Incest Curse Ch. 07 – The Russian Trans


INCEST CURSE 07 – The Russian transfer student measuring: 38 double D, 26-inches flat waist, and 34-inches buttocks with toned thighs

It was rumored that Paige does not wear underwear, but the fiery teen is yet to date any boy, so there is no one to validate the rumor.

Despite being slapped, Thoran’s eyes didn’t move from the lower hem of Paige’s skirt.

“Heh, you scum, eyes up here! What kind of lowly pervert are you? Hoping for an up-skirt view even after being slapped? Hahahaha no wonder the school Prez doesn’t want to be associated with a loser you, despite sharing a last name.”

Paige being Paige, did not hesitate to spit venom at every word. Thoran’s face darkened when she talked about the Student body president. As Paige explained, the reputable president is the sister of Thoran; to be exact, a half-sister, Audrey Finley.

Audrey is a top flower with a plethora of admirers, she’s a cool beauty who has the no.1 score in the entire school. It is rumored the beautiful school Prez comes to school only to kill boredom, as she is often seen carrying college-level books.

Audrey has been the only sister who has been civil and slightly nice to Thoran. However, things changed when a bully stuffed Thoran into the girl’s locker and tipped gaziantep escort kız a spiteful upperclassman to find him in when the girls were changing for gym class. The incident has made Thoran synonymous with the word ‘Pervert.’

When the school tried to expel him, Audrey stepped in and threatened to drop out and take the mantle of top-scoring school from West Shore high. Because of the pressure from their brightest student and the lack of any conclusive evidence on Thora, the issue was dropped with a gag order.

Thoran was on cloud nine when he learned that his sister stood up for him. However, when he rushed to the student council office to thank his sister, she coldly declared that he is no more than a stranger to her. She said that Thoran has no association with her, in front of all the student council members.

When Paige mentioned his sister, it caused him more hurt than the physical hurt that he has gotten used to.

“Now now, Paige. Don’t be too mean to the poor sap. The car has not been damaged and he is not dead, why don’t we stop wasting time?” interjected a sweet voice who rode shotgun on the Ferrari.

Aristova Lilia (Lilya) Innokentievna is a Russian transfer student escort kız gaziantep that has recently come to West Shores High in their student exchange program.

Due to Paige’s lineage of half- Russian, Liliya has hit it off with the arrogant Dragon Queen.

Though she hung out with Paige, Liliya is no slouch herself. As a full Russian, Liliya has distinct sharp features and a bold aura about her; she is a tall beauty with supple curves of 38 double D, 26-inches flat waist, and 34-inches butt with toned thighs.

Liliya is an international beach ball athlete. She played on the national team for the World Cup of the under 19 tournament. Though not confirmed, it was widely known around the campus that Liliya was the heir of a big political family in Russiah. Thus, despite being an exchange student she was never bullied, in many cases, she was the bully.

Paige was a bit taken aback when she heard Liliya trying to cut some slack for the lame fatso. Though Paige enjoys giving a tough time to her fellow peers, she is not perverted enough to repeatedly trample on someone as pathetic as Thoran. Since Liliya has spoken on his account, Paige gave face to her new friend.

“You better not come gaziantep escort kızlar in front of me ever again! Hmph!”

Saying her piece Paige turned back to her car, ignoring Thoran. Thoran just walked back to the side of the street with his head low, his mood at an all-time low after Paige mentioned his sister.

Liliya watched the pathetic display of Thoran, just shook her head in disappointment, and walked back to the car, joining Paige.


The car speed off as soon as Paige turned on the engine. Moderation is not a strong suit to the Dragon Queen as she hit the pedal to the metal. Looking at the swiftly shrinking backside of the car, Thoran sighed to himself and consoled himself that he belongs to a different world and should not compare himself with the true elites of West Shore Elite.

For someone who has been bullied all his life, an incident as this can even be considered a fortunate morning. Brushing off his afterthoughts, Thoran quickly pedaled rushing to school, as he noticed the time.

Weirdly, Thoran and the girls missed another person wearing the same West Shores Elite uniform who has been standing a little distance away from them.

A pink-haired girl in twin tails with a lollipop in her mouth, with just the white stick out, looked up Thoran with a perverted glee as she looked at him.

The girl is peculiar as she had a distinct fashion to her. She had on a baseball cap and limited edition air pumps, gilded with piercings and decorated with tattoos.

“Hmmm, he is the one…” she muttered to herself, as she kept looking at Thoran pedaling hard with bated breath.

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