Jen’s Homeless Adventure


Sethp All rights reserved.


A Homeless Adventure, staring Jen!


In no way are we downplaying the seriousness of homelessness. All of the characters in this story make some really questionable decisions and have a broken moral compass and have some serious issues. Having said that, I hope you enjoy this nasty adventure.


Jen and her parents were at a breaking point. Jen was 18 but still lived at home with her parents. She had been in and out of trouble at school, until recently graduating. She’d just quit another minimum wage job and her parents were raging about her irresponsibility and lack of direction.

“You can’t live under this roof and not follow our rules and not pay your way. You have to be responsible,” her mother barked at her.

“I’m trying,” Jen replied trying to remain calm. “They were trying to cut my hours and they refused to train me.”

“Have you ever thought that you’re the problem?” Her father insisted. He always used this line on her.

“I guess everything in life is my fault!”

“We’re just asking you to be responsible.”

“No you’re not!” Jen replied. “You want me to be just like you! Well I’m not and I don’t want to go to college or be a doctor or any of that shit. I just need some time to figure it out.”

“You’re out of time, Jen,” her father said.

“What do you mean?”

“We’ve given you a thousand chances and every time you screw it up. It’s a wonder you’re not pregnant with the way you were…”

“You mean Kevin?” Jen cut her mother off. “He loved me until you guys scared him away. You don’t want me to be happy. Well fuck you both!” Jen yelled.

“Get out!” Jen’s father yelled. “You will not disrespect your mother, nor I in this house.” He was fuming.

So was Jen, though. She’d show them. “Fine! I’ll finally give you want you want. You won’t have your little slutty, disappointing daughter to ruin your lives anymore!” Tears were streaming down her face as she ran up to her room, grabbed a few essentials and ran down and out the front door. She ran down the pavement towards downtown, sobbing the whole way. She stopped to catch her breath and sat on the curb.

She didn’t know what she was going to do or where she was going to go. Jen really didn’t have any friends here. When her parents had moved them to Detroit last year, Jen had tearfully said goodbye to all of her friends, and never really found any new ones here. No one her age interested her. No one in school had anything in common with her.

She did have a few dollars in her pocket and hoped it was enough to catch a Greyhound bus back to southern California. It was starting to get cold and Jen just had a short skirt, T-shirt and combat boots on. She was sure the Greyhound terminal would have heat. She stood up, wiped the tears from her face and headed off to, what she thought was the direction of the bus terminal.

Jen knew she was heading in the right, general direction but as she got closer to downtown and the area became scarier, she was regretting her decision. She shivered and wrapped her arms around herself. “Fuck, It’s freezing,” she muttered.

She made it a few more blocks, and noticed that there were a couple of guys following her. She had made a couple of random turns, just to be sure. They were still following her and gaining on her. She looked back at them as she walked. They were big guys and both staring right at her. She was getting a bad feeling and starting to panic.

When Jen rounded the next corner, she started running. She quickly turned into a dark alley and was dismayed to find that it dead ended. “Fuck, I’m so stupid,” she whimpered. She could hear the sound of her two pursuers running towards the alley. She was about to scream for help and start banging on the closed doors, inwardly knowing that nobody would hear or help her at this time of night.

“Hey, come here quickly,” a deep, gruff voice whispered.

Jen looked around and noticed a pile of cardboard boxes and a hand reaching out becoming her to safety.


Jen dove into the opening and peered out to the end of the alley, seeing the two guys standing at the end of it. They seemed to stare right at her. Jen knew it was too dark to see her but she shivered in fear. The two guys walked away after a few minutes and Jen let out a deep breath that she didn’t know she was holding. She turned to her rescuer.

He had turned on a small flashlight and she could see that the inside of the boxes had been turned into a makeshift shelter, with blankets all over. Holding the flashlight was a fat, older man who was missing a few teeth smiling at her. Jen was relieved that it didn’t stink in here as badly as she thought it would. It wasn’t bad at all.

“Thank you! I think you just saved my life,” she said shivering.

“Yeah, I’ve seen those guys around. They’re bad news. You better stay in here for a little bit to make sure they’re gone. I won’t hurt you. My name is Ted,” he offered his hand to bayan escort gaziantep Jen and she shook it with gratitude.

“Thank you again. I’m so sorry to barge in on you like this. I won’t stay long. I promise.”

“It’s okay,” Ted said. “It’s going to be a cold one tonight. Here’s something that will help, though.” He reached into a brown bag and pulled out a liter of whiskey. “Just scored this tonight and its brand new, never opened!” he said happily, opening it up and handing it to Jen. “You first, you’re still shaking, and it’s not from the cold.”

Jen hadn’t drank in a year, since the last time she was kicked out of school. She’d been trying to stay on the straight and narrow, but fuck it, she deserved a drink; especially tonight.

Jen accepted it from Ted and took a big swig. She felt instantly warmer and at peace. “Thank you. I think I did need that.” She started to hand it back to Ted and he shook his head.

“Take another one,” he said.

Jen did, and when she was done, Ted accepted it from her, taking a big drink himself. “It’s been a while since I shared a drink with a lady. ”

Jen smiled at him and shivered. This time it was from the cold.

Ted noticed and handed her a blanked. “It’s clean, I just got it from the Salvation Army today.”

“Thank you!” She wrapped herself up in it, realizing how cold she had been. She went to peer out of the boxes and Ted stopped her.

“I wouldn’t just yet. If I know those two, they’re still in the area. They may even be on the street there. “

Jen was scared. “Will they come down here looking for me? Do you have a weapon?”

Ted laughed. “No sugar, I don’t have a weapon, but trust me they never bother us homeless. We don’t have anything they want. You’re as safe as can be as long as you stay in here and out of sight.”

Jen exhaled in relief. “I guess I’m stuck here for a little bit then. I’m sorry. When it’s safe, will you check the end of the alley for me?”

“Of course, sugar. Here, have another drink, it’s getting colder and this will help.”

Jen took the bottle and another big gulp of whisky. She had to admit that she felt warmer with each drink.

“Where are you from?’ Ted asked her as they passed the bottle back and forth.

“From up the hill. I was trying to make the bus terminal, before it got too late.”

“Oh okay, you’re only a few blocks away. I’ll point you in the right direction when it’s time to go.”

“Oh thank you so much, Ted! You’re a real life saver.” Jen was definitely getting a buzz now. She knew she should stop but she was still so cold and scared, so she kept drinking.


Jen snapped awake, looking around quickly in a panic. It was just Ted.

“You fell asleep. Let me help you.” He had laid a blanket down and he helped Jen onto it.

“I really should be going,” she weakly protested.

“I know, but you just need a quick nap. I’ll wake you up in an hour.”

“Oh, thank you!” Jen smiled. “You…you really are the best.”

Jen closed her eyes and Ted put a blanket on her and she was asleep within seconds.

Jen was having the best dream. She had made it back home and, Rick her old boyfriend had been waiting for her all this time. They had run off to his car and he was finger fucking her to an orgasm.

“Oh fuck yes!” she moaned, arching her hips up against his hand. Suddenly Rick pulled his hand away.

“Oh Rick, I was so close! Please put it back in me.”

“Okay, sugar,” Rick said, voice a little bit rougher and deeper than usual.

Jen purred as she felt his cock head against her pussy. “Oh yeah…that’s what I need!” she hissed as he entered her. “Oh God! You feel so big! Ung!”

Jen opened her eyes to see Ted on top of her thrusting is cock into her. “Ted…what…no….yes…fuck you feel so good!” Jen wrapped her legs around him urging him deeper.

“I needed this so bad, sugar,” he grunted as he picked up the pace, fucking her furiously.

His cock was so big. Jen had never felt so full. She grunted in pleasure with each powerful thrust of Ted’s cock. It was magnificent.

After several minutes of Teds plunging cock, Jen came. “Oh fuck, Ted! Oh…Oh…I love your cock!” Her pussy contracted around his cock and her whole body shook in pleasure. Jen couldn’t breathe. This was the most powerful orgasm of her life.

“Oh sugar!” Ted yelled, He went rigid, with his cock balls deep and Jen could feel his sperm shooting inside her. He grunted with each shot and then collapsed on top of Jen when he was finished. “Oh god, sugar. That was some sweet pussy,” he said, kissing Jen’s neck.

When he pulled is deflating cock out of her pussy and rolled off of her, Jen could feel his cum oozing out of her. He had cum so much. Jen wasn’t on the pill and he hadn’t used a condom. “Fuck,” Jen muttered but she was too drunk and tired to really care at the moment.

She rolled over and Ted snuggled up beside her cim cif gaziantep escort bayan spooning her and putting an arm over her. She was grateful for his warmth and she felt safe with him there. She fell asleep in his arms.

When Jen woke up, Ted had his hand under her skirt again. She wondered what had happened to her panties. She tried to move away but bumped into a wall. “Ted, we can’t” she hissed.

“Please, I’m so worked up look,” he said urgently, pointing to his cock. He had a massive erection. “Please help Jen,”

Jen was so confused. “Okay…uh…but”

“We don’t have to fuck again, but can you give me a BJ?”

Last night came flooding back to her. She remember that they had indeed fucked, but not much else. “Shit,” She muttered. “Okay, but warn me when you’re going to cum,”

“Oh thanks sugar! I will!”

Ted lay down on the blankets and Jen crawled over to him, and sucked his big cock into her mouth.

“Oh yeah!” he yelled as she bobbed her head up and down his thick shaft.

Jen had a hand on his shaft, stroking him as she worked her lips up and down his length. She was only slightly disgusted that she was sucking a homeless guy that she had only met the night before, but he deserved it. He had saved her life last night. He didn’t stink either. He must have showered at the Salvation Army too, Jen thought.

Jen was trying to stuff as much of his big cock into her mouth as she could, but Ted was really thick and long. She rembered how good it had felt in her pussy last night. She could still taste herself on it. Ted grabbed her head and started to fuck her mouth. Jen let him, he wasn’t going deep enough to gag her. She literally felt his cock twitch, just as he yelled. “Cumming,”

He erupted into her mouth, sending thick ropes of cum across her tongue. Jen swallowed it all, like a good girl. She desperately wanted to please him. He deserved it. She sucked the last drop of cum out of his cock and pulled away.

“That wasn’t much of a warning,” she giggled, not really that mad. She always swallowed anyway.

“Sorry,” Ted said sheepishly, stuffing his cock in his pants.

Just then there was a loud, violent rattling of the boxes. “Police, we’re clearing this alley. Grab what you can carry and get out. You have twenty seconds.”

“Fuck, they mean it,” Ted said gathering up his bags and blankets.

Jen helped. She wrapped a blanket around her and up over her head. She dragged several bags out of the opening. There were three police officers standing there looking at her with disgust. There was a large truck parked at the mouth of the alley with several construction workers with shovels already to take away Ted’s home.

As Jen and Ted made their way out of the alley she heard one of the cops behind her. “She looks young, but she probably has track marks all up her arm. I wonder where Ted got the money to buy her for the night.” They all laughed.

Jen felt embarrassed and angry. She wanted to turn around and yell at them and tell them that it wasn’t like that. Ted seemed to sense this and grabbed her arm. “Don’t bother. It’s not worth it. They won’t listen anyway.” He looked defeated shuffling out onto the street.

They walked together for several blocks. Ted seemed to have a destination in mind.

“Where are we going?” Jen asked. She was really hoping they were headed to the bus station but she didn’t want to leave Ted like this.

“I’m hungry and I’ve got to piss like a race horse. Bet you do to, sugar. We’re going to the Catholic Church. “


“It’s only a few more blocks,”

“Ted where will you sleep tonight?”

“I’ll find somewhere. Don’t you worry none,” he said giving her a weak smile. Jen noticed that he kept clutching his chest.

“You okay?” she asked.

“Yeah, just need some food,” he said, leading them on to the church.

There was a shelter behind the church that served hot meals two times a day and also provided a place to use the restroom and clean up. Jen took full advantage, eating as much as she could and cleaning herself with a rag and some soap. It wasn’t the best but she felt refreshed and relatively clean.

Ted led them to the bus station after they had finished there, but several blocks on Ted collapsed to the ground. He was still breathing but he was gasping for air and writhing in agony. Jen still had her phone, so she dialed 911. She had been trying to ignore it knowing there would be dozens of messages and missed calls from her parents.

Jen sat on the ground with Teds head resting on her lap. She was stroking his hair and telling him that everything would be okay. “Don’t you go dying on me now? You still haven’t gotten me to the bus station.” A tear made its way down her cheek. She was so afraid that he was going to die.

The ambulance arrived several minutes later. Jen convinced the paramedics that she was Ted’s daughter and rode to the hospital with cinsel bilgiler them. They rushed Ted to the back of the ER and it was hours before the doctor came out.

“Good news,” he said, giving Jen a warm smile. “You’re father had a mild heart attack. No permanent damage and he’s going to be okay. We’re going to keep him here overnight for monitoring.”

“Oh thank god!” Jen was relieved. “What do you mean by mild heart attack?”

“They can range considerably, but your father’s wasn’t too bad. There were a few other things going on. He was dehydrated and well I could smell the alcohol on his breathe when he was brought in. He’s going to need some rest and to stop drinking.” He looked over at Jen, still wrapped up in Ted’s blanket. “Do you guys have a place to go to?”

Jen instantly said, “Yes.” She wasn’t sure why and she wasn’t sure if that was the wrong thing to say. “Can I see him?”

“Yes, follow me,” he led Jen up to Ted’s room.

He had a few monitors hooked up to him, but otherwise didn’t look to bad. The doctor left Jen there alone and she started sobbing.

“Hey there sugar. Don’t cry,” Ted said weakly.

“Oh god! I thought you were going to die!” She jumped over and gave Ted a big hug.

“You saved me sugar. Thank you,”

“How do you feel?”

“Not bad, really. You’re shivering,”

“Yeah, this hospital sucks. It’s so cold in here.”

“There’s plenty of room on this bed if you want to cuddle”

“I do,”

Jen carefully climbed on the bed, beside Ted. She snuggled right next to him and covered them both with the blankets. She fell asleep like that. The charge nurse came in and checked on Ted but let him and his ‘daughter’ sleep undisturbed.

Early the next morning, Jen awoke, feeling warm for the first time in a couple of days. Ted was squirming around a little.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m okay…just my…um…”

Ted was trying to adjust himself. His cock was bulging out against the covers. Jen giggled. “Do you need some help?”

“I’m so sorry, but it woke me up and…”

“Shah…Let me take care of you. Lay back and relax,”

Jen snaked her hand under the covers, and firmly gripped Ted’s erection. She stroked it. “Is that what you need, babe?”

“Oh yes…” Ted, gasped.

“You need Jen to make this big thing cum, babe?’

“Fuck yes sugar…” he breathed.

Jen stroked him harder and faster, kissing his neck as she did. “When we get you out of here, I’ll take care of you proper, okay?” she whispered in his ear.

Ted was grunting in pleasure. “I love your hand, sugar….I’m…uh…” He erupted under the sheets and all over Jen’s hand. “Fuck…” he grunted.

Jen kept stroking him until he was finished and started to deflate. “Better, babe?”

“You have no idea,”

Jen tucked his cock back under his hospital garment as best as she could and found a towel in the bathroom to clean off her hand. When she came back, Ted was snoring peacefully. Jen sat in the oversized visitors chair and nodded off herself. She woke up sometime later when a doctor and nurse came in to examine Ted. The doctor motioned Jen out into the hallway.

“I think he’s okay to be released. Do you have a ride home?”

“Yes,” Jen lied.

“Good. We’ll wheel him down in a chair in about an hour and you need to get him home and in his bed and you need to keep him well hydrated.”

“I will,” Jen lied again. She had no idea where she would take Ted. She hoped he had some idea though.

An hour later they walked out of the hospital doors, arm in arm. The nurse seemed alarmed that Jen hadn’t pulled a car up to the door for her ‘father’, but ultimately she was powerless to stop them from walking away.

Ted was still tired and they had to stop at every city bus stop to rest for fifteen minutes.

“Ted, where are we going? You need to rest and we need some food and it’s supposed to be even colder tonight. I don’t want you to have another attack.”

“It’s okay sugar. I know a hotel that we can sneak into for the night…I didn’t want to chance it but I think we need to. And I know a place where we can get some food.”

Ted led them to an alley behind an Italian restaurant. “I wish I knew what time it was…”

“I got you, babe,” Jen said, pulling out her phone. It only had about 25% charge left but she’d figure that out later. “It’s about 4pm”

“Perfect, sugar. I thought it was about that time. I’m going to need you to do this for me. I can’t move too fast today.”

“Anything…just tell me,”

“Look,” Ted pointed down the alley at an open door. “Just inside that door is the day’s supplies. It comes this time every week. They are getting ready for the dinner rush, so they won’t really have time to put it away yet. All you need to do is to get in the door real quick grab some stuff and run out. They will never know.”

Jen didn’t even think about not doing it. Crime or not, she was hungry and Ted needed some nourishment. She was all in. They had left most everything Ted owned on the street when the ambulance took them. She knew all the bags and blankets had probably been snatched up by now. Ted did, however, have one small, cloth grocery bag. He handed it to Jen.

“Just in case they come after me, I want you to start walking down the street and around that corner there. I’ll catch up to you, okay?” Jen said, taking charge.

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