Istanbul Night


The words of the adhan die away as I lie next to you, still awake. I’m tired, so tired, from the flight, from struggling to remember a language I only knew imperfectly, from too much hospitality. You seem unbothered, sleeping so soundly that when I lay my head on your chest, you don’t even stir. I listen to your heart beat, watch the curtains move in the breeze from the sea, reach for sleep. It’s no use. I sigh and, feeling only a little guilty, slip beneath the covers.

My lips graze across your chest, kissing your belly, nuzzling your hair. It’s close under the blanket and, as I reach my destination, I’m captivated by your smell, simultaneously comforting and arousing. I love this, starting when you’re soft, pulling your whole cock into my mouth, sucking gently, teasing you with my tongue. Your skin is warm from the bed, but my mouth is hotter, wet, wanting. You start to get hard and I change my angle to accommodate you, begin to move my mouth up and down. I suck the head, running my tongue around that sensitive ridge, up the cleft. I’m dripping wet, have been from the moment my lips touched your skin.

I feel you wake up, your breath stopping for a second, then your hands in my hair. You push the covers back, Antalya Escort watch as your cock slides in and out of my mouth. I lift my head, flashing a wicked grin. “Prayer is better than sleep,” I translate the muezzin’s words. “So pray, then,” you respond with a chuckle as you push me back down. I move to kneel between your legs, stroke you with my hand. You’re completely hard now. I stick my tongue out, drag it along the underside of your shaft. You shudder and I smile.

I plunge back down, taking you all the way in. Even though I’m supposed to be the one in control here, I’m getting more aroused by the second, especially when you pull on the back of my neck, arch your hips up to meet me. One hand caresses your balls, the other squeezes your ass. I moan around your dick, timing my breaths and swallowing with your thrusts. It’s impossible to explain this feeling, my lips brushing your abdomen and your balls, massaging the head of your cock with the muscles in my throat. I just know that, crazy as it makes you, I love it even more.

I’m content to stay like this, sucking until you cum, but you sit up slightly and grab my shoulders. I slide up to kiss you, hard nipples dragging along your stomach and Antalya Escort Bayan chest. You glide your hands down to my breasts, teasing me with your fingertips. You know me so well, how much I ache when you do this, that it’s my turn to shiver and rock into your hips. As you savage my mouth with your tongue, you lift me up, slide into me, push me all the way back down. I’m fever hot, so wet there’s no resistance, melting inside as my muscles clench down on your cock. You groan and I throw my head back, astonished as always at the way we fit together. I ease up a bit, leaning forward to rub my nipple against your lips. You latch on, sucking deeply, as your hands pull me in circles against you. I’m in ecstasy, begging wordlessly, my whole world becoming your cock inside me, your hands on my skin, your mouth on my breast.

You open your eyes, move your lips to my neck, biting and sucking. “Ride me, baby,” you whisper against my skin. “Ride my cock, let me see you…” I sit up, reluctantly, not wanting to leave your warmth, even a little. But as I straddle you, the air cools my skin and somehow, my urgency. I become calmer, almost dreamy in the moonlight, hands in my hair, breasts thrust forward. Your Escort Antalya hands move carelessly over my skin, stroking, cupping, lifting, the way one fondles a favorite possession.We watch each other silently, rocking together to our own music.

We do this for a few moments, or forever, I’ve lost track of time. And then your breath catches and you thrust up hard, pushing my hips down, grinding against my clit. I gasp, eyes opening wide as the rising starts, deep in my belly. You grab my ass, fingers digging into the soft flesh, as I fall forward, clutching at your shoulders for balance. I feel that electric pulse run up through your cock and we move faster, harder, against each other. You lift your head, eyes piercing into me. It’s time, time to finish what I’ve started, but first you have to…

“NOW,” you say, your voice shaky, tense. “Cum now, baby.” And I do, over and over and over. It’s like being pulled under the ocean, buffeted by the waves. I want to tell you how good it feels, how glad I am you finally said I could, but it’s all sensations, no words. Then I feel your cock throb, your cum splashing hot and deep inside me, you’re looking at me like I’m a miracle and I know I don’t need to say anything.

As we catch our breath, you pull my head down to kiss me hard, then nestle my head into the curve of your neck, stroke my hair as I snuggle against you. As I glance at the window, the first rays of dawn tinge the sky. I sigh contentedly and drift off to sleep at last.

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