Just Kevin

I gave up trying to sleep. Mike was a loud snorer. We had just finished a mediocre session of sex that left me unsatisfied and horny. He only lasted two minutes the first time and five minutes the second. For a big man, he wasn’t very big where it counts. I went downstairs in my apartment and called Kevin, my best friend.

“Uh . . . Hel . . . Hello?”

“Kevin? This is Leslie.”

“Leslie? What time is it?”

“3:17, did I wake you?”

“Why would anyone be asleep at 3 fucking 17 in the morning? Of course, I was sleeping. What’s so important?”

“You said I could call you anytime.”

“Another in a long line of bad decisions in my relationship with you. Again, what’s so important?”

“Kevin, I don’t think I can do this anymore.”

“What ‘this’ are you talking about?”

“Random hook-ups. I think I’m ready to settle down and be with just one guy.”

“Why call me?”

“Kevin, I want you to be the one guy.” It was a major change on my part. I had kept Kevin in the friend category despite his request bursa escort to be more. I needed him as a friend I could always go to in emotional situations, like now.

After silence from Kevin, I wasn’t sure he was still on the line. “Kevin?”

“I’m here. I’m trying to respond without getting angry. Leslie, how many times have you told me that you just wanted to be friends and that I should move on? I lost count. Well, I have moved on. Dating you would mean moving backwards in my life, not forward.”

I knew he still had deep feelings towards me. I just had to refresh his memory. Before I could do that, I heard another voice from his phone.

“Kevin, who is that on the phone at this un-godly hour?”

“Leslie, she needed to talk.”

“That bitch! If she thinks she can have you back, she’s got another think coming.”

“What are you doing, M.J.?”

“Let’s see. Your dick is erect and my mouth is hovering over it. What do you think is about to happen?”

A few seconds later, I heard, “Oh yes. bursa escort That feels so good. Watch the teeth!”

The female voice responded, “You better believe that I will bite it off before I let her have it.” The pleasure moans from Kevin came back.

“Is that Mary Jane?”


“How long has this been going on with her?”

“About two months. She lives with me now.”

“Kevin, what do you see in her? My tits are twice the size of hers.”

“Yeah, but I can put a whole tit of hers in my mouth at one time. That really turns me on.”

“But we could . . . “

“Sorry to interrupt but I’m about to shoot off.”

“Does she swallow?”

Mary Jane replied, “Damn right, I do. Now, hang-up Kevin or I’ll bite it off.”

I heard the dial tone a second later.

Before I could analyze the call, Mike came down. “Who are you talking to at this hour?”


“You’re talking to your old boyfriend after fucking me?”

“He’s not an old boyfriend. He’s just bursa eskort Kevin.”

When I said those words, I had an epiphany. I had always treated Kevin as ‘just Kevin.’ I had taken him for granted. I needed to show him that he wasn’t ‘just Kevin’ anymore.

“Do you want to go again, or do you want me to leave?”

“Leave, please.”

“No problem. You’re a lousy fuck anyway.”



She caught Kevin by himself at the Student Grille. No Mary Jane in sight. “May I join you?”


“Listen, I wanted to apologize for the late night call a few days ago.”

“And I want to apologize for hanging up so abruptly. I didn’t think you wanted to hear me climax.”

“You’re right. It would have killed me. I got so jealous when I heard Mary Jane sucking your dick.”

“Jealous? You don’t get jealous with friends.”

“Didn’t you hear me? I want to be more than friends with you. Please, Kevin.”

“Didn’t you hear me? M.J. is living with me. I’m not available for dating.”

“Are you two going to get married?”

“I doubt it.”

“That means I have a chance.”

“Sorry, Mike talked to me. He told me that when he asked you who you had called, you said, ‘It’s just Kevin.’ I don’t date anyone who sees me as ‘just Kevin.’ Good-bye.”

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