Joe’s Therapy Ch. 02


When they arrived at her house he put his things in the basement, and joined her upstairs in the bathroom.

“Slave, get naked, have you ever drank urine?”

“No, Mistress never.”

“Well, your toilet training is starting now. On your knees, I will straddle your open mouth and pee in it, when your mouth is full, touch me, I will stop the flow. You will keep it in your mouth and drink it when I say so.”

He knelt down and she filled his mouth three times. On the third time he choked and spilled some.

“Slave, lick up your mess. When you are finish clean your mouth and join me in the bedroom.”

He licked his mess, the taste of her urine was salty, but not so bad, he felt so lucky, for once in his life a mistake had paid up, and she was stunning, she was tall;6 feet barefooted, an angel face, blue eyes, an hourglass figure. Why would such a beauty be interested in him?

He walked in the bedroom wearing his PJ’s. She was in her king size bed reading on her tablet, wearing only a T-shirt.

She looked up and said:

“Slave you are to be naked at all time in the house, even if I entertain guests. You will sleep on the floor at the end of the bed. You did better than I expected in the bathroom, tomorrow we will start on solids, and you had a light taste of what is to come in my office tonight when you cleaned my ass. Now get in between my legs and start kissing my knees and move up, do it slowly.”

He discarded his PJ, tried to hide his erection and jumped in between her legs as he was getting close enough to her sex to feel the heat, she turned over;

“Keep on moving up, you are to worship my ass, start by kissing my asshole then push your tongue in it as far as it will go and lick the walls, it will help you get use to the taste.”

He was enthusiastic in his efforts, although the taste was unpleasant, but it was coming from her. When she was satisfied she pushed his head away and told him she wanted to sleep, that he was to get on the floor.

He felt her feet on his face and when he opened his eyes she was smiling at him;

“Come with me in the bathroom, I need to pee.”

He followed her starring at her gorgeous ass.

When they got there, he knelt down and opened his mouth.

“Good initiative slave, you got in position without being told”

She said as she was peeing in his mouth a mouthful at a time. He did not spill a drop and she patted him on the head, the taste was stronger but he managed, after all it was coming from her.

“I want scramble eggs and coffee, brew a full carafe, you are not to eat this morning. Take these sivas escort two vitamin pills”

She got in the shower.

Swallowing his pills he went to prepare her breakfast; the kitchen was fully equipped he would enjoy using that equipment to cook for her. He had to search for everything from the pan to the eggs. As he was serving her plate, she walked in wearing a bright yellow summer dress; he poured her coffee asking her how she liked it.

“Black, kneel on the floor beside me we have to go over some basic rules and duties. You are to speak only when spoken to. You will do all the housework. You can be dressed to cut the grass, clean the pool, wash my car, or any other task outside.”

“I will sit on your face a lot, not to please you, but because I like it. We will meet with a lawyer to sign a contract that will bind you to me. You are to quit your job, I will write your resignation, and you are to get rid of your apartment. Your fantasy reached some of my desires and it is my needs that come first. Remember that you are here to serve me, you are my slave!”

“Whenever I will be having a meal, you are to get in this position: sit on the floor and lay your head back on my chair, I will sit on your face and you will put your tongue up my ass as far as it goes. We will use that position to feed you when you will be able to eat my shit fast enough.”

“Also, I will use you for all my toilet needs. Maybe you will not like reality as much as your fantasy, but remember you ask for it, in writing.”

She sent him to the bathroom where she joined him. He was kneeling down with a hard on that she notice, when she walked up to him, turned around and ordered;

“Get your head under my dress, put your lips around my asshole and make a seal, I will push a stool in your mouth swallow as much as you can then bite it off, I will try to hold back, I do not know if I can, it is the first time I shit in a human toilet. If it falls on the floor you can eat it later.”

He was already in position, so he nodded his head, he had dreamed about that scene often, so he put his tongue in her asshole and felt a stool coming, it was moving in his mouth, then it reached his throat that he open and he started to swallow.

She was surprised that he had not bitten off the first stool so she took a step forward and turned around.

“Tell me how you were able to eat that stool? Have you done this before?”

“Mistress Diane, I have never done that before, I have visualized myself doing this in this position for a Mistress, not as beautiful as you, so when çorum escort your stool reached my throat I opened it and swallowed to keep up with you. I ask forgiveness for not biting it off.”

“I am pleased and surprised that you ate it, I have some more, so we will test you on your back.”

He lay down and she straddled his head, lifted her dress, he saw her beautiful ass lowering toward his face as she sat down on his mouth.

His erection was so hard. He stuck his tongue out and felted it being pushed out by a stool; he opened his throat right away because it was coming faster. It was a long one. The third one was smaller and he heard;

“You did good slave. Do not wash your mouth before 15 minutes to educate your mouth. Now, clean my ass, then serve me a coffee in the living room.”

She got up and went to her computer in the living room. He was feeling queasy as he was cleaning the kitchen, but so happy to have been able to service her the way she wanted, he had nearly ejaculated when she was feeding him, the taste was awful, a lot worse than he had imagined in his dreams, but it was from her so he would get used to it. He loved the humiliation. He had brushed his teeth and had shaved when she walked in on him.

“On your knees, I need to pee. Because you kept up with me earlier, you will put your lips on mine and make a seal, swallow to keep up.”

She straddled his open mouth and started to pee, he was a willing slave and a better toilet than she had hoped for.

He struggled a little at the beginning when his mouth was filling up but he gulped it down and it got easier afterward.

“Lick me clean”

She pushed him down and was sitting on his chest when she said;

“Eat me, give me an orgasm. You need to practice your skills at cunnilingus.”

When she started coming with his tongue in her vagina, her juices flowing in his mouth, he nearly shot his load.

He dressed up and found a lawn mower in the garage; it was in order and started on the first pull. After cutting the grass, he washed her car and cleaned the pool. He walked back in got naked and asked her what she wanted for lunch.

“A toasted bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich with a light touch of mayo. Where were you?”

“Outside doing my chores, Mistress.”

“You have to tell me first. I will have iced tea and chips with my lunch. Bring it here.”

He went and prepared her meal, when he served it she was standing up beside her chair and he remembered that she would sit on his face and that he was to stick his tongue up her ass, denizli escort which gave him another erection. He got in position and she lifted her dress and sat on his mouth, when his tongue was up her ass;

“I have written your resignation and dated it for next Monday. You will go to the grocery store and get a steak for tonight, a salad and baked potatoes as side dishes, and get some red wine. You will have to buy a small used car to run your errands, you have a budget of two grand.”

She was heavy on his face and he was happy just to be under her beautiful ass and he tried his best to give her pleasure. All he could see with his nose wedge in her crack was part of her two round cheeks and the fabric of her dress.

She thought that he must really like the taste of her shit by the way he was rimming her. She loved engulfing his face in her ass.

“Get your tongue out.”

She passed a gas in his mouth, which surprised him a bit.

“Get your tongue in, hope you like the taste because I will fart in your mouth whenever I want to, slave.”

When she finished her lunch, she went back on the internet and sent an e-mail to her lawyer giving her the details of the contract and the will she wanted her to draft, and asked for an appointment as soon as possible.

On his way to the store, in the bus, he was having another erection thinking about his Mistress, she was cruel and beautiful.

Her long shapely legs topped by the nicest ass he had ever seen. He was proud to have given her a few orgasms with his mouth, but her shit tasted so bad he had had problems to keep it down.

She had farted in his mouth for the first time at lunch and that tasted very bad too. Her morning piss was strong tasting; he would have to get use to that too.

There was no turning back for him, he was hooked on the pleasure he got from serving her, mostly on knowing that he had been and would be her toilet. He went to his old apartment, checked that he had not forgotten anything. The landlord accepted to void his lease in exchange for a month rent, he gave him his new address, picked up his groceries and left.

When he got home, he got naked, put away the groceries and went to salute his gorgeous Mistress,

“Ah you are back, just in time on your knees, remember to make a seal with your lips on mine.”

She let go her flow hitting the back of his mouth hard. He nearly choked, breathe in and started gulping down her piss. When she was done she said;

“Cunnilingus practice time, lay down on your back.”

She sat down on his chest, then moved her cunt forward to his mouth and coached him so well that she had a few orgasms. He had a talented tongue; he only needed some education she would keep on teaching him to her liking. He was drinking her juices when she was climaxing on his face and it was driving him crazy with lust, when she reached back and strokes his penis a few times.

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