Joey Finds a New App Ch. 05


When they finally arrived at the comic shop, it was packed, particularly because of it being a small store. In the front part of the store, there were a couple of booths setup in between the shelves and tables of comics. There was a counter at the back split in two with a pathway to an open part in the back with tables, a snack bar and bathrooms. The two booths up front were decked out in Overwatch and Epic gear in one and decks and boosters at the second. Everyone checked in and received their decks and booster pack. The girls got 2 extra booster packs and a discount coupon for gear at the other booth since they were in costumes. There were a couple actresses there dressed in sexy costumes like Julie and Stacey and a DJ was playing some music while people shopped, mingled and bought stacks.

Stacey and Julie were checking out the gear booth and the boys stood back taking in the scene.

“Hey, guys. Not sure how to talk about all that’s happened today, but I hope you aren’t freaked out or anything,” Steve said discreetly to Kevin and Joey.

“Are you kidding?! That ride over here was awesome, man,” Kevin jumped in with enthusiasm.

“Yeah, man. I’m totally cool. Why wouldn’t I be? I just lost my virginity to two girls back-to-back,” Joey said smiling.

“Thanks…and you’re not weirded out by the stuff I did?” Steve asked.

“I’m not. I thought it was hot the way the girls made you do stuff. And I didn’t mind the ending at all actually,” Kevin responded.

“Well, if we keep talking about it, it’s going to be obvious how I feel about it all, because despite having multiple blows today, I’m getting worked up. Yeah, I’m cool with what you have going on Steve to answer you straight,” Joey said while putting his hand on Steve’s shoulder and squeezing lightly.

“Yeah. Right now, let’s enjoy the eye candy and see what this game is all about,” Kevin said.

The boys walked up to the girls to see what they were up to and get on with the night. They found the girls buying some jewelry, some handbag, a couple of temporary tats and a dashboard ornament for Steve’s car.

“Oh, hi sweetie. I think I want to buy something for you, but you can’t see it yet. So, I just need your card or some cash and then I need you to go over there and wait for me,” Stacey said to Steve while kissing him on the cheek.

Steve handed Stacey his card and turned to head to the back with Kevin and Joey.

“Joey, wait here. I need your help picking it out for my Stevie,” Stacey called.

Joey turned back and Kevin, Julie and Steve headed to the back room to find a spot in one of the groups tables.

“Joey. I’m not sure what color would look best on Stevie… or I might say I’m not sure what color you and I would want to see on him. What do you think?” Stacey said pointing at a couple costumes hanging in the back of the booth. “I’m not sure if the yellow one or the pink one would look better,” Stacey inquired.

Joey looked at the rack of costumes on the back wall of the booth and saw similar outfits to what Stacey and Julie were wearing tonight and was a little taken aback, but then smiled as he imagined Steve in either outfit on his knees servicing him and Stacey together. Then he imagined his brother or sister in one of these outfits and really started to get worked up.

“Stacey. This is a really hard question. They both look hot, big time,” Joey started. “Actually, I think the pink one would work best. But I want to buy two more outfits to take home. Can you buy mine with your discount and I’ll almanbahis adres Ven you the money later?” Joey asked excitedly.

“Sure, sweetie. Which one?” Stacey replied.

“Well, I need another pink one, probably one size bigger than Steve. and I need an extra or maybe 2XL on the yellow one,” Joey asked.

“I got you honey. Go on and I’ll meet you guys in the back before the tourney,” Stacey said walking up to the booth.

Joey went and joined the others, excited about things to come over the coming days. His head was spinning with all the opportunities for some hot sex and changes in his friendship not to mention family dynamics. He couldn’t believe the things that had happened already and felt confident that he would continue to be surprised about things to come.

The night continued as any normal RPG gaming night would have with Steve, Kevin and Joey participating in different events and ranking up. As it turned out, Joey fell out of the tournament first, while Kevin and Steve went on to qualify for the Patriots team. It would take another 3 rounds to determine who the Patriot team would be and then qualify to go to regionals and compete in the big time. Joey took his cards and packed up to hang out with the spectators and peruse the comic tables and booths still very active at this point in the night.

While perusing around, Joey noticed Stacey and Julie getting hit on by several boys and decided to sit back and watch. He was enjoying being a spectator in this arena and watching his previous fuck mates walk around the room and flirt with boys was kind of a free feeling. At one point, Stacey noticed Joey sitting alone and walked over and sat on his lap.

“Well, big boy. Are you all done for the night?” Stacey asked.

“Yeah. So, it seems,” Joey answered. “But I sure am enjoying the view.”

“I bet you are. What about the view that’s right here in front of you?” Stacey asked enticingly.

“The view is good from here, buuuuuuut it could be better. What do you supposed I should to improve the view?” Joey asked.

“Well, I guess if were able to change the scenery that would help. Wanna try outside?” Stacey said seductively.

Joey picked Stacey up, stood and set her down. He walked out front of the comic shop with Stacey in tow. It was just beginning to get dark outside and the only shops still open were the Chinese restaurant and the grocery store down the other end. They walked out to Steve’s car and Stacey immediately climbed in the back seat and laid down with her legs open and up on the back and front seat. She must have removed her underwear at some point because Joey could see her wet and dripping pussy waiting and spread wide open. He unzipped his pants and climbed in and shut the door while pulling his pants off and slid up between her legs. Stacey reached down grasping Joey’s cock and guided it to her pussy.

“Joey. I can’t stop thinking about your cock and how good it made me feel. Please fuck me,” Stacey begged.

Joey slowly slid his cock into the folds of her pussy. It was just an amazing feeling; so wet and hot on his dick he was pretty sure fucking was his absolute favorite feeling in the world.

“Oh, yes! More, more. I need it all Joey! Stuff my pussy! I want to be so stretched out so Stevie can’t even feel me anymore!” she begged.

Joey pushed more and more of his cock in, trying to go slowly to avoid hurting her; however, she reached back grabbing his ass cheeks and pulled him in so hard, he bottomed out before he knew it.

“Yes! almanbahis adresi That’s it. I want it all! I love that my pussy is so stretched right now. Stevie’s dick is so small I’ll never feel it again!” she practically screamed. “Fuck me, Joey!”

Joey started with short deep strokes bottoming out with each movement. She was pulling him into be sure he was going as deep as possible and lifting her hips up to meet him as well. Joey was learning quickly how to use his tool to get women to cum as he started grinding his hips into her on the downstroke. Her eyes were rolling up in her head and she loudly moaned every time he did this maneuver. She cried out in her first orgasm and Joey had to stop for a second to before she allowed him to move again. He begun moving again after she calmed for a second and now was pulling his dick out further and further before slamming back into wet pussy. It almost felt like she had wet herself during her orgasm as Joey’s lap was now getting wet. She was watching him intently while he fucked her, begging him with her eyes. She began yelping again every time Joey slammed into her and she was pushing her hips up off the seat to meet each thrust.

“Oh, yes Joey! You’re gonna make me cum again! DO IT! FUCK ME!” she screamed.

Joey slammed into her hard over and over until she lashed out and grabbed him across his back, digging her nails into his shirt and practically stabbing him. Her hips were up off the seat and seemingly hanging from his cock while she came again. This time Joey didn’t stop, he kept fucking her just as hard eventually slamming her back into the seat where she continued to scream in orgasm while Joey slammed into her. He was close to releasing as well and did not want to stop now. With just a couple dozen more strokes he managed to keep Stacey in a constant orgasm on his cock while he finally felt his own getting close to erupting inside her.

“Fill me, Joey! Give Stevie something to eat! He loves to eat your cum!” she teased knowing that would push him over the edge.

Joey slammed one last hard thrust into and proceeded to dump his load into Stacey. He came stronger than he imagined he could after a day of fucking and shooting cum over and over. He could feel his cock pulsing and flooding inside of her pussy and just held his cock there while she squeezed her pussy lips to coerce more and more from him. When he finally finished, he collapsed on top of Stacey while catching his breath; after a few seconds, the back door opened.

At the door behind the surprised Joey and Stacey was Julie and Steve both smiling and looking at them expectantly.

“Alright, Joey. It’s our turn,” Julie called.

Julie pushed a willing Steve down to his knees outside the car door where Joey was now getting into a seated position after pulling out of Stacey’s soaking wet pussy. His whole lap was soaked in Stacey’s juices and his cock was a complete mess of cum from each of them. Steve crawled forward as Julie urged him and began licking Joey clean while both girls watched. He slid his tongue up and down the now familiar shaft and closing his lips around to slurp up cum all along the huge cock.

“Wow, brother! If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re getting quite addicted to Joey’s cum,” she teased him. “That’s right, Stevie. Suck all that cum off Joey so we can get to the real dish.”

Steve looked up at Stacey and Joey while he continued licking and sucking the cum from his lap, cock and balls. Joey just watched in pure fascination almanbahis adresi and lust. He couldn’t wait to get this far with his brother and sister. Then he imagined his little-dicked dad doing this for his mom and started to get excited again.

“Alright big boy. Let’s not get to carried away. There’s other cleaning to be done,” Julie said while pulling Steve back. Joey reluctantly pulled his jeans up and Julie helped him out of the car.

“Now you go up front and calm that thing down while I take care of my brother,” Julie said while kissing him on the lips.

Steve climbed in and started to dive right for Stacey’s pussy, before Julie grabbed him by the belt and held him back.

“Not so fast! Let me get in here with you so we can all enjoy the show,” Julie said while scooting in where Joey just was and instructing Stacey to get on her knees. She then guided Steve across the seat to lay on his back while Stacey immediately sat down on his face and started grinding her hips and moaning. Julie pulled Steve’s feet in the door and closed it, proceeded to pull his pants and briefs down revealing his hard and tiny cock.

She started stroking it with just her forefinger and thumb while watching him eat Stacey’s pussy clean. By now, Joey was in the front seat spectating the scene before him and getting worked up again. Steve was slurping licking and Joey could see Stacey flexing her stomach muscles to push more cum into his mouth. Both he and Stacey were moaning loudly. Julie continued stroking her brother who was clearly near orgasm himself. Julie held her hand over his small dick and continued stroking him while Stacey ground into her boyfriend’s face harder and harder.

Suddenly, Steve shook and Joey could see he was shooting his cum into Julie’s hand creating a small pool of cum. When he finished, he kept eating Stacey’s pussy until she came again shaking and grinding. Julie helped Steve up from his position and held her hand out for him while he proceeded to lick and suck it clean.

“Gosh, brother. You really know how to drive us girls crazy,” Julie said while rubbing the back of his head and holding her other hand to his mouth.

When Steve finished, he pulled his pants back on and climbed out of the back seat to get up front with Joey. He turned in his seat to face the girls, smiling somewhat sheepishly as they both sighed watching the boys up front. Stacey smiled at Steve and pointed to the corner of her mouth indicating that he had something on his face. Embarrassed Steve proceeded to push the remnants of cum into his mouth and suck his finger clean.

“Well, I think Kevin will be finishing up soon as they were on the last round when we came out,” Julie said. “I don’t know about you guys, but I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight.” She continued and pulled out her phone from her bra and started texting.

Joey pulled out his phone and discreetly pulled up the app to make a few adjustments that had come to mind today. He pulled up both his brother and father and added a couple changes to their schedule. He wanted to get them both to be like Steve so he could reproduce some of the fun had tonight at home as well. He also added some more to the changes he already had scheduled for his brother. They would both wake up tomorrow with 2-inch dicks and tiny balls, sparse pubic hair, small loads and both with an even more submissive demeanor. For Adam, he added some additional fat to his thighs and ass and made his waist a slight bit thinner. For his mother and sister, he made both more dominant and gave them even more curves than he had earlier in the day. He was pretty sure only he would pick up most of the changes, since he resisted going full hilt to avoid everyone freaking out. He couldn’t wait to see what everyone would look like tomorrow!

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