Ice Melts, When It’s Hot Ch. 04

Big Tits

Willow’s Pov:

I woke up from my nap and immediately realized that I’d been left alone. I self consciously wrapped the blankets around me, sniffing them, making sure that my mate really had been here in my bed and that I hadn’t imagined it like I use to when I was younger. Once I was assured that his scent was indeed everywhere, I settled back to think about what had happened earlier. My hands shook as I replayed the spankings in my head and I hid my blushing cheeks with my palms. I tried to recall the moment things had shifted from being merely painful to something more important… something delicious… but I couldn’t. I eventually gave up trying to be reasonable about it all and my hands began to inch their way down to my cock as I thought about Maxwell’s hands on me.

I curiously touched my hard member, that was barely as big as my palm, and slender. I wasn’t sure why it was hard but once I’d touched it, I felt the need to give it more attention… only… Alpha had expressly said that I should touch it before bedtime. Did that mean I could only touch it then? He would also be watching me… did that mean I could only touch it under his watchful eyes? I wasn’t sure what the new rules were about this. I sighed and stopped my clumsy exploration. For, as much as I had enjoyed my punishment, my ass was much too tender to take another immediately after. I decided not to risk it and anyways, I was used to not touching my cock.

Instead, I turned my thoughts to my mate’s whereabouts and I began to wonder where Max had gone. As much as I hated to admit it, I felt sad that I’d woken up alone and I missed him. It felt wrong waking up alone after having so much physical contact with him and I hugged my knees to my chest in an effort to feel less lonely. Then a thought clicked into place. Is that what he had meant, when he said omega’s liked to sleep with him after they “fucked”? Was I like all the others? I shuddered and prayed to the moon goddess that Max had described clinginess in reference to sex and not punishment. I didn’t want to know if he had spanked anyone else and how they reacted afterwards. I couldn’t know. The idea of it already had me feeling angry, used and flustered.

No. Max had to have been talking about sex. Not punishment! He couldn’t have. Everyone adored him and obeyed him. I didn’t. So he couldn’t have meant punishment for them. Besides that, it seemed to me that sex made the “the others” needy. I hadn’t been needy after my punishment… right? Just… just tired.

I vowed right then and there, that whenever Max took my virginity, I would not act like all the others. I’d proudly walk myself to my room after and sleep alone, with my dignity.

‘You didn’t have much dignity after your spanking’, my wolf teased and I blushed.

He was right and I hated myself for it. I hated myself even more when I realized how close to tears I was over the fact that Max hadn’t stayed for me to wake up… that he hadn’t… slept with me… but why would he? I had been in trouble so of course he wouldn’t stick around to comfort me over that. Why should I need comfort anyways? I sighed morosely and slid out of the bed, fixing my clothes so that I looked presentable. I walked by the mirror and pulled my messy hair into a ponytail, struck by how bright and happy my eyes looked, despite the fact that I felt a bit lonely. I smiled at the change and decided to just go and find my mate, rather than to pout about not having him here.

With that, I quickly opened my door and ran into the hallway, taking a moment to scent the air before running towards the kitchen when I’d found my mates scent. About ten feet from the kitchen entrance I suddenly stopped. I realized I’d been so focused on my mates scent that I hadn’t noticed a guest. I took a deep breath and then cringed when I recognized the second scent. The guest smelt of burning hair and general stale decay, as well as a sort of grey, melancholy type of rot. I felt all the positive feelings I’d experienced from this morning quickly drain from my body as I slowly crept to the kitchen, wanting to avoid his detection. If I hadn’t needed my alpha so badly, I probably would have turned and ran back to my room.

When I could no longer prevent it, I finally peeked around the corner, looking into the kitchen, wanting to make eye contact with my mate. Instead, my eyes met the cold, brown, almost black, eyes of Frank Habberforth. I sucked in an anxious breath, hating him as he sniffed the air before shooting me a predatory smile.

“Your new set of cheeks is here,” he teased, addressing Maxwell and I tensed, hating his words, even if I barely understood them, like always.

To my surprise, Max growled a little and reprimanded him saying, “You need to show more respect to your Luna.” To me he said, “Come here and sit Willow. I was hoping you’d be up soon.”

I looked to where he pointed and felt myself turn a bit pink, for Max was indicating that I kneel on the floor next to him. While I didn’t mind the thought eryaman escort of doing this, under any other circumstance, I did not want to do it in front of Frank.

“Alpha no,” I answered, trying hard to put a little fight in my voice but it fell flat, leaving me with no inflection at all.

“Willow,” Max replied, a warning clear in his voice. “Come. Sit. Here.”

I sighed, knowing it was my own fault for being so temperamental that Max was talking to me like this but at the same time I felt so unseen and mentally added the offense to my growing list of why the alpha would never truly love me. I slowly walked over to my spot, under the leering smirk of Frank, resisting the urge to growl at the man, for I did not want to give Max a reason to punish me when I wasn’t ready for it. I quietly knelt to the ground at Max’s feet but held my head up proudly the entire time. I refused to give Frank any indication that my submission was for him, in any way, for I’d just as soon bite the man’s hand off, if given the opportunity.

Max took my chin in his hand and turned my head so that I could meet his warm, grey eyes. “I expected more of a fight,” he said fondly, as his other hand caressed me cheek.

“Give me time,” I snapped, hoping he understood what I meant, not wanting Frank to know anything about how Max had spanked me.

He chuckled softly, “That mouth,” he muttered as a finger touched my lower lip and I instantly wanted him to kiss me.

“I see you’ve tamed him then?” Frank asked, interrupting the moment.

I ripped my face out of Max’s hold and held my head high once more, glaring at Frank but not moving from where I knelt.

“Far from it,” Max laughed, in an amused tone as he caressed the hair on top of my head before giving my ponytail a playful little tug so that my head could rest on his knee. “But leave him alone Frank. Willow deserves his privacy,” the alpha continued, still friendly, but this time there was an edge to his voice that everyone noticed.

I calmed a bit at Alhpa’s words and smirked, a little, just to annoy Frank. He couldn’t touch me now and we both knew it.

“You’re the boss,” Frank chuckled as he held his hands up in surrender, but I did not miss the cold glint in his eye over not getting his way.

Frank stayed for another half hour and I found myself on the verge of attacking him the entire time; though I hid it from both of Frank and my alpha, using the way my mate stroked my hair as a way to cope with my feelings of hatred. Even so, however much I’d hated Frank before, only intensified as I caught every snide remark and thinly veiled joke or threat that he made towards Maxwell. I wasn’t sure how my mate did not hear them but I assumed it had something to do with the fact that they’d been friends for their entire lives. In fact, the only time I heard Max chastise the beta, in any way, it had been because the vile toad was referring to me.

However, I was not so stupid as to think this was because Max cared about me. I knew his defense of me had more to do with my position. In fact, if they weren’t such close friends, I’m sure any Alpha King would have had Frank killed for making even one crude remark about a Luna, let alone two. Unfortunately, my mate was blind to how heinous Frank’s offensive words were towards himself and this troubled me but it also made me feel incredibly defensive over Maxwell. He needed to be protected from this sewer rat and I was in the best position possible to be his protector, if only I could find the courage to bring Frank’s transgressions up.

By the time the beta finally left, I was hungry, exhausted and furious, my body strung tight with nerves and anger. None of the the pleasurable feelings from earlier remained and all that was left was bubbling up inside me, ready to explode.

“You did so we-” Max began to praise but I cut him off.

“I don’t give a fuck! You let that creep stay here forever!” I seethed.

“I know he can sometimes be over the line,” Max scolded, “But he’s not all that bad.”

“He’s a fucking creep!” I spat, feeling frustrated that my mate couldn’t see things my way.

“Willow, that is no way to speak about my personal guard,” he answered calmly.

“He’s-” I stopped myself.

Alpha had already defended Frank. They had been friends for forever. He didn’t see what I- what most omega’s saw. He never experienced that lingering eye, that “accidental” grope, that suggestive word….

“Whatever, I’m hungry,” I growled, changing the subject while deciding to keep my mouth shut. It was much too early to risk my position over the likes of Frank Habberforth.


Maxwell’s Pov:

I studied my mate, confused by his sudden temper. It had been clear to me that the boy wasn’t ready to be spanked again. He’d made an obvious effort not to act out during my friends visit… but now, he was back to sniping at me. His punishment should have been enough to last him the sincan escort day, for I hadn’t held back in any way. Surely he could not be such a little masochist that he needed even more to feel calm? I walked over to Willow and he grew still as I let my hand graze past his ass. The boy winced, letting out a quiet, pained whimper, though I could tell he was trying very hard to hide his distress. I was slowly becoming used to the mask he wore.

So, I was right, I mused, he wasn’t ready for another.

“You need to calm down omega. I don’t want to have to punish you again so soon,” I reminded him, checking for his reaction to my warning.

For the first time ever, the boy bared his neck submissively and stayed completely still with a soft whimper of fear. This reaction made me worry and I wanted to hold my mate close. Something was wrong… but I knew he would only push me away if I tried to ask or touched him like that. He wasn’t ready.

“You said you were hungry?” I asked, as gently as I felt that I could get away with.

The boy only nodded, keeping his head low. I worried further and gently lifted his chin so that he would meet my eyes.

“Would you like to go out for-“

“Pizza.” He interrupted without any of his previous bite. “Just order it.”

Direct but weak. I sighed. Something was definitely wrong with the omega but I felt certain he wouldn’t tell me and I didn’t feel right enforcing order when he clearly wasn’t alright, so I decided to just give in to him.

“Toppings?” I asked.

“I only like cheese,” he informed me and I raised my brows, surprised.

“It’s not weird,” he complained, apparently perturbed by my expression.

“Of course it’s not,” I teased but then I realized that Willow had taken it the wrong way as his small shoulders hunched forward defensively.

“I’m going to my room,” he informed me and I stopped myself from telling him to stay. The boy clearly needed space and was doing his best to control his snark. I wouldn’t make things more difficult for him.

Instead, I turned my thoughts to everything Frank had told me about the town rogue, unsure as to how my I should proceed. Apparently, the man had been showing up in Shadow Pack spaces, despite his ban from our grounds. In addition, he’d shown up at Frank’s weekly poker game, with an omega from Lotus Pack, our sworn enemies. I’d told Frank it was on him, since he invited the rogue to his home in the first place. I didn’t think it was right to start a war over a poker game, especially when the threat was only a young omega. Surely Lotus Pack would realize what a benevolent ruler I was for sparing their young and they wouldn’t continue to be a nuisance.

The rogue on the other hand… if he kept coming around, he’d have to be dealt with, though I didn’t relish the idea. He had lived in the neutral zone between Shadow Pack and Lotus Pack for as long as I could remember. When I was younger, I remember my father sending out patrols to make sure he stayed where he belonged but as the years went on, his mind began to slip and he now had all but forgotten about the wolf. When I took over for him, I hadn’t seen the rogue as any particular sort of threat, so I left him alone. However, it seemed as now I’d have to show the forsaken alpha his place.

I momentarily wished that I could discuss the matter with Willow… though I knew that my own father had never consulted with my mother. She was just a whore to him and I was secretly glad for her when he lost most of his authority due to his memory loss and my taking over. It made her life much easier, especially since the pack council had never fully accepted her as Luna. I knew this was because many of them had been loyal to my fathers first wife but she had died some years ago, so I never could understand why they wouldn’t move on. In any event, I could tell the pack had been ready for me to rule, so I’d started as soon as I became of age.

Those days had been grueling. Alpha’s come of age even sooner than beta’s and omega’s and I was so young to be ruling. I had no one but my two best friends to help guide me. Once I was able to elect my own council, I even made them second and third in command. Those days, I’d spent my all the daylight hours going over politics and my dark evenings in dungeons, where I took out my stress for the day.

I rubbed at my neck, feeling stressed again, over my third in commands warning and over the fact that my mate couldn’t be of help to me. For as much as I wished for his opinion on the matter, I knew I could also do with his beautiful, pink, plump lips wrapped around my aching cock. I hadn’t cum in ages and I’d fully expected to on my mating night. Now, I wasn’t sure when I’d be able to find release, given that my mate probably wouldn’t want to touch me yet. I sighed, wishing I could make things easier for him… and for me. I wasn’t use to waiting and I didn’t like it at all but I decided I couldn’t let myself off easy etlik escort and just do the job alone. My mate had been imprisoned from his own body for years, I, an alpha, could surely wait a few more weeks… or however long it took for Willow to be ready. I refused to push him when it came to sex.

I’d seen the look of an omega who’d had her virginity taken from her. Her eyes were blank and her head was hung low but the slightest accidental touch caused her to shiver and whimper in fear. It was a devastating sight to behold. Thankfully, for the offender, the omega had been from a visiting pack and they had already punished the alpha responsible. I swore, the moment I saw that omega’s face, that if one of my omega’s were ever raped, that the perpetrator would pay for it with his life. I would never show mercy on such a crime and I would never put my Luna through that. He could die a virgin and I still would not defile him. Our connection would be completely by his choice.

The sound of a knock jolted me from my dark thoughts and I made my way to the door, money in hand. Once I had the pizzas, I carried the box of cheese to Willow’s room, knocking to announce my presence. Willow opened the door for me and when I walked past the threshold, I realized that the boy had been unpacking.

Good. He was putting his negative energy to good use. I wanted to tell him I was proud of him but I didn’t. I wasn’t sure if he’d take it well, since any sort of feedback seemed to antagonize him, and I didn’t want to be frustrated with the omega.

“Would you like to eat in here?” I offered, giving him an out from eating with me.

“Yes,” he replied, looking indifferent.

I nodded and turned to leave.

“You’re coming back right… before bed?” He asked softly, as if reminding me of how he was supposed to touch himself before he could sleep.

I smiled to myself, “Yes Princess,” I answered, smiling wider as I pictured his beautiful, blue eyes glaring daggers into my skull.


Hours later, I’d talked with my second in command, Sophie, and I felt a little calmer about the rogue situation. She told me that she hadn’t seen the rogue in any Shadow Pack territory’s but that she would keep and eye out. She also suggested that perhaps the rogue was only causing trouble for Frank personally and he was trying to get me to fix the situation for him, like I did when we were kids.

“He’s never fully grown up,” she told me with a look of disdain and I quietly agreed. I knew Sophie didn’t approve of some of Frank’s behavior but we both trusted him when it came to the welfare of our pack.

In the end, she decided to put a few patrols out and promised to personally pay the rogue a little visit. This was enough to sooth my concerns for the night and I put them in the back of my mind.

After a day like this, all I wanted was a chance to relax. I looked at the clock and decided that seven was indeed late enough for me to pour myself a glass of wine. As I poured, I began to wonder if Willow had ever had a drink and of how greatly alcohol might affect him. Then I briefly wondered if a drink might ease the boy’s nerves over what he had to do this evening and decided to pour him one. If he didn’t want it, I’d just finish it off myself.

I carefully took the two glasses in my hand and went back to his room, knocking on his door to announce my presence before letting myself in.

“You’re so good at this,” I blurted out. I hadn’t meant to praise him but I couldn’t help myself when I studied what he’d done to his bedroom.

What was once a bare, white room, was now a cozy haven with white lights, several green plants and soft surfaces in grey and white all pulled together with a magnificent bookshelf, overflowing with classic hardbacks. I made my way over to his bed, which was now dressed in soft grey’s and muted blue’s, and sat the glasses on his dark wooden nightstand, noting that he’d changed the knobs from a silver circle to a green leaf, matching the plants that now adorned the space.

The omega didn’t say anything about my comment. Instead, he nervously looked at the wine glasses and then at his clock, which had been a simple alarm clock, but now it was made of white, weathered wood with brass fixtures and the numbers were painted as grey Roman Numerals. I turned away from his clock, feeling a bit self-conscious myself, as I couldn’t read the time, and I felt secretly glad to have digital clocks throughout the house.

“Is it bedtime already?” He asked weakly.

“No. I just thought maybe you’d like a glass of wine,” I answered. “I can leave, if you’d like to drink alone,” I continued, though it hurt to offer my mate yet another way to escape my presence.

“It’s fine, I’m finished,” he replied with a slight blush to his cheeks but his eyes gave nothing away.

He walked towards me and picked up his glass, taking a quick drink before speaking again to complain. “This stuff is disgusting,” he informed me while taking another drink.

I rose my eyebrow, playing along, “No one’s making you drink it.”

“I want to be drunk,” he snapped back aggressively, before taking another gulp.

“Have you been drunk before?” I asked, feeling surprised over how protective I suddenly felt over my little omega and kept myself from snatching the glass from his hand.

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