exactly friendly. It seemed like they knew each other, but were clearly not friends.

“Chill, bro. Just doing a favor for the designer. They didn’t ask you to model, did they?” Reza asked with the implication that Amir wasn’t a perfect specimen of male. He laughed as if it had been a joke.

“They couldn’t afford me,” Amir scoffed and feigned a smile.

“No, we could never afford prince Amir,” the stylist laughed. He pointed Reza’s attention towards me, “That’s the model.”

Reza turned to look at me with appraising eyes. Amir gripped my hand tightly.

“Not bad. He looks scared. Don’t worry, baby. I’ll show you the ropes,” Reza winked at me.

“He’s done this before, probably more than you,” Amir said.

“Has he starred in the same kinds of productions you have?” Reza asked Escort Beylikdüzü with a sly smile.

“You did modelling? I didn’t know that,” I told Amir.

“Uh… yeah… long time ago, babe,” Amir shrugged. Reza laughed.

“I’d love to see it!” I squeezed Amir’s hand and felt his tension.

“Oh I know he would.” Reza wagged his eyebrows.

“In fact!” Reza continued as if he’d just realized something. “I believe I still have a copy somewhere. It’s really beautiful work. We should watch it together sometime!”

“Oh! Like a commercial? What was he selling?” I responded.

“Can’t say I remember. Do you remember, Amir? What exactly were you trying to sell there?” Reza asked.

“I sold my pride,” Amir said through gritted teeth. I started to ask what he meant, but a voice interrupted us.

“Guys! We should get Kasper ready! The light is perfect right now,” A man with a clipboard interrupted us. Amir seemed to sigh relief.

“Let’s do this,” Reza said and jumped up to offer me the stylist’s chair with a wave of his hand. He seemed really nice. The stylist put a little bronzer on my skin to give some color and then he pulled my hair up into a little knot in the back.

“I don’t want Kasper shooting with him. You can do Reza’s pictures and we’ll wait inside,” Amir said as the stylist was working on me.

“What? Why?” I asked and looked up at him. He was on guard, tense, defensive.

“It is not a good idea. Let’s go,” Amir said to me.

“What’s the problem? Amir, so good to see you. Thank you for letting us use your family’s beach house. It’s perfect for the shoot,” a voice sounded from behind us. I turned to see an older man holding a camera. He had a European accent and kind eyes.

“Kasper will not shoot with him,” Amir said.

“I don’t mind,” I said and misunderstood Amir’s words to mean that I didn’t want to.

“There, see? He’s good to go. Let’s get this pretty boy going. I have other things to do today,” Reza said and started to walk around me, looking me up and down. Amir reached for my hand and I stood. He pulled me to his side.

“I forbid it. I don’t want my boy with this garbage. We will go inside while he does his part,” Amir sounded tense and gripped my hand with force.

“Your boy?” Reza looked at me with more interest.

“Ow!” I yelped when he squeezed it too hard. I pulled away from him. “What’s your problem? You said I could do this one last shoot.”

“Quiet,” Amir growled and pulled me back to his side.

“Still desperately defending your toys, eh? Don’t worry, it’s just pictures. Not like we’re making a video,” Reza smirked.

“We’ll wait inside,” Amir said flatly and turned towards the house.

“But the concept is two…” The photographer started to say, but Amir pulled me along.

“What the fuck? You went all crazy there,” I said when we got inside the house. It was a large, open living area with a raised area for the kitchen. A wide U-shaped couch looked out over the waves interrupted by a large television on the wall between the sliding glass doors that led to the beach.

“You don’t know him. I plan to keep it that way. We will wait until he is finished and has left.” Amir went to sit on the couch. He kept his eyes trained on the patio where Reza was laughing with the production team.

I sighed. I went to sit by him on the couch. If he was acting this wild, there must have been a good reason. Amir didn’t usually fly off in a blind rage for nothing.

“So… Do I get let in on this? Seems like there’s a story here,” I said and slid my hand into his. As if snapping out of his fog, Amir gave a sudden jolt. He looked over at me as if we’d never met. His lips formed a little smile as he took me in. He raised his arm up and put it across my shoulders to pull me into his side.

“It’s a long story, babe,” he said to put me off.

“Apparently we have time. My boyfriend is crazy jealous and won’t let me film with the other model,” I laughed.

Amir fidgeted with his phone for a minute. He had no waiting notifications, but he stared down at it as if hoping something would pop up.

“I said no, Kasper. You’ll do your pictures when they finish with him….” Amir trailed off.

“You’re being ridiculous. He seems perfectly nice. They want us to do the pictures together. Did you guys like fight over some guy in high school or something?” I asked, hoping he’d give me some reason for acting like an asshole out there.

“Leave it, They’ll finish up with him and it’ll be your turn.” Amir dismissed me. He opened some message app on his phone and started typing in Arabic with someone while he kept me under his arm. I couldn’t believe he wouldn’t even discuss it. I sat there seething for a minute as I watched Reza posing outside. It was so ridiculous.

“I’m going,” I said quietly and wiggled out of his hold to stand up.

“Kasper, sit down,” Amir said without looking up. He really thought I would. That made me angrier. He sounded like he was talking to a dog.

“You can wait here if you want,” I said and swallowed the anxiety in my throat.

“Kasper, sit!” Amir said with growing agitation as he looked up from his phone. He really did think of me as a pet.

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