Kashmira Was Down


It was my 21st birthday, and I went shopping with my mum for my birthday present. I was going to buy a nice piece of lingerie to surprise my boyfriend with. We went to Quibblers Boutique and I saw this gorgeous purple baby doll see through chemise it was only $50 so I got it, it looked gorgeous on me. My mum decided we would go for a coffee as well, we went to 42nd Street Café, my favourite coffeehouse. I was having a double hot chocolate and mum got a café latte.

I was just gazing around when I saw James, my boyfriend, with another woman. I asked mum to swap seats with me so I could watch them, after all there is nothing wrong with having a coffee with someone I just had a gut feeling it was more. When they got up to leave and held hands it was the last straw, I told James just what I thought of him and me and mum left.

Once I had arrived home again I unlocked my door, raided my house for some chocolate, sat in my huge couch and just cried and cried and cried. The phone rang and I couldn’t be bothered answering it in case it was him, I heard the voice come over ‘Hey Kash, how was your day?’ I had to intercept it was my best friend Jennifer. The conversation went something like this, “Hi Jen” sniff “Oh Kash, what’s wrong? What’s happened?” I told her the story I have just told you and she said “well if you give me about half an hour I can call Sam and tell him to meet me at your house I promised him tonight I wouldn’t have other plans but this Beylikdüzü escort is an exception. I’m sure I can cheer you up, Oh and make sure you wear your pressie.” I agreed. So I got off the phone and went and got changed. You see Jen and me have always been there for each other when needed and it had turned into a ‘special’ relationship. I was feeling kinda tired and the fire was giving a nice glow to the dimly lit room. I layed down on the couch and didn’t worry if I fell asleep Jen had a key to get in. I drifted off into a deep sleep and had some wonderful dreams. While I was asleep Jen must have let herself in without me hearing cos the first thing I know of her being there was when she was standing naked in front of me admiring my chemise.

When I was fully awake she had a twinkle in her eye and said, “Sam won’t be here for about an hour do you wanna have some fun.” Before I had a chance to say anything she was kneeling beside me playing with my breasts and kissing me. I could feel myself getting wetter and wetter and while she played with my breasts I snuck my hand between her legs. To my surprise she was very damp indeed. As I slipped 2 fingers inside her she gasped and pushed down pushing my fingers further inside her. I had my thumb rolling her clit around and my fingers slamming in side her. I was more than happy to give her all the pleasure at the moment I would get mine later. I put my lips to her now very erect nipple and Beylikdüzü escort started biting and sucking on it. Between all that was going on I knew she wouldn’t be able to take it for long. She was very close to the edge and I wanted to make her fall. So I stopped doing everything and positioned myself underneath her on the floor. Slowly I tongued at her clit while moving my fingers in and out her cunt, soon she was slamming her body into my face and hands. Her body clenched and her juices erupted over my face and hands and I was more than happy to clean up the mess while Jen helped me, she was one of the sweetest tasting women I knew. She loved to play the dominance game so she demanded that I sit on the couch with my legs open. So I did as I was told giving her full view of my newly shaven pussy, my lips were swollen and clit protruding, I’m sure she could see my juices twinkling in the light. She asked me if I wanted her to eat me and by this stage I was dying for it. I wanted it so bad, but she made me beg. She couldn’t resist me herself cos no sooner had I stopped begging but she dropped to her knees and started lapping up my juices. She knew how to do it just the way I liked it. I like my clit rubbed hard with her tongue and 2 fingers slowly moving in out me. I couldn’t handle it any longer and I started to cum moaning loudly and letting my juices flow. Some how while all of this was going on Sam managed to get in and was quite enjoying the Escort Beylikdüzü show by the look of the bulge in his pants I swear it was at least 7 inches long.

When we had finished I think Jen was more shocked than I was cos I don’t think Sam knew about our past encounters.

Sam stood up and started taking off his pants he said, “come on Kash lets see if you can suck cock as good and Jen licks cunt”. I wasn’t sure about doing that, Jen and me were close but we never played around with the other ones boyfriend. I looked at her and got a nod of approval. I knew I was good with cock, they were after all my specialty. I expertly took his cock in my hand and licked the drops of pre-cum off that were forming on his nob. I took his cock right in my mouth just to show him what he was up against, I must have been good cos he said “shit she can too” Jen just smiled I can bet. Bobbing up and down on his cock I run my tongue around the head and took a breather long enough to get Jen to come and join in the fun. She obliged and soon it was a fight between whom played with his balls and who sucked his cock. I got the cock cos she liked balls better. We then swapped and I inserted a finger into his anus and then we both played with his balls as he jacked himself off and came all over both our faces. I cleaned up Jen and she cleaned me up. We looked at the clock and Sam had to go home that he had to work early the next day or something. Jen said she would stay and keep me company. He thanked me for the fun and said we should do it again sometime. We all thought that was a good idea. Jen jumped into my bed naked and I go undressed and jumped into bed and we slept in each other’s arms. It was a great night.

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