Justine: Like Cinnamon


Freddy reclined on the couch. He was busily contemplating the appearance of his penis. The skin was soft, yet tough, somehow. He looked at the “rings” around it, the shallow folds that would disappear when it lengthened and got hard. That wasn’t going to happen any time soon, since he had just jerked off.

Freddy was home from school, having faked a stomach ache to get out of the field trip to the local newspaper publishing plant. He could give a shit about how a newspaper got from the word processors of the reporters to the street. How complicated could it be? He rolled over and reached for the remote. There was only two months left of high school for him, anyway.

As he flipped through the dull list of daytime soap operas, ancient movies and infomercials, he thought about Justine. She was Freddy’s latest crush at school. The girl had just transferred in from some place back east — Pennsylvania? Virginia? He couldn’t remember, and nobody he knew really had cracked her shell yet. She seemed isolated and aloof. Freddy thought she had the most interesting face in the school, though. Her hair was dark brown and hung to her waist. The eyes (that had fallen directly on Freddy exactly once in the two weeks she had been in his home room) looked like they were black when she looked right at him, but at other times they looked like they were blue, or even green.

Most of the guys had already written her off, since she was fat. Freddy usually would have, too, but for the circumstances under which she had looked directly at him. He had been walking down the hall and she had dropped one of her books. Freddy had bent, picked it up and handed it back to her. She looked into his eyes as she took it from him with a ‘thank you’. Freddy felt something inside himself flip over and a shiver went up his spine. He watched her lips curl slightly into a half smile when her hand touched his own for a brief instant. It felt like she was looking through him — as if she suddenly knew everything about him.

The incident had unsettled him for the rest of the day and for a couple days afterward. She didn’t pay any more attention to him than to anybody else, but he felt as if something was going on whenever they were in the same classroom. Besides his homeroom ( English class), she was also in his music class. He didn’t particularly want to take a music appreciation class, but it fulfilled a requirement that he needed for graduation. The fifty minutes he spent there twice a week had been dull until Justine showed up. Before that, Freddy used the time to catch up on his math homework. These days Freddy spent the time pondering Justine, sitting three rows ahead of him, her hair draped over the back of her chair. Her hips were broad, extending past at least one side of the chair, but they were shapely. There was just something about her that excited him.

Freddy dropped the remote to the couch cushion and rose to his feet. It was getting late. School would be out in another half hour and Charlie might stop by, since Freddy had skipped the day. He went to his room and slipped into a pair of sweat pants, just in case. It wasn’t that Charlie had never seen him naked. They had Phys-Ed together, after all. Still, they were ‘guys’, the way American boys are. All testosterone and macho bullshit. Freddy liked Charlie, but he had never examined his friendship with the other guys, Charlie included. But Charlie was his best friend. They were close and talked about the most intimate things together — but they knew they both had secrets that were not subject to discussion.

Freddy went to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. He was reaching for the milk when the doorbell rang. Glancing at the clock on the stove, he saw that it was later than he had thought. School had been out for a half hour already. Charlie must have skipped tennis practice to come see him. He Antep Bayan Escort padded down the hall to the front door.

When he opened the door, he stopped dead in his tracks. Suddenly he was really happy he’d put on some clothes. Instead of Charlie’s goofy grin, he was looking at the substantial bulk of Justine standing on the porch. She took in his bare chest and belly, then let her eyes drift slowly down from his waist to his bare feet. They snapped back up to his face and she smiled that little smile again.

“Hi. Can I come in?” she asked. Her voice sounded strange to Freddy. It wasn’t as if she was asking, more like she was demanding to be let in. Without a word, he stood to one side and she swept into the hallway. She was wearing jeans and a kind of tank top with a loose, unbuttoned shirt over it. As she passed him he caught the trace of cinnamon scent he had noticed the day he had picked up her book for her. It was weird that he had never realized it before. Justine walked down the hall and went left into the living room as if she had an appointment with somebody.

Freddy looked outside, expecting to see Charlie, but there was no one in sight. He closed the door and followed in the cinnamon scented wake of the new girl. In the living room, Freddy saw, Justine was examining the photos that covered the mantel. They were all family pictures, chronicling the years from when Freddy had started school until last year when he had won the regional spelling bee. He simply stood and looked at this creature for a minute.

She was large, true. But she had a figure. Freddy had already noticed that her breasts were larger than most of the other girls’. But he had never taken the opportunity to really study her. From the width of her chest, her waist curved in smoothly before broadening out into wide hips. In her tight jeans, her ass was emphasized. It was nicely rounded, and the two halves of her ass were divided by the seam of the jeans. Below were two thick, strong legs. Freddy felt his dick stir in his sweats, imagining what that ass would look like naked. It surprised him, but he didn’t dwell on it at the time. He felt awkward standing there without a shirt on. Just then, she turned to face him.

“I noticed you weren’t in school today,” she said. “I hope you aren’t contagious.” She said it with a grin that sort of lit up her face. Freddy realized it was the first time he’d seen her smile that way. It made her much more attractive — not that she wasn’t, it was just harder to see when she was frowning or straight-faced.

“Uh, no. I really wasn’t sick,” he admitted, surprising himself. “I just didn’t really care about going downtown to see the newspaper place.”

“Yeah,” she agreed, “It was no big deal. Still, we got out of school for half a day.” She had started moving, not looking at Freddy, but exploring the room. She was in front of the bookcase now and running her hand along the rows of books. “Hey! I read this one. Is it yours?” she asked, pulling a slim blue volume from the shelf. Freddy crossed the room to stand next to her. It was an account of one of the first white explorers to travel the Amazon. He had received it from an aunt the Christmas before.

“Yeah, it wasn’t bad,” he admitted. “What about these?” he asked, pointing to a series by one of his favorite sci-fi authors. She nodded and the conversation was off. They discussed several points about the series, as well as some other sci-fi books they had both read. Suddenly, Freddy felt as if he had known this girl for a long time.

He offered, and she accepted, a soda and he went to the kitchen to get them. He hadn’t expected her to, but she followed him out there. She relaxed into a chair at the table and set her books down on the Formica surface. Freddy sat opposite her and shivered when his bare back came into contact with the plastic upholstery of the chair. Her eyes flicked quickly down to his chest and Freddy realized his nipples were erect from the chill. He suddenly felt very naked. Here was this strange girl in his kitchen and he was half naked. She didn’t seem embarrassed by her interest in his hard nipples, either. She just smiled again when she looked up at him. Freddy began to feel an interest in her he hadn’t expected.

She watched him as she sipped her soda. “I brought the English homework, in case you’re interested. It’s just some fucking poem we are supposed to dissect and analyze.” Her swearing surprised Freddy. Not that he’d never heard girls cuss before, but he and Justine were virtually strangers. Before today less than a handful of words had passed between them She seemed comfortable with him, though. He realized, moreover, that he felt comfortable with her. She opened the book and turned it so he could see the page with the poetry. Then she rose from her chair and stood behind him while he pretended to study the poem. He felt the heat from her body radiating on his bare back. When she reached over his shoulder to point to a line of the poem, her right tit came into contact with his shoulder blade. He felt a little jolt again, like when their hands touched as he had handed her book back to her in the hall at school.

She stood back then and Freddy leaned back in the chair. The air currents brought her scent to his nose again and he asked her, “What perfume is that? It’s like cinnamon.”

“Huh?” she asked. “I’m not wearing perfume.” She raised her arm and sniffed the sleeve of her shirt. “Oh. I think it’s something my mom uses in the laundry,” she said, passing the subject off. “Your parents both at work?” she asked.

“Yeah. They won’t be home for a while,” he replied without thinking about it. “My dad gets home first, around six. My mom works until six-thirty, so she doesn’t get here until nearly seven-thirty. Glancing at the clock, Freddy saw that it was only four just then.

“Show me the house?” she asked. Freddy rose from the chair, finding the request just a bit strange. Justine turned and walked back into the living room, taking the can of soda with her. Freddy followed. He showed her the first floor bathroom and the den where his dad’s computer was, then they walked upstairs. He pointed down the hall to his older brother’s room. “He’s at the University. It’s his second year,” he said. They walked past his parents’ room and the half-bath to where the door to Freddy’s room stood open. Justine walked over the threshold and stood in the middle of the room. She turned a full circle, taking in all the posters and the plastic models standing on the book shelves. Freddy’s laptop was on the desk.

When she was facing him again, she smiled and said, “Cool. You have a basement?” Freddy nodded, feeling something that wasn’t entirely comfortable, but that was kind of exciting at the same time. This girl seemed like a friend, even though he knew virtually nothing about her. The little time they’d spent together felt like longer. He went back downstairs and through the kitchen, Justine at his heels. He opened the door to the basement and descended before her. A hallway led to the right, perpendicular to the stairs. A small laundry room was on the left. Ten feet or so from the stairs was a doorway that opened into the main part of the basement. Freddy’s dad had finished it himself, turning it into a kind of family room. This was where he and his dad watched the games on weekends. There was a wet bar in one corner, complete with refrigerator. The floor was covered with a blue indoor-outdoor carpet. The former living room couch sat across from the large-screen TV set. A video game console was hooked up to it. Justine’s eyes lit up when she saw the old pinball machine against the wall.

“Does that thing work?” she asked. Freddy told her it did. His dad had picked it up at a garage sale and restored it. He had fixed it so it didn’t take coins any more. All play was free. He clicked the start button and the bells rang and a shiny steel ball kicked up into the chute. He pulled the plunger to set the ball off on its course, clicking against bumpers and ringing the various bells. Justine watched a minute before she moved to stand in front of the machine, hitting the flipper buttons when the ball came close. The ball dropped into the hole and she kicked another one up. She played that one, bumping the table with her hips as she tried to score more points. Freddy thought as he watched that she wasn’t bad at this. He looked at her face from the side, too. She was really pretty, he decided. Suddenly he felt naked again, and thought about seeing if there was a shirt in the dryer.

When the last ball fell into the slot, she turned to him. He had been looking at the smooth curve of her cheek and she caught him looking. She smiled a kind of crooked smile and asked, “So…are we gonna be friends, or what?” Freddy reddened because he had been thinking what she might look like naked. Something in her expression told him that Justine knew what he’d been thinking.

“Well, sure. Why not? I mean, aren’t we already?” he responded lamely. She reached over and brushed his shoulder, as if there had been lint there or something. The jolt recurred. Freddy, curious now about that, reached toward her face. His hand touched her cheek. Her eyes were focused on his and there was a smile on her lips. There was no jolt when he touched her, but when she moved closer to him, Freddy began to think that something was going to happen. When she moved close enough that her tits were touching his chest, he knew he was right. Her arms went around his waist and she moved closer still, mashing her tits against his chest. Her warm belly rubbed against his own and she tipped her head back. Freddy bent and kissed her lips. Everything about this girl was warm, he thought. Her hands slid down to his ass and he pulled his head back in surprise. She just chuckled and squeezed his buns and kissed him where his neck joined his shoulder. It sent a pleasurable chill down his spine. Then she put her mouth close to his ear.

“I love a guy who doesn’t wear underwear. Want a blow job?” she whispered. Freddy almost came in his pants! No girl had ever asked him anything of the kind! In fact, except for some clumsy fumbling in a dark theater, Freddy was a virgin. He couldn’t do anything but nod his head. She led him to the old couch and turned him toward her. She maintained eye contact as she reached down and pulled his sweats down to his knees. His dick popped out, since it had already gotten the message. She placed her hands on Freddy’s belly and pushed. He flopped onto the couch and she knelt in front of him.

Justine pushed his knees apart and ran her hands up his thighs. She took a couple of ‘knee-steps’ to bring herself close enough, then dipped her head toward his erection. Her tongue snaked out and licked lightly up the shaft. Freddy shuddered and closed his eyes. He wanted to watch, but he was somehow embarrassed. He looked again as she used her hand (which felt absolutely hot now!) to angle his penis toward her face. Her tongue again emerged and lapped around the engorged head. Freddy thought he was going to pass out. It felt so fucking good! When she slid her mouth over his cock and about halfway into her mouth, he climaxed. Just that quick!

Her head bobbed as he filled her mouth with his semen, embarrassed at having come so quickly. She kept at it until he was spent. She lifted her head and looked at him. She licked her lips lasciviously and smiled that smile again. “First time?” she asked, not unkindly. Freddy just nodded his head. “Well, it won’t be the last,” she said. She stood up then and took off her shirt. The big clock on the wall said it was only four-thirty. They had at least an hour and a half…

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