How I Lost My Cute Girlfriend Pt. 03


Chapter 5: I never really knew her.

I lay awake almost the whole night. Thoughts on how to approach Sarah about what had happened last night at the party were racing through my head. She slept like an angel right next to me, not bothered by her actions at all. It was difficult for me to catch a clear thought that night and even more difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep. I had just witnessed how my beloved girlfriend turned into a submissive pet for some stranger and let him do things I could have never even dreamed of. The scene of him fucking her tiny body from behind with relentless hard thrusts, making her scream and moan louder as I have ever heard, haunted me and made it impossible for me to close my eyes. I would have to confront her on how she lied to my face and break up with her afterwards. The thought of leaving her hurt me so much that I began to cry silently while recalling all the good memories we had together. I watched her sleeping next to me and thought I would never be so lucky again, as to get a girl that is even close as beautiful as Sarah. Apart from her looks, she always cared for me and was such a lovely person in general, she was just perfect. In my eyes. Well, not taken into account that she seemed to be cheating on me, probably not for the first time last night. I needed to find out more about that guy and if Sarah knew him prior to the party already. Maybe I could win her back.

After hours of thinking back and forth, I finally fell asleep. I woke up again from the sound of our apartment door closing. It was around noon already and the sun was shining directly into my face as if to mock me. My head hurt, and I felt like I had not slept at all last night. As I turned around, I saw that Sarah was already gone. I sighed and rolled over again. So, no talking until she would return from wherever she just went. Without looking, I felt for my phone on the nightstand on my side of the bed and clumsily pushed it over the edge. It hit the ground and bounced off to vanish right under the bed. I tried to pick it up without making the effort to get out of bed, but my fingers just pushed it further.

Our bed was quite high, so often stuff would go missing and Sarah would ask me to crawl under the bed to check if some of her things would be there. Most of the times there was nothing but dust and a few old socks, but from time to time I would find a missing earring after crawling under the bed completely. I leaned over my side of the bed to have a look at how far I had pushed my phone away already when I saw another phone on the ground on the other side of the bed. Excited I leapt over to Sarah’s side and had a closer look. It was Sarah’s. Seemed like she forgot it at home before heading out. I never felt the urge to search her private messages before, because I trusted her and didn’t think it would be necessary to control her in any way. Even now I felt like a criminal as I tried to unlock her phone. Luckily, she did not switch off her phone, because I had not the slightest idea what her Pin-code for the sim-card might have been. Now I just needed to find out the code to unlock the screensaver. Was it her birthday? After putting in the numbers with sweaty fingers, my access was denied. Afterwards, I tried the birthdays of myself, her father, mother, sister and even the one of the cat she had when she was little, but none led to any success. I sighed in frustration and tried to come up with any other dates that might be important to her. Even though I did not really believe in it, I ended up trying our anniversary date. To my surprise, her phone unlocked and greeted me with a picture of us from our latest holiday. The sight of it made me smile, she still loved me, otherwise, she would have changed the background and the security code for sure.

With a little hesitation, I tapped on the WhatsApp icon, to check for her most recent conversations. What I found shocked me and sent shivers done my spine. There were several messages from a guy called “Jack” that dated back to three months ago. When I checked the profile picture of him, I was pretty sure it was the guy from the party last night. As I scrolled all the way up, I already saw that the conversation was full of pictures, some of him, most of Sarah. I began reading the first chat of Sarah and him:

“You got a nice body, but that Çeşme Escort was the worst blowjob I ever had.” he wrote.

“I am so sorry… I don’t have much experience doing stuff like that, I promise I will improve…” she responded, adding two crying smiley faces.

“We will meet at the gym tomorrow at 12:00, I will teach you, don’t be late and wear something nice.” he ended the conversation for that day.

So, this has been going on for at least three months now. Three months of her sucking him off at his convenience. Three months since she touched me the last time with sexual intentions. How could I have been so blind? I scrolled through their chat and had a look at the pictures he sent her. Most of them showed Sarah on her knees in front of him, sometimes photographed from his point of view and sometimes from a mirror behind her, showing her beautiful tiny body and her cute little butt. On some days it looked like he took the photos in a dressing room at the mall. She always either had her mouth stuffed with his thick veiny cock or was sucking on his enormous balls, as she directly looked into the camera with her beautiful blue eyes. Sometimes her make-up was a little messy as if she had cried before, but she did not look sad on those pictures, merely the opposite. It twisted my stomach as I scrolled through their messages and my eyes filled with tears. It felt just so surreal to see my little girl doing this on almost a daily basis for three months already. She often wore her gym clothes on these pictures, mostly gymshark leggings in all forms and colours and a fitting sports bra, although the bra was removed sometimes, revealing her small firm breasts. Although sometimes she wore all kinds of different lingerie that I had never seen on her before. Apparently, he made her try on whatever he thought might look good on her before getting his dick sucked and shooting his load down her throat. I felt more and more sick browsing through messages and pictures that summed up their relationship during the last three months. Why the hell did she do this? I always thought she hated blowjobs. During our whole relationship, she always refused to even kiss or lick my penis, saying it would be unnatural and disgusting. Now, I could see her happily enclose his glans with her soft lips, making a face as if she would suck a thick milkshake through a tiny straw. At this point, I realized I never really knew her until now.

I totally lost the track of time while I was browsing through their chatlog. At 14:00 I was supposed to meet some classmates at the Uni to finish a shared presentation on anaerobic yeast fermentation. When I checked my own phone again, I had several missed calls and tons of messages from unknown numbers. Apparently, the whole campus was present at the party yesterday and suddenly everybody felt the urge to message me about Sarah and how they would like to give her some “private lessons” or practice with her for some “oral exam” Some people just sent me pictures to remind me that she sucked off this stupid asshole in front of everyone yesterday so I could revisit the scene from almost every angle possible. I didn’t want to leave the bed anymore, I just wanted to move to another city and start over at another university, where nobody would remind me of how much of a coward I am. I sighed and laid down on my side of the bed, only realizing now that my penis was hard. Confused and overwhelmed with all the feelings of desperation, anger and embarrassment I checked the time on my phone and felt a spike of adrenalin rushing through my body. It was 14:15 already, I needed to get up as soon as possible and make my way to university in order to not fail my class for not participating in the group project. After hectically searching for my trousers, I called one of my group partners to let them know I would be late:

“I… I am very sorry, I totally forgot about our meeting today! I’m on my way now, I’ll be there in about 20 minutes!” I said out of breath while getting dressed and searching for my shoes.

“Yeah, whatever man, don’t worry, heard you had a rough night yesterday.” he said and tried to hide the big smile on his face that made him sound as if he was telling someone a joke.

I hung up on him, found my shoes and started lacing them, as I heard Sarah’s Çiğli Escort keys unlocking the door of the apartment. Followed by the sound of rattling keys came the deep voice of Jack and a loud slap sound as if he just hit her ass with his flat hand. Immediately, I panicked. What was I supposed to do now? My breathing became shallow and my heart pounded heavily in my chest. I heard the sound of her high heels approaching on our parquet floor and searched for a place to hide. Impossible to confront her when he was around as well, he could beat the shit out of me if he decided to and I still wanted to live, despite everything that had happened recently. Before she opened the bedroom door, I rapidly crawled under our bed and watched them enter. I could see her feet in ridiculously sexy high heels and his in regular sneakers. From under the bed, I also had a view of the wardrobe-mirror that was located approximately half a metre from the lower end of our bed. The mirror showed me that she was wearing an extremely short skirt that barely covered her tiny ass cheeks, but I could not tell what else she was wearing. I tried to catch my breath in order not to get caught and lied down on my stomach, both hands clasping my mouth to not make any unnecessary sounds. What the hell are they doing in our flat? What am I doing here?

Chapter 6: Please stop, I can’t take it anymore

He entered the room and directly sat down on the edge of the bed. His legs were left and right in front of me and I heard the slatted frame squeaking as he sat down just above where my head was now. I could hear him opening his belt and zipper and without the need to say a word, she got down on her knees in front of him and in front of me. I could now see that she was wearing a tight white crop top that revealed her flat stomach with no bra underneath as it seemed. Down on her knees, she spread her slim and toned legs a little and I could see her wearing almost transparent panties that did not hide much of her labia. She was cleanly shaved down there with not a single stubble in sight. As she started to lift her little but a bit, the slurping and sucking noises began. I could see in the mirror behind her, that he held her long hair in a tight grip again, as he did the night before and apparently on countless other occasions during the last three months. The sounds of her licking and sucking on his cock made me crazy, although I was not able to see how he entered her beautiful mouth this time. The movements of her head were visible in her whole body. She moved her hips and legs slightly towards my face with every up- and down of her head on his thick cock. Her beautiful pussy was just in front of me, I could literally smell how she was getting wetter every time his cock entered her sweet little mouth. It was so close in front of me, yet so far away as it never been before.

“Finger yourself, you filthy whore!” he commanded with a deep and grunting voice, as I could see that he tightened his grip around her hair and pushed her down on his cock.

She did not say anything but responded with choking and wheezing noises, as saliva dripped from her mouth and landed on her thighs for me to see it. One of her hands obediently wandered slowly underneath her skirt and pulled her little transparent panties to the side. Just a few centimetres in front of my face, I saw her splitting her sweet lips with her fingers to roughly push two of them into herself. I gasped as I saw it and had to be careful not to breathe too hard to avoid her feeling the passing air on her thighs and wet little pussy. With my eyes wide open and my heart pounding extremely fast, I observed how she fucked herself violently with her index and middle finger, as I had to listen to her choking and silently whimpering while he was using her little mouth. She started moaning and her little panties became soaking wet, while I felt my own erection pressing hard towards the ground. It became uncomfortable to lie on my stomach, but I did not dare to move out of fear of being discovered. On the inside, I felt like screaming. I wanted to end this here and now, but I was too scared to move or say something. The noises she made as he was violently fucking her throat and she fingered herself, made me slowly lose my mind. I wanted it to stop, my eyes filled with tears Foça Escort and I felt like throwing up, but she was only getting louder. I couldn’t take it anymore. Helplessly, I covered my ears with both hands, but could barely muffle her noises. Meanwhile, I felt my own penis pushing harder against the ground, as she continued to choke on his cock like she was close to throwing up. Suddenly the noises stopped, and everything went silent for a moment. It felt like a few minutes, but it was probably only seconds until he spoke again with his deep grunting voice.

“Take off your clothes and get on the bed!” he commanded.

“Did…did I do good?” she asked in a shaky and out-of-breath tone.

He didn’t say anything. Maybe he smiled at her or just nodded, I couldn’t tell from where I was, but she slowly got up on her feet while shaking a little. Then one foot after the other disappeared from my view as she climbed on our bed and I could feel her moving just above me. He got up in the meanwhile and turned around to almost push his shoes in my face. I slowly crawled back a few centimetres in order not to get kicked by him and heard her on the bed just above me.

“I hope I was a good girl…” she said quietly, with a very submissive tone, as if speaking to herself.

In the mirror I could see that she was on her back, spreading her legs as far as she could, almost reaching a split position. He stood between her slim legs and pulled her tiny body towards him while grabbing a thigh with each hand. Once in position, he leaned forward and I could only guess from her moaning and screaming that he shoved his cock inside her wet little pussy. It was even worse than listening to her choking. Now she almost cried in pleasure as he directly started fucking her with rough and deep thrusts. He pushed her tiny body into the bed so hard that I felt the slatted frame on my back each time he penetrated her. I saw her tiny legs shivering in the mirror, while his huge and fully clothed muscular body covered my view between them. Although, the sounds she made were more than enough to understand what was happening right above me. I never heard her doing sounds like that, a mixture of moaning, screaming and high pitched screeching. As far as I could tell, he didn’t take the time to put on a condom before entering her and I didn’t hear her insisting on it like she always did when we had sex back in the days. He just stretched her tiny pussy with his thick cock without even asking permission. It hurt feeling every thrust of him on my back, as her body got slammed into the mattress, yet I didn’t dare to move. My own penis got pushed towards the ground even harder now and every thrust that hit me pushed it harder against the ground again. I didn’t’ want this to happen, I really didn’t, but as he fucked her unremittingly, without signs of slowing down, I came inside my pants from the friction created in my pants. Even more ashamed then before, I felt the warm sperm inside my boxers and running down my legs, while I had to listen to my little princess getting used by some stupid asshole on our own bed. I couldn’t tell how often she climaxed already. From the sound of it, she was climaxing all along as he fucked her. Back then I always thought she was a very silent type in bed since she never even moaned when we made love to each other.

The thrusting stopped abruptly and he let out a short groan as well, still standing between her legs and pushing his cock inside her. It seemed like he came inside her, planting his seed deep inside her little body. He must have been her first guy doing that if she never cheated on me before him. I was never allowed to do so, we always used condoms and even shared the costs, because she always told me she was disgusted by the thought of sperm inside her. After cumming, he slowly pulled out his cock and turned away. She was breathing heavily, still lying on her back, not moving despite her twitching legs.

“We see each other tomorrow slut.” he said calmly in a serious tone and left the room, without even waiting for a response.

Too embarrassed about the mess I made in my own pants, I waited under the bed and watched his sperm flow out of her in the mirror, as she was still recovering her breath. At some point, I hoped she would get up and take a shower and then I could sneak out and pretend that nothing happened. I would have to pack my things tomorrow and get the hell out of here. Now I realized, there was no way of getting Sarah back. She was now his little slut and there was no way of changing that. I finally realized that I lost my cute little girlfriend forever.


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