Jim’s Discoveries Ch. 04 – Barb Vid


Jim‘s Discoveries

Chapter 4 – Barb‘s Video

(Author ‘s note: Each installment of Jim’s Discoveries can be enjoyed by themselves, but some of the references will make the most sense if they are read in order.)

While Barb and I were still together, I had gotten a camcorder as a raffle prize at work. Around the same time, I had discovered the world of amateur porn, and found it to be really hot. I had asked Barb about making a video, but she said she really didn’t like the idea. She had been heavy in high school, and her boobs were somewhat saggy as a result, and she was self-conscious about it. While they weren’t super firm, I certainly didn’t find them to be a turn-off, and had told her so. But she still wasn’t comfortable with the idea, even though we had watched several amateur porn videos together, and she was able to see that the people in the videos weren’t body perfect; they were just regular people who were getting off by having sex and being watched.

One day, I came up with an idea that I thought might work. Barb and I had broken up by this point, but were still occasional sex partners. I called her and asked her if she wanted to come over, as I had something I wanted to talk with her about. She agreed and was at my house about thirty minutes later.

“Barb, I know we’ve talked a few times about making a home video, and I think I’ve got an idea that would let you be comfortable, while still making a really hot video. Can I tell you my idea?”

She said sure, that she knew it was something I had been wanting to do. I told her that my idea was that she would give me a blowjob in the video. I said, “You could do it without being naked if you wanted. Besides, nobody gives head as well as you do, and I think it would look great on video.” I told her that I had some more details that I would share with her if she was okay with the idea.

She asked me who would see the video. “No one besides the two of us. I promise.”

“Okay, if you can promise me, then I am happy to hear more details,” she said.

“So the scene opens with me putting on a suit. The camera shows you, and you’re in bed, sleeping. You get up, stretch, say good morning, go pee, then come back, check my tie, and we chat for just a minute. You ask how much time I have before my taxi gets here, and when I tell you, you smile and ease down to your knees, take my cock out, and suck it. Afterwards, you tuck it back in my slacks and kiss me goodbye.”

“That sounds good, except you know I sleep naked, so when I get up, I’m going to be right there, droopy boobs and all.”

“Barb, first of all, there’s nothing wrong with your boobs. Also, it’s a video. In the video, you can wear one of my t-shirts to bed. Hey, I’m not really going to an out-of-town business meeting, either, so we’re doing something that’s not our reality.”

I told her that I had been reading some articles on how to make a good video, and one of the things they said was you had to ‘open up’ to the camera. I explained that instead of facing each other straight on, as we normally would, that we would both turn a little bit towards the camera, which meant fewer shadows on camera, and it could see more of what was going on. Plus, I told her, by angling slightly sideways, my dick would look bigger.

“It’s already big, but the concept makes sense,” she said. “Were you going to set the camera on a tripod, or were you going to have someone film us, because I’m not sure how comfortable I’d be doing that while someone filmed us, even if it was a friend, especially when I’m probably going to flash the camera my pussy when I get out of bed.”

I reminded her that my friend, Mike, had already seen her pussy at that party, but that I was planning on using a tripod. I also said that even if she didn’t flash the camera getting out of bed, that I was going to get some nice views when she was stretching and peeing.

“I can’t promise you I’ll be able to pee on camera,” she said. “You know I don’t even pee when we’re together in your shower.”

I told her that for the blowjob scene, I’d have a rolled-up towel for her to kneel on, so she wasn’t kneeling directly on the wood floor. I also said that when I was about to cum, that I wanted her to pull back a couple of inches, so the camera could capture the cumshot.

“Keep stroking me with your hand, but I want to see it on camera. If it shoots into your mouth, that’s great. If it gets close, that’s okay, too. After two or three spurts, you can put it back in your mouth if you want to. Also, I want to know which hand you’ll use to stroke it, because I’m going to want the camera on the other side, so that your hand and wrist don’t hide things.”

Barb said she thought she normally used her right hand, but that she wasn’t certain. “Well, we could do a dress rehearsal and figure it out,” I said. That would also help us get used to the ‘open up’ positioning. She smiled and began peeling off her clothes. bursa eskort bayan I got her a t-shirt and took off my pants and boxers and put on my suit slacks. She looked at me quizzically, and I said that no, I don’t normally go commando when I wear a suit, but that the boxers might get in the way and that it wouldn’t really show on camera, anyway.

She still had her panties on, and I told her that they needed to go in order to make it a real dress rehearsal. She pulled them to her ankles, stepped out of them, and tossed them to me. I put the crotch to my nose and inhaled deeply, which got a wicked smile from Barb. I loved the musky smell of her arousal, and it was clear that this had her turned on.

Barb climbed into bed and I walked over to the sink. “Okay, so once we show you in bed and me at the sink, you wake up and get out of bed. Don’t go out of your way to be demure, but don’t just flagrantly give the camera a beaver shot.”

Barb got up, and I got a quick, fairly modest view of her bush. No pussy lips, just her brown curly patch. She ran her fingers through her hair as she stood.

“Now, start by lacing your fingers and stretching them high above your head and arch your back a little.” As she stretched, the t-shirt rode up just as I thought it would, fully exposing her bush. As she brought her arms back down, the shirt covered her again.

“The next stretch is going to be with your feet a little farther apart. Bend forward and try to touch the floor with your fingers. I’m going to have the camera behind you for this one.” As I said it, I walked around behind her.

“What, so your goal here is to get a shot of my asshole?” she asked.

“Sure. Your pussy, too. What’s not to like about the view?”

Barb shrugged and stretched forward. As she did, the shirt again rode up, showing her butt. As she continued to bend forward, the view changed, and I was now looking at her asshole and her pussy lips, which were parted enough that I could see her pink inner lips.

Barb straightened back up, and I went back to the sink, acting like I was adjusting my tie. “How’d that look?” she asked. I told her it looked delicious, which evoked another grin. “Do you really want me to pee?” she asked. I said I did if she was able to, but I didn’t want to force it, so if she couldn’t, she would just be off-camera and come back. She headed for the toilet, but after a minute or so, she pushed the door shut. I could hear her peeing, but it was pretty clear that she wasn’t going to go on camera.

While she was in the water closet, I took the bath towel and rolled it up and set it on the counter. When she came out, she came over, pretended to adjust my tie, said, “Brief conversation goes here,” and dropped slowly to her knees.

She knelt on the towel and unzipped my slacks. She took out my cock, looked up at me, and took it into her mouth. One thing I’ve always loved, was to be sucked to an erection, but because my cock is, to this day, very quick to respond, it’s rare that I’m not already fully hard by the time it’s in her mouth. This time, because I was thinking about so many different things, it was still soft, so not only did I get to enjoy getting hard while she sucked it, but she was able to take the entire thing into her mouth to begin.

Before long, I was rock hard, and my length and girth made it impossible for her to take my entire erect cock into her mouth. There were angles where she could, but this wasn’t one of them, so she focused on the first couple of inches with her mouth and wrapped her hand around the shaft and stroked me in coordination with her head bobbing.

I remembered the notion of opening up, so I shifted my right foot, which turned my hips out slightly. She got the hint and turned as well. The sensation was different, as it was no longer possible for her teeth not to come in contact with my cock, and while I didn’t dislike the sensation, it definitely felt unusual.

At one point, I asked her to stop and suck on my balls. She let my cock slip out of her mouth, but kept stroking it with her hand. She pointed it up towards her forehead, and as she did that, my balls followed it out of the fly of my slacks. She licked one, then the other, then sucked them into her mouth, one at a time. It had taken me some time to get comfortable with my balls being sucked, but now I really liked it, and Barb loved sucking on them. My balls are really big, but my sack is nearly hairless, and Barb rarely passed up a chance to work on them.

After spending some time on each of them, she took my cock back in her mouth. Because she had been jacking it while she sucked my balls, I was getting pretty close, and Barb could tell, because she was sucking with more intensity than before. I reminded her to pull back a little when I was about to cum, and that I would warn her before I did, but that it wouldn’t be long.

She sped up even faster, and in less than a minute I hit the point of no return. bursa merkez escort I said, “Okay, now.” She pulled her mouth off me and stroked me towards her. She had her mouth open and was only about three inches from the head. Her eyes were open and she was watching, as her hand flew up and down my shaft. As she did, a drop appeared at the tip, then burst forth towards her mouth. Some of it went in her open mouth, but it arced, and she got some of it on her lips and her cheek. Three more spurts landed in or near her mouth before she took it back between her lips to catch the remaining jets.

Barb kept licking and sucking me until after my orgasm had subsided. She continued to swallow the remnant dribbles of cum, until she had gotten them all, and my cock began to soften. Once it had, she let it drop from her mouth, tucked it back into my slacks, and carefully zipped me up.

She stood up, and I got a good look at her face. There was cum on her upper and lower lips, her chin, and her left cheek. She was a mess, but in a very good way.

“Well, do I get the part?” she asked, with a smile.

“Well, unless you know someone else who gives a better blowjob than you and is willing to let me cum on her face on camera, yes, you very definitely got the part,” I said. She used the shirt to wipe my load off her face, we both got dressed, and headed to a nearby dive bar for a drink.

We decided to shoot the video three days later. We both had Saturdays off work, so the timing was perfect. I had been reading and re-reading tips from the pros on how to make your video look great, and one of the things they stressed the most was to let the camera roll, even though it’s going to catch you stopping the action to move it around. ‘Don’t try to edit while you’re shooting the scene.’ It said to make note of the time stamps and to connect it to a VCR, where you can record and pause accordingly. It also stressed having good lighting, which I had covered, between the room lights, the lamps, and the sunlight. I also refrained from jerking off, hoping to maximize the volume and intensity of my ejaculate.

When Barb got there, we chatted for a bit. Just idle chatter at first. I could tell she was a little nervous, and to be honest, so was I. Not about being able to perform, but about making sure I got the shots I wanted. Eventually, the conversation turned to the video. I explained that it would take a lot longer because I would have to stop and move the camera around. If I lost my erection when I did that, she’d have to help me before I could start filming again. Also, because of the starting and stopping, it was like hitting a reset on the buildup to orgasm. If a blowjob normally took five minutes from beginning to end, every time we stopped essentially set the clock back to zero, or close to it. I said that when we were ready for the finish, I may have to jerk myself until I was close and then let her take over.

She understood, and said she was game for whatever I needed her to do. I said that I hoped we had some fun, stood up, took her hand, and led her to the bedroom.

Barb looked around the bedroom and bathroom, noting all the additional lights, plus the tripod-mounted camcorder. I stripped off my jeans and polo and put on a suit. Barb peeled out of her clothes and asked me for a t-shirt. We tried a couple of shirts that weren’t long enough to cover her ass when her arms were down, and that didn’t seem very realistic. I finally found one that was a little longer, and she put it on.

Once we were in our outfits, I turned on all the lights and had Barb get into bed. She shook her hair so it didn’t look freshly brushed, and pulled the covers up. I hit the ‘record’ button and walked into position for the first shot. Once I was there, I called, “Action!” and began putting on a tie.

After I had it around my neck and flipped my collar back down, I called, “Cut!” went to the camera and paused the recording. The next shot was of Barb waking up, so I had to move the camera, so it was now pointing at her as she ‘slept’. I lowered the tripod and resumed recording.

Barb lay there for a few seconds, then stirred and opened her eyes. She pushed back the covers and sat on the side of the bed with her legs on the rug. Her legs were slightly apart, but the shirt made enough of a shadow, that you couldn’t really tell if you were seeing anything or not.

As she stood, it took just a fraction of a second for the shirt to drop over her hips, but long enough that it was clear she had nothing else on. After taking a deep breath, she stretched her hands above her head, her fingers interlaced. Just as it had in the rehearsal, the shirt rode up as she stretched, revealing her light-brown mons. Her feet were shoulder-width apart, and her lips pulled open slightly. Because I had lowered the tripod, the camera was at a perfect height to get the best view of her lovely nethers. Her arms came back down, and bursa sınırsız escort bayan with it, the shirt.

I called, “Cut!” to move the camera back behind her, and realized I would be in the background, so I had to start recording, walk back into position, then call, “Action!” before she did the second stretch. She bent at the waist, and touched the floor with her hands, held the pose for several seconds, then stood up straight again.

I headed back to the camera and paused it before she moved. I asked her to do that stretch again, but this time, I zoomed in on things. Just as during rehearsal, when she bent over, her ass came into view, and as she continued bending, her pussy lips not only became visible, but pulled slightly apart. Finally, her asshole was plainly visible, as well. I wanted to stick my tongue in her, but that wasn’t part of the story.

I paused again after she stood back up. She was laughing and asking why I insisted on shooting that scene twice. I said it was a blind shot the first time, and I wanted to make sure the camera was able to see her lady parts. She said that I was like a little boy in my fascination for seeing her pussy. I asked her if she would prefer that I didn’t get a thrill from seeing her naked, and she said no, that she appreciated it, but that she thought I was a little strange for doing so. I laughed and asked her what she thought the appeal of men’s magazines was. I said it sure as hell weren’t the articles about fashion or stereos; it was the naked women. She grinned and said that I was right, that she hadn’t thought of it that way.

Things were pretty uneventful until we got to our dialog just before the blowjob. The start and stop to move the camera around was more time-consuming than I had expected, and it never occurred to me that the time it took was significant enough that the natural light was changing as the sun tracked across the sky.

Finally, Barb asked about my ‘cab’, then smiled and slowly dropped to her knees. As soon as she reached for my zipper, I stopped to move the camera and zoomed in.

Once I had the camera angle I wanted, I started it rolling again and walked back into the scene. I reminded Barb that we needed to make sure we were at least a little opened toward the camera, and called, “Action!” Again, Barb had a hand on my zipper, eased it down, reached in, and pulled out my cock. I could already feel it stirring to life, which I was trying to avoid, until she started sucking on it, but she almost immediately took it into her mouth and began working her magic. In no time, I was rock hard. She sucked and stroked for a couple of minutes, stopping once to lick the underside of the head and swirled her tongue around it.

I reluctantly called, “Cut!” in order to change the shot. I adjusted the angle slightly and zoomed out enough that we were both fully visible (I stopped just above where the towel could be seen. Even though it didn’t take long to move the shot, by the time I hit the ‘record’ button again, I had only a semi-hard cock. It was no longer pointing up at Barb’s nose when I got back into position.

“I need a fluffer!” I said.

Barb rolled her eyes, and said, “I have to do EVERYTHING around here.” Then she grinned and closed her lips around my dick. Before long, she had me fully hard again.

I called, “Action!” and she kept sucking and stroking me for a minute or so. I called, “Cut!” again and zoomed the camera back in.

I told Barb that when I called, “Action!” I wanted her to take me in and out a few more times, then lick and suck my balls while she stroked my cock with her hand like we did during the rehearsal. She nodded her head, which was different, given the mouthful of dick she had, but the communication was made.

She lifted my cock up, which pulled my balls forward, and she began working on them. I must admit that while I really enjoy having my balls being the focus of her oral efforts, it was more a way to extend the scene than anything else. Plus, I figured it would look good on screen.

After a short session of ball sucking, I pressed my cock back down towards her mouth. She got the hint and resumed the blowjob.

It felt so good, but after the stopping and starting, we’d been at this for at least thirty minutes. I had no doubt Barb’s mouth was tired and achy, and I was more than ready to cum, but because of all the interruptions of moving the camera, I wasn’t physically close.

I called, “Cut!” and told Barb that I was going to get myself close so we could finish the scene. She said that sounded good, that she was getting tired.

I left the camera rolling as I jerked off, just inches from Barb’s face. She seemed to be enjoying watching me, as she was wide-eyed and smiling.

After all the stimulation, I knew I wouldn’t need very long before I could feel the orgasm building. I had to be sure I didn’t jerk it too long, or I would cum before we could really finish the scene the way we planned, so just as I could feel myself getting close, I asked her to take over again, and called, “Action!” as soon as I was back in her mouth.

I seemed to have timed it perfectly, because I kept getting closer as she blew me, and within less than a minute, I uttered our cue that I was ready to cum. “Oh, fuck, baby!”

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