James , Rose


James & Rose have been together for six years. They got together when James was 22 & Rose was just a young girl of 18. James had been to university, had had a few lovers and so was quite experienced. He was 6′ 2″ and well built. Rose was a quiet girl, shy, timid, only a shade over 5 feet, with small tits. She had barely had a boyfriend let alone had any sexual experience. Naturally she was horny as hell.

They met on the internet. James had just graduated and was starting his first job, working abroad extensively for an oil company. All the traveling didn’t give him much chance to meet girls so he signed up to an internet dating site. He didn’t have much success until he found Rose. She had found the internet to be her way into the adult world. There she could safely explore her increasing sexual urges with other people without fear of getting hurt. She saw James’s ad & emailed him straight away. He replied & they signed on to chat to each other. It took all of 2 mins before James was describing to Rose how he would lick her throbbing clit while she could suck his rock-hard cock. Rose loved every second.

Soon they arranged to meet. They met in the town center and window shopped together. Rose was so shy, so nervous she couldn’t even bring herself to look in his eyes. She was also excited. Very excited. James could sense this and as they walked together he took the initiative. His hand went to her ass. He squeezed. She almost came. 5 minutes later he had his hand down the back of her jeans. Inside her knickers, squeezing her ass, wandering dangerously close to her puckered hole, to her soaking pussy. They ended the first date with a quick kiss, promising to see each other again.

Over the next week they saw each other several times. By the end of the week James was regularly fingering Rose’s anus as they wandered around the street. As they looked at clothes in a store making small talk, his finger would be knuckle deep in asshole. She couldn’t get enough. Sinop Escort When she got home at night she would masturbate furiously with her fingers or her electric toothbrush, bristles dancing deliciously over her erect love button.

Over the next few months they progressed more in their sexual gratification. He rubbed her pussy from outside her clothes, from inside her knickers. He fingered her cunt, finger fucking her to orgasm. She learnt to cum from his administrations. She felt her first cock, initially through his jeans then before she know it she would be before her eyes waiting for her hands to wrap around it lightly, pumping it as hard as she could, watching in growing excitement as his cum spewed forth over her fingers. She felt her first tongue on her clit, and tentatively tasted her first cock. Initially she didn’t like it too much. That would change.

Her language got dirtier. She started to say “fuck”, “cunt” “pussy” and “cock”. She started to become more comfortable with her body, but she still didn’t like to look at herself in the mirror. She loved James’s naked manliness. She loved the way his cock stood out to attention, waiting for her. She loved watchin him wank. Pumping his cock and spewing forth his seed over her tits, her ass, her face.

He bought her first sex toy. A cheap cock shaped vibrator. It wasn’t powerful enough. Before long she was building a collection of rabbit vibrators, vibrating bullets. Soon anal beads and butt-plugs were added to the collection.

He took her virginity one night in a hotel. It hurt a little and she was a bit disappointed. She wanted it to be special, romantic. A week later they were fucking like rabbits.

They moved in together after a couple of years. They were alone, in their own place. The walked around naked, fucking in every room, in every position. James soon learned he loved sex toys in his ass. Rose would feed anal beads into his rectum and reaching between Sinop Escort Bayan her legs, pull them out as he took her doggy style. He would flip her on her back and with her legs over his shoulders, drive his meat hard and deep into her gushing hole. Sometimes he would just grab her during the day as they watched TV and bend her over the back of the sofa and take her from behind roughly. She liked it rough. She liked to be taken. She liked it hard and fast. She loved doggy style the best. It got to the point where James would hold on to her hips so hard he left bruises as he pounded her for all he was worth. She couldn’t get enough. Eventually they bought a stap to enable him to get more leverage on her waist so he could pound he cunt even harder. She ached afterward, but wouldn’t dream of making him stop. It felt so good.

The experimented in bondage. She loved being tied up, being at his mercy. He would tie her up and expose her backside so her could attack her ass without mercy. He loved to lick her anus, get his tongue in there as deep as possible. She loved the rimming. Then his finger would come sliding in, expanding her tight hole for the intrusion that was to follow. She loved anal. She would play coy and tell him he’s not fucking her ass. He would bend her over the sofa and fuck it anyway. She loved it all. He would tie her up after promising not to fuck her there. Then he would bury his member to the balls in Rose ass.

Every chance he got he would grope her, finger her, touch her. In public and in private. He loved to expose her or threaten to flash her bits in public. Shopping for food they would think nothing of groping a tit or ass cheek, or squeezing a hard cock in the check-out line.

Her dirty talk got into the bedroom. No longer was there talk of “making love”. Now it was “fuck my ass with your big cock” or “mmm..fuck me harder, deeper…” as he plunged into her wetness. She learned to love cock-sucking. No matter Escort Sinop where he was, no matter what he or she was doing, he just had to say the word and she was on her knees, sucking meat. Any time, any where. I true lovers whore.

She still wasn’t very happy with her body. The idea of breast implants was mentioned every now and then. One day she said she had booked a consultation. Before you knew it, she had perfect 34C boobs. For such a small girl, with such a slight build, they looked huge. She loved them. James loved them. Now she couldn’t stop looking in the mirror, or stop running her hands over them.

They loved looking at porn. They had no problems watching hardcore sex together. The kinkier the better. Sometime James would go to the computer alone, watch some movie on anal fisting or gay butt-fucking while pumping his cock. Rose would come in, strip off and join him, her new tits in his face.

When he was working she would sit and watch the movies herself. One porn start had multiple genital piercings which excited her. She already had 3 tattoos, and a pierced tongue. Now she got her clitoris pierced. A few weeks later she got her labia pierced. James couldn’t get enough. The next time he came home Rose was sporting 2 new shiny rings in her newly pierced nipples.

She got more and more adventurous in her dressing. Showing off her new boobs & sexy little body. She wore bras that pushed her big tits together to give her a massive cleavage. She wore tops so tight you could clearly see her nipple rings through the material. She would go on holiday and wear the tiniest bikinis that went transparent when wet. Her breasts bulging out of the sides, piercings on display for all to see. Sometimes they went to nude beaches where she would tease him until his cock was rock hard. Sometimes she would ride him on the beach. Sometimes they let people watch.

She started to play with James’ ass more and more. She began rimming him, fingering him, she learnt to find his prostate and give him body shaking orgasms. He bought a strap on harness and soon she was fucking his ass, making him her bitch. They loved each other dearly.

They’re getting married soon. Let’s hope they continue on their voyage of discovery.

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