Increased Sexual Options Ch. 2


I sat on the edge of my bed while looking out the window at the setting sun. I was at odds with myself. I still couldn’t get over the fact that for the last 5 weeks, I have been masturbating to thoughts of having another guys cock in my ass and mouth.

Even now, these thoughts were battling in my head. I was an attractive white heterosexual who adores women, but yet, I was so turned on by watching big black cocks force themselves into the tiny white ass and mouths of other men.

I have been keeping these gay porn videos hidden from my girlfriend, Camille, but I knew she would find them sooner or later.

I shook my head, went into the bathroom, and started getting ready for my date tonight with Camille. I adjusted the water in the shower, stepped in, and wondered how s

I looked out the window, and saw that the sun had almost completely set. I sat on he would feel about what I had discovered about myself. I washed my hair, rinsed, then soaped a wash cloth and proceeded to wash my body.

I mean really, guys are aroused by watching girls have sex with other girls, maybe a guy on guy would turn her on. Perhaps it’s even one of those secret sexual fantasies that she is always talking about, but won’t reveal to me.

I put the cloth down and rinsed off my chest and arms. I really should spend some more time in the gym. I had been exercising topkapı escort lately, but I still had a long way to go until I was happy with my body. My chest had gain enough mass to make it possible for me to take off my shirt at the beach, and not be embarrassed. My biceps were coming along nicely too, although, I was still probably one of the smallest guys in my gym.

I readjusted the water making it warmer. I picked the cloth back up and started to wash my stomach and crotch. While washing, my thoughts kept creeping back to the site of that large black penis. I don’t know why vidoes of large black men turn me on so much, but they do. Damn, am I gay? No, maybe I am bi-sexual. That could be it. I looked down at my penis as I washed it and thought of what a cock my size would feel like in my own ass. When hard, it’s a little less than 7 inches. Hell, who am I kidding, it would hurt like crazy.

As if my hand had a mind of its own, I dropped the cloth, and started washing my butt with my soapy hand. My fingers traveled up and down, and in-between. My index finger lingered on my tight opening. I started to get excited. Not by the touch, but by the thought of doing something new, something I had never even thought of before.

That settles it, I am going to have a cock for real! My finger circled my anus. I allowed myself to play around the opening for fatih escort a moment. I haven’t tried to penetrate my ass with anything yet. I have masturbated to getting fucked, but I haven’t done anything beyond think about it.

I had to turn the hot water down, I was suddenly become exceptionally hot. My penis started to get hard now. I was going to do it. Fuck it, why not. I pushed the tip of my finger into my ass. My heart was racing, my breathing had increased, and I now had the tip of my finger in my ass. I had to laugh a little at how this must look. I pulled it out, then pushed it in a little more. It was so damn tight. I didn’t think I could get anything more than the tip in. My cock was rock hard now, so I started stroking it with my other hand. I started moving my finger in small circles. I felt my hole start to open a little.

I was going to do it now. I was going to fuck my own ass till I shot a big fucking load of cum! With my left hand stroking my dick, and my right index finger in my ass, I started to imagine that my favorite gay porn actor was playing with my ass. My strokes were coming faster now, and I was now able to push my whole finger up my ass. I

I began talking out loud, as if he was there with me. I wanted his big black cock…

“Oh yes, stretch out my asshole before you stuff that big rod into it.”

I pushed in a eyüp escort second finger. I hurt, but I was determined to stretch my ass. My cock was so fucking hard. I was squeezing it as it pumped through my fist.

“Oh fuck” I moaned. “Come on, shove your fingers up my tight ass. Make it nice and loose for your big cock.” I shoved in a both fingers all the way now. I was attempting a third while thinking of his dick…

“OH mother fucker! It’s so fucking big. Shove it in and make my your bitch! Yes, that’s what I want, I want to be treated like a little fucking whore.”

My fingers were pumping my asshole while my dick was getting stroked so fucking good. I was going to cum. I couldn’t hold back anymore. I squeezed my dick to let it build up, and then it shot out all over the shower wall.

I left my fingers in my ass while I came. My cum had spurt out so fucking hard and it felt so damn good!

I pulled my fingers from my ass slowly, and rubbed my little violated hole. It was sore, and I suspected that I would feel the pain all through the night, but damn, it was an amazing experience.

I finished washing up, rinsed off, and then got out of the shower. I looked into the mirror, and just shook my head. I realized at that moment that I had accepted the fact that I did in fact want to experience a man, and I didn’t want to wait.

I trimmed my goatee, then left the bathroom with my robe on. I put on my cologne and started getting dressed. Cammy would be here very soon, and I was feeling like a new man.

I was definitely going to look at men in a whole new way.

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