Jenny Ch. 2


Mike looked at the clock on the dash when he started the car. It was 1:00 AM. Jenny was sitting naked beside him, her left hand absently caressing her right nipple while her right hand was in her lap rubbing her clit.

“God, Mike, I can’t believe how horny I am!” she told him, leaning over to kiss his neck as he pulled out of the parking lot. “Thank you for letting me do this.”

“You aren’t the only one enjoying this, Jen,” he assured her. “Don’t forget, you just promised me your ass!”

She shivered as she remembered what she had said. Mike had fingered her ass a few times while he ate her pussy, but he had never fucked it. She had told him she was afraid to try it, and he had never pushed her. Now, though, she had not only offered her ass to him, but to the three men following them to Mike’s house! And James, one of the men, had a huge cock, at least 9″ long and bigger around than her wrist. She wanted it, though. And after feeling it go down her throat she knew he would fit it in her ass too.

She leaned against her door and spread her legs so that Mike could see how wet her pussy was. She alternately rubbed her clit and dipped her finger into her dripping hole as Mike drove to his house, his eyes jumping from the road ahead to the sight of Jen’s naked body in the seat beside him. She had several small orgasms as he told her how much he looked forward to seeing her stuffed in every hole. The ten minute drive seemed to last hours she was so anxious to be fucked, so when Mike pulled into the driveway she was out of the car almost before it stopped moving. She stood naked beside the car waiting for the others to join her. The four men surrounded her and walked into the house. As soon as the door closed she found herself being pulled into Shane’s arms for a kiss, his tongue pushing against her lips, which she opened eagerly, tasting his tongue. She felt herself pulled away and into Steve’s arms, who also pushed his tongue into her mouth as his hands reached around to squeeze her ass.

“Steve, why don’t you and Shane go with Jen and help her wash all the sand off in the shower. James and I will get some drinks together and be waiting in the den.” Mike suggested.

“OK,” Jen agreed, motioning Steve and Shane to follow her.

“Make sure she’s squeaky clean, guys,” Mike added as they disappeared down the hall.

Jen took Steve and Shane to the guest bathroom and turned on the shower, then stepped in, leaving the door open. Shane and Steve quickly stripped and crowded in with her. They shared the bar of soap to lather her up, paying extra attention to her tits and pussy. She was soon squirming between them, feeling Shane’s hard cock against her ass as Steve’s mashed against her belly.

“Let’s get out and dry off, guys,” she suggested, while turning and grabbing a soapy cock in each hand. “I want to see how these feel inside of me!”

They quickly dried off and went to the den, where Mike and James were waiting. While Steve, Shane, and Jen were showering the two had moved the furniture around, pulling the heavy coffee table to the center of the room and covering it with several large beach towels.

“Well, since you two guys are obviously ready, how about if you get this party started?” Mike asked. “Jen, lie down here on your back. One of you can have her pussy while the other can revisit her mouth.”

Jen laid down on the coffee table with her ass at the edge. Her shoulders just reached the other end so that her head would hang down if she didn’t hold it up. Shane, who was standing at her feet, quickly knelt and pushed her knees apart. She looked down her body at him and saw his cock bobbing as he knee-walked toward her. She felt his cock hit her pussy lips, then he guided it against her wet hole and with one shove buried himself in her wet cunt.

“Ahhhh, goddd, yesss!” she screamed, humping up against the hard cock.

She opened her mouth again and found it being filled with Steve’s cock head. She moaned around the knob in her mouth as Shane began to fuck her hard, grinding down against her clit with each thrust of his cock into her wide open pussy. Steve held his cock just inside her mouth and felt Jen’s tongue lashing across the tip while she tightened her lips and sucked on the crown. She wanted to feel more of Steve’s cock in her mouth, so she reached for his ass and pulled him toward her. His cock pushed into her mouth until it popped into her throat, where she immediately began to work her throat muscles on it. Shane was pounding her pussy as hard as he could, pressing her knees wide apart so that her thighs were spread into a split. Each time his pelvis slammed into her crotch Steve’s cock inched deeper into her throat until it was fully buried in her sucking mouth. Shane began to grunt, and his thrusts into her pussy became erratic until he pushed one last time and held himself deep in her pussy as he came. The feel of his cock pumping into her combined with the feel of Steve’s in her throat took Jen over the edge, and she Beylikdüzü escort rocked through her own orgasm.

As soon as Shane pulled out, Steve backed his cock out of her throat and got between her legs. He began to fuck into her pussy erratically, jamming his pelvis against her oversensitive clit with each down thrust. He watched his cock disappearing into her bald pussy, her large clit poking out from between her pussy lips.

“Ohhhhh, yes, your cock is going to make me cum again!” she squealed, raising her legs off the floor and pulling them back to open her pussy up even more for his cock. “Nnnnnnnnnnnn,” she writhed beneath him, her eyes closed as the orgasm washed over her.

“Fuuuuck,” Steve grunted, feeling her pussy tightening down from her orgasm and triggering his own. He fucked into her, grinding down against her cunt as his balls began to empty. He held himself still until he had finished cumming, then backed out and sat on the floor, exhausted.

James and Mike had watched the three fuck, and as if on cue the both moved toward her, stripping as they went. Jen watched them approach, her heart pounding in her chest. Her pussy was on fire from the fucking she had received from Steve and Shane, and looking at James and Mike’s much larger cocks made her shiver. She ran her hands up her belly to her tits, feeling her rock hard nipples against her palms. When the two men stopped on either side of her she reached up and wrapped a hand around each cock, feeling them pulsing in her grip. Mike was big, over seven inches and nicely thick, but James’s cock was a monster. She looked at it as she stroked it, her fingers unable to touch at the base, and could hardly believe she had taken it all in her throat earlier. Now she knew he was going to fuck her pussy with it, and probably her ass. She turned to Mike’s cock and pulled it toward her mouth. She wanted to taste him. He let her lick and suck the head for a moment, then pulled away.

“I think you have a cherry ass to give to me, don’t you?” Mike asked, looking down at her.

“Yes,” she whispered, shivering at the thought of his thick cock in her ass.

“And you promised James your pussy and your hot little ass, didn’t you?” he asked.

She was squirming under them now, “Yes, anything you want. Just please fuck me!”

“I think I am going to let you take your own cherry, slut. Stand up.”

Jen stood, feeling Steve and Shane’s cum begin to ooze out of her pussy. Mike lay on his back, then had her climb on the coffee table and straddle him, facing his feet.

“You may want to rub your pussy on my cock to get it nice and slick before you put it in your ass,” he advised.

She looked down at his hard cock lying on his belly, then put her hands on his thighs for balance and lowered her pussy. She sighed when she felt the hot shaft against her swollen pussy lips, and moved her hips so that her open cunt dragged along it, leaving it smeared with the mixture of cum and juice that was oozing out of her pussy. She rocked forward so that her clit was against his shaft and wiggled down, her fingernails digging into his thighs from the sparks it sent through her body. She felt his hands on her asscheeks guiding her, and raised up off of his cock. His hand slid between them and two fingers ran through her sloppy pussy before dragging back and smearing the juice on her asshole.

“OK, Jen, reach down and guide my cock to your ass. Guys, you may have to help balance her.”

Jen raised up as she reached between her legs and lifted Mike’s cock so that it pointed straight up from his belly. James and Shane were standing at her side, but she had no difficulty balancing herself. She gripped his slick cock and ran the head through her pussy lips, moaning in pleasure at the familiar feel of his fat head. She pushed the cock back until it was centered on her tiny asshole, then took a deep breath. Wiggling slightly, she began to let herself down, biting her lip as she tried to relax her anal muscles.

“Ahhh,” she moaned, feeling the fat head of Mike’s cock pushing against her impossibly small asshole. She pushed down harder, feeling an intense pressure against her ass as it tried to stay closed.

Just as she was about to give up the fat head popped through the tight ring of muscles, causing her to gasp. “Nnnnngggg,” she winced, holding still above Mike, the head of his cock trapped in the tight grip of her ass. “Oh, jeez, it’s too big!”

James reached between her legs and found her clit, rubbing it with quick strokes as she tried to relax with what felt like a log in her ass. The pleasure from James’s hand on her clit began to diffuse the pain, and she felt herself relax slightly.

“Mmmm,” she sighed, as James slid a finger into her pussy to rub against Mike’s cockhead. “That feels nice.”

James slipped another finger in her pussy and used his thumb on her clit. Jen felt an orgasm approaching and began to push herself down. She felt a little more of Mike’s cock inch Beylikdüzü escort into her ass and groaned at the pressure. She could feel James’ knuckles pressing against Mike’s shaft now, and could hardly believe how tight her pussy felt on his fingers. Her orgasm hit her suddenly as James tweaked her clit with his thumb.

“OOOhhhhhhhhhh,” she felt her legs quiver as she came, the powerful orgasm leaving her weak. She felt herself slipping down, forcing more of Mike’s cock into her ass, which intensified the spasms rocketing through her cunt. “Aaahhhhh,” she couldn’t stop cumming as James kept his thumb against her clit, rubbing the sensitive nub as he wiggled his fingers inside her pussy.

Her orgasm left her breathless, and when she finally came to her senses she realized she could feel more of Mike’s cock buried in her ass. James had removed his fingers from her pussy and was stroking around her clit, making her squirm. She looked between her legs and could see that about half of Mike’s seven inches was now buried in her ass.

“Oh, god, Mike, your cock feels huge in my ass!” Jen moaned. She wiggled her ass, feeling his cock moving deep in her bowels, and grunted in pleasure. Mike reached over and gripped her by the waist, then flexed his hips up while pushing her down, forcing the rest of his cock into her ass.

“OHHHHHHH!” Jen groaned as Mike’s cock burrowed completely into her ass. Her cheeks were now resting on Mike’s thighs as he held her tightly against him. The hot pain of having her virgin ass stretched was quickly turning to pleasure as every nerve in her crotch responded to the sensations ripping through it, and each time James tweaked her clit she could feel her ass muscles clenching around Mike’s fat prick.

“Damn, Jen, your ass is sucking my cock just like your throat does, only it is so hot it’s burning!” Mike told her as he flexed his cock in her tight chute. “Work your ass on my cock.”

Jen couldn’t believe how horny having Mike’s cock in her ass was making her. James stopped rubbing her clit and stepped back to watch her ass swallow Mike’s cock. She could feel her pussy pulsing with lust as she raised herself up slightly, feeling Mike’s cock move in her ass. She continued lifting herself until she felt the crown of his cock catch at the ring of her anal muscles. Her ass felt strangely empty now, and she reversed her motion, sighing as she felt her ass once more stuffed with the fat cock. She looked around and saw that James, Steve, and Shane were watching her intently, and she shivered at the thought of being on such lewd display for them. She moved one hand from Mike’s thigh to her pussy and cupped it, feeling her swollen pussy lips. Her hand slid lower and felt Mike’s cock where it was lodged in her stretched ass. She began to rise back up, her fingers moving lower to cup his swollen balls as she rode him.

James reached out and found her nipples, squeezing and lifting them.

“Ohh, yess,” she gasped, her ass moving faster on Mike’s cock. “Gonna cum again!”

She closed her eyes and pushed her ass down hard against Mike as her first anal orgasm washed over her. Her nipples were aching from James’s pinching and twisting, the pleasure/pain pushing her orgasm further. Every pulse of her pussy made her ass clench tighter on Mike’s cock in her ass, causing him to grunt beneath her.

She felt herself moving and realized that Mike was scooting forward on the table. He moved to the edge, with his feet on the floor and Jen’s ass still lodged on his cock. Shane and Steve held her legs while James leaned back with her hands on the table near Mike’s shoulders. James was kneeling between her widespread legs looking down at her pussy. She knew that her pussy was gaping and could feel the juice oozing out and trickling down toward Mike’s cock, still stretching her ass.

James moved closer, his hips pushing against Jen’s inner thighs. She looked down at his mammoth cock, the bulbous pink head grazing her pussy lips. She moaned as he leaned forward, the cockhead mashing against her sensitive clit.

“Mmmmmm,” she sighed.

Mike reached around and cupped both of her tits, squeezing the nipples and bringing a fresh moan to her lips. She was close to another orgasm already, and wanted it desperately. She rocked her hips forward as much as she could, mashing her clit more firmly against the fat head of James’ cock. As she rocked she felt Mike’s cock shifting in her ass, and the sensations sent shudders through her. She could feel the orgasm about to explode, then the head of James’ cock moved away from her clit, down toward her cunt mouth, leaving her hanging on the edge.

“Let me cum, James,” she pleaded, “rub your cock against my clit so I can cum!”

Her ass was wiggling on Mike’s cock, making it hard for him to keep from cumming as she arched up toward James’s cock. James could see her clit throbbing it was so hard, and was tempted to flick it and make her cum, but he wanted to feel her pussy spasm on his Escort Beylikdüzü cock.

“Spread her legs wide, guys. I want in that pussy!” he told Shane and Steve.

They pulled her legs wide until she was almost in a split. Her outer cunt lips were stretched apart, leaving her pink inner slit open and defenseless. James inched forward and nestled the fat head into her drooling pussy mouth. She looked down her belly, watching as he prepared to fuck her. James pushed forward, and his cockhead slowly disappeared from view, her inner cunt lips locked around the fat head. She gasped as she felt it crowding against the cock in her ass, her eyes never straying from the sight of his huge shaft as is steadily inched deeper into her belly. She could feel the two cocks in her rubbing together, and knew that she would always crave a cock in her pussy and ass together. James did not stop pushing until he was completely buried in her cunt. When his pubes were mashed against her clit he held still, letting her feel how full she was.

“Fuuuuuuucckkkk,” Jen sighed, letting out a breath she didn’t even know she had been holding.

“How does that feel, Jen?” James asked her.

“Mmmmm, it feels wonderful,” she told him. She wiggled, feeling both cocks in her, and felt herself losing control. “Your beautiful cocks are going to make me cum again!”

She closed her eyes as she felt the orgasm explode. James held himself tight against her, grinding his pubes against her clit as she shuddered out her orgasm. Mike, underneath her, could not hold his own orgasm any longer. After watching the others fuck her throat and then her pussy, he was surprised he lasted as long as he did.

“NNNNNN, cumming in your ass!” he grunted out as his cock began to spew. The spurts of cum in Jen’s ass made her own orgasm intensify.

When she regained her breath she felt Mike’s cock shrinking in her ass, while James’ rock hard still filled her pussy.

“Are you ready to get fucked now?” James grinned down at her.

“Ummmm, I don’t know if I can handle anymore,” she told him. “That one about wore me out!”

“You can handle it, don’t worry,” Mike told her. “Lift her up for a sec so I can get out from under her, guys.”

James put a hand around her and lifted her while Mike scooted out from under, then laid her back down on the table. He began to fuck her with long, slow strokes. Her cunt made lewd squishing noises with each down stroke, and every time he mashed against her clit she jumped. Within seconds she was humping up against him and groaning louder.

“OH, yes, fuck me!” she cried. “Oh, shit, I’m gonna cum again!”

Her pussy clenched around his cock as he fucked her, speeding up until he was pounding into her wide open gash. She had two more orgasms from his fat shaft in her pussy before he slowed, then pulled out. He was still rock hard, the shaft shiny from her pussy. Steve and Shane had released her legs, but she was holding them wide to give him access to her insatiable pussy.

James moved his cock down to her asshole and put the head against it. Without warning, he shoved it forward, the head popping through the ring of muscle before Jen realized what he was doing.

“AAAwwwwww,” she screamed as she felt her asshole stretched by the huge head.

James reached for her tits and gripped a nipple in each hand, then began to grind forward. It felt like his cock was pushing into a rubber tube two sizes too small, but he kept pushing. Jen’s face was a mask of agony as he forced his cock into her ass. She could feel her ass opening grudgingly for his cock, and wondered if he would be able to fit it all in or if he would rip her in two.

Suddenly she felt his pubes against her asscheeks and realized she had taken his entire cock in her ass. Her breath was coming in gasps she was so excited, and she could feel every fat inch of his cock throbbing deep in her bowels. He released her nipples and leaned back, his hand dipping down into her crotch to find her clit. His hips began to hump as he rubbed her clit with his thumb, each time drawing more of his cock out of her ass before plunging it back in.

She felt her ass relaxing more with each thrust until the jolts of pleasure began to override any pain that remained. Her clit was screaming again, and by the time James was stroking her ass with the entire length of his cock she was once again at the edge of orgasm.

“Ohmygod, yes, fuck my ass with that huge cock!” she begged.

James started fucking faster, feeling his orgasm approaching quickly. He mashed his thumb harder against her clit as he fucked her, roughly slamming full length in her tight anal sheath. Jen was moaning continuously now, legs laying wide apart as James pounded into her. He felt his balls tense as his orgasm hit

“Here it comes, slut!” he grunted, jamming his cock deep into her bowels as he began to spew.

“Yessssss,” she moaned, her own orgasm slamming into her as his balls pumped her ass full of cum. She writhed on the table under him, her ass dancing around his cock as she came. When he finally stopped squirting and pulled his cock out of her ass with an audible ‘pop’, she laid still, her legs wide open with her well fucked pussy covered in shiny juice.

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