Jessica’s Life Ch. 01

Non Nude

Chapter 1 – End Of School.

Jessica seems like your average eighteen-year-old senior in high school. She has friends and enemies just like the rest, but she is seen as an introvert. She keeps to herself and works most of her free time. This is due to her home life. Jessica is a well-mannered young woman well like by her adult peers and professional in her work ethic. She is gorgeous, not that anyone could tell due to her clothing choices. She is five feet nine inches tall, a hundred and thirty pounds. She has long wavy light brown hair, reaching the middle of her back, which is normally in a ponytail. She has sharp green eyes and a cute little nose sits above her slightly puffy lips and charming smile. If the right person saw her in the right outfit, she would be on the cover of modeling magazines worldwide. Her sizable breasts are bigger than two hands can hold, and so firm. She has an active lifestyle, but her features are soft. Her butt is a perfect heart and would stop traffic if she would show it off. Instead, she wears baggy shirts over top of a tight-fitting sports bra, with baggy khaki pants. She keeps her futa side quiet, though everyone basically knows. The baggy clothes keep her under the radar, luckily baggy is the style right now. It only becomes hot topic when someone gets annoyed with her about something, then the school is a buzz for a few days and then back to normal.

Her home life however, is not typical. Her parents show little interest in her. They provide for her, keep her dressed in style, up to date with technology and well fed, but emotional support is not there. She is their only child and they are disappointed with who she is. Futas are not unheard of, but extremely rare. Her parents wanted a normal child, but were only able to conceive her after years of trying. This leads to tension in the house.

Jessica’s father, Bill, is a big wheel business man and makes exceptional money. They don’t live the life of wealthy people however and it isn’t well known. Her father is well-known as a business man and liked by most.

Her mother is a stay at home trophy wife who is a lot smarter than anyone realizes. Sensing the divide growing between her husband and herself she started planning. She will be in good shape when he leaves her. Jessica’s mother, Melodie, is also five feet nine inches tall, and weights a hundred and twenty pounds. She has nearly the same build as Jessica, except for she is not muscle toned under the soft appearance, and her butt is a little wider, being a mother. She has long wavy brown hair, that stops between her shoulder blades, that she keeps well maintained and it shows. She is straight out of the magazines hot, with her piercing blue eyes, lipstick, and painted nails. Her large, two handed each, breasts have no sag considering her age of thirty-six. She is every boy’s, and a lot of girl’s, dream and she knows it. She wears clothing that is modest, but still shows off her amazing figure. She rarely wears anything other than high heels. The height of the heels varies on activity.

Jessica works hard outside of school. She has for a several years now. She started out doing small jobs for people, yard work and what not, and as her reputation grew, she has become solely a landscaper. She does many jobs for big companies wanting to brighten their appearance to the public. Jessica has handled all aspects of landscaping, except heavy equipment. She hires and contracts out the heavy work and does the finishing touches herself. She thoroughly enjoys the work she is in and is very skilled at it. Learning new ideas and techniques for her craft come easy for her unlike somethings, like English.

“Mrs. Weaver.” A man’s voice catches her attention. “Would you continue reading for me please? My throat is getting dry.”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Tellton. I lost my place.” Jessica replies.

“Midway down page 2,287, the paragraph starts with, The.” He answers.

“There are three of them.” Jessica says to herself.

“Let’s see if you can guess which one.” Mr. Tellton says with a smile.

“The third one?” Jessica guesses.

“Very good, Mrs. Weaver.” He replies with a bigger smile. “Please finish the page for me.”

“Yes sir.” Jessica says, then reads the page as good as him and he has read this numerous times.

“Thank you, Mrs. Weaver.” He says when she is done. “There will be a test on the last to chapters we have gone over tomorrow. Be prepared. Can I see you after class Mrs. Weaver.” Jessica nods and the bell rings, the class empties as Jessica approaches the desk.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Tellton.” Jessica starts to explain.

“That isn’t why I asked to see you, Jessica.” He says stopping her and dropping the formality. “My wife has been beaming over those roses you planted. We have enough saved now for you to start the second stage, if you have time. Though you seem quite distracted lately.”

“I have already told you, Mr. Tellton.” Jessica replies. “You over payed me last time. I got a great deal on those roses and want to pass the savings to you. I just need you to tell me what color you want.” He nods her Kumköy escort offer away, Jessica sighs at his and his wife’s stubbornness. “I have been distracted. This new job for the bank is tough. I have a hard time coming up with a pattern scheme when the colors they want are so horrible.” They both laugh lightly.

“You’re the best we have seen. I am sure you will figure it out.” He says. “Lisa will call you when she finally decides on a color. She goes back and forth.”

“Your wife is so sweet.” Jessica replies. “She must have asked me a million times if I wanted a drink or something to eat last time I was there working.” Mr. Tellton smiles warmly.

“She is my angel.” He says. “I just hope, Lord willing, she can have a child of her own, before we are too old to enjoy them.” He has never gotten personal, outside of school or inside, like this with her in any of their many talks.

Mark Tellton, and his wife, Lisa, are both in their mid-forties. He is an average looking man with short brown hair, starting to gray, brown eyes and a well-trimmed beard.

Lisa is an attractive woman, better than average. She has red hair, that she wears in a pony tail that extends to the base of her neck. Her freckle face seems young, with no wrinkles and soft blue eyes. Her breasts are smaller than Jessica’s, but still the subject of several fantasies of Jessica’s. Her body is also slim with slight curves. Jessica has masturbated to the older, slightly shorter, woman several times, and plans to several more.

“As busy as you are it surprises me you are able to maintain your grades.” He says changing the subject. “A strong B here and I hear the other teachers saying you do as good if not better with them.”

“It’s a struggle sometimes.” Jessica chuckles.

“Keep it up and I am sure everything will work out for you.” He replies. “You better get to class. I don’t want to be the reason you’re late.” Jessica nods, and waves as she exits the door.

Jessica gets home after dark, which is common for her on a weekday. This Tuesday was particularly long, a project got extended and she needed to make arrangements for the machine operator. When she enters the house the feel of the atmosphere tells her something is wrong. As she is walking through the house headed to her room, her father emerges quickly carrying a bag of possessions and a scowl on his face. He doesn’t even acknowledge her as he brushes by and out the door. Jessica assumes it’s a business meeting and blows it off until she hears something shatter in her mother’s room. She looks in to see her enraged mother busting her father’s possessions in a trash can. She looks at the door and sees Jessica, her eyes narrow and she storms to slam the door. Luckily Jessica was clear and the door slams without injury. Jessica turns and goes to her room.

She isn’t in her room long before her mother calls her to the living room. She explains to Jessica that her father has left her, not Jessica, and that they would most likely never see him again. She also explains that she expected this, due to not having another child, a normal one, only Jessica, that they started to hate each other. Her mother grabbed a bottle of liquor from the cabinet and started drinking. Jessica became the bartender. Her mother speaking to her as if she were a stranger and not her daughter, who was left also. Jessica keeps her mother’s glass filled and as she gets more intoxicated, she reveals more. She has been separating Bill’s money, account and credit cards for a while. He didn’t pay much attention to that stuff as long as he had money when he went to buy something. She has a separate bank account and ninety five percent of Bill’s money goes into her account, which she used for utilities, food and what not. They have separate credit card accounts, which she paid, that also helped to cover her tracks. He always used the credit card which she kept up to date. When he got out and wherever he was going he would soon find out that he had little money and only his credit card to live on. She has stockpiled a good bit of cash and until he could make the necessary arrangements his money will continue to be deposited in her account. She could retire on what she has, easily. She also tells Jessica that after she graduates, she has one week to get out. After dropping that bomb on her daughter, she passes out and Jessica leaves her there.

Jessica too has been preparing for this and it isn’t that much of a shock. She has been saving her money, away from her parent’s eyes, and has already been looking at some places out of state. She is planning on going to college for business and continuing her career as a landscape artist. Her work had already introduced her to some influential people who have pledged to help her anyway they could. She will move out after she graduates to an apartment near a college in the southern states where landscaping is almost a year round profession. One of her female classmates has made plans with her, they will live and go to school together, saving money for both. They may not be the best of friends, but they have always Kumköy escort bayan gotten along well. This recent outcome doesn’t have much effect on her, other than not studying for her English test.

Jessica wakes up early to escape before her mother wakes up. She goes to the kitchen wearing her jogging pants and a tight T-shirt, her normal lounging in her room clothes. When she comes around the corner to the kitchen, she sees her mother with a glass of water tipped back. Jessica is stunned by the fact Melodie is standing with her robe open bare foot, her incredible body on display. Her hair is slightly disheveled, but other than that she looks outstanding.

“Hey!” Melodie yells, Jessica didn’t notice she had finished her drink. “What are you looking at?!” She closes her robe, as Jessica flees without a word.

Jessica returns to her room, gathers her clothes for school and gets undressed. As she reaches for her shirt, her door busts open and her mother stomps in. Jessica turns and covers herself.

“Mother!” She yells.

“You thought it ok to stare at me.” Melodie says sternly. “Turn around and put your arms down!”

“I didn’t mean to stare. I was stunned to find you there.” Jessica replies.

“Now Jessica!” Melodie commands.

Jessica slowly obeys. She lowers her arms and turns to face her mother. Whether she meant to stare or not, it had the same effect. Her girlcock got hard and not having had a chance to relieve herself, it remains mostly hard. Her mother’s eyes go wide and her mouth gaps slightly. Jessica’s girlcock goes fully hard at twelve inches long and about two and a half inches in diameter.

Melodie hasn’t seen a futa naked, other than her young daughter, several years ago. There are things about futa that even the mother of one doesn’t know. Futa are completely hairless except for their head. They have testicles, but they are internal. Where their testicles would be their clit is, and the rest of their pussy behind. Futa are not superhuman, but they do build muscle faster and it doesn’t fade away as fast if they don’t continue to use it. Also, their bodies don’t get muscular in appearance unless they really focus on making it that way. Nearly all futa, ninety eight percent, prefer women over men, but there are some that prefer femboys. Futa are always the dominant in any relationship, even if they submit to their lover on occasions. Futa never take another futa for a lover. They are all very aggressive toward each other and fights are guaranteed if they stay around each other for long. If a female is involved it can get out of control quickly. Futa also remain hard until their stamina is completely gone, or the sex session has ended. The number or orgasms is irrelevant.

“Mother! Get out!” Jessica yells, turns and covers herself.

“I want to talk to you before you go to school.” Melodie says exiting the room. “Let me know when you are dressed and I will come in.”

Jessica sighs as she starts getting dressed. She thinks she hears the footsteps of her mother walking away. A few moments later she knows she hears the sounds of her return, in high heels this time. Jessica slowly finishes putting her lounging clothes back on, no bra or panties. She tries to lose her erection, but it doesn’t fully go away. She sits on her bed, holding her pillow over herself, crotch and chest.

“Ok mother.” Jessica calls with no enthusiasm.

Melodie opens the door and enters slowly. She has fixed her appearance. Her robe is loosely tied, showing a good deal of cleavage and when she walks her long silky legs part the robe and show themselves. Her hair is brushed and styled, and she has a light covering of lip stick. She did indeed put her high heel shoes on, a strappy pair with a three-inch heel. Jessica is glad she has the pillow covering her as she immediately gets hard again.

“I am sorry I snapped at you. I am not mad at you, only your father.” Melodie says sitting on the bed next to Jessica.

“It is fine, mother.” Jessica replies. “You have been snapping at me my whole life. Why would now be different?” Melodie looks a way and Jessica’s eyes fall to her cleavage. “Forget about it. I should get ready for school.” Jessica just gets her eyes up from her mother’s chest when she looks back at her.

“No, it’s not.” Melodie says and stands up. “I haven’t been a good mother and that changes now.” She turns and reaches her hand out and grabs the pillow. “Stand up and remove the pillow.” Jessica shakes her head no. “Come on, Honey. It is ok. I am your mother, don’t be shy.” Jessica sighs and slowly stands up. “Now, put the pillow on the bed.” She says softly, Jessica sighs and drops the pillow on the bed. “Does my daughter think I am pretty?” She smiles looking down at Jessica’s protruding cock from her pants.

“You are so far above pretty. You make pretty look ugly.” Jessica admits.

“Aww. Thank you, Honey.” Melodie replies. “You’re so sweet.” Jessica shyly turns her face away. “I am going to make it up to you. For amends I will be your whore.”

“What?!” Jessica yells shocked.

“There Escort Kumköy is no other way to repay you for my faults.” Melodie answers and unties her robe.

“No!” Jessica answers. “You’re not going to be my whore, or anyone else’s. You don’t owe me anything. You may not have been the typical mother, but I had room, board, stylish clothes, technologies, and I am self-sufficient. Isn’t that what most parents want for their kids?”

“Fine. Then I will be your slut.” Melodie insists. “Whatever you want from me, whenever you want it.” She says this ending the discussion. “Now. Let me take care of you.” Jessica is stunned as her mother squats in front of her.

Jessica gasps as her mother’s soft lips envelope her cock head. Melodie pulls the waist of Jessica’s sweat pants forward, freeing Jessica’s cock from being pinned against her stomach. Melodie then takes more of the throbbing cock into her mouth as she pulls the sweat pants down.

“Mother.” Jessica gasps, Melodie moans as she starts bobbing her head. “That feels so good.” Jessica says softly. “I have never had.” Melodie releases her cock with a loud pop.

“My baby girl hasn’t had sex before?” Melodie looks up at her, lust in her eyes, Jessica nods no. “Good. That means I can be your first everything.” She then sucks Jessica’s cock back into her mouth.

She takes the cock to the base, Jessica moans as she feels her mother’s throat squeeze her cock. Melodie moans as she sucks Jessica’s cock, bobbing the entire length over and over.

“Mother.” Jessica gasps and pants, Melodie slows her bobbing, removes her lips with a pop, and slowly strokes Jessica’s cock.

“Do you want me to stop baby?” Melodie says looking up, she opens her mouth at the tip, with her tongue on her bottom lip. “I will let you shoot your cum in any of my holes, or cover me in your hot cum. You can fuck me all day and night, anytime, anywhere, any way. Use my body as your cum dump baby.” Her voice so sexy Jessica has no resistance. “I am your slut. Use me baby.”

Jessica has never heard her mother talk like this. Has never heard her curse or act indecent. She has only ever seen her have a drink twice before, but never get drunk. Jessica’s heart pounds at this new woman before her.

“Don’t stop mother.” Jessica replies. “I want to fuck you so bad.”

“Do it baby. Shove your cock in my slut throat.” Melodie says, then opens her mouth wider.

Jessica obliges and feeds her all of her cock. Melodie uses her tongue and moans as she devours the throbbing cock. Melodie’s hands go to Jessica’s butt as her head bobs the length of the cock. This first experience is too much for Jessica as she feels her orgasm coming quickly.

“Mother, I am going to cum.” Jessica warns, but Melodie continues her efforts.

Melodie times the approaching orgasm of her daughter perfectly. She withdraws her head leaving only the head in her mouth and strokes her daughter to completion. She swallows four mouthfuls of cum before Jessica starts to relax from the biggest orgasm of her life. Melodie milks every drop from the cock, cleaning the slit, before removing her lips.

“That was delicious, my baby girl.” Melodie says as she stands up licking her lips.

“I am sorry I couldn’t last.” Jessica pants.

“Don’t be sorry. Your stamina will build, but until then, I will extract every load from you I can.” Melodie replies, as she drops her robe, and looks down at Jessica’s still throbbing cock. “What shall we do next? Maybe another load in my hungry mouth.” She then crawls on the bed, presenting her pussy and ass to Jessica. “Or would you like to fuck your slut’s swollen pussy? Or my tight little ass?”

“I want your pussy.” Jessica answers, Melodie smiles and wiggles her ass while her she spreads her pussy with one hand.

“Take it baby. Slide your big cock in my greedy pussy. Own your slut.” Melodie encourages her. “Fuck me Jessica. Fuck your slut mother’s pussy.”

Melodie can read Jessica well and knows her dirty talk is fueling her desire. Jessica takes her place behind her mother and runs her tip over the wet lips. Melodie moans and pushes back against her. Jessica pops the head inside and they moan.

“You’re so big, Baby.” Melodie gasps. “Shove it in me. Fuck your mother’s pussy. Fuck me. Fuck me baby!” Jessica push inside.

Melodie pushes back and Jessica hilts inside her. The feeling is so good both pause to regain themselves. Jessica starts to thrust in and out, short strokes at first, but starts to lengthen them and pick up speed. They can feel Jessica pounding against her mother’s womb wall when she forcefully slams deep inside again and again.

“Yes baby! Fuck my pussy!” Melodie yells when she isn’t gasping and moaning. “Fuck your mommy slut!”

“So… fucking… good… mother!” Jessica says between pants.

Jessica’s lack of experience makes her movements erratic, but she makes up for it with excitement. She isn’t going to last long pounding this hot pussy, but she doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon. A quick few final thrusts and she cums deep inside her mother pussy. Her cum splashing against the cervix wall with force. This causes her mother to orgasm as well. They both tense and shake as Melodie’s pussy milks Jessica’s cock. They collapse forward and pant heavy regaining strength. Jessica’s cock remains hard and throbs inside its new favorite home.

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