Jumping Melons Bus Co. Ch. 05


“Rings… around… base… too big!” it panted from above. Richie examined the jiggling balls with interest. Most of them seemed to be on his side of the metal wall. Enough for now at least! He grabbed the two handles hanging from his other pair and pulled down with might. The girl above screamed surprised when her chocolate-colored tits suddenly popped through. Easy!

Richie marvelled at the two incredible pairs dangling above. What fascinating objects of desire! His hands kneaded the taut flesh, pinched the springy skin of the different globes. Suddenly, he spotted something peculiar. At the front side of each ceiling hole, there seemed to be a small screw that held a tiny metal plate in place. What was this for?

He grabbed his trusty screwdriver and got to work on one of Lily’s openings. As soon as he loosened the screw, he could move the tiny plate to the side, revealing a small, additional, oblong hole right next to the bigger ones. And he could see metal sparkling behind it!

Were those the rings? And what were those additional holes for? They just seemed to make the bigger ones a tiny bit larger. Maybe they were used for servicing the ratchet mechanism? Or the holes were not perfectly round because of the way they were cut into the metal, and the plate just hid it? Anyway, maybe he could use that to get those rings through!

“Girl! Can you tilt your left tit a bit? I think that ring should pass through now!”

Something moved above. The large breasts swayed and jiggled as the owner repositioned herself. There it was, silver metal!

“That’s great!” Richie shouted, “A bit more to the left! Yes, that’s it!”

He swiftly grabbed the tit and, with a quick yank, popped the ring through.

“Wow, nice one!”

“There… there are more!” it panted above, “Four on each!”

“Understood! I’ll get them through. Now that I know how, this should be easy!”

And indeed it was. He just needed to tilt the bound tit the right way until the next silver ring appeared and guide it through. Click, click, click.

Finally, four rings were sitting right at the opening and the only thing left to do on this side was to push the small lid back in place and tighten the screw, which Richie did.

“Ready for the other one?” he asked and the girl groaned, “Definitely. Awkwardly imbalanced up here. Lying on those rings hurts!”

Richie unscrewed the second lid and popped the rings through like a pro. Finally, everything was in place! He tightened the screw again and leaned back, marvelling at the tight brass rings that forced those jiggling melons into their odd shape.

“Nice jewelry you have there! How will you get them off again?”

“No fucking clue! But at least it worked, right?”

“Indeed! And I have to agree, you are quite a creative one. Now, back to work!”

“Ladies and Gentlemen,” the P.A. crackled, “I hope the fitting was successful. We will engage the security lock now!”

The driver pushed the levers. Screams of frustration filled the bus as loops of steel wire closed around the trapped assets and secured them in place.

“Stop complaining, girls! You should be used to that feeling by now. And it’s only for your best! Some information regarding this trip: We are about halfway through, which means we have roughly 7 hours ahead of us. Night refreshments will soon be served, right after we managed our descent to Tat Mak. Meanwhile, some of our valued guests, Ms Betty Bright and Ms Linda Lickey, have suggested some activity to keep you entertained for the next hour. Breakfast will be served about 2 hours before we reach our final destination. Enjoy the ride!”

Hank, who loved to step in as announcer, handed the mic over to Betty, who was standing next to the driver’s seat, grabbing one of the fat, white, dangling tits to stabilize herself.

Alice screamed in pain. Her ride had been reasonably calm so far, interrupted by short bursts ‘attention’ by that driver-jerk. Whenever that guy felt like it, he smacked her sore boobs so hard she thought they would fly out of the window! But he had to drive, too, so the time he could donate to his favorite hobby had been pretty limited. Except for the breaks. The breaks had been awful! That jerk had insisted every time that she returns within two minutes, which was barely enough to relieve herself, just so he had something to play with while he waited for the rest.

“My dear fellow passengers,” said Betty, her fingers digging deeply in Alice’s white breast, “I hope you enjoy the ride sakarya escort as much as I do! Let’s start off with a bit of late night exercise for both you and your hidden companion! Just follow my lead and repeat after me!”

The smiling woman tried to steady herself, raised her arms and started slapping the dangling, white breasts above from the side. It almost looked like she did jumping jacks, sans the jumping though. The large objects smacked together repeatedly and a faint slapping sound emanated from them. Alice cringed and cursed as she felt her bosom flying around. What the hell was going on down there?

The other passengers looked with interest and tried to replicate what they were seeing. Soon, with lots of laughing and joking, everybody raised their hands and slapped them against the sides of ‘their’ personal pair. The surprised girls squeaked and yelled as suddenly everyone except a lucky few got treated at the same time.

“Please try to stay in sync!” Betty shouted, “One, two, three! One to three! Like that!”

The slapping got more pronounced as everybody tried to time their actions, and soon it sounded like an audience clapping politely during some show.

“Great, this is great! OK everybody, leave your pair alone for a moment and watch me doing the next exercise. Does anybody of you know soccer?”

A few people raised their hand.

“Great, so you know they sometimes do what they call a header? Hitting the ball with their heads? Let’s try to do this with our ‘balls’ now! And remember, use of hands is strictly prohibited for this one!”

Betty started to jerk her head forward and up, trying to hit the white, blushing tits with her forehead “Like that! And be careful to not strain your neck!”

The bus filled with giggles as people tried to hit large breasts with their heads.

After lots of groaning and laughing, Betty announced, “Now let’s get some advice on how to stimulate those fantastic orbs from a true expert. My friend Linda is the happy owner of a rather nice pair of boobs. Not as nice and large as the ones made available in this bus, but nice nonetheless. Linda, can you tell us some of your secrets? How are we supposed to treat those wonders of nature? What can we do to excite their lucky owners?”

Linda raised from her seat, grabbing some free breasts to steady herself. She smirked, “Good question. I sure have some nice little tricks up my sleeve. How do you want me to demonstrate them? Just with those boobs from heaven, or maybe with my very own pair?”

“Your own! Your own!” chanted the bus. Linda giggled happily as she slipped out of her tight shirt and bra. Her breasts were indeed a delicious set. She proudly presented the jiggling D-sized pair and said, “I will now show you how to make those little nipples hard as rock. Just watch and try to do the same with those fat knockers hanging in your face!”

She grabbed one of her nipples with her fingers while still holding on one of the tits from the ceiling to not fall over. “Pinch the little sucker at its base as hard as you can, then twist it first to the right and then to the left. Try to twist it as far as possible, but at least 90 degrees. Like this…”

She grimaced as she demonstrated the move.

“Hurts like a bitch but it always works. See how hard that little poker got? Now try it out yourself.”

Lily felt something grab her sensitive nipples. Her entire breast seemed to to be on fire since the time she had dunked them into that oil. And it only got worse. She could barely stand the horrible heat inflaming her sensitive skin and wished the guy below would do something to cool them down. It had been such a bad idea to use that oil!

The slapping a few minutes ago had actually helped a bit to numb her twins even though it also seemed to make them even more sensitive. But now, they just seemed to glow and burn. And something was twisting at her tips, hard! She whimpered, trying to catch a glimpse of the girls around her.

Erin complained, “Ouch, that sucker is really trying to prove something! Does your guy also twist your nips like mad?”

“Y-yes. Feels like they are hard as rock right now.”

“Mine too! And I’m so sensitive there!”

“Good work everybody. Let’s reward our beauties and give them a good suck!”

Linda grabbed her tit and yanked it up so far that her hard nipple was in reach of her lips. Her teeth closed around the little poker and she started to suck in earnest. “Suck on them samsun escort like that!”, the pumped woman mumbled and let her breast escape again. Giggling enthusiastically, she encouraged her audience, “Go ahead, give them the suck of their life!”

Hungry mouthes engulfed the hard nipples and munched on the warm flesh.

“Oooohhh.. that feels much better,” groaned Erin as a warm wet mouth attacked her breast, “Can’t he just keep doing that?”

Lily appreciated the feeling, too, and moaned happily. Finally something that she could enjoy! She glanced over to May who seemed to sleep. How could she sleep when somebody was doing that to her?

“May, May!” she whispered, “Do they suck on you, too?”

The girl opened her eyes. “No, no touch… Pause?” she smiled, “Can rest!”

What? The girl was not being fondled? Lily would be so happy to get a break, too!

In fact, only three of the girls were spared of the exercises: May, as Richie was busy with Lily’s pair, Noe, the personal entertainer of Betty, and Helen, the owner of the fun pillows at Linda’s seat.

“Alright, enough of the sucking. Now, let’s get those boobs all nice and tingly. Put your hands on the sides and tickle them a bit. Like that. Move your fingers around and tickle! If you do it right, you can hear their owner laugh! Try it! Try to make them scream!”

“Oh shit, this feels …he-he, hihihi, oh fuck, he tickles me!” screamed Erin, “Gnnnn…ooooooh…”

The girls started squirming and cursing as their sensitive breasts were attacked by quick fingers tickling their tender skins. The damp compartment was filled by squeaky screams and bright laughter, and many of the stuck women tried desperately to get away from those tormenting hands.

Gus smiled happily, listening to all the screaming and yelling. What a nice entertainment show. And how much better it would get in a moment, when the descent to Tat Mak started! He looked up to Betty and said,

“Can you give me the mic, please?”

Betty nodded and asked Linda to hand it over. As she turned her head, she glanced out of the window. Betty’s heart skipped a beat. The road seemed to end and turn into an abyss of mud and stone. She gulped.

Gus stopped the bus for a moment and announced, “Ladies and Gentlemen, we are about to enter the road to Tat Mak. This part of the trip will be very shaky and I advice everybody to get seated and hold onto those fleshy handles above.”

Without further ado, the bus accelerated again. Betty and Linda rushed back to their seats and prepared for the descent.

The ‘road’ Gus took was actually a dried-up riverbed that ran down the slopes of a mountain. It was a muddy, rocky nightmare that no sane driver would ever take. But it was also an excellent way to demonstrate his driving skills, and Gus prided himself that he always made it down safe. He really liked to show off, and today he even got paid to take this route! Laughing like a maniac he sped up and raced towards the end of the road.

The nose of the bus dipped over the rim, the old metal creaked, everybody on board screamed in fear. And then, the bus jumped into the river bed. Gus steered the vehicle like a pro, avoided the large rocks, skidded through nasty turns and avoided potholes the size of cars while the girls upstairs held on for dear life. Many of them had troubles staying in place, their feet getting loose and their bodies turning left and right as the vehicle shook and crumbled. Only their securely fastened breasts held them in position and kept them from crashing into each other.

Down in the main cabin the passengers had a very similar problem. With no seatbelts or similar equipment available, all they could do was to grab the fleshy airbags from above and hang on them as good as possible. The whole bus screamed and yelled as Gus was crashing down the riverbed, the breasts of the girls being the only thing protecting everyone from damages.

Lily couldn’t believe just how bad her tits hurt Her heart raced as she tried to steady herself somehow and all the screaming and yelling made it difficult to concentrate. How the hell was she supposed to survive this trip? At least those tiny holes were a clear plus now! There was no way she would slip out of them by accident!

Richie had one hand on a handle dangling from a dark tit and the other one on a bloated white one. He loved this trip so much! And those handles proved to be quite practical right now! He looked at the tip of the black şanlıurfa escort breast where the clamps bit into the delicious flesh. Milk was seeping from there, dripping slowly on the ground. What a waste!

The entire bus sighed relieved when the riverbed finally changed back to an actual road.

“Can’t believe we made it through this mess without injuries!” laughed Betty, still clawing at the boobs above.

Happy giggles spread through the main cabin as the passengers realized that everybody was fine, and the girls upstairs groaned relieved as the strain on their trapped breasts lessened and the skidding around finally stopped.

“Whew, we made it!” laughed Erin, “What a horror trip!”

Lily groaned, happy that she survived. Yes indeed, they had made it in one piece.

“Relax everyone, we are now passing Tat Mak and the worst part is over. We will soon lower the shades and serve nighttime refreshments to those who ordered. Have a good rest and don’t forget to play with those boobies!”

Betty raised from her seat and grabbed the mic, “I’m sure you are just as glad as myself that we survived this hellish trip. Please check those poor breasts above for damages. They all look red and raw and probably hurt a lot. I can still see finger marks on many of them. So be kind to them, cuddle them a bit and show them your appreciation. Enjoy your night time break. I will be back with some morning exercise on sunrise.”

Richie grinned. Betty was such a great entertainer! He had an idea. Carefully he raised from his seat and walked to the front, grabbing one breast after the other for stabilization.

“Can I get the mic, Betty?”


“Hi everyone. Just wanted to let you know that I’ll have some tea and milk at the back of the bus. So if you fancy a warm drink or need some of that white stuff, just drop by. It should be enough for everyone.”

“Thanks for the kind offer, Richie!” smiled Betty as both returned to their seat.

“May I serve you the nighttime refreshments Mr Sowee?” the beautiful girl in uniform asked him just as he got seated again.

“Certainly. Can you put the tea on one of those dark breasts? I think it would be quite practical to have the milk readily available.”

“Sure. On the full or the empty side?”

“The empty one, please. That should still be enough for an occasional squirt and I need free access to the full side. Let me remove those handles first”

“Alright, I’ll be back in a moment.”

Gus searched for his screwdriver and released the handles from May’s breasts. He quickly closed a clamp over each nipple before the milk could escape and admired the sheer productivity of those fantastic food sources.

The young girl was back shortly, fastening a silver pot full of bubbling hot water on one of May’s chocolate-colored breasts. Richie had to actually get out of his seat so she had good access to it. She then handed him a bottle of Mekong whisky and said, “Your night refreshments as ordered. Please be careful with the pot, it’s very hot. The burner is inbuilt. Let me know if you need more water. Here is your cup.”

“Thank you.”

The scaldingly hot pot had a small valve at the bottom to get the tea out. Richie carefully positioned the cup and opened the valve. The delicious fluid shot out and filled his cup.

“Now some milk with it,” he laughed and positioned it under the engorged, taut breast. He released the clamp for a moment and watched milk stream into his cup. Then, Richie carefully took a sip and smiled. What a fantastic way to enjoy some tea.

May squirmed above. Her breast felt very strange. Something heavy was pulling at her and it felt so hot! Sweat was running down her cheeks. Hopefully this would stop soon!

Richie leaned back and relaxed. He poured a bit of Mekong in another glass and enjoyed his drinks. Soon, the shades were closed and the bus calmed down. Nighttime.

The night was uneventful. But Richie did get some visitors who asked for tea with milk. He happily demonstrated the setup, let them harvest their own milk, and explained laughingly how much he enjoyed the service of this company.

Some people started asking him questions about the compression bandages, about the strange, ring-adorned breasts above him, and just how he managed to get those fat balls through these damn small holes. Richie explained them every detail, showed them some of his bandages and pressed them to try it on their own pair, too. He giggled like a teen as he explained the dedication of his girl, how she managed to turn up with ‘canned breasts’, and how she managed to get herself into those rings all the while offering free whisky and milk to everyone who asked.

Finally, he allowed himself to sleep a bit, dreaming about all those jiggling and jumping melons hanging from the ceiling.

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