Jersey Summer Love


“Jersey Summer Love” is my entry for Literotica’s – 2011 Summer Lovin’ Contest. I’m sorry it’s taken so long to post and hope that the length doesn’t scare too many people away. Lots of background, build-up, and dialogue; but I promise also plenty of sweet and steamy heat. 😉

Much of the story was taken directly from memories of my youth and being raised on the New Jersey Shore. As such, I hesitated finishing and posting this story after the havoc wreaked upon the East Coast by Hurricane Irene. The places mentioned are real places that I hope still remain. If you ever get the chance to visit, you won’t be disappointed. I hope everyone affected makes a full recovery from the devastation. The shore is strong and will rebuild even stronger.

Oh and NO disrespect to the tourists who keep the shore businesses thriving – with the “benny” references.

In fact, I dedicate this story to my own summer “benny” boys – wherever they may be. They helped me through a time of heartache and grief and kept me smiling and distracted.

And lastly, I couldn’t have written this story without my own “Coral”. There was never a dull moment growing up with you. Thanks for keeping life interesting and helping me remember some of the references and fun moments! Love you.

Please Read, Vote, and/or Comment and ENJOY! I hope you all had an exciting, stimulating, inspiring summer filled with passion, love, and erotic imaginings!


“I’ll race you to the end of the lagoon,” Coral challenged her sister. Without waiting for an answer, she dove under the water like a fish; flipping her legs up and splashing water in Raina’s face.

Raina swept her wet, coppery hair out of her grey eyes and sighed. Gazing up at the twilight sky, she smiled at the array of pastel colors swimming before her eyes. This was her most favorite time of the day. The sun was sinking below the horizon, the summer heat was dying down, and she didn’t have to keep slathering the sunscreen on to protect her alabaster skin from the fiery orb in the sky that so many flocked to worship. A sun-worshipper — she was not. A shore-girl by birth — an anti-shore girl by nature.

Her sister on the other hand loved the sun, the beach, the boardwalk, and all things summer — a true shore-girl, a true “Jersey Girl.” Raina knew that the minute Coral became old enough, she’d be hitting every Dance Club on the Seaside Heights strip. She suspected Coral already used a fake ID, but didn’t really care to bring it up and be at odds with her, yet again. It was bad enough that Raina was put in charge of her. She looked back down to where her sister had been a moment ago and knew that she’d probably never reach the end of the lagoon before Coral won their little race. Coral always won.

Determined to make at least a little bit of an effort, Raina paced herself and swam after her. She wanted to remind her little sister to watch out for boats coming into the lagoon. Sometimes they went faster than they should, especially at the end of the bulkhead. There were no signs of her sister and although she knew that Coral was a natural fish and most at home in the water, her overprotective nature had her on edge until she saw the surface of the water break and Coral’s blonde head pop-up for air.

Coral had made it to the end and was halfway back already. Raina had only just made it to the halfway mark and was already feeling tired.

“You’re such a little cheat.” Raina’s shout carried across the water and she could just make out Coral sticking her tongue out at her. With a giggle, Coral dove back under. Raina treaded water for a few minutes while she looked to try to see below, but failed because of the dark brackish water. She swung her head back and forth, gasping when her sister popped up and started tickling and splashing her.

“Hey, stop!” she sputtered. The girls were so busy laughing at each other that they failed to hear the wolf whistle until it was nearly on top of them.

“Well what have we here, boys?” a deep timbre asked. The girls stopped tickling. Raina looked up and was rewarded with one last splash in the face. Coral always had to have the last say. She was competitive like that. Raina huffed and wiped the water from her eyes, clearing her vision enough to see who had spoken.

“Looks like we’ve caught ourselves a couple of pretty little mermaids,” a second voice replied.

Raina was tired from the swim and hooked her arm over the inner-tube before her. Her hand brushed against skin. She watched Coral sweep her long blonde locks back, bat her eyelashes, and smile coquettishly up at the hottie before her.

“You’re such a flirt,” Raina hissed quietly into her sister’s ear. Coral ignored her and giggled.

“I’ve been called that before,” she replied sweetly to the guy in response to the little mermaid comment. “My sister, not so much. She barely had the energy to make it here, let alone the whole length of the lagoon.” Coral looked over. Her sister was breathing heavily. “Would you mind if we came up and sat for a bit?”

Raina bursa escort looked into her sister’s green eyes and shook her head.

“I think that can be arranged, mergirl. Hold onto the raft and we’ll pull you over,” answered a tall, bronzed, and buff hottie from the dock. Coral flipped her hair, pushed the tube to the dock and pulled herself up without help. Two hands grabbed her and hoisted her the rest of the way.

“Thanks.” She flashed him a smile.

“If your sister’s a mermaid, does that make you a pixie?” a flirtatious voice near her ear asked. The word “pixie” got Raina’s attention and despite her own reservations, she looked up and smiled shyly. The owner of the voice climbed off the tube and onto the dock to stare down at her, giving Raina her first look at the golden wonder. She stared unabashedly back.

“Come on up pixie. We’ll grab you a cold one.”

Raina’s heart skipped a beat as she stared into the sea-blue eyes of her rescuer. He reached his hands down, easily plucked her from the water, and sett her on the wooden dock. Weak kneed, she locked them and almost fell back into the water. But his arm around her waist held her secure.

“Steady there.” He smiled at her easily and guided her to sit on the step of the dock. “You look a bit winded. How about a beer?”

Raina looked over at Coral. Where a pang of jealousy usually accompanied the flock of boys surrounding her under-aged sister, she was glad for the distraction. She could focus her full attention on the attractive guy in front of her. She made a mental note to herself that she would have to warn the boys away before they left.

“I’m Logan,” he told her as he walked over to the large cooler. “What’ll it be?”

“Raina,” she replied. “I don’t drink.”

“Ah. Don’t or can’t…yet?” he questioned, coming back over with a water bottle.

“Can’t legally,” she admitted, accepting the bottled water. “But I don’t care for the taste, either,” she quickly added.

“A Shirley Temple, maybe? Unless you want to break a few laws with me.” His eyebrows wiggled, suggestively. She laughed.

“Water will do.”

“And your big sister?” Logan asked, looking over to see his buddies swarm the pretty girl.

“You mean my little sister,” Raina groaned. She was used to misconception. “She most certainly isn’t old enough. You might want to warn your buddies they are falling into a baited trap that could land them into the slammer.” She chuckled at his shocked look, but had to give him credit for his quick recovery.

“I see. Well, can you drink in another year?” He was the polar opposite of his companion. Tall, much taller than she, with a slim athletic build. His muscles were defined, but not overly so to be scary to her, like some of the other guys. While many of the other guys had dark hair and tanned skin, he was as fair-skinned as she. His wavy blonde hair was almost platinum and looked soft to the touch. But it was those eyes that held all of her attention.

“Make it three.” She smiled at the look of relief on his face, “and before you ask, my sister is sixteen.”

“Damn!” he breathed. “She looks…”

“Yes, I know she looks at least eighteen. We get that all the time. Don’t worry about it. Hey boys!” Raina suddenly found her gumption again.

Coral looked over and glared, mouthing, “please don’t tell, not yet.” Her eyes pleaded with her.

“Eh, give her a few more minutes of fun,” Logan whispered in her ear. A chill ran up her spine at his soft breath fanning across her neck. “I can’t wait to see the look on the guys’ faces when they learn the truth.” They laughed together.

“You know,” he said suddenly, “when you are older you might enjoy looking younger than you are.”

“So I’ve been told,” Raina rolled her eyes. “So, how old are you? Obviously old enough to drink.”

“Obviously? How do you know I’m not nineteen?” he quizzed.

“No offense but you don’t look like a teenager,” she gulped when he turned those blue eyes on her.

“You’re right. But I could have been drinking illegally, like most teenagers do,” he laughed. “I’m twenty-three, not that much older than eighteen. Did you graduate yet?” he asked, taking a seat beside her.

“Just. I suppose once I’m in college that gap will close pretty quickly,” Raina considered while she took in her surroundings. There seemed to be boys everywhere, at least seven outside. Inside the big house she could see two lounging on a couch and one in the kitchen through the window. Logan reclined back, supporting himself on his arms.

“Where did you two come from anyway?” he asked.

“We live two houses down. Wow, nice jacuzzi.” Raina walked over to the huge hot tub. It was occupied by a few people, but had plenty of room to fit at least twelve bodies.

“Maybe you can take a dip sometime,” Logan suggested.

“Whose house is this? Is that boat yours?” Raina ignored his comment and pointed to the large speed boat that caused more than a few nights of grief for neighbors. It was fire engine red bursa ucuz escort and ran the entire length of the long dock.

“It’s my buddy Jack’s father’s house and his Scarab. No one touches that boat,” he teased. “We’re from up north. We come every weekend during the summers.”

“Ah, a Benny,” she said slowly, using the derogatory term that locals labeled the tourists.

“That’s me,” he laughed good naturedly. “You going to stop talking to me because of that?”

“Actually.” Raina began.

“Ouch.” Logan grabbed his heart in mock protest.

“Do you litter on our beaches?” she questioned.

“Nope. I also recycle,” he promised as he tossed an empty beer can into the recycle receptacle by the house.

“Three points.” Raina held up three fingers. “Are you loud and obnoxious?”

“They might be.” He cocked his head toward the house. “I actually get kinda pensive and serious when I’m drunk. You won’t likely see me completely wasted, though.”

“Um, I see a lot of alcohol. Surprisingly, I don’t smell any pot, though.”

“No drugs allowed on the premises,” Logan informed her. “Kenny’s Dad is a cop.”

She delved into her next question.

“Do you partake in random shore-girl hook-ups, flings, and threesomes? Share with your buddies?” She was now getting to the heart of her concerns. Logan’s eyebrows rose impossibly high as his mouth fell open.

He recovered saying, “They might. I don’t. I’m a one girl only, guy. Double dipping is disgusting. And I would never share my girl with another guy,” he paused, “how about you cutie?” He slid his hand over top of hers.

“One boyfriend so far.” She pulled her hand away. “We’re on the verge of breaking up.” She looked at the water to avoid his eyes.

“I’m sorry. What’s keeping you from breaking up completely?” Logan seemed to want to know.

“Oh, I dunno. I mean, he’s going away to college in another state and I’m staying close to home. I just don’t see how a long distance relationship could work. You know? I really care about him and don’t want to hurt him. He promises we’ll stay together. But it’s college. I’m sure you know all about college.”

“Actually, I don’t,” Logan mumbled. “But I can imagine.” He brightened up.

“You don’t? You never went to college?” Raina looked up at him.

“Nope. I work in my old man’s auto-shop. I’ve been told I’m a damned good mechanic. I’m also an EMT.”

Just then Coral came sauntering over followed by two boys. “I love a man in uniform,” she grinned, leaning on one boy’s arm.

Logan smiled and stood up. “I hear you love boys in general, little mermaid.”

She put her hand out to him. “I’m Coral.”

“Logan.” He shook her hand. “Yes, I know. Your big sister’s told me all about you.” Logan sat back down as Coral sat next to them.

“No fair!” Coral pouted. “She’s always ruining my fun. Anyway, she’s my big-little sister.” She sighed.

“I heard about that too.” He chuckled at the little flirt. “I’m going to have to tell my buddies how young you are; either you can handle that, your sister can, or I can. Your choice.”

Coral growled her annoyance at him for sabotaging her fun, too. “Fine!” she huffed, standing up and moving away. “Whatever. Tell them. I’m going back home.” As she walked past a few of the boys, one reached out and put his hand on her wrist.

“Hey baby, where are you going?” He tugged her closer. She went willingly.

“I have to go home. Is Logan always such a wet noodle? Geez!” she whined.

“Log, what the hell?” his friend challenged. Logan walked over.

“Just looking out for you, Kenny.” He turned and addressed the assembled crowd of boys. “Coral might be a little cutie, but she’s jail bait to us, man.”

“What? No fuckin’ way,” one said.

“Stop bullshitting us!” another raised his voice.

“Logan, not cool, man,” still another piped in.

“I’m serious. Coral, tell them how old you are,” Logan coaxed.

“You’re not the boss of me.” Coral stuck her tongue out at him.

Raina stood up and walked over, sighing once again. She was growing tired of chaperoning her little sister.

“Coral is only sixteen. Look your fill and then move along,” Raina suggested. Raina scanned the faces of disappointment, annoyance, and then noticed two faces filled with sudden smiles. Two boys broke away from the crowd and walked over to Coral, shoving each other.

“We’re uh, well I’m fifteen!” squeaked one teenager.

The other shoved his friend in the ribs. “I just turned sixteen. Do you wanna go inside and play some video games with us?”

Coral scowled, then considered. “Okay, sure,” she smiled, glared at her sister and Logan, and followed the boys into the house. Raina chuckled under her breath.

“Well, that worked out I guess. Will they keep their paws to themselves?” she asked Logan.

“Oh yeah. Those two are afraid of girls. Nothing to worry about there.”


“I can’t promise I’ll keep my paws bursa elit escort to myself though,” he whispered low in her ear. Raina visibly shivered and pulled away.

Logan took the hint and let it alone. “Should we go inside and check on your sister?”

“Probably a good idea. Do you guys have any munchies in there? I’m kinda hungry.” Raina stood up. He nodded and led her to the door.

Once inside, Raina took in the surroundings. For a summer home, the house wasn’t all that big. There was a big den with a huge flat screened TV, every type of game system you could imagine and her sister sandwiched between two boys, kicking their butts in a fighting game. She looked up and waved.

“You creaming them?” Raina asked Coral

“Oh yeah. I rule!” She laughed.

“Wait’ll they find out you can fight for real.” Raina pinned the boys with a look.

“See? You know I can take care of myself. Stop hovering.” Coral said.

Raina shrugged and moved away to continue her survey of the house. Although the kitchen was small, it wasn’t exactly a galley kitchen. The appliances looked new and on every counter and table surface were alcoholic beverage, blenders, and discarded plates and plastic cups.

“How many people live here?” she questioned.

“Just my buddy and his father. He has a sister but she’s never around. Good thing too, she’s a real bitch. Down the hall is the bathroom and the bedrooms.”

“Oh good. I have to pee. I’ll be back,” Raina stated, making her way to the bathroom. Across from the bathroom was a bedroom. The door was halfway shut and she could hear girly giggling and a male moan. She quickly shut the door, embarrassed and entered the bathroom.

“Oh God. Yeah, right there. Do it,” the guy’s and girl’s voices intermingled. Raina blushed realizing she was listening to the sounds of sex. She was a virgin herself and intended to remain so, if not until marriage, at least until she found true love. After she finished in the bathroom, she walked back out where Logan was waiting for her.

“Sorry about those two,” he apologized for the moaning in the next room.

“Let me guess. He picked her up at the boardwalk?” She was only half joking.

“Bingo. Her best friend is in the jacuzzi getting drunk and ready for him next.”

“Yuck!” Raina scrunched her face up.

“Yuck is right. Who knows where those girls have been or who they’ve done,” Logan agreed.

“Or what kinds of diseases your friend has,” Raina added.

“Nah, he might be a play-boy, but he’s careful about it — usually.” He shrugged. “When I realized he intended to have both of those girls at the same time, I went in and reminded him not to be an idiot and to be safe.”

“Well that’s something, I guess,” Raina frowned.

“Is something wrong?” Logan saw her sigh.

“Just confused is all.”

“Want to talk about it? We could go somewhere quiet away from all the loud and obnoxious bennies,” he teased.

“Haha.” Raina thought about it, but then her keen sense of hearing picked up on a familiar voice. She stood up, swept past Logan and made her way outside.

“Raaaaaina. Coooooooral!” the female voice was shouting. “Raaaaaaina. Giiiiirls!” The voice was rising in pitch and had frantic energy to it. Coral must have finally heard because she dropped the game controller and jumped to her feet.

“Dammit!” she yelled. “So not fair!”

“What’s not fair? What are you two doing?” the two boys asked.

“Our Mom’s calling us. We gotta go,” Coral pouted.

“Damn, she’s got a loud voice. Don’t you guys live two houses down?” the overly tanned and buff guy, Kenny asked them.

“Yeah. Trust me, we know how loud she is,” Coral rolled her eyes.

“Come on Coral, before she marches over here.” Both girls knew their Mom would do just that, if they didn’t respond soon.

“We’re coming!!!!!!!” Raina shouted back.

“Will you guys be here tomorrow?” Coral asked the roomful of guys, hopeful.

“We’ll be here all weekend and the next weekend and the next, until Labor Day,” someone replied.

Raina searched the faces for Logan. It wasn’t hard to spot him; he was the tallest of the group.

“Will you be here too?” she asked him quietly.

“Yes. Hey, can I walk you two home?” Logan suddenly asked.

“Um, I don’t know if that’s a good idea. We have to prep our parents about you guys first,” she responded.

“Sure, I get it. I hope to see you tomorrow.” Logan took her hand in his and lifted it to his lips. Raina blushed as he dropped a kiss on the back of her hand. Coral and the two boys made smooching sounds.

“Hey, just in case Raina didn’t tell you, Lo-gan, she has a boyfriend.” Coral flitted past them and skirted around the neighbor’s fence to hop onto their dock, agile as a deer.

“Bye.” Raina followed after her, struggling not to fall into the water and missing a pair of blue eyes glued to her body as she retreated.


“So can we go back there, Mom?” Coral and Raina were sitting on the tall stools at their kitchen bar-counter talking to their mother. They’d waited until their mom got home from the beach the next afternoon to tell her about meeting the boys’, two houses down.

“They have a hot tub. Don’t you think that would be really soothing for Raina to relax in?” Coral asked.

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