In The Midnight Hour


One Friday night I was at a loose end and getting hornier and hornier. Since my adventures began with Chris & Jay (I’d als had some strap on from one of our lady playmates) I’d become more active in seeking other guy’s cock. But nothing was happening, no FWB action, I didn’t trust cruising spots and the few Man-On-Man websites I’d signed up for were full of flakes. I’d been up to a local Adult Cinema (I won’t mention the name) before but never had the guts to go in. Tonight, though, I decided to give it another shot. At least I’d pick up some new porn to jack off to.

I got there at 10pm on a rainy Friday night and was encouraged to see the car park was pretty full, always a good sign. But the place turned out to be jammed with the usual Zombies and Groadies shuffling between rooms with few decent guys to be found. I decided to give it some time to see if anyone hot turned up and meanwhile just ignored the 300lb guys with no hygiene standards trying to sit next to me.

I got into the gay movie and was stroking my hard on when I totally missed a shit hot black guy who walked in and quickly got surrounded by 3 others with no room for anyone else. He was sucked noisily and gave an amazing groan when he shot his load, leaving me hotter than hell and even more frustrated.

I tried the video booths but again no luck, just old guys with bad hygiene. so I decided to leave and stop off at the DVDs. As I browsed a really good looking, clean guy walks past and into the cinema rooms, smiling as we made eye contact. I thought “why not?” and put my DVDs back to follow him. To my amazement he’d already been surrounded. I just got so pissed at my bad luck so I went back to the DVDs and took my 3 titles and headed for the checkout.

As I was opening my car to my surprise in the spot next to me was Mr Clean himself looking somewhat flustered and searching for his car keys. I flashed a smile but he ignored me so I pushed the matter and said “‘Sup, get dog piled by those freaks?”

He hesitated then seemed to relax and smiled back at me, but keeping his car between me & him “Yeah,” he said “is it always like that?”

He was clean, kind of office smart, not tight assed about it but his appearance showed that he paid attention to detail even when casual. He seemed easy going and was about my age I guessed, obviously confident Gaziantep Anal Escort attitude and a no nonsense air about him.

Well to cut a long story short we talked and shared stories about the place and seemed to have similar experiences. I noticed that he was taking crafty looks at my crotch and ass and I was doing the same to him. It turned out he lived close by, like a 15 minute drive so we headed out and stopped off for a late night coffee at a nearby 24hr coffee shop. Things were looking up!

We talked about what we liked, he claimed that he’d not had much experience with men but definitely liked burying his hard dick in some ass and I told him I loved getting bent over and hard cock slid in. It seemed to have the right effect as he looked out the window and said secretively “My condo is just over there.”


We walked over and up the stairs to the 3rd floor and he opened the door to a tidy, fairly spacious apartment. But then suddenly his demeanor subtly changed. For a moment I thought he was going to flake on me or get nasty but he nervously looked at the clock in the hallway and said something like, “Erm, look we don’t have much time, my err, ” he shuffled uncomfortably but none the less started to undo the belt on his pants “erm, fiancé is at a party & wants me to pic her up soon, soooo…” he trailed off or maybe I stopped paying attention because all had eyes for what the outline of his pulsing bone trapped inside his tight, white jockeys.

I muttered something inane like “It’s okay” or “Oh, I see.” and stepped forward, rubbing the length of his cock under the soft cotton. He groaned and my finger tips found a tiny spot already damp with pre cum. I fondled his balls and they felt hot, rolling them around, my lips finding his neck and nibbling away at his ears. His breathing was intense, I could feel him shaking already.

I whispered “Does she know about this?” His hands found my firm ass and he sank his fingers into my cheeks, half groaning “No” in reply. Soon he was pulling my jeans down, I could feel his hands shaking. I asked his “Right here?” he straightened up and shook his head and pointed into the condo.

He kicked off his pants and as he lead the way I could see his ass checks wiggling in his underwear, that was an ass to behold. I asked “You work out?” he nodded as he lead me through the kitchen. “Nice!” I said

He stopped for a moment and looked around the kitchen, it was well laid out and fairly well appointed without being showy. “Glad you like it” he said. I was looking at his dick and replied “That’s not what I meant,” taking the opportunity to slide up beside him and yank down his underwear.

His cock sprang out, slapping me across the wrist making us both laugh. I curled my fingers around him again and stroked his shaft, eliciting more groans. “Careful!” he sad, so I relaxed and started to unbutton his shirt instead.

I assured him I’d be careful, but he seemed a bit uptight. “No, I mean it, be careful.” he said again, breathing quite deeply. At first I thought he meant that he was already close to cumming so I asked him if he was getting too hot under the collar.

To my surprise he pulled my hands away, I could feel him shaking, & he said, nervously. “Look, I erm, well, it’s been a long time since I’ve done this.” I made some comment about how he’d probably experimented at school, or college, but his reply floored me.

“Well, yes, well, erm, actually….”

I thought for a while & then asked, “Are you saying what you think I’m saying?” He nodded, biting his lip.

Having been in the same position myself, not so long ago, I could empathise. However it had been months since my ass had been filled by real, live cock & I wasn’t going to let this chance pass me by, so I started stroking his cock again & muttered, “Is it something you’ve though about for as long as you can remember?” He nodded, “Is it always on your mind?” again he nodded as I kept stroking, “So why tonight?”

He seemed to mull this over for a while, then replied “I suppose I’ve got the chance. I don’t know why, I just know that I have too try it.”

“Well,” I said, that’s good enough for me & with that I lent down & took his thick head in my mouth.

We got into a hell of a tangle as he tried to pull my t-shirt off at the same time, but after we got untied I greedily started sucking on his nipples and his hands searched out my ass again, his cock bumping against my chest.

Suddenly he pulled me up and I could see him all red faced and an intense look in his eye. He looked right at me and I felt his hands on my hips, turning me around and I knew this was it. “Hold on!” I said reaching down to my pants and searched around for the pocket with the condoms and lube. He slid on a rubber, ran some lube in my ass and over his condom then I heard the lube bottle hit the floor.

I could feel the heat from his crotch on my ass cheeks, then the head of his cock nudging and probing. “Go slowly” I told him, my heart pounding, my breath already deep & rapid. I pushed out and parted my ass as his hands grasped my hips. Slowly but surely he slid inside me, grunting and gasping, balls deep, then pulling back on his first stroke. “Oh fuck, that feels so good!” It was electrifying.

My head was spinning as he hit my p-spot with the ripe head of his cock time and time again. I held onto the counter top and tried to keep my knees from buckling. His motion became more regular, deeper, faster, I could feel his balls swinging forward and slapping against me, the impact of his crotch against my ass shaking me with each thrust. The noises he made started getting louder and I could feel his cock grow even harder and his balls tightened up, he grabbed my shoulder with one hand and started pounding away intensely almost pushing me over as he tried to cram every fraction of an inch into my hungry ass.

He gave one final, gasping “Oh fuck!” and then he began a slow, shuddering, rising wail as he jerked and spasmed. I looked over my shoulder I was confronted with a face that was twisted by orgasm so much he looked like a gothic gargoyle (I didn’t tell him that of course) the muscles and sinews on his neck standing out under his skin as if fit to tear. All through this my hand had been busy between my legs and I too shot my wad within seconds with a satisfying shudder.

We both spent some time catching our breath, then we rather raggedly exchanged a high five and gasps of “Phew!” and “Wow!” shortly followed by “Oh shit! I gotta go pick up my girlfriend.” As he glanced at his watch. I got cleaned up and dressed without delay. On the way out I looked at the clock in the hallway again, I was amazed to see one of the most satisfying fucks I’d ever had had taken less than 10 minutes from walking in the door to walking out again.


And here’s where I kick myself. Because I forgot to get his name, number or even the name of the condo development he lived in. Maybe it was the post orgasmic high I was on that had me so mixed up, but what I won’t forget is that amazing 10 minutes.

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