I’m A Cuckold. This Is My Story Pt. 09


Over the next couple of weeks, Doug came over every few days for either blowjobs by me or to fuck Alison in front of me. One day though, he came over and changed things pretty drastically. Now, Doug had never shown any interest in sticking his black meatstick in anything other than my mouth or in Alison. This day however, maybe because Alison had her period and he was particularly horny, but he decided that it was time for me to fully become his black-cock-whore.

Just before lunch, Alison and I were in the kitchen when the doorbell rang. Alison answered the door, let Doug in, was greeted with kiss and hug and a thorough groping of her breasts through her t-shirt. Doug spent quite a long time fondling her and holding her breasts to his chest. He whispered something into her ear as they entered the kitchen, Doug eyeing me mischievously. I thought I knew that look, expecting to have to provide the usual services.

Doug ordered me to the front of the kitchen island and I obediently complied, kneeling down in front of him while Alison stood at his side, his hands roaming across her mountainous breasts. Her erect nipples tried to poke through the fabric of her shirt. He looked down at me and said ‘You know what to do, get to it boy.”

At that command, I unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down and off. His bulge was already growing to the right in his briefs as I began to lick and mouth his cock, making it expand even faster. “Mmmmm, that’s it,” Doug moaned as his hips began a slow rhythmic gyration in my face. He reached down, pulled his broefs aside, and released the beast and led it into my mouth, forcing it all the way to my throat. As usual, he thrust it in to the hilt and withdrew it nearly all the way out, so that the tip of his massive cockhead rested on my lips. If he were to blow his load right then, my teeth would have a new whitener plastered all over them. As drove it back into my mouth, I felt his balls in their familiar position, resting on my chin and my own cock began to stir.

I reached around to grab his ass and pull him in, but he grabbed my hands by the wrist, pulled my arms up over my head, and pinned my wrists down on the counter. “No, not today. Today, I’m in control. I’m gonna fuck that mouth of yours and you’re gonna kneel there and take what I give you. Got it?” he asked.

“mmhmpmh mmhmpmh’ was all I could get out, what with his full 8½” of manhood thrusting in and out of my mouth, his balls slapping my chin each time his black torpedo was driven in to the base.

Alison became excited at this sight and at Doug’s aggression and began to caress his ass and chest. She quickly stripped her shirt and sheer bra off, tossing them aside. Her pendulous breasts swayed back and forth and she Taksim Escort began to massage his back with them as he face-fucked me in front of her. In and outhe drove his manhood, my saliva providing plenty of lubrication. She reached around and held my head in place as he pumped his warm hard cock into my mouth somewhat forcefully. After a minute or so of that, she came around and hopped up on the counter and sat down, her legs dangling on each side of my head. She took my hands from Doug’s grip, allowing Doug free access to caress and knead her mammoth tits. His hands immediately found their home, grabbing her tits and playing with them like a kid with a new toy. Or like Doug with a new sex-toy, my mouth being the sex-toy. Occasionally, he would pull out and make me lick his wet, black shaft up and down until my tongue was massaging his nut sack. He’d follow that with a quick plunge of his big tool to the back of my mouth. His cock was in full control of my mouth, doing whatever pleased him.

Alison leaned back as he kissed her tits, her cleavage, her sideboob, and gently gnawed at her nipples. This caused him to lean forward and allowed him to pump his cock in and out of my mouth easier than before. Doug suddenly pulled out, commanding me to lick his shaft and balls to his satisfaction. I thoughth e was about to come on my face as I obediently took his ball sack into my mouth and licked feverishly. As his big dark cock bobbed in front of my face, I did my best to follow it’s movements and lick it as ordered. Doug moaned his approval and plunged his meat back into my mouth, his precum starting to ooze out onto my tongue.

Doug must have been satisfied, for I recognized that familiar sign that I was pleasing him. His precum began to flow heavier out of his cock as he continued pumping his piston in and out of my mouth. Within the next 2 minutes, I experienced his explosion in my mouth, coating my mouth with what felt like a pint of his seed. Even after several gushes of his cum, he continued thrusting his big cock in and out of my mouth and remained erect. I figured that he wanted another blowjob, as he had done this on a few occasions, cumming deep in my mouth and continuing to face-fuck me until he exploded again. So, I complied, letting him take my mouth-pussy as he wished.

As he continued his face-fucking of me, I heard him talking to Alison, but could not make out what he was asking her. All I heard was Alison telling Doug that her pussy was “out of service today.” With that, Doug pulled his throbbing cock out of my mouth and pulled me to my feet. As he spun me around, he said to both of us, “That’s ok baby, I have another plan.”

Deep down, I knew what was coming, but was still surprised when Doug Taksim Escort Bayan pulled my shorts down and bent me over the counter. Alison had gotten off the counter and appeared with a jar of vaseline; now I know what they were talking about! She quickly greased his fully-erect 8½” black cock with huge gobs of vaseline and stepped back to watch.

Doug positioned his big slab of meat at my ass and began working the head in slowly. I gasped at the effort and feeling of his big cock entering. His cock felt immense, like a soda can being shoved up my ass. I gasped, moaned, and cried out at the feeling of this monster entering me, it felt good and painful at the same time, but it was also strangely erotic. I certainly had never experienced anything like it! Doug grabbed my shoulder with one hand used his other hand to work that big pole in. He thrust his hips forward, holding my shoulders and drove his cock deeper and deeper. Fortunately, he was pretty gentle about it, though it didn’t quite feel like it.

He took his time driving it home as I cried out in pleasure and pain, him grunting as he did it. It excited me to please him as Alison stood at his side, rubbing her swaying breasts on him where she could, saying to Doug, “yeah, that’s it Doug, let him know what that monster feels like!” My own erection was pressed against the cabinet as Doug pushed in and if I could reach, it would take a handful of strokes before I shot my load.

Alison “oohed” and “ahhed” and Doug grunted, “It’s almost there. I’ma get this whole cock in, you watch” he said as he thrust in and out, going a little deeper with each forward thrust.

“Oh my God Doug, you’re almost there!” Alison giggled. “How does that big, black cock feel inside you honey? Now you know what it feels like” she said.

The pain lessened as Doug stretched my asshole to fit his cock and the copious amount of vaseline certainly helped. With one final thrust of his hips, Doug’s balls slapped against my ass. He was all the way in! He shouted out “Damn, that’s one tight hole! Now I’ma make you my bitch” as he thrust in and out. It felt like a well-greased telephone pole was fucking me anally.

“This is your first time, so I’ll go easy on you” Doug said as he piston-pumped my ass with his big dick. Alison watched in amazement as he thrust in and out. She scrambled up on the counter and sat in front of me again, allowing Doug access to her pendulous breasts as he continued to fuck me. I was too busy wincing and gasping to see how close her breasts were to me as he felt them up and they kissed. When he thrust all the way in, it felt like the head of his big black cock was hitting my stomach.

He continued for a couple more minutes, occasionally Escort Taksim driving his cock in harder, eliciting a gasp or shriek from me each time. He continued groping Alison’s funbags and making out with her, grasping my hips or shoulders from time to time to drive his cock home. After what seemed like forever to me, he began pumping faster, pulling away from Alison. I knew what was to come and waited for it, hoping Doug would be pleased.

Alison cooed to me “You know what’s coming, right? Doug will be!” and laughed. “He’s gonna cum right in your ass, like he cums in my pussy. You’re gonna like it, I know. Even if you don’t, you’ll fake it, because Doug is in control. You’re his little bitch now, like me, only you suck his big, black cock too. I bet you’d like his friends to come over too, wouldn’t you? You could suck and fuck them all and they could all fuck me too. mmmm, I think I’d like that. How about you Doug, would you like to invite your friends over to let them fuck Bill and me? Would that excite you?”

She continued, rubbing her clit and telling us “Bill, I’d like you to get on your knees and get them ready for me one at a time. As I’m getting pounded, I’ll watch you on your knees in front of big black cocks, making them nice and hard for my little white pussy. Of course, they won’t cum in that nice little hole, they’ll pull out and make a deposit in your mouth, right where you like it.” I had never heard her talk in this detail but it excited the hell out of Doug and me. I reached down t my own aching cock and began stroking, cumming in no time as she continued her narrative.

Doug screamed out “Oh God, yes! Yes, I’d like that, Alison! The boys would love it too! They all jealous of me, having such a hot little white bitch to fuck whenever I want. Those big titties of yours would drive them wild!” and began shooting pulses of hot cum in my ass. He pumped his cock in and out of my ass, blasting his cum in with each thrust in. I could make out each pulse and with each one, my ass became even more lubricated, easing his motion even more.

Alison moaned and cried out, obviously cumming herself. Doug slowed and pulled his deflating elephant-cock out of my ass and his cum dribbled down my leg as he did so. I collapsed onto the floor, exhausted from the pounding that Doug gave me. Alison climaxed several times during the interlude and as she came down from her high, Doug couldn’t keep his hands away from her immense tits, fondling them yet again.

Doug retreated to the shower to rinse off, leaving a still-flushed Alison on the countertop and me lying on the floor. As we regained our senses, we began to talk about what just transpired. “Is that what you want to do? I asked her.

“Well, I know it excited you” she replied, eyeing my load oozing down the face of the cabinet. “If Doug wants to, you don’t really have any say now, do you? Besides, you didn’t object too much. Let’s see what happens, Dear.”

Doug had a few more tricks up his sleeve, as I would learn.

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