I Miss You


Door closes and you’re mine. I haven’t began to show you what I can do, yet. You lock the door and turn toward me. I’m already close enough our noses touch. I flick the light off with one finger with my other hand on your chest — I stare in your eyes as I press your body against the door. No words — I dare you to speak. Your back hits the door. Both my hands on your chest. Eyes never leaving yours I slide them both down your chest — slowly. Savoring every inch of you. I can feel your chest rise and fall faster under my palms. My nipples harden from the anticipation. My pussy begins to ache for you. I lick my lips in an attempt at appeasement. Both hands under your shirt, I remove it from your body. I lean closer to you, wanting to feel you on me. I run my tongue along your lips… kiss your chin, your jawline and lick my way up to your ear. Nails into your chest, up and down your body, forcefully leaving hungry designs on your skin. My mouth on your ear — breath hot — I whisper that I want your dick inside my mouth.

Stepping back, I take your hand and I lead you to a chair. You know better than to speak. I push you down and I straddle you, slowly lowering my hips onto your lap. Music? Who fucking cares. I place one hand on your shoulder and I lean back, pressing my cunt into your lap, harder. I can feel your dick, hard and growing harder, through your jeans. I grin at you as I rise back up. I stand up and back away from you. I dance for you. To my own rhythm. Imaging being in sync with your cock sliding into my went cunt. Left to right, I sway. Hands on my body — neck, chest, tits, hips, thighs. I put both hands at the bottom of my shirt and I tease it off. Your eyes on me. This continues for several minutes. A slow, teasing dance for you. Gyrations — swaying hips and thighs. Fucking the air. Wishing it was your cock. Finally I am wearing only my bra and panties — attached garter of course. My black/pink stilettos — just like I used to wear when I danced. Only, this is a private special dance for you.

Back into your lap I turn, back to you — and I put my ass directly on top of your dick. Both hands on your thighs I move my ass over your lap, pressing hard into your dick, enjoying the feel of your hard cock on my ass and thighs. I bounce my ass between your legs — slowly moving my hips on top of you. Leaning back into your chest — your breath directly into my ear – I place both of your hands on either side of my hips and you start to rock me back and forth, while your cock slides into the groove of my ass. I pull your hands up onto my tits. You’re allowed. You cup my heavy tits, squeeze them, press them together. You reach to tug my engorged nipples but I swat away your hands and I stand up. I turn and lock eyes with you. I shed the last bits of clothing I have so I’m completely naked in front of you. I take one of your hands and move it onto my body. Direct it to touch me everywhere. Head back, softly moaning under your touch. Every inch of skin that you touch, my pussy responds. When I move we can hear my wet pussy lips parting. I want you then — there — now, but I wait.

Completely naked I start my dance again. Back in your lap, grinding between your legs. The barrier of your jeans between us is too much. I get on my knees between your legs. I unzip your jeans and pull them off. My nails run softly across the tightness in your inner thighs. I remove your shirt. Kiss your chest, roll my tongue over one of your nipples. Mine are not the only hard nipples in the room. The thought of dancing, naked, on top of you, also naked, becomes a hot, blazing ball of eagerness in my cunt — my pussy so wet from dancing for you it’s glistening on my inner thighs and visible on the outside of my smooth, hairless lips. You do not realize you are licking your lips. I notice.

I pry your legs apart and place my ass, back to you, directly on top of your dick. I continue my dance, now, with your dick against the curves of my ass. The hardness from your dick creates a friction that makes my pussy throb. I can feel your inches against me. I want nothing more than to house that dick. How easy it would be to slide you forward and fuck you this way… Moaning, slightly, soft pleas finding your ears, I press down on you harder, rotating my hips on top of you and pressing your dick further into me skin. Stopping, I bounce my ass in your lap, slowly and artistically — very aware of what I’m doing and how it feels. You cannot take your eyes off my curves. Your dick refuses to Gaziantep Escort İlanları leave my touch. I can feel your cockhead throb against the smooth contours of my ass — you are as hard as a precious metal underneath me. I grab both of your hands and put them on my tits again, pushing harder against your dick. I moan, much louder now and I tell you to that, now, I want your dick in the back of my throat.

I have a thin strip of silk cloth that I use for occasions such as these. I grab it from my bag of toys and I hand it to you. Your eyebrow arches as if asking what it’s for, and I merely state for you to tie me up. It’s time for you to treat me like the little slut I’m always telling you I am.

Standing behind me, you use the cloth to bind my wrists behind my back. You make sure it is tight enough that I cannot move at all. You push down on my shoulders, and I sink to my knees. Sitting on my calves, my hands restrained, you come around and shove your dick at my face, but I turn my head away. You press your tight, heavy balls into my eyes. You run your fat cock across my face, cruelly, crudely, leaving streaks of pre-cum on my cheeks and nose. You try to push your cock between my pursed lips. Still I resist. You pinch my nose so I cannot breathe. I try to move away about your grip is firm. When my lungs feel like they are about to explode and I must open my mouth and gasp for fresh air, I only get one quick gulp before you slam your cock into my mouth.

.My eyes close in concentration every time you push down into my throat, open again each time you pull out and smear your cock against my face. You pull down on my hair so my head is completely back and drop your balls into my mouth. Your cock bobs and slaps against my nose as I roll your nuts across my tongue and between my lips.

And then you stop, lift me up, only to shove me forward, bending me over the bed. My ass is in the air, arms bound behind me, face pushed against the bed, and you grab my hips tightly to gain passage. My chest heaving, heavy moans leaving me, hoping beyond hope you fuck me like a whore should be fucked. I feel the head of your cock against my cunt, feel its smooth head just barely pressing against me. I moan again. This time your name.

And then, finally, you push into me one thick inch at a time. I can feel the bulbous head of your cock pop past my lips and slide into me. The ridge of the head, the shaft, every inch, every fucking inch and you’re taking your fucking time — fucking me this way, knowing that I am desperate for more, more, more. Enjoying the sounds of my whimpers, my moaning, my barely audible ‘please fuck me’ pleading. You want me to suffer. So you barely twitch your hips and fuck me at you snail pace. I try to push back to ride your cock, but you grab my hips and hold me back.

You’re still going at that fucking slow pace: pulling out so your cockhead is half-in half-out of my cunt and then purposefully thrusting back in so that I can feel every single inch of you moving inside of me, filling me, and on every out-stroke you look down and see your cock emerging from my pussy gleaming fucking wet. The sounds of cock in wet cunt. I’m fucking gasping and moaning and suddenly something finally snaps in you and you begin to fuck me furiously, with quick sharp strokes; you pound my little pussy. I grunt with each stroke. Waves of crisp pleasure crash around inside me. I can feel droplet of sweat fall from you and pool on my back.

I can tell you’re close, and you undo my bindings and come to stand in front of me. I suck you off willingly, eagerly, loving the mixed tastes of my cunt on your dick, using my newly freed hands to run my palm up the length of your shaft, over the slick head, and back down; alternating hands and mouth, mouth and hand. Tongue attacking your cock like a starved dog. And suddenly your body jerks and you let out a gasp and a moan through gritted teeth. I close my eyes as you come on me — face, tongue, lips, cheeks — covering me with hot shots of semen. I feel your eyes on me, admiring your work.

We’re far from over, lover, as I haven’t come yet and I’m still not satiated — I want your dick inside my pussy, on my lips/tongue, in my hands…all times, all hours. It won’t take much for me to come. Have you ever made a girl come multiple times in less than five minutes? All I need it to look at you and I am almost there. Thinking of your cock and I am even closer. Your mouth on my tits and I will exploded, again and again. But, I’m dirty now. Being your little dick-sucking slut has left me completely covered in come and, not to mention, the fact that my pussy is so slick and wet from the glorious cock swallowing I just did that my thighs are drenched in my own juices. My whole body is tense: my clit sensitive, my nipples hard, my breathing heavy, and my eyes so full of lust that I decide it’s my turn to dominate. This bitch will take her cock.

I grab you by your hand and lead you to the shower. I let the water wash over me as you stand by and watch me rub my hands over my body. You try to get in with me but I block your way. ‘You’re not allowed,’ I say. So you stand there watching me. My hands lingering on my tits, my nipples — every pull and tug on them sends electric twitches throughout my cunt. I need to come.

I signal for you to come closer. One hand on the back of your neck I pull you toward me. Faces inches apart I hold you there, breathing heavily on your lips, I lock eyes with your and I tell you what I want. ‘Lick my pussy’. Like a good boy you oblige me. We kiss. Passionately, lustful. It’s long, hard and sincere, but quick. I want your tongue on my body and you seem to know this. I look out of the corner of my eye and see your cock twitch.

With the water dripping down my back, trickling down my tits, you lick your way down my neck. Stopping to suck on it, the way I like. I press my hands on the back of your head so you suck harder — more forcefully. I release you when I’m ready and your tongue roams down my chest. You lick the water dripping off my hard nipples — flick your tongue against them and bite down, gently, teasing me. I writhe and squirm under your mouth. You suck on one and tug on the other. You switch, and go back again. One hand on my stomach, holding me close. You move lower, your tongue not leaving my flesh. Down my stomach, my legs, my bald cunt. You put my lips between yours and tug them. You rub your nose into my clit. You rub your face over my cunt. Your ram your tongue across and into my pussy. I know you’re hungry for you. I take a handful of your hair and twist your head into my cunt. ‘Lick it, you fucker,’ I demand. And you comply.

It does not take much. Your wild tongue laps at me like a water-starved hiker lost in the woods without supplies for two weeks. I pull your face against my cunt tighter and feel explosions inside my cunt. I shudder and cry out and I come. Like a good boy you do you not flinch or relent. You swallow my orgasm like it’s fuel to replenish your empty tank. Your tongue is joined by a finger. I clench my pussy; sliding your digit into my tightness is not a simple task. But you make it happen. You curl your finger inside me and explore the sides of my cunt. It’s almost as good as your cock. Almost.

I come again. My pussy squeezes your finger as I come. Wouldn’t it be funny if it broke off inside me? What would be better if you were in me when I came. The big cock stuffed inside me, ripping me in half, fucking the come out of me. I don’t know if I could take it — how intense the orgasm would be, that is. I would take it any way you gave it. Even if I didn’t want to take it, you can give it, and I must take it. I may pass out if I came while your cock was fucking me. But that’s fine; welcomed; you can fuck me awake.

My legs are weak. I gently stop you, panting. I can see your face slick with my juices. You stand up. I kiss you, suck on your face, clean you. Your hands return to my tits. I know how much you love them, need them. How do you like to fuck tits? You standing with the bitch on her knees and her tits around your cock? Her on her back and you straddling her chest? Or the bitch hanging her head over the side of the bed and you standing over her head so your cock goes through her tits and points at her feet? I love hard cock in my tits. I need it as much as I need cock in my mouth, a hard fuck, your cock.

We turn off the water and towel each other off. You hold my hand and guide me back to the chair. You sit down. You’re hard again. How did I not see this before? ‘Get those tits around this dick,’ you say. A surge goes through my cunt from these words. If only I had a third arm to fingerfuck my pussy while holding my tits around your cock. Or I sit on a toy and keep it inside me. But fuck that; not enough time; it is time for your cock to meet my big tits.

This slut knows a cock cannot go dry into tits; it must first be wet, and not just wet: it must be sloppy. I vacuum your beautiful dick into my mouth. All the saliva I can muster from the bottom of my soul I leave on your dick. I pull away and admire my work. A strand connects your mushroom cockhead with my bottom lip. I slurp it like spaghetti and return to the cock. I cannot get enough of you. I gag and split on your dick. It dribbles over your balls, thighs. I will make every inch of you sloppy.

You pull my hair and raise my head away from your dick. I must admit that I am somewhat upset by this. But not too much, as it means you want my tits. I hold my tits and press them into your cock. I push them together around your inches. Your cockhead just barely peeks out. I let saliva dribble from my tongue onto my cock. I kiss the slit in your cockhead.

You surprise me. I was about to bounce my tits on your cock, fuck it with my cleavage when your hands grab hold of my tits and you raise your hips, again and again. You take my tits. You watch your cock ravage my chest. I cannot help but moan. Whimper. Beg to have my tits fucked hard. Praise you. My cunt is almost as sloppy wet as your cock. I lean down to accept your thrusting cock into my mouth. Only a portion of cock makes its way beyond my tit line. My tits are too big for a whole cock to make an appearance. The best tits to fuck. When I sense that your cock is drying out in my tits I spit across the head, down the curves of tit that hug your dick.

You stop, sit. I take over. I bounce on my calves, moving my tits on you. I stop, sit still, and juggle my tits around on your cock. I press them into and over you like a slow handjob. All the way down to your balls. I will titfuck your balls if you want me to. I want to.

I can feel you muscles clench, your body shake.

Finally, I stop. I want to ride your cock inside my cunt. Grip you inside my pussy as I cum on your dick. Feel the vibrations of your orgasming cock inside my tight, wet little cunt.

Quickly, I stand and motion for you to lay on the bed. This, we’ve done before. I want you, again. Harder. Faster. I slide my fingers and palm along your dick, stroking it as I straddle you. Grab the shaft with my fist, firmly, and place you against my slit. You make me so fucking wet you can feel my juices, already, by barely touching the outside of my pussy. I moan as I run your cock along my glistening slit — teasing you just how you did me before. Not entering — barely touching. My body shudders and finally I press you inside my lips and place you straight against my clit. Sensitive and wet, I run the tip of your dick in circles around my tiny clit, moving my fist up and down the length of your cock simultaneously. I watch your face — seeking signs of approval at what I’m doing. Your cock twitching, shuddering, growing harder in my fist is all the approval I need. With each spasming muscle in your cock my pussy tingles and gets wetter — you can feel this on your cockhead while I fuck my clit with you in my fist.

Finally, I cannot hold out any longer and I slip you inside my cunt. Fast, forceful. I gasp as you enter me. I sit on your cock, pressing every inch as far inside me as I can. Finally, past the initial shock of finally getting your dick in my aching pussy, I lift my hips and I ride you. Slowly, but forcefully. Eagerly. My wet cunt makes sounds as I fuck you. I leave your thighs and balls wet. I slide across your hips so easily. This is what you do to me. How wet you make me. How much I want you.

I lean back on your dick and bounce on you. You watch my tits jiggle, bounce, and fall above your head. You reach up and grab one, then the other, and squeeze them — roll my nipples between your fingers — tug them, press my tits together. All while I bounce on your cock. I moan at your touch.

I stop, out of breath, and gyrate my hips, in small, tiny circles, in your lap with your dick inside me. Feeling you at every corner of me. I moan, softly. Your name. Somewhere you think you can make out the words ‘God that feels good’ but its so soft, so delicate, you cannot be sure.

Just as you snapped before, as do I, and I fall back on top of you, lips on your neck, tongue dancing circles from your inner neck to your ear. I fuck you harder and faster. Never relenting. I tell you that I want to come now and you grab both hips and rock me back and forth on your dick.

The friction from my wet, tight pussy and your hard cock — hips pushing into mine — sends my entire body in spasms — I come for you. On you. With you inside me. You can feel my pussy tighten on your dick, up and down your shaft, while I slide along your dick.

Come for me.

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