Jason Hits The Jackpot Ch. 2


The following Friday morning Jason awoke early, for a whole week he had been thinking about and anticipating this day. His seduction by, and the sexual bouts with, Ann Meecham had given him a hard on, a boner, a woody every morning and that Friday was no exception. Jason was reliving the sucking and the fucking as he stroked his 9″ tool into full erection. He was determined to make it last, cupping his balls in one hand he stroked his dick with the other, uncovering and covering the plum coloured head with the protective sheath. The first beads of pre-cum eased from the eye of his prick and slowly whetted his sliding hand. His eyes were closed and he wanked his large cock.

His parents bedroom was some distance away otherwise he might have learnt that his mother liked to use similar language to Ann when she was hot and horny.

At that moment she was sucking on her husbands cock. Gerald Watkins was enjoying the opportunity of an early morning fuck with his delightful wife Jane. At 36 she still had the body of a younger woman. Her breasts were full and firm with delightfully long nipples, which he was tweaking as her supple tongue licked the head of his 7 inch cock in between sucking at the head with her luscious lips. Gerald tapped her shoulder which she knew was the signal to move round into a 69 position. Jane moved, spreading her legs and straddling Gerald’s head as she lowered her quim onto his waiting tongue. The thick labial lips were engorged and wet, the vulva already dark red. Gerald lifted his head and lick the sensitive tissue of Jane’s clitoris, she groaned, Gerald sucked, Jane groaned again as her husbands tongue eased Beylikdüzü escort the pricklike protuberance out of its protective hood.

Gerald sucked hard and at the same time poked two fingers into Jane’s very receptive cunt.

“Oooooh yes Oh fuck FUCK” Jane released his cock and fell sideways onto the bed. “Oh darling fuck me Oh God fuck me, my cunt’s on fire. OOOOH YESSSSSSSSSSSS!” she screamed as Gerald thrust his stiff prick into her receptive fuck hole.

Jason, in the reverie of wanking his hard cock and being at the other side of the house heard none of this, but someone did!!! Grace Watkins, the widow of Lawrence Watkins, mother of Gerald and Grandmother of Jason did. Her bedroom, the guestroom was not en-suite and she had just been to the lavatory when, passing her son and daughter-in-laws bedroom door she heard Jane’s cry to be fucked. It was unduly loud and Grace noticed the bedroom door was slightly ajar.

As any good mother knows, those are not the sort of sounds one listens to, especially in someone else’s home, but, Grace did not worry about such things, she was not averse to eavesdropping nor playing the voyeur. Gently pushing the door she managed to open it two or three inches which gave her a good view of the bed from the side. The fucking couple were both naked, Jane was on her back her legs wrapped around her husband. From her position by the door, Grace could plainly see her son’s cock spearing in and out of Jane’s cunt. Jane was lifting her arse of the bed to meet her husbands thrusts.

Grace, at 55, still had an attractive body her firm breasts with dark reddish brown nipples centred Beylikdüzü escort on dark brown aureoles which had a diameter of 2 inches, she was wearing an almost transparent negligee and night-dress. As she watched the couple on the bed, they changed position almost as if they had exchanged a signal known only to them. Gerald was flat on his back and Grace could see her son holding his 7 inch cock vertical and Jane, straddles him and gradually settled until her cunt engulfed her husbands prick and then she started to fuck him.

Grace had two fingers of one hand rolling and tweaking a now hard nipple urging it out to a good half inch. She also had the other hand under the skirt of her night-dress, two fingers rubbing at her extended clit, her thick labia sticky and wet.

Suddenly the telephone rang, its strident noise surprising, shocking and disturbing everyone with the exception of the happily wanking Jason. Gerald cursed, Jane shouted “Oh FUCK” and Grace, quickly retreating towards the bathroom emulated her daughter-in-law with a muttered..”Fucking hell, I wanted to ‘cum’.” The telephone was still ringing and being close she called out, “Gerald, I have just left the bathroom, I’ll get it” and going down the hall picked it up.

As she listened, Gerald appeared at the top of the stairs.” Sorry mother, I was fast asleep” he said, “I could have taken it in the bedroom. Is it for me?”

She nodded and handed him the phone, “Yes, It’s someone in Paris wants to speak with you.”

As Grace arrived at the bottom of the stairs Jane appeared, dressed in a housecoat. Gerald put down the phone. “Sorry folks” he Escort Beylikdüzü said, I am going to have to put back my trip to Montcalm, some surprising but important business. I should be free by Sunday. “He saw the look of disappointment on his wife’s face.” No, you will be going as scheduled. I have to fly to Paris. I know we said Jason did not have to accompany us but he will have to take you up there. He can return here Sunday as I will then be with you. I’ll tell him.” “No Gerald, I will tell him” Grace said,” I am going up now.”

Grace went along to her grandsons room and knocked on the door, deciding that he was in a deep sleep she gently turned the door knob and opened the door. The sight that met her eyes reminded her that she was already very horny but this was truly exciting. Jason, he eyes tightly closed, was jacking his hard 9 inch prick which had already leaked so much pre-cum it made his cock sticky and white. Suddenly the boy groaned. ” An Ann Ann Oh Yesssssssssss” and great gobs of creamy cum shot upwards from the end of his cock splashing onto his stomach chest and face. Grace had just time to beat a hasty retreat to her own room and within seconds had taken a vibrator from the bedside cabinet and was furiously fucking herself to a much needed orgasm. Knowing everyone was awake she had taken the precaution of stuffing the edge of the pillow in her mouth so that when the double orgasm shook her she remained fairly quiet.

Downstairs Jane noticed that something was gleaming on the handset of the telephone and when she touched it, it was sticky. Knowing that she and Gerald had quickly wiped themselves before leaving the bedroom and recognising the sticky deposit for what it was immediately knew that for whatever reason her mother-in-law had been frigging a very hot cunt and there were only two in the house. Jane smiled and murmured” Hmm well Mother, it wasn’t me you were frigging.

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