I Didn’t Fuck The Girlfriend’s Mum



He has a strong personality and is quite intelligent with a wide range of interests so, he’s good to chat to. Just over six feet with an athletic, toned body, brown, almost brunette hair and a handsome face he’s good to look at too. With a nicely, non-aggressive, flirty and humourous manner he’s also good to be with. Often holding my gaze a little longer than necessary, standing closer than needed and taking opportunities to touch me he’s interesting, verging on the exciting to be around. In his early twenties he seems likely to have the sexual benefits of a young man so he should be a joy in bed. Putting all these together makes him the sort of young man that many forty and fifty-something-year-old women would be attracted to. I certainly am.

I reached these conclusions after getting to know Charlie over the past couple of years; the only real problem with him is that he’s my daughter’s boyfriend.


They say that if you fancy the daughter then you’ll probably fancy her mum as well. I certainly did, but then most young guys fancy their girlfriend’s mums and other older women, don’t they? Jayne is getting on for fifty but looks and could be in her late thirties or early forties. She has short blonde hair, wears glasses, has a fantastic figure with 36D cup boobs which I know for a fact because I checked her bra one day when in the house by myself, a great butt and fantastic legs.

I wouldn’t say she’s prettier than Sara, my girlfriend and her daughter, but she is bloody good looking, striking might be a better description, a real head turner and a clear MILF. She’s the sort of middle aged, I think, what age are you when that starts? woman, to who most young men would be attracted. I certainly am.

My attraction to her or, to be more accurate, my fancying of her, has increased over the time I have been going out with Sara. I have often tried to work out when it started and I’m not sure there was any one incident that got me going. So probably, it was the first time I saw her.


He’d been around for some time, maybe six months or so when I realised that I was attracted to him. Not in a really big way or one where I was likely to do anything about it but in a way where I would find myself thinking about him, wondering what he was doing, feeling slight pangs of jealousy, which really was crazy, when he and Sara went to bed and enjoying more than I should being with him, particularly alone. Oh yes and also, rather worryingly, he came into my mind a couple of times when I was masturbating.

I realised that a pattern was developing between us. At times I worried that others, particularly Sara or Kevin, my husband or one of my girlfriends would notice but no comments were ever made so I assumed they didn’t. Hence, I carried on the mild flirting, holding his gaze or was he holding mine? just a tad longer than needed, touching each other non-intimately well, almost, having private little jokes and sharing mildly dirty double entendres. There was nothing that overt so hopefully others, well he and I included I guess, didn’t take it too seriously or place too great an emphasis on it.


My relationship with Jayne deepened and developed as time went by. We got on well, we became friends, mates almost, we had similar senses of humour, we shared little jokes and, I suppose as far as a girlfriend’s mum and boyfriend can, we flirted. Nevertheless, I had no real idea what she thought of me and assumed that she just looked on me as Sara’s boyfriend. But then, on the other hand, there were moments and incidents that made me wonder if there was anything more?

Like the Saturday morning when I had stayed the night before and had shagged Sara twice. While she was out on her morning run, Jayne prepared my breakfast and wasn’t her usual chatty self so I asked her.

“You ok? You’re not your normal bundle of fun.”

“I’m fine thanks, you?”

“I feel fine thanks mum,” I replied adding with a smile. “Had a great night.”

“Yes I heard,” she said standing close as she dished a large portion of scrambled egg onto my plate.

I couldn’t work out at first what she meant but then the penny dropped, Sara and me must have made noises and Jayne probably have heard them. Being a bit hopeful I wondered if that was the reason for her dull mood.

As she ladled the egg onto my plate, she stood beside me quite closely. She was wearing a shortish skirt with the hem a few inches above her knees, her legs were bare. With the thoughts of her being pissed at me because I had fucked Sara, my imagination was going wild and I fantasised about putting my hand on the back of her knee and shoving my hand up her skirt. But I didn’t have the guts to do that although I moved slightly so that my shoulder touched her hip. She didn’t move and neither did I as I said.

“Did we have our TV on too loud then?”

“If that was your TV God knows what you were watching?” she replied rather coldly as Sara burst into the room and Jayne quickly moved away so we were no longer touching.


I am a fairly impulsive person and often say or do things without almanbahis sufficiently thinking about them or giving, perhaps due, consideration to the possible outcome of what I say or do. I’m quite aware of these, likely, personality deficiencies and I try hard to overcome them but seem to make little progress. Thus, as Charlie became an ever more frequent guest in my house I probably said or did things that were, almost certainly, not thought through sufficiently or could be looked by him in a different light to which I meant them if, indeed there really was a meaning as many were simply reactions or off the cuff moments.

I might at times wear skirts that were on the too short side, six-inches or so above the knees but then I knew that I had great legs so why not was my maxim? Or tops that plunged a little too much especially when I leaned forward as I seemed to do rather often when he was around. And on a couple of occasions, I recall forgetting to wear a bra.

There was one particular episode that was rather dramatic but was completely accidental.

I had a completely free afternoon, no household chores or shopping needs and a work meeting unexpectedly cancelled so I was free, whoopee! The June weather was beautiful; one of those rare high seventies’ days with a slight breeze and wall to wall sunshine from dawn to dusk. I decided to take advantage of it by soaking up the sun around our small pool.

I wasn’t expecting any visitors or family so around two pm I was in my bikini on a sunbed in the glorious sunshine.

I read my Kindle for a while lying on my back then turning over, I put that down and unclipped the bra, pulled that off and laid it on the sunbed beside me.

I could hardly believe my ears when suddenly I heard.

“Oh wow what do we have here?”

That woke me from a slumber and lifting and turning a little I saw Charlie standing beside the sunbed.

“I dozed off.”

“So I thought,” he smiled as I reached for my bra.

“Looking for this are you Jayne?” he asked handing it to me.

I should, I suppose have had a go at him but I felt embarrassed and instead almost whimpered.

“Yes, Charlie,” as lifting up a little more I put my hand out to get the bra realising that my boobs were dangling and that he would have gained a good view of them and probably my nipples as well.


I could hardly believe it when I looked out of the kitchen window and saw Jayne lying on a sunbed. It looked as though she was on her front and hallelujah, fingers tightly crossed she looked to be topless which I knew she did from time to time when alone, not when I was around though, sod it.

I had sunbathed with her and Sara and even Kevin a few times and had felt that Jayne eyed me up and down kind of admiringly in my tight shorts but, of course that may well have been wishful thinking on my part. What most certainly was not wishful thinking was me eyeing her up and down in her bikini. For a middle-aged woman she had a marvellous figure with big tits, long shapely legs and an ass to die for.

I hadn’t planned to be here that afternoon but Sara had arranged something for the evening and had given me her key saying.

“No one will be home so do what you want.”

As I wandered out to the pool area with my gaze focused on the glorious body that as I got closer, I saw was indeed wearing just a tiny pair of yellow, bikini panties that hardly covered the crack in her ass and only half of each rounded cheek, I knew exactly what I wanted to do. But dare I try

I stood looking at the sleeping beauty for a few moments before realising I didn’t want her to think of me as a perve, even though I was, so I shouldn’t stare for too long.

“Oh wow what do we have here?” I said loud enough to wake her as I nudged the sun bed with my leg.

It worked and boy did I get an eyeful.

After she woke, looked around and lifted up I picked up her bra and gave it to her. That was not, however, until I had got a full sight of both of her bare tits including the areola and prominent nipples which may well have been hard. Watching her struggling into the bra, doing up the clasp and then turning over and facing me, was one of the most erotic sights of my life.

Whilst that was probably the most visual example of ‘things’ between us, if indeed there really were ‘things’ and not just simple coincidences, there were many minor ‘things.’ Touches, squeezing past each other, looks and gazes, silly jokes and slightly ‘blue’ comments most, but not all of which were said or done away from both Sara and Kevin.


After that amazing incidence by the pool, Charlie and I seemed to move into our own little bubble, a parallel existence I suppose. We certainly became closer and, in many ways, after he had seen my breasts, we became flirtier and more open with each other. Also, it didn’t take him long to start making jokey remarks about them, mainly when we were alone but now and then when all four of us were there. He’d say things that could relate to something else but as he said them, he’d look at me and smile knowingly which, in turn made almanbahis giriş me smile too.

Those sorts of remarks were often accompanied by him touching me, not my breasts but my wrist or arm. Since the breasts incident his touches had become more frequent and I imagined softer more like a caress. Also, he began making no pretence of the touches being accidental. I knew full well that I should have done something but I had begun to realise that deep down I liked it. I was starting to enjoy his attention, remarks, glances, flirting and touches. At times when we were alone, perhaps washing up with Sara and Kevin in another room, I imagined him cupping my breasts or my bottom, but of course he never did and a large part of me accepted that such ideas were purely fantasies and all he was doing was being friendly not romantic.


Although I didn’t seriously think Jayne would put out for me and I doubted if I would ever see her glorious tits again, I tried increasing the come-on level of my relating to her. Unlike with younger birds, I was unsure of myself with her. Not that I showed it much for she seemed to like me but more the liking of a mother-in-law than a potential lover.

Slowly, I began to wonder, however, if there was more to her attitude towards me than meets the eye. I was pretty sure there wasn’t but you never know do you well at least until you’ve tried it out so I did just that. I have always been fairly touchy feely with most people I know, particularly women I fancy and although having a steady girlfriend with Sara and a fantasy with Jayne I was still shagging a couple of other girls so it was natural for me to touch Jayne. Up until the breasts and scrambled egg incidents the touches had been infrequent and light and fleeting but now, I changed that. I touched her more mostly when S and her dad were not around but now and then in their presence as well. And when I did touch her my hand lingered and became more of a fondle. They were not overtly sexual nor that intimate. As much as I wanted to, they were not on her tits or ass but generally on her forearms, wrists or back and occasionally when I got really lucky, on here hip.

At first when I turned up the pressure, I wondered what her reaction would be and was surprised and fucking excited to find there was none. She didn’t object or move away when we were, perhaps going through a doorway and I would let her go first and put my hand on her back, usually right on her bra strap. Even as we moved on, I’d keep it there and she did nothing to stop me. That really was instant hard on material. More so, though was the few times I pinged hit and again nothing from her by way of an objection.

Was I getting somewhere I kept asking myself?”


We were at a friend’s son’s twenty-first birthday party at a local hotel. It was quite a big do probably one hundred and fifty guests, a group and a DJ and a fantastic buffet around nine. That finished, the dancing took over and I had a few with Kevin, the host and another guy who had tried it on with me, and most of my friends.

As the party was getting near to finishing Charlie asked me to dance. We had never danced together before. It was a slow smoochy number, Hello by Lionel Richie so it was more us swaying on the spot than dancing. He held me tight so that my boobs brushed against his chest and our bodies were touching nearly everywhere. A couple of times I felt his fingers move my bra strap and slip slightly into it. There was nothing new in that as several lechers at the golf club had fiddled with it in the past. We didn’t talk as he ran his hand up and down my back and I slid mine along his shoulder and around his neck. I knew that was a bit silly, possibly encouraging him and to anyone looking maybe rather outrageous but we were both a little drunk and mellow and the lights were down. As the silky music washed over me, I didn’t resist when he pulled me tighter against him so that my breasts were squashed against his chest and our legs brushed as we made the slight movements required for this to count as a dance and not a full-length, body to body fondle.


I’m not much of a dancer as I prefer to prop the bar up and ogle the talent than make myself look stupid. But the chance to literally get my hands on Jayne and to be up close and personal with her was too much to resist so I plucked up the courage and it was sublime.

I chose a slow number and it felt fantastic having her in my arms, with mine around her and my hands on her back, but then you get ambitious and confident when you’ve had a little too much to drink.

As the first dance ended and another smoochy one started I wondered if I could get away with stroking her bum and started moving my hands up and down her back. I tentatively fiddled with her bra strap and she did nothing. I pulled her closer and squashed her boobs firmer against my chest, still nothing. In fact,she responded by slipping her hand around my shoulders and fiddling with the hairs on the back of my neck.

What the fuck was going on? What was she doing? Is that a come on? No just being almanbahis yeni giriş friendly and a bit flirty as she’s had probably a white wine or two too many I concluded, regretfully.


I went to move away when Lionel Richie was replaced with a Simply Red slow number but he held onto me.

“Let’s have another Jay, ok?” he asked.

I knew that we shouldn’t and that one was enough and two dances were probably too many so I glanced around the room looking for Sara. She was dancing with a group of her girlfriends and didn’t seem to be aware of us and Kevin, I knew would be at the bar with his golf and football mates, so I stayed in his arms as Mick Hucknall’s silky voice filled the room.

He had his arms around me and was clasping his hands behind my back with them resting on my waist. I could feel that his fingers were pointing downwards for the tips were just on that area where my bottom flares out from my back. I thought of reaching behind me and moving them but in my slightly inebriated state that seemed churlish so I didn’t but slid my arms around him so my hands were in a similar position to his.


It felt so good having her in my arms, her nice squashy tits pressed tightly against my chest, my hands on her waist and my fingers almost on her bum. She smelled so good, it was a sexy smell, my nose was in her blonde hair.

‘What the fuck’s that all about?’ I wondered sniffing deeply.

And then God knows what was happening but my cock started to move in my tight trousers.

‘Bollocks, I’m getting hard,’ I thought as the stirring got serious and my cock overcame the restrictions of my underpants and shirt tail. It started soaring upwards, up my flat, toned stomach, I bent at the waist pushing my bum backwards to move the erection away from her stomach but somehow that didn’t happen.


It had been ages since anything like this had happened to me, probably when I was around Charlie’s age well over twenty-five years ago, in fact most likely in the last century. I couldn’t or maybe wouldn’t believe it at first but as I felt the stirrings in his trousers and he moved away slightly, I knew there could be no mistake. He was getting hard, he had an erection, a stiffy as the kids called it. At first it was simply slight movements with the bulge that had been pressed against me since we had ‘got friendly’ in each other’s arms. But after he bent backwards at the waist and moved it away, only for it to return and press against me from my pubic mound, through the softness of my slight ‘mumtum’ and up to my navel there could be no mistake about it for now he was fully erect. For a few moments, probably just seconds our gazes caught and we stared at each other. Nothing was said but nothing was needed as what had happened was clear and obvious.

Thankfully the dance ended and we walked off the floor. As we got back into the crowd, he put his arm around me and whispered.

“Sorry about that Jay,” and before I could say anything Sara and a couple of her friends arrived.

“Stop mauling my mum,” she grinned with a slight slur slipping her arm around Charlie’s waist before whisking him off to join their friends.

For the rest of the party, on the trip home and in bed that night, I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

‘He got a bloody hard on holding me,’ kept running through my mind as I recalled every worryingly exciting sensation I’d experienced dancing with him.

Kevin who had got quite drunk was quickly snoring as I lay naked alongside him, miles away from sleeping. So much was running through my mind. Was it me, had I done anything untoward to encourage him? Ok I had put my hand on his shoulder and neck and ruffled the hair on the back of his neck but that was just joshing, it wasn’t serious or maybe he’d taken it as being serious, a come on by me? What did it all mean, was it an erection about me, about having sex with me, was that what he wanted, to fuck me? To fuck his girlfriend’s mum? Was that what he was after? I just didn’t know but then I also didn’t know what I was doing messing around with him like that.

I realised that I should not have danced with him and when I had, I should not have let him hold me so tight. As I was thinking of that so the feelings of my breasts being squashed against his chest came into my mind making me shudder and involuntarily, I cupped both of them. I should have stopped then, maybe got up, had a drink of water or a cup of tea at least have walked around. But I didn’t I stayed in my marital bed, my breasts in my hand, my mind focused on the feeling of my daughter’s boyfriend’s erection pressing into my stomach. And like that I made myself cum just as his cock slipped into me.


I couldn’t believe what I had done, well I could I had to because it had happened. I’d got a stiffy holding Sara’s mum in my arms. It had grown as she was pressed against it. I had tried to hide it by trying to move away but that hadn’t worked and she would have felt the length of my cock right up her stomach. Had I moved so it went there, or had she? It was hard to tell, I couldn’t be sure but a part of me thought, and hoped, that at least in part it was her. Her gaze as the dance was ending told me she had felt it and there was no avoiding the embarrassment so I apologised as we left the dance floor. She didn’t reply but simply stared at me probably thinking.

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