Karen Babysits for a Man Her Age Ch. 05


[This story can be enjoyed if you first read the preceding chapters but you don’t have to do that. Everyone is 18 or older. Bdily functions are involved so stop here if that bothers you.]

Karen warmed as she lay in bed after hearing Jamie tell her he loved her. She felt what she had not dared to hope for was coming to pass. She had been asked by Jamie’s aunt, Claire Kendall, her next-door neighbor, to supervise him as a monitor while he searched for a job. The supervision had been quite intimate and humiliating for him. Karen was amazed at Claire’s kinkiness which outpaced her own and she enjoyed the time when she and Claire shared a bed together and played so delightfully.

But last night, now that Jamie had gotten a good position, she and he had warmed to each other and made wonderful love together as well as indulging in some shared twists such as peeing on each other in the tub. Karen had even squatted and defecated as Jamie then cleaned her and removed the product from the tub.

Now they both awakened on a weekend morning and Jamie took her in his arms when he saw that she had woken up. She felt so good and loved and happy. Jamie, for his part, found this 25-year-old woman—same age as he was—delightful, attractive, and his heart’s desire. He was quite handsome at 6-3 and 155 lbs., while she was 5-7 and about 127, with a well-proportioned 34B bust.

He softly caressed her breasts and then his warm hand moved down her front to tease the very tip of her already engorged clit before slipping into her wet orifice, indicating her readiness for sex. Lingering there and moving between her legs to slip around her anal rosette and just a poke inside to stimulate her there, he let her get nice and wet and excited before she spread her legs in expectation.

Finally he moved above her, supporting himself on his arms and slid his turgid shaft neatly into her welcoming vagina. They now loved being united in intercourse, as he moved his cock in and out of her well-lubricated canal. He enjoyed the feel of her soft pubic hair during their sex and she liked his powerful, probing member and the feel of his pubic hair too. Gradually they increased the intensity of their motion until she felt herself about to explode deep inside and clamped the walls of her vagina tight on his cock, holding it in place as he began to feel the jets go off and his cum spurt far inside her.

They collapsed and he rolled off to hold her in his arms as they savored the happiness of truly compatible sex. After a bit, Jamie whispered to Karen that he would like it if she wanted to tease him in the way she once had when she was monitoring him for his aunt. She grinned and said that he should put on the pink hicut panties she had worn the previous day which she handed to him from where she had left them down by the side of the bed.

Jamie pulled up the cute panties which barely contained his cock and balls and got back on the bed in an all-fours position. Karen moved by his side on the bed and started to run her nail up his shaft through the front of the panties and giggled as she saw the wet spot appear on the panties and gradually spread as Jamie involuntarily released cum—since he had just orgasmed, it was not the precum she had previously seen when teasing him like this.

“You’ve been wetting your panties, you naughty boy,” she excoriated him, adopting the tenor of a scolding domme while she continued to tease him with her nail going all the way up to touch the sensitive glans through the thin panties.

“I’m sorry, Miss,” he pleaded. “You get me so excited that I can’t help it.”

“I’m afraid you will have to be punished for this,” Karen responded in mock anger. “You know that any release by you has to be when I say you can and I did just grant you the huge privilege of doing it inside Mistress’s pussy.”

She slowly pulled down his (hers?) panties and saw how wet he had made the front. Then she sat on the bed as he crawled across her lap, his now erect cock pressing down between her thighs. Karen responded by clamping her thighs on his member, and then began softly spanking him, alternating cheeks until they had grown quite rosy.

She Escort Bayan then told him he might mitigate his “punishment” by bringing her to orgasm with his tongue. Still constrained by the panties at his ankles, he moved down to the carpet and found himself between her open legs staring at the light hair on her mons and then at her glistening cunt. He began to nibble at her puffed-up labia and then insinuated his tongue into her vagina, tasting the combined juices she had produced mixed with his salty cum.

It did not take long for Karen to begin to buck and writhe from excitement. She was just feeling so good and so turned on by his attention to her sex. He began to lick her all the way down through her legs as she lifted her bottom forward to give him access to her bottom-hole. He began to rim her and then slipped his tongue past her anal ring and she felt herself being carried away with emotion…and then that fantastic feeling when she came.

Jamie watched her and held her tightly while she enjoyed her tribute. He told himself how lucky he was to have met this woman whose kinks so matched his own. No one would have believed that he needed to be taken charge of by her, he thought. He had been disciplined—and yes, he admitted, dominated—by his mother and older sister when he was growing up, but he never had had this feeling of being so deeply satisfied before.

His mother had spanked him as a boy, far more, he now realized, than had been necessary, and she had allowed, nay encouraged, his older sister, Kathy, to watch. Then, when she was 20 and he was 18, she let Kathy take over and his sister had punished him with what seemed unusual verve, he recalled. She had also made him lick her in front and back to orgasm, and while he was humiliated, he was also excited to be so close to a mature pussy and then her anus, even if he suspected she purposely didn’t wipe or didn’t wipe much so he would be licking her poo off when he served her there.

Kathy also began using the cane to punish him and he couldn’t wait until he went away to college and never returned. But he realized that his training at home had inured him to serving women intimately and to enjoying being dominated and yes, disciplined by them.

Now Karen rose to the highest level in his firmament as she softly whispered to him that it was time for his caning. She positioned him across the edge of the bed and drew his panties just below his bottom.

Then she reached for her favorite thin cane and began to lay on the strokes, across the middle, top, and base of his bottom, before criss-crossing those strokes to produce the infamous “gate” pattern on his bottom cheeks.

It hurt, but it hurt so good. The woman he loved was punishing him, but he adored her all the more for her administering the disciplining he craved. Finally she ended the ritual and he was told to kiss her between her legs as she sat, awaiting his sign of worship.

Then they lay together next to each other in bed again. As they chatted, each began to get dressed for the day. Jamie helped Karen pull up her panties, while she selected the boxer-short pattern she liked for him to wear. He then teased her nipples with his fingers before watching her pick out and put on a cute demibra.

It was a long weekend and they used it to get to know each other better than they ever had been able to back when she was his supervisor reporting to his dominant aunt. They ate, drank, peed, and showered together. Nor did either feel he or she needed to banish the other from the bathroom when they each needed to move his or her bowels. Karen happily showed Jamie how to wipe her clean with wet toilet tissue.

Jamie told her about his experiences growing up with his mother and sister. Karen’s eyes widened as she understood how this marvelous man had been inculcated with a need for feminine dominance. Finally he looked her in her deep green eyes as he asked her to remember that every so often he needed to be disciplined by her the way she had just done it with her cane.

“It will never be the way it was then—cruel and unfeeling,” he confessed. “Rather, it will be a part of our wonderful Bayan Escort relationship and something which makes it so special.”

Karen’s heart melted as she heard everything she wanted given to her.


Claire returned home late on Sunday and stopped by to see Karen when Jamie was out.

“So how did it go?” Claire asked Karen. “Do you think he’s ready to start work tomorrow?”

“I do,” said Karen, “but I do have a confession to make.” She blushed.

“Don’t tell me… you fucked him,” Claire answered her own question.

“I did, yes,” Karen replied plainly, “but it’s not how you think.”

“How isn’t it, Karen?” Claire asked with a wide grin on her face.

“Claire,” Karen began, “he’s a wonderful man, not just a handsome one. We are in love.”

“Well, my dear,” Claire responded, showing more sympathy, “I do hope you’re right. You have done a fine job with him, so far be it for me to deny you the fruits of your labor. But I hope he isn’t taking you for a ride.”

“I’m willing to chance it,” Karen said earnestly. “Claire, I’ve never felt this way before.”

Claire thought for a moment of her own story—reaching 35 and still single. She was a very confident business executive but yes, she was still single.

Karen, she realized, was quite attractive and even as she had dominated Jamie under Claire’s direction, it wasn’t at all impossible that Claire’s nephew had fallen hard for the lithe blonde Karen, she thought.

“Claire,” Karen said, “Jamie will be out for at least another two hours. Come up to my room so we can relax and I will tell you what happened. “

Karen felt a tad insecure. Suppose Jamie had played her and had no intention of sticking with her, now that he had his job and was out from under the domination of Claire and her?

When they got to Karen’s tasteful bedroom, she bade Claire to sit down next to her on the bed. Claire did and then took the younger woman in her arms. Karen felt better with Claire pressing her into Claire’s well-endowed chest.

“Maybe I made a mistake, Claire,” she began again. “Who knows? Maybe he just was trying to avoid my putting him through it this weekend though I did not intend to so that.”

“I’m going to spank you, Karen,” Claire said, “not because you necessarily deserve it for anything you did, but because you took a chance you didn’t need to take.”

“Yes, Claire, spank me,” Karen answered. “Not because I’m sure I was wrong about him but because I should have made him wait or at least have to try a bit harder.”

Karen stood, lifted her little skirt, and pulled down her lovely pale lilac panties, and then clambered across Claire’s gray flannel skirt.

Claire gazed at her lovely bottom and began to softly pat it, then let her finger wander to Karen’s ass crack and down her furrow between her legs to poke lightly into her already sopping hole.

After so stimulating Karen, Claire did begin to spank her.

Claire spanked very consistently, alternating cheeks and increasing the impact of each spank until Karen started to cry out and plead for Claire to stop.

“You’ve been a very naughty girl, Karen,” Claire rejoined, “and this is the way naughty girls learn to behave themselves. I want you now to tell me that you have learned your lesson and you won’t spread your legs the first time you get the chance.

“Yes, Miss Claire,” Karen whimpered as she was grateful that the spanking was apparently over.

“Now, go stand in the corner there, Karen, with your skirt up above your waist and your panties right down there below your knees,” Claire ordered.

Karen did what she was told and shamefaced, moved as quickly as she could, without letting her panties drop, to the corner and put her nose right into the place where the walls met. She now felt about seven years old.

Soon, she realized she had an ever more pressing need. She had not been to the bathroom for hours and now needed to pee, a need that was growing ever more intense and imminent.

“Miss Claire,” she pleaded from the corner, “I need to use the bathroom, very soon.”

Claire enjoyed the chance Escort to exercise one more dominant gesture.

“You’ll have to wait until you’ve completed your corner time, Karen,” she answered Karen’s plea. “Naughty girls have their privileges restricted. Or taken away altogether.”

Karen cringed and felt her bladder pressing ever more intensely.

“Miss Claire,” she said in a high scared voice, “if you don’t let me go, I may start to pee my panties….” Her voice trailed off in a soft cry as she felt the pee move and finally overwhelm her as it started to leak into her panties.

“Oh, Miss Claire, I’m sorry,” she cried, “I couldn’t hold it in any more.”

“Stop that peeing and crying,” Claire snapped. “I’m taking you to the bathroom now.”

Somehow Karen regained control over her urinary sphincter and managed to stop the stream after she had soaked her little lilac panties.

There was a small puddle in the corner but Claire took her by the hand and walked with her to the bathroom, where she directed her to pull down her panties and sit on the toilet, and then to wait for permission to resume peeing.

Karen still found it hard to hold her pee in. She realized it would be horribly embarrassing for her to lose control in her panties while on the toilet awaiting the command to let her release her pee. Claire of course was enjoying the deliciousness of the discipline she was imposing on Karen.

“Miss Claire,” Karen pleaded, “I need to go very badly still. I’m afraid I will go in my panties again.”

“You just did that,” Claire said. “Have you no control at all? I suppose that’s why you were so quick to let Jamie fuck you.”

“That’s not true, Miss Claire,” Karen cried, “I love him…and he loves me.”

“We shall see,” Claire responded ominously.

“Very well,” she went on, “pull down your panties.”

Then she reached over where Karen was sitting on the toilet and began to stroke Karen’s labia softly.

“Oh Miss Claire, that’s making me want to go even more,” Karen whimpered.

Claire smiled at her and said, “You may go now.” She kept her hand right on Karen’s labia and soon the hot pee stream hit her hand.

Karen sighed with relief as her bladder emptied but it was strange peeing into Claire’s hand.

Claire then took her wet hand and rubbed it across Karen’s nostrils and mouth.

“Here,” she said, “smell and taste your piss.”

“It tastes salty, but not so bad,” Karen admitted.

Once Karen’s stream ended, Claire took some toilet tissue and wiped Karen’s wet cunt and bush. Karen felt like she was a baby who had to be wiped.

Now Claire told her to lie down on the floor on her back. Karen complied and stared as Claire pulled down her own panties and squatted over Karen’s face. Karen looked up at Claire’s hairy mons and the hair that ran right down through her legs to her dark crinkled little anus.

Finally Claire ended the suspense by suddenly releasing her pee in a strong stream that was aimed right at Karen’s mouth. Karen felt the hard sting of the pee hit her lips and she opened them to allow it to enter her mouth and even began swallowing Claire’s salty excretion.

“That’s very good,” Claire said approvingly. “Drink up my hot golden nectar.”

Eventually Claire’s stream wound down and then she helped Karen up. She walked them both t the shower and adjusted it for a nice warm flow. Both stripped off and then entered the shower together.

Claire kissed Karen and then began soaping her body, from her face to her boobs right down to her hairy mons and pussy. Karen responded by soaping up Claire in the same way and let her hand tease Claire’s hard little nub and Claire whispered to her to keep doing that.

Karen softly rubbed the tip of Claire’s clit until Claire let out a shriek as she came nice and hard.

“Oh, darling,” she managed to croak, “oh but I needed that.”

They emerged and dried each other and gradually put their underpants, bras, and clothing back on.

“I do hope Jamie didn’t sweet talk you, sweetie, just to be able to fuck you,” Claire said. “If he did, I’ll make sure he pays with his ass…and other parts.”

Karen felt confident in her lover but she wasn’t going to get into this more with Claire.

“Thank you for punishing me, Claire,” she said calmly. “I know you may be right but I have to trust my own sense. I’m hoping I was on target.”

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