Jenna – Sweet Size Queen


I met my Jenna a long time ago. At least I was aware of who she was long ago. Today Jenna is thirty-two, while I am forty-four. We are both from a very small town in west Texas. I had finished college and was in a family business. I have a degree in accounting and did about three years in Houston with one of the large firms. My family had told me that if I wanted, my talents could be put to use in the family business of farm and ranch supplies, hardware, clothing, etc.

In small towns, everyone knows everyone else. I had married for about two years after college. It did not work out. We both worked too much and never seemed to have time together. She called it off, but I was in agreement.

After I came back home to work in the family business, I was not really interested in looking for a long term relationship. I dated some, but generally just hung out at the regular small town social events. The first time I saw Jenna, she was at the local watering hole with her friend.

She was only about 5′-2″. I had seen them both a few times in town. Jenna always wore jeans, boots and a very loose bulky shirt. She either wore a cowboy hat or a feed store ball cap. She never made much of an impression on me and I am sure others. Later on I saw them at a county stock show. She wore some better fitting jeans, good boots and an undershirt covered with a western shirt. The shirt was tighter fitting and was open showing the great view of her magnificent breasts until it buttoned just below bust level.

She finished high school and went to junior college about forty miles away. When she was nineteen, I met her at the local honkey tonk and shared a few beers with her and friends just like everyone did there in the country. She was a very pretty girl but did not make much use of her beauty. She usually wore jeans and starched western shirts. Everyone could see that she was well endowed, but with her downdressed style, you could not get a good feel for just how large her breasts were. Her hips were full but not fat. I guess being rather short and wearing that unattractive clothing all the time made her look dumpy to the casual observer.

The real beauty queens of the county dressed to the nines for the club and really showed some skin. Jenna dressed like a tomboy and wore almost no makeup ever.

The way we got together was a series of coincidences. The first time I spent time alone with her, I was hanging out at the club and one of her friends was leaving with her boyfriend and asked around if anyone could take Jenna home. Somehow I got volunteered and agreed to drop her off at her parent’s home. We got talking on the way to her house and eventually she asked why I was not married. I explained that I was divorced. She said that she knew that, but wondered why I had never re-married. I did not know how to respond, so I just told her that the right girl had not come along.

I took this as a chance to ask her about her relationships. She told me that all the high school boys had wanted was to touch her breasts the first time they got a chance and that she wasn’t into that adolescent huggy kissy stuff. I told her that she was very Anadolu Yakası Escort attractive and asked her why she dressed like a ranch hand. She laughed rather ironically and said that her father was a real hard ass and thought that her “assets” were gross. Her step mother was not much better when it came to girl things. She said that she felt ugly all the time.

This really upset me thinking of how cruel parents can be while supposedly looking out for the good of the child. Here was a beautiful young woman looking to bloom and no one to encourage it. Jenna said that she knew the rumors that worked around town about her. Some said she was a lesbian, but no one could find any evidence other than that she did not have a boyfriend.

When we got to her house, she thanked me for the ride and was about to get out of my car. On a chance, I asked if she would like to have dinner with me one evening after she got out of class. She seemed a little surprised. She asked why I would want to go out with her. I almost chickened out. I told her that I thought she was interesting and I wanted to get to know her. Then she remarked that we would most definitely need to meet somewhere where the local gossips would not find out. I told her that was fine, but that she should not worry about anyone else. She was a grown young woman and was entitled to a life of her own.

The following week I called her and set up a date after her late classes. We had a nice early dinner at a reasonably nice restaurant. What I noticed especially was that she wore a dress and makeup. The dress was almost to her knees and had a blousy top that camouflaged her large breasts as much as possible. Her shoes were a flat comfortable style. She was pretty but not very fashionable.

During dinner, I asked Jenna if she had any second thoughts about going out with an older guy. She said that her second thoughts all involved her father. As I thought about it, I was not sure how I could explain a thirty-one year old man dating a nineteen year old girl. Since we were from the same small town, we had plenty to talk about. I found out that she was going to school the following year in San Antonio. She planned on staying in a dorm and was excited to get away from home. When we got ready to leave, I told her I would follow her back home to make sure she was safe and sound. As I opened her door for her she hugged me and gave me an uncertain kiss on the lips. I was not expecting that but I did not mind at all. In fact I hugged her a little closer and bent forward giving her a more passionate kiss back. She blushed a little, but also smiled a little.

Over the next few months we began having dinner out and got to know each other really well. When she went to San Antonio to school, I visited her on the weekends. Over time she began dressing more up to date and wearing tops that clung a little closer to her breasts. I encouraged her to dress more stylishly and suggested that with her assets she should really dress to accentuate her best parts. She has a high waist and this makes her legs look really great. When she began wearing heels out to clubs, she Pendik Escort really began getting looks.

For her birthday, I took her to Nieman Marcus and bought her a complete outfit. Designer jeans, sexy blouse and very high heels. Then we went to Victoria’s Secret and picked out panties and bras. The next time we went to dinner, she turned every head in the place. She had been studying cosmetics with her roommate and began wearing makeup regularly. She looked fantastic and very genuine, not overdone. I stayed in town that weekend and I asked her to model the outfit for me. We went back to my hotel and she dressed in the new outfit. Then I asked if she would model the lingerie.

This was the watershed moment of our relationship. This was the first real sign of intimacy other that just kisses. She had progressed so much since going off to college that she just kicked her heels off and said, ” Sure, why not?” She removed her jeans first showing off the lacy boy short panties we had picked out. Then the sexy top came off and the beautiful beige lacy bra was there in front of me holding up her magnificent round breasts. The areolas and nipples were clearly visible through the bra. Jenna stepped back and asked, “What do you think?”

That day she had my full attention for her breasts were simply magnificent. They were very full and round as could be. It looked like her areolas were at least 3 or 4 inches wide. She was just stunning. Her hips were full but not fat. I guess being rather short and wearing that unattractive clothing all the time made her look dumpy to the casual observer. Now in her revealing lingerie, she was stunning.

I just went up to her and held her close to me. Her ripe breasts hit me about waist high not too far above my rapidly hardening cock. My hands drifted down from her neck to her shoulders down her back and finally to the soft flimsy fabric covering her wonderful ass. Jenna then reached for my belt buckle, lowered my zipper and invited me to step out of my jeans. My shirt came off next. Then I guided her very gently to the side of the bed while my cock tried to burst out of my briefs. My cock was poking up rubbing against the underside of her breasts. I reached down her ass and gently slid her panties down her backside just enough for her to step out of them. She in turn grabbed the elastic on my briefs and pulled them down until my six inch cock popped up. She slid them down while looking anxiously at my bobbing hard-on.

I very deliberately turned her backside to me until my cock was poking just slightly below her bra band. I was already leaking pre-cum and made a wet spot on her back. I gently backed up half a step and grasped the ends of the bra band. With four quick pops, the metal clasps were undone revealing the tag which showed a 34G on the writing. As I guided the bands forward, she hunched her shoulders and let the bra fall free of her massive breasts. She turned and embraced me pressing both of her very soft very full mammaries onto my lower stomach and trapping my raging cock somewhere in the middle of the quivering breasts.

I guided her back onto the bed and pulled Kurtköy Escort the covers back. I laid her short frame across the bed and admired the wonderful sight in front of me. The bedside lamp was on and she showed no nervousness about me seeing her naked body. Her hips were flared exactly as the artist would draw and her dark pubic hair was full and framed by her super feminine hips. Her waist was normal but looked so small as the upper part of her body just overpowered the view. Her breasts were flattened somewhat as she lay there. The overflow of her beautiful orbs fell around the silhouette of her rib cage. Her areola and nipples were almost more outstanding than the size of her breasts. The areolas were about three and a half inches in diameter, soft dark pink and fading perfectly into the alabaster skin of her beautiful breast skin. The nipples were prominent about a half inch thick and long. Everything was so perfect that I could barely bring myself to touch them. I almost felt like I should bow down and worship this magnificent presentation of feminine beauty. I traced my hand from her curvy waist up the overhanging flesh falling over her rib cage. Then upward to a full embrace of both breasts overflowing my cradling hands.

Jenna whispered softly,” Make love to me.” I lowered my face to her waiting bush as she slightly cocked her legs aside. I lowered my mouth to her and gently licked the opening of her vagina. She moaned slightly as I brushed my tongue into her wet pussy. As I began a hungry licking motion, she began moving her hips to my rhythm. I raised her hips slightly to give my mouth better access to her sweet pussy. I took her vaginal lips into my open mouth and sought her clit with my probing tongue. As it hardened and protruded into my mouth, I pinched down with both my lips sucking her button further into my mouth. I sucked her girl cock with such vigor that she began to moan and then scream. She began crying out, grunting and then screaming to the top of her lungs. As the orgasm washed over her and she began coming down, she was crying uncontrollably and holding my head firmly in place while I eased some pressure and started back softly licking her vaginal lips. As she recovered, she asked what I had done to her.

I told her that was just the appetizer. I let her rest as I rested my head above her dark pubic mound. As she returned to normal, I moved her around to the head of the bed and gently guided my hard cock into her very moist pussy. I went in slightly until I contacted her hymen. She tensed slightly as the head of my cock burst through. With a gasp of anticipation, she indicated that I had taken her virginity. As I moved further inside, I kissed her on the neck and mouth as I continued fucking her tight pussy. I was so turned on that I came after two minutes and shot my considerable load into her waiting pussy. She then became alarmed and said that she was not on any birth control.

She ran to the bathroom to clean up while I began losing my hard on. I wondered after the fact how I was so stupid to come in her without asking. When she came back out, she was of course concerned about the unprotected sex, but she kissed me and thanked me for being so gentle with her as she gave herself to me. I sort of felt like a pervert for deflowering this sexy nineteen year old girl. Then I reminded myself that this was a full blown, full grown woman. And a very loving one at that.

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