Kara Ch. 01


Kara paid for her coffee, too preoccupied to return the cashier’s smile and looked around for a seat. The only unoccupied table was tucked in a corner, which suited her well enough as she just wanted to sit and think for a few moments. She moved towards the table in long easy strides, her graceful walk and svelte figure gathering appreciative glances from the men she passed. Sinking into the leather of the chair in front of the low table, she carefully put her cup down and started to open her briefcase. She wanted to give the illusion of being busy, so that she could think in peace.

Before she could spread her papers across the table, a shadow fell across the surface. Raising her gaze, Kara found herself looking up at a tall dark haired stranger, his eyes partially hidden behind tinted lenses and his right hand resting on a walking cane. In his free hand he had a tall beaker of coffee and tucked under his arm a broadsheet newspaper. He gestured to the empty seat in front of her with his cane and asked, “if this seat isn’t taken, would you mind if I sat here?”

Kara was about to explain that she was trying to work and that, perhaps, a colleague would be joining her when the stranger tilted his head a little and looked at her over the rims of his spectacles. Somehow, Kara’s voice became stuck in the back of her throat as she was caught in the stranger’s gaze, his grey-green eyes seeming to entrance her. She just gestured and he lowered himself into the seat opposite her with a quiet sigh. Kara just looked at him, his eyes seemingly locked with hers as a gentle smile played over his mouth. His voice had been soft and courteous, but hidden beneath the charm was a note that warned he could become harsh and steely. He set his coffee down and slid the news paper from beneath his arm, placing it very exactly at the edge of the polished wood. Kara had a sudden flash, insight or premonition, she would never be able to tell, where she could feel the firm grasp of his hand upon her arm and hear the command in his voice as he led her towards a new gateway.

Kara raised her cup to her lips and sipped at the steaming liquid. Immediately she grimaced as the liquid washed across her tongue. Bravely she swallowed and tried to disguise her distaste. The stranger smiled gently, “I don’t come here for the coffee, as you may guess, it isn’t the best of brews. However, nobody bothers you in here, so I use it as a place to escape to. Like you I suspect,” he said.

Kara frowned and blushed, just slightly, as if he had read her mind. She looked down and saw that his cup was untouched, the crossword on the paper was completed and (at this her blush deepened) his hands were well-shaped, well cared for and, again, she wondered how it would feel if he took her arm to lead her away from this corner and into his world. Kara could not understand these feelings, normally she was cool and logical, so why could a moment, where their eyes had met affect her so profoundly and unexpectedly?

He leaned forward “I’m sorry,” he said in a light tone, his voice a deep murmur, “My name is Andrew.” He extended his right hand, without rising from his seat and she took it, feeling his firm grip with a hidden strength, just as she had imagined. “Kara,” she replied, her voice warmly contralto. Andrew smiled and nodded, as though confirming a fact he already knew. “I know a place where the coffee is much more palatable than here, perhaps I could show you?” Kara frowned, considering a course of action that, in her right mind, she knew was rash, even dangerous and then decided to risk herself with this compelling stranger.

Her hesitation was almost enough of an answer, but Andrew watched Kara’s face carefully until she nodded, once, nervously. Then he lifted his hand and murmured something behind his palm. Kara looked puzzled until he reached out and took her hand, pulling her gently but easily from her chair and to her feet. He kept hold of her hand as she scooped up her papers and briefcase, and led her onto the street. As they stepped up to the curve an expensive car purred to a halt and an attractive young woman slipped from behind the wheel and opened the rear door. Andrew gestured for Kara to get in and, with a nod to the driver slid in beside her. Nothing was said as they fastened safety belts and the driver closed the door but Kara could sense a frisson of electricity in the air between them.

“Kara,” Andrew turned and murmured very distinctly, “I am sure that you have made mental note of this car’s registration. I suggest, so that you may assure yourself that you will be safe, that you telephone your home and leave the number and a description of myself and Martine, our driver. Then if you should disappear or anything untoward should happen to you, it will be a simple matter for the police to track me down.”

Kara looked at him with surprise. She did as he suggested, knowing that, in reality, he had captivated her so much that she would do whatever he wished. The car, meanwhile, slid through Büyükesat Escort the streets, expertly driven by Martine. Kara had no thought to where Andrew was taking her, but she knew that Andrew was in control.

“How did Martine know when to come?” Kara asked.

Andrew laughed softly and turned his sleeve to show her a microphone clipped to the inside of his jacket. “This lets me speak to Martine, so she knows where to collect me. She isn’t just my chauffeuse, I rely on her for all sorts of things. She is, also, totally discreet,” Andrew told her.

The car drew smoothly to a halt and Martine hurried, gracefully to open the door. She bowed her head as Andrew led Kara back into the early afternoon sunshine and closed the door quietly behind them. Leading the way, Andrew took Kara up three stone steps to the gleaming blue door of an expensive town house. Sliding his key into the lock, he opened the door and stepped aside, so that Kara could precede him into the hallway. The decor was light and airy, with black and white photographs, simply framed, lining the wall. The subject of each photograph was a beautiful woman, never the same one twice and Kara counted the different pictures. There were six beautiful portraits, each of them with the woman totally nude. The women ranged in age from early twenties to one who looked to be over sixty. Kara moved along the hallway until she came to an empty frame hanging on the wall.

Turning to Andrew with a raised brow, she asked with a hint of laughter, “why the empty frame? Your next conquest?”

Andrew smiled in return, “maybe, ” he replied, “that always depends on my finding a suitable model.”

He looked at Kara and, unaccountably, she blushed. “What makes a woman suitable – from your point of view?” she asked. She could barely believe herself, almost brazenly flirting with him and, in fact, allowing him to bring her to this house. Suddenly she had the giddy feeling of being led, of not being in control of her destiny. Andrew led her into an austerely furnished, almost clinical lounge. She sank into a surprisingly comfortable leather seat and watched through an open door as he busied himself in a compact kitchen.

A few moments later the warm smell of brewing coffee drifted from the open door and Andrew stepped back into the lounge, carrying a cafetiere, cream, sugar and a plate of small cakes. Setting the tray down on the coffee table that sat conveniently between the two chairs. He poured the steaming liquid into two heavy earthenware mugs and lifted his to his mouth. Kara followed suit but, when Andrew drank deeply, she sipped, delicately and cautiously. The coffee was delicious and, when Andrew offered her one of the cakes, she bit into it without hesitation.

Andrew leaned back in his chair and sipped his coffee. “Now,” he said softly and firmly, “why were you in the coffee shop?”

Kara just looked at him and realising that he must know that she was not a regular opened her mouth, ready to spin a tale that would keep him from probing deeper. The truth was, that day she had ended another relationship and his parting riposte had hit the mark as he had passed derogatory comment about the only aspect of her body that she was unhappy about. Then the truth just seemed to blurt itself past her lips. “I was taking stock of my life,” she said, “and I was less than content.”

“Why? You are obviously successful, attractive, in fact rather beautiful, youthful, in short a perfect role model,” Andrew replied.

“But I don’t want to be a role model and I just don’t want to be in control all of the time.” Kara almost sobbed, glad to confess the frustration, even if it was to a stranger.

“But you aren’t in control, I am”

“Yes, I suppose you are.”

“Now truth or dare time.”


Kara had chosen truth, as it seemed to be safer. She could not yet relinquish control to a stranger, even though it felt as though he had known her all of her life and could read her heart and soul.

“OK, truth. What part of body do you like least?”

Kara blushed and, for a moment, considered lying to him but his gaze seemed to leach the will out of her.

“My breasts. They’re too small.”

“And you want surgery?”

“Not really but If I could make them a little, well, more inviting.”

Kara was confused, she was normally articulate and verbal but Andrew seemed able to reduce her to the level of a stammering schoolgirl. Andrew just sat and watched, already very aware that Kara was, gradually, relinquishing herself to him. He leaned across and took her hand, enveloping it in his, “Do you trust me?” he asked. Kara just nodded, lost in the moment, her whole being condensed to the sensation of his hands, as if she were being cradled in a cocoon of his embrace.

“Wait here, I have something that you may find helpful,” he continued.

He released her hand and in two steps, was out of the door. Kara Elvankent Escort considered leaving there and then, but the warmth that had coursed through her, when she realised that she did trust Andrew, kept her in her seat. He returned within minutes and gestured for Kara to follow him. She stood and, close behind him, followed Andrew out of the lounge and upstairs onto a landing.

Gesturing to one of the closed doors, Andrew bade Kara to enter, “There are some items of clothing, lingerie, to be precise. They will fit you, although you may need to adjust the fastenings. Try them on and see what you think. I shall be in the next room along, should you need anything.

Kara was intrigued by his mysterious instruction and puzzled by his apparent reluctance to see her in the lingerie that he had selected. She wondered whether he was gay, but pushed the thought from his mind and stepped through the door into a guest bedroom. Lying on top of the silk counterpane, Kara saw an exquisitely made corset, in dark blue silk, heavily boned and flaring at the hips. Without a second’s thought, she stripped out of her clothes, including the padded bra, which she wore to give balance and definition to her figure. The corset fitted snugly around her waist but curved beneath her breasts leaving them cradled in half cups, with her nipples exposed.

Turning, Kara glimpsed herself in a mirror and realised that the corset was pushing her breasts up and out a little, so that they seemed more pronounced. She even had an inviting cleavage. Kara was entranced by her new figure, although the way her nipples hardened and the sudden moistness between her thighs made her blush

Kara slipped on the jacket to her suit and opened the door to the landing. Tentatively, she tapped on the next door and opened it. Inside, Andrew was reading and waiting. Kara paused in the doorway, consumed by curiosity, wondering how a man, this man, would respond. Andrew looked up and carefully set his book aside. Standing, he crossed the room and took her hands, then turned her slowly around, examining the effect of her corset from every angle. Then she was facing him again and he was pulling her towards him, pressing his lips against her mouth. Even as she began to lift her hands to push him away, her lips parted and her breath was stolen as he slipped his tongue inside. This was not a forceful thrust, more a subtle insinuation of his flesh into her moist, suddenly needy, mouth. Kara felt her knees weaken as Andrew expertly explored her soft, yielding mouth and she knew that he could do, with her, whatever he wished.

Kara felt him pressing upon her shoulders, steering her across the room until her calves bumped against the edge of the bed. She sat down abruptly, their lingering kiss now broken. Kara’s face was level with Andrew’s waist and she could see a bulge in the front of his trousers. Tentatively, she reached out and touched him then, bolder now slid the zipper open, so that she could slide her long, elegant fingers inside and caress him through the silk of his briefs. She was instantly rewarded with a swelling and hardening beneath her caress and, more daring, she slipped her fingers inside the waist of his briefs, drawing them down over the swollen head of his cock. The subtle musk and the sight of Andrew’s swollen angry cock made her mouth water and her pussy ooze, as she ran a fingertip over the velvety head, tracing the rim of his glans .

Kara sighed, softly, her warm breath a caress against Andrew’s cock and leaning forward, she ran her tongue all over the head, swirling it around and slowly caressing his cockshaft with a myriad of tiny kisses. Andrew drew breath, a sharp hiss, as Kara engulfed his cock in her hot, greedy mouth and slowly guided him to the back of her throat. Andrew closed his eyes and rejoiced in the feel of Kara’s mouth enveloping his cock, as she bobbed back and forth, swirling her tongue all over his meat and sliding her hands and lips along his shaft so that, one moment, his cock was almost slipping from between her lips and the next he could feel her soft lips pressed against his balls.

Andrew could not hold back and reached blindly down, twining his fingers in Kara’s long dark silky hair. She gasped as his grip tightened, pulling on her long tresses and then gulped as he trust his hips forward, almost choking her. He gripped her firmly, his hands cradling the back of her head and tilting it a little upwards, as he slid his cock in and out between her lips. Kara’s eyes watered as she felt his cock filling her mouth and her lips began to feel bruised and mushy where he had pressed his heavy tight balls against her mouth. As his cock drove deep, Kara gagged momentarily, afraid that he was too big and would make her sick, but the moment would pass and he eased back, only filling her mouth.

Kara shuddered and felt the silk between her thighs clinging to her wetness. Andrew was hard and hot and swollen between Beşevler Escort her lips throbbing on her tongue. Kara could barely believe that she was on her knees, having her mouth fucked hard by a stranger who she had met mere hours before. It was as if she were drugged or hypnotised into obedience. She felt his cock slip out of her mouth and whimpered in disappointment, until she felt his hands pushing her jacket off her shoulders and undoing the waist of her skirt. His hands moved to the buttons on her blouse, undoing them, one at a time.

Kara shivered as the cool air of the room played against her erect nipples, hardening them for Andrew’s thumbs to brush against, driving her almost insane with her need to be taken and fucked hard. Andrew cupped Kara’s swollen, tender breasts, caressing her nipples, as he eased her jacket and blouse down her arms. All she could think about was the touch of his hands and the brush of his skin against the hard brown knobs of her nipples. Delicately he pinched them both, between finger and thumb, and Kara gushed into her panties with a soft moan of pleasure.

Pushing her onto her back, Andrew eased her skirt and panties down past her ankles, leaving her naked, save for her stockings and the corset. Kara relaxed, anticipating his weight, bearing down upon her and the thrust of his cock, filling her needy pussy. Instead, Andrew rolled her onto her side and drew her arm back, fastening it to her ankle with a silk band, soft but immensely strong. Before she could struggle or protest, he had caught hold of her other wrist and bound it, similarly to the other ankle.

“Relax, Kara, I won’t hurt you.”

As he spoke, he twirled another length of silk cloth into an opaque band and moved towards her head. Kara opened her mouth for him to gag her but, instead, he fastened it gently over her eyes blinding her, except for a vague sensation of light and dark. She heard a rustle of cloth and knew that Andrew had finished his undressing that she had started. She relaxed, expecting to feel the bed give under his weight and then the slow, exquisite, sensation of his cock stretching her pussy gently. Instead, he rolled her, slowly and gently onto her side, her pussy and ass squeezed closed as he gently pressed her knees together.

Something cold and hard nudged at her pussy lips and Kara gasped as Andrew eased the cool latex of a fat dildo into her bubbling pussy. Kara grunted as the dildo stretched the entrance and then Andrew eased the pressure back, teasing her. He reached around to her front and slowly stroked the hardening bud of her exposed clitoris making her gasp and try, vainly, to stretch out.

Slowly Andrew pushed the dildo inside Kara, filling her aching pussy, while he gently teased and caressed her clit. Kara whimpered and the whimpers became louder until she was moaning and almost sobbing in a curious blend of frustration and pleasure.

“Oh GOD! Fuck me, please fuck me hard!”

Andrew just smiled and slipped the dildo a little way out, then pushed it quickly deeper until it was pressed against the opening to her womb. Kara shuddered and screamed.

“FUCK YES, fuck my dripping cunt!”

Andrew kept one hand pressed against the base of the dildo, holding it inside Kara and, with the other, guided his slippery cock between the cheeks of her bottom. Kara almost purred as she realised that her first fuck (hopefully not her last) with this charismatic and sexy stranger would be with his cock in her tight arse. Andrew pressed firmly pushing the head of his cock against the tight ring of Kara’s anus. She could not push back, her wrists bound to her ankles preventing her and the friction brought tears to her eyes.

“Yes!” she sobbed, her neck arching as she whimpered, “hurt me.”

Andrew felt the head of his cock pop through her tight ring and nestle in the warm grip of her anus. Kara squealed loudly as he penetrated her and then moaned as he eased the head of his cock out again only to push it back inside, after pausing to allow her frustration to mount a little. Kara squealed again the burning pain of his first penetration easing a little and being replaced by a sensual warmth. Gradually Andrew slid more of his cock into her ass, tormenting Kara who was longing for his cock to be rammed deep into her ass, so that she cried out in a mingling of pleasure and pain as he ravished her helpless body.

Kara could only push with her rectal muscles, trying to open herself up a little, for Andrew’s cock to slide deep into her anus. Slowly but firmly he fed his cock deep into her bowel and then eased back until only the head remained inside. Kara felt completely helpless, on her side as Andrew plunged his cock balls deep into her ass, his full heavy sac smacking against her ass cheeks.

Kara was screaming at him to fuck her arse and was totally out of control as Andrew plundered her deliciously tight and responsive anus. She felt as though the deepest thrusts would tear her tender tissues but her screams had elements of both pain and pleasure as she surrendered herself to his ministrations. She slowly climbed towards her peak spasming on his cock as he pressed the dildo one last time and set the shaft throbbing against her clit. Andrew held back no longer as she clenched around his cock, milking him as he sprayed gouts of hot semen into her bowels.

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