My sister Joni is five years older than I am and we had a special bond from the beginning. Our mother was a drunk and left when I was seven. Dad wasn’t a drunk, he was just mean and had a bad temper.

When mom left Joni took over being the “woman” of the house, she cooked and cleaned. Sometimes dad would come home in a bad mood and start yelling, if one of us was near, start hitting. Joni protected me from that for the most part.

I started taking martial arts and weight lifting when I was ten, by the time I was sixteen I was buff and a good fighter. One day when I was seventeen I was doing my homework in my room. Dad came home in a very bad mood, he had a hard day and started taking it out on Joni. I heard the yelling and came out of my room just in time to see him hit her. People say they “see red” when they get mad and loose control, I never knew what they were talking about till that moment. I started beating my dad. When he came home from the emergency room he never touched either of us again.

When I turned eighteen he kicked both of us out. We rented a studio apartment. I had been working off the books for a construction company so when I turned eighteen I was hired full time. I started making good money, so I put Joni through accounting school. She wanted to be a CPA. She became the youngest accounting manager her company ever had. I worked my way up to job supervisor at my company.

All the while we still lived in our studio, it was small but we could afford it. Being small there were times I would see Joni naked, and she would see me naked, not on purpose just by accident. As time passed I started feeling like Joni was more my girlfriend rather than sister. We fought and made up, she kept the place nice and I cooked.

When Küçükçekmece Escort she got promoted we decided to move to a larger place, but we were still not making big bucks, so we got a one bedroom apartment. I took the living room and she took the bedroom, we set a schedule for the bathroom. More than once she would come in when I was taking a shower and pee. Sometimes she would wait for me to get done and make me come out to grab the towel, then laugh mischievously. I got back by walking around in my underwear, more than once I would be hard and it showed.

We weren’t sleeping together, but we were acting like boyfriend and girlfriend. We went out to dinner, to movies and the like.

I started noticing Joni would “accidentally” bump her breasts against my arm, or want a hug and hold it tightly for a long time. There were other things like when we would watch TV, she would get very close and sometimes lean up against me. Well, being a guy my mind went to how soft and feminine she was, her curves, and how sexy I found her. I had to stop walking around in my shorts because every time I thought about her I would get hard, and I couldn’t let her see me walking around with an almost constant hard on.

Then things changed, I was having a bad work week. Friday I came home and I was dirty, tired and worn out. When I got into the house Joni told me to get undressed and into the tub. She had made a nice soothing bath for me, I was so grateful.

I was relaxing with my eyes closed when I heard the door open. I looked up and saw Joni started to get undressed! I almost shouted “what are you doing?” but kept my voice even and low. To my surprise she stripped very quickly and slipped into Maltepe Escort the tub. She leaned her back against my chest and then grabbed my hands. She put my hands on her breasts, her nipples were hard and firm. Even though she was my sister I couldn’t resist, I started rolling her nipples between my finger and thumb. Wow! Did it feel good!

She sat there a minute then said, “Paden, you are my brother and you are probably going to think I am some kind of pervert, but here goes. I am in love with you. Not like a brother, but a lover and I think we should start sharing the bed.” Then she got up and left. Well, I was so turned on I had to relieve myself, I thought I was going to blow my load forever.

The next day she went shopping with some friends and I had time to think. I started asking myself how I thought about her, and found that I loved her also, not as a sister, but as a lover.

We had a coffee table that was rather sturdy. I put a bunch of blankets and sheets on top, then I put a pillow at one end. When she got home I told her to go get undressed, take a shower and wrap herself in a towel, then lay on the table for the best massage she would ever have. She came back and got on the table with her back to me. I started on her feet then started working my way up her legs. When I got to her butt I moved the towel a bit and started massaging her butt cheeks under the towel. Then I let my thumbs slip down toward her pussy. She spread her legs a bit to give me better access, and I used it. I rubbed my thumbs deeper and deeper till I hit her pussy. I was kind of surprised at how wet she was. I pushed a thumb into her and swirled it. She let out a moan that I was sure the neighbor could hear. Mecidiyeköy Escort I rolled it around a few times, then felt her shaking, it hadn’t taken more than a minute of this when I felt her pussy clinching and pussy juice dripped out.

Joni rolled over and said “don’t stop now.” So I didn’t.

I buried my face in her pussy and started lapping. I found her clit and started using my lips to kind of chew on it. She started bucking her hips, I reached up and started rolling her nipples in my fingers. She was moaning and giggling, then she said, “Pinch my nipples.” I wasn’t sure how hard, so I did it gently at first.

“Harder, harder” she whispered.

“Oh, that’s it” she said as she pushed her pussy harder into my face.

I don’t know how long I licked and sucked her pussy, but it seemed like a long time. Not that I’m complaining, I was enjoying myself. I enjoyed giving her pleasure.

Then she grabbed my head and pulled me up on top of her and wrapped her legs around my waist.

She pulled my head down and started kissing me deeply. I hadn’t cleaned my face or mouth, so she was tasting her own juices. That was a total turn on for me, I think I get even harder!

She whispered in my ear, “I have been waiting on this for so long, don’t make me wait any longer.” I didn’t, I slipped my cock in her very wet pussy. I started pumping and she started thrusting her legs. Sometimes she would put them straight up in the air.

With all of the mental and physical stimulation it didn’t take long before I could feel it building.

Through gritted teeth I said, “I’m cumming,” as I started pulling out.

“Don’t you dare” she almost screamed. “I want to feel you explode inside me.”

I couldn’t hold it any longer and I started pumping her pussy full.

When I was spent and going limp she pushed me off and rolled me onto my back and started licking and sucking my limp cock.

When she had cleaned every drop off the outside and inside my cock she said “let’s go to the bedroom, I think it would be a bit more comfortable.”

I love my sister, not as a sister, but as a lover.

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