I’am Her Bitch Now


I’am Her Bitch NowRight when we were in the middle of great sex, I told her how good I thought her pussy would taste after I came in her and told her I’d love for her to make me her bitch and insist I eat her to orgasm and clean her messy pussy out. She was grossed out by the idea and wouldn’t let me do it. I don’t know why I have the urge to eat cum from my wife’s pussy, but I know I’m not the only man to have this desire.A number of drunken nights later, my wife learned that after I came I really didn’t want to eat her cum-soaked pussy anymore. She also learned it made me really hot during sex if she told me she was going to make me eat her creamy pussy afterwards. She would say it but never really worried about it actually happening because I always chickened out once I came.Once I came everything always changed. I no longer wanted what I thought I wanted. I decided to give up and just forget about the fantasy. I also didn’t think my wife had much interest in giving the idea much thought either. What I didn’t realize was that it was too late. The seeds had already been sewn…To my surprise, my wife set in motion a plan that would allow me to get my fantasy. One day she told me she wanted me to privately masturbate into a container, and then she said to put the container of cum in the freezer. She told me not to tell her anything about it after I did it and to make sure I did this 2 or 3 times, which I did. She further told me not to ask any questions or talk about what would be done with the frozen cum…. Period. So while watching some porn one day, I pleasured myself and finished in a baggie. A couple of other days later, I did it again and came inside the same baggie and in the freezer it went. I never mentioned it to my wife or gave it much thought after that.One morning as I was walking out the door to go to work, she told me that she had a special surprise planned for me later. I inquired about details, but she wouldn’t tell me. When I came home from work, my wife told me to shower and get cleaned up that she wanted to go out for dinner. During dinner we both had a couple of drinks and she was particularly feisty and playful. She kissed me passionately several times, rubbed my crotch, rubbed her breasts against me, teased my nipples and stuck her tongue inside my ear which she knows makes my cock spring to life. I was pleasantly surprised when she grabbed my hand during dinner and placed it under her skirt and said “feel this”. Her panties were slippery wet and I could feel that her hairy pussy was also dripping wet. When she pulled my hand out it was wet too and she forced my fingers to my nose and told me to inhale. I smelled the sweet aroma of her pussy, which really turned me on, especially when she whispered “I can’t wait to feel your tongue licking my pussy when we got home”. I’m glad the restaurant was dark and that we had a corner booth or we would surely have been seen. She didn’t seem to care a bit about being seen, but I did. All during dinner, she made it easy for me to take frequent glances at her ample cleavage and at times actually was exposing her perfect breasts in front of me; at one point her nipples were clearly visible. I’m sure others could see them too which surprised me. Usually my wife is on the prudish side and shy about showing off her body, especially her huge D-cup titties. I do love those titties.When we arrived home from dinner, she led me by the hand down the hall to our bedroom. She roughly pushed me down on the bed so hard I thought the water bed mattress was going to break and placed a blindfold over my eyes. I was anticipating an evening of perfect sex with a blowjob and piece of ass. Boy was I surprised what else she had in store for me. As I lay on my back she ordered “do not move” and told me that I needed to follow her instructions tonight exactly, or I would be sorry. I asked her how sorry, and she said “I’m not k**ding”. She told me not to say another word and she would tell me when I could talk again, which sounded a bit odd, but I complied with her instruction.She started slowly taking my clothes off, she kissed licked and teased my body and forced her tongue deep into my mouth until I was wreathing Escort in pleasure, and although I could not see it, I could tell my cock was rock hard. I just lied there in ecstasy as she gently sucked my balls into her mouth and then ran her tongue along the bottom side of my cock from my balls to the tip. I nearly jumped off the bed with pleasure. I felt my wife get up off of the bed and all of the sudden it was completely silent in the room. I called her name and asked what she was doing, she told me to “keep your mouth shut”. Her tone scared me, and I asked her if she was OK. I immediately felt a hard slap to my face, and my wife telling me “I told you to shut up”. Then she shoved a rag in my mouth which had a faint odor of urine and was covered in some sort of thick liquid. I later found out it was her soaking wet panties that I had felt at the restaurant. All of the sudden I was aware of my hands being bound together, and I wasn’t sure how I felt about that, but knew that she was serious about me keeping my silence and following her instructions, so I said nothing.After several minutes of silence, she pulled the panties out of my mouth and said “it’s time for that creampie you’ve been wanting.” I started to say, “Wait, I’m not sure…mmmff…” my words were cut off and muffled in her dripping snatch as I became aware of her straddling my face with her thighs. She was grabbing the back of my head and was forcing my face into her wet pussy. I could feel her increased wetness as she pushed my face all around on her pussy, using my face like a washcloth and the whole time grabbing my hair and telling me to suck her pussy. I was startled by the smell and taste of her pussy, and for a moment thought that she had brought another woman into our bedroom, and that was why the smell and taste of the pussy seemed different. I asked if I could take off the blindfold. I felt her back off and without notice I again felt the sting of another hard slap to my cheek as she said “I told you you’d be sorry. I said not to say a word until I tell you it is OK to speak, now shut your mouth”, this time the slap was hard enough to see stars. She mounted my face again and I was startled when I felt warm fluid dripping and being smeared around on my face. I first thought that my wife had become turned on by her newfound dominant roll, and it was her wetness that I was smelling and tasting. All of the sudden, I remembered the frozen cum in the freezer, and then realized why her pussy smelled and tasted so different. The smell was a little like bleach but had the distinct odor of her pussy, and the taste not unpleasant at all, actually the smell and taste was very sensual. The slimy cum kept dripping out of her pussy on to my waiting mouth and each time I extended my tongue into her pussy, I came out with another mouthful. I think I swallowed about a gallon.She later told me she had planned the whole evening right down to thawing out my frozen cum, mixing it with some of her pee and some plain yogurt, and injecting it into her pussy with a turkey baster just before we left for the restaurant and a few minutes before mounting my face in the bedroom. She said she had a heating pad in the bathroom that the baster was sitting on so it wasn’t cold. She also admitted to peeing in her panties when we were at home to give the gag and her pussy an additional flavor and smell (this is really not like my wife, but I hope she does this again because I liked it). When she finished using my face to clean her pussy out, she jammed the wet panties back in my mouth and she ordered me to “sit up, shut up, suck on the panties in your mouth and don’t move because I’m not done with you yet”.All of the sudden, she took off the blindfold, and what I saw next, I will never forget. There was my gorgeous wife standing naked in front of me wearing nothing but a harness equipped with a huge strap-on cock. I watched her in amazement as she fondled her cock and she moved closer to me and before I knew it, she pulled the panties out of my mouth and inserted the tip of the cock between my lips and began slowly fucking my face. My first reaction was to turn my head and push away from the giant Escort Bayan dick, which was met by another harder slap to my face which almost brought tears to my eyes. I could taste a combination of our combined juices on the strap-on as well as some blood from my cut lip as a result of the last slap.The whole time she was forcing the cock in my mouth she was instructing me on how she wanted me to suck her dick, and exactly how she wanted me to administer her blow job. I admit that I had often fantasized about what it would feel like to suck a cock, but I would never actually do it. I don’t remember sharing this thought with my wife because I would have been too embarrassed, but she somehow knew I wanted it. As she forced the cock into my mouth, she pulled the blindfold back over my eyes so I could not see anything, and continued to push the dick deeper into my mouth until I was gagging. The whole time, my mouth was being filled with what seemed like cum, and I was puzzled exactly what was happening. She said while she did this “I’m going to cum in your mouth and I want you to swallow every bit of it”.I later asked her how she made the strap-on taste like it did, and she told me she had soaked it in my cum and inserted the dick in her pussy to get it to taste like her pussy juice. She said she had mixed up a spare batch using my frozen cum, some of her pee and a little bit of plain yogurt that she used that to drip on the strap-on while she jammed it in my mouth and that was also what she put in her pussy before the restaurant and before sex. She said she wanted me to know what it felt like to have someone cum in my mouth while I was giving head. I really liked the way it smelled and tasted. I hope that doesn’t make me sound too weird.Now let me be clear, I am NOT gay. I had shared with my wife on a few occasions that I would like to feel what it felt like to be a woman during sex. She was never comfortable with anything to do with a strap-on or any other kinky stuff in our sex life. Once she asked me if I wanted to wear her panties and bra during sex, which I thought was pretty weird, so I declined that offer. I should have realized then that my prudish wife had thoughts of playing the man during sex, but that thought never entered my mind. Knowing what I know about her now, I would take her up on that offer in an instant. She had always preferred for me to make love to her and for me to take the dominant roll. This worked fine for me, and I was normally satisfied with our sex life.I always did have a fantasy of being ****d and wondered how it would feel to be forced to suck a dick and be fucked in the ass, but could never get a clear enough picture of how that would ever happen. There was no way I could ever let a man do this to me, and I certainly had no intention of going to prison, where this sort of thing would be commonplace. The only way I could ever imagine this happening is if my wife or another woman would do it to me. Anyways, somehow, my little goddess of love finally gathered the courage, got me just drunk enough and decided to make me her bitch and fulfill my fantasy. I now knew what it felt like to be forced to suck a dick. I probably didn’t do it very well, but I now have a newfound respect for my wife when she gives me head. I don’t know how she is able to swallow my dick and cum without gagging.After fucking my mouth for what seemed like hours, I felt her back away and heard her tell me she was wiping the panties that she had used to gag me on her pussy and ass (I think she also poured some of her special recipe on them too), and then she forced the gag back in my mouth. The smell was intoxicating and had that familiar taste and I did not protest. I didn’t really want to feel her hit me again either. This is the first time I had ever felt submissive in my life, and as strange as it may sound, I would have let her do anything she wanted to me. It felt good for a change not to have a choice about what was going to happen and not knowing what was going to happen next because I’m the one who usually planned our sexual activities. Now She was clearly in charge. My mind was spinning and my drunken state added to my Bayan Escort confusion.The room fell silent once again, and although I was aware of my wifes’ presence, she said nothing.The next thing I knew, she had rolled me onto my stomach and was smearing something slippery on my ass. I nearly jumped off of the bed when I felt her stick her fingers up my ass. The feeling was very strange. I wouldn’t describe it as pain, but I can’t say it felt comfortable either. There I was, blindfolded, hands tied and a smelly gag in my mouth, with a woman’s hand up my ass. As helpless as I was, I was excited and had the urge to fuck my wife. Unfortunately my wife had other plans for me. I felt her remove her fingers from my ass and I felt her rubbing something on the outside of my asshole and crack. It turned out to be the head of the strap-on dildo. I was getting nervous about what was to come next, and started to protest when she warned me to shut up and she told me she was going to fuck me in the ass. Oh Oh, here was something else I had thought of before, but really didn’t think would ever happen to me. And I didn’t have a choice in the matter (that was what added to the excitement). I was hers for the taking (just as I had taken her ass for years). My only hope was that she would be gentle.The next thing I remembered was feeling my ass being ripped apart. The initial pain subsided soon as I felt the head of the giant cock slip in and out of the entrance to my ass. The presence of this object in my ass was giving me a strange sensation as it started to massage my prostrate. I started to enjoy it as my wife rocked her hips and commanded the strap-on dick in and out of my ass until I felt her pubic hair hit my ass and I knew she had penetrated me to the hilt, I don’t know how that monster fit all the way in. She was giving my ass a real pounding and she would blurt out an occasional degrading comment, but I was enjoying it very much. This went on for about 15 minutes, at which point, I felt her pull out of my ass, remove the blindfold and gag and untie my hands. As she was doing this, she asked if I enjoyed that, but I didn’t want to answer being afraid I would get clobbered again.She told me it was OK to talk, and I told her that I loved what she had done for me. As I spoke, she was kissing her way down to my dick again and proceeded to deep throat me and fondle my balls for several minutes. She pulled her mouth off of my cock and climbed on top of me and inserted just the head of my cock into her pussy. I have never wanted to fuck my wife as much as I did at that moment, and she was wildly bucking and riding my cock until we both climaxed together. As we lay in each other’s arms in bed, my mind wandered to all of the things that had happened to me that evening. This was definitely the best night of sex I can ever remember, my butt was a little sore, but the experience was worth it. I hope we can do this again. I think that my wife slapping my face really added to the realism and feelings of what forced sex and domination is all about. I liked it and am glad my wife knew that I would.My wife really surprised me on this night. All this time I thought she was a prude. I’m not sure where she learned or imagined what to do, but this was a great experience for me. She later confided to me that she learned about the frozen cum/pee/plain yogurt trick on the internet, and although it wasn’t anything that she got physical enjoyment from, she had a feeling that I would. She also said that she did enjoy the feeling of power she got by wearing the strap-on, and that she really got into the macho role reversal idea of fucking somebody else, instead of her just being the one getting fucked.As I layed there in a trance, my wife had one more surprise for me. She had scooped some of the fresh cum out of her pussy and was rubbing it over my lips. She said to suck her fingers, which I did. As soon as I would clean her fingers off, she would rub her snatch and bring another cum covered hand up to my mouth to clean for her. I think that she was really enjoying the fact that I now was being made to eat my own cum after it was freshly deposited in her pussy. This went on for several minutes until she rolled over in exhaustion and told me that next time, it was my turn to fulfill one of her fantasies. I asked what fantasy that might be and she just said “I have several. You will just have to wait and see”. I can’t wait!

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