Anxious, I look at your spot. You’re not there. I turn and park the car. A good point of view. The small street is lightly lit, cars are parked on both sides. A few guys are strolling by, some nervous, some hesitating. From time to time, a guy approaches a girl pressed against the 6-storeys buildings. A little chat and the guy resumes walking. Sometimes, they walk away together to a porch. The girl opens the door and they step inside.

There are many girls on the street. All types. Tall, thin, black, white. In wintertime, they all wear the same kind of fur coat. But right now it’s summertime.

I get more nervous as time passes. Will you come? I stretch my vision into the dark, trying to discern your figure. I concentrate so much I almost miss you coming from another way.

Suddenly, all the guys in the street seem attracted by you and close in upon you. But I’m faster than them, I start the engine and rush to meet you. I just give you a hand sign and look for another place to park. You’ve seen me and the first guy to claim you walks away disappointed.

I get out, close the door and walk towards you. I’m happy Antalya Escort but still nervous. How is it going to be this time? We meet and you just greet me with a “Let’s go”. I nod and we’re on our way.

Seven floors and no elevator. Stairs to Seventh Heaven. I see glimpses of the top of your thighs under your skirt as you climb up before me. It’s a long way and I fantasize moments to come. The stare of the big black guy waiting on the sixth floor cools me down a bit and I slightly accelerate.

There we are. You unlock the door and we step inside. The room is large, so is the bed. Dimmed lights. Mirrored walls.

We agree on the price and I undress fast while you go hiding the cash. Then you wait for me to undress you. You know I get excited that way. You sit on the bed while I take your sandals off. Your legs skin is smooth but I can’t enjoy the touch for you get up too fast.

The light summer dress you wear fall to the ground to reveal your perfect body. You’re so small, your head goes lying gently on my shoulder. I feel your tiny nipples like little needles on my torso. My hands caress Antalya Escort Bayan your tanned skin from your short hair to the red string on your firm ass cheeks. You turn around into my arms. The string goes down and so does my hands, cupping your breasts, pinching gently your nipples between my fingers. You’re still smiling, showing no feeling whatsoever. I explore your belly and the valleys they make on the way to your pussy. It’s shaved of course and my hands run gently on the outside, touching your lips like ancient china. I wish you would let my fingers in and taste your secret essence. My cock is pressed to your back and despite the erection, I feel it growing even more.

When you have enough, you leave my arms and order me to lie on the bed. Take a condom and precisely adjust it on my eagerly waiting shaft. Then you start the too short sweet ride, taking it in your mouth, slowly first, rolling your tongue on the tip, swallowing it till your nose tickles my belly, moving your lips on the entire length, sucking the gland like you want to drink me. I breathe harder and I close my eyes in Escort Antalya a sigh, not too long, I love to see you giving head. You play with me like a sadistic mistress, taking me too quickly to the edge that I almost become afraid to loose control. But before I can say a word, you stop abruptly.

“You come on top?”

I can only nod and relax a bit while we trade places. You open your legs and guide my cock to your pussy. When it’s pointing between its lips, you grab my ass and pull me in. I look at your face while I penetrate, hoping to see a spark of pleasure but none I can see. So I look down at my manhood, pumping rhythmically your tight vagina. I try to be gentle but you keep pulling me to force you. Against my will, I feel the inner spasm coming up and I have to stop.

“You come on top now.”

I lie down on my back and you kneel to meet my erected pole. Your inside is tighter and the rhythm of your strokes is driving me crazy. I try to divert my attention from the sensation by taking your tits in my hands, hoping to get a moan from you. But you get wilder and my body arches and I cry with physical pleasure and mental pain. Your pussy squeezes me harder as I let my juices flow. Gallons of it like it’s never going to end.

It’s over. You go to the bathroom while I get dressed. You smile and say “See you”. I get back to my car and go home. My bed is empty and cold. I want you back.

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