Inconvenient Coincidence Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Mistake(n).

Faith got to college in time; she managed to catch her bus, which made her fairly happy despite having run and exhausted herself in the process. She did not have any class this morning, but would spend her spare time organizing her presentation and finalizing what she had started. She found a quiet place, got Jay’s computer ready, and started working.

For the first hour, she only used material she had already found, and reorganized it. After a while though, she didn’t have anything left from her previous researches, and had to go back to the websites she used to get some more information, just enough to make the whole thing perfect. She didn’t remember the website’s names, and decided to look for it in Jay’s browser history. She wasn’t expecting what she discovered.

“Oh my god,” she giggled, shocked. “Jay, you filthy pervert, what is all of this?” she whispered, looking at her screen. What she saw first wasn’t her websites, or any link about video-games she knew her brother loved, but a huge number of sites with images of men being tortured, forced to serve beautiful women, involving, sometimes, incest! With that were stories in which the main character was generally *forced* to endure his “goddesses” will. Most of them, though, focused on making the man sniff sweaty feet, lick them, taste them, against his will.

Faith spent some time switching between those different sites, reading everything. Her cute little brother had, in fact, secrets he did not share with her. Secrets she wouldn’t ever have had the chance to discover had she not borrowed his computer in a hurry! For the first time, he didn’t have the chance to delete his dirty-looking history, and, at last, she knew the truth.

“Jay, Jay, Jay…” she whispered. Why didn’t he tell her about his fantasies? They had talked about sex many times, and he knew everything about her. She didn’t hide a single manisa escort detail when talking about her own kinks, yet he lied to her. He acted as if all he ever wanted was vanilla sex, but here was the proof: that wasn’t enough. He craved humiliation, he wanted to be controlled.

She was genuinely disappointed he didn’t trust her with this. She didn’t mind making her feet smelly, if it was all it took to make her brother happy. She knew she could manage to make him sniff them from time to time. This was the least she could do to begin with. She would think of a way to go further later on.

Then it all came together. The run with Yuna! He said he convinced her to run with him. What better way to get someone to have sweaty feet, right? That’s probably what he thought of when inviting her: he was using her to satisfy his perverted needs! She didn’t have confirmation yet, but she was ready to bet he had managed to have interaction with Yuna’s feet that day. Despite loving her dear brother, Faith felt the need to warn Yuna about Jay’s motives, if she found out he really was using her.

She went outside, dialed Yuna’s number on her phone, and called.

“Hello? Faith?” answered a puzzled Yuna. It had been a long time since the two talked together. Fate had decided to reunite them.

“Hey, Yuna?” mirrored Faith. “I know we haven’t talked in a long time, and what I’m about to ask might seem really weird to you, so I apologize already, but did James had any interaction with your feet the day you ran together?” she asked, straight to the point.

Yuna was silent for a few seconds, then mumbled:

“…what is that about? What kind of question is that?”

“I know, I’m sorry, it’s weird, and I’ll explain everything to you once I get the answer, please?”

Yuna thought about this strange call, and answered. What could go wrong? She would mavişehir escort then ask for a detailed explication. She knew Faith, and she was not the kind to act without reason. Something was up.

“Well, uhm… I made him *smell* inside my shoe.” she purred. The mere thought of it was enough to tingle her down there. “That’s it, there’s nothing more. What now?”

This wasn’t what Faith expected. She thought James would have found a way to smell her feet, but the fact that she made him smell her shoe? There was yet something she didn’t know.

“What, you *made* him?” Faith asked, baffled.

Yuna felt more and more embarrassed about this whole situation. But for an unknown reason, maybe because she was James’s sister, or the fact that she seemed to know a lot already, James’s friend decided to trust her and explained everything. She told her how she made him sniff her shoe, and, seeing Faith wasn’t judging, told her more about her fantasies concerning her brother.

As she listened, a grin grew on Faith’s face. Now she understood. All of it. Those two were a perfect match! A shame her brother was too shy to admit his own desires, this would work out so well! Hopefully, now that she knew, things would go better. Or worse, she giggled, thinking about what could happen to her precious brother, now that boundaries were about to be lifted.

“Alright, now I understand, thanks,” she smiled and breathed, letting it all sink in. “I owe you an explanation.” she started. “First, let me tell you that I understand why you’re James’s best friend,” she giggled. “Of course, you’re beautiful, smart, and everything, but there’s one more thing,” she stopped, to enlighten what was to come: “I’ve discovered that James has a huge fetish for feet, and craves domination. And you happen to feed his lust with what he wants.” she dropped the revelation, and was menderes escort glad she had found someone to share it with. Someone that would act for her brother’s best interest, she was sure of it!

Yuna, though, couldn’t believe what Faith just said. Surely, she was wrong. She had known James for years, and tried to get him to her feet again and again, without any success. And all of a sudden, that’s what he wanted? This couldn’t be.

“Faith, Faith, calm down!” Yuna stopped her. “I don’t get what you’re saying, I’ve known James for years, and he never acted anywhere close as someone being interested in feet, neither in being dominated!” she said, with a hint of sadness in her voice. “And you know I’ve tried, more than once…” she finished.

The loving sister knew it was hard to believe. She wouldn’t have believed it either: it seemed so unlike her brother! But it all made sense, and she had proof.

“I think he fooled us both,” she said excitedly “I thought we shared everything. Yet, this part he wished to keep a secret. Maybe he was ashamed. I don’t know. The thing is, I just saw his browser history… And those things do not lie!” she chuckled. “I’ll send you a screen right after, so you can relish seeing how perverted he actually is!” she said, not realizing her actions were dooming her innocent brother.

Seeing Yuna remained speechless, she continued:

“And think of it: All these years you’ve teased him with your feet. Yet, he never rejected you enough to make you stop! He was playing his role, the role of the unwilling victim, tortured by a mean goddess. Had he told you to stop once and for all, he would have lost all of that. And this is not what he wanted.”

“… It… it makes sense,” muttered Yuna. “He… He was too shy to ask for more, even though he certainly knew I would have loved it.” And it was an understatement. “But what now?” wondered Yuna. She didn’t know how to act anymore.

Faith smiled. She knew her recent discovery would mean the world to Jay. He would be so happy, she thought. Even though he would, obviously, not show neither admit any of it.

“Now,” she smiled “We work toward realizing James’s deepest, darkest fantasies. And yours as well.”

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