Josie’s Dream


Josie sat straight up in bed, panting slightly as she reached for the lamp on the bedside table. Light washed over the shadows in the room as she flipped the switch, but the dream stayed with her. She got up and went to the kitchen for a glass of water, leaning against the counter to let the cool water soothe her dry throat. She shook her head, but couldn’t get rid of the dream. Making her way through the dark apartment to her bedroom, she lay back on the pillows and closed her eyes, letting the dream seep back in to her mind.

The quiet girl from the market, looking at her with deep brown eyes; the blond from the gym, toweling off in the shower; the young nanny, pushing a little boy on the swing at the park. She watched all of them, seeing the desire in their eyes. Kissing the girl from the market, pressing against the blond woman in the shower, touching the nanny while her young charge slept in the next room…

“Stop it! Stop it!” Josie said out loud. Sexual thoughts about women had been plaguing her for months now, but lately she was dreaming about beautiful women, and the things she wanted to do to them. Everywhere she went, the women around her distracted Josie. It was starting to affect her work and her social life. She glanced at the clock on the wall, and with a groan pushed herself up to head for the shower. She couldn’t afford to be late for work again. At least today was Friday.

In the shower, Josie quickly washed, pausing for a moment to rub her fingers over her swollen clit. She knew that she could make herself come easily, but, still thinking of the dream, punished herself by turning off the water instead. She hurried to get dressed for work, pulling on a straight black skirt and a fitted green sweater with tiny buttons up the front that emphasized her small waist and perky breasts. A few minutes in front of the mirror with makeup and a blow dryer, and Josie was ready to go. Grabbing her wool coat and slipping on her sensible pumps, Josie dashed out the door.

The workday dragged on, but Josie was kept busy with memos to type, papers to file and Casibom phones to answer. At 7:00, just as she pulled on her coat, ready to leave, her phone rang one more time.

“Hey, Jos, it’s me.” Josie heard the familiar, happy voice of her best friend, Sasha, on the other end. “I’m heading over to that new club tonight, want to come?” Sasha had told her about the club, with it’s loud music and pulsing lights, last week.

Josie paused. This might be just what I need, she thought. “Ok, I’ll go.” she told Sasha. They agreed to meet at Sasha’s apartment at 9:00.

Josie knocked on Sasha’s door at precisely 9:00. She could hear Sasha inside, rushing to open the door. The door flung open and Sasha stood in the doorway in just her bra and panties.

“Oh, you look so great!” she said, looking at Josie’s black shirt, jeans and heels. “I’m not even ready, sorry! There’s a bottle of wine on the counter, feel free to pour yourself a glass.” Sasha grinned and opened the door wider to let Josie in.

“It’s okay, I figured you wouldn’t be ready. I’ll just hang out while you finish.” Josie sat on the couch, watching as Sasha turned toward her bedroom.

She had seen Sasha in bra and panties before, but somehow tonight she actually noticed her. The way the thin, soft material hugged her round bottom; the way her bra lifted her breasts to perfect mounds. Josie took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She didn’t need this now! Sasha was her best friend, no way could she have sexual thoughts about her!

Josie got up and poured two glasses of wine from the bottle on the counter. She made her way back to Sasha’s room. “I brought you a glass of wine,” she said.

“Oh, thanks,” came the muffled reply from the walk in closet.

Josie set the glasses on the dresser and walked to the closet. “What are you wearing?” she asked.

Sasha looked up from the pile of clothes on a nearby chair. “I can’t decide! Help me!” she said.

Josie looked at Sasha, who was holding up a short skirt. “Um, I think you have a problem.” Josie stepped closer to Sasha. Casibom Giriş The strap on her bra was loose, and when she bent over, her breast had fallen out of the bra. Reaching out, Josie pulled the bra strap up, allowing the breast to fall back into place. Sasha gasped as Josie’s finger grazed the soft skin on the side of her breast. Josie stepped back awkwardly. “Sorry,” she muttered, looking at the floor. “Don’t be sorry,” said Sasha. She had stepped closer and Josie looked up to meet her big brown eyes. “I’ve wanted you to touch me for a long time.”

It was Josie’s turn to gasp as Sasha leaned forward and touched her lips to Josie’s. Sasha moved back and looked at Josie. She could see the desire flare in her eyes, and that was all the sign that Sasha needed. She put her arm around Josie’s back and pulled her close, kissing her gently on the lips. She ran her tongue along the smooth outline of Josie’s lips, encouraging her to open them. Josie obliged and Sasha dipped her tongue into Josie’s mouth. Josie moaned.

Feeling as if her legs were jelly, she allowed Sasha to pull her over to the bed. They lay down facing each other. Sasha’s brown eyes dancing with excitement, her red hair waving wildly around her face, she looked lovingly at Josie. “I have wanted you for so long!” she said.

Josie was surprised; she had never even though of her best friend in that way. But somehow, right now, it felt so good to be laying here with her. She pushed Sasha over onto her back and Josie stretched out along side her. She kissed Sasha on the lips again, deepening the kiss until she felt she would explode. She kissed Sasha’s cheek, her neck, her collarbone, dipped her tongue into the space between her breasts. Slowly peeling the straps of Sasha’s bra down, she exposed her round breasts. They were perfect in Josie’s eyes — pink pert nipples surrounded by soft white flesh. She heard Sasha’s breathing come faster in anticipation, so she lowered her mouth and licked the nipple with the tip of her tongue. Slowly, she licked all around, finally pulling the nipple into her mouth and sucking gently. Sasha moaned and arched her back off the bed. Josie smiled and turned her attention to the other breast, giving it the same gentle sucking and soft kisses. Positioning herself between Sasha’s legs, Josie ran her hands down Sasha’s body. Feeling the curve of her breasts, the soft skin of her stomach, the flare of her hips, Josie felt like her hands were on fire. Sasha’s skin seemed to burn with her desire and Josie returned to kiss her gently on the lips, and then kiss a trail down over her breasts, her stomach, her hips and thighs.

She caught the sweet smell of Sasha’s pussy and kissed the inside of her thigh as she pulled her panties down her legs. Pushing her legs wider apart, Josie looked at Sasha’s pussy. It was smooth shaven and pink, glistening with wetness. Josie dipped her head and licked gently at the outer lips, tracing them with her tongue, feeling Sasha quiver. Josie licked again, this time pressing her tongue deeper, into Sasha’s pussy. She tasted like she smelled, sweet and clean. Josie couldn’t get enough, thrusting her tongue in and out of Sasha’s pussy, tasting her juices on her tongue. Sasha was lifting her hips, pressing herself into Josie’s face. Josie took her tongue out of Sasha’s pussy and placed her hands under Sasha’s bottom, holding her still. Josie licked slowly along the outer lips, finding Sasha’s swollen clit. She licked it, up and down, gently at first, then pressing harder. She slid two, then three fingers into Sasha’s dripping pussy. Sasha moaned and thrust her hips up. Josie followed her movements, never taking her mouth from Sasha’s clit. She could feel Sasha’s pussy getting tighter, and Sasha was moaning and thrusting wildly. Josie pulled Sasha’s clit into her mouth, sucking gently, still moving her fingers in and out of her pussy. She knew that Sasha was close to coming, and felt it on her tongue when Sasha arched up, thrusting wildly, juices squirting into Josie’s mouth as she came over and over again. Josie wiped her face, then trailed kisses up Sasha’s body to her mouth, where she kissed her deeply. Sasha sighed and looked up at Josie. “That was incredible! I can’t believe I waited so long to hit on you.” Sasha grinned. Josie smiled back and knew that her dreams had finally come true.

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