Jehovah’s Witness Romance Ch. 03


INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER – Welcome to the final chapter of Jehovah’s Witness Romance, with plenty of steamy sex – both Sapphic and straight – to conclude this story series set in the late 1980s.

All characters and events are fictional with similarity to real persons living or dead coincidental, and only characters aged 18 & over engage in sexual activity.

Hope you enjoy.


School finished for spring break on the Thursday afternoon, and the O’Brien and Smith families would be setting off for the conference in Seattle the next morning. Inside Holly O’Brien’s bedroom, the pretty albino girl — looking unbelievably cute in a pair of blue overalls with a white tee-shirt and sneakers with her hair styled in long, loose pig-tails – sat on her bed. Next to her was Adam, his muscular right arm holding her petite figure tight. Holly leaned her head against his shoulder, before the teenagers kissed deeply, leaning back on the bed to make out.

After a couple of minutes, the teenagers — Adam’s penis straining against the fabric of his underpants, fully erect, and the saddle of Holly’s panties getting damp — unlocked their mouths to draw breath. While stroking Holly’s beautiful white hair, Adam asked, “Are you sure your parents and sister will be out for as long as you think?”

Holly laughed, and repositioned her glasses on her cute nose. “Relax Adam, they will be out for a long time. They’re having a conference with the driving school Samantha’s been having lessons with, trying to work out why after all this money, she’s no better as a driver and the last instructor refused to teach her any more. Believe me, it will take a while.”

Adam and Holly leaned back on her bed, Adam taking Holly in his arms, the teenagers lying close together. Holly giggled when she felt Adam’s erection against her buttocks. “Down boy,” she said.

“Sorry,” said Adam. “You just have that effect on me.”

“It’s much easier for us girls when we get excited,” said Holly, stroking Adam’s hand with one of her own dainty fingers.

“Yes, you never have situations where you can’t stand up,” said Adam, to which Holly laughed again.

While kissing the back of Holly’s neck, Adam asked, “So, have you spoken to your parents yet, about us dating? I’d be happy to come and ask your father’s permission.”

“No, not yet,” said Holly. “And please don’t come and ask my dad for permission to date me, whatever you do. Not until I give the green light. He’s a little um, well, you know?”

“He doesn’t like me?” asked Adam.

“Well, it’s not that he doesn’t like you,” said Holly. “I just think you shocked him when you told that joke after Kingdom Hall a few months ago, and Dad was right behind you.”

Adam cringed, remembering his huge faux pas. With a captive audience of teenagers, Adam had told a vulgar, distasteful and sexually explicit joke about a gay rhinoceros. Andrea had collapsed with laughter at the punchline, unable to stand and close to wetting herself, and similar laughter from the others. Adam had likewise laughed at his own joke until he turned and saw Mr. O’Brien, the man having heard every word and completely unimpressed.

“I can’t believe that’s still coming back to bite me on the ass,” said Adam. “It’s not as though I told you or Samantha the gay rhinoceros joke.”

Holly rolled her eyes through her thick glasses. “I don’t want to hear the gay rhinoceros joke, thank you. It sounds really gross. As for Samantha, I think it would have gone over her head. She probably would have thought that the rhinoceros was happy, I mean literally happy.”

“So your father is never going to forgive me over that one thing?” asked Adam.

“You just need to build up some credits with my parents,” said Holly. “The way you helped out at Kingdom Hall on Saturday, a big plus. I made sure I told them about how you helped me out when the dog chased us, and at school when I tripped and lost my glasses and asthma inhaler. All you have to do is be on your best behavior at the conference in the next few days, and I think that my parents might just think of you as a good boyfriend for me.”

“And then, after I ask your father’s permission, we can date?” asked Adam. “I mean, really date?”

“Yes, of course,” said Holly, “but you and I know both know the rules, we’d be watched very closely, and chaperoned. And we probably won’t get many chances to do what we’re doing right now.”

Holly rolled over so she was facing Adam, and again the teenagers French-kissed, their tongues deep in each other’s mouths, their hands running over the other’s clothes. After another long session of making out, Holly looked at her bedside alarm clock and said, “I think they might be on their way back now, so I think we call it a night.”

“Yeah, it is getting late,” said Adam. “I might need a couple of minutes, though.” He indicated his groin.

Holly giggled. “I might have to put the garden hose on you.”

When Adam’s erection finally subsided, Sinop Escort they made their way downstairs holding hands. “Thanks for coming over help me interpret those passages of the bible I was having trouble with,” said Holly.

Adam’s face showed confusion. “I’m sorry?”

“That’s our cover story, if anybody happens to notice you were here,” said Holly. “We were discussing the bible on the way home from school, I was having some problems with some sections, and you came in for a soda to help me interpret them. My parents just love it when Samantha and I read the bible and ask questions, so if they think you were here for that, there’s no problem.”

“That’s a good back-story,” said Adam. There seemed to be more to Holly than the vulnerable, frail albino girl with bad eyesight, struggling with asthma and prone to illness, he had known his life. There was something of a devious streak inside her, not large, but enough to make her interesting. “Well, I guess I’d better behave myself in Seattle for the next few days.”

Holly nodded. “Yes, you need to behave yourself when our parents and elders are around. But staying at a nice hotel in a different city, you never know what might happen when we’re alone.” She smiled suggestively, took Adam’s left index finger, placed it in her mouth and gently sucked on it. “So don’t be too good when there’s nobody else around.”

Adam felt short of breath as he bade Holly goodnight with a sensual kiss, and made his way home. Did Holly mean that she was open to having sex during the conference? Like so many girls, Holly was enigmatic, never saying it exactly. It would be presumptuous to assume that they would have sex given that apart from secretly making out they hadn’t done any more, but worse would be if the opportunity arose, and he was unprepared. Either it wouldn’t happen, or it would and several months later Holly would be waddling around with a very pregnant stomach. That would sure impress her parents.

Deciding it would be best to take precautions, Adam took a detour into a pharmacy. While nerves ran through his body, leading Adam to purchase toothpaste, mouthwash, sticking plasters and headache tablets, Adam finally got up the courage to buy a packet of condoms, and hid them in his jacket pocket as he went home.


The drive from Portland to Seattle began early the next morning, with the Smith family meeting the O’Brien family at their house, and both cars driving up together. Adam wore stone-washed jeans, a white tee-shirt and running shoes. Andrea an orange tee-shirt with a sleeveless black jacket, short black skirt, black stirrup pants, orange head-band and black flat-heeled shoes.

Adam and Andrea’s eyes went wide at the sight of Holly and Samantha respectively when they arrived at the house. Samantha wore the same short blue pleated skirt she often wore to school, with a blue and white sweater tight around her big breasts, and white sneakers and ankle socks. Andrea hoped that their hotel involved climbing stairs, lots of stairs.

If Holly looked cute to Adam the previous day wearing overalls and sneakers, today she looked even better dressed in a bright pink shirt, short black skirt and pink pantyhose that matched her tee-shirt, with black flat-heeled shoes on her feet. Holly’s hair was tied back in a pony-tail with a pink ribbon, looking especially cute with her glasses.

“Oh, stop drooling,” Andrea thought to herself, as her brother made his usual beeline for Holly, and then being exceptionally nice to her parents. She observed Adam try to hide his discomfort as the overly-enthusiastic Samantha hugged him, but Andrea herself sought out Samantha’s tight embrace, loving feeling their tits pressed together, albeit with two bras, two shirts, one jacket and one sweater between them.

The drive through the Pacific North West forests linking Oregon and Washington states was a nice one, aside from some noisy, speeding logging trucks, although when the two cars pulled into a roadhouse to get gas, both Adam and Holly were extremely relieved. Adam regretted drinking the last of the tropical juice at home before setting off as his bladder now felt close to bursting. In the back of her parents’ car, Samantha next to her reading the bible, Holly felt discomfort in her own bladder and the need to pee that became more urgent with each mile, especially when the teenager also felt the call of nature from her rectum.

The two cars stopped at the pumps, Mr. Smith and Mr. O’Brien talking as they filled the cars. Mrs. Smith and Mrs. O’Brien likewise talked as they stretched their legs, with Samantha bouncing out of the car, keen to discuss some interesting passage of the bible with Andrea, who likewise was stretching her legs.

Adam thought that his sister would be anything but impressed by this, but to his surprise Andrea was polite and actually seemed interested. He shook his head in puzzlement. Was Andrea becoming more patient and tolerant? He always found Samantha Sinop Escort Bayan to be the most irritating person he had ever met, with his twin having even less tolerance for her, but now Andrea was being so nice to her. What was the deal with this?

At the moment, he and Holly had more important things to worry about, the teenagers looking for the restrooms and locating the signs, walking and talking together on the way. The ladies’ room was located first, and Holly pushed open the door, Adam continuing the short distance to the men’s room.

The female bathroom was a single room with one toilet, a sink and a sanitary disposal bin, another bin for paper towels near the dispenser at the door. Holly locked the door and walked towards the toilet, but through her thick lenses her eyes picked up the nightmare of any girls who need to sit on the toilet. This was an empty cardboard toilet roll on the dispenser, with no paper. Holly looked around the bathroom for a spare roll of toilet paper, but saw nothing.

Frustrated, the teenager opened the door pondering what to do next. Further up, Adam was about to open the door to the gents, when he saw Holly exit the ladies’ just seconds after entering, and guessed something must be wrong.

“Is everything okay?” he asked Holly.

“Adam, there’s no toilet paper,” Holly called back.

“I’ll see if there’s some in the men’s room I can get for you,” Adam said, opening the bathroom door and stopping immediately at the ear-wrenching sound of vomiting coming from the only stall, which was locked. More retching was heard, followed by what sounded like a tidal wave of vomit going into the toilet bowl.

Holly looked dismayed when Adam stepped out empty-handed. “None in there either?”

“No — well, I couldn’t actually see. There was a guy in there throwing up big time.”

Holly looked repulsed. “Ew.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll get you some tissues,” said Adam, keen to again be the knight to Holly’s damsel-in-distress. “I’ll be right back.”

“Thanks,” said Holly, hoping Adam would be back soon.

Adam sprinted for the car, flung the door open and found the object he was looking for — the rainbow colored tissue box. The tissues inside were a variety of colors as the box suggested; green, pink, blue, yellow, white, brown, orange and lilac. Adam grabbed a huge handful of the soft, multi-colored tissues, and sprinted back to Holly. Andrea saw this series of events, and suppressed laughter. “My brother the biggest hero in America,” she thought.

Holly smiled and gratefully accepted the tissues from Adam. “Thank you so much,” said Holly, opening the door to the ladies’ room again.

“It’s not a problem,” Adam assured her, making for the men’s room again and hoping the man who was vomiting was gone.

Holly closed and locked the bathroom door and placed the handful of tissues on the toilet cistern. She lifted her skirt to show the white panties with pink flowers she wore over her pink pantyhose. She pulled down her top pair of panties, and then her pantyhose, to show a second pair of panties that she wore underneath, these ones pure white. Holly pulled her second pair of panties down to her ankles displaying her white pubic hair in the process. The girl sat down on the toilet, sighing in relief, knowing the uncomfortable feelings in her bladder and bowels would soon be gone.

In the men’s room, Adam stood at the urinal having a pee, while the man in the stall kept vomiting and vomiting. Adam zipped himself up and flushed the urinal and washed his hands, just as the man in the cubicle flushed the toilet and emerged. He was a very fat middle-aged man, roughly dressed in a red check-shirt, jeans and boots with a peaked cap, which indicated he was employed at a logging company.

“Nice day,” the man slurred to Adam, staggering out of the bathroom, clutching his enormous stomach. Adam also exited the men’s room, and watched in dismay as the man made his way to a huge logging truck, took a huge mouthful of cola which he swirled around his mouth before spitting out like mouth-wash. The man then got into the rig, started it, and drove the massive vehicle out of the truck stop, turning out onto the main road. Adam hoped very much that the truck driver’s vomiting was caused by food poisoning, not from alcohol consumption, given the size of the fully-laden truck he was driving out on the road.

At the fuel pumps, everyone waited for Holly until she returned from the toilet a few minutes later, and the drive to Seattle resumed. Upon arrival at the hotel, they checked in and went to their rooms, the hotel and others around the city very busy with Jehovah’s Witnesses in town for the convention.

The room Andrea was sharing with Holly and Samantha contained a single bed which Andrea would be using, and a bunk bed, where Holly was taking the top bunk and Samantha the bottom. Initially, Andrea would have preferred to have shared with her two cousins Cathy and Escort Sinop Lisa, the daughters of Cindy Smith’s sister, so irritating had she found Samantha. Now she was glad to be sharing the same room with the O’Brien girls, not that she imagined that anything interesting would happen with Samantha. In any case, Cathy and Lisa were very quiet and boring girls, never saying anything much unless it was about religion.

Adam was also sharing a room similar to his sister; one single bed and a bunk-bed. Adam had the single bed and his and Andrea’s cousins Cody and Luke, the sons of Bill Smith’s brother, had the bunk beds. Cody and Luke were 18-years-old like Adam and Andrea, and identical twins, tall with light brown hair and brown eyes. They always ate, walked and even spoke in unison, the twins completing a sentence together many times.

A perfect example of this arose when Adam asked the perfectly simple question as to whether they were looking forward to visiting the Seattle Space Needle on a sightseeing expedition in the afternoon. Cody and Luke looked at each other, smiled and began their response.

“Yes,” Cody started.

“We are really looking forward to going to …” continued Luke.

“…the Seattle Space Needle,” resumed Cody.

“It will be interesting …” said Luke.

“…to see the Seattle skyline, Mount Rainer …” said Cody.

“…and the Cascade Mountains from so high up.” Luke finished.

Adam shook his head, and went out on the sightseeing trip with everyone else. Cody and Luke again started and completed each other’s sentences when they saw the sights from the Space Needle. Adam looked at Holly, and Holly back at him. This evening offered a chance of some sorts for them to get away from the others and spend some time together, as practically all of the parents were going out to the opera — which lasted four hours plus travel, having a coffee afterwards and the like. Their female cousins Cathy and Lisa were going out for the evening with their equally boring boyfriends, chaperoned by a young Jehovah’s Witness couple in their early 20s, despite the fact that the girls had been dating for some time. However, it was what to do about Cody and Luke that was the problem.

As everyone was going to dinner that evening, Adam spoke to Cody and Luke. “So, what would you like to do this evening? I sure am glad I’m not going to the opera, how about you?”

Cody and Luke looked Adam up and down before responding.

“We are going to the opera with Mom and Dad,” began Cody.

“We thought it would be interesting …” continued Luke.

“…to see a different type of performance art …” resumed Cody.

“…than what we are used to,” Luke concluded.

Adam could barely conceal his delight. “Good for you, I hope you have fun.”

“I think …” responded Luke.

“…that we will have fun,” Cody finished.

Seeing Holly standing looking at a map of Seattle in the lobby, Adam guided her away to a quiet corner so they could not be overheard. “I can’t believe it, Cody and Luke are going out to the opera with my aunt and uncle,” he said in delight.

Holly smiled a cute little smile. “Yes, it’s good for us. Probably not so good for Cody and Luke though, when they find out how boring opera actually is.” The girl glanced upstairs, seeing her parents descending into the lobby with Samantha. “My parents are nearly here, so how about we meet up for a game of pool at seven thirty?”

“Seven thirty is great,” said Adam, trying to contain his excitement.

Seeing her parents were still some distance away, Holly leaned forward and whispered into Adam’s ear. “Here’s the really good bit. I have never played pool, and I don’t intend starting tonight.”

With that, the pretty teenager turned on her black shoes and walked in the direction of her parents and sister. Adam tried hard not get an erection at the sight of Holly from the back, her slim figure looking so good in pink and black, her pony-tail accentuating her cuteness. Adam pondered what delights they could get up to tonight.

It was fortunate for the teens that the only person to over-hear their conversation was not a parent nor any of the other older Jehovah’s Witnesses, but Andrea passing by on her way to the toilet. As the pretty blonde teenager went into the ladies room and sat on the toilet with her stirrup pants and panties around her ankles, she shook her head. It was obvious what her brother and Holly would be getting up to tonight.

At dinner, Adam and Holly were seated next to each other, when Adam felt a foot rubbing against his lower leg. He glanced under the table. Holly had removed her left shoe and was discretely rubbing her dainty foot, her pretty toes covered in pink nylon, up and down his leg. Adam felt his groin stirring in response, and like in economics at school, took to clock-watching, desperately wishing that the time of 7.30 would arrive.

After dinner, Adam went to his room, sat on his bed, and counted down the seconds until his watch struck 7.27. Getting off the bed, Adam made his way on trembling, nervous legs to the games room, which to his relief contained no other people. He stood waiting at a pool table for the petite figure of Holly to arrive.

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